Seven Things For Sunday

A Late and Pathetic Edition.



By Tom Mahoney

1. Brady vs Rivers

This is the match up of the day. Take the over and smile.

2. Aaron Hernandez Vs Travis LaBoy

Are you kidding me? Isn’t LaBoy a D-End? Take the over and smile.

3, We Welker Vs Antoine Cason

I don’t like to take guys who had there best day of the season the past week, but I just think Cason is quick enough to stop Welker inside.

4. Gronk Vs Shaun Phillips and/or Donald Butler

Phillips is a passrusher who the Chargers are going to want moving forward more than backwards. Phillips has the size and speed to cover Gronk the First, but whenever the Pats have Phillips moving backwards it’s a win for the offense. I liked Butler a lot at Washington. However, a rookie inside Linebacker trying to cover Gronk? Take the over and smile.

5. Ryan Mathews and Mike Tolbert Vs the Linebacker

I am a big Ryan Mathews guys, and I honestly believe it was my profile of him that got him drafted so high in the Draft. Last week their WRs let them down in the passing game, and Gates, Mathews, and especially Tolbert made up for it big-time. Ryan has the size and speed, and Tolbert has the size and power, and is a great receiver coming out of the backfield where he can lay a 245 pound hurt on the little DBs on the edge. If we shut down the WRs, look for Tolbert out of the backfield, for Mathews to have a good game running the ball. I like these two guys to have a good game, so take the damn Over.  

6. Antonio Gates Vs Pat Linebackers or Safeties

I think Gates, when healthy, is the best Receiving Tight End in the game. He out runs Linebackers, and does anybody think our Safeties, minus Meriweather (that’s right I’m still whining;-) can stop this guy at all. He is going to have a big day. Look for two TDs for Gates, and take the Damn over.

7. Chad Vs Bruschi

I love you Tedy, but when Ocho can set up this odd competitive situations is when he usually has his best games. He likes to goad the opponents DBs and then kick-ass. This odd competitive situation was not his fault, but I believe BB was whispering in Tedy’s ear. If they can get anything out of Ocho, that gives them five legit weapons in the passing game before we even talk about the RBs. Look for Ocho to chip in this week and maybe even get in the Endzone. Take the Over and watch the offenses.


Sorry this is so late and crappy, but I got busy this weekend. Played Basketball this morning and now have a soccer game, and then have to drive to Chelmsford for the game. I’m just out of time. So let me let you the most important thing about this game. Take the over and smile.



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