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The Death of Our Delicate Democracy.


1. Trump?- Did BB's and TB12's open support for a loud and proud bigot, a man who was Convicted of taking prejudicial actions against Blacks by the Justice Department, twice, split the Patriots locker room in half, and thus destroy any chance for the unprecedented fifth? If I were a proud black man in that locker room I would be furious at BB's and TB12's words, and thus open endorsement, being used by the despotic Trump. But then again, if I were black I would probably expect it. We have all seen this act of despots before.

This is not business as usual in America. "No, I mean, I think the one thing that's certain is everybody has their own opinions in our locker room, but politics aren't going to divide our locker room," McCourty said. "We're here to do a job but I think everyone is entitled to their own opinion and who you support. That's what politics are I think in any job or any workplace." Trump is a deplorable bigot.

This is not opinion, this is fact. He was convicted of being a deployable bigot. Twice! That's twice! That means that the Department of Justice sued him for deplorably refusing to rent apartments to black families. Won. And then? He continues his bigoted ways. And refused to rent apartments to black families again. And was sued and convicted again of being a despicable bigot by the Justice Department. So much for truth, Justice, and the American way.

That is not acceptable in the supposed Land of the Free. That is not business as usual in politics. "Not getting into that," Slater said when asked about how this election showed how much white people suck. "I respect you asking that. But I'm here to talk about the Seahawks." I am truly terrified for our country for the first time in my life.

And this isn't news. Trump ran a platform of hate against Blacks, Muslims, and Hispanics, like they were Jews in Germany in 1934. Once Breitbart makes his Goebbels' inspired propaganda film of Latinos crossing the border like rats, than the dream of our delicate Democracy is dead. Herr Trump uses and says all the right: code words, emojis, and symbols that deplorable bigots use to tell each other that blacks aren't worthy of being true citizens. Watch him raise his three lower fingers in the KKK salute over and over in his rallies. And all the deplorable bigots understood his words, symbols, and signs, and goose-stepped into line. Then strangely, White America raised their rights hands, and fell into line as well. Trump is goose-stepping down the most dangerous trails of history, which have always led to tyranny, dictatorship, and a fascist deplorable bigot destroying democracy.

Just asked the German Jews who supported Hitler in 1933. "I think just talking to our chaplain, he said it best, 'We just have to pray for the leadership of our country whether you agree with it, disagree with it'", McCourty said. "You pray for the leadership and you believe there's a way everything will be all right. Everything doesn't go the way you want it personally, but that's where I'm at. Pray on it and hope everything works out well and believe in God." The time for prayers is dead, just like the Jews who supported Hitler (and Democracy in Germany) in 1933. All the signs of a Fascist are present. This is not the time for prayer and retrospection. This is the time to fight. Though as a recovering Catholic, I will be praying I am wrong.

If you thought that it was all campaign lies, pay close attention to how Herr Trump is busy forming the coalition of Hate in his cabinet. "I think for a lot of us, it was a time where… I didn't expect that," McCourty said. "But I think you understand politics is different. Everyone is trying to win a race and you're doing different things to win a race. " He keeps hiring deplorable bigots in his inner sanctum.

If you vote for a deplorable bigot than you need to take a serious look at who you are, and what America means to you. Mike Pence, who enacted the most deplorable bigoted anti-gay marriage law in Indiana. The truest form of hate is to legislate against love. Hitler started surgically sterilizing women, gays, and WWI veterans in 1934.

He is talking about Rudy Giuliani as attorney general. Whose creation and implementation of the most deplorably bigoted law created since the Equal Rights Amended was finalized. "Stop and Frisk" was enforced against black and brown youths relentlessly, with white youth walked on by. And was so deplorably bigoted that the Courts almost ruled it a hate crime. But even though it was ruled UNCONSTITUTIONAL, under Giuliani's deplorable leadership it continued against black kids. Trump and Giuliani have no respect or allegiance to We the People's Constitution

He is amazingly talking about putting the most deplorable bigots in his cabinet of hate. The cowardly White Supremacist (he is too cowardly to be a proud White Supremacist, and tries to hide it) ex-Sheriff Joe Arpaio. He lost a border election, because he was too much a deplorable bigot on the Mexican Border.

Newt Gingrich as Secretary of State?!? Are you kidding me? His family values lead to him infamously giving divorce papers to his first wife while she was in the hospital while recovering from having a cancer tumor removed. And is second while she was in the hospital after being diagnosed with MS. Never has true Republican family values ever been so deplorably revealed. Gingrich is so disgusting, and lacks any fabric of moral fiber other than an endless quest for power, that Herr Trumps thinks he’s a perfect match.

Breitbart, whose paranoid delusions have brought new hatreds to all the same old places. He rants against: Blacks, Minorities, and Immigrants would fit perfectly on a Goebbels Propaganda film. Welcome to the Coalition of Hate, or, Herr Trump's Presidential Cabinet that will be writing, enacting, and creating policies for We the People's ex-Land of the Free.


You can say I'm going overboard, but the Republican cheating that when on in this election is unprecedented. They have spent the past decade trying to prevent "We the People" from voting. If you think I am being paranoid, then explain to me how a political party that enacts a thousand voter suppression laws and acts against Blacks, and other weaker minorities, respects the Constitution.

There is an open rebellion against We The People's Constitution ,when it comes to consolidating power, by the Republican Party. Trump's study of how fascists have overtaken Democracies is terrifying. There is no honor in the Republican Establishment that won this election by targeted voter suppression. You cannot trust anything these (R)-cheaters say, do, or pray. And we know we cannot trust Trump. He is fundamentally unsound to lead a free nation:

Americans' think they are immune to Fascists, Despots, and tyrants, and we are not. All the great Empires fell to one of the three. Troy burned. Athenian Democracy, the very basis of our Democracy, was stolen by tyrants. Rome fell. The freedom of the French Revolution fell to the madness and power hungry ego of, another Trump hero, Bonaparte. The British Empire fell as well.

This is a huge turning point in our county. If Trump elects three supreme court justices, he could rule the Judicial as well, and end terms and term limits in the Constitution. He has studied how Hitler, Mussolini, and Napoleon took over their Democracies and turned themselves into Emperors for Life. All free-thinking citizens have to fight with everything we have left to stop this Fascists dictator from successfully emulating his other hero: Fascist Dictator Vladimir Putin, who murdered his Democracy with a single assassination. Because as we are already seeing, the elected (R)s are goose-stepping into line to kiss his ass:

Conclusion: I like everyone else am still absorbing this massive stain on our Democracy. This is the worst case scenario, but there are so any terrifying examples of what can happen between now and Fascism. Like the guaranteed crashing of our economy by Herr Caesar Trump enactment of Bush-onomics from only twelve or so year ago. I feel like Cassandra in Troy, prophesizing that if they didn't return Helena to the Greeks that Troy would burn. They called her crazy and dismissed her as a fool. Then cursed her as they burnt the topless towers of Ilium. 

The consequences are so far reaching and the Republican Party is so cowardly that I cannot see them standing up to anyone. I can only see them falling in line like ants into a burning marshmallow, and then remove our Constitution to elect Herr Caesar Trump, Emperor for life.

One way for (R)'s to prevent this worst case scenario is to do their Constitutionally required duty to give President Obama's Supreme Court Nominee a hearing. They will not. They are cowards. They have consistently broken the Constitution to consolidate power. They are literally pissing on the Constitution right now, as you read this, and telling We The People that is okay, "just trust us." They stole the election and now they are stealing the Supreme Court and Federal Judges with historically unprecedented breaking of the Constitution. Then telling us to just goose-step into line. 

"We really have to pay attention to the Supreme Court seat. The seat that is sitting empty is being stolen," Sen. Jeff Merkley said, about the (R)'s raping of the constitution. "It's being stolen from the Obama administration and the construct of our Constitution. And it's being delivered to an administration that has no right to fill it."

If the Senate does not do their Constitutional required duty and give Garland his hearing, then that is step two to electing Herr Caesar Trump Emperor for life. Watch what happens between now and January. And when they do not give Garland his Constitutionally required hearing, then the fall of our Democracy has started.

The death of our delicate experiment of American Democracy starts with the cowardly Republican Senate. Continues with the election of a mad man. Is enhanced by the morally bankrupt Republican Congress. And is put on life support with the Republican Senate giving hearings to their three Supreme Court Justices, after gassing the (D)'s Constitutionally nominated Supreme Court Justice. And dies with Herr Caesar Trump ordering the bigoted Republican Congress and the deplorable Republican Senate to joyously elect Herr Caesar Trump Emperor for life, after the three new Supreme Court Justices actively campaign for the Emperor for Life.

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