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Greetings Pats Fans,

First off I just want to thank all the fans of this site. I have been promoting my books for sale primarily on this site. As a result, I have sold almost 500 books in the past year. Thank you for your support and patronage, both are greatly appreciated. I cannot tell you how happy it made me when I read that report. So thank you Draft fans and Patriot fans alike, and mostly thank you to all the fans of my books and website worldwide.

1. The Test- This is really the biggest test for Garoppolo this Preseason. If he gets the start, lol. "Like always, your guess is as good as mine," Jimmy-G said when asked if he was starting tonight. "I'm preparing like I'm going to be the starter. You never know, last week was a good example; You never know what's going to happen. We'll go from there I guess." BB has him trained well.

But it all is really so silly. Brady needs some reps this Preseason to get ready for October. To say otherwise is trolling. But Garoppolo needs this start more than Brady needs his reps. BB is going to give Garoppolo his first taste of starting an NFL game on the road tonight, period. It will be his most important test of the entire Preseason. And maybe "test" is the wrong word. Maybe "practice" is the best word.

Tonight game is the only real "practice" for Garoppolo for what he is going to face in Arizona on September 11th. "We definitely have an eye on them," BB said about the Cards. "We'll tighten the focus going forward. But we're certainly aware that is where we're headed on opening day. So we've got to look at our preparation relative to that, relative to Miami, Houston. I don't think we want to get into a situation early in the season where we're knowingly doing something or dealing with something on a high-percentage basis that we haven't even talked about up until that point. Things come up that we want to make sure we at least get a little bit of a head start, or give the players an awareness on." It will not be a perfect "practice", but it will be the best example of how ready for Arizona he is that we will see.

He has to go on the road. "I mean obviously just different facilities," Jimmy-G said. "You try to make it as similar to your home schedule as you normally would. There are always some different variables and everything but you kind of just adjust on the go with those. This will be a good test. It's pretty much the closest thing we'll get to Week 1. So we'll see how it goes." Being a starting QB on the road is vastly different than being a starting QB at Home in almost every way.

He will also be going against a top defense, and the Panther's defense was a better D than the Cards' terrific defense was last year. "This is a real good team that we are playing on the road," BB said. "So that will be a little bit different. I think this is a good opportunity for us to compete against arguably as good as any team in the league. These guys can run the ball. They have a great defense. They have a couple of explosive players on offense, [and] in the kicking game. So again, they're playing at home so it's a lot of things that are a great test for our team and we need those. So it'll be a good opportunity for us. But it's just not from a game plan standpoint. We're in a whole different ball game there." This will be such a great "practice" for Garoppolo, with Arizona-like edge rushers in Charles Johnson and Kony Ealy.

Garoppolo is going to have to get rid of that ball fast. "We're just focused on Carolina right now," Jimmy-G said. "We've got a big game Friday and we're not taking it lightly at all. They're a very talented football team with a very good defense. That front seven, they're really talented. So we have our hands full right now." He has to read it quicker this week, and get rid of the ball.

So facing this defense on the road does nothing but help Garoppolo come Week 1."It's a good test," Jimmy-G said. "Like I said before, it's a very talented defense and all the way across the board they have good players everywhere. It will be a good test, and we're on the road. So it's a pretty close simulation to Week 1. It will be good for us." He will be playing into the 3rd quarter. Then they'll bring Brady in.

He is going to have to make quicker decision and be more precise with his throws. "I think part of that comes with just learning the offense overall," Jimmy-G said. "Year after year, you're going to be more comfortable in the system, whatever it may be. I think I'm progressing the right way. There's obviously a long way to go, you always want to be as precise and decisive as you can be, but I think I'm working in the right direction." This will be the most important check in the preseason check list for Jimmy-G, as he prepares for September 11th.

It has been such a tumultuous Preseason because of the unprecedented Brady exile. "Nothing has changed," BB said. "All three quarterbacks are extremely important. Jimmy's preparation for the Arizona opener is the most important. Nothing has changed and nothing is going to change. That's the way it is going to be." This is the first time I can remember when they had to get all three QBs ready for the season at once, and the media has tried to turn it into a bit of a circus show.

All this controversy between Brady and Garoppolo has been mostly manufactured by the twittering twits if twitter. "We have a ton of conversations, day in and day out," Jimmy-G said about Brady. "We're together 24/7, but he's been helpful this whole way. Whether it's encouragement, helping me with little things here and there, he's been nothing but helpful and I thank him for that." I remember when reporters said something stupid they would be called out for it.

Now they are all trolling trollers who are being rewarded for their stupidity (And of course the greatest and scariest example of twittering twits being rewarded for incompetence, insanity, and ignorance in our society is the Flip-Flopper himself- D. for dumb Trump! Does anyone really believe that bigot has put his 70-years of racist prejudice behind him? No one is that stupid, right?). It is a crime against our Country.

Okay-okay-okay, so I'm the DB, right? No. Just read this little snippet that shows just how full of crap all those made up controversies were this week. It really shows how ignorant all the TB12 haters are, and how far media trollers (and Goodell) will go to make up a controversy that they know isn't true. It is friggin' hilarious! Here the exact transcript (with a few translations for those pretending that D. for dumb Trump isn't a flip-flopping, bigot, and racist-conman):

Q: What was the reason for sending Tom Brady out of the stadium last night (last Thursday) once you decided he wasn't going to play in the game? "What was the reason?" BB says with the distain of an American Citizen being treated like a criminal because his parents were from Mexico (yes I'm talking about the Judge in D. for dumb Trump's Fraud case for stealing money from American Citizens who were desperately trying to better themselves).

Q: He mentioned that if it was a regular season game he would have tried to play through it? "I said after the game that it was my decision not to play him," BB says with the cold indignation of catching a conman trying to defraud him. "And the players that were injured were not on the sideline. So, what's the question? I don't understand the question (you idiotic two-bit hustler)."

Q: Are all injured players not in the stadium during games? "Some are-some aren't (you twit). But what difference does it make? It doesn't make any difference," BB said like he was talking to a twit who thinks being peed-on by a a guy who inherited hundreds of millions of dollars from his Hitler-loving father will make him rich (yes, that is a tickle-down economic reference. "Don't pee on my head and tell me it's raining," I say). "The guys that are out there playing are playing. The guys that aren't playing. They're doing something else. Whatever that happens to be. They could be doing treatment. They could be at home. They could be here, they could be... you've seen them up in the press box (you twit). So it depends on what their situation is. What they need to do." Now that was fun!

2. O-line Depth- The O-line is still being repaired from last season. They have retooled the interior. With the release of Stork, David Andrews is Jimmy-G's starting Center. Thuney has grabbed hold of the OLG spot and is not letting go. Not they just have to see who can grab the ORG spot between: Kline, Shaq, and Karras, and the IR twins: Jackson and Cooper.

The surprise guy could be Karras, because he is now the backup Center as well. "He is a smart kid," BB said. "He has done that before. He has played both spots [OG and OC]. He has really been doing it since day one. Since he has been here all throughout OTA's and mini-camp and training camp. He has gotten a lot of reps at guard and center. I think that relatively those are interchangeable. He has some position flexibility there. [He] obviously [has] a lot to learn and a long way to go, but to this point I'd say he has been able to handle the combination of those positions well, both physically and from a learning standpoint. I don't think it has been a problem." I think it is shocking that he has a solid chance to make the team coming into the 3rd Preseason game.

However, the Pats O-line was clearly at it's best all Preseason when they had Kline in at ORG (he can play OC as well). Whoever gets the start at ORG tonight should be the starter come September 11th. Unless one of the IR twins gains BB's trust while watching from the sideline.

Solder got better last week against the Bears. "I’ll tell you this, I’ve really enjoyed the group that we’ve had. We have had some productive practices. Whoever it is in there, whatever group it is, we should all be on the same page and ready to go," Solder said. "There may have been (butt-loads of improvements), but we’re never satisfied because we have a long ways to go." The OLT position is set with Solder and Waddle.

The competition has been excellent so far. "I’ll tell you this, I’ve really enjoyed the group that we’ve had," Solder said. "We have had some productive practices. Whoever it is in there, whatever group it is, we should all be on the same page and ready to go." They have done so much mixing and matching that continuity is going to be key tonight.

They have a couple of broken bricks, but they still have to protect Jimmy-G and Brady. "You know what, we have to build off that one brick at a time " Solder said. "We’re trying to build a foundation of what we’re trying to do here. And so this is another brick we’ve got to put on there. It takes a lot of work. It takes a lot of preparation, and we need to play well [tonight]." They have to protect the QBs to show they have a chance against Arizona.

Because Carolina is going to be coming after them tonight. "Their front seven, they’re great," Cannon said. "They’re probably the best in the NFL and we’ve got to do our due diligence this week of studying them and working hard to continue to do good. It’s going to be a challenge. They’re really good." The other position set in stone is at ORT.

With Vollmer out until at least October, Cannon is now (like it or not) the starting ORT for the New England Patriots. Cannon has been having a very underrated Preseason. He can look a little scary moving backwards on the edge sometimes (as flashbacks of Von Miller undressing him on the edge last season still gives me nightmares). But he has been better against speed so far this year.

He got beat to his outside shoulder a few times in the 1st half against Chicago, but none of those turned into disasters. He has been much better recovering the corner against speed rushers so far. But he is going to get his real test this week again Carolina. They are going to put speed rushers in front of him and make him dance backwards and stop them. If Charles Johnson plays, he will be Cannon's best "test" of the Preseason.

Garoppolo has also been helping him out by moving around the pocket very well. "If you go out there and miss a couple of assignments then those are the kind of plays that will get you beat, too," BB said. "Look, it's all important. Everything is important. In the end you have to make your judgment based on the whole composite of the player. I think the play he (Cannon) had in the Bears game where they blitzed the corner, or it was the slot defender, the nickel defender, and he came all the way extended out and got him. Those are the kind of plays I'm sure Nate was talking about that happen. They don't happen on every play but when they happen [and] you've got to get him if that's your assignment. Look, he's a smart guy. I don't think learning has ever really been an issue for him. Experience maybe a little bit." Both Cannon and Fleming have been getting a ton of experience the past year.

They are going to need it. Because Cannon will be starting at ORT, and Fleming should be his primary backup. "He's had a good camp," BB said about Cannon. "He has played other positions, can play other positions, but I think this [ORT] is his best position. All of those other moves are really part of another [problem]. It wasn't the idea of like ‘We need to move Marcus'. There were other circumstances and because of his athleticism, his intelligence, his versatility, a lot of times he was the guy making the move. But I think we've got him in a good spot now." Though, I keep wondering about Waddle on the right side.

Waddle is the main backup at OLT, but Cannon can move over there if need be. "He has played both for us," BB said. "I think he could play both. I think he's probably a little more in the right tackle mold, but he can play left tackle. He would play it a little differently than Light played it, or maybe Solder plays it. I'd say he's a true swing-tackle. But with right tackle probably being his better position. But I think he can play left tackle. He has played left tackle. I know he can play left tackle." He is now the second most important blocker for Jimmy-G.

Like it or not, he is the starting ORT for the Patriots until Vollmer recovers from his hip injury. "Well, obviously, they're both important," BB said about the difference between ORT and OLT. "I think generally you see a little more of an athletic rusher over on the left side, not always, but generally speaking. And usually a little more of an athletic tackle on the left side, generally speaking, to matchup with the defensive players. And also I'd say there are a lot of left tackles that maybe the strength of their game isn't run blocking, whereas most right tackles that's usually part of their strength. So again, I'd say it's more of a matchup thing really. Every offense is different. Every team has a little bit different system and different personnel, so I think it's a very generalized type of standpoint. What one team is looking for in a left tackle and what another team is looking for in a left tackle I wouldn't say necessarily is the same thing." Watching Cannon against speed tonight is likely the most important thing we'll see in regards to September 11th.

Vollmer looks like he is set to return about the same time as Brady does against Cleveland. Cannon should be almost as important a player to winning games, while Brady and Vollmer are out. as Jimmy-G. Arizona is going to be coming after him on September 11th. You know Sexy Rexy is going to be putting in some special blitzes just for Cannon. So he better show he can handle the speed tonight. I will be watching Charles Johnson very closely all game long.

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