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Pat Vs Bills.



Greetings Pats Fans,

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On To Buffalo.


1. Revenge?- The Pats want this game more than any other game so far this year, for obvious reasons. "Yeah, I think it's more so what we do when the game kicks off as opposed to what happens before the game or during the week," TB12 said. "You get into a bunch of trash talk and you know us, we've never got into that stuff because in the end, it's just a big waste of energy. You focus on the things you need to do to help the team win and that's to play well and execute and spend your time on what's going to happen from the point when the game kicks off to when it ends. That's where our focus is, that's where it always will be. We'll go in there, we'll be focused, we'll be ready to go, and we'll go out there and try to play a lot better than the last time we played them." The Pats won't say it, but the bullying of two rookies minding their own business on the sideline, really pissed them off.

And if you watched the Tape of it, Jacoby and Mitchell were just walking down the sideline in a personal conversation. They weren't sticking their chest out, or yelling, or looking for trouble. They weren’t even looking the Bills way. When the Bills DB (and your can read that both ways) came over to cheap shot Jacoby, you can see it startled him, because you could see the two rookies were so intent on their conversation that they had no Idea that he was even there. Never mind that he was rushing over to cheap shot them from behind.

But the Pats players are always about maintaining discipline. "That's always key," McCourty said. "I think we're a team that does a good job of turning the page. What happened last game really doesn't matter. All that matters is going out there and playing well and trying to get a win. Discipline is something that we always talk about. That's how you create winning football plays and you don't hurt yourself. We try to pride ourselves on being a disciplined football team and it'll definitely show up Sunday like it does every week." They won't start the talk until the whistle blows.

They are masters of saying the right thing. "No. That was that game. It's got no bearing on this game," Slater said. "We're just going to focus on going out and playing football. They came in here and did what they needed to do the first game and we didn't have an answer for them, so hopefully we can keep that from happening again." But don't think for a second that they won't take some matters into their own hands on the field.

The Bills keep pretending that it was no big deal to ambush two rookies who had no idea what was going on.  No I mean with us, just go out and warm up," Rexy said. "That's what you do but any of the extracurricular things, you know, there's absolutely zero focus on that, and shouldn't be any focus on that. It's just about playing games. I mean, if people want to show how tough they are, put the boxing gloves on and get in the ring or something. That might be more impressive. I don't want Gronk by the way. But I definitely don't want to see that happen and our focus is 100 percent on the game and doing the very best we possibly can." They were the ones who put on the boxing gloves, and then attack two rookies from behind.

The Bills are also missing their best Patriot's killer, Shady McCoy. "LeSean being in the backfield is definitely a big part of our offense," Tyrod Taylor said. "Him creating plays with us in the passing game and the running game is definitely big for us. The type of player he is, he's one of the best running backs in the league, definitely top five. Having him back will definitely mean a lot and will definitely mean explosive plays." He is the one guy the Pats have that takes defensive attention off of Taylor

Now they have some guy named Gillislee starting. "I'm very confident in the backs that we have back there," Tyrod Taylor said. "Mike Gillislee, Jonathan [Williams] as well as Reggie [Bush]. All of those guys have played well this season. When given the opportunity, they go out there and they play. If we don't have Shady, I'm definitely confident in the guys that we have back there to go out there and make plays." Without Shady, I don't think they win the first game against the Pats, when everything that could go wrong went wrong.

The Pats will keep their composure. "I mean, we've always got to be able to keep our composure out there," Slater said. "Football is a game of high emotions, as we've discussed several times, but you've got to be able to control those emotions. Ultimately the only thing that matters is how you execute between the white [lines]. Last time they came out here and out-executed us regardless of what went on before the game. They beat us. So hopefully like I said, we can do enough to prevent that from happening again." This will turn into a relatively easy cruise through the 2nd half, where maybe we don't win by enough after what they did in Week Four (100-points), but it is comfortable enough to never be in doubt.

2. We're On To Buffalo- This is one of those game were everything is on the Pats side. "Yeah, I don't think really anyone cares about the eye test," Sexy Rexy said. "I mean, they're like fourth in the league in points allowed. So that's the most important stat there is. They play great team defense. They're very multiple in what they do, and you're not surprised by that with a Bill Belichick team." The defense has looked ugly a lot this year, but they just don't give up TDs.

Without Shady the Pats can put a ton more focus on containing Taylor in the pocket. " We've got to get on the receivers," McCourty said. "It's not just with the initial drop back. We're going to try to do a good job containing him and still pressure him but the guy excels at it. He excels at moving around the pocket, escaping. So we're going to go into this game and say 'He doesn't make any plays with his legs moving around and buying time.'

"In the secondary we understand that it's covering guys throughout the whole play, understanding that once he starts moving around we've got to get on guys. No matter if it's zone, man-to-man, eventually we have to match on a guy once he starts moving around back there. We know he does that well and we know the receivers know that. It's a little different but we saw that last time we played them and we've had that challenge a couple times this season with quarterbacks that have that ability and just trying to match on guys and cover them up." If they can contain Taylor this game is a blow out.

The Bills are missing their most impactful player on offense, and aren't facing a rookie QB with a bum thumb. "I think he does a really good job of playing to the strengths of his players," Brady said. "I think that's what he does really well as a coach. I think there's an element of what you prepare for, you may not get many of those things. We've played him sometimes when he's been blitzing a lot, and he doesn't blitz as much at all. Then he hasn't been blitzing much at all and then he blitzes us at all.

"I think you just have to be prepared for everything, which is a bit of a challenge because there's only so much time in the week that you have to prepare. You've got to try to nail down what you think you're going to get, then practice it and be able to adjust if need be when you get out there. But I think [Rex Ryan] does a good job of getting his guys, the guys he feel confident in the positions, that they need in order to make the plays that they've been making, because they've been making a lot of plays on defense." Brady has seen all his tricks and treats.

He is just not scared of all the monster mashes the Bills defense can use to scare a Rookie QB. "Yeah, I think the players do a good job disguising their looks and giving you some different looks. I think they do a very good job with those things. It all factors into good defense," TB12 said. "[Sexy Rexy] has always had good defenses when he's played us. He's had very good players. Like I said, they have a good scheme, and that's what makes it challenging. Last time we played them, we didn't score points [with a rookie with a bum thumb at QB, and a 90-yard TD taken away for a holding call]. We didn't play particularly well. They played really well. We're going to need to play well in all three phases, a real complementary game, because that's how they want to play us.

"They want to control the tempo, they want to control the clock, they want to possess the ball. They've been good at turning the ball over. I think they're one of the top [leaders in] the league in turnover margin; very good in the red area defense. So they're limiting points, keeping the other offense off the field, they're running the ball great. They do a good job and I think that's a great formula for winning in the league, so we've got to figure out a way of how to stop that." Brady is not going to get ah-scared of vandals on defense smashing pumpkins and rookie QBs.

Oh, and did I mention FrankenGronk. We have a Gronk. Who is coming Home to play in Buffalo. "Definitely," Gronk said. "Whenever you're going back to your hometown to play the game you love just growing up it's an honor to go back and play in front of your friends, family, your teachers that you grew up with that taught you. Definitely an honor and it's always fun." He kills it in his Hometown.

He is going to be looking to do some damage on Sunday. "Obviously that's a crucial part about winning a football game," Gronk said. "You want to make plays. You want to drive the football. You want to have big chunk plays, not just five-yard runs, [or] five-yard passes every play. You want some downfield plays to get the offense going, get the offense rolling. When you get into the red zone it's huge. It's the difference of four points from kicking a field goal or getting a touchdown which could be a focal point in the game. So finishing drives off, getting chunk plays in drives is always key." The Bills are just cooked this week, and they deserve it.

3. The Trick or Treat Draft- One of the reasons for the deplorable problems at QB for too many teams in NFL is that they no longer develop QBs anymore. In order to save a roster spot, teams are only keeping two QBs on the roster. NFL HC's have to win now to keep their job. So keeping some young piece of QB candy that may or may not develop into a sweet player four years down the road is about as bottom a priority as there is in the NFL.

A simple solution that won't benefit Garth Goodell, so it will never happen, is to have a roster exemption that a team can use on a rookie QB, for the entire length of his rookie contract. That gives every NFL team the opportunity to groom a QB for a Halloween or two, three, or four without ever taking up a roster spot, like Garoppolo (two seasons on the bench), Taylor (who spent four years being groomed in Baltimore), or Kirk Cousins (who was developed for three years in Washington). Unless he is needed to give out candy to his WRs, like Jacoby was this year for two starts.

Playing QB is the most mentally complicated position in all of professional sports, by far. As college football teams go further and further in the opposite direction: Spread offenses, Option offenses, and the intelligence killing "Air Raid" offense, it is only getting worse. Like smelling my feet, gets worse every year on Halloween.

When I look at QBs like Mason Rudolph, Mitch Trubisky, or Shone Kizer (Falk, Kaaya, and Mahomes need to stay in school), they all need three or four years of intelligence development off the grid. They need to be put on the QB Development List and exempted from the roster for the length of their rookie contracts, or until they are smarter than whatever veteran Jabba the QB that is currently losing their coaches job.

Ask the Bears how happy they would be if they had taken a QB three or four years ago and stashed on the QB Development List for the past three or four seasons, like Green Bay did with Aaron Rogers, and developed him mentally and physically into an NFL player. 

Screw Aaron Rogers! The best player in the NFL over the past three seasons has easily been a healthy Brady. How easy is it to forget that he spent a year on the QB Development List, and was kept off the grid for his whole Padawan season. I'm sure that most Pats Fans don't know that he was the 4th-string QB on the 2000 Patriots. Not the 3rd! But the 4th-string QB. John Friesz was Bledsoe's backup, and Michael "Treat or Treat" Bishop was the 3rd string QB. Can you imagine an NFL team keeping four QBs on the roster now?

The NFL has a QBing crisis going on, and this years Draft is not going to help. Deshaun Watson is the only 1st Round talent, and he did not take a giant step forward after his great Playoff performances last year. Now they are trying to piece together QBs like Frankenstein, from a group of college kids who don't stand a chance in this NFL system. Some are now piecing together Trubisky as a top ten pick. And Kiser, who desperately needs to stay in school, is being wrapped up as a 1st Round pick, like a Mummy.

If I'm an NFL coach staking what is maybe my one chance at being an NFL coach on those two kids, I'm as terrified watching their film as I'd be watching Dracula rising out of a coffin, live. But, if I could stick Mason Rudolph, Mitch Trubisky, or Shone Kizer on the QB Development List for a minimum of two years without consequence to the roster, I would take a stab with that stake at trick or treating for one of those guys in the 2nd, and feel pretty safe.

Another tasty Draft treat for Pats fans:

#33 *Jamal Adams- FS, 1st- Nice job jamming the bigger WR trying to block him, and then running around him like he wasn't there. Doesn't always take good angles. He can come up fast on the WR on the screen, and take him down after a yard. He helped shut down Engram. He knocked a pass down on the goal line that was meant for Engram. He dived over his shoulder on the Out, and slapped the ball down. He blocks on punt returns, and is a great blocker. He wiped out two cover guys on a great block against Miss.

#18 Tre'Davious White- CB 5-11, 190, 2nd- He will come off the slot WR and lined up like a Will. Then charge into the backfield like a SS and get to the RB on a Toss. He can play some safety. He is so aggressive getting into the backfield and getting to the ball carrier. Very nice job covering the tight end out of the slot. He is an excellent returner. He also has a 24-yard return in the 4th.

#52 Kendell Beckwith- ILB, 6-2, 252 3rd- He can get outside and get to the RB on the screen pass and tackle him behind the line of scrimmage as he catches the ball. Did a nice job in coverage on Engram when they asked him. Such nice speed to the outside. He sees to get to the RB on toss outside, behind the LOS, consistently. He has the size and smarts, so it is all about NFL speed for him.

#57 *Davon Godchaux- DT/5-T, 6-4, 293, 2nd- Ole Miss started doubling him early. Nice power moving outside, while dragging the OLT with him down the line. He will come off the snap a tick late sometimes, but can still push the ORG back almost into the QB. Nice job stacking and shedding the ORG, and going and getting the RB. He showed some speed, getting from 5-Tech, through the OLT, and into the flat to destroy the quick scatback. He can turn and get the QB scrambling up field and take him down from behind. He had the great pressure and hit on Kelly that helped cause the INT at the end of the 3rd.

#49 Arden Key- EDGE 6-2, 264, Soph- He is so good that I have to concentrate on not watching him, because he is not eligible. Elite passrusher. He might be the best edgerusher in the FBS right now. I'm not sure, with Garrett and Smoot on the field. But I do know he is the most likely going to be the best edgerusher next year, and in the 2018 Draft.


#7 *Leonard Fournette- RB 6-1, 230- He ran a Dive from the shadows of the endzone. Everyone knew it was coming, and he burst straight up the middle at full speed for 25. He also had a 78-yard TD run in the 3rd. He didn't have a free run this time. He used his elite strength to straight arm the Safety to the ground and ran the final 59-yards untouched. That’s a 59, 76, and then 78-yard TD runs against Miss. He's the best I've seen since Peterson. Then he lined up at FB again, and caught the ball curling out to the flat.

#83 Travin Dural- WR, 6-2, 203, 3rd- Nice job changing speeds in patterns. He break off the route so quick on Digs that he can leave DBs in the dust. Always seems to reach and snag the ball with his hands. He knows how to get open over the middle on the 2nd and 3rd levels. Runs a nice deep in. And again, he always gets those hands up and catch it away from his body.

#77 Ethan Pocic OL 6-7, 309 2nd- He can shotgun snap and pull outside. Not a lot of speed to the outside. He always seems to struggle, just a little, when I watch him. He does do a great job double the NT in pass pro. He clamps on and helps hold the NT in place. Nice job getting into the NT, and sealing him inside on the outside run. He seems to play better as the game wears on. He started to have some suddenness in his shoulders on an outside zone block.

#15 Malachi Dupre- WR 6'3" 190 JR*- Where in the world is Malachi Dupre? I saw him trying to make a block in the 2nd Quarter. He dived onto the ground to grab a pass that was knocked down in front of him. 

#10 Chad Kelly- QB 6-2, 224, URFA- When he is in rhythm he can throw as quick as anyone. Catch the snap, one step, and throw. But when the pressure came he threw a terrible under thrown INT. Threw a second terrible pass right into the two safeties against LSU, it would have been intercepted, but the two Safeties knocked each other down trying to catch it. He got hit on that play, then completed the next two pass. They tied the game at Halftime, with a giant defensive play against LSU, and by running the ball. Then he couldn't lead the offense to a point in the 3rd as LSU went up 10. He threw another INT to end the 3rd. He is just not an NFL QB. They had to run him out of the backfield because they could no longer trust him to throw. He couldn't lead Miss to a 2nd Half point. I'm done.

This guy is not an NFL QB. He is simply too mentally erratic to be an NFL QB. The only QB I can compare him too is Manziel. And while Manziel is addicted to drugs (and yes alcohol is a drug) Kelly is addicted to stupid. Imagine, getting himself involved in another off field random act of stupidity, (at a high school game!) in the year he is trying to smarten up enough to play in the NFL. If he wasn't such a self-centred jerk it would be a tragedy. An NFL team simply cannot have its QB getting in fistfights on college or high school football fields. He falters late in games, and always seems at his best in the 1st quarter. Then teams adjust and he falls apart. 

#17 Evan Engram- TE 6-3, 227 SR 2nd- Nice job getting out to the flat and chopping the Safety coming downhill on the toss. The SEC leading receiver. I told everyone he was a 1st Round pick, and you all mocked me (get it mocked me). In the first 7 games, he has garnered 40 catches for 605 yards. Which could put him on pace for 80 catches and 1,200 yards. He had a huge drop on 3rd and goal in the 2nd against LSU. Engram can catch the short pass, and break the tackle of the DE to get a few more yards. Then LSU started tripling him. They took him out of the game.

#3 *Damore'ea Stringfellow- WR, RS-Jr, 6-2, 211, 3rd- Terrific job using his long arms to reach up and away from his body to snag the ball with his great hands. Knows how to use his body to draw the foul. Great quick hands to reach up for the fast ball high and outside, behind two DBs, and snag it and pull it in, on the Slant. Very nice hands catcher.

#8 Quincy Adeboyejo- WR, 6-3, 195, 5th- Great blocker on the edge. He can leap up over the CB and catch the ball off the CB's helmet. He is a body catcher.


#10 *Marquis Haynes- OLB, Jr, 6-2, 222, 1st- He is getting better and better against the run. He can defeat the TE block at the point, and then hop around the FB and tackle the RB. He is so explosive to the QB, but he can't be a true NFL edgerusher at that weight. It is amazing how he can shift, and push the tight end aside, and take down a big RB like Fournette at the point. He plays much stronger than his weight.

Ironically, he reminds me of Van Noy, who the Pats just traded for. Nay Noy has struggled ever since he started pumping himself up over 225. Haynes has to prove he can play over 225 and still be as stunningly explosive and cat-quick.

#1 Tony Bridges- CB, 6', 185, 6th- He gets into the backfield fast on run defense.

#12 Tony Conner- S 6', 225, SR 4th-  He will lined up right on the end of the line and blitz the QB with some nice speed. When the QB tries to throw in the flat behind him, he can lift off and knock the pass down. He has transitioned from CB to SS because of injury, and he has become a great college safety.

#93 D.J. Jones- DT, Sr, 6', 321 4th- Short and explosive NT. He is a one burst guy. When he reads it right off the snap, and burst into the play, he can look great. But when he reads it wrong he can get stuck on blocks, and have trouble changing direction. The reason he has a chance in the NFL is that he is a super weight room freak, who can squat a ton. He can jam the ORG back right off the snap with his leg drive, to get a little space, then use his hands and burst past his outside shoulder, and burst to the QB. Nice quick second burst and hands.

#9 Brown- He will get kicked back as he reads the play, but he is young and that will speed up. Then he can swim over the OG and get in front of the RB on a toss outside.

 Here is another treat, the only way to watch the Georgia @ FLA game:  


#31 *Jalen Tabor CB 6' 191-.

#6 *Quincy Wilson- CB 6-1, 199 Jr-

#40 Jared Davis-LB 6-1, 236, 2nd- 

#20 Marcus Maye- FS 6', 209 2nd-

#57 Celib Brantley- DT 6-2, 200, 2nd-

#94 Bryan Cox- EDGE 6-3. 268, 2nd-

#34 Ales Anzalone- DT 6-3, 241-

#91 Joey Ivie- DT 6-3, 295- 

#93 Taven Bryan- SO, DT, 6-5, 293-

#12 Austin Appleby- He reminds me of Garcia. He can be a backup QB in the NFL. Smooth feet running and throwing against the grain. He has been in college for 6 spring practices (1 as a high schooler), and it really shows. Nice job with trickeration. Throws accurately, off balance, and under pressure to RB swinging out to the other side. He throws a nice soft deep ball down the sideline.

#54 *Cameron Dillard- OL 6-4, 308, RS-Jr-

#78 *David Sharpe- OL 6-6, 347 RS-Jr-

#30 *DeAndre Goolsby- TE, 6-4, 244-



#54 *Cameron Dillard- OL 6'4" 308, RS Jr-  Big OC. He can hit the NT, and turn him and seal him with some power. Everything starts with the OC, and he looks like a guy who could make a team very happy in the 2nd round. He can stick a hand in the chest of the DT slant to the right, and hit the blitzer filling his whole, and then grab the big DT and wash him out of the play. Excellent hands, feet, and balance in pass pro.

#31 *Jalen Tabor- CB 6' 191- He really shied away from the rough stuff in 2015. But he has been in on, or trying to get in, on tackles all over the field. He is really playing mad in 2016. When he plays off, he will watch the QB. And when he throws over the middle, he can get from the sideline to seam to knock the TE down before he can secure the ball. Excellent display of eyes, smarts, and toughness, Because the big TE flipped him over when he hit him, but he knocked the ball out.

#6 *Quincy Wilson- CB 6-1, 199- Excellent quick feet in press. He likes to hop a little side to side to slow release. Like to charge the WR when he lines up way off in Off. They like to challenge the short routes, and disguise that by lining up way off, and bursting to the line Sounds nuts, but he makes it work.

#40 Jared Davis-LB 6-1, 236, 2nd-  Great hitter. He has top character. He can chase down the RB on the edge. Nice delay blitzer. When he sees the RB has stayed in to block, he can cut around his DL and go and get the QB. He goes low and is an excellent wrap up tackler. Doesn't always take on blocks well. Ore speed and burst guy.

#20 Marcus Maye- FS 6', 209 2nd- He can get outside the numbers and meet the RB at the line, and take him down. Very nice speed outside. He comes up fast when the QB takes off. I live the way this guy moves on the field. He is fast and accurate.

#57 Celib Brantley- DT 6-2, 200, 2nd- He had 6.5 sack, 10.5 TFL, and 29 tackles in 2015. Nice burst inside on the ORG, and can turn to the left and hit the RB on the other side of the OC. Nice swim move inside. He is the guy that the O-line doubles to open things up for his teammates.

#94 Bryan Cox- EDGE 6’3” 268 rSR, 2nd- He had a sack against Tennessee to start the game. 

#34 Ales Anzalone- DT 6-3, 241- Great speed blitzing off the outside edge. But will get knocked past QB by RB a little too easily. He gets in on a lot of plays. Great blitzer straight up the gut. He can really move in a straight line.

#20 Marcus Maye- FS 6', 209 2nd- stepped up at SS. He has turned into a legit run defender.

2015: Named a First Team All-American by USA Today and Pro Football Focus…Earned Honorable Mention All-America honors from Sports Illustrated…Named First Team All-SEC by PFF and GridIron Now and Second Team All-SEC by Athlon and Phil Steele…Played in 13 games and started 12 times at safety…Racked up 82 tackles, fourth-most on the team…Hard-hitter forced five fumbles, second-most in the country, and recovered two…Intercepted two passes and broke up six more…2014: Played in 11 games and started nine times… Played both safety and nickel positions… Totaled 62 tackles on the year, third-most on the team and most among defensive backs… Recorded a team-leading 12 red zone defensive plays… Had five-or-more tackles in nine of 11 games… Named the Special Teams Player of the Game against Tennessee… Led the team in tackles against Vanderbilt (6 tackles) and East Carolina (8)… Had a career-high nine tackles against Kentucky… 2013: Played in all 12 games and made two starts at safety… Recorded 16 tackles on the year with 1.0 tackle-for-loss… Had his first career interception against Tennessee and returned it 30 yards… Also a key member on special teams, recording four special teams tackles on the season…

#94 Bryan Cox- EDGE 6’3” 268 rSR- 

2015: Played in 14 games and started 13…Totaled 45 tackles on the season, including 10.5 tackles-for-loss and 3.5 sacks...Also had six quarterback hurries...Forced two fumbles and recovered two fumbles on the year...Notched career-high eight tackles against Vanderbilt…2014: Played in 11 games and started 10 times at defensive end… Racked up 29 total tackles and had 6.0 tackles-for-loss with 4.0 sacks… Earned Honorable Mention CFPA Defensive Lineman of the Week honors after his performance at Tennessee, in which he totaled five tackles and 3.0 sacks… Had five games with four-or-more tackles on the year… 2013: Played in eight games, seeing time in the defensive line rotation… totaled five tackles, including two sacks… First career sack came at Kentucky… 2012: Did not see action for the Gators and redshirted.

#6 Quincy Wilson- CB 6-1, 199 JR*- big physical press corner.

- -

2015: Appeared in 14 games, starting nine…Had two interceptions and five pass breakups…Also had 19 tackles…

2014: Saw action in all 12 games as a true freshman and started twice at cornerback… Had 22 total tackles, second-most among true freshman… Recorded his first career interception with a diving snag at No. 3 Florida State that resulted in a Florida field goal… Had four tackles in three separate games, against Eastern Michigan, Georgia and East Carolina.

#91 Joey Ivie- DT 6-3, 295-  Put on some muscle this off season.

- 2015: Played in 10 games and started five times at defensive tackle…Had a career-high 27 tackles with four tackles-for-loss and 3.5 sacks…Forced one fumble on the year…2014: Played in all 12 games as a member of the defensive line rotation… Earned his first career start in the bowl win over East Carolina… Posted a career-high six tackles against Eastern Kentucky, including his first career sack… Named to the SEC Academic Honor Roll… 2013: True freshman saw action in three of the final five games… Totaled three tackles, all against Georgia Southern, while seeing time in the defensive line rotation… Named to the SEC Academic Honor Roll… Enrolled in January of 2013. -

#34 Ales Anzalone- DT 6-3, 241- He is a terrific athlete at LB, who can't stay healthy. But when he has gotten on the field he has made plays. Got back into stating lineup as a senior to start the season. If he stay healthy he could get drafted.

- -

2015: Appeared in and started the first two games before suffering a shoulder injury that sidelined him for the rest of the season…Registered six tackles, including a career high five against New Mexico State...Named to SEC Academic Honor Roll…2014: Played in all 12 games, seeing action as a backup linebacker and starter on special teams… Totaled 14 tackles with one tackle-for-loss… Had a career-high four tackles against South Carolina… Earned the team’s Chris Patrick Courage Award… Named to the SEC Academic Honor Roll… 2013: Battled through several injuries as a true freshman to see action in 10 games on special teams and at linebacker… Totaled two tackles on the season.

#27 *Nick Chubb- RB 5-10, 220, Jr-   .

#1 *Sony Michel- RB 5-11, 212, 4th-

#73 Greg Pyke- ORT 6-6, 313-

#72 T Catalina- OLT SR-

#54 B. Kublanow- OC, SR-

#83 *Jeb Blazevich- TE, 6-5, 245-



#17 Davin Bellamy- OLB, RS-Jr, 6-4, 242-

#20 Quincy Mauger S 6' 200 SR-

#24 Dominick Sanders S 6' 189 JR*-

#2 Maurice Smith CB- Nice toughness on the edge. He can hold up the RB, and then rip the ball out. He finds the QB outside when he takes off.


4. Must Win Game- Not only are the Pats looking forward to the sweet taste of revenge, but they are down in the Division to Buffalo. "Division games are huge, especially division games on the road, [are] an even bigger game. They're crucial," Gronk said. "They're in your division. You always want to go out and play your division tough. The Bills, they're always ready, they're always prepared every single time we play them. It's a four quarter game every single time. It always goes down to the last few minutes or the last play every single time we play them. Definitely one of the biggest games of the year so far going on the road versus a division team. The atmosphere is going to be loud and they already beat us too here. So it's going to be a big game." Nothing is adding up for Buffalo in this game.

It's hard to say this is the biggest game of the season, because of: Garth Goodell's' exile of TB12 on Tatooine for four games, starting a rookie for two games, and we all forget how scary that first game in Arizona was when Garoppolo was still the Phantom Menace we knew nothing about at QB.

However, the Pats can't afford to go down 2-zip to a Divisional opponent. I know the Bills season is in the middle of being blown up by the schedule. They have to play the Pats sandwiched between three road games against three winning teams (yes I know Miami is not a winning team, but they beat the Bills at Home last week).

The Bills season is about to be over, and they know it. "Yeah I mean the only thing you're paying attention to is what's right in front of you, New England, so whatever's past that, I haven't even looked at," Rexy B-Ss. "So we know when our bye week is because you give the players and coaches some time off but other than that, you don't know anything. So like I don't. You know, you brought it up, and I promise you, I haven't even thought about it one bit and everything we're pouring into this game. That's it." They have to go on the road to Seattle and then Cincinati the next two weeks.

So they are staring at four straight loses right in the face. "I definitely think that we've felt we're stronger than last year," Taylor said. "We have some things that we can clean up. The 0-2 start definitely wasn't the way that what we wanted to start. To win four in a row was definitely a big plus as far as confidence goes in the locker room, but it's keeping everybody together as well. Losing the game last week, definitely tough on the road, but we got past that mentally and we're ready to attack the challenge that we have this week. It's a big challenge and we're looking forward to it." But you still don't want get down 2-Zip to any Division rival.

The goods news is that Brady is back and he's looking for some trouble. "He's too good," Rexy said. "If he could just sit back and without challenging him, you know, it's tough enough when you present something he hadn't seen, but it's damn near impossible when he hadn't seen it. " The Bills are in big trouble, and I for one will enjoy watching their season unravel the next few weeks.

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