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Greetings Pats Fans,

First off I just want to thank all the fans of this site. I have been promoting my books for sale primarily on this site. As a result, I have sold almost 500 books in the past year. Thank you for your support and patronage, both are greatly appreciated. I cannot tell you how happy it made me when I read that report. So thank you Draft fans and Patriot fans alike, and mostly thank you to all the fans of my books and website worldwide.

God Help US.


1. Trump?- My fellow Americans now is the time to stand up and say no. Trump is now surrounding himself with a Coalition of Hate that has been fantasying about a fascist take over of America for years. Trump has been studying the models of Hitler and Mussolini as nighttime reading to help his dreaming. The two world leaders Trump has reportedly contacted first was Putin, who is not a card carrying member of the Communist Party, but a Fascist. And brand spanking new Fascist Turkish dictator Erdogan.

Turkish dictator Erdogan, who was elected, seems to have fashioned a fake coup d'etat, and then proceeded to start building hundreds of "Interment"/Concentration Camps to lock his citizens up in. This is how you turn a Democracy into a Fascist country, step by step. Killing "those who know more than you do" is another great step to fascism. Of course, constructing Concentration Camps is the first sign the democracy is dead. It doesn't take long to turn a democracy into a Fascist State, with just the right blend of fear and hate.

So the two world leaders Trump called to get advice from after he won the election was Putin, who turned Russia in a Fascist state with a single assassination, and Erdogan, the latest maniac who turned his country into a Fascist State. The problem with voting for a maniac, is that you might end up with a maniac in charge of your Democracy. We now have a maniac in charge of our Democracy. And a cowardly Congress who colludes and accepts its fascist, KKK, and Nazi party propaganda that drips-drips-drips through its ranks.

So how do you turn a Democracy into a Fascist State. It starts with violence, and racial violence has already started all over the US.

Step Two: remove "Human Rights" for citizens. You don't have to remove all rights of all citizens, that comes late. You just have to vilify the weakest, poorest, least politically connected group of "others", and turn them into criminals, just for existing. I thought it would be Mexicans. But fine, Muslins are much less Politically connected, and going against a religion rather than just a group of people makes it so much easier. Plus, it is easier to dehumanize them once you "banned" their religion. They are already blamed as the problem.

Step Three: create a "Registry". This turns normal citizens into instant criminals. You put them on a Registry, and why? Because they are dangerous to our way of life. They are the others [place racist slur here]. They are the monsters that fill our nightmares with terror. It is very easy to do. Why take an honest, discerning, and intelligent look at terrifyingly complicated problems, when you can just point and blame. Just make sure you point and blame at those who can fight back.

Cowards always point and blame. You don't point and blame at the strong. They fight back. Plus, they will fall later. Once you're in complete control, you can just kill them they if they don't fall into line later. Hey Dale! Are you awake yet? Do we still have to wait until they start "rounding them up", or can we be terrified now?

Step Four: Concentration Camps. Please don't talk to be about "interment" camps. "The imprisonment of thousands of Japanese-Americans during World War II, including my parents and grandparents, is widely understood to be one of the darkest chapters in American history," Representative Mark Takono said. "More than 100,000 Japanese-Americans were accused of no crimes and received no trial before being relocated, interned, and stripped of their possessions." That is what card-carrying members of the American-Nazi Party are smart enough to call Concentration Camps. Plus, Herr Trump is a builder. He can make a fortune in tax payer's revenues to build signature Trump Concentration Camps.

Once you have the weak "others" on a registry, they are already classified as criminals, so they are much easier to round up. The reason the registry is important is because it also saves a lot of money when you send your SS storm troopers into their homes to kidnap them. And don't kid yourself cowardly republicans, Trump's SS inner circle is already talking about it. He sent one of his surrogates to Fox Fake News to test the waters of the Trump American Fascism Project, to the very place that started all the Anti-Muslin propaganda. He wanted to make sure his hate filled supporters would support him in his Fascist takeover of American.

This guy is not just a singularity of idiocy. This guy is an ultra dangerous member of the Trump inner-sanctum. He is doing Op-Ed research into how much opposition they will get once they start their Muslim Registry. You all called my crazy when I called Trump a Fascist, and now here it is right in you face. Happy yet:  

America is the light of the free world. This election stained the light of freedom, and is now threatening to extinguish it. He stole the election, and he is doing exactly what he campaigned on: hate and intolerance. The American media didn't pay attention. Well, you better pay attention now. Because Trump is hiring every despicable Hater and Anti-Constitutionalist he can find. Like Steve Bannon. Bannon has been the American Nazi's Joseph Goebbels. He has been using the White Supremacist website Breitbart to unleash his ultra-dangerous KKK propaganda.

He is as responsible for cultivating the army of haters as anyone in American. And just for those of you who don't know the latest signs, symbols, and emojis, because Trump does. When you cut and paste a secret Nazi cartoon figure on a poster, it is not by accident. It is the truth of who and what you are. The Trumps are Nazi fascists and always have been. They are showing it again by filling their cabinet with maniac haters.  

Conclusion: Bannon is a card-carrying member of the KKK Party. He is a clear and present danger to our Constitution. He is a card-carrying member of the American Nazi Party. He is a clear and present danger to American-Freedom. He has to be removed from the White House at all costs. For those of you who don't understand the phrase "Alt-Right"? It is the new cleaned up phrase for the KKK, White Supremacist, and American Nazi-Fascism.

So when you hear or read "Alt-Right", you must remember to think card-carrying members of the American-Nazi Party. Steve Bannon is one of the primary leaders of the "Alt-Right"/American Nazi-fascist Party. He has been made Trumps primary adviser. A card-carrying member of the American Nazi Party is now leading a fascist movement in the ears of our new Führer Herr Trump.

Patriotic Liberals have to stop thinking that these guys are stupid. They are secretive, sinister, and have learned to live in a covert world. "Ignorance" is not the right word. Anti-American, Anti-Constitution, and Fascists are much better words.

It is too easy to call it all ignorance and equate that with stupidity. It is not by mistake. These guys are not stupid. They are insidious, evil, and fascist. But they are not stupid. They are a clear and present danger to our Democracy. They now hold the White House, and the only ones who can stop them are the Cowardly Congress. And we have all seen the cowardly (R)s goose-stepping into line.

They have studied Fascism and how to take over democracies. They have shown the first steps in their plans. Create a scary Registry, and then build terrifying Concentration camps for Muslims. Then Mexicans. Then those who speak out against them. They have been talking about doing this for months and months on the campaign trail, and the media just pretended that that is campaign rhetoric. It is not. Every evil thing the Führer Trump ran on in his campaign of Hate is being enacted. He is now fulfilling that promise by loading up his cabinet with a Coalition of Hate.

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