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Greetings Pats Fans,

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Come Together. Right Now...


5. Offensive Explosion!- Yeah, I don't think so. They will speed up the pace their offense, but I wouldn't call it explosive. "That was part of maybe last week's process. You're always going to look at stuff that works well or doesn't work well and try to put the stuff that you're doing well out on the field," Patricia said. "But for us a lot of that changes week in and week out so there might be something we run one particular week that isn't really applicable to the next team because of the changes in offenses that we see week in and week out.

"For instance, obviously San Francisco, which is a huge problem for us with the quarterback run game and the different elements Chip has from the tempo standpoint with the way he can move in and out, something that we do this week is not as applicable as maybe something for last week's game. So you've got to look at the stuff that's week in and week out that is working that's basically the core of what you do and hopefully you're improving and getting that better and if there are things that aren't playing the way that you want them to, then certainly you're going to try to not call them or move away from them or whatever the case may be.

"If that kind of answers that part of the question. It's different each week. Certainly there are a lot of situations where the guys are right there and we just have to make a better play or something happens and we just don't get it executed the way we wanted to and that's part of taking a look at what we're doing trying to make sure that it's as clean as possible." They will be facing a unique offense this week.

It really is more similar to what college offenses are doing now a days. "When you're trying to evaluate a play that happens on the field you're going to evaluate all aspects of it. You have to evaluate it as a conceptual, holistic play first and you'll also take a look at all of the individual parts," Patricia said. "So it's always got to be a combination otherwise you're not going to really truly understand what's going on. You've also got to take a look at all the individual techniques and all the fundamental stuff that we teach and we talk about all the time because that has got to be a part of every single play." They need the secondary to play well this week.

Plus, getting back to garnering an interception or two every game wouldn't hurt. "There are definitely opportunities in the game where those turnover opportunities come up whether the ball is out, in the air, or whatever the particular case may be. We just have to make sure we come up with those opportunities," Patricia said. "I think you've got to give credit to certainly the teams we've played. I don't think you can go as many years in a row as we've gone with high turnover numbers and have an opponent look at you and say, 'We've got to do a really good job of protecting the ball.'

"Some of that goes to the opponents that we're playing and those guys are doing a great job of protecting the ball and making sure that they don't turn it over and give us those opportunities, or try to limit those opportunities that come up in the game. Certainly there have been some opportunities in the game that we've got to do a better job of taking advantage of. A lot of that is, sometimes it's focus, concentration or whatever the case may be. We've got to do a better job of staying on those situations when they come up and being alert and aware.

"Then there's a portion of those that come up in the years that there's turnovers that happen to be the way that the ball bounces in some cases where we wind up getting a loose ball that runs our way. So it's kind of a combination of all of those. Certainly something that we're trying to do a great job of fundamentally – always tackling and taking the ball away – tackling and turnover are something we emphasize. Our first priority is going to be to tackle and tackle well, which is something that we're going to always try to do. Then we're going to try to attack the ball when we can." This would be a good game to try and get on a roll and get a TO or two.

I don't think they have adjusted their rotations yet to make up for the loss of Collins. "I think for us defensively we're going to put the best people on the field in whatever situation or whatever grouping that is. That changes every single play and it changes every single game," Patricia said. "It's different every play. It just depends on how you want to spin it or how you want to look at it. I don't think that's really the truth. I think the truth is that we're always trying to put the best people out there that give us a chance to be successful on that particular play. That's going to be dictated by, a lot of the times, it's going to be dictated by the offense because we're on the defensive side of the ball so we react to what they do. Sometimes we're going to do what we do regardless of what they do, and those situations change, too. For us, again, it's week in, week out, play in, play out, trying to get the best people on the field for that particular play." They need to get back to playing aggressively and confidently, and this is a good offense to start getting some confidence against.

6. Defensive Explosion- I think the Pats have lost some of their offensive mojo by not being able to go no huddle. "I think there are a lot of variables that go into that. It's always something that you can do offensively if you feel like that's what's best for the team at that point or to move the ball and gain first downs and score points," McDaniels said about the no huddle. "It's part of our system. It's part our players understanding what it is or what it's not. We haven't had a lot of two minute-type scenarios or situations come up this year but we certainly have done it a little bit at the end of the half and or the end of the game. But I would say that it's a week-to-week thing. It's like many things that we choose to do. There's some things that we do that we haven't done in a while and there some things that we do on a little more of a consistent basis.

"Like I said, it's all predicated on trying to figure out exactly what the best way to be successful on offense is and there's many ways to do that. We can huddle, we can not huddle, we can be in certain personnel groupings more than others. We seem to have a lot of guys right now that have roles in the game and that are performing those roles well so that's another factor in there. When you're playing no-huddle you don't sub a lot. Again, it's something that we have and based on the week and the opponent and our personnel and the situation heading into the game each week we'll try to determine if that's a bigger part of what we do. It's certainly part of our offense and hopefully we'll use it at the right time." It seemed to be something the offense has missed with Brady being forced on vacation for a month.

This is good week to try and get that going, as San Fran knows as little about our offense as we know about their defense. "We do and that will obviously be a continual process this week of really getting familiar with their players, their scheme, what they do in all of the different situations that come up in a football game. But we're working hard at that right now. Our players are working hard at it I'm sure and we'll continue to put together what we feel is the right plan for our week this week," Patricia said. "It's a multiple defense. They use a lot of different fronts, a lot of different coverage schemes. Every player on the defense in the linebacker group or the secondary could potentially be a blitzer so they pressure. They use a lot of different guys to do that similar to what we've seen from whether it's Coach Pettine's system or Rex's system in Buffalo or New York. There's a spin-the-dial element to this defense that our players [have to do a good job on]. We're going to have to do a good job of being on top of everything and being alert for 60 minutes because they definitely stress you with a lot of different things. They've had a lot of different players play so that's another challenge this week.

"They've had some injuries and getting familiar with all of the different guys that are now in there playing and playing big roles is another challenge. Then they've got a lot of different people at all three levels of the defense that have been in and out so a lot to do. Any time you're playing a time you don't necessarily play each year it's a big challenge to try to get to know their people, their players, their scheme, their personality, what they like to do by situation in the game so that you can best prepare your group and your unit to play fast and be aggressive on Sunday. We're hard at work at that. It's going to be a big challenge. One of the things that stands out is that they turn the ball over. They create a lot of fumbles. Certainly we're going to have to do a good job of making sure we take care of the football and protect it." They have some good players on their defense, but their Corners do not scare me.

They have the weapons to beat this secondary like a drum if they can just come together as a unit. "I think we have a really unselfish group of players. Look, we have a lot of good players that they come to work every day and put in a lot of hard work and preparation, prepare themselves mentally and physically to play each week," Patricia said. "Certainly you can't get the ball to more than one player on each play and we try to just do the right thing on every play, whatever that might be. So sometimes we don't really go into the game plan and tell everybody ‘Hey, it's going to be a big week for this guy or that guy or what have you. And you guys are going to wait until next week.'

"Everybody has an opportunity to have a lot of opportunities in the game. It's just a matter of circumstances, the situation. What does the other team choose to do? Sometimes they try to take away a specific player and force the ball somewhere else. We're very confident that if that happens that our guys are going to be able to make plays. I think all of our guys are unselfish. They have a great attitude. They work hard and know their role in the game plan each week and I think they're all patient and continue to work during the course of the game, even if it's gone two-three series without necessarily touching the ball. They know that that could change in a hurry. Our quarterback does a great job of trying to read the defense, understand our scheme and where the ball needs to go and then try to get it to the right person.

"I've always felt like our group has been a group that doesn't really care statistically who does ‘this' or ‘that.' They just worry about making sure that we do our job offensively to score as many points, take care of the football and try to get control of the game as much we can, so really a great group to coach. Marty [Martellus Bennett] and Julian [Edelman] are certainly a big part of that but we have a lot of guys that do good things with the ball in their hands and a lot of guys that are blocking for them to allow them to make those plays. [They're] a very unselfish group. [I'm] very happy and privileged to be a part of it and I look forward to getting ready for San Francisco this week." Spread the ball around to get a lead, and then run the ball down the defenses throat to win the game.

7. Pats Win- Yeah? No. The Pats are too used to winning, and the 49ers are too used to losing. The Pats have been through a rough ride, and now have to come together as a team again. This is a good team to face when you are looking to come together as a team again.

They need to get up on this team, and maybe even beat them up a little. Get everyone on both units high fiving, celebrating, and congratulating each other. That is what this team needs more than anything else. Get high together winning as a team. San Fran will help by looking for ways to lose.

This game will set the pace for the 2nd half of the season. Come together as a team, or die as a team. It is that simple this week. Mend the divides, or fall into the ravine. Listen, all rational Americans are scared right now. We the People just elected a maniac. And that tore this team apart last week, just like it is tearing the country apart now.

Now is the time for the Pats to come together as a team, like freedom-loving Americans have to come together to stop the new Fascist and Chief. We can't bicker amongst ourselves. That is how the maniacs win. Get your job done, and we'll fight the fascists together off the field. That's what this game is about. Come together and do your job, and fight the good fight off the field. It the Pats can't do that this week? Than this season is over.

Whew! I can't believe I got this done this fast. That is a lot of work in a very short amount of time today.

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