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On To Buffalo.


5. Offensive Explosion!- The Pats are facing, at best, a hobbled Shady. He is listed as doubtful for the game. Hamstrings don't just heal over night, and reinjured hamstrings never heal in a week. Without Shady the Pats can use more edge contain to keep Taylor in the Pocket. We don't want Taylor get outside the pocket.

I think Gillislee is actually faster than Shady, but he doesn't have Shady's elite short area, make-you-miss, explosion. "Some of his time has been limited of course because McCoy's had such an explosive season, but when he's had a chance to play he's done a good job," BB said when asked about Gillislee. "He had a big run against San Francisco, like a 30-yard touchdown, 35-yard touchdown, whatever it was. [Gillislee is] a strong downhill runner, one cut guy that's hard to tackle, good complimentary player to McCoy. I mean, McCoy's exceptional. This guy's an elite back. He's tremendous. His explosive plays this year are by far the best in the league. He's very hard to tackle, he's got great instincts, he's a tremendous player. But Gillislee's a good back, too. They've got a good combination there. It's good depth. And Jonathan Williams, I'm sure we'll see him at some point, too." I loved the way Williams ran the ball in the Draft, except he does fumble too much.

The big thing about the Pats defense has been the bend but don't break ugliness. "Obviously, our job it to keep them out of the end zone no matter what part of the field they're in," Patricia said. "Certainly, the red area, everything happens a little bit quicker, gets a little tighter, the plays are a little more difficult to defend. When you get down there, the space of the field changes. It doesn't go from a vertical field; it goes to a horizontal field. We've got to do a good job of recognizing the things that teams do down in those areas of the field. A big part of the red zone is being familiar with the schemes that the offense runs against us." The Pats defense is extremely pissed off, and very familiar with the Bills offense after the first game.

When your watching the game you get so pissed watching the defense let them move up and down the field. "Communication from us from a defensive standpoint, we have to do a great job there. A lot of our fundamental techniques have to be at a high level and executed at a really good mark," Patricia said. "I think for us, the red area is something we look at individually each week just trying to make sure that week we have a good plan to try to stop what they do. It's extremely hard to do in this league. There are some really good players, obviously, on the offensive side of the ball. You can get into some matchup situations there that you have to defend, get into some scheme situations you have to defend. Everything happens faster, it happens quicker, it happens tighter." Then the D stops them.

They don't give up the touchdowns in the Redzone. They make it so tough for teams to get that final push into the Endzone. Things tighten as the field shrinks, and that has been where the Pats defense plays it's best this season.

Then as things get even tighter in the Redzone, and they don't have to worry about losing over the top anymore, they are able to get more aggressive in coverage. "For us as we go through the season we're trying to improve every week in a lot of the situational football areas of football on the field, and the red area is certainly one that we have a lot of improving to do," Patricia said. "We're going to try to build on everything we do each week, and that's something that hopefully we can get done and move forward doing. Certainly, it's a huge challenge for us, that part of the field, and our ability to do well down there is critical to the game. We've got to keep working on it. Something we've obviously got to put in a lot of time and a lot of effort. Buffalo [is] very, very good in the red area." You have to stop their run game in the Redzone.

The Bills will be less productive running in the Redzone without Shady, and relying on the pure speed back Gillislee. "[The Bills] have a lot of dynamic players on the offensive side of the ball. Plus the big, physical, strong offensive line that they have," Patricia said. "The ability to run the ball in the red area really puts a lot of stress on the defense. It's going to be a huge challenge for us this week and like I said, it's separate every week in the red area itself. One week to the next we're just trying to do our best to defend those teams in the red area. So this will be a big challenge for us again this week. They're an excellent red area team and certainly like we mentioned earlier, it's a critical part of the field to try to be able to defend and to obviously keep them out of the end zone." With Watson still out, they have to over rely on the run game in the Redzone.

The Pats must keep Taylor in the pocket. "Yeah, there's that balance between the aggressive pass rush but also proper leverage and discipline," BB said. "Any time you face guys like that that's the challenge. You can't just stand there and watch them and not let them scramble or he'll throw. You can't rush out of control and give up 20, 30-yard scramble runs that are uncontested. I mean that's not the answer either. So yeah, it's somewhere in between discipline, leverage and doing it consistently. There's no secret to it. It's just a lot of hard work." The more he can use his feet the more comfortable he looks.

The Pats always play the best when they can bump and run. "I think as any defensive coach, probably any coach on our side of the ball, you love to see all of our interceptions go up. Those are huge plays in the game and any time we can get the ball from [their] offense and give it back to our offense, that's the entire goal of what we're trying to do," Patricia said. "I love the interceptions when we can get them. I'd like to have more of them. Definitely need to keep working on it and keep pushing to get more of them week in and week out and take advantage of the opportunities that we get. You know, there are plays in the game where we think we have a chance to get one and we don't. They're usually very difficult plays." Taylor will give the Pats DBs a chance or two for an INT.

They have to take advantage of one of his mental miscues or two. "In general the offense isn't trying to throw the ball to the defender," Patricia said. "They're usually trying to go to their wide receiver or one of their skills players. So for us to make a play or to get an interception, we've got to be in good position, we've got to make a really good play and go up and fight for the ball and come down with it. Certainly, those are very difficult plays. We'd like to have as many as we can get and we've just got to take advantage of the opportunities we can get when they come up no matter what part of the field it is. Whether it's like in last week's situation going into the end zone, or if it's in the middle of the field or towards the perimeter, in either case, just our ability to come up with the ball and get turnovers is critical for us." If they can contain Taylor in the pocket, and stifle Gillislee then the offense will have to press, and that is when they can cause some turnovers.

The best news is that Malcolm Brown, and especially Alan Branch have been controlling the middle of the line, almost by themselves. "In general the defensive line, that group collectively, is a very hard-working group. Guys that have a tough job, very difficult job on our defense," Patricia said. "Guys that have to really be disciplined and play with good technique and be able to be strong at the point of attack in the run game and knock guys back in transition and be able to handle the pass rush duties and the quarterback responsibilities. I'd say all of those guys do a great job of really working hard and studying and trying to improve.

"In regards to Alan in general, just so: professional, hard-working, a guy that really tries to improve each week. He's trying to execute the way that we want him to out on the field. He's trying to do things the way that we want them done. Which is very difficult. I think he's done a really good job of doing that for the most part. He's big. He's strong. He plays with good technique. He's able to knock guys back at times and hold the point of attack.

"[Alan] also has enough of the ability to transition in the pass rush and get some pressure and push the pocket. Just overall, a guy that we really rely on to go out and do a good job, whatever it is. It changes week by week. We ask him to do some different things for us like everybody on the defense. It's going to be different based on whatever we need to do that week to win. He does an excellent job of handling that responsibility and taking that challenge on and really trying to do the best he can to help the team win. I really appreciate that much from him." Branch has been a force the past few games.

You have to stop the Bills run game and put all the pressure on Taylor, which means stopping the wacky Wildcat. "Well, that’s what they do. Between the wildcat, the unbalanced line, the kind of two different option packages, that’s kind of what they force you to do," BB said. "They sprinkle those plays in, they make you work on them, but they also have I’d say some of the more conventional plays but they also have the speed sweeps and things like that, reverses and quarterback runs that are wildcat runs but it’s a quarterback that actually runs the ball instead of a running back or wildcat guy.

"So they have a lot of things like that that force you to make adjustments even though they’re essentially running the same play but they get to it in different ways. Again, whether you want to call them wildcat, unbalanced line, option, but all of those things; they all kind of fall into the same category. And with them you’re not going to see anything like 30 times. You’re going to see they have five of these, six of these, five of these, six of these, maybe eight of something else, maybe two of something else. But that’s kind of what they do.

"Yeah, it definitely stretches you and forces you to prepare for those things that you’re going to get a handful of times in the game. You might get them more if you don’t stop them but that’s what they do and they’re pretty successful at that because they do force teams to eat up a lot of practice time working on things they’re going to see only a couple of times but then they’re on to something else." Let them move the ball between the 20s, and then shut them down and win.

6. Defensive Explosion- There have also been a lot of shakeups on the Bills as well, like the return of Darius and rookie Shaq Lawson. "I mean, they haven't made a lot of changes. Most of their changes come on third-down," McDaniels said. "Now they have multiple fronts and multiple looks, they don't always line up in the same place. A guy like Kyle Williams is really lined up I would say on every player on the offensive line. I've seen him: over tackles, definitely over left guards where he usually is, but he's been over the center, he's been over the right guard.

"I don't know what they will do with Dareus or Kyle Williams for that matter. They can move them around but I think their fronts and their basic early down defenses, there's a lot of continuity there from week to week. But there's a lot of variety, too. They don't always just line up in the same place but they have their different schemes and they run those. So I don't know. I'm sure Dareus will fit in there somewhere. It could be in more than one spot. Sure, it could."

If the Pats don't turn the ball over it is near impossible for the Bills to win with all the changes the two teams have gone had over the past few weeks. "There's no question that our players and our coaches are emphasizing that," McDaniels said about turnovers. "We know there is no greater determinant of success than taking care of the football on offense. That's for sure. Everybody would agree with that. We all understand how critical and important it is to our ability to win each week. There are a number of things, a number of different periods in practice that we set aside for that. The guys are working extremely hard at it.

"And ultimately, it comes down to, we've got to do a good job of, in the moment, making sure that we cover the ball, protect it with both arms, with our breast plate, and make sure that the ball is tight, that there's no way that they can get it loose to begin with so that it doesn't end up on the ground. [Fumbling is] definitely something that we're looking to correct, definitely something that we've done too much of.  We understand the significance of it, and we're going to do everything we can to work to correct that as we move on through the season." Taking care of the ball is the most important thing in this game.

The Pats will be looking to run the ball early and often to soften up the defense a little. "There are a lot of people involved in any successful portion of your offense, and in particular, the running game," McDaniel said. "Everybody needs to do their part in order to make it go. Our receivers do a good job of blocking and getting in there and trying to take care of the guy that they're responsible for. Our tight ends are certainly heavily involved in what we do. We have a fullback that is tough and does a lot of dirty work for us in James Develin and then our offensive line certainly plays a huge role in our success and everything we do. Whether it's pass protection or the running game, in terms of giving the back an opportunity to get started.

"Then the runner has got to do a good job of reading what they're supposed to read on each play, and then try to take the ball where it's supposed to go. It's a collective effort with the group that's out there playing. It's also a collective effort in terms of our planning and preparation. Dante [Scarnecchia], Ivan [Fears] and Brian [Daboll] do a tremendous job of studying that each week and presenting ideas and thoughts that we kind of build off of, and then create the running game menu from it, and then try to be as balanced as we can as much as possible. There's always a lot of things you can choose form, but ultimately you've got to try to narrow it down to what we feel like is best for each week, and those guys do a tremendous job of that. We just try to pick the things that we need to pick each week to make sure that we have a successful day on Sunday." I'm not sure how well they can run the ball in this game, but it doesn't matter, because Brady's back and their gonna be in trouble.

7. Pats Win- The last game was such a highway disaster that I think we forget how devastated the Patriots were as a team. "We start all over again," BB said. "We've been focused on three other teams in the meantime. Now we turn our attention to Buffalo and obviously need to do a better job than we did in the last game if we're going to be competitive. We need to coach better, we need to execute better, we need to do a lot of things better. We need to start all over again. We emptied the tank against Pittsburgh. It's time to fill it up again." The Team was in disarray after four weeks without Brady, and the musical chairs at QB do to injuries.

Once I heard that Garoppolo was out and the Pats had to play the rookie with the bum thumb, I updated my 7-Things for Sunday and predicted a loss, because the Bills suddenly had the advantage at QB. "He had a huge day against us," BB said. "That's about as good as it gets right there. As good of a day as he's had passing was against us. He's good, he's accurate, he's athletic in the pocket, he throws the deep ball well, throws the ball on time. We're going to have to find a way to defend it better than we defended it the first game." Herr is a reminder of the disarray the Pats were in from my 7-Thing for Sunday from Week Four:

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UPDATE. 10/3

All the crap that led to the Bills win is gone. The Pats are the best veteran laden team in the NFL again, and the wackiness in the Ryans' brains are tearing up their team again. The Pats want revenge on more than one level, and will be looking to put a hurt on the Bills in more than one way. I don't think it is a blow out, but the Pats cruise comfortably to a win.

Plus, don't forget how great the Pats play the second time they play an opponent in one season. BB always finds those guys who are smart, studious, and attention to detail players. They now know the Bills players much better than the Bills coaches want them too. That is the final nail in their coffin in this game.

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