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13 and 3.


7-Things For Sunday, Part I.


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1. Everybody Knows That The Dice are Loaded- It has to start here for Pats fans, with Manning. I mean, he had what baseball fans call "performing enhancing drugs" sent to his house. And everybody knows. Yet everybody cannot bend over fast enough to pucker up and say he is innocent. And everybody knows that the older the players get, the more they need the HGH to allow their body to recover from the debilitating abuse these guys put their bodies through. Everybody knows the fight was fixed.

The ESPN roundtable discussion on Manning's Butt, and whether there were some extra puncture wounds in it, were a disgrace to reality and down right racist. Let's blame the use of HGH in the NFL on terrorists, yay! They’ve turned the Boogeyman into a terrorist, "performance enhancing drug" dealing, anti-Manning monsters. It is all so simple minded. Everybody knows why he did it. Everybody knows he is not alone.

Everybody knows the NFL wants their stars on HGH. "What we did was spend six days recording Charlie Sly," Al Jazeera reporter Deborah Davies said. "He's giving fact upon fact upon fact." Then the threats, lies, and smear campaign started to discredit the whistle blower, which is standard operating procedure. Like the ridiculous lie that they gave Sly a 250-dollar gift-certificate/bribe to make him talk for six days. "We don't pay sources," Davies stated plainly. So he was tricked, bribed, coerced to tell the truth, and lied all the same time. "He was consistent," Davies said. "He was calm. He was absolutely not badgered. In fact he was actually quite wary. Bit by bit, the information came out." Sounds like the playbook to discredit reporters and whistle blowers we've heard a hundred times. These are the same tactics that Bush used on Plume when he commented treason and outted a CIA covert officer (are there really people lining up to vote for another Bush, and put the people who owned the Bush's in charge of creating another war in the Middle East? Republicans are such suckers. That's why I could never be a republican. I could never pretend to believe the stupid-stupid-stupid same old lies they pretend to believe. Yay! Trickle down economics will really work this time, even though it has failed miserable every time, yay!)

So this comes down to who is more credible the reporter seeking the truth (like Plume, who was right by the way. Which is why the term Weapons of Mass Destruction was evilly invented. Because the Plumes proved, unequivocally, that Saddam did not have Nukes, period. Yay, lets put another Bush in the White House to commit treason to start a War that plummets us into a depression again! Yay. Trickle down economics is awesome!). Or the guy illegally using "performance enhancing" drugs to recover from four neck surgeries (and please, I am not comparing Payton to Bush. Who created the term IED so the Press wouldn't say BOMB on the news. Bomb-Bomb-Bomb you Bush bastards! An IED is a BOMB stop saying IED you band of suckers. Our solders died from Bombs, at least give them the dignity of that truth for Christ sakes). 

Everybody knows the answer to that question (neck surgeries that is. Sorry my rants seem to be chopping up my story a little, but the truth hurts;-). Did you ever live with a drunk or a druggie? One thing all drunks and druggies have in common is an inability to tell the truth, especially in regards to using. Call me a cynic, but once I hear a guy is using illegal drugs I don't believe the words that are coming out of his mouth.

I don't know much, but his wife ain't taking HGH, and everybody knows. If you pretend to believe that nonsense than you are likely to voted for another Bush (who... ah forget about it, you can't sell truth to suckers). He was always a guy who had a flaw to his football character. He couldn't win a Bowl game in college. He was the best QB in college football, and couldn't take a top program to a Bowl win. Then in the NFL he was a stats QB, who again couldn't win the big game. He kept pulling choke after choke. It took his GM to literally cheat the game, and change the rules of the game to make the bump and run defense as illegal as having HGH delivered to your house. He's a nice guy. His a family man. He gives back by helping young QBs at his camp. But there was always something missing with his character on the field.

But it still comes down to the fact that old guys don't have miracle recoveries from neck surgeries by magic. When a guy has an unexpected recovery from a career threatening injuries, and HGH just happened to be delivered to his house at the time, THERE IS ONLY ONE EXPLANATION. No one has come up with any kind of viable argument as to why he was having HGH delivered to his house in Florida, because there is none. Sometimes it just is what it is.

When someone who uses illegal drugs says, "I didn't do them," he is not lying 99% of the time, he is lying 100% of the time. The number one side effect of illegal drugs is lying. And don't kid yourself, it is not coke or heroine. But when drugs are sent to a house in one persons name and used by another it makes them illegal. Showing how lies overtake even a guy who is not getting high, but just made the drugs, he needed to keep working, illegal. Everybody knows the Dice are loaded. Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed.

Now I'm not a prude. I got no problem at all with professional athletes using steroids and HGH. I think the term "performance enhancing drugs" is the dumbest outrage ever created, and Lance Armstrong is still my hero. If I was making millions of dollars a year playing sports I would do everything I could to keep that money train rolling. Payton was done. He needed HGH to save his neck, literally. He took it. It worked. He got a few more year of glory as a result. Everybody knows that's how it goes. Everybody knows.

So I'm not bashing Manning. I'm bashing the media. The lying, manipulating, innuendo spewing ESPN media. Why is Brady found guilty with no evidence anything was ever done? And Manning's innocence is unquestionable, and a terrorist plot by Al Jazeera? When everybody knows he was understandably caught with his hand in the cookie jar. "I didn't do them" is not evidence, especially when it comes to illegal drugs. Remember the Judge that got stuck with that nuisance-suit by the NFL laughed the ridiculous Well's report out of court. Now he can't literally laugh at a suit of pure speculation in court. But the way he dismissed it, bashed it, and condemned it is how a Judge laughs a nuisance-suit out of court, while still keeping the integrity of the court intact. It was literally that pathetically done. Shame on anyone who would believe such incompetent nonsense (of course it does look like people are lining up to vote for anther Bush and that maniac Trump? yay war). And everybody knows that you're in trouble.

Brady was clearly convicted on nothing, right from the start. He was convicted by a lying tweet by Misreport Mort, who could kiss Payton's puncture marked ass quickly enough when he found out. Everybody keeps forgetting that Misreport Mort was lied to by an official from the Colts about the stupid and irrelevant PSI of their balls. If you still believe that Brady did it, than you convinced yourself on lies and the incompetent nonsense of the Well's report that got laughed out of court. You want to be lied too. Which makes you a sucker. Everybody knows that the boat is leaking.

That is what this Manning HGH report is all about for the Pats. How the allegedly unbiased reporters jumped to so many false conclusions, without proof, to hang Brady. But then these very same reporters are sticking up for Manning, or they are strangely silent about the whole thing. When everybody knows. The thundering silence of the anti-Brady factions of the media says more about them than it does about Manning. Manning must be held to the same standards as Brady, which was none. They had lying innuendoes from the weak character Ravens, and outright lies from the classless, characterless, and cowardly-lion Colts. Meanwhile, Manning had HGH delivered to house when he was desperately trying to overcome what should have been a career ending injury. Ah… duh.

I'm not saying I know for certain Manning did it, but if he didn't than a monkey just flew out of my butt. I'm not saying with 100% certainty that Brady didn't do it, but if he did it than a monkey just flew out of Manning's butt. And if you think that ESPN and "the media" are treating these two great player and these two stories with equality, than a monkey just flew out of your butt.

This story is as much about Brady and the Patriots, as Manning and the Colts and Broncos, and the odd bias the media has against the Pats. But it also is a complete condemnation of the League. They were never able to prove Brady was involved in any scheme to suck the air out of balls. Yet, they still want to take it to the Supreme Court in some kind of bizarre revenge fairytale. Everybody knows that the boat is leaking.

Meanwhile with the integrity of the game really on the line, and the use of illegal "performance enhancing drugs" at the heart of the issue, and Players having to go through such extreme means to acquire them that they make them illegal. What does the League do? That's right, they turn the other cheek (butt cheek that is, for their own personal shot of HGH). One of their marquee players had to go to such extreme means to keep himself in the game that he made himself a criminal, illegal drug user, and liar. But, who cares. They don't want to deal with it. They want to go to an 18-game season, because multi billions a year isn't enough. But they are too cowardly to use Hs and a G in the same sentence. Everybody knows that the captain lied.

Meanwhile in the Bat Cave, the marquee player in the NFL is mistreated by lies, false reports, and innuendoes, and brought to the Supreme Court because a few irrelevant balls were soft on a cold New England night (and all the suckers believed he did it, like WMDs existed in Iraq after it was proven Nukes didn't). And don’t kid yourself, the missing point of SuckMyBallsGate is that PSI of the balls were completely irrelevant to the outcome of the game. Everybody's got this broken feeling… like their father or their dog just died.

And maybe there is a flaw in my character (in fact, there's a ton). But I just want Manning to be treated with the same utter lack of respect as Brady. Why is Brady tried, convicted, and condemned by lies reported in a tweet by Misreport Mort, and Manning set free against all logic. Everybody know that the dice are loaded.

It comes down to lies to me. One is clearly lying as all illegal drug users have to do. And the other was condemned by lies (or at least one lie by Misreport Mort, which he still hasn't apologized for). One is being compared to the Chicago Black Sox's (who threw a World Series for gambling, not won a Super Bowl to tie him with the winningest winners in NFL history), and the other is ignored with a quiet uneasiness that often follows disingenuousness. Why? Because everybody knows… the game is over.

2. 13-3- I got that feeling last week, and it is almost never wrong. The Pats end strong and go 13 and 3. And I don't think it is a bad thing. It is such a tough spot to be in. You fight your asses off for first place, and then you have a chance to rest and heal for a while. You want to get maximum heal out of this situation, but you can't get too much rest. Players have to play to stay sharp.

No one personifies that more than Brady. When he doesn't practice with guys he looses it quicker than anyone. They need to get Edelman and Amendola on the field for at least a Half. Having to compete in this game and win it is just what this team needs. No more half-hearted efforts like they had in the swamp of Jersey. The Playoffs start Sunday for the Pats, and I think it is a good thing. Win or go home bitches.

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