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3. Brain Damage- Manning is 3 for 17 on passes that go in the air over 30-yards on the season. Payton's arm is toast. "We do, and I'm sure Peyton does too," Hightower said when asked if they had to adjust to his weaker arm. "He looks a lot healthier than what he did this past game. He's still a good quarterback. I'm sure he knows that we're looking at that, too, and I'm sure he's going to protect that. We're definitely looking at that and we're hopefully going to take advantage of that, too." If Pitt had adjusted to his weak arm Gay would have had three INTs.

If you think Manning is a better QB in anyway than Brady, right now, than you are lying, blind, or brain damaged. "I don't know if it's more fun as much as it is tricky," Hightower said when asked about Manning-brain. "You don't want to be in that kind of fight with Manning. He usually wins with that. Last year we had a pretty good plan as far as trying to mix it up and trying to confuse him a little bit, and it kind of showed early on. And in the game it kind of had him frizzed a little bit. So hopefully we can do a little bit of that this year too." His brain is top notch, but his arm is done.

I keep hearing how smart and prepared Payton is. Yet, no one seems to be saying the same of Brady? Brady is every bit as prepared and smart as Payton. Payton brain is not an advantage this week. It might be the only time his brain isn't an advantage over an opponent, but to say he has better football smarts than Brady make you sound brain damaged.

Now maybe Payton is able to absorb more info than Brady, maybe. But nobody in the NFL is mentally tougher than Brady. "I always say for us we're lucky," McCourty said. "You're going against Tom every week, especially in training camp you're going against Tom where he knows our signals and even knows what we're saying, so those two guys are hard to outsmart. It's hard to really think that you're doing something that's really fooling them. You have to have a good game plan and go in there and really try to execute it. You can't get out there and start guessing and thinking that he knows everything, we've got to try something else in the middle of a play because he's already on top of that. I think we've done a good job at times here going against him at just executing our game plan, sticking to what we talked about during the week might happen and what we think he'll do and just going out there. Obviously you go against a guy like him, there's going to be times where we're wrong and he's going to make a play. They got him back there and they've got some great receivers with Sanders, Thomas, Daniels at tight end. We know they are going to make some plays, but I think as long as we stick to the game plan and execute at a high level, we'll have a chance." No QB plays smarter than Brady on the practice field and in games.

And no one can say that Payton plays smarter in the Playoffs than Brady that isn't brain damaged. If you want to give Payton the classroom than you have to give Brady the field work. Nobody translates the game plan and info to the field better than Brady. And Payton prays every night for Brady's killer instincts when it comes to winning.

This is Brady's fifth straight AFC Champ Game! "My dad has always told me to never take these situations for granted," ST captain Slater said. "I've been very fortunate. This is my fifth AFC Championship Game, and I've always tried to approach every one like it's your last. My dad has always told me, his final words to me in every conversation are always, 'Take care of your business.' Whatever it is for that week, just take care of your business. Certainly, I try not to take these moments for granted, this experience for granted. It's a true blessing, so the Slater family is very excited about this weekend." Not only has Payton not play in five Champ games over the entire course of his career, he has more Regular Season MVPs than Champ Game Participation Trophies.

I don't hate Payton. I don't even dislike him a little as a person. It's the Manning hype-machine that brings me to the brink of insanity. I think we, in New England, sometimes forget that Payton the person is different from Manning the QB of the DBs. But it just seems whenever sports commentators talk about Manning and Brady they end up sounding brain damaged. I mean, any good thing you can say about Payton you can say about Brady. But, you can't say the same in reverse. Brady is the greatest winner of our generation, and Payton is not by a long shot.

But lately it seems when people talk about Payton it sounds like they are brain damaged, like Sarah Palin talking about Trump. "Payton is the Einstein of the NFL. His brain created football before he was even born." My favorite was one reporter wrote that Manning made 14 line checks or audibles against Pitt, and they all lead to gains. Well, I broke down that entire game. Payton does a lot of crap at the line, and most of it is very diva-like, "yay, look at me" crap. So I don't know when he makes checks or audibles all the time, and I don't believe that you do ether. However, when they actually change formations that tells me that the play has been changed. Well I remember, after breaking down every play in that game, where he yelled something and they changed formation, and four times it led to a TFL.  

It just shots past disingenuous and into the Palin realm of insane desperation. Why are normally normal reporters so desperate to prove that Manning is the reason his team wins in the Regular Season, but the tragic victim of his teammates in the Playoffs? One amazing brain damaged idiot actually said that "Peyton Manning's reputation as a losing playoff quarterback will go away if he beats the Patriots on Sunday and retires with a career winning playoff record against Tom Brady. Peyton Manning is arguably the greatest quarterback of all time, with his name all over NFL record books." That is the single dumbest football quote I have ever had the misfortune of reading. Payton is not the greatest QB who ever lived by any measuring stick, besides Regular season stats. Stats are for losers. Secondly, it is not a "reputation" as a losing PLAYOFF QB, it is fact. When you go one and done at Home, after having a Bye, you are a losing PLAYOFF QB, period. It has nothing to do with reputation when you read the facts, you brain damaged idiot.

So can we just stop with all the whole brain damage crap. Payton is what he it. He was a great regular season quarterback, who cheated by using HGH like Lance Armstrong, Barry Bonds, and Arnold. But he was also the greatest choker of the past 15-years. Nine times he was knocked out of the Playoffs in the first round he played in. when he had a Bye (and I'm saying that instead of "one and done" because the Brain damaged don't seem to understand that) In six of them (and you'll have to pardon me because I'm doing from memory from the Dale and Holly, and huh Thornton show, so I might be misremembering that stat. Oh yeah, and Roger Clemens). When you have a Playoff Bye, you are a top two team in your Conference. When you are the QB of a team that loses at Home after a Bye in the Playoffs that is the most embarrassing loss of your career. The Choker has six of them. He has Six of what all other competitor's would call, "the most embarrassing loss of their careers". To say he is greater than Brady in any aspect of football makes you sound brain damaged.

Brady is like Batman in the Playoffs. He holds the record for the most Playoff wins with 22. While the Choker holds the brain damaged record for most loses in the Playoff with 13. The Choker may be a diabolical Regular Season genius, but no one would say the Joker, I mean Choker, is smarter than Batman (yes, I was revealing that I was making a Joker joke at Payton's expense so the brain damaged would get it). To say that Brady doesn't digest and process football information and translate it to the field as well as anybody in the History of the NFL is brain damaged.

Brady is the guy that early in his career would call up Josh at 2 and 3 in the morning the night before the game, because he was studying film and found something that worried him enough to call his coach in the middle of the night. "Yeah, I think he's an incredible player and anytime you face that caliber of player, and there are a lot of great quarterbacks in the NFL," Brady said. "Peyton has been one of the best to ever play. You've got to be at your best. You can't play anything less than your best and expect to win, because he's going to play well; and he's going to have that team playing well. Like I said, turnovers and short fields, that's stuff they live for in Denver and they've done a great job of that all season, but the turnovers and returns for touchdowns and so forth, but Peyton has been just incredible." The DBs won last week because their defense and special teams carried Payton.

The defense and special teams gave Payton the ball past midfield three times, twice inside the Pitt 40. He scored no TDs on any of those three possessions. In fact, he scored that late TD in the forth quarter when he threw the least amount of passes (six), and it was the only quarter he didn't attempt a pass of over 15-yards in the air. On the TD scoring drive that gave them the lead, They started off running twice (the second run was called back for Holding). Then Payton threw two straight passes 14-yards downfield. The first should have been intercepted by Gay. Payton threw it right into his hands and he dropped it. Then he threw a pass 14-yards in the air to Sanders. He caught it broke a tackle and ran all the way down to the Pitt-31. Then he didn't throw a pass again. They ran the ball nine straight times for the game winning touchdown.

That is not the box score of the greatest QB of all time. That is the box score of the greatest choker of all time. The drive that won the game started with a fumble recovered by Ware. Then they passed twice, and should have been intercepted on one throw. And they ran 11 times! That is what you do when you are terrified of the Choker making an appearance. That is what you do when you don't have Batman at QB.

4. Pats D- Okay, its tough to talk about the Pats defense in regards to the DBs offense. When last we played, it was Osweiler at QB, not the brilliant beyond all brain damaged Payton. "That's great for us to have some of those guys back that weren't playing that particular week," Brady said about the devastating loss to the DBs in November. "They were missing some guys, too, which I wish they were out this week. Unfortunately they're not. There are only two teams left standing, so I think we feel like we're one of the best teams. They feel like they're the best team. That's why it makes for [such] a great game. We're going to be as healthy as we can be. It was good to have our guys on the field last week, that was a big part of us getting better and making some improvements, and we're going to need to do it again this week." When last we played, the Pats offense had just been decimated.

When we walked into Denver during the regular season the Pats were the most undermanned they were all season. We all remember that they didn't have Edelman and Amendola, and they lost Gronk during the game. But they also didn't have Dion Lewis, who was leading the League in making guys miss. And we also forget that they didn't have the heart and soul of their defense Hightower and Collins.

But they also didn't have Justin Coleman. "Coleman's a good, young player," Chung said. "He's been through a little adversity with his injuries and stuff, but he's a good player. He's young and I feel he's going to get better. It's his first year, so he's going to have some little rough spots, but he's good. He's learning. He's learning pretty fast and we're depending on him to make some plays." His injury left them three legit NFL CBs. All those guys, except Dion, will be on the field this Sunday. They won't be 100%, but no one is this time of the year.

The Pats don't mess around. They don't say, "Hey! This is our system. We play our system and that is it." They gear their game plan to face their specific opponent each week. You don't play the same defense against Alex Smith as you do Payton. Smith can beat you with his legs and throw over the top with excellent accuracy. While old-armed Payton can only beat you with his legs when he falls down, and is terrible when he throws the ball over 15-yards. He is a pure cerebral quarterback now, because he has to be, not because he wants to be.

To say you have a system and that is it, is dumb. "We're back in this position here, second time around against Denver. It's a team that we've had a great rivalry with, and obviously they're the number one seed," BB said. "They're the best team we've played this year. Done a great job starting at the top with John and Matt Russell with personnel, obviously Coach Kubiak, Wade. They've all really done a great job with that organization putting together a lot of great players, great coaches. They've had a great year. Number one seed, beat us earlier in the year, so we know we're going to need our best game Sunday. That's what we're working toward. Make sure to do everything in preparation and execution our very best they can be, so I think that's what it's going to take. Excited to be in the game. Great challenge, great opportunity, and I'm looking forward to it. But we know how tough Denver is, and they're a very resilient team. I know they've been through a lot of tough situations this year, a lot of close games, three overtime wins, been down, came back like they did against us a couple of the times, so we know they're physically and mentally tough. And they're led by a lot of great players on both sides of the ball and in the kicking game, so a lot of challenges for us here." The Pats are going to adjust their defense to everything Payton and Kubiak want to do. They are going to bring the safeties up and crowd the WRs at the LOS.

I mean, when it comes to the tight end the Pats had to pay particular attention to Kelce. "Well, they use everybody: tight ends, backs, receivers, and multiple personnel groups," BB said. "They've been in 13, 12, 11, some other variations with a lot of formation variations as well. So they do what they need to do. They see a weakness, they exploit it. So I don't think you can think that just because they haven't done something or just because they... Look, if they see it's there, then they're going to hit you with it whether they've shown it or not. So you've got to be sound. You've got to be disciplined. To a certain extent, you have to be balanced because if you give them an obvious weakness, they'll kill you with that regardless of what their tendencies are. I wouldn't say they have a lot of tendencies. Coach Kubiak does a great job of that. They're well-balanced. They do things in a very balanced way. They obviously do a great job of self-scouting, and you've got to defend everything." But you don't. You don’t have to defend the deep past.

Owen Daniels and Vernon Davis are not going to kill you like Kelce can. "Owen is good," Chung said. "He's savvy. He's a savvy dude and he has good hands and he can block. He's like an all-around tight end. He's a very good tight end. Even Virgil [Green] is pretty good. They have a good tight end corps, good running back corps, receiver core. They're just a good team and Owen Daniels is a key part to their offense, so we have to find a way to kind of limit him a little bit." They are both good veteran TEs, but not the focus of the offense in any way.

You cannot let Sanders and Thomas get open under 15-yards. "Years change, defenses change, game-by-game game plans change, so it really just comes down to whatever the game plan is for that week," Chung said. "Sometimes I'm back deep more, sometimes I'm real up close, sometimes [on] a receiver. It's just a matter of the game plan and what we have to do for that game." You have to sacrifice deep coverage to do it.

The Pats are going to press, and double receivers at 10 to 15 yards and not over the top like they had to do against KC. "Their whole receiving corps, there are no guarantees of who I'll be on or anything like that, but their whole receiving corps, as well as an experienced quarterback who's done it arguably as great as anybody has, you've just got to play smart," Ryan said. "You've got to play a full 60 minutes, like I said, and you've just got to keep competing with these guys because those guys, that guy is going to make some plays. You've just got to keep your confidence and keep going at him." You are going to see a very similar defense to the one they schemed against Houston, and it should be even more geared to covering short than it was against Houston, if that is possible. Payton threw the ball under 5-yards 70% of the time against Pitt.

Plus, you don't play defense against the KC run game that wants to run Dives most of the time, as you do against the DBs who want to run Draws and Off Tackle to slow the rush. "Well, you have to stop the run, definitely," Ninkovich said. "Very good football team, you have to respect every back that they have, they run hard. I think you have to definitely have a mentality of stopping the run. The fundamentals of basic football are run the ball, and defensively, stop the run. It's going to be a challenge. They're a good football team, they run most plays well and we just have to play well together up front." The Denver offense helped win the game more with their run game than through the air.

One advantage the Broncos do have on the Pats is that they can run the ball better than the Pats, because we lost our two starting RBs, just like Pitt last week. "They can run the ball a lot, they've got a good running game, good running backs," Butler said. "They've got a quarterback that's able to adjust calls at the line of scrimmage and they've got two good weapons on the outside along with other receivers. We just have to go out there and make plays."  They have to stop the run, and put the game in Payton's weak arm to win.

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