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7-Things For Sunday Part IV


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5. Patriots Defense- All joking aside, they have to stop the DB's offense. "Certainly Peyton Manning is an amazing quarterback," coach Patricia said. "He's an extremely cerebral quarterback, guy who can get to the line of scrimmage, take a look at the defense understanding a lot of different things that are going on. He can really kind of scan basically everybody, whether it's the corners or the inside defenders, the defensive linemen, the linebackers and try to give himself any sort of tips or tendencies or clues as far as what different coverage or fronts that you're in. So certainly from that standpoint you have to be extremely smart what you're doing and understand that he's going to have a pretty good idea of what you're in. And just, you know, it's going to always come down to execution. That's going to be the biggest thing no matter when we play or who we play, but certainly with a guy like Peyton Manning, making sure that we can execute whatever it is that we're in better than them executing whatever it is that they're in. So for us, we want to make sure that the execution is at a high level and the understanding of what we're trying to get done and how we're trying to defend them is the biggest point for us, but certainly an outstanding quarterback, a guy who's seen just about everything in this league from a defensive perspective, but a guy who just works tireless at the game and really from a player, has a great coaching mind of the game and understanding of what different teams do. So huge challenge for us, I think he's got a great set of players around him, skill guys and also guys in the front who have done a great job of running the ball, controlling the game and very productive. So it will be a huge challenge for us this week." They have to go up to Denver and take care of business.

But they have experience going into Denver and playing good defense (for three quarters anyway) "I think one of the best things for us now is that we played in that game," McCourty said. "We played against Brock, so we actually have that game experience. But definitely talked about him and different things, but I think our focus really is on Peyton. You don't want to spend too much time on a backup and let Peyton go out there and carve us up, so we spent a lot of time on just being ready for Peyton." But they have to finish the game this time.

First, they have to stop the BD's run game, because they will rush all game like they did when he played them last, and against Pitt. "We go back and look at all of our games as we do," Patricia said. "We go through it. We're always going to try and do things better than what we did before. We're always looking to improve. So hopefully we're an improved team from where we played before, and hopefully we can obviously stop everything a little bit better than what we did. But it's certainly, you know, they've got good runners. They've got good guys up front who can block. They do  a great job of covering guys up and climbing to the next level. I think their running backs, obviously Hillman, very dangerous player. Anderson, he's going to be in there also, and guys who just, they run hard. Both are a little bit different and have strength and power. They understand in Hillman obviously the quickness and the explosiveness that he has. I think just in general, we're going to always want to make sure we tackle well and do the fundamentals from that standpoint well. So again, stopping the run will be a big part of what we try to get done along with the passing game, and it will be certainly. These guys are in position right now where they're doing a great job of running the ball, so we want to make sure we try to get that handled." They have their two starting RBs from the beginning of the season, unlike most teams.

Then they have to stop their WRs short, and let Payton try to throw over the top. "Right, but obviously there are more guys on the field than just the two quarterbacks," Patricia said. "So I think you're going to take a look at the different players, obviously Thomas and like I mentioned, the running backs and Sanders and all the guys who have been on film through the course of when we played them up until getting ready for this week. So taking a look at the players, how they're playing, how they play and really trying to identify them and understand what they are and how they're used, things like that. So it's going to be a lot of, not only scheme study, but you do your individual study on the guys that you're looking at. So that will be great film for us to go back through and take a look at from a standpoint of what can we do better, always how our guys are playing and how we may or may not have played certain situations against their guys and things like that. So we definitely will go back and take a look at that. It's a big part obviously. It's a game where we went head-to-head with a lot of different positions, so it will be a good opportunity for us to kind of look at that and improve." Then we win, yay.

6. Julian Edelman and Gronk- first and foremost you have to protect Brady from the rush. "Yeah, this is a great unit," Josh said. "They’re well coached obviously with Coach [Wade] Phillips and their staff. They do a great job of putting these guys in positions to make plays and they have great players, Pro Bowl players at every level of the defense. Ware being back, certainly he’s a great player, adds an element opposite of Von Miller but they have Barrett and Ray that have stepped in and done a great job as well, too. It’s just more depth in a position that’s already a deep position for them on the team. They’re aggressive. I think they’re in the top five in every category that you can discuss: yards, rushing yards, passing yards, points, third-down, first-down, turnovers, sacks. This is the best group we’ve played all year as you would expect in this game, and it’ll be a great challenge for us to prepare for them this week." Protect Brady win the game.

The DBs win with defense, so protect Brady and they win. "I think his consistency," Josh said about Brady. "It’s a football game and he’s played in a lot of them and he has played well for a long, long time. I think when you get to these games during the course of the season and you’re fortunate to play in the postseason, consistency and doing the things that you’ve done to get yourself in this position are really important, and he has got a lot of experience obviously playing these types of games but his preparation maintains, his rest and treatment and getting his body ready and his mind right. He does a lot of the things every day to prepare for the next day. Even though these games have finality to them that some games in the regular season or preseason don’t have, he approaches it the same way. I think he’s a good example for our team and we have a lot of guys that follow that lead, a lot of guys on our team that do that as well, and this week’s going to be an important week for us to prepare hard, do the things that we do to get ourselves ready to play our best game on Sunday." Manning can no longer match Brady point for point.

They don't just win with defense. Their Defense wins with the rush and hitting the quarterback. So they will be coming for Brady all game. "Wade’s got an aggressive style, there’s no question about that," Josh said. "His players play extremely hard. He has seen probably everything you can see from an offensive group, and they’ve got really good players that he puts in great positions to play aggressively. We’re going to have to do a good job of having our plan and going out there and playing offense the way that we play offense. Just trying to make plays and stay out of long yardage situations and do a good job of trying to get the ball to the places that we need to get it to. There’s no one formula that you can say has been very good against this group. They’ve shut most teams down and there’s a reason why they lead the league in defense. We’re going to have to do a good job of preparing hard for the best defense that we’ve played all season, but we’re going to have to play a complementary game with the defense and the special teams. I’m sure it’ll be a very hard-fought game. Both teams want to win and we’ll give it our best on Sunday." The O-line was great against KC's rushers last week.

Plus, we have Gronk and Edelman back. "It was good to have Jules back certainly," Josh said. "He’s such a positive influence on our guys and on our team and Jules played hard and we left him out there most of the game. As normal, when the player is ready to play and come back in his role then we try to do the things that he does the best. I thought we tried to do that with him the other night. It was good for him to get back out there and be productive. There are always a few things that you kind of knock the rust off a little bit, but I thought he was very involved. I thought he played hard and I thought he made some big plays for us the other night." Plus, Jules should be better with a game under his belt.

But I'm not worried. Brady chewed this defense up from start to finish without Gronk, Amendola and Edelman. "I think there are probably a lot of things," Josh said. "There are a lot of things that go into how you start a game. What the defense is doing from one play to the next certainly has an impact. What you expect them to do from your preparation and your scouting certainly plays into that and then there are different games we’ve started running the ball, different games we’ve started showing short passes, deep passes, screen passes and I think you just try to find a rhythm early in the game and allow your players to kind of get into it. Some of those situations you don’t go in with the first 12 plays put down in stone. You find yourself in second-and-long, third-and-long type situations sometimes which we did the other night. Sometimes that can have a significant impact in exactly what the run-pass ratio is there to begin a game. I think you’re always trying to do whatever’s best in this situation that you’re in, whether it be the beginning of the game, the end of the second quarter, start of the third quarter, whatever it may be to try to find a rhythm and move the ball and get first downs and ultimately score points. We’ll try to do that again this week and that may mean a lot of different things as we start to go through our preparation and figure out exactly what we’re going to try and do on Sunday." All signs point to a big victory by the Pats. 

They scored 24-points in the last game in Denver without Edelman and Amendola. Payton cannot score 24-points against this defense with his current arm. Pats should score more than 24-points with with a healthy Gronk, and WR-corps. It just doesn't add up to win by Denver.

7. Denver- If this game wasn't in Denver, everyone would be calling for a blow out. The only stat that points to a Denver victory is that wacky things happen to the Pats in Denver. So it is simple. Denver wins with Special Teams and Defense. If the Pats win those two match ups, Payton can't put up points like Brady. If you cancel out the past wackiness the Pats are just too good for this Denver team when they are healthy, like now.

This game defensively is most comparable to the Houston game, where the Pats killed them 27 to 6. In Denver this year, Brady chewed them up with nothing at WR. The way he played in Denver is like nothing we have ever seen from a QB before. He was missing his top four weapons: Dion, Edelman, Amendola, and lost Gronk in the 4th. He is going to tear this defense a new blowhole with his fully loaded offense. 

Plus, I don't buy that the League wants Denver to win. The only reason to think that Denver will win is that wacky stuff happens to the Pats in Denver. On a neutral sight the Pats kill them. The last thing the League wants a despicable blow out in the Super Bowl. The last thing the League wants is to watch Carolina beat Denver by 50-points in the Super Bowl, like happened in Super Bowl XXIV. Not only does Payton have more Play off loses than any other QB, the Broncos have more Super Bowl loses than any other team, and Denver has the record for the worst loss in Super Bowl history 55 to 10 against San Fran. Carolina would destroy the Broncos on a neutral sight so badly that they could break that record of sucking. Pats-400. Broncos- -7 +Tax.

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