Player Ratings:

Part I: 

Players 1-32.





Name-HT, WT, 40, Vert, (U)- Unofficial, S- 10 Yard Split,




Joe Borrow- 6-4, 216, #9



01/2020: Joe Borrow is the best player in this Draft! Not just the best QB. He is a better Prospect than Chase Young by .2% (lol). His only real concern is that he is a one year wonder, on maybe the most talented team in the FBS. I have been saying he is the best QB prospect I've seen since Elway. That may have been a bit of an overreaction. 

He has elite anticipation throwing the ball to the open spot, where the the WR will be. Elite accuracy throwing against the best defenses in the SEC. A near 78% competition percentage for the season makes him the elite QB throwing with accuracy in the SEC ever, which can only be done with an elite football IQ. Elite at extending plays in the pocket, and working outside. 

And the purest reason is his elite decision making. He never seems to struggle when where and how to throw the ball. He slides around the pocket in traffic to give his WR more time to get open, with almost ESP foretelling his decisions. Plus, his decision when where and how to take off is elite as well. And the best trait for an NFL QB is to throw the receiver open. He is elite at putting the ball in the open spot in front of the WR, where only his guy can go get it. 

He had the greatest season I've seen a QB have since Elway, but he is a one-year wonder as a senior, like Brady at Michigan. Completing 80% of his passes for most the season in the SEC, is the best QB stat I've ever seen. Plus, his footwork in the pocket moving forward and laterally to give time to his WRs, is positively Brady like. You can see he studied Tape of Brady moving in the pocket ready to throw. We will see if he has some of that Brady magic in the clutch Monday Night. 

Speaking of best ever, I also changed my mind while watching Trevor Lawrence. He is the most clutch QB I have seen since Brady's Rose Bowl performance when he was a senior at Michigan. Lawrence has not lost a game as a QB in college, and has that clutch magic at the end of games that Brady showed in the 2000 Rose Bowl. Being a crazy Brady fan, who is also named Tom, and having watched that game in '97, I am saying that Lawrence is the most clutch QB I've seen in college since Brady, and maybe...
So the Championship Game next week is a phenomenal luxury for Draftnics to watch maybe the best QB prospects since Elway, and the best clutch QB prospect since Brady battle each other. 

So that is why I say that Borrow is the best player in this Draft regardless of position. Him being a QB, the most important position in all professional sports, makes him my highest rated player ever (by one percent;). 

12/2019: His game against Alabama, in Alabama, was one of the all time great games. His precision passing against one of the top defenses in the SEC was amazing. His ability to get up and complete the next pass was NFL QB like. You have to be able to take the head spinning hit, get up, and complete the next pass in the NFL. He took some freight train hits, and not one seemed to bother him. 

That was as mistake free a game by a QB as you will ever see. "That was... uh... that was pretty special," Burrow said about being lifted up on the shoulders of his teammates and paraded around. "Having these guys embrace me the way they have, just some quarterback from Ohio who came in June of last year." He faltered a little in the 4th, 
But quickly regained his composure and drove them downfield for another TD with 10-minutes left. "I don't vote (for the Heisman). But if I got a vote, I would vote for him. I promise you that." LSU HC Ed Orgeron said. "I do believe he’s as good, for sure, or better than the quarterback we’re playing. But the only way to answer that is on the field." He meet every challenge you can face on the field, and the Stats were Heisman worthy. 

In a true battle of the Titan Defenses, Borrow started off with 13 straight competitions, and was 18 of 20 for 252 and 3 TDs in the 1st Half against Alabama's great D! If that isn't a Heisman half I don't know what is, except maybe his 2nd Half. He kept hitting his receivers and making every right throw over and over, with perfect placement. His ability to read the D and get to his 3rd option was NFL ready. His ball placement on his passes is the best I've seen in the FBS. 

He embarrassed a top three Defense in the FBS "The way the half ended... terrible," Alabama HC Nick Saban said. "To let them score two touchdowns in the last 30 seconds of the half is ridiculous. And makes a big difference in the game, and (in how) you have to play the game in the 2nd half." He made the routine plays, and the big plays almost every time they needed him to. 

What made him so impressive is that the Alabama defense tried every trick in the book to hit him, and they did hit him repeatedly. "Their quarterback is a really good player," Saban said. "I thought we did some pressure on him a couple of times, but we didn’t finish on him a couple of times on sacks that we had a chance to get." He was not playing in a clean pocket all game with 5 to 10 second to throw every down. 

He has to make quick decisive throws with pressure coming, and do to his reads and progressions, and they used a ton of blitzes to try to get to him and confuse him, and had six DBs on the field a ton, and none of it mattered. "I think he has, talking about the quarterback now, Joe has a really good handle on what they’re trying to do," Saban said. "It’s challenging to defend. It utilizes the people that they have. Look, they have no weaknesses on offense. They’ve got a really good runner. They got a really good quarterback. They got really good receivers. They got a good offensive line. They got a system and a scheme that is very sound and solid in terms of (fundamentals) and they do a really good job executing. 

"I can’t give them enough credit for what they do. It’s nothing like what they tried to do a year ago. It’s completely different and I think it features their players. I think their players buy into it, have confidence in it and do a great job executing it. I felt like that going into the game and I certainly feel just as strongly now about that after having played them." 

Mentally, Borrow was the best player in college football against maybe the best Defense in college football "(They) did a lot of check with me’s out there. Give the hands, see what you’re in, try to run the best play," Saban said. "The only disappointment that we had is we want people to do their job. There were a few occasions where, whether it was a miscommunication or maybe a player didn’t take the quarterback when he was supposed to on a zone read, or we didn’t play the gaps exactly right. We didn’t cover them correctly. We had a couple of busts in the secondary that were very critical." So mentally Borrow was going through two or three plays on almost every snap, and executing at over a 90% rate. 

He was by far the best player in college football that Saturday night. Before the game I was working on my Player Ratings a little, and I had Borrow as the top pick because he is the QB, and Chase Young as the best player in the Draft. That is no longer true. Borrow is the best player in the Draft regardless of position, and Young is second. 
And I think Young's two game suspension is a positive for his rating: 

Because Young has nothing left to prove this season. His sitting out protects him from injury and gives his body some extra rest. He has nothing left to prove at Ohio State. The last thing he needs is too get injured. He should pull a Nick Bosa, and take off to make sure he doesn't get injured and prepare for the Draft. He is already a lock to be be the 1st Non-QB Drafted in the 2020 Draft. 

Meanwhile, Borrow is already the first player to be drafted in the 2020 Draft. There is really no argument left after that game against Alabama, in Alabama, his stats were a Heisman winning: 31 of 39 for 393-yards, 3 TDs, and no INTs. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY! THIS WAS NOT AN ABERRATION. He had completed 78.8% of his passes coming into the Alabama game. "Joe Burrow on throws of 20+ yards this year: - 22-of-35- 62.9% completion- 745 yards- 11 TD- 1 INT- 134.9 Rating" That is just stunning. 




*Chase Young- 6-5, 264, 33 3/8" Arm, 10" Hands, 


Ohio ST 

12/2019: Young was on pace for the best season an Edge has had in... maybe ever. Then he got suspended for two games for taking a loan form a family friend, which is none of the NCAA's business. I know, the story is sketchy, and there's no way he actually did pay him back. But not allowing a scholar athlete to even take a loan from a family friend crosses the line for me. 

"Now he’s got the biggest bullseye he’s ever had on his chest," OSU HC Ryan Day said. "Having a player like Chase play the way he has clearly changes the game and makes everybody on that defense better. You have to account for him on every play."
But what really matters is that when he came back he had 3 sacks against Penn ST, but no Sacks in the the two Post Season games. He wasn't shedding the O-Tackles hands as effectively in those two games. Not getting a Sack in the two preseason games bothered me. His ability to play in the clutch was his only concern from last season. And if you think about it. that is impressive as well. In fact, not getting a Sack in the two Playoff games is the only negative I can think about his game. 

"Having a player like Chase play the way he clearly changes the game and makes everybody on that defense better because you have to account for him on every play. But that's only good if he plays that way, and he is," Day said. "And we all know his potential and what he's done, but I thought his intensity and the way he approached that game was special. You could tell he played with a chip on his shoulder. But that's only good if he keeps continuing to play that way, and I think that's why you've got to give him credit week in and week out; he's played the same way, he's been consistent, he's been tough, he's been productive."

He is the best hand fighter I have seen turning the Corner to the QB. That is what makes him so special. That, and his ability to play with incredible strength and leverage turning the corner on the O-tackles. And so much more: elite eyes, elite reads, elite hands and hand technique, elite burst, and ability to run as low as a road runner while rushing. 

"I think when we look back on it, it is going to be overwhelming, those game-altering plays that happen in a game," Day said. "You need those things to go beat a team like Clemson where you’re playing in a Semifinal game. You need those one or two plays. Then to miss a couple of them, that hurts you. Again, a range of emotions. We’ll rest on it. Watch the film, and kind of go from there."

If not for the suspension, which (in my mind) helped cause the strike out in the Playoffs and Champ Game, I was calling him the best pass rushing prospect ever. I'll leave it to you to decide if that is fair or not. 

Ohio State Overview: Chase Young is “next man up” and a rising star along the Ohio State defensive line … a true and talented junior, he led the 2018 Buckeyes in both sacks (10.0) and tackles for loss (15.5) … over the final four games of the year – wins against Maryland, No. 4 Michigan, No. 21 Northwestern and No. 9 Washington – Young had seven tackles-for-loss for minus 47 yards … with a strong season in 2019, Young could become just the second player in Ohio State history with double digit sacks in multiple seasons, after Mike Vrabel, who accomplished the feat in 1994 and 1995.



*Mekhi Becton- 6-7, 359, 35.5"Arms! (O) 5.1! 23 Reps, 



02/2020: Dude is a freak of Cyclopean proportions. His ability slide back in his kickslide (at his monstrous size;) and punch Edgerushers to the ground is shocking. Remember, I am talking about jabbing top college D-end to the ground, while moving backwards away from them. I do not remember seeing another Left Tackle who could pancake a Rusher sliding backwards with a punch or shove before. Simply astounding! And just for the record, no one had him in the Top Ten except me, until they watched my little Tape below. Hello Jeremiah. 

01/2020: He can play OLT in the NFL. "He's got tremendous size, tremendous athletic ability, but it's nice to see that come onto the field where he's going against some elite defensive linemen," Louisville OC Dwayne Ledford said. "He's having a good season but he and I talked today about it, just keep pushing. How good can we get?" If he has the feet and agility to play OLT in the NFL, than he is a 1st round pick. 

Then he will dominate with his size, long arms, power, and strength. "There's so much ahead of him," Ledford said. "The great thing about Mekhi is his attitude. You tell him to improve on something and you see him trying to improve on it, which I love." He won the 2019 Jacobs Blocking Trophy as best blocker in the Atlantic Coast Conference. 

I watch him play five or six times, and rushers just couldn't get past him. "I’m really proud of Mekhi and extremely happy for him because of all the hard work he put into this season. Mekhi has had a tremendous year and deserves this outstanding recognition as one of the top blockers in the ACC," the Cardinals HC Satterfield said. "He has been a leader for our offensive line and our offense as a whole, and to be recognized for his accomplishments by members of this league is a great honor for Mekhi. To be the first Louisville player to win the Jacobs Blocking Trophy is truly a testament to the type of person and player Mehki has been this season." He just doesn't give up Sacks. 

2018: Started all 13 games at offensive tackle ... scored on a one-yard touchdown run on the first play of the fourth quarter against Indiana State.
2017: Started all 10 games he appeared in ... guided an offense that finished third nationally ... averaged 245.1 yards on the ground.

I mean, watch this smooth kickslide from a 6-7, 369-pound mountain of a man (:20). He has a wide stance, but watch the quick feet as he moves backwards with balance. Then the great long arms. Once he grabs shirt the rush is done, before it started. It would take one hell of a rush to turn the Corner on a guy that size, kicksliding back like that. 

Watch the burst outside and the impact. He has great hands. The Jab with his outside hand twists his body back, and watch how he shoves the DE outside, upfield, and completely out of the defense, with his hands holding his arms, so he is completely defenseless (:33). Another look at his quick feet (:44). Then watch the great long arms reach out and grabs him, and the DE gives up. 'Nuff said.

I have to stop watching this Tape, I'm trying to do a Mock. But just in case you were worried about his power and nastiness in the run game, just watch this impossible explosion of power running (:.54). He shoved the puny OLB almost off his feet and 5-yards sideways. Then he charged like a rhino into him and pancaked him, and then flipped him over and pancaked on top of him. How would you like to get up off that frying pan after that beating, and line up and try and rush his lane again? I ain't doin' it. 

Those what, four blocks, would be in the highlight tape of any other OL in this Draft, and those were just Becton four plays in a row. Amazing!


9.8 Size


*Jeffery Okudah- 6-1, 205, (0) 4.48, 32 5/8"Arm, 11 Reps, 11'3"Broad! 41"Vertical leap


Ohio State

02/2017: His Forty was a little disappoint at the Combine. It is not a bad number, but it still dropped him down one spot in the most talented Draft I have seen in a long time. There are more pure Combine Freaks per square-inch than I have ever seen. From The Mother Of All Mock Drafts: 

He might be the best I’ve seen, because he makes it look so easy. Best pure cover dude the past couple years in the NCAA, and he makes it look so damn easy. That is the sign of true greatness, making the impossible look so M-F-ing easy. 
He is so smooth, tight, and perfect in coverage that it baffles my mind. Impossibly smooth hips and feet that make him look like he is never struggling or in trouble. Pure shutdown Corner. Smooth speed that makes him look a little slow, but he never loses an inch to speed. Effortless in race downfield against pure speed. 

Great big CB who is also a great tackler. He has some flash in his game. He is looking like a shutdown guy early in the season. Great job shedding the WR in run game and knocking the RB out of bounds. He knows how to protect the Boundary. He has great ball skills. He made his second INT against Nebraska laying on the turf. He saw the ball coming and slid down, then the WR tipped it up and it dropped right into his hands.

Amazing quick feet moving backwards. Nice job turning and sticking to the WR like poo on a shoe. Smooth and easy swivel hips that never stutter. He will line up in deep Off at the end of games. I just absolutely love his feet moving backwards. He is such a great athlete. He can run back sideways eyeing the QB and stay with the fast outside WR stride for stride. 

Very physical CB, who has good size. He is playing better against the run. He is a terrific form tackler. When they run to his edge, he protects it strongly, and tackles the RB or WR with terrific consistency. He is the smoothest at the line in finesse press and can barely move and stop the WRs quick footed release... 

08/2018: Is it Jeff Okudah going to be the 3rd pick in the Draft? "His work ethic," Ohio ST co-DC Jeff Hafley said. "You know he’s an exceptional athlete. He’s got size, speed. He’s got great feet. He loves football, and he practices hard every single day." Shut down. It's just that simple. 

He is listed at 6-1 200, which is great size for a CB and he shuts everyone down on the QB's right. "He’s done a good job of taking on the technique that Jeff is teaching him and embracing that," Ohio State HC Ryan Day said. "I think the big thing for Jeff [Okudah] is, where are we going to go as we get into the middle of the season?" He is smooth and makes it look easy. 

He is not as twitchy, but he reminds me of Charles Woodson. "He's spending a lot of time listening to the 'why'. Like he's starting to understand why certain [passing] routes are coming," Hafley said. "So I think he's seeing the game a little bit different, and that slows it down for him. Mentally, I think he's becoming a better football player." Woodson was drafted 4th overall. Okudah could easy go 3rd overall. 

Ohio State Overview: Jeff Okudah is primed to be one of the nation’s top cornerbacks in 2019 and a leader on the Buckeye defense … a true junior, he’s already played in 27 games with career totals of 53 tackles, nine passes defended and two forced fumbles … he played perhaps the best game of his career in the Rose Bowl last January, making five tackles and two pass breakups … tied with Kendall Sheffield for the team lead last year with eight PBUs on the season … had 34 tackles, including 24 solo, and a fumble recovery in 13 games on the season



*Tristan Wirfs- 6-4.7, 322, 34"Arm, 24 R, (U) 4.86! S-1.79! 10'1"Br! 36.5"V! 7.65, 4.68 SS



He had not just a historic Combine, he had the all-time best Combine by an Offensive tackle. His only question is can he play on the QB's left? That is all that is left: 

Taken from Mother Of All Mocks: Big. Quick footed. Mean. Agile. He struggles to do nothing athletically. He started at DT and OT and was voted team captain in high school. He was a wrestler in high school. He also was a champion discus thrower. Both of which are good old school indicators of O-linemen potential. But he only played right tackle in high school and college. 

He went to O-line U. Give me a tackle from Iowa any day of the week and twice on Sunday, and he’ll start as a rookie. Quick and slick in kickslide on the right side. He hasn’t played on the left side, as far as I can find. If a team takes him in the top ten? That team has to think he can play OLT. I don’t think you can take an ORT in the Top Ten. 

Though it appears I am out voted in that opinion with Jedrick Wills. I’d take Wirfs over Wills. He is so much smooth in twists and stunts switching rushers than Wills. I think he is more of an OLT candidate. Though I have no proof. Both have exceptional kickslides on the right side. 

Terrific drive blocker outside on the big D-end, to power him back and outside. He was a wrestler in high school and it shows in his ability to get leverage and power on the DL and drive back and...

Taken from 2020 Pats Draft Preseason Draft guide: Rated 56th: I’m sorry folks, but Iowa OLs just don’t declare early for the Draft. They got two elite guys who could be top ten picks in the 2021 Draft. But they ain’t declaring for the 2020 Draft, where they would both go in the 1st. 

Maybe… just maybe, Jackson will declare so Wirfs can move over to OLT and raise his stock for the 2021 Draft. That is the only scenario I can see where one of them declares for the 2020 Draft. 

He played ORT last season for Iowa. I am a Jackson guy. I’m one of his biggest fans. He is an NFL OLT waiting to happen. Wirfs is better moving backwards. He played OLT for Iowa against BC in the Bowl game this year and was great. Those two guys are going to make Stanley look like a 1st Round QB in next year’s Draft.

He has a smooth slide moving backwards, that is so quick it can look like he is waiting for the rusher. Great initial burst back in kickslide. Huge dude who really looks the part. Nice long arms he can use to reach past the ORG and double the great D-tackle. He is great at finding his assigned LB, getting through trash and traffic and sealing him.

He can make the difficult blocks look easy. Explosive burst off the line in the run game. He has elite quicks and recovery inline. He can miss the block down on the great  DT who burst outside of him, and spin back with incredible COD and agility and seal the DT outside with his long arms. Quick, sudden, and explosive COD to recover when he misses a block. 

2019: Started all 13 games, including 10 starts at right tackle and three starts at left tackle . . . started at right tackle in 38-14 win over Miami as offense gained 213 net rushing yards and 465 yards total offense . . . also saw action at left tackle in opening win . . . started at left tackle in 30-0 win over Rutgers as offense gained 438 yards total offense . . . also saw action at right tackle throughout the win over Rutgers . . . started at left tackle and also saw action at right tackle in 18-17 win at Iowa State . . . started at left tackle and also saw action at right tackle in 48-3 win over Middle Tennessee as offense gained 644 yards total offense . . . started at right tackle and played all but one offensive down (helmet came off) in 10-3 loss at #18 Michigan . . . started at right tackle and played every offensive down in 17-12 loss to #9 Penn State . . . started at right tackle and played every offensive down in 26-20 win over Purdue . . . started at right tackle and played every offensive down in 20-0 win at Northwestern . . . started at right tackle and played every offensive down in 24-22 loss at #16 Wisconsin . . . started at right tackle and played every offensive down in 23-19 win over #7 Minnesota . . . started at right tackle and played every offensive down in 19-10 win over Illinois as offense gained 387 yards total offense . . . started at right tackle and played every offensive down in 27-24 win at Nebraska . . . started at right tackle and played every offensive down in 49-24 Holiday Bowl win over #22 USC.

Hawk Item: One of 10 true freshmen to see action in 2017 . . . first true freshman to start at either offensive tackle position in the Kirk Ferentz era . . . one of two true freshmen named to 2017 Leadership Group.
2018 Honors: Named honorable mention All-Big Ten by both league coaches and media.



Justin Herbert- 6-6, 236, 10"Hand, 32.7"A, (O) 4.68, 7.06 3-C, 4.46 SS, 35.5" V, 10'3" Br



Taken from Mother Of All Mocks: It is time to put the old Herbert biases behind. He was much more consistent last season and he as better in 2018 that 2017. He improves every year. He didn’t throw the INTs that killed his team at the end of games last season. He was a closer at the end of the season. He was steady, smart, and effective. Bigger and stronger. Calmer in the pocket. Looked more mature. Played with purpose. I’m not a fan of running QBs, and he only took off when his team needed it. 

Like in the Rose Bowl this year, he struggled to find a receiver who was open, and he won that game with his legs. I didn’t like the way he played. I want a QB who can win throwing, like Borrow and Tua. However when you’re playing a great defense, you have to win any way you can. He was struggling to find a receiver to throw too. So he ran and won the game. Not perfect. Not ideal. Not as drawn up. But he won. We won when the offense wasn’t playing as well as the defense. 

He reminds me of Roethlisberger. He is easy to dismiss, because he was so up and down over his career. He was still not as consistent with his decision his Junior year as you want. But that all changed when he made one great decision, and that was to return for his senior year. But a strange thing happened on the way to the Coliseum, he continued to make great decisions all season. His TD to INT ratio exploded from 3.6 to 1 in 2018, to 5.3 to 1 in 2019. 

Throws with great velocity. He can put it on the outside shoulder of the well covered WR, where only he can snag it. He threw with much better accuracy in 2019. He can hit the TE over the middle in the gut, with the DB reaching over the top of him.

Justin Herbert 2018 Bio: He is being judged too much by his 2018 Tape and not his 2019 Tape. Vastly improved in 2019; reading, quick-minded, and accuracy. 

12/2019: So right now I'm thinking the guy most likely to go 2nd or 3rd QB (depending on Tua) is Justin Herbert. I loved everything he brought to the field physically last season. He has everything you want physically in a QB. But last season he certainly didn't have it all mentally. But this season he is doing everything right. You have to throw out all the Tape from last season. 

I watched him for three straight games and he has been great, mentally. "He’s definitely the best one I’ve been around. This guy is all of 6-6, he’s 240 pounds," Cristobal said. "[He's] driven, determined, hungry, off-the-charts smart, can make every throw, can run. [He] can run the entire offense, can manage the run game, can flip protections." He also stepped it up in the clutch. 

He made Jacob Eason look like a lost freshman, compared to him against Washington. "He can do it all. He really is that kind of a guy. He’s loved by his teammates, everyone just thinks the world of him. He’s a grinder." He has so clearly matured mentally enough to be the 2nd pick in the Draft. 

His reads have been consistently spot on this season. "He’s what you want man, and he’s as humble as it gets. He’s a true senior now and he hasn’t played a full season yet. This guy, the sky’s the limit for him. His best football is ahead of him." He has everything you want in a QB physically, and shown everything you want to see from a QB mentally this season. 

So don't be surprised if Herbert hops over Chase. "He just felt like there’s some unfinished business," Cristobal said. "[He] knows he’s got a great thing going, and knows that the culture that we’ve developed is getting stronger and better. He has some goals that he wants to accomplish at the college level and he’s ready to do so." I think he might make Young the 3rd pick in the 2020 NFL Draft.

Entering 2019 Senior Season: Two-time Academic All-America first team honoree and the reigning Google Cloud Academic All-America® Team Member of the Year. Owns a streak of 28 consecutive games with a TD pass, good for the longest active streak in the nation. Has led Oregon to an average of 38.3 points per game over his 28 career starts. Oregon is 15-6 in his 21 starts over the last two seasons (2017 &18). Enters 2019 season ranked fifth among active FBS leaders in passing TDs (63) and eighth in passing yards (7,070). Has 23 TD passes and two interceptions in 11 career Pac-12 road games (10 starts).

9.7 QB


xxx-Tua Tagovailoa- 6', 217, 30 1/2"Arm, 



12/2019: He can throw the ball as good as Borrow. He was truly amazing throwing the deep ball to his fleet of elite wide receivers in the first half of the season. But... the injuries will tear at the soul of any GM that needs a QB to throw for his team. He completed 71.4% of his passes, before he got injured this season. 

"I think he's one of the best college football players ever. He changed the way we doing things in the SEC. He's one of 'em. He's a pioneer. He has a great family," LSU HC Ed Orgeron said. "I remember two years ago when we played them and my first recollection in his first pass—it was the quickest release I had seen in 35 years of football. Now you can practice it, but boy I'll tell you, to see it is something else. A tremendous competitor. Always handles himself with first class. I can't say that I'm sorry that he's not coming back. I'm not going to say that but he's meant a lot for football. I think he's going to be a tremendous pro.”

You cannot talk about Tagovailoa without a serious discussion of injuries, and his ability to stand up to the beatings an NFL QB will take in the NFL. "(Tua) is one of the few people in the world if you asked him, 'how are you today?' And he’d say, ‘Good, coach, thanks for asking," Saban said. "He's always positive and never looks at his circumstance in a negative way. Always looks forward and never looks back. I don’t remember him ever not responding in a positive way to someone else." He is a great leader and has all the other traits you want in a QB, except size. 

Great arm, and he can throw the ball with deep touch like Borrow. "Tua has probably had as much of an impact on our program here as any player that we’ve ever had," Saban said. "And I’m not just talking about as a football player. He’s got great character, he’s a great leader, he’s done a wonderful job in the classroom. There’s a spirit about him that has impacted myself and everybody around him in a very, very positive way." He is a true champion. 
He stepped off the sideline and into the Championship game and won it. "Selected as the Offensive Most Valuable Player of the College Football Playoff National Championship Game ... completed 63.6 percent of his passes (49-of-77) with 11 touchdowns and two interceptions ... totaled 636 yards through the air ... added 27 rushes for 133 yards and two touchdowns to his season totals ... finished first among quarterbacks in the SEC in passing efficiency (204.0) in limited action. Fresno State: Made his first career appearance with the Tide ... finished 6-of-9 for 64 yards and a touchdown with a long play of 24 ... scoring play came on a 16-yard pass to Henry Ruggs III ... added three rushes but did not accumulate any yards despite a long run of eight." He was a true Freshman when he did that. 

That accomplishment cannot be overrated. "He’s had great accomplishments on the field," Saban said. "But you probably don’t really fully understand the significance of the contributions that he’s made off the field with his teammates and the people who are around him every day. An unbelievable, positive spirit." He is also a great runner for a QB, and was rated as the best dual-threat QB coming out of high school. 
I don't think you can call him a "Duel Threat" anymore. "He’s helped us continue the streak to nine of 11-win seasons," Saban said. "He’s won a national championship here with his performance, he’s won an SEC championship and he’s also helped us to extend the streak being in the top 10 to 12 seasons. And I don’t think his contribution is not appreciated because it’s been outstanding." He is a great QB throwing the ball. 

His injuries scare the crap out of me, but as great as he was a freshman and sophomore, he was greater in 2019 when he was on the field. Borrow, Lawrence, and Tagovailoa were the elite QBs from 2019, and Tua fits in with those two guys very comfortably. But the team that drafts him has to come up with some kind of plan for his injuries, because when he is on the field he is elite. But he is small and so far his body has not been able to handle the beating. 

Junior (2019): One of the nation’s top signal-callers ... selected as the Co-Polynesian Player of the Year ... an All-SEC second-team honoree by both the league coaches and the Associated Press ... suffered a season-ending injury at Mississippi State ... finished his junior season as the Crimson Tide’s career touchdown responsibility leader with 96 (87 passing, nine rushing) ... tops on the Alabama career passing touchdowns list with 87, eclipsing AJ McCarron’s previous mark of 77 ... third in Alabama annals for career passing yards with 7,442 across his two-plus seasons ... threw for 33 touchdowns as a junior to rank third among all Division I quarterbacks in the week following his injury ... completed 71.4 percent of his passes on 180-of-252, a percentage that was sixth in the country ... totaled 2,840 yards passing to rank 13th among NCAA signal-callers despite being limited to only a half of play against Tennessee and missing the Arkansas game before his injury ... added 21 rushes for 25 yards with two touchdowns on the ground ... selected as a semifinalist for the Maxwell Player of the Year ... named a second team Midseason All-American by the Associated Press ... selected as a First Team Preseason All-American by Athlon ... also tabbed as a Second Team Preseason All-American by five other outlets (Associated Press, CBS Sports, The Sporting News, Sports Illustrated, USA Today) ... returns as the reigning recipient of the Maxwell, Walter Camp Player of the Year and Polynesian College Football Player of the Year awards and has been named to all to the preseason watch list for all three awards ... also selected to the Davey O’Brien Award Watch List to start his junior campaign ... voted as the Davey O’Brien Award Player of the Week for his play against South Carolina and Ole Miss ... also tabbed the Maxwell Player of the Week for his efforts against the Gamecocks ... earned Manning Award Star of the Week recognition for his play against Duke, South Carolina, Ole Miss and Texas A&M ... selected as the SEC Co-Offensive Player of the Week for his efforts against the Blue Devils in Atlanta and earned the leagues Offensive Player of the Week recognition following the South Carolina matchup ... named one of the Crimson Tide coaching staff’s offensive players of the week following the Duke, South Carolina, Ole Miss, Texas A&M and Mississippi State matchups.

9.9 XXX 



*Jordan Love- 6-3 3/4", 224, (U) 4.65, 9'10"Br! 35.5"Vert! 7.21 3-C, 4.52 SS, 32.5"Arm


Utah State

02/2020: Taken from Mother Of All Mocks: It is time to put 2019 behind him. Tough to judge him on the 2019 season. He is a 1st Round pick on Tape in 2018, and teams know he had no weapons in 2019.  He lost all his seniors who made a 1st Round prospect in 2018 and had no Senior left to help him out. In college, the seniors are the ones who make the QB look good, whether they are true prospects or not. He was abandoned by eight or nine starters in 2018, in 2019. Great size. Big hands. 

2018: When he had time in the pocket in 2018 he was elite. Calmer and more in control in the pocket with five senior OLs in front of him. His throws always seemed a little off in 2019, when he had pressure in his face all game. In 2018 he had great ball placement and put it right in his WR’s hands faster than the defense could defend. Played in a shotgun offense. When he played with senior WRs, he got from shotgun catch to his WR’s hands faster than most QBs. 

Puts the deep out past the marker on his WRs hands fast. Nice high release that is impossible to block. Terrific job catching the low snap, turning, and instantly throwing the ball perfectly to lead the RB outside on the swing pass. He will struggle waggling outside and throwing deep with a rusher chasing him. He was the best at throwing to the outside shoulder of the WR running down the sideline. 

Tough guy who will block the DE on the double-reverse when the RB runs behind him. Terrific catching, one stepping, and hitting the slot WR in stride. Much more in control in 2018. He can snag the high snap and hit the TE over the middle with a bullet between two DBs. Snags the high hike, turns, and puts it in his slot WR’s hands on the numbers in less than two second. Amazing quick release when he is confident throwing to his seniors. 

He had a very strong arm. Fires with touch and control. Not a constant fast ball thrower. He can make every throw. Quick release off play action. Loads and unloads quick and goes to his 2nd or 3rd option just as quick. Played with more accuracy and confidence in 2018. So he got rid of the ball quicker. Seemed to hold onto the ball as he searched through option too much in 2019. 

02/2019: Love has declared for the Draft. "Jordan and his family have been tremendous throughout this process, and he is making this announcement now so it’s not a distraction to the team and his teammates leading up to the bowl game," Utah ST HC Gary Andersen said. "Jordan has been a great student-athlete and is a tremendous teammate, and we are excited for his future in the NFL." His stock fell a little this season, but I think a lot less than people think. 

He had a bad season last year. His INTs skyrocketed to 17, which is not acceptable. His TD passes dropped to 20. But if you look back at his 2018 season he had 32 TDs, 6 INTs, completed 64% of his passes, and had a QB rating of 158.3, and 3,567-yards passing. That is more an indication of his talent. He has a rare arm, and usually throws with great accuracy, zip, and touch. It is all mental and continuity with him. 

In 2019, he lost at least eight starters on Offense to the 2019 Draft and graduation. He lost his best weapon TE Dax Raymond, gone. He lost three senior WRs, two of which where starters: Ron’quavion Tarver, Jalen Greene, and Aaren Vaughns. He lost five senior OLs and at least four where starters. OLG Roman Andrus, OC Quin Ficklin, ORG Rob Castaneda, ORT Sean Taylor, and OLT Roman Andrus. 

That is too much turnover for any offense to overcome, even in College. He lost 7 or 8 starters from his 2018 offense when he threw for 32 TD and 6 INTs. Which left him with one Senior WR, who was a graduate transfer who was playing with him for the first time, and he was unstoppable in their Bowl Game (7 catches for 113 yards and 2 TDs. 

2018 (So.): Earned second-team all-Mountain West honors from both the league’s coaches and Phil Steele’s Magazine, as he was 267-of-417 (.640) passing for 3,567 yards with 32 touchdowns and six interceptions, while also rushing for 63 yards on 43 carries (1.5 ypc) and seven touchdowns… Finished the season first in the MW and 10th in the nation in passing efficiency (158.3), second in the MW and eighth in the nation in passing touchdowns with 32 (2.5 pg), second in the MW and 10th in the nation in points responsible for with 234 (18.0 pg), third in the MW and 31st in the nation in completion percentage (.640), fourth in the MW and 13th in the nation in passing (274.4 ypg), fifth in the MW and 20th in the nation in total offense (279.2 ypg), and fifth in the MW and 26th in the nation in completions (20.5 pg)… Set five single-season school records as a sophomore, including 32 touchdown passes, 3,567 passing yards, seven 300-yard passing games, 234 points responsible for and being named the Mountain West Offensive Player of the Week five times… Also tied the single-season school record with a pair of 400-yard passing games… Furthermore, his 267 completions and 3,630 yards of total offense rank second all-time in school history for a single season, while his 64.0 completion percentage ranks fourth… Was 29-of-44 passing for 319 yards and scored on a 1-yard touchdown run in the season-opener at No. 11 Michigan State… Was 21-of-26 passing for 236 yards and two touchdowns against Tennessee Tech (9/13)... Earned his first MW Offensive Player of the Week honor following his performance against Air Force (9/22), as he was 26-of-38 passing for a then-career-high 356 yards and two touchdowns… Was named the MW Offensive Player of the Week the following weekend, as he was 18-of-28 passing for 165 yards and a then-career-high four touchdowns at BYU (10/5)… Earned his third-straight MW Offensive Player of the Week award the following weekend, as he was 17-of-23 passing for 322 yards and a school-record-tying five touchdowns against UNLV (10/13), while also rushing for 39 yards on four carries… Also had an 80-yard completion against UNLV, which is tied for the 18th-longest pass play in school history… Earned his fourth MW Offensive Player of the Week honor following his performance against New Mexico (10/27), as he was 23-of-34 passing for a then-career-high 448 yards and four touchdowns, while carrying the ball four times for 15 yards and scoring on a 1-yard run… Those 448 passing yards are the fifth-most in a single-game in school history… Won his fifth and final MW Offensive Player of the Week award following his performance against San José State (11/10), as he was 32-of-42 passing for a career-high 491 yards and a career-high-tying five touchdowns… Those 32 completions are a career high and the second-most in a single-game in school history, while his 491 passing yards are also a career high and the third-most in school history… Also had a career-long 88-yard touchdown pass against SJSU, which is the sixth-longest pass play in school history… Was 29-of-47 passing for 363 yards and three touchdowns at No. 21 Boise State, including an 83-yard touchdown pass, which is the 13th-longest pass play in school history… Was named the Offensive Most Valuable Player of the 2018 New Mexico Bowl, as he was 21-of-43 passing for 359 yards and four touchdowns and carried the ball two times for three yards and scored on a 9-yard run… Set USU bowl game records with his four touchdown passes, 359 passing yards and 362 yards of total offense against North Texas in the New Mexico Bowl.

9.7 QB


Derrick Brown- 6-5, 326, (O) 5.16, 34 1/4" Arms, 28 Reps, 27" Vert, 9'8"Br, 4.79 3-C  



2020: He had not just a historic Combine, he had the all-time best Combine by an Offensive tackle. His only question is can he play on the QB's left? That is all that is left: 

Taken from Mother Of All Mocks: Big. Quick footed. Mean. Agile. He struggles to do nothing athletically. He started at DT and OT and was voted team captain in high school. He was a wrestler in high school. He also was a champion discus thrower. Both of which are good old school indicators of O-linemen potential. But he only played right tackle in high school and college. 

He went to O-line U. Give me a tackle from Iowa any day of the week and twice on Sunday, and he’ll start as a rookie. Quick and slick in kickslide on the right side. He hasn’t played on the left side, as far as I can find. If a team takes him in the top ten? That team has to think he can play OLT. I don’t think you can take an ORT in the Top Ten. 

Though it appears I am out voted in that opinion with Jedrick Wills. I’d take Wirfs over Wills. He is so much smooth in twists and stunts switching rushers than Wills. I think he is more of an OLT candidate. Though I have no proof. Both have exceptional kickslides on the right side. 

Terrific drive blocker outside on the big D-end, to power him back and outside. He was a wrestler in high school and it shows in his ability to get leverage and power on the DL and drive back and...

01/19: How about Derrick Brown? "I was at Tennessee when Reggie White was there and at Alabama when Marcell Dareus was there," Kevin Steele said. "You just don't see many guys walking around like that with that kind of size, power and athleticism. Derrick does things that only the best of the best of the best can do." Yikes?
This to probably too tough a question this far from the Draft. I thought he struggled to find the ball last season. He has completely destroyed and sacked that assessment of his skills. He is finding the ball carrier in the backfield like metal-detector to gold. He is a much better player than last season. He has been one of the best DLs playing behind his eyes to find the ball carrier in the backfield. 

He will go 4th overall, if an ex-D-Coordinator is the Head Coach of the team picking 4th. "He's just so disruptive and makes everybody around him better. You gotta know where he is on the field at all times," Auburns assistant-HC and D-line Coach Rodney Garner said, and he coached Seymour and Marcus Stroud in college. "Derrick is a combination of Seymour and Stroud. He has the athleticism of Seymour and the power of Stroud, and that's a deadly combination. I remember talking to Bill Belichick one time, and he paid (Richard Seymour) one of the best compliments. He said he could play every position on the defensive line, and that's what Derrick can do and do it at a high level." He makes plays everywhere on the D-line, and he plays in Odd and Even fronts. 

He also has top level character. "He has a great head on his shoulders and doesn't get too high or too low," Auburn HC Malzahn said. "I could see him doing a number of things and being successful at whatever he puts his mind to." His dad was in the Army. 




*Isaiah Simmons- 6-4, 238, (O) 4.39! 39" Vert! 11' Broad!  



02/2019: This might be the best Draft I've ever seen. Certainly top five. Look at this Freak. He tested as the the best LB/DB athlete I've ever seen. Yet he barely made it into the Top Ten in this Draft. I have him at Ten and he might drop. he might be the most dynamic and exciting defender in this Draft. Yet I have him rated as the 4th best defensive player on the Board. That is just unprecedented.  

12/2019: He is a freak. "I don't even know [how] to classify myself," Simmons said. "You could put me anywhere, really." I don't believe that it is possible that he runs a 4.3, but he is still a freak.  

He will give whatever team that drafts him a great gift. His versatility is not just astonishing. It is a weapon teams can use against an Offense. With him on the field, when they want to Nickel out of their Base, or Dime out of their Nickel, they don't have to substitute. 

They can move him from LB to Safety or Nickel Corner. "He can play any position he wants," Clemson Free Safety Nolan Turner said. "He’s long. He’s fast. He's strong. He can really do it all." He could make a living in the NFL, just covering tight ends. 

To turn their base defense into a Nickel. This allows them to play bigger and stronger. He is also terrific in coverage in the Slot or at Free Safety. He can also cover as an LB or Strong Safety. There is just not another guy who can impact a defense and a game in as many different ways as Simmons. 

Athletic defender who transitioned from safety in 2017 to the starting nickel/sam linebacker position in 2018 and was eventually named the Butkus Award winner as the nation’s top linebacker in 2019 in only his second year at the position … enters 2019 bowl season credited with 239 tackles (26.5 for loss), 9.5 sacks, 19 pass breakups, three interceptions (including one returned for a touchdown), five forced fumbles and a fumble recovery in 1,683 career snaps over 42 games (27 starts) … selected as a Preseason All-American for 2019 by Phil Steele (first-team) and Athlon (second-team)

2019: Won the Butkus Award, becoming the first Clemson player in the award’s 35-year history to earn the honor presented annually to the nation’s top linebacker … became the sixth unanimous All-American in school history, joining Terry Kinard (1982), Gaines Adams (2006), C.J. Spiller (2009), Da’Quan Bowers (2010) and Christian Wilkins (2018) … Nagurski Trophy finalist … Bednarik Award finalist … Lott IMPACT Trophy finalist … Walter Camp Player of the Year semifinalist … ACC Defensive Player of the Year … first-team All-ACC selection

They like to line him up a lot behind the LBs on the 2nd level, and he still beats the other LBs to the ball. He doesn't always play with the best eyes (:01). Slot Corner, see how they can play in the Nickel and Base just by moving him from LB to slot corner (:09). Of course he is a freak. When he reads it right, no one gets to the ball faster. Watch how he charges at the RB, and then redirects when the QB keeps it. 

Same personal, and he lines up as the Sam. Watch the angle and speed through traffic moving into the backfield (:17). Then he steps up into the Slot late to try an confuse the QB, on a  passing down (:24). He will get shy trying to tackle the RB in traffic. He is still more of a speed and finesse guy. 

They like him as that deep Mike a lot, where he can run to the ball and it is harder for blockers to find him. It amazing how he can use his speed to get under the big blocker, and watch the agility to spin back through contact to sack the QB (:30). But you can see how good a run around blockers guy he is. He didn't use his hands at all, just speed around the two blockers, agility to dip the wide tight corner, and got to the QB. That is an amazing play. 




*Jerry Jeudy- 6-1, 193,  (U) 4.45, SS 4.53, 10" Broad, 35" Vert, 



Taken from Mother Of All Mocks: Raiders seem to hate Carr (but Brady will never be a Raider), but if you get some elite weapons maybe he will be better than you think. Jeudy is an elite balanced player. His super power is that he is always in balance. Flies at super speeds but is always in perfect balance like no other player I’ve seen. 

Great release off the line. He has the best speed right off the line of any WR I’ve watched in this Draft so far. Amazing speed to cross the field from one side to the other on the post pattern 45-50 yards downfield, sprinting past multiple DBs, and catching it effortlessly. Explosive out of break in post pattern to sperate completely from the CB. Then running after the catch for the TD. Great speed in pattern. He might have the best speed in pattern in routes other than just a go or Streak (that goes to Ruggs). 

Great feel for holes in the zone and getting into space on crossing patterns. Top notch route runner, who might be the best in the Draft. Great outside jab with his foot, to get the inside shoulder of the DB trying to jam him. Nice sharp cut on the seam to break inside to get wide open over the middle. Amazing explosion, bursting back on WR screen to catch the ball, and instantly snap up field to out distance three unblocked defenders instantly. 

He can catch the ball with awareness of player around him, and immediate make two guys miss closing on the side...

01/19: Jerry Jeudy looks like the best WR in this Draft. "He’s had an outstanding fall camp. I think the biggest thing with Jerry is going out there every day and not getting frustrated," Alabama HC Nick Saban said. "When you play receiver? You run 70 plays in a game and you run fast and you try to get open every one of those plays. They won’t all be pass plays. But whether it’s blocking, or whatever it is, and maybe you get the ball on a big day five times. And sometimes you’re open and you think you should get the ball." He runs great patterns over the middle. 

He never seems to get hurt or injured, no matter how hard he is hit. "But it’s being able to understand that you’re creating value for yourself every time you beat the DB," Saban said. "He knows he got beat whether you got the ball or not. And to build on that and play fast and be consistent, I think is the thing that he’s improved dramatically on. It’s just a matter of maturity and understanding. He’s had a great fall camp, I think, because of it and been very productive." Great speed in pattern to create separation. 

He is a little frail and thin looking. But he never seems to get hurt. He has that outside speed that terrifies defense, but he goes over the middle over and over and keeps getting up and doing it again. Elite short area quickness. What makes him so special is that he has the outside speed, but is the best running patterns to get open over the middle as well. However, It will be tough to take him in the top ten, in this Draft that is loaded with WRs. 

2019: One of the top wideouts in the country ... a first team All-American selection by the AFCA ...a first team All-SEC selection by the league coaches ... Associated Press All-SEC Second Team selection ... has recorded 25 touchdown receptions over his two-plus years at the Capstone to rank second all-time in Alabama history, behind only Amari Cooper’s 31 from 2012-14 ... ranks fifth on the Crimson Tide’s career receiving yards list with 2,538 yards on 153 catches ... totaled 100-plus yards receiving in nine games during his career, including four matchups in 2019 ... earned Pro Football Focus Second Team All-America recognition ... leads the Tide wideouts with 71 catches totaling 959 yards and nine touchdowns ... recorded 25 explosive receptions of 16-plus yards, good for second on UA, and has 47 catches that have gone for a first down or touchdown ... selected as a semifinalist for the Biletnikoff Award and the Maxwell Player of the Year ... named a second team Midseason All-American by the Associated Press ... selected as a First Team Preseason All-American by six major outlets (Associated Press, Athlon, CBS Sports, The Sporting News, Sports Illustrated, USA Today) ... headlines the 2019 Biletnikoff Award Watch List after receiving the award in 2018 ... also named to the Maxwell and Walter Camp Player of the Year Award watch lists ... selected by the Alabama coaches as one of the offensive players of the week following the Duke and New Mexico State games. 




*Andrew Thomas- 6-5, 315, 36.1" Arms! (O) 5.22, 21 Reps, 9'1"Br, 30.5"Vert, 



12/2019: The More I Watch Him The More I Like Him. "He plays hard. He’s one of our best leaders," Georgia HC Kirby Smart said. "I thought he was as close to himself as he could have been, and hopefully he continues to improve this week and getting back to his old self." He can look effortless on the Edge sometimes, which is the biggest compliment you can give a guy. 

But I watched him against Texas A&M expecting to seem him struggle just a little. But he didn't. He has such a great feel for position moving backwards in his kickslide. When he keeps his position, you have to get past his long arms to reach the QB. That is nearly impossible to do. I thought his feet, understanding, and feel on the edge all improved this season. 

He was near perfect yesterday against A&M. "Just my strength," Thomas said. "I felt like I was pretty athletic in high school but my whole strength level has increased. My power cleans and my squat. My bench. I’m just a much stronger player now than I was then and that helps on the field." He should still go top five to seven.

Taken from Mother Of All Mocks: I think he might be the best OLT in this Draft. Though I am slowly and steadily moving towards Becton. Thomas is a great underrated athlete with heavy hands. He is the most versatile OT. He started 15 games at ORT in the SEC, and 26 games at OLT. Nice long arms and effortless feet moving backwards, make it very tough to run around him. Stays and plays in great balance. 

Great feet in kickslide. Great hands. Great moving backwards. Great recovery sliding inside to stone the quicker, faster, and smaller DE. Good agility. Relentless hands that keep jabbing, pushing, and shoving. 

I like him because he is so quick. Quick hands, quick feet, quick kickslide, quick sliding inside. I think he’s the least risky OLT in this Draft. Becton has the most upside, and Wirfs could be a better tackle on the right side. But Thomas is almost guaranteed to be an excellent OLT in the NFL. 

Plays mean. Plays tough. Likes to turn it into a fight. Great quick slide that can cause the ultra-quick and fast rusher to slide down with a heavy jab as they try to stop and cut inside, because he can’t beat him to the edge. 

He has the quickest feet in the kickslide in this Draft. He can grab the little DE/OLB high and shove him right to the ground in the kickslide. He puts more edgerushers on the ground in kickslide than anyone in Draft (expect Becton;). Absorbs speed to power like a sponge. 

2019: Walter Camp All-America 1st Team...winner of the SEC’s Jacobs Blocking Trophy, UGA’s first recipient of the award in 21 years...named one of four permanent team captains...co-winner of Vince Dooley Offensive MVP, given at team’s post-season awards gala...All-SEC 1st Team by Coaches and Associated Press...started at left tackle in all 13 games in which he played...Semifinalist for the 2019 Outland Trophy...Outland Trophy National Player of the Month for October...twice named SEC Offensive Lineman of the Week this season: after wins over Vanderbilt (Aug. 31) and Florida (Nov. 2)...Mid-Season All-American by The Sporting News, CBS Sports, Athlon, ESPN.com and Associated Press...played every offensive snap in six games: Notre Dame, South Carolina, Kentucky, Florida, Auburn and Texas A&M...played over 95 percent of snaps in three others: Vanderbilt, Tennessee and Missouri...named one of three team captains for Murray State, Tennessee and Georgia Tech games...Outland Trophy Watch List...Sports Illustrated Preseason All-America First Team...CBS Sports Preseason All-America First Team...Athlon Sports Preseason All-America First Team Offense...Sporting News Preseason All-America Second Team...All-SEC First Team Offense by media.

9.8 OLT


*Henry Ruggs III- 5-11, 188, (U) 4.28-4.32, 10'11"Broad Jump! 42" Vertical leap, 



02/2019: Not a lot of guys made more money than Ruggs at the Combine. I said there was no way he was breaking the record and said he would run a 4.28 to 4.32. Then he did. Then they changed the 4.28 to a 4.27, but so what! 

Taken from Mother Of All Mocks: Raiders seem to hate Carr (but Brady will never be a Raider), but if you get some elite weapons maybe he will be better than you think. Jeudy is an elite balanced player. His super power is that he is always in balance. Flies at super speeds but is always in perfect balance like no other player I’ve seen.

Great release off the line. He has the best speed right off the line of any WR I’ve watched in this Draft so far. Amazing speed to cross the field from one side to the other on the post pattern 45-50 yards downfield, sprinting past multiple DBs, and catching it effortlessly. Explosive out of break in post pattern to separate completely from the CB. Then running after the catch for the TD. Great speed in pattern. He might have the best speed in pattern in routes other than just a go or Streak (that goes to Ruggs). 

Great feel for holes in the zone and getting into space on crossing patterns. Top notch route runner, who might be the best in the Draft. Great outside jab with his foot, to get the inside shoulder of the DB trying to jam him. Nice sharp cut on the seam to break inside to get wide open over the middle. Amazing explosion...

01/2020: Ruggs is a pure speed guy with great size. He reminds me of TY Hilton (who will have one year left on his contract after this season and just hit his 30s). Hilton was a pure speed guy as well, only smaller. Ruggs has that knack for scoring TDs. He has scored 24 TDs in limited play at Alabama, mostly with pure speed. 

Terrific hands that never seem to let him down, even when he  is flying through the secondary wit his elite speed. I don't buy that he is a 4.1 guy. That seems ridiculous to me. But I would be surprised if he wasn't at least a low 4.3 guy. 

Junior 2019: A speedy wideout in the Crimson Tide’s deep wide receiver corps ... ranks third on Alabama’s career touchdown receptions list with 24, just one behind Jerry Jeudy ... owns the team-long rush (75 yards) and the second-longest reception (81 yards) this season ... recorded 38 receptions for 719 yards and seven touchdowns to go with his 75-yard rush ... averaging a team-high 18.9 yards per catch to rank 24th nationally with 26 of his 38 receptions going for a Tide first down or touchdown ... also a threat in the kick return game, accounting for 286 yards on 12 kickoff returns with a long of 40 ... added five tackles on special teams ... joined Jeudy, DeVonta Smith and Jaylen Waddle on the Biletnikoff Award Watch List ... selected as one of the Alabama coaching staff’s special teams players of the week for his efforts against Duke and Southern Miss ... added offensive player of the week accolades from the Tide coaches for his play at South Carolina and against Southern Miss.

9.7 Speed


C.J. Henderson- 6-1, 204, (O) 4.39! 10'7"Br! 37.5"Vert, 31.5" Arms, 20 Reps, 



From Pats Draft Preseason 2020 Draft Book: He is very smooth moving backwards. He tends to ignore the run. He apparently gained 11-pound this off season. He was listed at 191 in 2018, and now at 202. Which is good. He was a good sized Corner, but thin. Adding weight will help him a lot, if he can maintain his speed. He has elite lateral quicks. Great change of direction.

He is a most excellent blend of great feet, speed, and the ability to read receivers. He is smart and knows his leverage, opponent, and the routes they’ll run. It is rare to see him surprised or make a mistake on the field. He also has that knack for positioning. He never seems to be out of position and have to all out bail. They will put him in the slot on the goal line sometimes.

He will protect his edge. He has great quick feet to hop around the blocker and is a great form tackler on the Edge. He is not a guy who is going to take on blockers and power through them to tackle. But he can avoid blockers and make the tackle on the edge. He does try to get inside and stop the run. They will blitz him on 3rd down sometimes. He mostly avoids the run and will hop back behind other Defenders and get position behind them.

He will shuffle back in coverage when no one is on his side and pick up the slot guy over the top when he goes deep. Solid in pedal, but he will reach out and grab the WR when he makes a quick break before he was expecting it. He likes to stutter step in front of  the big WR to slow his release and try to break the timing of the pattern. 

Declared for the NFL Draft his junior year… Finished his collegiate career with 92 defensive stops (65 solo), six interceptions, 22 pass breakups, 4.0 sacks and 7.0 tackles for loss in 34 games. 

2019: Appeared and started in nine games for the Gators, collecting 32 tackles (25 solo), 2.0 tackles for loss (6 yds.), one sack for nine yards and 11 pass breakups… Tied his career high of eight tackles (1 solo) at South Carolina… Missed games against Kentucky, Tennessee and Towson due to injury… Named to the Preseason First Team All-SEC and the Coaches’ All-SEC First Team in addition to being a Paycom Jim Thorpe Award and Lombardi semifinalist

2018: Started all 13 games throughout the season… Regarded as one of the top cornerbacks in the entire country as he totaled 38 tackles, five tackles-for-loss, three sacks, two interceptions, team-high seven pass breakups and two forced fumbles… Hauled in his two interceptions against Kentucky and South Carolina… His INT against USC sealed the win for Florida as it came late in the 4th quarter on a potential Gamecocks game-winning drive… Had a career-high 1.5 tackles-for-loss against Michigan in the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl… Notched his first-career sack and forced fumble against Colorado State in Week 3… After being named as a Preseason Second Team All-SEC player, he earned Coaches’ All-SEC Second Team honors and Athlon Sports Third Team All-SEC accolades following the season… Member of a group that helped UF lead the nation in fourth quarter opponent passing efficiency (66.25) and rank second nationally in fourth quarter opponent completion percentage (40.5).



*Jedrick Wills Jr- 6-4, 312, (O) 5.05, 34.1"Arms, 9'5"Broad Jump, 34.5" Vertical Leap, 



01/2020: He does have some quick feet moving backwards. When he stays in form in his kickslide, with his hands up, he is very difficult to beat. But he tends to keeps hands low and wide. That has to be cleaned up. He has great balance, power, and heavy hands. When he gets low and grabs shirt, he is unbeatable in the rush. When he keeps position, he wins with his hands every time. Best hands blocking in this Draft. Love his feet switching on stunts and twists moving backwards. 

He will stand straight up in the run, but he is so big and strong that he can still seal the D-end outside. He will duck his head and whiff on the run block on the DE. He will step inside, and grab the DE and hold him at the line. He has some great suddenness in his burst forward in run, when he wants. 

He combines impossible plays with his stretch power and balance, and really bad whiffs. He gets low and kickslide back against speed as well as any ORT in this Draft, but then gets high and out of leverage. He has one of the best initial burst in run game, but doesn't always use it. I would have to say that I wouldn't draft him, because he is going to go in the top ten, and that is too high for my blood. 

12/2019: He can hit the D-end on the play action, and throw him to the ground inside. He has some heavy hands and power at the point. Nice slide outside, he likes to grab shirt high and pull shirt down as the Edge tries to turn the corner. He should stay in school. He will lose his balance and slide off the block and fall down too much.  

Junior (2019): The Crimson Tide’s starting right tackle who finished with 29 career starts, including 28 straight to finish his career ... earned second team All-America accolades from the AFCA, Associated Press, The Sporting News and Walter Camp ... selected by Pro Football Focus as a third team All-American at tackle ... named to the All-SEC First Team by the Associated Press and league coaches ... a second team Midseason All-American by the Associated Press ... tabbed as a first team Preseason All-American by Athlon ... also earned second team Preseason All-America recognition from four other outlets (Associated Press, The Sporting News, Sports Illustrated, USA Today) ... named to the Outland Trophy Watch List ... graded out at over 91 percent for the Crimson Tide this season along the front ... allowed only one sack all season and only 3.5 quarterback hurries while missing only seven assignments in 771 snaps for a success rate of 99.0 percent ... helped anchor the Tide’s offensive line that ranked third nationally, allowing just .92 sacks per game, surrendering only 12 sacks in 406 pass attempts during the 2019 season -- just one every 33.8 pass attempts ... the offensive front opened holes and provided time for Alabama‘s offense that ranks No. 2 nationally in scoring (47.2 ppg), third in passing (342.2 ypg) and sixth in total offense (510.8 ypg) ... the Crimson Tide’s ground game also proved efficient with its top two running backs (Najee Harris and Brian Robinson Jr.) accounting for 5.5 yards per rush (1,665 yards and 18 touchdowns) ... according to Championship Analytics (CAI) Alabama was one of the nation’s top teams as it relates to five-plus-yard runs, leading the SEC and ranking ninth nationally with 44 percent of the team’s rushing attempts resulting in a gain of five or more yards ... CAI also ranks the Tide’s front fourth nationally with a sack rate of 3.0 percent for a passing attack that is rated No. 3 nationally at 342.2 yards per pass and second in yards per pass at 10.45 ypp ... earned CoSIDA Academic All-District honors for his efforts in the classroom ... selected as one of the offensive players of the week for his play against Southern Miss, Ole Miss and Mississippi State.

9.75 ORT


*A.J. Epenesa- 6-5, 275, 34 1/2"Arm, 17 Rep, (O) 5.04, 9'9"Br, 32.5"V, 7.34 3-C, 4.46 SS



12/2019: He was cold to start the season, but he was as good or better than Young statically in the last five games that they played in (Young was suspended for a couple in the middle of the last five game;). Both guys have 8 Sacks in their final five games. And Epenesa had 28 tackles while Young had 25.  

"He’s got phenomenal ability, and he’s got a great attitude and done a lot of good things on the field," Iowa HC Ferentz said. “But he still has a lot of room for improvement. When he really figures out how to use all those skills he has, it’s going to be a lot of fun for him." 

He was a beast in the 2nd half of the season. Not just disrupting the QB, but seeking and destroying the QB. Dude is 280-pounds, and explosive off the snap. He is a natural two-gapper, but was one-gapping better in the 2nd half of the season when he got to the QB. He wins by impacting the OLs with his heavy hands and great get off and getting them up and off balance. 

"I’m not saying he’s Adrian Clayborn, but Adrian did some things you just can’t teach a guy to do," Ferentz said. "And A.J.’s got some of that explosiveness; his ability to transition with the pass rush to keep an offensive lineman off balance a little bit. Adrian had a real knack for that, and I think we’ve seen the same from A.J. And again, I’m really confident his best football is in front of him. Because he’s still really learning to use what he has."

Hawk Item: Led the Big Ten and ranked 12th nationally in sacks (10.5) in 2018 . . . ranked second in Big Ten and 16th nationally with four forced fumbles . . . ranked fourth in Big Ten in tackles for loss (16.5) . . . one of two true freshmen named to 2017 Leadership Group . . . one of 10 true freshmen to see action in 2017

Watch the explosion off the snap with both hands extended to push the OLT up and out of leverage. Instant win (:03). He is a freak athlete who can rush like an OLB at 280-pounds. Watch him square up to the line in the zone. Then he got outside to protect the sideline. Watch the changed direction again as he slashed inside to make the tackle (:10). That is an incredibly athletic play in space for a giant of a man. 

He has the size and strength of a 5-Tech. So here he is lined up as a WIde-9. First speed to power, the central trait of his game. Then watch the flashing hands eliminate the OLT's hands. He burst inside, forcing the OLG to double him on a run to the other side (:21). That is wasting two big blockers on a run to the opposite side. 

Wide-9 again. Watch the use speed to power to set the edge with the OLT on the play action. There are just not a lot of guys with his size, power and strength, who can play OLB and rush as a Wide-9 (:32). You can see how the stacking and shedding slows him down, especially when Nebraska is scheming to go away from him (1:37). Watch the great impact with his heavy hands that rocks the OLT up and back (1:56). Then he stops and sheds him behind the QB. 

But eventually they have to run at him. Watch how he stacks the OLT, while watching the hand off. He pushes the OLT up and out of balance, then sheds him and makes the TFL (2:07). When they don't block him and try to run an Option? LOL, forget about it (2:07). He has good eyes, and you could really see how much misdetection they were using to try and fool him. 

I love to watch this guy play. Just watch the strength, power, and torque to toss the OLT aside and scare the QB to the ground (2:38). He is an all out all the time guy. 



*Kristian Fulton- 6', 197, 6.94 3-Cone, (O) 4.46, 4.36 SS, 12'3"Br, 35.5 Vert, 



He doesn't give up much space to throw into. He gave up one against LSU, where the WR stepped out of bounds, and then just got his foot back in bounds and caught it. You can’t give up less space than that to throw into.

Great quick machinegun feet to dance and weave in front of the WR, and not let the WR get a good release. "He could be a dynamic Nickel corner in the league. He's the guy who can cover the Wes Welkers of the NFL, take on the primary slot receiver," Marcus Spears said. "You worry about his height on the next level because everybody is getting those 6-foot-4, 6-foot-5 receivers. Height is everything now on that level. So, he’ll play inside. It’s a valuable position because things are so spread out." He can play in the Slot, but he is not a small guy. 

He shuts guys down on both sides of the QB. I don't think he is more of a Nickel. I think he is a Number One CB on the QB's right. Great feet and agility to turn and run with anyone. He knows how to get physical in pattern, and not get flagged. He has that knack for position and when to grab more than he should. 

SENIOR SEASON (2019): One of the nation’s top cornerbacks … Teams with true freshmen Derek Stingley Jr. to form the nation’s top cornerback duo … Second team All-SEC by the AP … Started all 14 games with 32 tackles and 13 passes defended … Has one interception … Had one tackle and broke up a pass against Oklahoma … Was targeted five times in the SEC Championship game and allowed one reception for 11 yards and added a PBU ... Only allowed seven yards on four targets against Texas A&M .... Added two pass breakups and three tackles against the Aggies ... Targeted just once against Arkansas ... Was not targeted at Ole Miss ... Against No. 2 Alabama, allowed just one reception on two targets and added a PBU ... Allowed just three receptions on seven targets against No. 9 Auburn ... Targeted five times at Mississippi State and only allowed one reception ... Intercepted MSU QB Garrett Shrader and had two PBUs ... Credited with a PBU and totaled three tackles against No. 7 Florida ... Finished with three tackles against Utah State ... Third on the team with tackles and also credited for a PBU at Vanderbilt ... Totaled a pair of pass breakups at Texas … Graduated in December of 2019 with a degree in sports administration.





*CeeDee Lamb- 6-1 5/8", 198, (O) 4.51, 10'4"Broad! 34.5" Vert, 32 1/4" Arm, 11 Reps, 



12/2019: How early can you take Jeudy with CeeDee Lamb crawling up behind him. "You're going to have to cover him one-on-one," LSU HC Ed Orgeron said. "You just can't put a safety over the top of him and stop Jalen Hurts all day. You have to mix it up. You can't give them the same thing every time. This guy is too good of a play-caller. You have to mix it up, take your shots." He defeats man coverage with his speed and quicks. 

Lamb is the most electric and elusive WR after the catch in the Draft. "I kind of said this on the sideline during the game, this is all just instincts," Lamb said, after ripping up Iowa State with eight passes for 167, and two spectacular runs after the catch for TDs. "The main objective is to not go to the ground. If that means cut across the field, then I’m definitely going to do that and try to get to the end zone." He doesn't just make a guy miss when he is running, he consistently and impossible makes three or four guys miss. 

He can run through, past and around six or seven guys for a TD after the catch. "They've done a great job with him," Orgeron said. "He's big and he's strong. He's one of the best receivers we've seen. He's different. Yards after the catch from this guy are phenomenal." He was much better in 2019 than 2018.

2018: A second-team All-Big 12 selection by AP and an honorable mention choice by league’s coaches ... played in all 14 games and made 13 starts ... caught 65 passes for 1,158 yards (82.7 per game) ... led team with 11 touchdown receptions ... registered five 100-yard receiving games ... caught at least one touchdown pass in seven straight games (from Sept. 8 UCLA contest through Oct. 27 Kansas State game) ... paired with Marquise Brown to give OU its first duo to each record at least 1,000 receiving yards in a season ... ranked second in Big 12 and eighth nationally by averaging 12.8 yards per punt return ... recorded game highs of eight receptions and 109 yards while catching a touchdown pass against No. 1 Alabama in CFP Semifinal at Orange Bowl (12/29).

He gives good effort blocking in the run game (:12). He'll also run a lot of fake patterns when he gets the DBs retreating (:19). He is so great at finding the hole in the zone, and tracking the the ball deep. He can go up and get it every which way you need. Amazing catch twisting and spinning around between three DBs from the Slot (:28). He is the best I've seen running after the catch (1:46). He made five or six guys miss on that run after the catch. 

He catches everything thrown to him. Watch him snag the pass tipped by the DB in front of him. That is as good a catch as you will ever see (2:56). He takes the little swing pass. He is the most elusive WR I have seen. Watch the shimmy-shimmy-shake that makes the DB that had him dead to rights miss badly (5:01). He made just about every guy on defense miss on this run, and some more than once. I have never seen a guy who could run through traffic like this guy (5:15). Impossible TD run, and he had runs like that a lot this season.

He can take a beating and keep on ticking (6:10). He is not a great blocker, but he gives great and consistent effort. But watch the great block here. He distracted the CB covering him and then shoved him back. Then he spotted the other defender flying over to make the tackle, and went down and blocked him hard (10:09). It is so rare to see a WR make the double block for the RB, so he can score on the long TD run. 


9.8 Speed


Javon Kinlaw- 6-5, 325, 34.7" Arms! 


S. Carolina

Taken from Mother Of All Mocks: Great get off. Twitchy and sudden initial burst, but is inconsistent finding the ball and garnering stats. Nice job getting low and pushing the ORG up and holding him as he reads. He will line up further off the line than the other DLs, and I think he plays better a yard off the ball. His explosive blast off can get him in trouble sometimes, and a yard gives him a split second of extra time to read. 

He will drop off into coverage. He has some nice lateral quicks stunting inside. Rare size, speed, quick athlete. He can slip the double, disappear under them and emerge on the RB. Terrific job spinning out of the double team to find the RB. Terrific recovery athlete who can get powered back and fight his way out of it and find the ball carrier. When he guess the count, he will explode through the OC and knock him back into the RB. 

He lined up in more different places in 2019 than in 2018. He was mostly a NT in 2018, but not in 2019. He was allowed to be a more explosive DT. Great explosion when lined up at 3-Tech to shoot the gap and get to the RB in the backfield. Pure one gapper who wins fast or gets in trouble. Amazing athlete who will line up on the nose and get held at the line by the double or triple team, and when the QB hands it off he can turn around and somehow tackle the RB from behind. 

Rare athlete who can move better than any 300-pounder...

From Pats Draft Preseason 2020 Draft Book: He plays in a lot of odd fronts. He is a tall rough and tough DT. Great talent and physical specimen. If he can put up better stats in 2019 he could go late-1st early-2nd. I’m just not convinced he can. But when he is good he is as good as it gets in this Draft. 

Great long arms. He doesn’t have great eyes. Tall almost skinny DT. Knows how to use his really long arms. Could be a 5-Tech for a 3-4 team. He really struggles with balance. He ends up on the ground a lot. He has to get stronger in the legs and stay on his feet consistently. 

Likes to get his hands on the OL but doesn’t always have a plan. He can get pulled at the point and jiu-jitsued onto his butt. They played a lot of Odd fronts, where he has to take on two multiple blockers a lot. He plays a lot of nose tackle. Which at his size is a little much. 6-6 is not a good number for a Nose Tackle. But he can rip away from the grabs by the OC an OG and spin back downfield to tackle the RB. He played some special teams and blocked a field goal against Chattanooga. 

Plays in the middle of Odd front and will line up on the Nose, or shaded to either side. He can pop the OC back on short yardage by Supermaning forward, and literally dropping down to lay on the ground still in the Superman position. 

I… he… not a… I can’t put him in the 1st. Plays high at the point. He gets knocked off balance and can’t get to the ball carrier too much. Very hit or miss player. When he plays and stays low he can stay in balance and be effective. He has to play with a lot more consistency to sniff the 1st (and stop Supermaning to the ground;). 
He can knocked the arms down of the LO, charge into the QB, and caused an INT against Georgia. I don’t like his Tape. However, he seems to be very popular in this Draft. He lines up at NT and can be pancaked at the point on the Goal line. That just can’t happen. 

He is better in even fronts. He will get frozen at the line by play action. He can get sealed at 3-Tech a little too easily. Better stacking and shedding at 4-Tech. He is a DT not a NT. They play him out of position and he does the best he can. Much better at five and four Tech. He looks like he could play with more consistency at D-tackle. 
Great quick power Swim to get to the QB so fast it startles him. "He's so long and so big and has natural power,” DE coach Lance Thompson said. “I just hope we have him in a couple years. You don't see guys that are 6-5, 6-6 and 305 pounds running around like he does." When unleashed he can really burst upfield fast. 

He can blast off and power the OC and OG back into the RB, who is waiting in front of the QB in pass pro, and knock him back into the QB’s feet. Astonishingly explosive when he is allowed to just attack forward on 3rd down with regard for reading the play, scheme, or contain. That is what could get him in the 1st or 2nd. 

He can stack and shed and grab the RB from behind and try to rip the ball out as he tackles him. "He runs like a linebacker. That's rare (for a guy his size). That’s why we recruited him,” Thompson said. “That's We recognized that early on and just knew he needed time and reps to develop. Certainly I think he can be as good as anybody that me or Will has been around defensively, and we've had some good ones." I think he is a 3rd, because he plays with inconsistent eyes, power, and most importantly balance. 

2019: Named Associated Press first-team All-America, second-team All-America by USA TODAY, was a first-team All-SEC selection by the Southeastern Conference coaches, and was a second-team All-SEC selection by the AP… also was a second-team All-SEC selection and a third-team All-American, according to Pro Football Focus… became the 25th first-team All-American in South Carolina football history… selected to play in the Reese’s Senior Bowl… named as one of six Dr. Harris Pastides Outstanding Student-Athlete Award winners… selected by his teammates as the winner of the MVP of the defense (Joe Morrison Award), the Most Productive Player on defense, the Unselfish Teammate Award for defense and the Tenacity Award for defense… selected as one of five permanent team captains… notched 35 tackles and 6.0 sacks, tying for eighth in the SEC… added four quarterback hurries, two pass breakups, two fumble recoveries and one blocked kick… had big game in 2019 season-opener vs North Carolina with four tackles, a sack, a fumble recovery and the third blocked field goal of his career… recorded four tackles and a sack against Alabama… logged four tackles, 1.0 sack, one pass breakup, one QB hurry and a fumble recovery at Missouri… the midseason All-American was recognized as the SEC Defensive Lineman of the Week in the upset win over Georgia after recording four tackles and a sack... also applied the pressure that forced an errant Jake Fromm throw on Israel Mukuamu's pick-six late in the first half… missed the spring following hip surgery... graduated in December


9.8 Consistency


Ezra Cleveland- 6-6, 311, 33.3"A, 30 R, (U) 4.94, S-1.74, 30"V, 9'3 Br, 7.26 3-C, 4.46 SS


Boise State

Combine: He made a lot of money at the Combine. OLT who run a sub-5.0 go very early. Another super athlete at OLT, who has a shot in the 1st round after what he did at the Combine, instead of Day Three. He is a dancer on the Edge. He has the feet, hips, and agility to play OLT in the NFL. He is more of a Day Two steal. But a team should trade up into the end of Day One to grab him. Converted TE usually make great Left Tackles. 

Light on his feet. Great shuffle. He played some TE at Boise. Great freak athlete. At any other Draft he would have been the athletic freak everyone was talking about. But he ended up being fourth when compared to two or three all-time guys. Excellent in movement drill. He slowed a little turning the corner but showed a great burst once he did. He has some speed on the 2nd level when attacking down field to block. 

He has some suddenness breaking inside after pulling outside. Nice burst pulling outside. Excellent feet in kickslide back on the right. A little high, but has a long trunk. He looked comfortable and natural kicksliding on the right side. Good hitter with his hands. Great quick feet. He is so smooth moving side to side. His lower body is working hard, and his upper body stayed in perfect form.

03/2020: Nice job moving outside in zone block. Any block that involves movement and/or athleticism he excels at. In any other Draft he is a top ten pick. He can get knocked back by the D-end on the Draw, reanchor, and then turn him outside. Nice job gripping shirt. Balanced and agile. Stout and physical. TMIWHTMILH. 

Great technique. Great athlete. When no one rushers his lane he will turn inside and hit the DT in the side so hard he bends him like a bow, and looked like he may have crippled him. Heavy hands. Loves to hit rushers. Nice smooth and wide kickslide. He will keep his hands low and wide in kickslide, and likes to shove up with great impact. Balanced and smooth in kickslide. 

RS JUNIOR (2019): Started all 13 games in which he appeared...named to All-Mountain West First Team for a second-straight season...provided protection at left tackle for a Bronco offense that ranked 19th in the country in scoring (34.7 ppg)...helped open holes for Mountain West Freshman of the Year running back George Holani, who extended Boise State's streak of seasons with a 1,000-yard rusher to 12.

RS SOPHOMORE (2018): Started all 13 games...named to All-Mountain West First Team...part of a Bronco line that produced a 1,000-yard rusher for the 10th-straight season...provided protection at left tackle for Mountain West Player of the Year Brett Rypien, as the Bronco passing offense ranked 18th in the country (292.0 ypg).

RS FRESHMAN (2017): Started all 14 games...named All-Mountain West Honorable Mention...part of a Bronco line for the Mountain West's No. 2 scoring offense (32.5 ppg)...opened holes for Alexander Mattison's 1,086-yard rushing campaign, Boise State's ninth-straight season with 1,000-yard rusher



9.7 Athlete


**K’Lavon Chaisson- 6-3, 254, 32 1/4" Arms, 



01/2020: He has the talent to be the top Edge from this Draft. "The guy’s a freak. He’s simply a freak," former LSU TE Foster Moreau said. "He might even break the sack record. I mean he easily could." But, he hasn't shown it all on the field yet. 

He blew out his knee in 2018, so he is a 3rd year player who is eligible for the Draft. However, guys who are given the coveted number 18 at LSU are a team Captain, and usually stay in school for their senior season. So he is unlikely to be available here. But he will be fun to watch in the Championship Game. He has great feet, balance and COD, top character, and elite balance moving through contact. 

Now of course this is never going to happen, because he won't declare. If he does declare and goes to the Combine? He is going to explode off the chart. He is a twitchy freak with elite movement skills. He also keeps getting bigger and stronger, and better as a hand fighter. 

SOPHOMORE (2019): Coming off his best game at LSU with six tackles, including a pair of sacks in win over Oklahoma … Named Defensive MVP of CFP National Semifinal/Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl … In last three games, has accounted for 4.5 sacks … Disruptive pass rusher on the edge … Impacts the quarterback on nearly every passing play … Extremely quick first step with outstanding technique … First team All-SEC from the SEC Coaches and second team All-SEC from the AP .. Twice named to the SEC Academic Honor Roll with overall grade point average of over 3.0 … Named a permanent captain for the 2019 squad … Played in 12 games with 12 starts … Leads team in sacks (6.5), tackles for loss (13.5), and QH hurries (6) … Has 58 tackles for the year … Sacked Georgia QB Jake Fromm in the SEC Championship game and finished with four tackles

Chaisson Vs. Oklahoma: He has that burst, speed, and electricity that you look for on the Edge. Just watch the speed to power, and then the great leverage and hip torque to toss the block aside and sack the QB (:01). You can see the nice explosion, and how he leans and leads with his hands up and out. Then he reads the play and drops (:19). Watch the hips and burst outside to get tot he RB before he could run past his level. 

Watch the subtle quick slide inside, and then the burst and speed to get to the RB behind the line. Then the COD, awareness and hands to get outside and make the play (:32). His man concern for me was his strength and power. He was listed at less than 240 to start the season This was the play that ended that worry to me (:44). He was over 240 in this game.

Watch the explosion upfield to get the OLT off balance just a bit. Watch the power to push the OLT off balance and out of position with an arm bar with his inside arm (1:02). He popped him up and back and slashed inside to sack the quarterback. He is now listed at 250. That is great speed to power and flash inside that all Edgerushers need in the NFL.  




Denzel Mims- 6-2 7/8", 207, 6.66 3-C! (O) 4.39, 33.7"Arm, 10'11"Broad! 38.5"V, 4.43 SS



12/2019: Runs a nice comeback to create enough separation on comeback. He just kept running patterns to get wide open in practice all week at the SB. He looked like a 1st Round pick in traffic. Great job using his long arms on the double move to create space to throw into. He has great quick breaks inside and outside that get him open in a flash. He is not just a long tall WR, he is a technician in pattern. Great inside step, and then burst outside to get wide open down the sideline. 

He made some money in Senior Bowl practices. He has great size. Goes up high with some speed. He runs a great powerful slant where he boxes the CB out instantly, and the pass just has to be on the right shoulder. Great quick hands to reach out and snag the fast ball in front of him. Great quicks taking either shoulder of the CB. He's a back shoulder fade machine. You put it up high on his outside shoulder, and he goes up and gets it, and makes the CB look like a kid. Great quick feet. He can draw the PI flag, and still catch the pass. 

He looked like a 1st in SB practices. He has great vertical leap and long arms, 34 inch long arms with a near 39 inch Vert that accentuate his height going up to go get the ball high and outside. TMIWHTMILH. But what will make him a 1st Round pick is his astonishing 6.66 3-Cone. I have never seen a guy his height, almost 6-3, come close to running that time in the 3-Cone. With that 3-Cone it will be very difficult for BB to pass on him at 23. However, I do think the Patriots will clearly trade down from 23 (for hopefully a couple of 2nds;).  

His only real negative, and what will keep him out of the 1st, is that he gets the dropsies sometimes. He will turn and face the QB to catch the ball, and then try to turn back too quick, before he secures the ball to try and run, and drop it or let the ball smash through his hands. He also has a habit of peeking behind him to see where to run and let the ball slip through his hands. Concentration, peeking and dropping passes are his Achilles heel. He also didn't run a lot of NFL patterns in Baylor's wacky Offense. 

One of the top returning receivers in the Big 12 Conference ... ranks 13th on Baylor’s career receiving yards list (1,905) ... Ranks 15th in Baylor history with 120 career receptions ... Ranks 10th in BU history with 16 receiving touchdowns in his career ... six career 100-yard receiving games ... Preseason All-Big 12 second team (Athlon, Phil Steele) ... DCTF All-Texas College first team ... 2019 Preseason Biletnikoff Award Watch List. 
2018 (Junior): Appeared in 12 games on the season, starting 10 of them ... Finished the regular season ranked 13th in the conference with 66.2 yards per game, 12th with 4.6 receptions per game ... Had 794 yards receiving on 55 receptions for a team-leading 8 touchdowns ... Hauled in 6 receptions for 95 yards, third-most on the year in the Texas Bowl vs. Vanderbilt.

9.8 Hands


Laviska Shenault- 6-1, 227, (O) 4.58, 31.7" Arms, 17 Reps,  



Taken from Mother Of All Mocks: I don’t know who the heck this guy is but I love his Tape. He has some serious clutch in him. When the game is on the line if you don’t go to him you are a fool. They’ll put him in the slot and then put him in motion to get the defense to react to him. He has a fast smooth release off the line. Not sudden. I love how he will stop and step infront of the CB and leap up infront of him to snag the ball. Easily catch through contact and can bully the CB. 

They will line him up as an H-back. Very nice blocker on the edge. He can seal the OLB by himself on the Edge. Not as good a blocker in space. He does not look like he is 6-2, 220, but he blocks like it. He can go across the line and put a crack-back on the defender. TMIWHTMILH. He will line up in the Slot as well.

Very strange prospect. They line him up all over, including at H-back a lot. Which is a shame, because he is a phenomenally talented WR. He is built like an H-back, but he is a fast and dynamic WR. He is their best WR by far, yet they don’t seem to want to play him at WR. The HC wants to move him around so they can’t double him easily.

He is a terrific cut blocker on the Edge in the Screen to his side. They will line him up at RB and hand the ball off to him. They will keep him in to block a lot. He is a good blocker...  

12/2019: Don't forget Shenault. "I certainly hope so, because I don’t want to play anybody better than him," Cal DC Tim DeRuyter said. "I think he’s the most dangerous skill guy in our conference. … I’m hoping that maybe he wakes up with a bad sore throat or something on Saturday. I don’t want him to be hurt, but maybe a gut injury from Thanksgiving." He is the most physically talented WR in this Draft. 

He is amazingly twitchy, sudden, and fast, for a guy his size. "Boy, he's big and physical," Cal HC Wilcox said. "He can run. He catches the ball in traffic. He can separate. He gets open. He’s an excellent football player. You’d love to just deny him the ball the whole time. But some of the ways they get it to him you can’t." He is listed at 6-2 220, and is every bit as fast as Jeudy and Lamb with the ball in his hands. 

He could be number one, but he struggles to stay healthy. "He's everywhere," Cal CB Josh Drayden said. "They love to get him the ball. He’s explosive, with good hands, and is fast. He’s kind of the total package." He is too physical for his own good, which a lot of coaches will see as a positive. 

He is the most dangerous WR in the Redzone. The QB puts it up, or high and outside, or low and outside and he goes up, out, or under to get it for the TD. Great hands and great at adjusting to the ball in the air. He also play RB, and take the hand off from the QB and is a great runner from scrimmage. 

Rated 6th in Pats Draft Preseason 2020 Draft Book- I don’t know who the heck this guy is but I love his Tape. He has some serious clutch in him. When the game is on the line if you don’t go to him you are a fool. They’ll put him in the slot and then put him in motion to get the defense to react to him. He has a fast smooth release off the line. Not sudden. I love how he will stop and step infront of the CB and leap up infront of him to snag the ball. Easily catch through contact and can bully the CB. 
“I said to them, ‘have you heard of Laviska Shenault? He’s going to be the best receiver in the country next year,’” Colorado QB Steven Montez said. “They were like, ‘no I haven’t heard his name.’ So I pulled up his clips and their jaws almost hit the table. They couldn’t believe what they were seeing on the tape. ‘How is he that big, that strong and still be able to move that well?’”
They will line him up as an H-back. Very nice blocker on the edge. He can seal the OLB by himself on the Edge. Not as good a blocker in space. He does not look like he is 6-2, 220, but he blocks like it. He can go across the line and put a crack-back on the defender. TMIWHTMILH. He will line up in the Slot as well. 
“Boy, he’s big and physical. He can run,” Cal HC Wilcox said. “He catches the ball in traffic. He can separate. He gets open. He’s an excellent football player. You’d love to just deny him the ball the whole time. But some of the ways they get it to him, you can’t.”
Very strange prospect. They line him up all over, including at H-back a lot. Which is a shame, because he is a phenomenally talented WR. He is built like an H-back, but he is a fast and dynamic WR. He is their best WR by far, yet they don’t seem to want to play him at WR. The HC wants to move him around so they can’t double him easily. He was better in 2018, before he hurt his foot. 

Career:: Has played in 31 career games with 16 starts. He has 145 career receptions for 1,900 yards and 11 touchdowns. He currently ranks 8th in career receptions with 145 and 11th in career receiving yards with 1,900. Has scored 108 points, which puts him at 49th on CU’s all-time scoring list.

2018 (Soph.): Named second-team All-American by Pro Football Focus and fourth-team from Phil Steel's College Football … Consensus midseason first-team All-American, earning the honor from the AP, The Athletic, CBS Sports, ESPN, Pro Football Focus and Rivals … First-Team All-Pac-12 honors by the league's coaches and Phil Steele's College Football and second-team by the league's media … Was on the watch list for the Biletnikoff and Maxell Award and the Buffs nominee for the Disney Spirit Award … Finalist for CU Male Athlete of the Year (all sports) … Earned 10 weekly awards throughout the season from the Earl Campbell Tyler Rose Award, the Pac-12, College Sports Madness, CU Athlete of the Week the Colorado Chapter of the National Football Foundation and Lindy's Sports … Given the team's Jacob Van Ek Award as team MVP … Set 12 school records, nine outright and three tied in 2018, including most 10-reception games in a season, most receptions in a season and game by a sophomore and longest reception by a sophomore … Played in nine games with eight starts … Injured his foot against USC early in the third quarter and missed three games … Came back for the final three games of the season … Finished the season with 86 receptions for 1,011 yards and six touchdowns … Added 17 rushes for 118 yards and five touchdowns … He led the nation in receptions per game (9.6) … He was the only player in the nation to rush for and receive five or more touchdowns and just the second player in CU history to accomplish that feat behind Mike Pritchard in 1990 … His 112.3 receiving yards per game led the Pac-12 and was fourth nationally … His 7.3 points per game ranked seventh in the Pac-12 and 62nd nationally … All-Purpose average of 125.1 yards per game ranked fifth in the Pac-12 and 26th nationally … His 86 catches was the third most in CU history and his 1,011 yards ranks ninth in program annals

9.75 Speed


*Xavier McKinney- 6', 201, (O) 4.63, 10'2" Broad, 36" Vert, 19 Reps, 



Taken from Mother Of All Mocks: He will line up in the slot to cover the RB. He is sticky on the RB. Then he will play Cover One on the next play. Better versatility than you would think for a Strong Safety. Looks more comfortable in Cover Two. Excellent eyes when everything is in front of him. He is good in deep coverage, especially with a half field read. He can turn and run and stay over the top of the outside WR going down the sideline. Underrated speed, for a Safety. 
He is not a CB. But he can make himself known in coverage. He had 10 PBUs and two interceptions last season. Which are great numbers for a Strong Safety. He can be a force against the run. He garnered 73 tackles and 6 TFLs for minus 44 yards and 3 sacks for minus 40-yards. last season. He is a clutch player that Alabama relied on late in games. He was named Defensive MVP of the Orange Bowl this year. 

He also had a Pick-Six against Mississippi. He is a great tackler. He doesn’t miss tackles. He will go into deep Off from Cover Two, when they blitz the Nickel off the Corner. He won’t stop the quick throw to the Slot WR, but he will tackle him instantly. Nice blitzer who can hit the QB. He will get confused in who he is supposed to cover sometimes when they motion a WR to his side. He wants to do too much sometimes and gets lost in the middle, between the TE and the RB or slot WR. 

From Pats Draft Preseason 2020 Draft Book: I like this kid. I would take him late in the 1st. He is more SS than FS, but I like the way he plays in the Box. He could be another Chung. They have him cover in the middle on the second level a ton. He is a very athletic Strong Safety, who I think can be a Free Safety. He is a bigger faster Chung-like Box Safety, who can play Cover Two as well. He can play the ball in the air. Terrific aggregation against the run. Terrific tackler on the 2nd and 3rd levels. 

He will line up in the slot to cover the RB. He is sticky on the RB. Then he will play Cover One on the next play. Better versatility than you would think for a Strong Safety. Looks more comfortable in Cover Two. Excellent eyes when everything is in front of him. He is good in deep coverage, especially with a half field read. He can turn and run and stay over the top of the outside WR going down the sideline. Underrated speed, for a Safety. 

He is not a CB. But he can make himself known in coverage. He had 10 PBUs and two interceptions last season. Which are great numbers for a Strong Safety. He can be a force against the run. He garnered 73 tackles and 6 TFLs for minus 44 yards and 3 sacks for minus 40-yards. last season. He is a clutch player that Alabama relied on late in games. He was named Defensive MVP of the Orange Bowl this year. He also had a Pick-Six against Mississippi. 

Junior (2019): Earned second team All-America accolades from the AFCA, The Sporting News and Walter Camp ... selected as a third team All-American at safety by the Associated Press and Pro Football Focus ... named to the All-SEC first team by the league coaches and the Associated Press ... finished 10th in the SEC in tackles with 95 across his 13 games ... Tide’s leader in tackles, including 5.5 for loss (-40 yards) and three sacks (-21 yards) ... totaled a league-high and team-high four fumbles to tie for second in Alabama single-season records ... added three interceptions (78 yards) to go with five pass breakups and five quarterback hurries as a junior ... returned one of his interceptions for an 81-yard touchdown ... named a semifinalist for the Thorpe Award, presented annually to the nation’s top defensive back ... added to the Bednarik Award Watch List following the Tennessee matchup and was a semifinalist for the award .... tabbed to ESPN’s Midseason All-America Team ... selected as a Second Team Preseason All-American by Athlon, CBS Sports and The Sporting News ... also named to the Jim Thorpe Award Watch List ... selected as one of the Alabama coaching staff’s defensive players of the week for his play against Duke, New Mexico State, Southern Miss, Ole Miss, Texas A&M, LSU, Western Carolina and Auburn.



*Jacob Eason- 6-6, 227, QB, Rs-Jr #10



Taken from 2020 Pats Draft Preseason Draft guide: He was a top recruit to Georgia. And saw a lot of action as a freshman. He had to redshirt last season to transfer to Washington and has two year of eligibility left. I don’t see why he would come out in this Draft. He hasn’t played in years, and I think he wants to QB Washington for a couple of seasons. He has a nice arm and can make all the throws. He is built like an NFL QB. 

He will get over excited and whip a bullet behind his TE. He will struggle to find guys in the Redzone. But can show patience and throw a strike as the pocket is collapsing around him. He throws very well with rushers in his face and the pocket collapsing around, when he knows he is going to get hit. He looked like a 1st Round QB at Georgia his Freshman year. 

He went under center and turned his back to the defense in an NFL play action at Georgia. He is not a great runner, especially on 3rd down. He can throw the nice deep pass with the pocket collapsing around him. He can dump it off to the RB outside as he is being hit and knocked down. Nice NFL play action on 3rd down and can hit the TE sneaking outside for the 1st. 

Nice quick feet in the pocket. Terrific balance and poise running play action and finding a WR over the middle. Good job hitting the WR in stride down the sideline. He can throw the nice pass on the Dig. He tends to stare down his first option and wait for him to get open. Which can work better at Georgia with their level of WRs. 

He is a quick thrower to the TE off play action. Has patience in the pocket and can check down to his 3rd receiver. He can hit his WR over the middle in traffic. He can be sneaky in the play action. TMIWHTMILH. He looked like an NFL QB in 2016 at Georgia, and then disappeared. If plays like he did at Georgia at Washington this season, and he decides to declare, he could go much earlier than expected. 

2019: Started all 13 games at quarterback ... finished the season with 3,132 passing yards, the fourth-highest total in UW single-season history ... 23 touchdown passes were sixth-most every by a Husky ... 27-for-36 for 349 yards, no interceptions and four touchdowns vs. Eastern Washington in the season opener ... four TDs tied for seventh-most in UW single-game history, while his 349 yards were most ever a Husky quarterback in his first start ... named the UW coaches' offensive player of the week for the EWU game ... 18-for-30 for 162 yards and one interception vs. California ... completed 18-of-25 for 262 yards and three touchdowns, with no interceptions, in the Huskies' win over Hawai'i ... 24-for-28 for 290 yards, three touchdowns and an interception in the win at BYU, where he completed 13 straight in one stretch ... 16-for-26 for 180 yards, no touchdowns and no interceptions in the Husky victory over then-No. 21 USC ... 16-for-36 for 206 yards, one touchdown and one interception at Stanford ... 15-for-22 for 243 yards, no interceptions and two touchdowns in the UW win at Arizona ... went 23-for-30 for 289 yards, no interceptions and three touchdowns vs. Oregon ... 29-for-52 for 316 yards, two interceptions and four touchdowns vs. Utah ... 16-for-32 for 175 yards and two interceptions in the win at Oregon State ... 21-for-34 for 206 yards, one interception and one touchdown at Colorado ... in the Apple Cup win over WSU, completed 15-of-22 for 244 yards, no interceptions and a touchdown, while rushing for another score ... 22-for-32 for 210 yards, no interceptions and one touchdown in Washington's Las Vegas Bowl win over Boise State.

9.5 QB


*Yetur Gross-Matos- 6-5, 266, 34.7" Arms! 20 Reps, 10' Br, 34" Vert, 


Penn St

01/2020: Gross-Matos really looks the part, but he has completely figured out how to play the part. He has yet to put it all together mentally. He is physically talented enough to be a great player in the NFL. He tends to blast off upfield without reading run or pass. He gets to the QB with explosion off the snap, which hurts him in the run game. 

"Yetur has grown so much as a football player, leader and young man during his time at Penn State," Penn ST HC James Franklin said. "He has been a shining example of resiliency for his teammates and our staff for the way he has handled adversity in his life. We couldn’t be more proud of him and appreciate everything he has done for our program."

He is a good rusher standing up outside. He can get the OLT out of position lining up outside, and popping him back, and break inside to Sack the QB. When he grabs the hands of the OLT, he renders him helpless. He has to use his hands to attack the OLT's hands and arms more consistently. That might be his key to success in the NFL. 

"Everything that we’re hearing is 1st round or mid-1st round and that’s without the benefit of a combine or interviews," Yetur's Dad Rob Matos said. "He could potentially be one of the top 15-20 picks."

Career: With one half-tackle for loss against Buffalo (9/7/19), reached the 25 TFL mark in his career
Season: 2018: Became the 11th Nittany Lion to record 20 tackles for loss in a season (12th time)...Tied with Bruce Clark (1978), Todd Atkins (1994), LaVar Arrington (1999) and Aaron Maybin (2008) for the eighth-most tackles for loss in a season.

2019 JUNIOR SEASON: Awards: Named to the Pro Football Focus second-team Big Ten Team of the Week following his performance vs. Buffalo (9/7)...Selected to the preseason Lott Impact Trophy watch list...Named to the preseason Bednarik Award watch list...Tabbed on the preseason Bronko Nagurski Award watch list...Selected for the preseason Big Ten honors list, voted on by conference media members.



*Jonathan Taylor- 5-10, 226, (O) 4.39! 7.01 3-C, 4.24 SS, 10'3" Br! 36" Vert, 17 Reps, 



01/2018: He is such a smooth runner. He looks like he is just gliding up the middle, and then you see the guys who can’t keep up and have to dive at his feet are some of the best DBs in the Draft. He has serious chance of going in the 1st. He is so tough on screens. Great weapon. Not a sprinter. He is a legit NFL RB. Guys bounce off his thighs. 

"As impressive as JT’s accomplishments have been on the field, I have been even more impressed by how he has done it. He will rightly be discussed as one of the best running backs in college football history," Wisconsin HC Paul Chryst said. "But what I will remember most about being around him is how he handled himself and how much he cared about his teammates. He is truly humble, always working to get better and cares a ton about this program. He gave everything he had to maximize his opportunity in college and I wish him all the best as he moves into the NFL."

He runs with excellent power, and always seems to fall forward. Fastest player to reach 5,000-yards in FBS. He got to over 6,000- this year. It is amazing how many times he uses his quickness to make guys miss. He has elite speed, because he is a sprinter, but he is not straight-linish like most sprinters. This guy has amazing quickness bursting and exploding to either side. 

"There's nothing disappointing in being able to coach Jonathan, You want everything for him, you know what I mean?," Wisconsin HC Joe Rudolph said. "And you want all those things for him to experience because you know what type of kid he is and the type of player he is. But I know where his heart is in all of it. And he couldn't be more excited about how he was recognized and he can't be more excited to shine the light and recognize his teammates."

Honors and Awards: 2019: Doak Walker Award winner, Walter Camp Player of the Year finalist, Maxwell Award semifinalist, Lombardi Award semifinalist, unanimous first-team All-America (AFCA, AP, FWAA, Sporting News, Walter Camp), Ameche-Dayne Big Ten Running Back of the Year, first-team All-Big Ten (consensus), 4-time Big Ten Offensive Player of the Week. 

2018: Doak Walker Award winner, Maxwell Award semifinalist, Walter Camp Player of the Year semifinalist, unanimous first-team All-America (AFCA, AP, FWAA, Sporting News, Walter Camp), Ameche-Dayne Big Ten Running Back of the Year, first-team All-Big Ten (consensus), New Era Pinstripe Bowl MVP, 2-time Big Ten Offensive Player of the Week, Academic All-Big Ten. 

9.8 RB


*Tee Higgins- 6-4, 216, 34.1" Arms,  



01/2020: Taken from 2020 Pats Draft Preseason Draft guide:- Ranked 12th- Big tall and fast WR with great hands. He has NFL feet in pattern. Terrific job getting inside shoulder and then creating separation inside, and when the slot WR catches it underneath him he can turn and block the Safety with some prejudice. If he gets better in 2019, and there is no reason to think he won’t, he will go early than expect. He reminds me of Mike Williams. 

He will be bigger, stronger, and smarter this season. “I want to get stronger,” Higgins said. “That’s the main thing this summer. Stay in the weight room and get bigger. I’m at 200 right now and I’m trying to get to 210.” He is listed at 205. 

It is easy to forget how young he is after the last two seasons. “Mike Williams came in at 181 and he left at 222 [pounds]. That’s kind of where Tee is [now] I see that process coming,” Jeff Scott said. “He played a lot of basketball in high school. So he didn’t really spend a lot of time lifting weights. He went from one sport to the next, which helps athletically, but it takes us a little time to get some of that weight on. It’ll be big to see what he comes in at in August.” He is a converted Basketball player. 

He just needs to stay healthy and he is working hard to that end. “Tee Higgins had an unbelievable day,” Sweeney said 

after Clemson’s Spring Game. “I asked him if he stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night and he said, ‘No, I’m just trying to be your starting 9-man.’ That was a good way to do it.” He was scary last season. 
If he is better this season the ACC better watch out. “Last year he would’ve gotten pushed out of bounds right there,” Scott said after a 5-yard TD in the Spring Game. “To be able to stay in bounds and get back on the line where he needs to be to be able to have a chance to field the ball, that’s one of the little things fundamentally that’s he’s really focused on and improved on this spring.” I think he will go higher than 16, if he stays healthy. 

02/2020: Higgins has the size, hands, and Vert, to be a legit NFL Power Forward at WR. He started off a little slow, and looked like he might have been nursing an injury early in the season. But by the end of the season he was dominating like expected. When he is on, he cannot be stopped. When his QB went high to him, he was unstoppable. He is going to blow up the Combine, and could be a great one in the NFL. 

2020: Talented wideout whose produced one of the school’s most impressive sophomore campaigns in 2018 in his first full year as a starter and followed up with a spectacular junior campaign to place himself among the top receivers in Clemson’s illustrious lineage at the position … entered 2019 bowl season with 128 career receptions for 2,363 yards with 27 receiving touchdowns in 41 games (28 starts) … his 27 receiving touchdowns entering bowl season were tied for the most in school history with DeAndre Hopkins and Sammy Watkins and tied for ninth-most in ACC history … selected as a second-team Preseason All-American for 2019 by both Phil Steele and Athlon … is the only player in school history to record double-digit touchdown receptions in consecutive seasons.

2019 Junior: First-team All-ACC selection … enters bowl season with 52 catches for a team-high 1,082 yards and 13 receiving touchdowns in 474 snaps over 13 games (all starts) … caught a 62-yard touchdown in the midst of posting a team-high four receptions for 98 yards vs. Georgia Tech, pushing his streak of consecutive games with a touchdown to five.



*Kenneth Murray- 6-2, 240, (O) 4.52, 32 3/4"Arm, 21 Reps, 10'9" Broad, 28" Vert, 



Taken from Mother Of All Mocks: Love this guy’s game. I worry that he was better in 2018 than 2019, so I think he is a Day Two pick. He had an astonishing 155 tackles in 2018, to go along with 12.5 TFLs, 2 passes defended and 4.5 Sacks. He had very good but not great 102 Tackles in 2019, but he also had an impressive 17 TFLs, and 4 Sacks, and added in 4 Passes defensed. He looked like a lock in the 1st his Sophomore year, and more like 2nd in 2019. 

Great knack for finding the hole and filling it. He takes great angles into the backfield to get the RB on the sweep. I didn’t think he played well early in the season, but he got his mojo back late in the season. He was the best run stuffing LB in the FBS in 2018, but not in 2019. There is already talk of him in the 1st. They did move him to OLB a lot more in 2019. Which would have affected his stats but made him more valuable in the NFL. 

Better in coverage in 2019. Did a great job improving in coverage of RBs and TEs. Nice job sidestepping the blocker to get infront of the RB. He finds the RB in the middle of the field. When he hits RBs they go down. The only thing he seems to hate more than RBs is QBs. Nice form tackler. Nice job slapping the blockers hand down as he gets outside to the RB. He just finds the ball carrier like a magnet, even when in a zone and the QB takes off, he flows to the scrambling QB like he is steel..

From Pats Draft Preseason 2020 Draft Book: I like the way he moves on the field. One of my favorite players to watch. But he is a run stuffing ILB. He has to play better moving backwards. 

He can get outside and hit the WR and the TE, and tackle the WR they were blocking for. He can make the adjustment before the snap and go get the QB running outside on the bootleg. He reads everything before anyone else on defense. Smartest defender in the Draft. Old School Linebacker. 

He is one of the most productive LBs in a long while. He is a tackling machine who had 155 tackles last season. He flies to the RB faster than anyone I’ve seen in a while. He reads it incredible fast and get into the backfield to find the RB. I love this kid’s Tape. He is the fastest guy to the football in the run game in this Draft. I would take him in the 2nd no questions asked. He takes great angles and has great instincts... 

2019: Named a second-team AFCA All-American ... third-team AP All-American ... first-team All-Big 12 selection by league’s coaches and AP … named a semifinalist for Bednarik and Butkus Awards and Lott IMPACT Trophy … garnered midseason All-America honors from ESPN (first team), AP (second team) and The Athletic (second team) … started all 14 games and led team with 102 tackles and 17 tackles for loss (tied for 19th nationally) ... registered 4.0 sacks (for a loss of 32 yards), four pass breakups and five quarterback hurries … finished with seven tackles and 1.0 tackle for loss vs. No. 1 LSU in CFP Semifinal at the Peach Bowl (12/28) ... logged a team-high 10 tackles (three for loss), one sack and one pass breakup in Big 12 Championship vs. No. 8 Baylor (12/7) … recorded six tackles and a tackle for loss at Oklahoma State (11/30) … made a team-high nine stops and 2.5 TFLs vs. TCU (11/23) … named Lott IMPACT Player of the Week after an eight-tackle, two-TFL performance in win at No. 12 Baylor (11/16) … notched seven stops and a pass breakup against Iowa State (11/9) … made nine tackles and 1.5 TFLs vs. West Virginia (10/19) … named Big 12 Defensive Player of the Week after a five-stop, two-TFL and one-sack game in win vs. No. 11 Texas (10/12) … had nine tackles, a TFL and sack vs. Texas Tech (9/28) … made a season-high 13 stops in season opener vs. Houston, including 2.5 TFLs, a half sack and a pass breakup to earn Lott IMPACT Trophy Player of the Week honors.

2018: Named to All-Big 12 Second Team by league’s coaches and AP ... started all 14 games and led team with 155 total tackles (most by a Sooner since 2007) ... ranked second in Big 12 and 13th in nation by averaging 11.1 tackles per game ... had nine games of double-digit tackles ... registered 15 tackles against No. 1 Alabama in CFP Semifinal at the Orange Bowl (12/29) ... tallied seven tackles in win against No. 9 Texas in Big 12 Championship (12/1) ... recorded 10 stops (one for loss) at No. 12 West Virginia (11/23) ... totaled 11 tackles and a fourth-quarter fumble recovery (with the game tied) against Oklahoma State (11/10) ... recorded team-high 11 stops (1.5 for loss) at Texas Tech (11/3) ... led team with 11 tackles (two for loss, one sack) at TCU (10/20) ... tallied 10 stops against Texas (10/6) ... logged team-high 17 tackles (one sack) against Baylor (9/29) ... named Walter Camp FBS Defensive Player of the Week and Big 12 Defensive Player of the Week after recording 28 tackles (six solo, 22 assists) against Army (9/22) ... 28 tackles vs. Army were most in FBS since at least 2000 and second most in school history ... led team with 10 tackles (two for loss, one sack) at Iowa State (9/15) ... recorded nine tackles (2.5 for loss, one sack) against UCLA (9/8).

2017: Named co-Big 12 Defensive Freshman of the Year and All-Big 12 Honorable Mention by the league's coaches ... selected as a freshman All-American by Football Writers Association of America and USA Today ... started all 14 games and ranked second on team with 78 tackles ... tied a career high with nine tackles (two for loss and one sack) vs. Georgia in CFP Semifinal at Rose Bowl (1/1) ... forced a fumble and finished with four tackles (1.0 for loss) against TCU in Big 12 Championship Game (12/2) ... set career high with nine tackles versus West Virginia (11/25) ... posted five tackles against TCU (11/11) ... tied for team lead with seven tackles against Texas (10/14) ... finished with eight tackles at Baylor (9/23) ... registered eight tackles (including his first tackle for loss) and recovered a fumble against Tulane (9/16) ... tallied five tackles at Ohio State (9/9) ... became first true freshman to start a season opener at inside linebacker for OU since 1975 and finished with three tackles versus UTEP (9/2).  

9.7 LB


*Patrick Queen- 6' 1/4", 229, (O) 4.51, 31 5/8"Arm, 18 Reps, 10'5"Broad! 35"Vert, 



Taken from Mother Of All Mocks Queen is an odd prospect. He is such a great power prospect. Flashy powerful athlete, but he gets high and falls down a lot. He doesn’t always play with great balance. That is my biggest worry about him. I think that is why he sinks down a little. But he is an all-out all the time guy, and that sometimes leads to his lack of balance as well.

Hyper, flashy, electric inside rusher. Odd prospect, who almost rushes like an Edge, but played mostly Nose Tackle. Played a lot of DT last season inside of NT. Terrific job stunting inside from 5-Tech and slamming into the QB from right up the middle for the gob-smacking sack. He was asked to read and react in 2018 and had a good burst from 1-Tech as well.

He exploded up the charts after the Play Offs. He stepped up his game in an amazing way to take over as the top LB on LSU and was elite in the last three games. Explosive from the 2nd level to get to the RB first on the draw. Another truly rare athlete on the LSU defense. He is the best pure speed linebacker in this Draft. As long as he is moving he is winning. When he stops moving is when he gets in trouble.

He was amazingly the Co-MVP of the National Champ Game. Great spy to get outside and tackle the QB when he takes off. Huge hitter on the QB. He can chase the speed back and tackle him from behind. Amazingly fast. True elite speed.

JUNIOR SEASON (2019): Stepped into a starting role after emerging as a defensive playmaker in 2018 … Got first career start a year ago, starting in place of a suspended Devin White (targeting) against Alabama … That game served as a confidence springboard for him that led to his most productive season yet … Played in 14 games with 11 starts in 2019 … Third on team with 77 tackles to go with 9.5 tackles for loss and 2.5 sacks … Intercepted a pass and returned it 16 yards late in second quarter against Alabama … That interception setup an LSU touchdown that gave the Tigers a 33-13 lead at halftime against Crimson Tide … Had eight tackles, including 1.5 tackles for loss, in win over Oklahoma … Had six tackles, including a sack for a 5-yard loss, in SEC title game vs. Georgia … Had four tackles, including a sack for a 16-yard loss in win over Texas A&M … Registered nine tackles vs. Ole Miss and seven against both Auburn and Alabama … Had pair of tackles and returned a fumble 10 yards in season-opener against Georgia Southern

SOPHOMORE SEASON (2018): Played in all 13 games, starting four of LSU’s final five contests ... Earned his stripes having to fill in for Devin White in the first half of LSU’s game against Alabama last November in what was his first career start ... Responded with nine tackles, including two tackles for 9-yards in losses against the Crimson Tide ... Led LSU with nine tackles to go along with a sack for a 22-yard loss and 2.0 tackles for loss in Fiesta Bowl win over UCF ... Other starts came at outside linebacker against Rice and Texas A&M ... Had 18 tackles over LSU’s final three ... Had five vs. Rice and four vs. Texas A&M ... Finished season with 40 tackles, 5.0 tackles for loss and a sack.

9.7 Size 


Chase Claypool- 6-4 1/4", 238, (O) 4.42! 10'6"Br!  40.5"Vert! 32.4"Arms, 19 Reps, 



From Pats Draft Preseason 2020 Draft Book: I know projecting another WR to go to the Pats is pushing it. However, the Pats have five guys who are projected to make the team at WR who are projected to be free agents in 2020 if they make the team: Demaryius Thomas, Matthew Slater, Phillip Dorsett, Josh Gordon, and Maurice Harris. So taking a WR in the 1st and 3rd in the 2020 Draft is not as insane as leaving Brady without weapons in the passing game again (and yes I know how arrogant it is to project the Pats to pick at 32, 64, and 96;).

You have to interfere with him before the ball arrives to make him drop the deep one. He can catch it on the sideline. Huge guy. When he clamps onto the ball over his head it isn’t going anywhere. He has to show more consistent hands as a Senior. He is great after the catch. He has a nose for the endzone when he catches in the Redzone. He ran patterns to get open better in 2018. 

He can catch the WR screen and make the first guy miss. He can power through a couple defenders for the 1st or TD. He can get open in pattern deep. He can fake inside and break outside wide open on the Flag from the Slot between the CB and FS. He can catch the Fade behind him and outside and bend his body back to catch it over his head. He should get a lot more opportunities with the throwing QB set as the starter this season...

Taken from Mother Of All Mocks: He gives good effort blocking on the 2nd level, but he gets too high sometimes. He covers kick and is excellent at it. He recovered a fumble punt against Georgia where he was the only Notre Damer down there. He will have an instant impact on the team that drafts him on special teams. 

He can reach up over the CB and grab the Fade above the rim where the DB can’t touch it. He could not seem to get himself open in pattern against Louisville. When he got himself open in crossing routes, Book too often missed him. When he gave it to him, he caught it and ran a little. He is not great running after the catch. He is fast running in a straight line. He has some underrated speed outside when he lets loose. When he tries to make guys miss, it often doesn’t work out as planned. 

He put it all together halfway through his senior season. Great strong hands to reach way out over his head in a half dive and clamp the ball in his hands. He is finding the holes and lanes in Zones and making himself uncoverable. He is going after the ball with confidence this season. He can dive outside and forward and snag the pass below his knees with his hands. He seems to catch it better when he can leap up and just snag it. 

He is a great blocker on the edge in run game. He gets the DB moving backwards with his hands in their shirt. He can struggle to sustain but has some pop and power... 

Clemson: He played special teams last season and was on the cover team. He covered a punt on the 1-yardline against Clemson. He consistently lines up outside. He will line up in the slot and block for the outside WR on the screen. They will run the screen outside, but he’ll try to break inside with the front seven running outside. 

Good blocker. He gets out to the CB in deep off fast and knocks him back as he grabs his shirt. You can run behind him outside. They will double him when he drags outside and the QB rolls out to his side. Terrific job getting open with the physical pattern on 3rd and 3, and breaking over the middle wide open. 

V-Tech: Runs a nice Dig. Knows how to his size in route. Runs a great post. He gets to the side of the CB and blocks him out with his size, and snags the ball easy. Nice job catching the high pass, and then making the CB miss. 

Terrific job picking up extra yards. He is really putting up some good numbers this season. Terrific over the middle. He got a wide open in pattern a few times against VT, and the QB threw a few uncatchable passes. He will drop the ball early sometimes. He’s a huge WR with huge hands. 




*Justin Jefferson- 6-1, 202, (O) 4.45, 10'6" Broad! 37.5" Vert! 



01/2020: He might be my favorite WR in this Draft. He never stops running. It is amazing how many times Borrows' went to him after he ran around the pocket for 5, 6, 7, or more seconds. He is great at finding the holes in the secondary after the pattern has broken down. 

"LSU took me under their arms and practically raised me," Jefferson said. "Being in this situation now and seeing myself leaving LSU, I’m definitely grateful for the coaches and fans, and especially my teammates for being there with me. I’m definitely going to miss it. The staff and everyone in that building was great."

He will line up in the slot and get open in pattern over the top. He is an excellent Seam runner. He line up in the slot a lot. Right now, he is the most underrated player in this Draft. He led the FBS in yards: 1,434-yard on 102 receptions and 18 TDs. And no one is talking about him in the top half of the Draft? Which is fine with me. Let him drop down to 23. I can guarantee you the Pats could use him. 

"My production was where it needed to be the last two years to be able to come out. I feel like I’m ready for the NFL," Jefferson said. "We just had a perfect year. We won the national championship and set records. We had a lot of awards and did it with our team. I feel like it was the best way to go."

He has the speed to get open deep. He is great tracking the deep ball, and adjusting to it 40-50 yards downfield. He has great size, speed, and agility, which he uses to dominate the CB on those deep outside passes. In the playoff game against OK, he set CFP semifinal game records for: catches, receiving yards in a game, receiving yards in a half, and receiving TDs.

Semi-Final: Give me Justin Jefferson. He is very similar to N’Keal in size and strength. He looks like he might be faster. He looks taller, though not as built up and strong. He is so good running slants. He gets inside position, and then using his big body to block out the CB. He can overpower the DB and dive into he Endzone, like he did in the Playoffs against OK. He was running through DBs after the catch against OK. He can run an In and Flag to get wide open in pattern.

JUNIOR SEASON (2019): Coming off his best game as a Tiger with 14 catches for 227 yards and four TDs in LSU’s 63-28 win over Oklahoma in the CFP National Semifinal … Set CFP Semifinal game records for receptions (14), receiving yards (227), receiving yards in a half (186), and receiving TDs (4) … Has caught 21 passes for 342 yards and five TDs in LSU’s last two games … Second team All-SEC selection from the AP … Has 102 receptions for 1,434 yards and 18 TDs … The 102 receptions are a school-record and the third-highest total in SEC history … His 18 TD receptions ties the SEC single-season mark along with teammate Ja’Marr Chase and Florida’s Reidel Anthony (1996) … Goes into Oklahoma game tied for No. 1 in the nation in TD receptions (18) and No. 3 in both receptions (102) and receiving yards (1,434) … Averaging 14.1 yards a catch and 102.4 yards per game … Caught at least five passes in 12 games and had at least one TD in 11 games … Had seven 100-yard games in 2019 and nine for his career … Teamed with quarterback Joe Burrow, running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire and wide receiver Ja’Marr Chase to become the first team in college football history with a 5,000-yard passer, a 1,000-yard rusher and two 1,000-yard receivers in the same season.


  1st Round.

2nd and 3rd Round.

4th Round.

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