With The 32nd Pick, in the 2017 NFL Draft, The New England Patriots Select ...

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I hate the first Mock. Everything I write seems wrong the second I'm done. 

That is why I started calling my first mock the Worlds Worst Mock ten yeas ago. 

PICKS 99-100


March Mock: 

Picks 1-11.

Picks 12-22.

Picks 23-32.

2nd Round: 

Picks 33-48.

Picks 49-64.

3rd Round

Picks 65-87.

Picks 88-98.

Picks 99-100.


1st Round 2020 Draft


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My Picks: 

Key Needs:

Team Moves:




Defense: 4-3

*Colby Parkinson-

TE/Slot-WR Stanford

6-7, 252, (O) 4.77, 

33 1/4"Arm, 18 Reps, 

7.15 3-Cone 4.46 S-Shuttle 9'1" Broad, 32 5/8" Vert


*Mekhi Becton-

OLT Louisville


Brandon Aiyuk-


OLT, OL, OT, LOL, Edge, CB, WR, TE, LB, WR, CB, WR, Edge, FS, TE

2019 Picks:

1 (6) Daniel Jones, QB (Duke)
1 (17) Dexter Lawrenc, DT (Clemson)
1 (30) Deandre Baker, CB (Georgia)
3 Oshane Ximines, LB Old Dominion
4 (108) Julian Love, CB (ND)
5 (143) Ryan Connelly LB Wisconsin
5 (171): Darius Slayton, WR Auburn
6-Corey Ballentine CB Washburn
7- George Asafo-Adjei, OL Kentucky
7 (245) Chris Slayton, DT (Syracuse)

2018 Picks:

1 (2) Saquon Barkley, RB, Penn State.
2 (34) Will Hernandez, OG, UTEP.
3 (66) Lorenzo Carter, Edge, Georgia.
3 (69) B.J. Hill, DT, NC State.
4 (108) Kyle Lauletta, QB, Richmond.
5 (139) RJ McIntosh, DL, Miami.

Key F.A. Signed:

Colt McCoy QB  

Dion Lewis RB

Levine Toilolo TE

Corey Coleman WR

Cameron Fleming OT

Kyler Fackrell, OLB

Blake Martinez ILB

James Bradberry CB

Nate Ebner ST

Key F.A.:

Cody Latimer WR

Russell Shepard WR
Chad Wheeler OT

Olsen Pierre DT

Markus Golden Edge
B.J. Goodson LB

Michael Thomas S

Key F.A. Lost:

Mike Remmers ORT

Blake Martinez ILB

Antonio Hamilton CB

The Team: I saw this pick on a Giants' website and it made sense to me (which is not necessarily a good thing;). So I put him here. When you have a young QB that everyone in the front office is staking their jobs, reputations, and livelihoods on? You might wanna help a brother out. In this scenario they got him a dynamic weapon in the 2nd. Getting a steady weapon and blocker here can do nothing but make Daniel Jones a better Quarterback. 

The Player: 04/03 Colby Parkinson- Not Just An H-Back.

The Reason:  There are not a lot of things you can do to help a young QB more than give him a giant TE with soft hands and is open for the high lob on every play. Although a monstrous OLT whose has the size and brutality of Godzilla, is certainly be another. Parkinson is a legit 6-7 alley-ooper. He is dangerous in the Slot. And a good blocker who can help the run game, which will take even more pressure off of Daniels. 

Second Choice: Lose your job, and get lost in infamy.




Defense: 2-5

*Devin Asiasi


6-3, 257, (O) 4.73, 

33 1/4"Arm, 16 Reps, 

9'7"Broad Jump, 30.5"Vertical Leap,


*Justin Jefferson



Albert Okwuegbunam 

TE Missouri



2019 Picks:

1-32 N’Keal Harry WR Arizona ST
2-45 JoeJuan Williams CB Vanderbilt
3-77 Chase Winovich, DE Michigan
3-87 Damien Harris, RB Alabama
3-101 Yodny Cajuste, OT WVU
4-118 Hjalte Froholdt, OG Arkansas
4-133 Jarrett Stidham, QB Auburn
5-159 Byron Cowart, DT Maryland
5-163 Jake Bailey, P Stanford
7-252 Ken Webster, CB Ole Miss

2018 Picks:

1 (23) Isaiah Wynn, OG, Georgia.
1 (31) Sony Michel, RB, Georgia.
2 (56) Duke Dawson, CB, Florida.
5-143 Ja’Whaun Bentley LB Purdue
6-178 Christian Sam, ILB Arizona ST
6 (210) Braxton Berrios, WR, Miami
7 (219) Danny Etling, QB, LSU
7-243 Keion Crossen CB W.Carolina
7 (250) Ryan Izzo, TE, FLA ST

Key F.A. Signed:

Brian Hoyer QB

Matthew Slater WR/ST

Damiere Byrd WR

Joe Thuney OLG

Danny Vitale FB/ST

Beau Allen DT

Brandon Copeland OLB/DE

Devin McCourty FS

Adrian Phillips ST/SS/LB

Key F.A.: 
Phillip Dorsett WR
Maurice Harris WR

Dontrelle Inman WR

Benjamin Watson TE

Key F.A. Lost:

Tom Brady (gulp)

Ted Karras OC

Danny Shelton DT

Kyle Van Noy OLB

Jamie Collins OLB

Elandon Roberts LB

Nate Ebner ST

The Team: Belichick likes to run two and even three TE sets. In order to do that, you actually need some NFL Tight Ends. Of which the Patriots currently have none. And let's face it, any veteran they pick up could actually help them win a game next season. This is the year to stay young and dumb and decimate for Dexter. Though, they are Cap strapped and don't have enough room to be able to afford to fit a mutt from the pound under the Cap. Which also shows that Belichick knows they have to Decimate for Dexter. 

The 2020 Patriots season is going to suck. The Pats are going to suck. The question is do the suck enough to get the 1st pick in the Draft for Dexter Lawrence, or do they suck just enough, to continue to suck for the next decade or two. Winning four or five, or six or seven games leaves a Franchise sucking in the middle for decades. The cry shouldn't be, "let's be the Dolphins". God saves us, it should be "Let be the Bengals next season! So we don't have to be the Bengals of the past decade or TWO" One win next season could be one too many. 

Stidham is not ready to lead an NFL Franchise to the Play offs and Hoyer never could. It is going to be a brutal beating all season, as every team we play will be lining up to take revenge for all the beatings the Patriots Dynasty doled out to every team in the NFL the past twenty years. In particular, the AFC East teams will light fires to their pagan Gods and give blood worship to defeat the Pats. 

The Jets, Bills, and Dolphin hate the Patriots with a particularly nasty passion. They are going to stomp all over the Pats and piss on the Dynasty's grave this season. It is going to get ugly. So now is the time to trade the veteran winners like Edelman and Hightower, and play a bunch of young dudes and rookies, who don't know what they're doing, and Decimate for Dexter. 

Playing Albert-O and Asiasi will pay big dividends down the road, but they ain't gonna help win next season. They will take a beating, and learn and get tougher or get cut. Simple as that. They would normally both get Red-Shirted. But as rookies on the field, they can help lose games. The Patriot's plan is so open and obvious. Even if they wanted to win, they don't have any Cap space to get single viable veteran. 

So why put on the silly show, and maybe get close to six wins. Dump the winning veterans like Sanu, White, and anybody named McCourty. Decimate the roster of veterans and winners. Decimate-Decimate-Decimate. Trade Marcus Cannon for a conditional 7th. Send Guy to a winner for some guy to be named later. You could, gulp, easily get two future 1sts for... gulp... Stephon Gilmore. HE'S JUST TOO DAMN GOOD. DECIMATE THE DAMN DEFENSE! DECIMATE IT FOR DEXTER!!!!!!!

You see what I'm sayin'. The Dynasty is Dead. Long like the Dynasty. I'm trying to be humorous, but I ain't jokin'. Don't fucking be an 8 and 8 team next year. That is true death and destruction in the NFL. In a normal year four or five wins would be fine. Top five picks would be awesome.

But let's look at reality. How much would you give, this year, to get the top pick in the Draft to snag Burrow: one, two, three 1sts and Stephon Gilmore? NO! YOU'D GIVE EVERYTHING! YOU GIVE EVERYTHING FOR BURROW! 

The Pats have no legit winner at QB and no play off hopes, never mind a Super Bowl, five or six wins is a waste of time for this team. Dexter Lawrence is every bit as good as Burrow. You can't get Burrow this year, but you can get him next year. It will be as painful as anything you've ever done. It will be a return to the Sullivan Patriots. But it can be done. Decimate the roster for Dexter, you're already halfway there. You're really only talking about four players: Edelman, Sanu, Hightower, Gilmore, and any McCourty to be named later. 

OOOW and Sixteen next season, or abandon all hope ye who enter Gillette Stadium for the next 20 years. Decimate for Dexter, or Trump away for the next 20-years and lose-lose-lose. 

The Dynasty is Dead... Long live the Dynasty. The Patriots 20-year reign is over. Get over it Pats Fans. BB is in full tanking mode. The worst thing they can do is try to win and become eight and eight. The Diadem of mediocrity every year, with the refrain of, "Oh no we suck again!" every single god damn year. Because in the NFL, teams need to win big, or lose-lose-lose BIG.

The Patriots need to become the Corona Franchise: dead, done, destroyed. The GOAT is dead, long live the GOAT. Wake up New England! The Pats got no legit NFL WRs, except two old dudes who will be off in La-La-Land once the Pats are capable of winning again. Peg-leg Sanu and One-Armed Edelman, are Pirates who can only steal the future of the Franchise away from us. It is time to decimate the Franchise. The cry of all true Pats Fans now "Decimate for Dexter!"

We are living in the ghost of Tom Joad's time. A time of plaque. A time of death, and our dying dynasty. A time of Depression. A time of the dying of the light. Brought upon us by the dying of the GOAT. And the time of an utterly incompetent moron playing President, who has only helped ensure the Apocalypse is upon us: 

"Men walkin' 'long the railroad tracks... Goin' someplace there's no goin' back... Highway patrol choppers comin' up over the ridge... Hot soup on a campfire under the bridge... Shelter line stretchin' 'round the corner... Welcome to the new world order... Families sleepin' in their cars in the Southwest... No home... No job... No peace... No rest." 

Meanwhile here in New England, Rome is burning. The Dynasty is dead. Long live the Dynasty. The Patriots ain't got no GOAT. No wide receivers. No tight ends. Dante stole their playbook (that's Alighieri not Scarnecchia;). They have locked us in our houses and nailed our doors shut. They've affixed plague signs in our windows that they stole from the from the Gates of Hell. That read "The GOAT is dead. Lasciate ogni sperantza chi entrate." 

So the idea that they can win next season is like denying science. Denying reality. And God save us! Denying the Plaque? It will echo down the empty hallways of history. The hubris of plaque deniers that poisoned a Decade or two. Reality has called to Pats Fans, the Plaque is upon us, and darkness will follow

"He pulls a prayer book out of his sleeping bag... Preacher lights up a butt and takes a drag... Waitin' for when the last shall be first and the first shall be last... In a cardboard box 'neath the underpass... Got a one-way ticket to the promised land.. You got a hole in your belly and gun in your hand... Sleeping on a pillow of solid rock... Bathin' in the city aqueduct...."

So don't look for the Pats to draft a savior. History tells the story long before it happens. And History is screaming the Plaque Depression is next, and the Patriot's Dynasty is it's first victim. Their will be no parade next season, nor for decades to come. Unless...? In the NFL when the Super Bowl QB dies, so does the winning. When Brady packed his bag and went Home? He took the winning with him. 

Winning in the NFL is like riding with the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. You need a GREAT Head Coach. You need a GREAT Owner. You need a GREAT Quarterback, and a great defense wouldn't hurt either. Once that Triumbrant (yes I know it means 3 leaders not 4) is broken, it is chaos, death and plaque for all the Roman World, and in Foxboro. The idea that we can simply affix any incompetent moron atop the broken Triumbrant is how disaster ensues. 

Now that we are living in that disaster, Stidham is our new GOAT, long live the GOAT. Only he ain't got no home, and we ain't no GOAT. He's a 2nd year player, first time starter, who has no idea what he is doing. A perfect vehicle to disaster. Because putting in Hoyer, who actually knows what he is doing? At this point? Would be an apocalypse of reason. 

The Patriots need to become absolutely, utterly, and completely bungling, like the Trump Administration, and lose-lose-lose. The Patriots needs to lose like we are in the midst of a plaque. And their leadership is so cold-hearted, incompetent and utterly indefensibly corrupt, and won't and/or can't properly get medical supplies to the sick, needy, and dying. And certainly lie-lie-lie instead of giving proper protections to the frontline warriors who are battling the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. 

That's how losers behave. The Pats need to become the Trump Administration and lose-lose-lose. Inflict a plaque upon the Franchise and deny it. Tell people to huddle together, hug naked, kiss everyone you meet on the lips, and lick each other on the gates of Hell. I mean, what could go wrong? They need to become the New England Plaquers next season. They need ZERO wins next season! YOU IDIOTS! (Sorry my wife was pissing me off, saying I went too far;). 

"Well now Tom said, 'Ma... wherever there's a cop beatin' a guy... Wherever a hungry newborn baby cries... Where there's a fight 'gainst the blood and hatred in the air... Look for me Mom I'll be there... Wherever there's somebody fightin' for a place to stand... Or decent job or a helpin' hand... Wherever somebody's strugglin' to be free... Look in their eyes Mom you'll see me.'"

They need to follow little Donald's diagram of how to spread the Plague, and unleash the Four Horsemen upon Gillette. Just follow Lil' Donald's leadership of blaming, denying, and taking no responsibility. "I don't take responsibility at all," out fearless leader said. And the Franchise will crash into a 2nd Great Depression like a Republic at the Gates of Hell with an utterly incompetent moron as President, whose super powers are pure dumb luck and the ability to surround himself with soulless sycophants. 

Because the Pats need to lose-lose-lose next season. Any win in the win column this season is a plaque upon both your houses. They need to Decimate for Dexter. In these Roman times, the Patriots need to lose to come out the other side. We need to acquire a new GOAT. The only way to do that is to Trump our way to the 1st pick in the Draft next year, as the worlds biggest Loser.

Dexter Lawrence is coming out after next season. He is the most likely candidate to come out in the Draft and become a GOAT in a long time. Better prospect than Luck. Better prospect than Manning. Better Prospect than Elway? Maybe? In the art of winning? He looked better than Burrow in the 2018 season, but Burrow beat him in the 2019 season. But Dexter has been a better winner, in college, than Elway was at Stanford. 

Now I'm not saying he is going to win six Super Bowls. The first time a guy won as many (actually more, seven championships) was Otto Graham who retired in 1955. Brady was Drafted in 2000. So a dude like Brady comes along about once every 50-years. But the only guy on the horizon who looks like he could be the next Super Bowl winning QB, since huh... Burrow, is Lawrence. 

Once Brady left, the Patriots put themselves in Dexter's path. The Pats have no QB, with the slightest semblance of winning in the NFL. They literally have no weapons. Well, beside Peg-Leg Sanu and One-Armed Edelman. But they can trade both those guys for a day three pick or two.

They need to load up on weapons in this Draft. Rookie-Weapons. Utterly incompetent weapons, who couldn't even fill out a form to enact the Defensive/Offensive Player Production Act to get a helmet, shoulder pads and a uniform, to help save and protect all Patriots. 

Because Foxboro is closed. Gillette is empty. The Science Denier's utter incompetence has unleashed the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse upon all who enter, and the next great depression is sure to follow...

:(if I can step out of character for a second? Why do generally smart, moral and competent citizens want to be led by, and consistently vote for: charlatans, moralless fools, and criminally incompetent morons? Utter scumbags, who behave in villainous ways that most of the real Americans who voted for them would never... I mean ever... behave like. It hurts my soul trying to figure it out. A true villain, like Trump, will tell you over and over that he is a villain, and brag about his villainies over and over again [like sexually molesting women over and over again]! Why is it so hard to just believe him? It baffles me). 

... So as we sit upon the doorstep of the next Great Depression? The Patriot's only hope is a Savior? No. A Superman? Please! The First pick in the 2021 NFL Draft is within our grasps. Just decimate the roster. Trade One-Armed Edelman to Tampa for some facemasks. Send Peg-Leg Sanu along with him for a box of latex gloves and ventilator to be named later. The Patriots only job left this season is to Decimate for Dexter. 

The Player: 04/03 Devin Asiasi- Not My Favorite TE In The Draft, But Pretty Damn Close.

The Reason: This might be a bit of an overload. However, they ain't got no tight ends, period. One-Catch LaCosse sucks, and is one of the primary reasons Brady is gone. There best TE is Ryan Izzo, and he can't stay on the field. It is time to double-up on the tight ends, and pray that together Albert-O and Asiasi can make up for the lose of Gronk that drove Brady out of town. 

They also have to get some legit NFL wide receivers for their weak-armed or still-too-young QB next season. Brady could barely win with the flotsam and jetsam that BB gave him at WR and TE last season. Hoyer and Stidham don't stand a chance of winning a game with the wretched refuse they currently have on the roster at WR and TE? 

Ooooooohhh!?! I get it. That is their plan. It is to Decimate for Dexter. Keep the wretched refuse on the roster and fill up on rookies, who will be redshirted or too dumb to help win. Now I get it. 

Quick resign Dorsett. Brilliant I tell you! Brilliant! With the current weapons they have on the roster, it will be a massacre every week. BRILLIANT! Now they just have to trade Edelman to Tampa, and Sanu for some Twinkies to be named later. And we'll only have to worry about N'Keal Harry and Jakobi Meyers. Decimate for Dexter baby.

Second Choice: Jacob Phillips LB

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2/20 Bryce Love: Bio: Fighting For Respect.

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More coverage of the coronavirus pandemic

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