With The 32nd Pick, in the 2017 NFL Draft, The New England Patriots Select ...

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I hate the first Mock. Everything I write seems wrong the second I'm done. 

That is why I started calling my first mock the Worlds Worst Mock ten yeas ago. 

PICKS 23-32

April Mock: 

Picks 1-11.

Picks 12-22.

Picks 23-32.


March Mock 2nd Round: 

Picks 33-48.

Picks 49-64.

3rd Round

Picks 65-87.

Picks 88-98.

Picks 99-100.

1st Round 2020 Draft

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My Picks: 

Key Needs:

Team Moves:



Defense: 2-5

*Kenneth Murray

LB Oklahoma

6-2, 241, (O) 4.52! 

10'9"Braod! 38"Vert!

32 3/4" Arm, 12 Reps,


2019 Picks:

1-32 N’Keal Harry WR Arizona ST
2-45 JoeJuan Williams CB Vanderbilt
3-77 Chase Winovich, DE Michigan
3-87 Damien Harris, RB Alabama
3-101 Yodny Cajuste, OT WVU
4-118 Hjalte Froholdt, OG Arkansas
4-133 Jarrett Stidham, QB Auburn
5-159 Byron Cowart, DT Maryland
5-163 Jake Bailey, P Stanford
7-252 Ken Webster, CB Ole Miss

2018 Picks:

1 (23) Isaiah Wynn, OG, Georgia.
1 (31) Sony Michel, RB, Georgia.
2 (56) Duke Dawson, CB, Florida.
5-143 Ja’Whaun Bentley LB Purdue
6-178 Christian Sam, ILB Arizona ST
6 (210) Braxton Berrios, WR, Miami
7 (219) Danny Etling, QB, LSU
7-243 Keion Crossen CB W.Carolina
7 (250) Ryan Izzo, TE, FLA ST

Key F.A. Signed:

Brian Hoyer QB

Matthew Slater WR/ST

Damiere Byrd WR/Speed

Joe Thuney OLG

Danny Vitale FB/ST

Beau Allen DT

Brandon Copeland OLB/DE

Devin McCourty FS

Adrian Phillips ST/SS/LB

Cody Davis ST

Key F.A.: 
Maurice Harris WR

Dontrelle Inman WR

Benjamin Watson TE

Key F.A. Lost:

Tom Brady (gulp)

Phillip Dorsett WR

Ted Karras OC

Danny Shelton DT

Kyle Van Noy OLB

Jamie Collins OLB

Elandon Roberts LB

Nate Ebner ST

The Team: This is a tough one. I just don't see the Pats picking here. They are open for business with this pick and everyone knows it. But to trade down here is tough. The Pats don't really need another 3rd. But they sure could use a couple of 2nds, where you can get good value on a TE, and the WRs are likely just as good as the ones you could pick here. But who has that to offer? In this great WR class there will be better WRs in the 2nd than in the 1st. You just have to find them. It happens every year.

Of course, I have been so obsessed with finding weapons for their offense that I have ignored other needs. their disastrous off season this year, left them weaponless for Brady and ultimately forced him out of town. To a team that actually has NFL weapons that could help him look good instead of guys that even Brady couldn't make look good last season. Stidham cannot succeed in last year's Offense. 

But they have other issues as well. They lost their two veteran OLBs, and their Captain at ILB Elandon-Roberts are gone. They have to get an LB or two. They picked up two ILB in the 2018 Draft: Bentley and Christian Sam. But Sam is gone. Bentley has barely been able to stay healthy enough to play. 

They need to get a young Safety or two as well. This could be a good year to pick up Xavier McKinney. Or they might be planning on moving JoeJuan or Ken Webster to Safety. So they have some options at FS. They have to get an LB who can play ILB and cover (like Jamie Collins), step outside and blitz (like Van Noy), and play ILB and lead the team like a Captain (Like Elandon Roberts). There is only one dude who fits that criteria in this Draft. plus, he is almost a carbon copy of Jerod Mayo, and in some respects better. 

The GOAT is gone, long live the GOAT. I don't get t he whole Tampa Bay thing, other than Tampa Bay is the closest NFL team to Brazil (except Miami;). The shortest plane ride to Brazil (I mean... except Miami;). I don't get the whole Buccs thing. I've been to Tampa Bay and it is a shithole. But this is an end of an era. The Pats will never be the same again. 

The Dynasty died with a single signature on a Tampa Bay Contract. Brady will never be as good again, without Belichick and Kraft. Belichick will never be as good again without Brady. Kraft will never be as good again without Brady as well. The Triumvirate is dead. Long live the Triumvirate. The question every Pats fan is asking is, can the Triumvirate, with Stidham at QB, be rebuilt? 

Because as we are reading, the Huns and Goths are at the walls of Gillette slamming their naked hatred at the dying Dynasty. The Pats need leadership not finger pointing. I know with Trump as the alleged Prez, fingering pointing and blaming others is the leadership we have been getting. But that still isn't actual leadership, no matter how many fingers President Dumbass points at everyone else. Because I have a finger for him too. 

Reality Check: Stidham was great in the Preseason last year and looked like a he could win in the NFL. But it was the Preseason, where everything in one way or another is an illusion. But look and listen real hard Pats fan. Stidham is the starting QB for the once mighty New England Patriots next season, period. Unless of course the Pats can trade with Tampa Bay for Brady (but I don't think the odds are very good on that one;). 

So where does that leave us. It leaves us with a Franchise that seems to be recovering from the Corona virus as well. When great QBs have left great franchises, it has not been particularly good for any of the dudes involved. The only time is wasn't a complete, absolute, and utter disaster was in San Fran when Young was able to replace Montana. So the most important person in this crisis is the young Stidham. 

Young was a lot older and much more experienced when he took over. But Stidham looked legit last Preseason, and that was before he had a year of backing up Brady, and in the Belichick Redshirt-System. He showed some clutch at Auburn. His best game was in the Bowl game against Purdue in 2019, where he threw for 373-yards and 5 TDs, and didn't play in the 4th quarter because they were so far ahead. 

At the end of the 2017 season, He opened SEC championship game with 8 consecutive completions, including a 6-yard TD pass to Craig-Myers. He threw for 331-yards and a TD in the Peach bowl against UCF. But he lost the game throwing two Interceptions. That is the guy who the Patriots Franchise is resting its shoulders on... come the good, the bad and the ugly, Stidham has show the clutch he showed in 2019, not 2018. 

This past season was an utter disaster. In someway it was maybe BB's and TB12's best season since 2001. However, the warning signs are flashing here, just like in the vote the Republican Senate just made to make Trump Dictator for life, the warning sides of the end of an era are flashing. 

The Pats have had an amazing 20 years of continuity, we're their great Triumvirate of Ownership, HC, and QB was been the best in the business. Last season all three failed on a level we have never seen. It started off with Kraft going to Providence for a handy. Only he ended up in a slave din where Chinese slaves where forced to give handies to billionaires (beware America, because once the Commie Putin/Trump Party takes over completely there will be a lot of America slaves giving handies to gross old dudes for trump change). So while I'm not against old dudes paying for handies, just don't do it to support a Commie slave ring. 

Meanwhile, BB just as tragically as Kraft, utterly failed in the offseason. As the weapons for Brady were decimated in the off season, he did nothing. Now, I will admit there in an exception for him. His plan was to get Austin Seferian-Jenkins to step in for Gronk (by the way, Gronk ain't comin' back morons, so give it a rest). But he got injured and was forced to retire. That might have been something to look into when Jared Cook, Tyler Eifert, Jesse James, and Nick Boyle were still on the market. 

He left Brady weaponless. They had no weapons for Brady to throw to last season, once Edelman's shoulder blew out. They had shots at Golden Tate, John Brown (who was a Number One WR last season), and Robby Anderson (who wasn't). Instead, Dontrelle Inman? Josh Gordon, who ganja-ed his was out of town? And that Mother F-ing, Loki wannabe, brinier of Chaos Antonio Brown. 

So while BB tried, he failed on every level to help Brady. That cannot happen again. The Offense was left with less than one-catch-a-game Dorsett, who literally had one catch in the 2nd half of the season (or at least it seemed that way;). Meanwhile, once Edelman broke his wing, their two best weapons for Brady were the two rookies N'Keal Harry and Jakobi Meyers. But Brady just never really seemed to trust them. Brady will have more trust for them this season. 

Then they traded their 2nd for Sanu, and he AS-Jed them. He got injured, and he never recovered. BB gave up a 2nd for him, which they could really use now. However, they give up the 2nd for him over Sanders, because he has two years left on his contract (and he went to Rutgers;). So he will get another chance to help the Team this year. We shall see. 

So BB, after loosing the best TE ever, left Brady without a legit option at tight end for the season. One-catch LaCosse, turned into less-than-one-catch LaCosse for most of the season. So they had to drag Benjamin Watson off Social Security, and lined him up in the slot with his walker. He was okay, but it was an admission of complete failure to weaponize the Offense. 

And just to make things worse, the O-line fell apart. They had Dan Skipper protecting Brady's back most of the Preseason, and he took snaps in the regular season as well. When you find an OLT like Trent Brown, you do everything you can to keep him. Another mistake that derailed he season. There were so many. Then their O-line predictably fell apart. They had 2nd and 3rd string OLs playing O-line all season. It was a sad cast of clowns. And then... friggin' Marcus Cannon gave the Team the flu, and that was it. 

The season was doomed from the start. And damn... Brady looked old. It was sad and pathetic watching him trying to throw to the cast of misfits toys, behind their broken furniture O-line. He kept completing 50% of his passes or less, but god help us he kept winning. The Offense and weapons were a laughing stock in the NFL, But the Defense was beautiful. I kept wondering how they could possible have won that game, with that Offense, and old man Brady looking my age? And then went oh yeah, the defense. 

When the defense finally faltered at the end of the season, because other teams finally figured out they were over loading a side and over-blitzing? They lost three straight ugly-ass games to devastate New England. But looking back we can all see that it was the Patriots Great Triumvirate of BB, TB12, and Bob all failed this past season. in ways which seemed small, but everything seemed to impact this season with a weight the team just couldn't carry. 

So this year's Draft starts the mending of the ways. We will have one or two more years of Brady, BB, and Bob, with two lottery tickets in hand to try can acquire the Magnificent Seven. It will start with their magnificent defense. Can they hold that promise together for another year or two? Can BB find some damn weapons to make Brady better, rather than the other way around? Brady can no longer make the whole of their weapons greater than the sum of the part all by himself. 

He needs legit NFL weapons, like a healthy pair of Edelman and Sanu. If not, they gotta go. He needs more than one legit NFL TE who can get open over the middle and down the seam. Watson and One-Catch ain't those dudes, they gotta go. They need to trade down into this 2nd Round, impossibly deep with WR and TE, and grab at least one of each. I like Kmet (who they might have to pounce on in the 1st), Adam Trautman (2nd), and Bryce Hopkins (3rd). I also like Thaddeus Moss in the 2nd, Albert Okwuegbunam in the 2nd, and Stephen Sullivan in the 3rd or maybe 4th. 

So to get where the Pats want to get, they will have to try and pick up a couple of 2nds for this pick. Day Two is littered with TEs and WRs like we haven't seen before. This is the Draft the Pats have to trade down and trade down hard for extra picks. There will be better WRs in the 3rd Round this year, then some of the worst WR classes had in the 1st. Trading down for extra picks on Day Two could make this such an a great Draft that Brady could look young again for a year or Two.

I think it starts with N'Keal Harry's ex-ASU teammate Brandon Aiyuk, who is as dynamic as Harry, and is also an elite punt returner. He will be a solid Day Two pick. There could be 16 to 20 WRs taken on Day Two, which if you think about it is an incredible number. And that depth extends into Day Three, with about 25 WRs who could play as rookies. 

Which according to Walter, doesn't include James Proche (who was explosive running patterns to create separation at the Senior Bowl), Austin Mack (who got open in pattern all season at OSU), Denzel Mims (who may have been the best WR at the SB), Devin Duvernay (A sprinter who turned into a legit slot guy at Texas), I'd be happy to pick up a couple of those four guys on Day Three. 

The Player: 04/12 The Mother of all Kenneth Murray Bios: Part IX.

The Reason: It would be very tough to pass on Jefferson here, a legit Slot guy with legit NFL Number One WR size and speed, and passing on him  could wind up being a disaster. But the Pats HAVE to get an LB. They got nothing at Linebacker, which was the key position to their great defense last season. BB is in his core: a defensive guy, a D-coordinator, a Linebacker Coach. The greatest DC-HC of all time. He still talks about his LBs on the Giants. He loved Banks and LT. 

This Draft is overloaded with WRs. They have three 3rds and four 6ths. There will be starting caliber WRs in the 3rd and 6th Round in this Crazy WR Draft. They like the smaller, quicker, and slot WRs, which always drift down to the 6th. With a WR like Duvernay, Proche, and maybe even Antonio Gandy-Golden waiting for them in the 3rd or 4th, they can afford to wait. 

WRs projected by many to still be available in the 6th: Duvernay, Proche, Austin Mack, Darrell Mooney Slot Tulane, Chris Finke Slot ND, Joe Reed Virginia clutch-dude, etc. If they ended up with Duvernay and Proche in the 3rd and 4th I'd be doing cartwheels, never mind the 6th! 

That's the thing about this Draft. That's what no one is going to see coming. WRs are going to drop. What if you can get an All-Pro defender in the 1st? Then snag a Reagor, Hamler, Aiyuk, Lynn Bowden, Collin Johnson, Bryan Edwards, Van Jefferson, Tyler Johnson, Kalija Lipscomb, Gabriel Davis, Pittman, or my guy Antonio Gandy-Golden in the 2nd, 3rd, or friggin' 6th. 

Hell, some guys have Claypool, Mims, and Shenault, and even Justin Jefferson, slipping into the 2nd! Very tough to take a WR in the 1st. He has to be more than just special, which I believe Jefferson is, but not in every system. In the Pats system he would be a star. A true Number One in the slot. Teams that don't value Slot Guys will have to think about that. Jefferson is a true Slot WR. 

There will not be a plug and play LB like Murray in the 3rd and 6th. I would not do this for another LB. I did not shove Murray in here, over Jefferson, lightly. He reminds me of Mayo, and we all know how much BB loves his Mayo. I wouldn't take Murray over Jefferson, but BB? I do believe he will. The last time BB had a top ten pick, he used it on Mayo. They traded down from Seven to Ten for a 3rd, and snagged Mayo. He was injured and didn't play as a rookie. 

No one saw that coming. It was so shocking and out of the blue. But he turned into the player that BB thought he was. He loved Mayo so much that he hired him to help his son coordinate the Defense last season. He stepped into the role as DC, without any training or prior history of coaching that I know of, and the Pats had the best defense they've had in over a decade. When he was on the field, Mayo was the smartest player on the field. When Murray is on the field, he is the smartest player on the field. Both were DCs on the field. 

I don't even remember writing this: Does anyone else see Mayo in him. I think he has a chance of going 23 to the Pats. One of the best run stuffers I have ever seen in 2018. He wasn’t as good against the run in 2019, but he was much better in the pass defense in 2019. Smart. Strong. Fearsome. Fast. Instinctual. Finds the ball better than anyone I’ve seen in a long time. He made more impact plays in 2018, but he made more plays in the passing game in 2019. 

He has everything you want in a Mayo-like Middle Linebacker, who leads the team in tackles, sets up the Defense, makes all the check and calls, and quickly become the captain and leader of the defense. If the Pats lose a few of their LBs (they did), he could be gone at 23. In the same fashion that the Pats, in 2008, surprisingly traded down for Mayo and snagged him at pick Ten.

Jefferson was the top WR on the College Champs and Burrow's go to guy. He is clearly the top Slot guy in this Draft. He was the most clutch receiver in the FBS Playoffs. That matters when you want to win a Super Bowl. He was the guy who stepped up the most when his his QB needed him the most. Stidham is going to need many more weapons than Brady needed if he is going to succeed as a first time starter. And even the GOAT didn't have enough weapons last season, 

Brady wasn't able to win three the last five games, with the weapons assembled by Belichick last season. Stidham is going to need a hell of a lot more fire power. He is going to need two more legit WRs and at least one legit receiving TE. I'd take Okwuegbunam at pick 23, but no one else seems to have him as a 1st round pick. I have Tape breakdowns of five TEs that will go on Day Two inside my: 2020 Mother OF All Mocks. If you haven't gotten it yet (it has Tape breakdowns of the 12 players who I think would help Stidham the most next season), then you aren't a true NFL fan. 

Just look at the three free agent WRs the Pats have. They were irrelevant to last season and the Pats would better off without them. All three would be a waste of Cap Cash. They need to hit the TE and the WR position early and often. The only thing in the universe I could accept taking here over Okwuegbunam is a guy with Number One Wide Recover talent, like Jefferson. 

If they want Stidham to succeed, they cannot give him the flotsam and jetsam they gave Brady last season. They need a massive upgrade of two or three guys at the WR position. And one, maybe two, upgrades at the TE position. Veterans would be nice, but they are going to cost some Cap Cash the Pats don't have. That's why I like the Pats trading for two 2nds, in the best WR Draft ever, and snagging a couple of WRs and a couple TEs on Day Two. They have three picks late in the 3rd Round.  

Or... BB can leave Stidham to the wolves. Just think of all the teams that don't won't to just beat the Pats, but destroy them with the seething hatred of revenge. This is the beginning of a new era in Patriots lore. They cannot leave Stidham out there on the field weaponless to pay the price of their success over the last 19-20 years or so. They need to get more legit NFL starting WRs, TEs, RBs, and OLs, and sellout on giving the 2nd year QB a chance. 

The Pats might have to step up and take Higgins if he is still on the Board, which is unlikely. The Pats actually need Tight Ends more, but any weapon to help Brady in his 40s has to be snagged, and snagged fast. Higgins is a match up nightmare for CBs. He is just too big, strong, and has elite ball skills to go up over the rim and snag the ball easily. 

The Pats need to get some plug and play help for their old QB. Getting him a young big power forward WR, who can post up short, go deep, and cannot be stopped on the back shoulder Fade outside, would help him immeasurably. They should go trade down for a couple of 2nds, Tight End here, or a top-top talent at WR here. 

If Shenault or Higgins drop to them here they cannot trade down for a TE in the 2nd, as both are top-top talents. They will have to take either if either falls to them here, and try to get a plug and play tight end in the 3rd. But there is much better talent in the 3rd at WR. They could find a plug and play WR in the 3rd. While the plug and play TEs are going to be scooped up in the 2nd. 

First Choice: Trade Down for two 2nd Round picks (Indy 34 and 44, Bears 43 and 50, Rams 52 and 57, Seattle 59 and 64, and of course Miami at 39 and 56 which could happen). 

Third Choice: Justin Jefferson WR 

Fourth Choice: Jacob Eason QB. They are interested in Eason. Plus, he could be the trading piece they need to make Indy or the Bears jump up, or even Miami if they don't snag Tua or Herbert. 

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Defense: 4-3

Jeff Gladney


5-10, 191, (O) 4.48,

31 7/8" Hand, 17 Reps,

10'4" Broad! 37.5"Vert!

7.26 3-Cone, 

QB, WR, CB, DB, LB, DE, QB, FS, DL, CB, TE, CB, WR, OG, FB,  

2019 Picks: 

2-48: Erik McCoy, OC Texas A&M
Chauncey Gardner-Johnson  FS FLA
6-177 Saquan Hampton, DB Rutgers
7-231 Alize Mack, TE Notre Dame
7-244 Kaden Elliss, LB Idaho

2018 Picks: 

1 (14) Marcus Davenport, DE UTSA.
3 (91) Tre’Quan Smith, WR UCF.
4 (127) Rick Leonard, OL, FLA ST
5 (164) Natrell Jamerson S Wisconsin
6 (189) Kamrin Moore, CB, BC
6-201 Boston Scott, RB Louisiana T.
7 (245) Will Clapp, OC/OC, LSU.

Key F.A. Signed:  

Emmanuel Sanders WR

Andrus Peat OG

Michael Burton FB

Noah Spence DE

Justin Hardee CB

DJ Swearinger FS

Malcolm Jenkins DB

Key F.A:  
Michael Thomas, WR

Drew Brees, QB

Taysom Hill, QB

Ted Ginn Jr WR
Cameron Meredith WR
Zach Line, FB
David Onyemata, DT
Ken Crawley, CB
Marcus Sherels CB
Kayvon Webster CB
P.J. Williams CB
Vonn Bell FS

Key F, A, Lost:

Teddy Bridgewater QB

Keith Kirkwood WR

A.J. Klein ILB

Eli Apple CB

Eli Apple CB

The Team: The Saints have a great offense, as long as Drew Brees can hold on. So they need to help the defense to stop other teams from scoring as Brees gets older. They have two good starting CBs, who are aging and on the way down. Their other two backups are not good enough to do that

They have one good WR, and the rest are average at best. They need to sign Michael Thomas and get him some help. They need to sign Ginn jr., and he ain't getting any younger either. They have three WRs who are free agents. They have to pick up a big WR for Brees. 

The Player: Gladney has elite feet moving backwards in front of the WR to slow the WR's release. If his speed checks out he has the feet and hips to be a great one. Great smooth hips turning outside. He has that knack for staying tight over the top after the WRs first break. He can pick up and WR line up in the Slot, and he has some great snap in his hips snapping outside to cut him off. They also have him zone the flat.

He is great on bubble screen and can flash past the his WR trying to block him, and slam into the WR trying to catch the screen pass and knock the ball out of his hands. Great speed and aggression moving forward towards the ball. He is a 1st Round pick. Great quicks hopping back off the snap, and then moving laterally to cut off the inside move of the WR and ruin the route in three steps. 

He is great in finesse press, and can slow, turn, and stay with the WR out wide. He is less aggressive in off and uses his great feet to move backwards for a lot of yards in front of the WR watching him and the QB. They have him blitz off the edge sometimes, but he is not a great Blitzer. Once he is blocked he is done. He can snap his hips back and slide back sideways, before the WR takes a step. He is such a great sudden athlete. 

They will put him on the Edge, when the offense stops lining up WRs on his side. He can protect the edge, then read the QB’s eyes, turn and spot the WR he is eyeing 10-yards behind, and explode back just before the QB throws and leap up for the great INT. He might be the smartest CB in this Draft. 

2018 JUNIOR: Pro Football Focus rated him No. 1 in the Big 12 in lowest passer rating allowed (46.9) with a minimum of 200 coverage snaps ... also ranked No. 1 in the conference in only surrendering a reception every 16.5 coverage snaps ... started all 13 games ... his team-best 13 pass breakups tied for second in the Big 12 ... finished third in the Big 12 in passes defended at 1.15 per game ... tied for the TCU lead with two interceptions ... both picks came in the final two games, wins over Oklahoma State and Cal ... also had a career-high four PBUs in the 31-24 win over the Cowboys ... added multiple PBUs against Ohio State, Iowa State and Baylor ... 30 of his 41 tackles were solo stops ... recorded four tackles for a loss ... totaled a career-high 10 tackles, including 3.0 for a loss, with a sack and forced fumble in the 14-13 win over Kansas State … Team Captain against West Virginia and Baylor.

The Reason: Gladney looked like a Number One or Two Corner last season, but measured more like a Nickel at the Combine. He could step in a Nickel for his rookie season and then take over as the starter for Janoris Jenkins or Marshon Lattimore. Their Nickel and Dime CBs, PJ Williams and Eli Apple are UFA. They are another team that should skip over the need a WR, for a position that has less talent and depth in this Draft. 

Second Choice: Jacob Eason QB




Defense: 4-3


*Yetur Gross-Matos

Edge Penn ST 

6-5, 264, #99


  C.J. Henderson



2018 Picks:

1 Garrett Bradbury OC N. Carolina ST
2-50 Irv Smith Jr., TE Alabama
3 Alexander Mattison, RB Boise ST
4-114 Dru Samia, OG Oklahoma
5-162 Cameron Smith, LB USC
6-190 Armon Watts, DT Arkansas
6-191 Marcus Epps, DB Wyoming
6-193 Oli Udoh, OT Elon
7-217 Kris Boyd, CB Texas
7-239 Dillon Mitchell, WR Oregon
7 Olabisi Johnson, WR Colorado ST
7-250 Austin Cutting, LS Air Force

2018 Picks:

1 (30) Mike Hughes, CB, UCF

2 (62) Brian O’Neill, OT Pittsburgh

4 (102) Jaylin Holmes, DE, Ohio ST

5-157 Tyler Conklin, TE C. Michigan

5 (167) Daniel Carlson, K , Auburn

6 Colby Gossett OG Appalachian ST

6 (218) Ade Aruna, DE, Tulane

7 (225) Devante Downs, LB, Cal  

Key F.A. Signed:

Michael Pierce DT 

Rashod Hill OT

Key F.A.:   
Mackensie Alexander CB

Anthony Harris S

Key F.A. Lost:

Laquon Treadwell WR

Trae Waynes CB

Linval Joseph DT

Stephen Weatherly DE

Andrew Sendejo SS

Jayron Kearse DB

The Team: I really like this pick. I almost switched their pick to Gross-Matos at 22. So they could take the Corner they are absolutely desperate for. Then picking up the Edgerusher that they were debating picking at 22 makes this a phenomenal 1st round for them. Gross-Matos is still more size speed pure athlete then true Edgerusher. But he got to 9.5 Sacks last season and took a bigger step up in 2019 than I thought. It is all about instincts for him. 

Vikings like to take  the best athlete available. 

The Player: Gross-Matos plays on both sides. I didn’t realize that until the Michigan game. Great job slamming into two OLs on the Stunt and jamming the ORT in the ORG to open up the DT and go untouched around them. He gets too busy fighting the OLT sometimes to find the ball. He will be happy shoving the OLT up, setting the edge, and just not move. He is a frustrating prospect sometimes. He gets fooled too easily on play action and will stand and watch unblocked. I would have trouble passing on him in the 3rd, because of his great athleticism, but I think he might be a Day Three player. 

Great get off but wastes it too much by staring at the QB. He can be stopped on the backside by the RB. When he goes full on attack mode. He can slash into the backfield fast. He might struggle to find the RB, but he disrupts the play, instead of dancing on the edge. He will line up on the OC and stunt all the way outside and then curl into the backfield. Great movement skills.

Taken from PatsDraft.com 2020 NFL Draft Preview: Number 27. *Yetur Gross-Matos- 6-5, 264, EDGE, Penn State, #99: He was my favorite edgerusher to watch last season. He just needs to hit the QB a few more times. He could end up being the top edgerusher in this Draft. He has the speed to run the arc. He can bend the corner. Nice Rip to the QB. Great technique. Knows how to use his hands and long arms. 

He likes to turn inside as he rushes and go upfield sideways low, so he can see the QB and the RB. Very quick twitch with fierce hands. He wins hand fights. He is so good at powering through the OLT and grabbing the RB on the edge. He can make the great left tackles look bad. 

He can take on multiple blockers. He can shove off the TE and then run through the RB and chase down the QB on the opposite side of the field. He can use speed to power to jolt the OLT off balance and then throw him to the ground. His game against Iowa in 2018 was one of the best I’ve seen from a D-end. He had 20 TFLs last season. 

He can be tough slamming inside to knock the OLT back and free up the DT to stunt around him. It is amazing how he can make blockers miss. He can grab the OG’s arms and shove them outside and ole’ the OLT and tackle the RB for the TFL. 

He is so good at dipping under the OLT. The lower he plays, the better he gets. Nice burst upfield, and has a great spin move back on the delayed handoff. He is amazing at getting to the other side of the line. He finds the ball carrier. 

I love the way he moves on the field. He is a more impressive athlete moving in combat than a football player and he is a damn good football player. He is so slick making the OLT miss with his great inside move, and going and getting the RB running behind him.  

The Reason: Gross-Matos is one of the best athlete at D-end. He is a great pure athlete, who is still learning to be a football player. He does not have the eyes yet to find the ball as much as he should.  

Second Choice: Grant Delpit SS



Defense: 4-3

Josh Jones-

Houston, OLT

6-5, 319, (O) 5.27,

33 7/8" Arm, 24 Reps,

9'1"Broad, 28.5"Vert,


 *Tua Tagovailoa

QB Alabama

QB, OLT, OL, Edge, OLB, TE, OT, FS, DT, DL, DE, RB, WR, RB, OC, DB

2019 Picks:

1 (13) Christian Wilkins, DT Clemson
3 (78) Michael Deiter, OG Wisconsin
5 Andrew Van Ginkel LB Wisconsin
6 (202) Isaiah Prince, OT Ohio State
7 (233) Chandler Cox, FB, Auburn
7 (234) Myles Gaskin, RB, Wash

2018 Picks:

1 Charles Harris DE/OLB Missouri
2-54 Raekwon McMillan LB Ohio ST
3 Cordrea Tankersley CB Clemson
5 (164) Isaac Ariata, OG, Utah
5 (178) Davon Godchaux, DT, LSU
6 Vincent Taylor, DT, Oklahoma ST
7 (237) Isaiah Ford WR Virginia

Key F.A. Signed:

Jordan Howard RB

Ted Karras OC

Ereck Flowers OT  

Vernon Butler DT

Shaq Lawson DE

Emmanuel Ogbah Edge 

Elandon Roberts I LB

Kyle Van Noy OLB

Kamu Grugier-Hill OLB

Byron Jones DB

Clayton Fejedelem DB

Key F.A.:

Kenyan Drake, RB
Jordan Mills, OT
Nick O'Leary, TE

Akeem Spence, DT
Nate Orchard, LB
Eric Rowe, CB

Matt Haack, P

Key F.A. Lost:


The Team: Miami hit the defense (and the Pats) hard in free agency. Now there ex-DC HC has to stand on the table for some Offensive players who can help their QB. If they trade the 18th pick to Washington for Tua and lose Ezra Cleveland than they have to take Josh Jones here. Which is not a bad thing. A lot of people have Jones above Cleveland. I just thought Cleveland tested out as such an athletic freak at the Combine that he will go earlier than expected. 

The Player: My little Josh Jones bio just completely disappeared. Thank You Senior Bowl!

SB: He does a nice job driving the DE into t he chipping RB. That looked like it hurt. Nice job powering the DE outside a little on the inside run. He can dance way outside with the Edge. He can take the big hit from the big edge, and stone him. Great blend of balance, agility, and quicks moving backwards, and power, strength, and nasty moving forward. Looks angry smashing forward. When he loses the hand fight, he can lose the rush. Nice job jabbing and shocking rushers.

He did a good job gaining weight for the Senior Bowl. His hands are a lot stronger grabbing shirt. He showed he could grab shirt and dance with the rusher for a long time. When he grabs shirt low, and pulls shirt up, he can hold the DL in place for a long time. He got beat at the SB by an inside spin move. Then he turned and shoved Willekes, who was a great prospect in 2018, right off his feet. I didn’t think his hands were that heavy at Houston, but that was the most impressive block in the SB practices all week. Runs and moves very well for an O-Tackle. Nice base. Can sink his hips. 

This kid is special. I was the first guy to have Dillard and Howard as 1st Round Locks last year. Jones is the same kind of super athlete who is still a bit of work in progress like they were. Just because he is not a top name, like those guys and didn’t play at a top school, doesn’t mean that he isn’t a top talent. He might be the best athlete at OT in his Draft, like Dillard and Howard last year. Looks the part. He showed he can play the part at the SB. Superb size. Coordinated.

He is a long levered guy, with great long arms. Great quick feet to get him back to meet the DE at the pass, with such great position, balance, and power. He can get his quick hands slapped off with a great spin move back inside, and then instant stop and re-grab shirt to stop the DE cold off the great inside spin. He can make it look easy to stone the great edge guy outside. 

He is no sloth sliding outside to meet the Wide-9 rusher. He can make it look easy. But he will patty-cake with his hands sometimes, and let the big Edge get his shirt and pull him off balance. He needs a little more sand in his pants. But then he regains balance as he keeps his elite feet moving, and gets his hands in the DE’s shirt again, and recovers position and gives the QB the time he needs. He is such a great OLT prospect. Power, strength and balance. 

Combine: He didn’t move as well laterally as I though he would. He has some suddenness in his shoulders. Heavy hands. Great quick feet moving sideways. Great quick feet. Great long arms. Love his kickslide. Great moving backwards. He can sink his hips. Natural knee bender. Nice short area quickness. Great strong hands for grabbing shirt and dancing. They will have him pull outside sometimes and he consistently hits his target. 

Then of course I found it: Jones is as fluid an athlete at Left Tackle as anyone in this Draft. When the TE chips on the DE, the rush is over as soon as Jones gets his hands on him. When he ducks his head and lets his hands get low, he can get beat to the QB. He does seem to struggle when he looks a little winded sometimes. He can slide outside with the big power rusher. Great feet moving backwards. This dude can really move. He needs to get a little stronger. But he looks like a plug and play OLT to me. I have been comparing him to Andre Dillard, but he didn't test as well at the Combine as Dillard. 

2019: 2019 Athlon Sports Preseason American Athletic Conference Second Team. 2018 Athlon Sports Preseason American Athletic Conference Second Team. 2017 Athlon Preseason American Athletic Conference Fourth Team.

2018: Started 13 games at left tackle ... was a part of front that didn’t allow a sack against Rice, Arizona, Texas Southern, Tulsa or Navy ... blocked for an offense that finished the season ranked fifth nationally in scoring offense (43.9 points per game), seventh in total offense (512.5 yards per game), 16th passing offense (295.5 yards per game) and 24th in rushing offense (217.1 yards per game).

The Reason: I had Josh Jones as the 2nd pick here when I had them snagging Cleveland at 18. If they pick Tua, they have to get an O-Tackle or three who can protect his legs. Their whole Franchise will be resting of Tua's wobbly legs. He did not test as expected at the Combine, but the need for an OLT is enough to look past a few of his athletic failings in the combine tests. On the field he doesn't want for anything athletically. 

Second Choice: Josh Jones OL



Defense: 4-3

Chase Claypool-  

WR/H-B? Fighting Irish

6-4 1/4", 238, (O) 4.42! 10'6"Broad!  40.5" Vert! 32.4"Arms, 19 Reps, 



2019 Picks:

1-27 Rashaad Penny RB San Diego
3 (79) Rasheem Green, DL, USC
4 (120) Will Dissly, DE Washington
5 (141) Shaquem Griffin, LB, UCF
5 (146) Tre Flowers, FS, OK ST
5 (149) Michael Dickson, P, Texas
5 (168) Jamarco Jones, OLT, Ohio ST
6 (186) Jake Martin, DL, Temple
7 (220) Alex McGough, QB, FIU

2018 Picks:

1-27 Rashaad Penny RB San Diego
3 (79) Rasheem Green, DL, USC
4 (120) Will Dissly, DE Washington
5 (141) Shaquem Griffin, LB, UCF
5 (146) Tre Flowers, FS, OK ST
5 (149) Michael Dickson, P, Texas
5 (168) Jamarco Jones, OLT, Ohio ST
6 (186) Jake Martin, DL, Temple
7 (220) Alex McGough, QB, FIU


Key F.A. Signed:

Phillip Dorset WR

Cedric Ogbuehi OLT

Brandon Shell OT

Mike Iupati, OG

B.J. Finney OG

Jordan Simmons OG

Greg Olson TE

Luke Wilson TE

Jarran Reed, DT

Al Woods, DT

Bruce Irvin OLB/DE

Neiko Thorpe CB

Key F.A.:

Geno Smith, QB
Jaron Brown, W
C.J. Prosise, RB

Jadeveon Clowney, DE

Ziggy Ansah, DE

Mychal Kendricks, LB
Barkevious Mingo, LB

Key F.A. Lost:

George Fant OT

Germain Ifedi, OT

Quinton Jefferson DE

Cassius Marsh, DE

Al Woods DT

The Team: If Claypool falls to them he will be difficult to pass. They need Wilson to lead them to the Super Bowl, and he needs weapons to do that. 

If a legit Edgerusher drops to them they will take him. They are losing three Edgerushers to free agency. However, they still need a OLT to protect Wilson's back. 

The Player: 02/29 Chase Claypool- Not A 1st, But...  

The idea to converting Claypool as an H-back is so interesting that I'm thinking about doing another TOM’s Tape for him, previewing him as an H-back. He is devastating going down the Seam. He can run TE patterns quicker, faster, and more explosively than any TE in a long time. 

Of course it will come down to blocking for him. He is a great blocker, you know, for a WR. However, he mostly blocks DBs out on the Edge. He will have to prove he can block bigger guys out on the Edge. He would be the fastest Move Tight End I've ever seen. 

The Reason: Claypool is built like an H-back and tested as one of the most athletic WRs in this Draft. He was certain the best size-speed athlete at the Combine. He was born to play WR in the West Coast Offense. It could be special watching Wilson throwing to him. He could use an easy target or two. 

Second Choice: Curtis Weaver DE



Defense: 3-4

*Patrick Queen


6', 229, (O) 4.5,

 31 5/8" Arms, 18 Reps,

10'5"Broad! 35" Vert,


LB, TE, Edge, DT, CB, OT, DL. OLB, WR, LB, NT, WR

2019 Picks:

11-25 Marquise Brown, WR OK
3-Jaylon Ferguson DE Louisiana T
3-93 Miles Boykin, WR ND
4-113 Justice Hill, RB Oklahoma ST
4-123 Ben Powers, OG Oklahoma
4-127 Iman Marshall, CB USC
5-160 Daylon Mack, DT T. A&M
6-197 Trace McSorley, QB Penn ST

2018 Picks:

1-25 Hayden Hurst TE S. Carolina
1-32 Lamar Jackson, QB Louisville
3 (83) Orlando Brown Jr, OL, OK
3 (86) Mark Andrews, TE, OK
4 Anthony Averett, CB Alabama
4 (122) Kenny Young, LB, UCLA.
4 Jaleel Scott, WR, New Mexico
5 (162) Jordan Lasley, WR, UCLA.
6 (190) DeShon Elliott, SS, Texas.
6 (212) Greg Senat, OL, Wagner.
6 Bradley Bozeman, OC Alabama
7 (238) Zach Sieler, DE Ferris ST

Key FA Signed:

Chris Moore ST/WR

Matthew Judon DE/OLB  

Michael Brockers DT

Derek Wolfe DL

Justin Ellis NT/DT

Jihad Ward DE/5-T 

Jimmy Smith CB

Anthony Levine ST/FS

Key F.A.:

Gus Edwards, RB

Matt Skura, OC

Alex Lewis OG

Shane Ray DE/OLB

Pernell McPhee DE/OLB

Patrick Onwuasor LB

Brandon Carr CB 

Tony Jefferson SS

Key F.A. Lost:  

Michael Pierce DT

Seth Roberts WR

The Team: The Ravens need to get a plug and play LB early in this Draft. 

The Player: Taken from Mother Of All Mocks Queen is an odd prospect. He is such a great power prospect. Flashy powerful athlete, but he gets high and falls down a lot. He doesn’t always play with great balance. That is my biggest worry about him. I think that is why he sinks down a little. But he is an all-out all the time guy, and that sometimes leads to his lack of balance as well.

Hyper, flashy, electric inside rusher. Odd prospect, who almost rushes like an Edge, but played mostly Nose Tackle. Played a lot of DT last season inside of NT. Terrific job stunting inside from 5-Tech and slamming into the QB from right up the middle for the gob-smacking sack. He was asked to read and react in 2018 and had a good burst from 1-Tech as well.

He exploded up the charts after the Play Offs. He stepped up his game in an amazing way to take over as the top LB on LSU and was elite in the last three games. Explosive from the 2nd level to get to the RB first on the draw. Another truly rare athlete on the LSU defense. He is the best pure speed linebacker in this Draft. As long as he is moving he is winning. When he stops moving is when he gets in trouble.

He was amazingly the Co-MVP of the National Champ Game. Great spy to get outside and tackle the QB when he takes off. Huge hitter on the QB. He can chase the speed back and tackle

him from behind. Amazingly fast. True elite speed.  

JUNIOR SEASON (2019): Stepped into a starting role after emerging as a defensive playmaker in 2018 … Got first career start a year ago, starting in place of a suspended Devin White (targeting) against Alabama … That game served as a confidence springboard for him that led to his most productive season yet … Played in 14 games with 11 starts in 2019 … Third on team with 77 tackles to go with 9.5 tackles for loss and 2.5 sacks … Intercepted a pass and returned it 16 yards late in second quarter against Alabama … That interception setup an LSU touchdown that gave the Tigers a 33-13 lead at halftime against Crimson Tide … Had eight tackles, including 1.5 tackles for loss, in win over Oklahoma … Had six tackles, including a sack for a 5-yard loss, in SEC title game vs. Georgia … Had four tackles, including a sack for a 16-yard loss in win over Texas A&M … Registered nine tackles vs. Ole Miss and seven against both Auburn and Alabama … Had pair of tackles and returned a fumble 10 yards in season-opener against Georgia Southern

The Reason: They are going to have to pick up an LB or two in this Draft. 

Second Choice: Cole Kmet TE



**Jacob Eason

QB Washington

6-5 7/8", 231, (U) 4.9,

32 7/8"Arm, 7.5 3-Cone,

4.75 Short Shuttle,

9'2" Broad, 27.5" Vert, 


QB, RB! LB, WR, DL, TE, QB, OLB,, Nickel, OL,, TE,

2019 Picks:

1-19 Jeffery Simmons, DT Miss ST
2-51 A.J. Brown, WR Ole Miss
3-82 Nate Davis, OG Charlotte
4-116 Amani Hooker, FS Iowa
5-168 D’Andre Walker, LB Georgia
6-188 David Long Jr, LB WVU

2018 Picks:

1 (22) Rashaan Evans, ILB, Alabama
2 (41) Harold Landry, DE, BC
5 (152) Dane Crulkshank, FS, Arizona.
6-199 Luke Falk, QB, Washington ST

Key F.A. Signed:

Ryan Tannehill QB

MyCole Pruitt, TE

Vic Beasley, OLB

Chris Milton CB

Key F.A.:

Derrick Henry, RB
Ryan Hewitt, FB
Auston Pasztor, OT

Brent Urban, DT

Wesley Woodyard, LB

Kamalei Correa, LB
Deontae Skinner OLB
Logan Ryan, CB
Leshaun Sims, CB

Key F.A. Lost:

Marcus Mariota, QB

Tajae Sharpe, WR

Dion Lewis RB

Jack Conklin ORT

Austin Johnson DT

The Team: The Titans dominated in the play off with a pure power run game. They have to get some weapons for their QB to balance their Offense if they want a true shot at winning it all. 

The Player: Eason is an ultra talented QB who had some trouble at a couple of colleges. He ended up at Washington and was pretty darn good. But I saw him choke away a couple of games last season and lost the love. But he has the arm and everything physically you want in a QB. He is better than I give him credit for being. 

He can make all the throws. He can make clutch plays on 3rd and 4th down. He can drive his team down when down two scores and throw the TD pass to get them close, but not win. He will struggling when in the final drive, when down a score or less, and need to tie or win the game late in the 4th. Showed some clutch as well (I'm trying to move past the 2 chokes, but I can't seem too;).

Colorado: He has some clutch. He can make the great pass while being hit on 4th down (see;). Then throw the TD pass in the 4th quarter to get within a TD. He can throw it 60-yards downfield on a Dime. Great arm. He can loft it anywhere he wants. He has a cannon, but can throw with touch and accuracy. Quick and fast in the pocket. Better athlete than you'd think. When he takes off from the pocket he has some nice speed moving around, but will struggle to throw accurately on the move. The more I watch his feet the more I like them. Great size-arm combination. 

Great job running an NFL play action and finding the TE over the middle, after he turns his back to the defense. When he is calm in the pocket he looks ready for the NFL. When he his not, he looks like he should stay in school. He can struggle to throw when he gets chased out of the pocket. He will struggle to complete the next pass after he takes a big hit sometimes.  

He runs a great NFL play action and can find his 3rd Option. Nice footwork in the pocket. Nice job escaping the rush inside, by turning and bursting outside. Throws quick to the Slant. He is known for his great calm temperament. He has a great spin-back move to make three rushers miss, and spot his outside WR and hit him. Big pocket QB. Has good experience in multiple programs.

Oregon: He steps up in big games. He was great in the Oregon game. He was 20 of 25 with 3 TDs going into the 4th quarter. He finally started showing his inexperience late in the 4th against Oregon. Then he had to shift to the left due to pressure, and threw a dart to the WR for 20-yards, on 3rd and 23. He was great during the first three quarters... then fell apart. He lead them to 31-points in the first three quarters and was up 31-28 after three. He didn't lead them to a score in the 4th quarter and lost the game 35 to 31. This game really bother me. Maybe a little too much. 

He is terrifying in the two minute drive. He gets quicker and more accurate at the two minute warning at the Half. He kept going over the middle to find yards in the two minute warning before the Half. He is so good at taking some heat off, and floating the touch pass deep down the sideline. He is known as a missile thrower, but he throws with some touch 30 to 50 yards down field.

He runs a more convention NFL offense at Washington. He can find the RB cruising back over the middle as the 3rd option and hit him right in the chest. Man does he throw a great deep ball. He puts it up high and deep, and it drops right into the breadbasket 50-yards down field. That is such a great weapon to prevent Defense from getting too aggressive and playing up too close to the line.

Utah: He can put it on his WR outside shoulder from over 30-yards out. He has an odd wide stance in the pocket. He was a pure shotgun QB at Washington, and needs to work on his footwork. Though it is amazing how he can throw rockets with his feet out of proper form. He played under center at Georgia, but not so much at Washington. Better feet as the game goes on.

He drove them down at the end of the game to score a TD late, but not tie the game. He made some great throws on the drive. He ran a play action and threw outside to the slot guy short and quick as anyone in this Draft. He runs an NFL play action and turns his back to the LOS, and can find the WR short. He can get the first with a QB sneak and take the cheap shot as well. He is tough kid. He gets happy feet sometimes when he can't find his 1st or 2nd option. Not a great runner. Needs to protect the ball. When he has time in the pocket he can throw it 20-30 yards on a rope. 

When you watch him in the 1st three quarters he looks like a 1st. But not always in the 4th quarter. Great strong arm. He went under center at Washington and ran an NFL play action moving back with his back to the defense. Nice touch on the Fade. Good feel when to bail and throw the ball away. He can complete the next pass after he get hit and knocked down. 

Not all his fault, but this was the final straw for me. They were up 21-19 after three at Home. He did lead a scoring drive, until late in the 4th, but they were down 12 by then. He did nothing the whole 4th, as Utah scored two TDs to take the lead. Then had a last minute drive that got them close as the game ended. That was the second choke he could not come back from in the 4th. 

2019: Started all 13 games at quarterback ... finished the season with 3,132 passing yards, the fourth-highest total in UW single-season history ... 23 touchdown passes were sixth-most every by a Husky ... 27-for-36 for 349 yards, no interceptions and four touchdowns vs. Eastern Washington in the season opener ... four TDs tied for seventh-most in UW single-game history, while his 349 yards were most ever a Husky quarterback in his first start ... named the UW coaches' offensive player of the week for the EWU game ... 18-for-30 for 162 yards and one interception vs. California ... completed 18-of-25 for 262 yards and three touchdowns, with no interceptions, in the Huskies' win over Hawai'i ... 24-for-28 for 290 yards, three touchdowns and an interception in the win at BYU, where he completed 13 straight in one stretch ... 16-for-26 for 180 yards, no touchdowns and no interceptions in the Husky victory over then-No. 21 USC ... 16-for-36 for 206 yards, one touchdown and one interception at Stanford ... 15-for-22 for 243 yards, no interceptions and two touchdowns in the UW win at Arizona ... went 23-for-30 for 289 yards, no interceptions and three touchdowns vs. Oregon ... 29-for-52 for 316 yards, two interceptions and four touchdowns vs. Utah ... 16-for-32 for 175 yards and two interceptions in the win at Oregon State ... 21-for-34 for 206 yards, one interception and one touchdown at Colorado ... in the Apple Cup win over WSU, completed 15-of-22 for 244 yards, no interceptions and a touchdown, while rushing for another score ... 22-for-32 for 210 yards, no interceptions and one touchdown in Washington's Las Vegas Bowl win over Boise State.
2018: Redshirted the 2018 season due to NCAA transfer rules ... won the Bob Jarvis Offensive Scout Squad MVP at the UW postseason awards banquet
AT GEORGIA: Spent the 2016 and 2017 seasons at Georgia ... as a true freshman in 2016, played in all 13 games, starting 12, for the Bulldogs ... completed 204-of-370 passes for 2,430 yards and 16 touchdowns with eight interceptions in 2016, leading Georgia to an 8-5 overall record and a win over TCU in the Liberty Bowl ... began the 2017 season as the starting QB, but was injured early in the season-opener ... appeared in six games in 2017 for a Bulldogs squad that went 13-2, won the SEC championship and played in the College Football Playoff final ... enrolled at Georgia in spring of 2016 after graduating early from Lake Stevens

The Reason: Tannehill is a crap QB, who because of his run last season in the Playoffs they can't get rid of him. But is Eason is on the Board they have to take a shot, and/or maybe than trade him or this pick.  

They have to take a chance on a speed guy who could help their QBs, and take the top off of defenses. Just think of how open this cat could get when they run a play action to Henry. 

Second Choice: Bradlee Anae Edge



Defense: 3-4

*Justin Jefferson


6-1 1/4", 202, 33" Arm, 

(O) 4.43, (U) 4.44, 

10'6" Broad! 37.5" Vert!

WR, DT, OL, QB, LB, CB, TE, WR, ILB,  

2018 Picks:

1 (18) Jaire Alexander CB Louisville
2 (45) Josh Jackson, CB, Iowa.
3 (88) Oren Burks, ILB, Vanderbilt
4 (133) J’Mon Moore, WR Missouri
5 (138) Cole Madison, OG Wash ST
5 (172) JK Scott, P, Alabama
5 (174) Marquez Valdes-Scantling, WR, South Florida.
6 Equanimeous St Brown, WR ND
7 (232) James Looney, DE, California
7 (239) Hunter Bradley, LS, Mississippi State
7 (248) Kendall Donnerson, DE, Southeast Missouri State

2017 Picks:

2 (33) Kevin King, CB Washington
2 (61) Josh Jones, DB NC State
3 Montravius Adams, DL Auburn
4 (108) Vince Biegel, OLB Wisconsin
4 (134) Jamaal Williams, RB, BYU
5-175 Deangelo Yancey WR Purdue
5 (182) Aaron Jones, RB, UTEP
6 (212) Kofi Amichia OL, S. Florida
7 (238) Devonte Mays, RB Utah ST
7 (247) Malachi Dupre, WR, LSU

Key F.A. Signed:

Mercedes Lewis TE

Devin Funchess WR

Ricky Wagner ORT

Christian Kirksey ILB

Key F.A.:

Tyler Ervin RB

Geronimo Allison, WR  

Ryan Grant WR

Jared Veldheer OT

Jason Spriggs OT

Malcolm Johnson FB (R)

Tramon Williams, CB

Ibraheim Campbell DB

Mason Crosby, K 

Key F.A. Lost:

Jimmy Graham TE

Blake Martinez ILB

Kyler Fackrell OLB  

BJ Goodson ILB

Bryan Bulaga, OT

Kyler Fackrell, OLB

The Team: I still think the Packers need an edge guy and some help in the trenches. However, if a big WR drops down to them, he will be tough to pass. Aaron Rogers ain't gettin' any younger. 

The Player

The Reason: They have to get some more help for the aging Rodgers. The West Coast Offense relies on big WRs, who can get open in physical short patterns. He could allow Aaron Rogers to play for a few more years.  

Second Choice: Jacob Eason QB



Defense: 4-3

*Xavier McKinney

FS/SS Alabama

6', 201, (O) 4.63, 

10'2" Broad! 36" Vert!

30 7/8" Arm, 19 Reps, 


*CeeDee Lamb

6-2, 197, WR/PR,


2019 Picks:

1-2 Nick Bosa, DE Ohio State
2-36 Deebo Samuel, WR S. Carolina
3-67 Jalen Hurd, WR Baylor
4-110 Mitch Wishnowsky, P Utah
5-148 Dre Greenlaw, LB Arkansas
6-176 Kaden Smith, TE Stanford
6-183 Justin Skule, OT Vanderbilt
6-198 Tim Harris, CB Virginia

2018 Picks:

1 (9) Mike McGlinchey, OL, ND
2 (44) Dante Pettis WR Washington
3 (70) Fred Warner, ILB, BYU
3 (95) Tavarius Moore DB, S. Miss
4 (128) Kentavius Street, DL, NC ST
5 (142) D.J. Reed, CB, Kansas State.
6 (184) Marcell Harris, DB, Florida
7 (223) Jullian Taylor DT, Temple
7 (240) Richie James WR, M. Tenn

Key F.A. Signed:

Travis Benjamin WR

Tom Compton OG

Ben Garland OC

Joe Walker ILB

Arik Armstead, DL

Kerry Hyder DT

Joe Walker LB

Ronald Blair III DE

Jimmie Ward FS

Key F.A.:

Nick Mullens, QB

Garrett Celek, TE
Joshua Garnett, OG
Jordan Matthews, WR
Malcolm Smith, LB
Jason Verrett, CB

Dontae Johnson, CB
Kerry Hyder DE

Key F.A. Lost:

DeForest Buckner DL (Tr)

Emmanuel Sanders WR

Levine Toilolo TE

Sheldon Day DT

The Team: 49ers will be in position to take the best player available at a need position. 

The PlayerMcKinney guy might be closing in on a lock for the Pats at 23, if they, by some misfortune, don’t trade down. He had an unbelievable season in 2019. He was playing Cover One and Cover Two Safety, and often looked like he was a pass first Free Safety. Then teams would run the ball, and he would still consistently get the ball carrier. He was so much better in Coverage in 2019 than 2018 that it is astounding. 

But what will get him into the 1st, around pick 23, is that he was great in coverage. He was like Chung playing SS in the slot picking up TE, slot WR and RBs, and shutting them down. And he was like McCourty player the deep FS and making plays in coverage deep, over the middle, and sideline to sideline. Tough to see it all on the field inside at Alabama defense, because there is too much to watch at once. But when you watch his Tape, he is maybe the best Safety in this Draft. Smart. Aggressive. Quick and fast. Reads it first. Great eyes.

LSU: McKinney is a terrific delayed blitzer twisting inside to hit the QB as he throws. When he locks onto the ball carrier he takes him down. When they go six DBs, he plays OLB. Then he’ll step outside and cover the slot guy. I love how he finds the RB in trash and traffic. He can get beat by the quick WR, who uses a tough jab step. He plays special teams, and block a point after attempt against LSU. He is so good at making the tackles after his teammates miss. He might be the best tackler in the Draft.
He is a good blitzer off the edge. He rushed Borrows against LSU, and he knocked the ball out as he threw and the ball fell into Lewis’s hands for the INT. He could be a very interesting Will in the NFL. He certainly will be able to play the Chung role of the SS/LB. He might be the best tackler in space in this Draft, whether it is at DB or LB. When he sees the RB on the blitz, and runs over to him with a great form tackle. He stepped up in the 4th against LSU, and got the Sack that could have saved the game to make it 2nd and 14. 
When the RB got to the second level, he was all ways there to tackle him. He does a great job covering the Slot WR, for a Safety. He is a terrific blitzer. He has speed to the QB from outside the OLT that forces the QB to drop and give up the Sack. When a guy caught it infront of him he can really give a great hit, and force the WR to hear footsteps.

Junior 2019: Earned second team All-America accolades from the AFCA, The Sporting News and Walter Camp ... selected as a third team All-American at safety by the Associated Press and Pro Football Focus ... named to the All-SEC first team by the league coaches and the Associated Press ... finished 10th in the SEC in tackles with 95 across his 13 games ... Tide’s leader in tackles, including 5.5 for loss (-40 yards) and three sacks (-21 yards) ... totaled a league-high and team-high four fumbles to tie for second in Alabama single-season records ... added three interceptions (78 yards) to go with five pass breakups and five quarterback hurries as a junior ... returned one of his interceptions for an 81-yard touchdown ... named a semifinalist for the Thorpe Award, presented annually to the nation’s top defensive back ... added to the Bednarik Award Watch List following the Tennessee matchup and was a semifinalist for the award .... tabbed to ESPN’s Midseason All-America Team ... selected as a Second Team Preseason All-American by Athlon, CBS Sports and The Sporting News ... also named to the Jim Thorpe Award Watch List ... selected as one of the Alabama coaching staff’s defensive players of the week for his play against Duke, New Mexico State, Southern Miss, Ole Miss, Texas A&M, LSU, Western Carolina and Auburn.

The Reason: McKinney is not just a great player, he is also a great leader. He can dominate as a Box-Safety, and as Cover Two Safety, and even as a Cover One Safety. . 

Second Choice: Curtis Weaver OLB/DE



Defense: 3-4

Bradlee Anae


6-3, 265, (O) 4.93,

32 1/8"Arm, 25 Reps,

9'7" Broad, 31" Vert, 

7.44 3-Cone, 4,43 SS, 

DT, Edge, FS, CB, CB, DB, TE, WR, OT, CB,   

2019 Picks:

2-56 Mecole Hardman, WR Georgia
2-63 Juan Thornhill, SS Virginia
3-84 Khalen Saunders DT W. Illinois
6-201 Rashad Fenton CB S. Carolina
6-214 Darwin Thompson RB Utah ST
7-216 Nick Allegretti, OC Illinois

2018 Picks:

2- Breeland Speaks, DL Mississippi
3 (75) Derrick Nnadl, DT, FLA ST
3 (100) Dorian O’Daniel, LB Clemson
4 (124) Armani Watts, FS, A&M
6 Tremon Smith, CB, OC.Arkansas
6-198 Reginald McKenzie OG Tenn


Key FA Signed:

Chad Henne, QB  

DeMarcus Robinson WR

DeAndre Washington RB

Ricky Seals-Jones TE

Mike Remmers OL

Chris Jones DT (Tag)

Antonio Hamilton CB

Bashaud Breeland, CB  

Key FA:  

Anthony Sherman, FB

Chris Jones, DL

Darron Lee, LB

Reggie Ragland, LB

Morris Claiborne, CB

Key FA Lost:

Blake Bell TE

Stefen Wisniewski OC  

Emmanuel Ogbah DE  

Kendall Fuller CB

Jordan Lucas DB

The Team: The Chiefs like to get big blockers, and speed-speed-speed on the outside. 

The Player: Anae is a cat I love as a passrusher at Utah, but was great in run defense in the SB practices. I did not expect that. He is a 1st Round edge. Great job setting the edge outside, and then grabbing the ORT arms, and pulling himself inside to hit the RB. When he wins the hand fight he gets to the ball carrier. He can attack the OLT’s hands and arms with either hand, and both in the rush.  

Career leader in Sacks at Utah. PAC-12 DL of the year. High character kid. Great-great hand fighter. He slashed by an ORT in the Senior Bowl, with a double arm chop, and was by him before he turned around. It was an All-Pro flash and slash running the Arc, with elite technique, speed, and heavy hands. This kid is a 1st Round pick. He has the best hands in the Draft not named Chase or Young. He can get a little too aggressive trying to punch out the ball, which is not a bad thing. Great aggressive hands. He is so tough to keep outside when they run inside. 

Oregon: Great job pressuring the QB on the Screen, and then exploding back outside impossibly to hit the WR and caused the drop. He has elite COD. Great inside move to cross the QB face and cause him to bail. TMIWHTMILH. He does a good job sliding outside to the left, to follow the QBs eyes and leap up when he throws. Smart player. When he grabs both arms of the OLT, he pulls himself past him fast to hit the QB. 

They don’t have him all out rush on every passing down. Which makes him tougher to stop when they do rush. They will line him up way outside sometimes, he is not a pure Edgerusher. Great job bursting inside and seeing the RB sneaking out behind him. Great agility and COD to spin back and tackle the RB for a loss after he catches it. Voted team captain. Nice job using his hands and feet in the rush.

Terrific discipline on the Edge to force the RB inside. he fins the RB much better than the Other DLs, who get doubled in the run game. He has some serious flash on the Edge as well. They'll drop him a lot, and try to trick OTs as to when he is attacking the QB. He would be a great chess piece for a smart HC like BB. 

He can burst upfield, shed the OLT, and turn back on a Dime to tackle the QB trying to take off underneath him. Great blast off to get the outside shoulder of the OLT, and great hands to slap the OLT’s arms down as he turns the corner and smash the QB off his feet. When he catches the OT leaning, he can smack his hand off his shirt and knock him down. He might have the best hands rushing of the edge guys in this Draft not named Chase or Young. He can play in the 3-4 and the 4-3. He played D-end, but he can rush standing up like a 3-4 OLB.

USC: He will back off sometimes and Spy. He has some speed to power, but needs to get stronger. He plays in a lot of odd fronts. He is an Edge, playing a lot of 5-Tech. He’ll stick to the QB in the Option. Plays with great discipline. Understands his assignment and technique and keeps it. He can look like a Patriot guy on Tape. He can turn the Corner on the OLT in even fronts. 

He will rush from Wide-11 standing up and hit the QB. He destroys the TE when they dare to block him in the rush. He has some clutch in him, He sacked Eason late in the 4th to essentially end the game. He beat Trey Adams like a drum and dived out to grab Eason’s ankle and spin him down. Then hit him as he threw on the next down. He popped Adams, and lowered and dipped past him right into he QB. 

UTAH: 2019 consensus All-American … 2019 Morris Trophy winner … two-time first-team all-conference defensive end (2018-19)… led the Utes in sacks three seasons (2017-19) … 30.0 career sacks broke the Utah school record … school-record 210 sack yards … holds the school record for TFL yards (245) … fourth all-time in school history in total TFL (41.5) … six career forced fumbles is tied for eighth all-time at Utah … 38 career starts over 47 games played.

2019: Utah's ninth consensus All-American after earning first-team honors from Walter Camp, FWAA, Sporting News and AFCA and named Associated Press third team … also earned first-team All-America honors from Bleacher Report, ESPN, Sports Illustrated, Phil Steele and USA Today and second-team honors from The Athletic and CBS Sports … first-team All-Pac-12 … defensive winner of the Morris Trophy, given to the most outstanding defensive lineman as selected by the league's starting offensive linemen … finalist for the Ted Hendricks Award and Polynesian Player of the Year … semifinalist for the Lombardi and Bednarik Awards … started all 14 games at left end … ranked eighth in FBS (second Pac-12) with 13.0 sacks (0.93 sacks per game), which ranks tied for fifth in a season at Utah … 91 sack yards ranked fifth in FBS, second in the Pac-12 and ranks fourth all-time in a season at Utah … tied for second in the Pac-12 and led Utah with 14.0 tackles for loss (1.00 per game) … 92 TFL yards ranked sixth in a season at Utah … 41 total tackles … two-time Pac-12 Defensive Lineman of the Week (ASU, Arizona) … named Pac-12 Defensive Lineman of the Week after recording a season-high seven tackles with a sack vs. Arizona … six tackles vs. Texas in the Alamo Bowl, including a half sack to break the Utah school career record … five tackles vs. USC … named Bednarik Award Player of the Week, Pac-12 Defensive Player of the Week and Pac-12 Defensive Lineman of the Week after recording 3.0 sacks with a pass breakup against Arizona State … 3.0 sacks as part of four tackles against Northern Illinois and also forced a fumble … 1.5 sacks (five tackles) vs. Colorado … 2.0 sacks for 23 yards vs. UCLA … two tackles with a nine-yard sack vs. Washington … did not have any tackles against BYU but had a quarterback pressure that led to an interception … team captain.

2018: First-team All-Pac-12 … started all 14 games (the last 11 at right end) … led the Pac-12 with 8.0 sacks … 15.5 tackles for loss tied for third in the Pac-12 and ranked second on the team … 51 tackles led the defensive line … three pass breakups … season-high seven tackles with 1.5 TFL (1.0 sack) against BYU … six tackles (1.0 TFL) vs. Washington in the Pac-12 Championship game … five tackles (3.0 TFL, 2.0 sacks), a forced fumble and pass breakup against Stanford … five tackles against Colorado included 3.0 TFL and a sack … five tackles (1.0 TFL, 0.5 sack) and two pass breakups against Weber State … five tackles (1.0 sack) against UCLA … four tackles (1.5 sacks) vs. Washington State … three tackles (1.0 TFL) and a forced fumble against Northwestern in the Holiday Bowl.

2017: Played in 13 games with 10 starts (9 at right end, 1 at tackle) … Pro Football Focus all-conference award winner as one of the Pac-12’s two best edge rushers … tied for second in the Pac-12 in forced fumbles (3) and fourth in fumbles recovered (2) … tied for seventh in the Pac-12 and led Utah with 7.0 sacks … 10.0 TFL tied for the team lead … 39 tackles led the defensive line … career-high eight tackles (2.5 sacks, 3.0 TFL) with a forced fumble against Colorado … five tackles (1.5 TFL) vs. UCLA … five tackles vs. Arizona State … four tackles (1.0 sack) against Arizona … four tackles (1.5 sacks) and a forced fumble against Washington … three tackles (1.0 sack) and forced and recovered a fumble against San Jose State.

The Reason: The Chiefs love their small speed WRs, who can fly downfield and tale advantage of Mahomes arm.  

Second Choice: Curtis Weaver Edge

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It isn’t easy to find any bright spots amid our ongoing slide into failed-state status, but here’s one: Far more Americans trust the news media than trust President Trump to tell them the truth about our coronavirus crisis.

A new poll from NPR, PBS News Hour and Marist finds that only 37 percent of Americans have a good deal of trust in the information Trump tells them about coronavirus. By contrast, 60 percent have little to no trust.

Meanwhile, the poll also finds that 50 percent have a good deal of trust in the news media’s information about the disease, versus 47 percent who lack trust. That’s not ideal, to be sure, but it’s good that far more trust the media than trust Trump.

I’d like to suggest that a great deal is at stake here. Our national response to a crisis with extraordinarily far-reaching destructive potential is more or less under the control of a megalomaniac who, with the eager backing of his media allies, vastly prioritizes protecting his reelection chances over protecting the country.

More coverage of the coronavirus pandemic

New details show Trump is unfit

Meanwhile, another report, from the New York Times, ferrets out alarming new behind-the-scenes details that underscore just how unfit Trump is to the task at hand. It shows that Trump’s refusal to accept the seriousness of coronavirus, and his failure to lay down clear chains of command and elaborate a real long-term plan, created a situation in which officials scrambled to address the crisis almost behind his back.
Trump’s approach also led to counterproductive infighting. The Times reports that after Trump put Vice President Pence in charge of the response, Trump’s continued fealty to the advice of son-in-law Jared Kushner — who also initially downplayed the crisis — resulted in Kushner taking on an outsize role that bumped up against Pence’s, despite Kushner’s lack of relevant knowledge and experience.

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