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Okay, I'm finally starting to feel like I have a handle n this Draft. Even if it is just a little. 

PICKS 1-11

April Mock: 

Picks 1-11.

Picks 12-22.

Picks 23-32.


March Mock 2nd Round: 

Picks 33-48.

Picks 49-64.

3rd Round

Picks 65-87.

Picks 88-98.

Picks 99-100.

1st Round 2020 Draft

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My Picks: 

Key Needs:

I snagged a list of some of the 2020 F.A. From Walter's site



Defense: 4-3


*Joe Burrow


6-4, 216, #9


QB, LB, OG, CB, DT, WR, TE, DB, DB, OL, OL, 

2019 Picks:

1 (11) Jonah Williams OLT Alabama

2 (52) Drew Sample TE Washington
3 (72) Germaine Pratt, LB NC State
4 (104) Ryan Finley, QB (NC State)
4 (125) Renell Wren, DT (ASU)
4 (136) Michael Jordan, OL (Ohio ST)
6 (182) Trayveon Williams, RB A&M
6 (210) Deshaun Davis, LB (Auburn)
6 (211) Rodney Anderson, RB (OK)
7-223 Jordan Brown CB S. Dakota ST

2018 Picks:

(21) Billy Price, OC, Ohio ST
2 (54) Jessie Bates DB Wake Forest
3 (77) Sam Hubbard, DE, Ohio ST
3 (78) Malik Jefferson, ILB, Texas
4 (112) Mark Walton, RB, Miami
5-151 Davontae Harris CB Illinois ST
5 (158) Andrew Brown, DL Virginia
5 Darius Phillips, CB, W. Michigan
7-249 Logan Woodside, QB Toledo
7 (252) Rod Taylor, OG Mississippi

Key F.A. Signed:  
Xavier Su'a-Filo OG

D.J. Reader DT

Trae Waynes CB  

Torry McTyer CB

Mackensie Alexander CB

Key F.A.:  

A.J. Green WR

Tyler Eifert TE

Giovani Bernard, RB

Trey Hopkins, OG
Nick Vigil, LB

Key F.A. Lost:

John Miller OG

Andrew Billings DT

Clayton Fejedelem DB

Darqueze Dennard CB

Tony McRae CB

The Team: This year's normal complete failure by the Bengals will finally be rewarded with a Franchise changing QB. This is the best QB prospect to come out in a very long time. 

The Player: 04/05 Joe Burrow- Looks Like The Goat, Sometimes.

Alabama: He just keeps hitting his receivers with perfect accuracy. He can fire the fast ball right into his WR who has DBs on both shoulders. Amazing thrower. He goes to his 3rd option faster than anyone I’ve seen. He completed one pass over the middle, as Anfernee Jennings was hitting him. Jennings and Terrell really gave him some beatings, but he just kept throwing it with pure accuracy.

He is the most accurate thrower I have seen. He was 18 0f 20 for 252 and 3 TDs in the 1st Half against Alabama. That is unheard of. His best trait is not accuracy, it’s that big hits don’t bother him on the next throw at all. Alabama hit him about ten times in the first half and he only missed two throws in the entire Half. He is tougher to bring down than he looks. A DB rushed and hit him against Alabama, and he hopped out of the tackle, and ran outside and still somehow completed a pass for the 1st. That is almost inhuman. He ab-so-lute-ly looked like the best QB in the Draft against Alabama, and that is really saying something. 

He throws with elite accuracy. It is startling. He is the best throwing to the WR where only he can catch it, that makes it awful tough to take another QB in front of him , who just isn’t as accurate. Even Tua doesn’t throw as accurately as he does. He throws it outside the CB, out of bounds, where only his WR can reach out and snag it, when he is completely blanketed inbounds. Like the great throw and catch to Moss on the corner by the pylon.

He will tuck the ball and take off. He has some juice in his legs running with the ball in his hands. He is such an accurate thrower. He has that knack for throwing it to only where his WR can get it. Nice job going to his second option, the TE crossing. He is so calm in the face of the rush on big downs. 

01/2020: Borrow is magic. I have been saying he is the best QB prospect I've watch since Elway. The only other guy who is close is Trevor Lawrence, who has that Brady magic in the clutch. However, Borrow seems to have that magic all game long and not just in the clutch. He is not just the best QB in the Draft, he is the best player in the Draft. 

A QB who is able to keep his completion percentage at almost 80% on the the year, in the SEC, is unheard of. His TD to INT ratio is over 6 to 1. 9 and 1 against top 10 teams, 11 to 1 TD to INT ratio against top 25 teams, 48 TD Passes, 4,715-passing yards. 93.6 QB rating, he is the first Quarterback in the SEC to throw for over 40 TDs and 4,000 yards in one season. Set SEC record with 48 TDs. LSU offense averaged 362 yards a game this season, another record. 

The Reason: Besides new ownership, there is nothing more important to this Franchise than getting a legit NFL QB. He is not just the best QB in the Draft, he is the best player in the Draft regardless of position. A QB who is able to keep his completion percentage at almost 80% on the the year, in the SEC, is unheard of. His TD to INT ratio is over 6 to 1. 

Second Choice: Sink deeper into despair.

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Defense: 3-4

*Chase Young

D-End Ohio ST

6-5, 265, #2


OLT,  OG, CB, WR, DT, CB, OT, OG ,DE, LB,LB, DB, TE, DB, RB, WR, CB, QB, Edge,  

2019 Picks:

1 (15) Dwayne Haskins, QB Ohio ST
1 Montez Sweat DE Mississippi ST
3 (76) Terry McLaurin, WR Ohio ST
4 (112) Bryce Love, RB (Stanford)
4 (131) Wes Martin, OG (Indiana)
5 Ross Pierschbacher, OC Alabama
5 (173) Cole Holcomb, LB N.Carolina
6 (206) Kelvin Harmon, WR N.C ST
7 (227) Jimmy Moreland, CB (JMU)
7 (253 Jordan Brailford, DE (OK ST)

2018 Picks:

1 (13) Da’Ron Payne, DT, Alabama
2 (59) Derrius Guice, RB, LSU
3 (74) Geron Christian OT Louisville
4 (109) Troy Apke, SS, Penn State
5 (163) Tim Settle, DT Virginia Tech
6- Shaun Dion Hamilton LB Alabama
7 Greg Stroman, CB Virginia Tech
7 (256) Trey Quinn, WR, SMU

Key F.A. Signed:

JD McKissic RB

Marcus Baugh TE

Logan Thomas TE

Wes Schweitzer OG

Cornelius Lucas OT

Caleb Brantley DE

Thomas Davis LB

Kevin Peirre-Louis LB

Sean Davis FS

Kendall Fuller CB

Key F.A.: 
Marcus Baugh TE

Chris Thompson RB
Rob Kelley RB

Vernon Davis TE  

Brian Quick WR

Josh Doctson WR

Brandon Scherff OG  

Tony Bergstrom OC

D. Rodgers-Cromartie CB

Key F.A. Lost:

Case Keenum QB

Colt McCoy QB  

Ereck Flowers OT  

Michael Burton FB

Darqueze Dennard CB

Josh Norman CB

The Team: Two things here. One, I don't think that the Redskins are capable of making this Deal. It's like asking President Dumbass to do something smart, like enact the U.S. Defense Production Act, and start mass producing PPE, CoronaVirus tests, and ventilators by the millions. He might actually want to, which I doubt, but he can't. He simply doesn't know how. He is just too incompetently to act. Though The Redskins are mentally capable enough to pulling off the trade, Trump is not. As a result, children won't be going to school until next year. Think about that. 

Okay, if you ignore the cheap shot (to the Skins not DumbAss;) the other reason this doesn't happen is because Miami cannot trade three 1st Round picks to move up for a guy who is the medical risk in this Draft. He is laterally the most uncertain thing in the Draft in the age of the CoronaVirus. 

The Skins can't bring Tua in so that their Doctors can examine him and give the thumps up. NFL teams fear uncertainty, and in the Trump era of absolute uncertainty, Tua is the most uncertain prospect in this Draft. Nobody has any idea what his ankle and hip is going to be like next season. And the Dolphins Doctors cannot give him the thumps up. 

Ironically, this Plaque could actually help Tua in the NFL. If there is no season this year, he could get another year of rest for his bionic ankles and hip. Because the one thing President Dumbass is guaranteed to do is make the completely opposite decision from what would help everyone the most. 

So this is not going to end until we gets a real President again. An adult, who is capable of standing up and taking RESPONSIBILITY for his Country and his decisions. I never thought I'd see the day when a  American President would literally say "I take no responsibility at all!?! For CoronaVirus testing?" And so as a result there is still is no CoronaVirus testing and my Uncle, who fight in the Korean War and was a true American Hero, died this week. 

To me Redskins fans are in the same position. Pretty much every decision Snyder makes has been wrong. He is the chaos and uncertainty in the Redskins Franchise. He is incapable of making the right decision to turn his team into a winner. So he will stay here and take a D-end, the one position that the Redskins have the most depth at, and is literally their least need. However, Chase Young might also be the most likely player to become a HOFer in this Draft. 

So whoever is picking 2nd has to take a QB or Chase Young, or trade it.  

Washington is in a conundrum. The 2nd pick in this Draft is worth a fortune in Draft gold. A team that thinks that Tua's bone structure isn't a concern, would be willing to trade a king's ransom for him, like Miami. However, it is not about Tua for the Redskins. It is about Chase Young. How much is Chase worth to this Franchise? He is the best Edgerusher to declare for a long time. He is better than both Bosas. He can single-handedly change a Defense with his rush.

The 2nd pick in this Draft isn't an abstract for the Skins. It is Chase Young. If they trade down to Five? Young goes Three to Detroit, period (anybody who has Patricia passing on Young at Three is an idiot). Are Miami's three 1st Round picks (5th, 18th and 26th) worth Chase Young? I'm not sure they are. However, I am pretty sure that Washington will make the wrong choice, It's kind-ah what they do. 

But the Redskins are just as desperate to trade down as Miami is to trade up. That is why this deal gets done. They don't really need Chase Young. Yes, every team in the League wants to Draft a guy with Hall Of Fame potential, epically when that HOF potential is hitting the quarterback! So they would be forced to take him with the 2nd pick in the Draft if they are forced to exercise that pick. But they need a Corner with HOF potential and an OLT with HOF potential a whole hell of a lot more! 

The reason I changed my mind is that the Redskins don't really need a DL. If there is one position where they don't really need to draft a starter in this year's Draft it is on the D-line. They used a ton of Draft Capital over the past few years to stock their D-line pretty damn good. Now I'm not saying they would pass on Young with the 2nd pick. Hell no, If they pick at Two it is for Young, period. 

They need a young Left Tackle to protect their young QB's back and a Number One CB a whole hell of a lot more. An OLT and Jeff Okudah would do more to help them win with Daniel Jones as their QB than and DL in this Draft. I mean, who the hell is Cornelius Lucas? Getting two 1st in this years Draft would be huge for the Redskins. I mean... Seriously! Who the hell is Cornelius Lucas? 

Trading out of the 2nd pick in this years Draft  for two 1sts and a 2nd this year, and Miami's 1st in next years Draft (which is going to be a top ten pick again) is just too good a deal for a team that is desperate for a Left Tackle and a legit Number One Corner. Who the Hell is Cornelius Lucas? Plus, Miami will still have pick 26 to help mitigate some of the risk that is inherent in taking Tua.

My only question is, are the competent enough to pull it off? I think so. Miami is the driving force, and they know that when you have three 1st Round pick, and are trying to trade up for what you think is a Franchise QB, the bidding starts with three 1st round picks, period. But if Tua works out? History will see it as a steal. Washington also knows that Tua has a ton of medical issues, and if he falters physically, the Redskins management will finally look like the geniuses instead of incompetents. 

And the fact that the HC of the Lions Patricia and the HC of the Dolphins Brian Flores worked together for the Patriots and know each other well couldn't hurt. And could likely be the deciding factor on who they trade with. Ironically, both started working for the Pats in 2004 as assistants (oddly Patricia was hired as an Offensive assist for Belichick. Flores as a scouting assistant). 

So the Skins can snag Okudah here, and this Draft is also loaded with legit Left Tackle Prospects. They will be able to snag an OLT at 18 easy. I have Ezra Cleveland and Josh Jones still on the Board at 18. In fact, I had Cleveland going to Miami at pick 18. No need to change that pick. Suddenly the Redskins Offense and Defense are vastly improved. 

Plus, I have Miami giving up New Orleans 2nd this year 56, instead of pick 26 and getting Miami's 1st next year. Where Washington could pick up another speedster WR like McLaurin in Quez Watkins, who ran a 4.35 at the Combine. Thus filling the Redskins top three needs, And, the Skin's will still have two 1sts in next years Draft. It is just too perfect a scenario for these two teams to work it out. The Redskins will screw it up somehow. It's just what they do. 

Whew! Do see why I don't like to do trades in my Mocks? They just take too damn long to explain. 

Redskins picked up their QB last year, which allows them to take the best player available. Second best player in this Draft. They would be better off with an OLT here, but Chase young is to good to pass on for anything other than a Franchise QB. They will have to think very seriously of trading down a few spots, get a kings ransom, and pick up an OLT. Because if they're smart, and they are not, they could pick up three or four top picks in this Draft and the next for Chase Young, Tua, or Herbert. Shame about having the worst owner in the NFL. 

The Player: 04/07 The Mother of all Chase Young Bios Part III.

The Reason: He is the best defensive player in this Years Draft. He is the top non-QB in this Draft. He will become the face of the Franchise. Chase Young makes more impacts on the QB than any other player in this Draft. 

They get a king's ransom to trade down, and then pick up their top three needs with the three picks they pick up to trade down here. It doesn't get any better than that.

Second Choice: Tristan Wirfs OLT



*Jeff Okudah-

CB Ohio ST

6-1 1/8, 205, (U) 4.48-4.5,

11'3" Broad! 41" Vert!

32 5/8" Arm, 11 Reps,


2019 Picks:

1 (8) T.J. Hockenson, TE (Iowa)
2 (43) Jahlani Tavai, LB (Hawaii)
3 (81) Will Harris, S (C)
4 (117) Austin Bryant, DE Clemson
5-146 Amani Oruwariye CB Penn ST
6 Travis Fulgham WR Old Dominion
6 (186) Ty Johnson, RB (Maryland)
7 (224( Isaac Nauta, TE (Georgia)
7 (229) P.J. Johnson, DT (Arizona)

2018 Picks:

1 (20) Frank Ragnow OC Arkansas
2 (43) Kerryon Johnson RB Auburn
3 (82) Tracy Walker, FS, Louisiana-Lafayette
4-114 Da’Shawn Hand, DE Alabama
5 (153) Tyrell Crosby, OT Oregon
7 Nick Bawden, RB San Diego ST

Key F.A. Signed:

Chase Daniel QB

Halapoulivaati Vaitai OL

Jamie Collins OLB

Danny Shelton DT/NT

Nick Williams DT

Desmond Trufant CB

Tony McRae CB

Jayron Kearse DB

Miles Killebrew DB

Key F.A.:
Danny Amendola WR

Jermaine Kearse WR

Theo Riddick RB
C.J. Anderson RB
Romeo Okwara DE

Christian Jones LB
Tavon Wilson OLB

Rashaan Melvin CB

Key F.A. Lost:

Devon Kennard LB

JD McKissic

Darius Slay CB!

Jeff Driskel QB

Ricky Wagner ORT

Graham Glasgow OL

Logan Thomas TE


The Team: In a lot of ways the Lions are in the same conundrum as Redskins. do they trade down here and risk the best CB prospect to come out since Woodson. Now Darius Slay turned into an All-Pro Corner, but he was as good a Prospect as Okudah. The Lions were forced to trade Slay, because he said he wouldn't play for Patricia again. Now you can agree or disagree with his new school feeling, I don't really care. 

However, the consequences of that trade might have made it more impossible for the Lions to Trade this pick (Okudah) than it is for Washington to trade Young. Now I'm not sure that the Giants would take Okudah at Four (In fact I think it is impossible for them to take him at Four), but suddenly pick Four becomes a lot more valuable. 

The Giants have to grab some OTs in this Draft. The top in this Drafts is as loaded with OTs as I have ever seen. Starting with Becton and Wirfs, who are two of the best OT prospects I have ever seen. And while Wills is an excellent OT prospect, he is Right Tackle and not an All-time freak guy like Becton and Wirfs. So that is the question that Patricia is likely resting his career on. 

What is it worth to him to get an legit Number One shutdown Corner again? Will Miami give up their three 1sts to move up three spots for a guy with two genetically defective ankles and a bum hip. No one likes how Tua throws more than me, but I wouldn't do it. I'd wait and take Herbert at Five. 

The Lions look like they are the nexus of the Draft (as we know 'Skins owner can't take advantage of his position at Two). If the first two picks are a lock, than this is where Tua goes. I have trouble with his injury issues, but if he is completely healed than he is the 2nd best QB in this Draft and the Dolphins and Chargers need a dude. You only need two to get the bidding war started. So don't look for Okudah here. Neither Miami or L.A. can sit and wait for Tua. 

The Player04/17 The Mother of all Jeff Okudah Bios: Part XIV.

The Reason: Things couldn't go any better for Patricia here. He knows how to win as a D-Coordinator. Though ironically he was hired as an Offensive Assistant by the Pats. That is why I think he can be succeed as a Head Coach. He knows both sides of the ball, and has coached or scouted for both. But he has to get some defensive players who can make impacts on the game. They lost their Number One CB, and pick up another here with Okudah. 

Head Coaches that used to be D-Coordinators want defensive players in the 1st. When there is a Hall OF Fame potential Edgerusher on the Board, an HC who was a DC will stand on the table and have a hissy-fit until they agree to take Chase Friggin' Young. Are you kidding me.

Second Choice: I can't really see one? 



Defense: 4-3

*Tristan Wirfs

OLT Iowa

6-4 7/8, 320, 34" Arms!

(U) 4.86, S-1.69,

10’1” Broad, 36 1/2” Vert,

7.65 3-Cone, 4.68 SS, 

OLT, OL, OT, LB, Edge, DL, CB, WR, TE, OLB, WR, CB, DL, Edge, QB, RB, FS, TE,  

2019 Picks:

1 (6) Daniel Jones, QB (Duke)
1 (17) Dexter Lawrenc, DT (Clemson)
1 (30) Deandre Baker, CB (Georgia)
3 Oshane Ximines, LB Old Dominion
4 (108) Julian Love, CB (ND)
5 (143) Ryan Connelly LB Wisconsin
5 (171): Darius Slayton, WR Auburn
6-Corey Ballentine CB Washburn
7- George Asafo-Adjei, OL Kentucky
7 (245) Chris Slayton, DT (Syracuse)

2018 Picks:

1 (2) Saquon Barkley, RB, Penn State.
2 (34) Will Hernandez, OG, UTEP.
3 (66) Lorenzo Carter, Edge, Georgia.
3 (69) B.J. Hill, DT, NC State.
4 (108) Kyle Lauletta, QB, Richmond.
5 (139) RJ McIntosh, DL, Miami.

Key F.A. Signed:

Colt McCoy QB  

Dion Lewis RB

Levine Toilolo TE

Corey Coleman WR

Cody Core ST/WR

Cameron Fleming OT

Leonard Williams DL

Austin Johnson DT

Kyler Fackrell, OLB

Blake Martinez ILB

James Bradberry CB

Nate Ebner ST/SS

Key F.A.:

Cody Latimer WR

Russell Shepard WR
Chad Wheeler OT

Olsen Pierre DT

Markus Golden Edge
B.J. Goodson LB

Michael Thomas S

Key F.A. Lost:

Mike Remmers ORT

Blake Martinez ILB

Antonio Hamilton CB

The Team: Giants just keep ignoring the O-line. The most popular pick in Mocks so far is Willis to the NJG. But Willis is an ORT. They need an OLT. Cameron Fleming is a great Swing Tackle, but he plays better at Right Tackle. 

The Player: 04/05 Tristan Wirfs- The Mother Of All Tristan Wirfs Bios.

The Reason: Wirfs showed he could play OLT against Rutgers this year. Then he tested out as the most athletic Left Tackle prospect at the Combine ever. There are two true freaks at OLT in this years Draft. Wirfs and Becton. If the Giants aren't choosing between those two guys they are fools. Wirfs was a beast at OLT last season. He looked like the best OLT in the Draft against Rutgers. They have to get someone in this Draft to protect his back and grow with him. 

They got their Franchise QB in last year's Draft. Now they have to get a guy who can protect his back. Becton is a true freak of nature. They can try him at OLT, or move him to ORT as a rookie. Willis is a great ORT prospect, but Becton is a freakish Offensive Left Tackle Prospect. You take the Left Tackle first and ask questions later. 

Second Choice: Let some passrusher charge in next season, and break your new QB's back.




Defense: 4-3

*Justin Herbert

QB Oregon

6-6 1/4", 236, 32.7" Arm,

(U) 4.69, 7.06 3-Cone!

10'3" Broad! 35.5" Vert!

4.46 Short Shuttle, 

QB, OLT, OL, Edge, OLB, TE, OT, FS, DT, DL, DE, RB, WR, RB, OC, DB

2019 Picks:

1 (13) Christian Wilkins, DT Clemson
3 (78) Michael Deiter, OG Wisconsin
5 Andrew Van Ginkel LB Wisconsin
6 (202) Isaiah Prince, OT Ohio State
7 (233) Chandler Cox, FB, Auburn
7 (234) Myles Gaskin, RB, Wash

2018 Picks:

1 Charles Harris DE/OLB Missouri
2-54 Raekwon McMillan LB Ohio ST
3 Cordrea Tankersley CB Clemson
5 (164) Isaac Ariata, OG, Utah
5 (178) Davon Godchaux, DT, LSU
6 Vincent Taylor, DT, Oklahoma ST
7 (237) Isaiah Ford WR Virginia

Key F.A. Signed:

Jordan Howard RB

Ted Karras OC

Ereck Flowers OL 

Vernon Butler DT

Shaq Lawson DE

Emmanuel Ogbah DE  

Kyle Van Noy OLB

Kamu Grugier-Hill OLB

Elandon Roberts LB

Byron Jones CB

Reshad Jones SS

Adrian Colbert FS

Clayton Fejedelem DB

Key F.A.:

Kenyan Drake, RB
Jordan Mills, OT
Nick O'Leary, TE

Akeem Spence, DT
Nate Orchard, LB
Eric Rowe, CB

Matt Haack, P

Key F.A. Lost:


The Team: The Dolphins cannot give up three 1st Round picks for Tua. There is simply too much uncertainty in this time of Plague. No medical evals. No visits. No idea what, who. how or why his ankles or hip may be acceptable to play on the NFL level. But because they have three 1sts in the years Draft, that becomes the starting asking price for the Skins or Lions for moving up for Tua. 

In this time of utter uncertainty that is just too much uncertainty. The Dolphins cannot risk the future of their Franchise, in the form of the three 1sts they so painfully acquired last season, by throwing a dart at Tua's medical charts. They have to plan for the worst. So they have to take the guy they can be sure will be able to play next season, and for the next 10 years. You cannot say that about Tua. 

Herbert in the time of the CoronaVirus is a better prospect than Tua. Teams need certainty, because every Draft pick is inherently a risk. All things being equal, Tua is a better NFL Prospect, but not by much. Certainly not as much as some are pretending. And, all things are certainly not anywhere near equal. Herbert showed he could stand up too the beating you have to take to play QB in the NFL. Tua did not. It only gets much worse on the next level. 

Dolphins need a QB more than they need three 1st Round picks. The Redskins have to make the big decision of whether they want Chase Young or three 1st from Miami. Two 1st are not going to do it, but maybe two this year and one next year would work. If I were the 'Skins, and I'm not sure that team Management is capable of making this trade, I'd want 18 and a 2nd, and Miami's 1st next year to trade down to Five. Essential next years 1st and Miami's second 2nd for pick 26 (if that backward logic makes sense;). When a rookie QB takes over an NFL team, you really want to have their 1st Round pick the next season. 

After this trade up, Miami is likely to have a top five pick again next year, and at worst a top 10 pick. The only other argument is that this years Draft is so extraordinary that the 26th pick in the 1st round might be better than top ten pick in 2021. But if it's me, I'll Miami's pick next season. That leaves two pick for Washington, 5 and 18. And two pick for Miami in this Draft, 2 and 26. 

The reason this trade will happen is because Miami is betting on Tagovailoa staying healthy and making them look like geniuses. While the Redskins are betting that Tagovailoa is not going to stay healthy, and make them look like geniuses. 

Now they might have to throw some change in as well, but with Tagovailoa's injury history I don't think that is necessary. Miami is taking the huge risk on a small QB who had three very-very major lower leg injuries. Washington should just take the money and run. Tua is a massive injury risk and I wouldn't trade up for him. Asking for more than three 1st and a 2nd is going to be tough for Miami to give up. Washington should just say yes and smile. All the desperation and risks are on Miami's side.

Miami's problem is that any team that is willing to trade back is going to want their three 1sts. That just doesn't work for them. They are going to have to take a chance or two.  They are in the best position to trade up for Tua, but they are going to have to overpay. Although, you cannot really overpay for a great NFL QB (as we Patriot fans are about to to find out:(. 

The good news for Miami is that they have six picks in the top 70. Which give them some juice for moving up, beyond the 1st. They have two 2nds and a 3rd, which could save them a 1st. Two 1sts and a 2nd and 3rd is a steep price. But if Tua can stay healthy, it will go down in history as a steal for the Dolphins. 

The bidding will start at next years 1st to pick up Tua. This is a huge projection, because I'm a Rosen guy. Did they stash Rosen behind Fitzpatrick to teach him how to play QB in the NFL? So don't be shocked if Miami sticks here and takes the best Defensive player available for their ex-DC Defensive HC. Or, trade up to three with Detroit and snag a QB, and Detroit takes Okudah here. 

The Player: I don't get the Herbert hate. I'd take him in a flash over Tua. I broke down Burrow's Tape and Tua's Tape, and let me tell you something! Alabama has got some great WRs! Tua was throwing to the Fast and Furious 4, and Burrow had more. He had the two best WRs statically in the NCAA last season. Better than Jeudy and Ruggs, who are going to be top sixteen picks. Herbert's best WR is not as good any of those six guys. Hell, his best WR wasn't as good as his injured TE. 

Burrow was throwing to the top half of the 1st Round. Ja'marr Chase was the best WR in all of college football last season. I liked Justin Jefferson so much I gave him to the Pats at 23. Okay, I'm going to say this slowly so you understand. Burrow has two WRs... Chase and Jefferson... who each... garnered... OVER... 1,500-yards... and 17 TDs... for... 3,820-yards... and... 38-TDs. Screw Alabama. Burrow had the best pair of WRs in college football last season maybe ever. Chase caught 20-TD passes last season. I mean... what the hell. 

Thaddeus Moss was a better WR, as a TE, than anyone Herbert had. Jacob Breeland, who was Herbert best weapon last year, and was better than Moss, blew out his knee in October. He had six TDs catches in SIX GAMES. HE WAS HERBERT'S FORTH LEADING RECEIVER IN YARDAGE IN ONLY SIX GAMES!

Johnny Johnson was the only WR with over 800-yards receiving at 836. HELL! HE WAS THE ONLY RECEIVER TO CATCH OVER 500-YARDS! Herbert had nothing at WR. Breeland was the leading receiver in catches, yards and TDs when he went down in game six. 

Meanwhile, Tua is throwing to four 1st Round picks. And Burrow is tossing it too two WRs who averaged over 100-yards per game. A 3rd WR Terrence Marshall, who would have been the 2nd leading WR on Oregon with 46 catches for 671-yards. and a Tight End who had over 500-yards receiving, and would have been second on Oregon as well. Hell, Clyde Edwards-Helaire the RB would have been the 4th lead receiver with 453-yards. 

Herbert had nothing and nobody in the Rose Bowl. His receivers couldn't get open to save their lives against Wisconsin. They sucked. Herbert had to find a way to win it all on his own, and he did. He had to run-run-run, and get the crap beat out of him. He won that game through sheer force of will. And I hate-hate-hate when QBs run. It is the opposite of what they should be doing. But even I couldn't complain when he took off and ran-ran-ran. EVERYONE WAS COVERED BY WISCONSIN'S GREAT DEFENSE. 

All thing being equal, he is the 3rd best QB in the Draft. However, all things are not equal. Tua has a beautiful arm. But his wheels are busted. And worse, the worse injury an athlete can get, and statically speaking the least recoverable injury is a hip injury. He didn't just have BOTH his bionic ankles rebuilt to make them better, stronger, faster; he had a hip injury. The hips are the center of the muscle system and they rarely heal right, and never comeback to 100%.   

Herbert is the 2nd best QB in this Draft, as far as NFL potential goes. Tua was the 1st. Then Burrow took over. Then his hip injury made him 3rd. You just can't dismiss the bionic ankles and the broke down hip like it is yesterdays news. I hope he can recover to 100% on all three injuries. But for me? A lower leg injury is a strike, and hips injury is worse. Three strikes and your out. 

Herbert is the 3rd best QB in this Draft, if Tua stays healthy. However, Herbert has prototype size and stays healthy. He also looked like he finally put it all together last season. He was much improved in 2019. 
Justin Herbert Bio. Herbert did improve in 2019, and in the Senior Bowl, making him a viable top ten pick. 

The Reason: The risk is too much for Tua. Without any medicals you cannot take him over Herbert. And whether you dig it or not, the one thing Herbert does is stay on the field. He reminds me of Kerry Collins. The QB that took the Carolina Panthers to there only Super Bowl. Though I do think he is better. If you give him some legit NFL weapons to throw to he will succeed. 

Of the top three QBs in this Draft, he had the worst WRs by far. His top three WRs would not have made the team in Alabama or LSU. They sucked and none of them will get drafted. Just like Brady last year. Give Herbert some guys who can make him look good, and can actually create separation in pattern and catch the ball, like DeVante Parker, Allen Hurns, and the TE Mike Gesicki and watch him go. Otherwise, thing cold go bad real fast. 

Dolphins trade up to three and grab Tua. While the Lions take a big chance and still pick up the shut down Corner they so desperately need here, and three 1st Rounders, two this year and one next. 

Second Choice: Tua Tagovailoa QB 



Defense: 3-4

*Tua Tagovailoa

QB Alabama

6', 218. #13

QB! OLT, RB, CB, TE, DL, WR, OL, RB, Edge, WR, FB, LB,

2019 Picks:

1 (28) Jerry Tillery, DT, Notre Dame
2 (60) Nasir Adderley, FS, Delaware
3 (91) Trey Pipkins, OT, Sioux Falls
4 (130) Drue Tranquill, LB, ND
5 (166) Easton Stick, QB, North Dakota State
6 (200) Emeke Egbule, LB, Houston
7 (242) Cortez Broughton, DT, Cincy

2018 Picks:

1 (17) Derwin James, SS, FLA ST
2 (48) Uchenna Nwosu, OLB, USC
3 (84) Justin Jones, DT, NC ST
4 (119) Kyzir White, FS W Virginia
5-155 Scott Quessenberry OC UCLA
6 (191) Dylan Cantrell, WR Texas T
7-Justin Jackson, RB Northwestern

Key FA. Signed:

Bryan Bulaga OT

Linval Joseph DT

Chris Harris CB
Key FA.:

Jatavis Brown, LB

Austin Ekeler, RB

Hunter Henry, TE

Cardale Jones, QB

Isaac Rochell, DT

Michael Schofield, OG

Damion Square, DT

Key FA. Lost

Philip Rivers QB

Melvin Gordon RB  

Derek Watt FB  

Jatavis Brown ILB

Thomas Davis OLB

Jaylen Watkins CB

Adrian Phillips FS

The Team: Chargers stay were they are and pick up a QB who will start for them for the next 10 to 12 years, maybe. The good news is that a legit NFL QB prospect dropped to them at Six. The bad news is that he is the most medically uncertain prospect in this Draft, who showed up shorter and lighter than expected at the Combine. But it is time to reset their Franchise. Which can only be done with a new QB.  

They have to get an eventual replacement for Rivers. After trading the burned out Rivers, they are saying that Tyrod Taylor is their QB. It could give them some time to develop a later round guy. However, if Herbert is on the Board it will be tough for them to pass on him. He was so much better mentally this season. 

They have to get a young QB. Right here. Right now. They will cannot win a bidding war for Tua with Miami for the Redskins or Lions picks. This Draft could end up being Borrow-1st, Tua-2nd, and Herbert 3rd. In fact, Herbert is a safer pick than Tua, whose ankles scare me. He has it mentally over Herbert, but Herbert has it physically over Tua, and looks like he will last and play a lot longer than Tua.  

The Player04/07/20 The Mother of all Tua Tagovailoa Bios Part II.. Updated. 

The Reason: Tua could end up being the best QB in this Draft. He is that good. And I don't say that lightly with Burrow in this Draft. Burrow is a One Year Wonder, but what a  one year. He had the best season, statically, by an FBS QB ever. He is best QB prospect in the Draft since Elway and Marino. So he goes first. But who goes second or third? Is that really such an insult or issue?

Tua is more of a risk than Herbert. That is a simple fact. Tua's vision, understating of the offense, and accuracy is outstanding. He's a marvel in the pocket, and out of the pocket. But he's not a marvel when he is not on the field. And there's the rub. He can't win when he's not on the field.

I'm not say that Herbert is a better pure QB prospect than Tua. I'm saying that Tua's body couldn't handle the beating in college. I don't see how that changes when he goes up a level playing against bigger, stronger, faster grown men. Who hit quarterbacks for a living. Who know that he has lower leg issues. They are going to go after his legs, to try and get him out of the game. He is not the 2nd best QB prospect in this Draft, period. 

Now maybe he stays healthy in the NFL, or at least healthier. Maybe he doesn't miss a game in his first four seasons. Maybe his legs and hips are A-OK and all is well in Whoville. We can all hope that that happens. But would you bet a few million on that? He measured out smaller than expected at the Combine. He wasn't able to participate at the Combine because of two, three, or four surgeries. I lost count. 

So he drops down to Pick Six. Is  that such an insult or a cheap-shot, or some kind of horrible thing. NO! That is grrr-reat! Like, Tony the Tiger great. He is a top ten pick in the NFL Draft. So grow up. Shut up. It's time to go to work. He lost nothing except a few spots. There are incalculably worse things in this World than getting Drafted by the Chargers to play football in Los Angeles.

Like, having a Conman Dumbass elected President in a time of Plaque and his response to saving American lives is "I don't take responsibility at all!?!?!?!?!?!?" Then goes on to blame everyone else like a petulant child. And leaves everyone's' Grandma and Grandpa on their own to die in Nursing Homes. Yes, it is terrible that Tua might have to go La-La-Land to be a millionaire. 

Besides Tua should want to go to Los Angeles. LA is actually the closest NFL city to Hawaii. Where Tua is from, and his family can attend every Home game. To me, Los Angeles is not only the best option for Tua. It is the preferred destination by his family as well. It is a puddle jump on a big ol' jet airliner to LA from Hawaii. Your welcome. 

I used to say that Burrow threw the ball like Tua, and now it's the opposite. Tua throws the ball as well as Joe Burrow. Tagovailoa throws the ball as well as any QB in this Draft. I think there are four QBs who have great arms, NFL arms, strong and accurate arms. However Borrow and Tua are the two guys who have it mentally. Herbert is closest to those two, and showed a lot at the Senior Bowl, mentally. While Love could not seem to master consistency this past year. But in 2018 Love had that consistency and accuracy playing with 7 or 8 seniors in his offense. 

But Tua is small, and his body could not handle the beating he took in SEC. I would be very weary of drafting him this early, and terrified to pass on him. It is easy to forget how great he was last season before he blew his ankle up again:

2018: One of the nation’s top signal-callers ... selected as the Co-Polynesian Player of the Year ... an All-SEC second-team honoree by both the league coaches and the Associated Press ... suffered a season-ending injury at Mississippi State ... finished his junior season as the Crimson Tide’s career touchdown responsibility leader with 96 (87 passing, nine rushing) ... tops on the Alabama career passing touchdowns list with 87, eclipsing AJ McCarron’s previous mark of 77 ... third in Alabama annals for career passing yards with 7,442 across his two-plus seasons ... threw for 33 touchdowns as a junior to rank third among all Division I quarterbacks in the week following his injury ... completed 71.4 percent of his passes on 180-of-252, a percentage that was sixth in the Country. 

Second Choice: Live and let die for more than one season with Tyrod 

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Defense: 4-3

Derrick Brown

DT, Auburn

6-5, 318, #5

DT, OT, DT, LB, DT, CB, WR, OC, OG, Edge, QB, DE, WR, LB, TE

2019 Picks:

1 (16) Brian Burns, DE, FSU
2 (37) Greg Little, OLT, Mississippi
3 (100) Will Grier, QB, WVU
4 (115) Christian Miller, LB Alabama
5 (154) Jordan Scarlett, RB, Florida
6-212 Dennis Daley, OT S. Carolina
7 (237) Terry Godwin, WR, Georgia

2018 Picks:

1 (16) Brian Burns, DE Florida State
2 (37) Greg Little, OLT Ole Miss
3 (100) Will Grier, QB West Virginia
4 (115) Christian Miller, LB Alabama
5 (154)  Jordan Scarlett RB Florida
6 (212)  Dennis Daley OL S. Carolina
7 (237) Terry Godwin, WR Georgia

Key F.A. Signed:

Teddy Bridgewater QB

Seth Roberts WR

Keith Kirkwood WR

Pharoh Cooper WR

Marcus Baugh TE

Tyler Shatley OG

John Miller OG

Stephen Weatherly DE

Tahir Whitehead OLB

Juston Burris CB

Key F.A.: 
Chris Hogan WR
Torrey Smith WR
Daryl Williams OT

Mario Addison DE
Ross Cockrell, CB

Key F.A. Lost:

Cam Newton QB

Terry Godwin WR

Greg Olson TE

Marcus Baugh TE

Greg Van Roten OG

Gerald McCoy DT

Vernon Butler DT

Mario Addison OLB

Bruce Irvin, OLB

James Bradberry CB

The Team: The Panthers D-line was devastated this offseason already. I don't see a way that Brown falls this far, unless three QBs go in the top six. 

The Player: 04/17 Derrick Brown: The Incredible Hulk.

The Reason: Getting this Incredible Hulk is a steal at pick Seven. They are so desperate for D-tackles that they would take Little Sprout and the Jolly Green Giant here, if they thought they could play D-tackle in the NFL better than the Hulk himself. He causes so much chaos and turmoil in front of the QB that the QB takes off and gets hit by another Defender (that's right the Incredible Hulk was an original member of the Defenders and I'm not a geek. I'm not;). 

Panthers desperately need some weapons for Newton. and need to restock their D-line. Both are very important. Helping Newton regain his mojo can only be done with weapons. If Jeudy drops he will be very difficult pass on here. However, they have to get some help inside for their D-line. 

A lot of what their new HC thinks will determine if the they go offense or defense here. "This is a guy who has old-school principles and talks about running the ball, stopping the run," Panther GM Marty Hurney said. "And has got all this modern day knowledge with the sports science and making players better and he had people skills. I have a big thing that most successful people have three things: their intellect, common sense and people skills. And he’s three for three. He had the same vision." Stopping the run next season starts with this pick. 

Second Choice: Xavier McKinney DB

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Second Choice: Isaiah Simmons LB/DB



Defense: 3-4

*Jedrick Willis Jr-

ORT Alabama

6-5, 320, #74


OLT, Edge, WR, LB, ORT, CB, DB, DL, OL, OC, LB, SS, RB, WR, NT, LB,

2019 Picks:

1 (1) Kyler Murray, QB Oklahoma
2 (33) Byron Murphy, CB Wash
2 (62) Andy Isabella, WR UMass
3 (65) Zach Allen, DE BC
4 (103) Hakeem Butler, WR Iowa ST
5 Deionte Thompson FS Alabama
6 KeeSean Johnson, WR Fresno ST
6 (179) Lamont Gaillard, C Georgia
7 (248) Joshua Miles, T Morgan ST
7 (249) Michael Dogbe, DE Temple
7 (254) Caleb Wilson, TE UCLA

2018 Picks:

2-47 Christian Kirk WR Texas A&M
3 (97) Mason Cole, OC, Michigan.
4-134 Chase Edmonds RB Fordham
6 (182) Chris Campbell, CB, Penn ST
7 254 Korey Cunningham OT, Cincy

Key F.A. Signed:

Brent Hundley QB

DJ Humphries OLT 

Kenyan Drake RB (Tag)

DeAndre Hopkins WR

Larry Fitzgerald WR

Jordan Phillips DT

Jonathan Bullard DE

Cassius March DE/OLB

De'Vondre Campbell OLB

Devon Kennard LB

Chris Banjo SS/ST

Key F.A.:

Charles Clay TE
Marcus Gilbert OT
A.Q. Shipley OC
Terrell Suggs Edge

Haason Reddick LB
D.J. Swearinger SS

Key F.A. Lost:  

Damiere Byrd WR

Pharoh Cooper WR

Joe Walker ILB

Rodney Gunter DE

The Team: They need a Right Tackle. They no longer need an Left Tackle or a Swing Tackle. Willis is considered to be the best Right Tackle prospect in this Draft by pretty much everyone. So If my opinion is mote, the GM of the Cardinals opinion is the only one that matters. But he knows that he has to do everything in his power to make Kyler Murray the best QB he can be.

Willis would really help Murray more than anyone else at this point in the Draft. He is a smaller QB, so max protection is the most important thing for him. The less hits he takes the better it is for everyone in their organization. I was not his biggest fan, until I did his Tape, but Willis has the top Kickslide in this Draft on the right side. It is truly a thing of beauty. That is what Murray needs in his ORT. 

It will be Becton or Wirfs. Both have shown they can play Left and right Tackle on the college level. Now they just have to show they can play OLT on the NFL level. Both are true freaks. Becton has freak size. He is freakishly huge. The Cards finally resigned Humphries to a three year contract. But their is still an opening at Right Tackle. Becton played ORT and ORG earlier his career at Louisville. So we know that he can play on the right side and protect his QB's front. 

This should be the perfect fit for him. He could play Right Tackle for few years, and then switch over to Left Tackle for the last two years of his rookie contract. Kyler Murray would have a fun time hiding behind Becton, and taking off to his side when he is in trouble. This pick would help take Murray to the next level. I'm not a believe, but he was good last season. He could be great playing behind Becton. 

Both their starting O-tackles are now free agents. Wirfs has the athleticism to play OLT. He Started three games this season at OLT. That is huge for him. Jackson got injured But since they need O-Tackles on both sides. They can take a chance on the historical athleticism he displayed at the Combine. I mean, who the hell is Justin Murray? 

The Player: 04/17 The Mother of all Jedrick Willis Bios: Part XV.

The Reason: Though some think Willis can play OLT. I'm not as high on him as most others, But he has a great Kickslide on the right side. Love his feet moving backwards. They need to do everything in their power to make Murray great. Their jobs, careers and reputations are rely upon it. This is a gigantic step in the right direction (pun is obviously intentional;). They resigned Humphries to be their OLT, So now they need to get an ORT to protect Murray. Willis would go a long way to ay Murray feel safe in the pocket. He is the best ORT prospect in this Draft. The only real question I have left for him is can he play OLT. With Humphries signing a three year deal, that question will be irrelevant for the next three years. 

The Cards need to improve both lines. Best case scenario Wirfs switch to Left Tackle and dominates for 12-15 years. He started three games at OLT last season. Including at Rutgers, where he showed me he could kickslide back like an NFL OLT. He could go ahead of Becton to the Giants.  

Second Choice: Isaiah Simmons LB/DB



Defense: 4-3

*Isaiah Simmons

LB/DB Clemson

6-3 5/8, 238, (U) 4.38, 

DL, QB, LB, OT, CB, Edge, LB, FS, WR, CB, OG, OT, TE, RB, WR, DL, OC, CB, 

2019 Picks:

1-7 Josh Allen, DE, Kentucky
2-35 Jawaan Taylor, OT Florida
3-69 Josh Oliver, TE, San Jose ST
3-98 Quincy Williams, LB Murray ST
5-140 Ryquell Armstead, RB Temple
6-178 Gardner Minshew QB Wash ST
7-235 Dontavius Russell DT Auburn.

2018 Picks:

1 (29) Taven Bryan, DT, Florida.
2 (61) D.J. Clark, WR, LSU.
3 (93) Ronnie Harrison, SS, Alabama.
4 (129) Will Richardson, ORT, NC ST.
6 (203) Tanner Lee, QB, Nebraska.
7 (230) Leon Jacobs, DE Wisconsin.
7 (247) Logan Cooke, P, Miss ST.

Key FA.Signed:

Tyler Shatley OG

Rodney Gunter DL

Al Woods DT

Joe Schobert ILB

Darqueze Dennard CB

Key FA:
Yannick Ngakoue DE
Josh Wells OT

Key Free Lost

Nick Foles QB

Marcus Baugh TE

Nick O'Leary TE

Seth Devaive TE

Cedric Ogbuehi OLT

The Team: They somehow still need some help at Linebacker again

The Player04/07 The Mother of all Isaiah Simmons Bios: Part IV.

The Reason: The Jags need an LB and a FS (sort of:). I think Simmons can play both. They can take him and see if he can play the Will, and bring their LB Corps together. I think he is an NFL OLB. If not, they can play him at Strong or Free Safety, where he has the talent to dominate as well. Simmons is not a DB, though he would be the best Free safety in this Draft. He is the fastest LB I have seen on the field. 

Second Choice: Jerry Jeudy WR



Defense: 3-4

*Mekhi Becton-

OL Louisville

6-7 3/8, 357, (U) 5.11, 


OLT! DB, OL, TE, DL, ORT, CB, QB, ILB, Edge, TE, OL, LB, TE, CB, 

2019 Picks:

2 (46) Greedy Williams, CB, LSU
3 (80) Sione Takitaki, LB, BYU
4 (119) Sheldrick Redwine, S Miami
5 (155) Mack Wilson, LB, Alabama
5 (170) Austin Seibert, K Oklahoma
6 Drew Forbes OT S.East Missouri
7 (221) Donnie Lewis Jr, CB, Tulane

2018 Picks:

1 (1) Baker Mayfield, QB, Oklahoma.
1 (4) Denzel Ward, CB, Ohio State.
2 (33) Austin Corbett, OG, Nevada.
2 (35) Nick Chubb, RB, Georgia.
3 (67) Chad Thomas, DE, Miami.
4 (105) Antonio Callaway, WR, FLA
5-150 Genard Avery,OL,Memphis ST
6 (175) Damion Ratley, WR, A&M.
6 Simeon Thomas, CB, Louisiana-L

Key F.A. Signed:

Case Keenum QB

Jack Conklin ORT

Austin Hooper TE

Andrew Billings, DT

Christian Kirksey ILB

BJ Goodson ILB

Malcolm Jenkins DB

Andrew Sendejo SS

Karl Joseph SS

Key F.A.:

Tyrod Taylor QB 
Earl Watford ORT
Greg Robinson OLT
Orson Charles FB
Rod Streater WR

Da'Mari Scott WR 

Breshad Perriman WR
Rashard Higgins WR 
Pharaoh Brown TE 
Ray-Ray Armstrong OLB
Carl Davis DT
Trevon Coley DT 
Briean Boddy-Calhoun CB

E.J. Gaines CB 

Key F.A. Lost:

Jojo Natson WR

Demetrius Harrris TE

Ricky Seals-Jones TE

Eric Kush OG

Joe Schobert ILB

Christian Kirksey ILB

Juston Burris CB

Eric Murray FS

The Team: The Browns have to go O-line here, and with more than one pick. Their O-line is a multi-pick problem. Their sole responsibility is to make Mayfield a better QB. A viable NFL QB. Their careers, jobs and reputations rely upon it. They have the weapons for him. Their Right Tackle, that they took from the Steelers last year was not ready for prime time. 

Cleveland needs an Right Tackle. "I think the distinction between left tackle and right tackle is really outdated," Browns GM Andrew Berry said. "Tackles are tackles." Becton can play both sides with amazing size and power. 

He is the most powerful blocker and the heaviest hitter, with the heaviest hands I have ever seen. He can pancake the smaller rusher moving backwards with a punch. He could add a yard per carry to Nick Chubb's average all by himself. He is a stunningly powerful run blocker. 

The Player: Becton is huge. His size and physical strength and power was unmatched last season. I have never seen a guy that size before, who can move backwards like he does. Some say speed can beat him, But I didn't see it. He gets so low and wide that it is an extra train ride to get around him. And that doesn't include maybe the longest arms of any prospect I've seen, maybe ever. He is a devastating blocker on the Goalline. He could get lower. But he can shove the DE five yards back into the Endzone. 

Some say he isn't always balanced, but that is BS. He is not pretty, but at his size you have to expect that. He will look out of balance sometimes, but his immense strength, quick feet, and the heaviest hands I have ever seen allow him to recover and win every down. Plus, he has played ORT at Louisville last season and in 2018. So he can play on the right side. And might as a rookie to get him acclimated to the NFL, if worst comes to worst. He has also played at guard. But I do believe that he is a plug and play OLT. 

Combine: He is a man mountain. Impossibly muscled and athletic for an alleged human his size. He will be the first or second OLT taken in this Draft. Wirfs proved to be the best athlete ever tested at OLT at the Combine. But Becton size is also like nothing we’ve ever seen. If a power blocking team picks a left tackle first it will be him. A zone blocking scheme coach will go more nuts over Wirfs. However, Becton is just a giant in a poor boy's boots. He is a good knee bender. He has a good center of gravity. He slides well side to side.  

The Reason: Becton can play on both side of the line. They signed Jack Conklin to play Right Tackle, but they cannot go forward without an Offensive Left Tackle to protect Mayfield's back. Who the hell is Chris Hubbard? This is the easiest pick in the Draft. If Becton is on the Board he is Cleveland's OLT this season.  

Willis is an ORT and I have seen no indication that he is an OLT. He is comparable to Trent Brown. Brown proved he could play OLT with the Pats, Jedrick has not proven that yet. 

Second Choice: Andrew Thomas OLT



Defense: 3-4

*Andrew Thomas-

OLT Georgia

6-5, 320, 36" Arms!


OLT, WR, OL, WR, OL, WR, OLB, RB, DB, OT, CB, LB, CB, LB, Edge, OL,

2018 Picks:

1 (3) Sam Darnold, QB, USC
3 Nathan Shepherd DT Fort Hays ST
4 (107) Chris Herndon, TE, Miami.
6 (179) Parry Nickerson, CB, Tulane.
6 (180) Foley Fatukasi, DT, UConn.
6 Trenton Cannon, RB, Virginia ST

2017 Picks:

1 (6) Jamal Adams, DB, LSU
2 (39) Marcus Maye, DB, Florida
3(79) ArDarius Stewart WR Alabama
4 (141) Chad Hansen, WR, California
5 (150) Jordan Leggett, TE, Clemson
5 Dylan Donahue DL West Georgia
6 (188) Elijah McGuire, RB, Louisiana-Lafayette
6 (197) Jeremy Clark, CB, Michigan
6 (204) Derrick Jones, CB, Mississippi

Key F.A. Signed:

George Fant OT 

Greg Van Roten OG

Josh Andrews OG

Connor McGovern OC

Jordan Jenkins DE/OLB

Neville Hewitt ILB

James Burgess ILB

Pierre Desir CB

Trumaine Johnson CB

Marqui Christian DB/ST

Key F.A.:
Robby Anderson, WR

Ty Montgomery, RB
Bilal Powell, RB
Kelvin Beachum, OLT

Brent Qvale, OT
Trevor Siemian, QB
Steve McLendon, NT

Brian Poole, CB

Rontez Miles, S

Chandler Catanzaro, K
Matt Darr, P

Key F.A Lost:

Brandon Shell OT

Brent Qvale ORT

Tom Compton OG

Leonard Williams DL

Brandon Copeland OLB/DE

Maurice Canady CB

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The Team: This is so tough! What if Andrew Thomas and Jerry Jeudy are both on the Board here? Oh wait, it ain't tough! The Jets led the NFL in infamy last season, giving up an NFL leading 52 Sacks. If Thomas, who was thought to be the best Left Tackle prospect at the start of last season is still on the Board? My dog could make this pick, and she's a bitch. Also this is the best WR Draft to come along, ever. The Pats are going to get a starting WR or three in the 6th Round. So the Jets could probably get a starter in 2nd and 3rd? 

I would have to go with Thomas, because this is the best class of WRs I have ever seen. Teams will be drafting starting WRs lat on Day Three. So when it's a tie, Teams have to go with the player at the position other than Wide Receiver. But... Jeudy is so good. Dude can fly and is the best route runner creating separation in the Draft. But it's not really as tough a choice as their is in the Draft. 

First you gotta protect your young QBs back. Then you get him some help outside, and worry about the rest later. 

They should have a shot at a great WR here. If the OLTs they like are gone, they could take best player dropping down to them, and maybe snag: Austin Jackson, Trey Adams, Prince Tega Wanogho, or Yasir Durant, in the 2nd or 3rd Rounds. 

The Player: Thomas has good size and the potential to get bigger and stronger. Great job powering sideways through the DE, and getting in his way as he slaps into the ILB and stuffing both. Great job getting outside to the second level to hit the OLB. He has some speed running in space. He can be a fierce run blocker. Gets low. Great leg drive. Extends elite long arms. 

Understands where the play is going, and does a great job getting the shoulder and letting the DE go in the wrong direction when he wants too. He played against a lot of great rushers protecting Fromm's back. Chaisson is very fast with a great get off, and he can beat him to the corner once. Learns from his mistakes. Adjusts. Smart. Tough. Heavy hands. He can really jab and shock rushers.

Florida: He is great blocking down on the DT and then sliding forward to take out the LB. Great quick feet. Great hit and mover. Terrific run blocker on the edge. Nice job using inside arm to twist the DE outside. Great balance. Great long arms really help him. Plays with great technique and smarts. Very experienced SEC Left Tackle. He looked a lot stronger and bigger in 2019. Fiercer run blocking as well. 

Nice feet and balance washing the speed rusher past the QB. When a rusher grabs Thomas’s shirt he is done. Love when he plays with good lean and arms extended. He is so much more in balance this season. Very strong in short set to catch the DE, and stone him quick. You can see he is stronger and is playing stronger in the legs. he can really sink his hips sliding backwards. 

I just think he is playing with much better hand technique. When an LB blitzes, he can use his feet to stay with his speed. Great job keeping his hands high and tight when he moves backwards. Nice job sticking his hand into the 5-Tech’s chest as he rushes against the OLG, and Thomas mirrors the Edge. Nice job re-anchoring off the surprising bulrush. 

Preseason: Thomas is the best OLT prospect in this Draft. Mean. Nasty. Likes the fight. Long arms that allow him recover smoothly. Great feet moving backwards. Terrific technique in kickslide. Always keeps his head up. Nice jabber and shover moving back. Knocks guys down a lot with jabs, punches, and shoves. 

Combine: He showed up at the Combine with 36” arms. That is an elite number for him. He can play on the right side as well. He started at ORT as a freshman. Very quick feet. Nice COD. Hops back fast. Good technique, sitting not hopping. Great quick feet. Has some snap turning the corner. Can be a little measured sometimes but has that snap to recover. 

Long legged. He can really move outside. Nice break inside. Not as smooth in kickslide to right. Heavy hands. Excellent feet sliding to left. Excellent hips. Great quick feet, smooth moving back and forth in typewriter drill. He had the longest arms at the Combine. 36" Arms is a good a number for a Left Tackle as there is in this Draft. He looked like a plug and play OLT at the Combine. 

The Reason: The Jets got there QB last season. now they desperately have to get the guy who can protect his back for a decade or more. I'd prefer that they do something different than Draft Thomas. That's how good a pick it is. I wish nothing but the worst for the Jets. So having Thomas on the Board is not just a no brainier, it is such a deep-deep disappointment for me. 

Don't be surprised if Jeudy goes lower than expected. This is the deepest WR Draft I have ever seen. That has to push some of the top WRs down, and some out of the 1st Round as well. I would have trouble taking a WR early in the 1st. 

Jets would be incalculably better off if they took an OLT here, and picked up in the 2nd Round: Brandon Aiyuk, Denzel Mims, Van Jefferson, or Michael Pittman. Or take a chance in the 3rd with Chase Claypool, James Proche, Kalija Lipscomb, or Devin Duvernay. 

Second Choice: April 23rd, becomes a date which will live in infamy. 

Be A Citizen! Not a Subject! 

Fascist is as Fascist does. Beware American. President Fredo is pulling the cowardly republican Senate closer and closer to the cliff.

Amendment I. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances:


The 1st Amendment to the Constitution is the greatest paragraph ever written by mankind. It is the truest diagram of how to ensure a free Country of citizens survives. But is is also a list of what to attack when you want to be a fascist dictator. President Jerkballs is attacking every article in the 1st Amendment. Beware subjects, or you will be subjugated:


Warnings were given! 


Democracy is a battle for freedom and equality for all. Democracy needs to be guarded, treasured, and fought to keep if needs-be! And not handed over, so fucking cowardly, to a Dictator like the Communism Putin Party just did! 


Communism is a beautiful idea of equality for all workers, with one BLOOD RED FATAL-FLAW, "The Dictatorship of the Proletariat". Where a BLOOD STAINED DICTATOR takes over to subvert all the freedoms gained by the bloody masses, and clamps BLOODY TYRANNY down on now enslaved masses. 


We are now officially a Communist Country. The Republican Commie Party of Putin, Officially voted Herr Trump as the BLOOD-RED Communist Dictator of American. THE REPUBLICAN PARTY OF PUTIN just voted to open the veins of PATRIOTS to flood the Senate floor with OUR BLOOD, and install a Communist Manifesto like


as no longer the freedom bearing President of the United State of America! 

And as THE PARTY OF PUTIN CELEBRATED... the Heavens wept.


The Putin Party, led by Red Square Moscow Mitch, just turned the no longer US Senate into a propaganda tool of the KGB., and make America Red with the blood stained color of the Communist USSR. The blood stained (R)s voted to make the COMMIE RED TRUMP, as above the law as the KGB KING OF RUSSIA, the blood stained Putin

God help us all, because the Putin Republican Party Senate sure as hell won't...


Now we are paying the price for having a Commie Dictator President.

His incompetence has already killed Americans in the thousands

(if you look at the Italian Corona model). 

But I don't think it is out of cruelty. 

It is out of incompetence and stupidity. When you hire only incomplete assholes like Pence, because they can be so easily corrupted, you get incompetent morons who screw up everything. The Corona response is still being criminally screwed up, because they don't know how to do it.

The Completely Corrupt Trump Administration does not know how to enact the 

"Defense Production Act"









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