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7 Things For Sunday: Part II.



3. Go Fly Away- The Pats not having to fly all the way across the Covided Country is a big advantage for them. The Pats are going to have to much up tight on their WRs. Gilmore can shut down one. Joejuan Williams had a good game last week and he needs to continue to improve. 

With Andrews injured it looks like the Froholdt, who sounds like an ice cream cone, is going to start. "Hjalte's had a good offseason," BB said. "He had an opportunity to get a lot of reps last year in training camp, but then that was really about it for him. He was rehabbed early and was really ready by January, February to get a good full offseason in in terms of training and so forth. Even though we weren't able to do it here. But he's a hardworking kid that did a lot on his own. 

"So, he had a good offseason in terms of training and being healthy and he's been able to be out on the field every day and work hard and continue to get better on a daily basis since we've had the opportunity to begin practicing. So, way ahead of where he was last year on a number of levels. He's still a young player that has a lot of room to grow and works very hard at it, so he's taken a step to, as you said, being close to playing and hopefully he'll be able to compete for playing time here as he continues to improve." They are going to need him to play well to win this game. 

The Pats have to take advantage of the Raider Defense. "We got to play better on defense," Gruden said. "We did do some good things but we didn't start very well and we didn't finish very well. The standard is very high here, we're doing some good things but we still can play better." Cam nerds to get going earlier in this game.

The Raider have some juice in the rush. "Certainly when you look at the Raiders since Coach Guenther has been there, you definitely see that. You see the multiple pressure schemes. You also don't see them. I mean, they don't do it on every play, but they have the ability to utilize different combinations of pressures, similar to what Minnesota does," BB said. "But, obviously as you said, Mike and Paul worked together at Cincinnati and they developed that when they were there at the same time. Yeah, again, there's a small sample this year, but when you look at the bigger sample size, yeah you definitely see similarities schematically in what they do. It's certainly different due to personnel and the individuals that do it, but schematically, there are a lot of similarities." Their primary need is to keep Cam healthy to make another run at the Super Bowl.  

4. Revenge- It looks like Carr is looking for a little revenge against the Patriots. “If you’ve ever failed at something, sometimes you regroup, you think about it," Carr said. "And you’re like man how can a grow, how can I be better so that I don’t have that feeling again.” It looks like that loss haunted him. 

The Pats have to hit him fast and early  “I remember going on a two-minute drive in Foxboro where Darrelle Revis is out there, Vince Wilfork, all these guys," Carr said. "We are going on this drive, we score a touchdown to win the game, it’s over, we think we’re going to win, boom we get a penalty, boom turnover and it’s like man, that’s how close this game is.” Unfortunately there won't be any crowd news to help the rush out. 

5. Late Flight- Another advantage for the Pats is that the Raiders played against the Saints Monday Night Football. Carr was exceptional. He threw for three TDs and no INTs. The Pats have to slow his WRs and get pressure on him in the pocket. If you don't knock him down consistently he can throw for three TDs fast. 

But they will be jetlagged on their first short week of the season. "It's nice to play against the Saints and get a win. It feels good," Carr said. "But like I told the guys after the game, job is not done. Be all excited and feel good about ourselves because people are saying nice things now. Going on to the Patriots next week, we can lose. Coach Belichick has a day up on me already and I got to get to studying." The Pats have to take advantage early and get them behind. 

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