The 2020

Patriots Season. 


7 Things For Sunday: Part I.



1. Covid Confusion- Okay, I have no idea what the hell is going on. "Yeah... well... again... we have limited information this year," BB said with some sympathy for morons like me. "But... certainly... when you look at the Raiders since Coach Guenther has been there, you definitely see that. You see the multiple pressure schemes. You also don't see them. I mean, they don't do it on every play, but they have the ability to utilize different combinations of pressures, similar to what Minnesota does." Okay Bill that really didn't help me. 

I'm still lost and ignorant in the Covid Preseason, could you please help "But... obviously... as you said.... Mike and Paul worked together at Cincinnati and they developed that when they were there at the same time," BB said, and I finally figured out he was talking about the Raiders. Whew!. "Yeah... again... there's a small sample this year. But when you look at the bigger sample size yeah... you definitely see similarities schematically in what they do. It's certainly different due to personnel and the individuals that do it, but schematically, there are a lot of similarities." Okay, now we're getting some clarity. 

The Raiders are the Raider. "Well... I think... Coach Gruden has built the team, specifically the offense, into the style of offense that he's always coached. He's obviously done a very good job of it. He has good players at every position," BB said more confidently. "I think he's maybe not there, but I think he's pretty close to having what he wants from a personnel standpoint. Obviously, [Tyrell] Williams is a big loss for them, him not being in there, but from a personnel standpoint, I think he has what he wants to run the offense that pretty much he's always run and run well." Okay... I feeling a much better... I'm not the only one who is not quit sure what the hell is going on.

My main man Mayock is the GM and Gruden is the damn coach. "Coach Gruden's been successful every place he's been, offensively from Philadelphia to Oakland to Tampa and now back to Oakland again in a fairly short amount of time. So, it's a proven system," BB clarified. "He absolutely knows what he's doing, he puts a lot of pressure on the defense, and as he's gotten the personnel that he needs to have the full complement of an arsenal there, I think you're seeing the results of it... 30-something points a game this year. So... I think... he's got things... or he's getting them the way he wants them." While I really-really want the Pats to win, but I'm glad to hear someone somewhere is actually getting something the way they want. 

This is like the third Preseason game. I didn't get to a practice. The season just suddenly started a few weeks ago? Almost out of nowhere? With Brady and Gronk in Tampa Bay? And Cam Newton... who did lead a team to the Super Bowl... so we know he get get them there. We just don't know if he can win it all yet, or has recovered the worst lose in sports.

So how will the Pats play against the Raiders? How the hell should I know. I don't even know who the hell the Raiders starting QB is: never mind having a legit opinion of Cam yet. 

2, The Camster- So far we have had a tale of two Cams. The first game he was really just a pure runner. I was very worried how he threw the ball in the first game. He had to run way too much to last through the season. He has to throw more and better. 

But in the second game, he was throwing the ball all over the place like Brady on steroids. His play in the 2nd Half of the almost comeback was great. It was really everything we wanted to see him do in the passing game. It was also great to see the young N'Keal Harry finally starting to put it all together mentally. He finally started looking like the dominator he was a ASU. 

It can time for veterans to adjust too a new team, Never mind rookies. Idiots attacked the crap out of Harry because he wasn't an All-Pro as a rookie. Just so stupid. Just like the same people attacking me because I said Isaiah Wynn was a great pick. 

I stuck up for him as a rookie and through his injuries, because he was a damn rookie, ignoramuses. Some rookies take longer than others. Than some get injured as well. Now he suddenly is a healthy third year player and is playing like he did at Georgia, where he was the best run blocker in the SEC. 

If Cam and N'Keal can continue developing that rhythm they showed in the 2nd Half? "It's early," Cam said. "I'm just trying to continually get better. That's all. For those guys to have faith in me? I just have to deliver." This Offense may just get Super Bowl worthy. 

Cam already showed he had that rhythm with Edelman. "It was a mix of focus and fundamentals. He popped quick and I wish I had that one back, along with the last play at the end and the interception," Cam said about Edelman. "No need to regret the type of play. We just have to keep getting better. It's early in the season. We knew those guys were who we thought they were. In some ways, a little better. In some ways, a little worse. But that's a great football team that we just played. We just have to keep building from what we put out today. We just have to get better for the next." I can dig it. 

Also I told you guys that Ryan Izzo was the best tight end on the Roster. Not the best in the NFL, but the best we got until the two rookies are ready to contribute more. I was mocked by ignoramuses again. I'm sorry you guys can't read tape... but... HOW DO YOU LIKE ME NOW

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