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Payton Pritchard



Janey Needs A Shooter.

Part II.


Tom Mahoney


Well, I think I got the gist of this pick. I know why Ainge picked this Pritchard guy. He’s a scrapper. He is hyper and bouncy on the court. Always attacking up court fast. I think people forget sometimes that Danny was a young player on the Celtics in the 80s. He was a maniac on the court. Constant hustle. Irritating. Agitator. Always attacking.

Pritchard reminds Ainge of himself. “I’ve watched a lot of Payton over the years. Maybe it’s the Oregon ties. I found myself out on the West Coast and the Pac-12 tournament the last few years and other times out in Eugene,” Ainge said. “But Payton is just a guy I’ve been attracted to the way he plays. He brings a great intensity, even as a freshman. I watched his development into his senior year where he had to carry much more of an offensive load.” Ainge spent four years a BYU.

When he came to the Celtics, he was more Shooting Guard than Point Guard. But he played the point a lot. His role was also to hang out around the 3-Point line and spread the floor a lot. Pritchard plays mostly outside the arc as well. He attacks the basket recklessly like Ainge. He can be straight-linish attacking the basket.

He’s a good catch and shoot, huh…shooter. “But he’s a guy I think can play in any system. He can play with any players,” Ainge said. “I love how he pushes the pace. He’ll make the other guys run. He’s playing with the ball in his hands, he gets the ball up the court very quickly. I think that’ll be a help to get the rest of the players up the court very quickly. He has that kind of leadership ability with the ball in his hands. He’s a fun player and very excited to get him.” He reminds me of a young Danny in so many ways.

Excellent step back jumper (though Ainge was more of a pure spot up shooter). Which he can also use and hit from behind the NBA arc. He has range on the spot-up to ten feet or so behind the NBA Arc (which hurts my old school eyes;). He can attack through traffic to the hole lefty, but really wants to bring it back to his right to shot.

He has a great handle. He is a better ball handler than Ainge. Though back in the Day, all that fancy over-dribbling was not a thing (and yes, hurts my old school eyes as well;). He does a good job gathering a crowd on the drive, and kicking it out. Pritchard is fast, like Ainge, in the open court.

He has pace and speed in transition. But like the young Ainge he would sometimes attack too quick and fast and get ahead of his teammates. Ainge was also not a pure Point. He was a combo guard sometimes playing the Point for the Celtics. Pritchard will get greedy sometimes and try to win it on his own.

He often out paces his teammates. He will go it alone too much. He can attack the basket with either hand. He will keep the ball too much in the clutch and will drive to hole. He won’t kick it out when the whole defense collapses on him, and two or three shooters are open. And look for the refs to bail him out.

He is not just a shooter. He can steal the ball and go coast to coast. “We’re very excited about Aaron," Ainge said. "We need shooting. He’s a long, wing shooter that can stretch the floor. He can shoot right now. We don’t have to teach him to shoot." He consistently gives effort on Defense.


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