2019 Player Ratings. Part I.

Updated 10/14

This isn't really a Player Rating yet. It is just the beginning of a long Draft process.

This is more about getting the form of the Player Ratings than anything accurate.

Plus some early and Quick Tape looks at some top prospects.

And of course, everything will change during the season: some will get worse, some will get better, 

and surprises will break out during the College Season.

Some reluctant leftovers: 


Name-HT, WT, 40, Vert, (U)- Unofficial, S- 10 Yard Split,




Justin Herbert- 6-6, 233, #10



Justin Herbert Bio

10/2018: Herbert has been spectacular this season. While all the other top QBs have been about the same, he really has taken another step up or three up this season. He is the best QB in this Draft. He will be the first player taken in this Drat. Especially with Bosa (injury) and Oliver (production) struggling this season. 

09/2018: Herbert is a guy who had a severe knee injury, and a history of injuries. So I think he might drop. Some think he could be the top pick in the Draft, but he has issues. He has trouble converting 3rd Downs. They were the best running team in College last year (over 3,200-yards rushing), which helped him a ton. He has so much talent in other areas. Plus, he is a great 2nd half and 4th quarter QB.

He has a great arm. He actually threw better after he was hit, and is elite in the Redzone. He understands the offense and quarterbacks it very well. He has prototype size, and can run with the ball for a lot of yards, and throwing on the run. Most see his arm and size and see an NFL QB. But he has a long way to go mentally. He has to convert on 3rd and 4th downs with much more regularity. 

08/2018: He still has a season (or two) to work through his issues. "I try to keep myself grounded," Herbert said. "The strategy I use is I try to think about each guy on the team. I think about Dillon Mitchell and Brenden Schooler. They deserve my best." But I don't think that is a lock top pick. But this pick might be a pipe dream for the Pats (especially after he was involved, in one way or another, in six TDs in the opening game;). 

He has all the physical traits that you want in an NFL QB. "I think he was a quarterback last year," Oregon's HC Cristobal said. "Now, he's becoming a field general. He understands the run game like a coordinator does." It is all about mental growth this season.

That and staying health, which has been his bugaboo. "He's got to be durable. He knows that" Cristobal said. "He's prepared himself to be able to take on, not that we're a quarterback-running operation. [But] if he does have to carry the ball, if he doesn't slide, he's able to withstand some of the punishment going with it." Slide baby slide, or get the hell out of bounds. 
He has put on about 8-pounds of muscle, according to his listed weight in 2017: 225. "He's throwing balls the way NFL quarterbacks throw balls," Oregon WR coach Michael Johnson said. "He’s putting them in places you don’t normally get them." He just has to stay Healthy this season. 

9.8 QB


*Nick Bosa- 6-4, 270, #97


Ohio St.

10/2018: The Great Bosa season was starting to take place and then crash. He hurt his knee. Rumor has it that he will sit out the rest of the season to protect his future and Draft statue, And while I don't like it, I certainly cannot disagree with that decision. Though the competitor in him still might come out. 

07/2018: The Junior has had rumors of some Character Concerns. "Just my teammates, honestly," Nick said about what he likes the most about football. "Just having fun with them. It's a friendship group, a brotherhood that you wouldn't have just living a normal life and not playing a sport like this. It's so important to be able to fall back on that when stuff gets tough in life. It's good to have." He is a smart kid. 

He is built and plays like his brother. "I've never been bothered by being compared [to Joey]," Nick said. "That's obviously going to happen when you have two similar-looking people who have similar games and similar moves and play the exact same position. But I just come out and do my thing and strive to be better than him." Despite the incredible talent at passrusher last season, he still lead Ohio State with 8 Sacks and 16 TFLs. 

He also had 34 tackles, 2 PBU, and a FF. "I hated not being out there for the first play of the game, but it is what it is and I got to play a lot of meaningful reps," Nick said. " I played all the plays I needed to prove myself and to help my team. In the end, I knew what Coach J (Johnson) was doing. He's always right. He's got a lot of knowledge. So you trust his decisions." When watching him play, it seemed like he had more stats, but stats were hard to come by last season for OSU DLs. 

He was the best passrusher on that team last season, which is saying something. "I felt the feeling of a Big Ten Championship and that was unbelievable, so [I am] just thinking about what it would feel like to be a leader on the team and win it," Bosa said, "And to be an integral part of a national championship game win, beat everyone, get to the playoff and win out. Next year my class is ready to take over the leadership role. I think we're going to have a really good chance. I know the defense is going to be set. That's No. 1 on my want-to-do list." He could be better against the run.

But if he is the first D-end taken, it will be because he hits the QB. "I just want to keep what we had going last year. Keep it going. We finished the year off with an eight-sack game against USC in the Cotton Bowl," Nick said. "So just continue the culture that we set so far and the one that my brother and others set for us: Sam, Ty, Jaly), all those guys. We want to do what Coach J preaches and just keep that going, and enhance it." I like how he talked about total team Sacks/stats and not his own.

I like how he talks about what he learned from older players. "From Sam [Hubbard], he's got great technique, obviously. But what jumps out with him is the fact that he never stops going hard. No matter if something hurts or it's a 20-period practice. He was always at the front of the line, never with his hands on his knees. So that was a great example. And whenever you'd be confused about something, he'd help you out," Nick said. "With Ty [Lewis], he's a grinder. He was around for five years so he' picked up a lot of knowledge from the coaches. Great technique, knowledge of the game, knowing how to play mind games with offensive linemen, not just go out and rush. He's helped me a lot with that." He didn't always start games. 
07/2018: He has great passrushing instincts that let him win with the instant moves that breaks him free, and forces doubles (:05). He has great hands and plays with the leverage that gives him the power to get through the double to hit the QB (:19). "It's so fun to rush the passer. I just like being out on the edge and being on an island with a tackle (or two;)," Nick said. "There's nothing better than putting your hand in the dirt, seeing the quarterback drop back, and having that one-on-one with somebody." That was a phenomenal passrush. 

We saw the power. Now watch the blast off and outside speed to sack the QB (:28). Watch him shed the RB with easy, after he used his initial burst to his outside shoulder. Then watch the elite Combo. He sheds the TE with his hands, and Rips into and past the RB with the greatest of ease. "I was just going to say the same thing," Nick said. "All that training. All the things the coaches put us through. It's to be in position to be able to make a play like that [sack the QB]. When you come off the edge and win, especially if you hit that ball out of his hands. There's no feeling like it." That was a phenomenal sack. 

Guys who can burst upfield and turn sideways to see the QB tend to get a lot of Sacks in the NFL (:49). Sets the edge with power, and is great playing with his arms extended (1:17). Sets the edge, sheds the OT, and the RB runs into him (1:29). He rushes better from the blindside. You should see him there more this season (1:52). Watch the great quicks on the inside Swim.

Speed to power (2:00). Nice quick outside burst to run a free lane on a stunt (2:30). He just has that knack for hitting the quarterback (2:51). He uses his burst upfield to get to Darnold for half a Sack (2:56). This was the final game of last season. "He’s ridiculous right now," Urban Meyer said. "We need some more Bosas (on the Buckeyes)." He will be even better this season. 



*Ed Oliver- 6-3, 290, #10



10/2018: He has not garnered a Sack so far this season. Yes, he is playing on the Nose, but he still has to hit the QB. Yes, he gets doubled and tripled more than most, but he still has to produce some TFLs. He is being compared to Aaron Donald. 

When Aaron Donald was at Pittsburgh his senior year. He was on the Nose a lot. He was doubled and tripled a lot. But he still produced 11 Sacks, he as the Defensive Player of the Year, and had 26.5 TFLs. That is an average of 2.2 TFLs a game. He is just not disrupting this season. 

07/2018: He was a junk yard dog in a cowboy suit at Houston. "The way I was brought up, you clean your own (horse) stalls," Ed Oliver said. "I don't want anybody cleaning my stalls. We had three horses at one time. Sometimes, my dad would say, 'You clean them all by yourself.' Me and my brother, he would shovel and I'd take the wheelbarrow. Taking the wheelbarrow is the hard part. It's easy to shovel." He was such a junkyard dog that his mother made him sleep out back with the dogs (no need to Google that, it was just a joke;). 

Some think he could be be in the race for the Heisman. "We have to see what he does on the field (in 2018)," Applewhite said. "I think he deserves to be in the conversation. If the award is what it says it is? Which is the best player in college football, then he deserves to be in the conversation." That might be pushing it a bit (or a lot;) for a DL. 

He was the top recruits in the county coming out of high school. "He was the best player on the field every time Houston played," a scout said. "He was the guy from a prospect standpoint that you couldn't take your eyes off. He can do it all." He got hurt early in the season last year.

He plays Nose Tackle for them in their 3-4 system. "Athleticism and effort," Houston HC Applewhite said. "He's a unique player because of his athleticism. There's a lot of [defensive tackles] that can sit there and plug." He is a true freak of nature. 

He can cover the WR going down the line. "I do plan on leaving (after this season). I wish I could stay another year, but it's my time to go." Oliver said. "This was a dream of mine coming in. I knew I was going on a business trip. And whether my business trip was three years or four years it just depended on how early I got on the field, and how effective I was." Plus, he is very smart. 

He can read the screen and get outside to the sideline, and cover the WR on the bubble screen. "When we ran this (play in practice) we widened our (running) back out all the way behind the Tackle. Because we knew (the RB) could run," Applewhite said. "And (Ed) ran down Catalon's hip, and the ball was thrown perfectly by Greg. And he (Oliver) knocked it down, like he was in man coverage." Best One-Gapper in this Draft. 
07/2017: He is one of those rare guys, who seems to burst off the snap ahead of all his teammates. That is such an advantage (:01 and :35). Top inside gap-shooter in this Draft (:44). He is so quick off the snap that he can get tripped from behind by the OL he just completely burn, and still get up and get in on the TFL (1:26). He doesn't just stack and shed (1:33). He knocked the OL back two yards. Then stacked and shed him, and made the play. 

He is so explosive disrupting right up the middle of the offense (2:58). He is so tough to stop that he eventually finds the ball behind the LOS. He gets the OC moving backwards so fast with speed to power, and then spins into the QB (3:01). He reminds me of John Randle  (3:21). He is a relentless, explosive, hyperactive, and undersized passrusher.

He is about 6-2 (like Randle), and his arm length could keep him out of the top spot, but he is still a top five pick. Watch him Stack. Then the spin out of the block as he is Held by the OL (4:22). Look how small and relentless he looks as he powers through the double team, twice (4:35). He uses his explosion to stuff the double team back at the point (5:22). Here he is pushing back the triple team by three OLs again (5:39). Only the best of the best get attention from three OLs on one play. 

9.8 Production


*Clelin Ferrell- 6-5, 260, #99



11/2016:.He can get inside and stop the RB on short yards with a quick burst inside the TE. "This is the stage we've been working for since day one," Ferrell said. "Coming here, I expected to play in the big games. And I expect myself to play well." He is much better getting to the RB inside than the QB. He still falls down too much. 

Explosive inside moves. "Affecting the quarterback is going to be so big in this game," Ferrell said. "It's all about having a desire to get to him. You can have a guy with all the ability in the world. But if you don’t have the passion or the desire to get to him, sacks are going to be minimal. That’s why I go into every game with a chip on my shoulder." He can beat the OLT with one explosive step inside. Relentless protecting the edge against the QB. 

I'm not sure he is ready yet, and should stay in school. "He's getting there," Venables said. "That was a step closer. But his best football is still all in front of him." I don't think he has that knack for hitting the quarterback yet. But he is as physically talented as any DE in this Draft.

He is still only a Redshirt Sophomore. "I redshirted because I wasn't ready, and I had NFL guys in front of me," Ferrell said. "It was the best thing for me to sit out and learn the system and develop my body physically." But he is improving almost every game.

I like how he keeps his hands up, his feet moving, and that he is still developing. "He's done extra in the weight room when he doesn't have to," Venables said. "He values the opportunity to meet and do a walk-through. Not everybody's like that." He will probably have to declare after this season. 



*N'Keal Harry- 6-4, 218, #1


Arizona State

10/2018: He is the best WR in this Draft, by far. Some offensive players are going to get drafted in the 1st Round, He will be one of them. "It'll be great to have coach Likens back," Harry said. "He's a good coach who has helped me a great deal." It has really showed on the field this season. 

He was phenomenal against Michigan State. He might have been the best offensive player in college in week Two. They kept going to everyone else, and then coming back to him on 3rd down. His QB just wanted to go to him in the clutch. Great release of off the snap. His inside release gets him wide open behind the CB, which brings safeties over, and opens things up for Teammates inside.
This cat can really move. I watched him for five minutes and he was instantly my new Number One WR. "I feel like I've grown a great deal during the last two years," Harry said. "This year, I got better at catching contested balls, at running better routes. I just want to help the team win, help the team get better. But there is still room for growth. The work never stops." He is one of those guys that just moves faster and quicker than everyone else on the field. 
The QB kept going the other way. Until it was 3rd and 20, and he finally turned to his left and saw Number One standing there. He threw it to him as he broke inside. Harry caught it above his head effortlessly, with the CB now tangled in his legs. 
He made the catch look so easy. The ball way above his head, and the Corner was in his feet. Once of the best catches I've ever seen made to look easy. "That doesn’t surprise me with N’Keal, though," Herm Edwards said. "All the work that he puts in after practice. It’s important to him to play well. He loves the competition, loves the spotlight, loves the lights. He doesn’t run to the shade. He wants the light on him. He likes to perform in big-time situations." He caught it short, so they never replayed it and went to the punt. Remarkable. 
He looks the part. "It's rare, but here again, he's a talented player," Edwards said. "And I saw that when he was in high school, when I had him in the Under Armour game, He’s different. And you can tell he’s a guy that’s going to have an opportunity to extend his career beyond college." The announcers compared him to Julio Jones, 

And I dig that comparison. He won't run a 4.3 like Julio. He looks like a 4.4 guy to me. He has that knack for getting open deep. But he can break it off the pattern and catch it short. Good fighter on the edge blocking. He has the size. He can put the CB on skates. 
OVERVIEW: Named to 2018 Biletnikoff Award Watch List (July 19, 2018). Named to 2018 Maxwell Award Watch List (July 15, 2018). Harry carries the honor and expectations of his family and nation (by Craig Morgan, AZSports 98.7 FM/Sept. 21, 2016). Harry remains humble amidst fast career start (by Jeff Metcalfe, Arizona Republic/Sept. 22, 2016). Top-notch playmaker who can stretch the field vertically. Is extremely coordinated and athletic for his size, allowing him to high point the ball and make highlight reel catches. Utilizes his hands well, which allows him to beat press coverage and has a quick step off the ball and improved route running allows him to get open frequently, Is one of the top five returning wide receivers in the Pac-12 in receptions, receiving yards and receiving yards per game. Has a reception in all 25 games of his career at Arizona State, the eighth-longest active streak of games for any returning player in the NCAA, Harry’s 140 career receptions are already tied for 10th in Sun Devil school history and he is already with 300 yards of cracking ASU’s all-time Top-10 in career receiving yards.
Sophomore (2017): Named to the All-Pac-12 First Team. Led Pac-12 with 87 receiving yards per game, and was second in the conference in receptions and yards. Caught 82 passes for 1,142 yards on the season with eight touchdowns, leading the team in all categories and led the team in receiving yards in eight of 13 games. Was second in the Pac-12 with 120 targets and 82 catches. The 82 catches were good for a tie for third in ASU single-season history with Jaelen Strong (2014). Only Shaun McDonald (87, 2002) and Derek Hagan (83, 2004) rank ahead of him. The 1,142 yards receiving are seventh in ASU single season history. Had a huge game at Texas Tech, with 13 catches for 148 yards and a touchdown, as well as one rush for 17 yards. Had a season high 170 receiving yards against Oregon on just seven catches. Threw for a 14-yard touchdown against Stanford. Had three games of 140+ yards (TTU, Stanford, NC State). According to PFF, Harry averaged a 107.0 QB rating when he was targeted, over 16 points higher than the NCAA average.

9.8 WR


*Josh Allen- 6-5, 262, 



09/2018: He is the best Edgerusher in this Draft not named Bosa. "(Josh Allen) is playing some incredible football," (He is) playing as well as I’ve seen." He has that rare trait that always translates to the NFL, he seems to move faster and quicker on the field than everyone else. He reminds me of Khalil Mack. Mack lined up as an off the line Linebacker a lot. Allen lines up off the LOS a lot. He will also line up on the strong and weak side. They play stand up OLB, and rarely if ever did they their hands down in the dirt.

"He’s playing some incredible football," UK HC Mark Stoops said. "I know statements get blown up and get headlines. So you have to be careful not to get crazy with it. But he is play some outstanding football! As good as I’ve seen. With all the things that he does: and how versatile he is, and how hard he’s playing, and how dynamic he is with his pass rushes, and doing good in coverage... he’s just doing a lot of things good.”

But most importantly they produce. Mack played more of an ILB early in his career at Buffalo. While Allen plays more outside, and will often line up in the slot to cover, drop, or still rush. He does not line up inside at ILB. But he is a rare tricky talent that a smart 3-4 Defense can exploit. But of course he will be drafted high because of his knack for hitting the quarterback. 

"He put a lot of thought into that (decision). And there’s a lot of information, and I thought he was very mature in how he went about making his decision. So I’m happy that he’s playing the way he is for him personally,” Stoops said about Allen deciding to come back for his senior season. "So happy for Josh and our football team. Josh made a very detailed decision. He put a lot of thought into it. He and I had many conversations. I gave him a lot of information. And he most definitely would be on an NFL roster this year. But he decided to come back and make a difference for the rest of his life."

FLA: Allen lines up as an off the line LB a lot. Usually as the Will on the QB's right. He obviously moves up to the LOS a lot. But when he is at the Will. He drops into coverage a lot. O-lines, like FLA, will shift or slant the OLs over to his side a lot. He dropped the first three times they passed, and left the back side rush unblocked. Then he suddenly Blitzed from the Will, and hit the QB in a flash.
Fakes forward nicely, and then zone drops. Which causes the OLT to reset inside. Nice and fluid moving backwards out to the flat in zone coverage, and can get to the RB when they dump it off to him. He got taken out of the FLA game with a cramp in his calf.
He will line up on the TE in the slot and cover him. He can also shed him, and grab the RB as he tries to slash by. Pure OLB. He can slap the OLT arms down, and dip into the QB with elite lean. He will line up at OLB, and then drop, which I hate. But he draws so much attention from O-lines that other guys go unblocked and get to the QB. 

2017 Junior: AP All-SEC Second Team. Phil Steele All-SEC Third Team. Butkus Award Semifinalist. AP Midseason Second-Team All-American. Sports Illustrated Midseason Second-Team All-American. First-team Midseason All-SEC by The All-American. Played and started in all 13 games. On the season, had 65 tackles (fourth on the team), a team-high 9.5 tackles for loss, a team-high 7.0 sacks, a team-high four QB hurries, 3 PBUs, two forced fumbles and one interception. Ranked tied for eighth in the SEC and 36th nationally in sacks per game (0.58). Got his first career interception at No. 7 Georgia, returning it 14 yards. Has totaled 19.5 career TFL, 14.5 career sacks.

9.9 RB


Jerry Tillery- 6-7, 299, #99 


Fighting Irish

07/2018: While both Oliver and Raekwon Davis have struggled with production this season, Tillery has been a beast. "His impact as a leader in our football program has probably elevated itself," Irish HC Brian Kelly said, "because his worth ethic is so much better than it's ever been." Now I'm not saying they suck. 

But, this is the best DL Draft ever. If you want to go top five? You can't just look the part. "He’s virtually unblockable at the 3-Technique for us," Kelly said. "He’s a very difficult player to play. We’ve put him in a great position from a football standpoint." You also have to produce some serious numbers. 

He has 7 sacks already, and is leading the Nation. "He’s growing up," Kelly said. "I think he would tell you that his time here at Notre Dame has been extremely formative for him. It’s been a journey for him." When you have a 3-Tech his size (who can also play the Nose) that can hit the QB like that, you have something very special. 

He is big, quick, and strong. "So the 3-(Tech) really just gives him the ability to be a penetrator," Kelly said. "The 1-(Tech), you obviously have to anchor a lot more. We want to use his quickness, his ability, his length to create a new line of scrimmage. He’ll be difficult to block at the Three." He knows how to use his blast off and hands to get to the QB.
He looks like a traditional 5-Tech, but he is penetrating and destroying plays right off the snap, like a Warren Sapp 3-Tech. "This year, he’s been forced to be a leader much more than he has ever been at any time," Kelly said, "He’s one of our swat team leaders, So he’s been pushed out into a position of leadership, which requires accountability. It’s not like we snapped our fingers and he’s the best Captain we’ve ever had or the best leader. But he’s working on those [leadership skills]. And he’s getting better at it." At his size and length that is just incredible. 

HONORS AND AWARDS: Bednarik Award Watch List (2018). Outland Trophy Watch List (2018). Bronko Nagurski Trophy Watch List (2018). Moose Krause Lineman of the Year (2017). Notre Dame Defensive Newcomer of the Year (2015)
JUNIOR SEASON (2017): Saw action in and started all 13 games. Helped a Notre Dame defense that improved by at least 20 spots in the FBS rankings in third down conversion percentage, interceptions, rushing defense, scoring defense, passing efficiency defense, sacks, tackles for loss and turnovers gained. Irish were the last team in the FBS to surrender more than 20 points in a game (Irish allowed 20 points or less over each of their first eight games)
Notre Dame allowed only four plays of 40 yards or longer in 2017—the second-fewest of any team in the FBS. The Irish allowed only one play of 50 yards or longer in 2017—the second-fewest of any team in the FBS. Registered 56 tackles, 25 solo stops, 9.0 tackles for loss, 4.5 sacks, 11 quarterback hurries and one forced fumble. Led the team in quarterback hurries and sacks
Third on the team, and tops among defensive lineman, with 9.0 TFLs. Sixth on the team and tops among all defensive linemen in tackles. Registered a season-high seven tackles, including four solo stops, and one sack at Boston College (Sept. 16). Recorded five tackles and two quarterback hurries against Georgia (Sept. 9). Collected three tackles, 1.5 sacks, one forced fumble and one quarterback hurry against Miami, Ohio (Sept. 30). Registered five tackles, one for loss, and two quarterback hurries at North Carolina (Oct. 7). Recorded six tackles, all solo stops, a career-best three tackles for loss, one sack and two quarterback hurries at Stanford (Nov. 25). Registered four tackles, half a sack and one quarterback hurry against LSU (Jan. 1).

Here is a Tape of him at 5-Tech in 2016. He has been play 3-Tech, and shooting the gap right in front of the QB this season, like Sapp. He was a big beast inside, playing two-gap DL, and absorbing doubles to free up other guys. And he could still stack and shed the double team. 




*Christian Wilkins- 6-4, 297, #42



07/2018: Vs Auburn 2017: I don't think he comes out (how's that for a prediction;), but he does have that knack for finding the ball carrier. They are doubling him on passing downs inside much more this season. He has been disappointing so far this season. They moved him all over last season, and now he seems to have a set position at DT. 

Then he exploded upfield past the OC and ORG, and tackles the RB for a loss. Then he was triple teamed at the point, shed all three and got out in front of the RB. He is so amazing sometime. He will hustle down filled on short throws over he middle, and devastate the RB from behind. Saying he was a little disappointing this season may have been a disappointing statement.

07/2017: He rushed at NT one play, where it is just too easy to double him. But it did lead to a sack by a teammate. Nice job grabbing OL as he reads the play, and then shoving him off and going after the ball. I'd like to see him in ore one gap situations. I do not like him rushing right on the Nose. Triple teamed in the rush again. They have to get him off the Nose in the rush. He ends up looking at the QB too much as he uses his arm to push off rushers, but does get up field.

 Super athlete freak who played mostly DE last season, but dominated when he was able to get snaps inside at DT. "My strength is just as good as it has ever been so I’m even stronger," Wilkins said. "I got stronger this summer. So I can play at it. I just wanted to be at a good healthy weight so I could last really." He is a scary athlete who just got scarier.

As an oversized D-end he incredibly set a Clemson record for DLs with 10 PBU last season, and is now lighter and quicker. "I definitely feel it," Wilkins said. "At the tail end of the season I was at 310 or 315, and now at 297. I’m not as gassed out there. I’m running and I’m feeling good. I’m running like a gazelle, or something out there. So I’m definitely feeling good and seeing the difference." Seriously, that is just scary.

He was great on the edge last season at 315. "It’s been everything I dreamed of, everything I could have hoped for,” said Wilkins, a 6-4, 310-pound junior. “I won a national championship. But I was also challenged off the field. I’ll get a degree in December. I have great teammates challenging me to be my best on the field and off the field as well." Plus, he scored a TD on offense last season. 

He ran for a TD off a fake punt. "It’s about not just filling your [incoming] class, but getting the right guys," Swinney said about Wilkins and Dexter Lawrence. "Guys who fit your culture. Who love football. Guys you don’t have to chase into the weight room. Guys who pursue excellence in everything they do." He also blocked a field goal, and now he's lighter and more explosive?

Everyone seems to think he will move inside to DT, but he was a DE-edgerusher last season. "I’m quicker, I’m faster and I’m still strong," Wilkins said after losing 15-18 pounds this off season. "I’m comfortable at 297 right now. It gives me the ability to play wherever and to play a lot of snaps." He is good at setting the edge.

But he will get over aggressive sometimes and charge the QB or RB. "We wouldn’t have gotten Christian Wilkins seven years ago," Swinney said. "Now, we’ve got some results that we can share: The academic success, the athletic success. We can say, 'That's what we do.'" Now he just has to turn that elite talent into Sacks. 

08/2018: Wilkins is the real deal. He plays a lot of Nose Tackle, when I don't think he is a nose tackle. I don't like the way they use him in their two-gap system. I think he will explode in the NFL in a one-gap system. But he does a great job stacking and shedding, and finding the ball right in the middle of the line. He is also much better at bursting up the middle and hurting the QB than Hurst.



*Raekwon Davis- 6-7, 308, #99



10/2018: He is also not producing this season like I expected. But he is a big menace right in front of the QB. Nice swim over the ORG into the RB. He will line up on the Nose on 3rd and very longs. Like Oliver, he has no Sacks this Season. He was expected to help the rush more, with all the edge guys they lost last season. 

He has to start hitting the QB more. “I think Raekwon is a guy that, it’s really important to him to be a good player," Saban said. "He works really hard, he gives great effort." That's great, but that ain't gonna get him drafted in the top five. 

Junior (2018): Leader in the vaunted Alabama defensive front ... established himself as one of the top defensive line prospects a year ago ... recorded a team-leading five quarterback pressures in addition to 17 tackles this season with 1.5 going for a loss (-5 yards) ... tabbed as a second team All-America candidate by four outlets and a third-team selection by one other publication in the preseason ... appeared on the Bednarik and Walter Camp Player of the Year award watch lists ... also a preseason Nagurski Trophy candidate ... earned defensive player of the week honors from the Alabama coaches for his play against Arkansas State and Louisiana. Louisville: Registered four tackles against the Cardinals, including one for loss (-3 yards). Arkansas State: Collected two tackles against the Red Wolves ... earned defensive player of the week recognition from the Tide coaching staff along with his starting defensive linemates for his efforts. Ole Miss: Dominant off the edge, totaled three tackles including half a stop for loss (-2 yards) to go with a quarterback hurry ... played a key role in limiting the conference’s top scoring offense to only seven points on the night. Texas A&M: Spent the afternoon in the Aggie backfield, contributing a career-high four quarterback hurries ... added a season-high tying four tackles ... provided pressure to force the A&M signal-caller into two interceptions. Louisiana: Paced all Tide defensive linemen with four tackles against the Ragin’ Cajuns ... earned defensive player of the week recognition from the UA coaching staff for his performance.

07/2018: He is a monster of a man. "He's humongous, he's like 6-8," Jonathan Allen said. "He's huge. Easily the biggest defensive lineman I've played with." Who actually led Alabama in Sacks last season with 8.5, to go along with 69 Tackles, and 10 TFL. 

He is great playing at arms length, and does a good job staying low. "It's probably difficult for him, I'm not very sure," Allen said, when asked about Davis's height Vs shorter OGs. "But he's doing a great job of it. As a freshman, there's still a lot of room for improvement, and a lot of room for him to work. He's just trying to get better and trying to listen to the older guys and work hard." He has great long arms that help keep OLs off his body.

He can set the edge, and then shed the ORT and make the stop on short yardage. Great power and eyes. Nice power to shed. Terrific quick hands on the stack and shed. He plays on the right side of the QB, and stuffs the run as well as anyone. Great inside club. Uses his outside hand to jab the OL off balance. 

"Davis, a physically-impressive player, mostly has played a supporting role in Nick Saban's front," Dane Brugler wrote. "But he is due for a breakout campaign this fall (even after leading the Tide with 8.5 sacks as a part-time starter in 2017). His mix of foot quickness, flexibility and raw power is a scary combination when used in unison."

He has that nose for the ball. He can hold off three blockers at the point, get pushed back, and still stay in front of the RB and make the tackle. Then he'll push the ORT up, and grab the RB as he tries to run under him. When they let him just blast off, he can burst past the NT inside at a 45-degree angle. This guy is an NFL 5-Tech waiting to happen. 

"Alabama has been cranking out top talents along the defensive line hand over fist and Davis is the next one up. At 6-7 and 306 pounds (school measurements), Davis is among the new breed of defenders who fit cleanly in both 4-3 and 3-4 fronts," Zierlein wrote. "His frame is chiseled with outstanding lean muscle mass, long arms and a solid anchor at the point of attack. Davis is well-schooled at striking first, getting arm extension and shedding blockers to attack ball carriers. Davis has plus potential as a pass rusher, but still needs development in that area. While Houston's Ed Oliver is the better player right now, Davis has the elite physical traits teams covet."
Nice heavy hands. I love how he controls blockers with his hands. Nice job finding the RB cutting back in traffic. He can get into the backfield and grab the RB and force the QB to keep it on the option. Great explosion off the snap when he guesses right. 
2017 Mississippi ST: He has that knack for getting were he wants to on the field. Great job moving laterally down the line, and keeping in front of the RB. He was the best Alabama DL moving laterally with a blocker in his shirt last season. I thought he played better at 5-Tech than DT. Sets the edge so naturally at 5-Tech. Then sheds the ORT with his hands and hip torque like a bear. Slides inside with his hands on the ORT seemingly at will.


9.8 Production


Austin Bryant- 6-5, 265, #7



11/2017: He has incredible size and speed for, huh, anybody. "It’s just hard to find guys that are 260, 280, 300 that move the way that they can," Hale said. "There’s not many out there, and Clemson’s got four of them." Clemson has three DLs who should be 1st Round picks in this Draft.

Bryant has been having a great season. "One of the funniest things is, I think their best lineman or most productive one so far has been Austin Bryant," Hale said. "And he was sort of looked at as the other guy on the line." He has a nice second bust, when he slows for the play action, and then bursts again upfield when he sees it. 
He uses excellent hand technique. "One thing we’ve been harping on these past few days is sprint into the bye week, not limp into it," Bryant said. "We really want to finish the first half of the season out strong. And then going to the bye week, we’ll get our legs back up under us and get ready for a sprint to the finish line. Any opportunity you get to play, you have to take advantage of it." He still falls for play action a lot. 

He has been playing on a sprained ankle. "We felt like we weren’t going to hold anything back," Bryant said about playing on his bad ankle. "I told the coaches I was ready to go and it didn’t feel like I was [had] strain. I didn’t feel like I was going to be limping out there. That was the game plan and we ran with it." I like how he sets the edge, and still get in on the tackle. 

The whole team got a jolt when they were upset by Syracuse. "We just wanted to get that swagger back on both sides of the ball," Bryant said. "There was a lot of self evaluating. It was just us telling everybody, 'Just stick together. Don’t let that [horrible] moment define us.' We know what type of team we’ve got." Great job changing direction when the RB cuts back, and he can still take him down. 



*Rashan Gary- 6-5 287, #3



07/2018: I think he is more of an Edge guy than a DT. Still better exploding up field than turning the corner. Once he learns to bend a little better, watch out. He dashes inside quick from the wide-9. He can stop the draw from the edge. He really plays all over, on both sides, and often inside. Great versatility. He is a big edge guy. He will play the 5-Tech in Odd fronts. 

He has the size and hands to stack and shed on the edge. Great twitch in stack and shed. He plays on both sides of the line. Great hustle. Needs to read it a tick quicker. Nice Rip around the Corner.  He needs to find the ball more. Has to improve his instincts, and read and react less. 

Plays and stays low, very well. Like most of the DLs in this Draft, we have seen more potential than production. He uses his explosion to run past the QB too much. He can burst though a Gap, and find the RB in the backfield. He will probably stay in school one more year, unless he turns his elite movements skills into production. 

Needs better eyes. He gets fooled and doesn't hold his position, which allows teams to run behind him. Very good stunter, who can flash inside and take out the ORG and the OC, so the DT can break free outside. He is also very slippery stunting inside, and getting in the QB's face right up the middle, when the DT blocks for him. They have him spy the QB. When the QB takes off he will chase him 30-yards downfield. The other OLs will double and even triple him occasionally (okay, so I saw him tripled once;). 



*Deandre Baker- 5-11, 180, #18



07/2018: He can get physical with his hands in Press at the LOS. He has the hips and speed to turn and run with anyone down the sideline. He can make a play on the ball when the WR tries to break over the middle. Nice job shadowing and locking onto the WR outside. 

He gets back to the WR quickly in Off coverage, when the QB throws to him. Great feet moving backwards and then bursting forward. Still more elite athlete than elite Corner. Better in Press than off, where he can grab, turn, and just run with the WR. 

He has some great snap in his hips. No trouble turning and running instantly with WR down the sideline. He will give up some space to throw into when the WR breaks off the pattern and comes back to the QB. He will step out of Press, and play almost like a FS sometimes. 

2017 Tennessee: Love the snap in the hips. He is a more a dive at the legs tackler than a form tackler. Excellent job turning and running inside with the WR, and then stopping and getting back outside to make the tackle on the RB. He can take a false step forward off playaction, and still snap his hips back and run with the WR down the sideline. 

They use him in a lot of different ways with a lot of different techniques, but he lines up on the QB's left every time. I love when he gets low and aggressive in Press. He is more of a finesses Press guy sometimes, but he can get physical with his inside hand sometimes. He can make the play on the WR and the ball 40-yards down field. 

I like how he locks onto the WR at the exception of everyone else. Nice jam with his outside hand on the outside release in Press. Solid tackler. Not a big help in the run game inside, but he protects the sideline with some nice tackling. He moves back sideways to watch the QB and WR with interesting speed. 



**Greedy Williams- 6-2, 182, RS-Soph, #29  



07/2018: He is a great shut down Corner who was voted an all-American this year. He does a good job stuffing the run on the edge. He got his sixth INT in the Bowl Game against ND. He can come off his zone, when he sees he ball in the air, and go and get it. 

He garnered 6 INTs, and 32 return yards last season. He also lead the nation with 15 PBU. "I felt a little underrated," Williams said about his being recruited. "But I knew, it was just all politics." He got in on 38 tackles.

Great athlete with the speed and COD to play Corner in the NFL. "I got my nickname when I was seven months," Williams said. "My mom had my aunt watching me. My aunt said I was drinking a lot of milk. From there, she had named me Greedy Deedy. My mom took the Deedy off. Now I’m just Greedy." If has as good a year this year as last year? 
He will be a top five pick. "He just told me over my shoulder one day at practice, 'I know, bro. I gotta make those plays,'" Williams said about Dupre. "They actually listened, gave me some respect and listen. The other guys were saying what I was saying." He has shown to be a tough leader.
A guy his teammates really respect, and listen too "Greedy, he definitely don’t mind getting in the driver’s seat, trying to take over," Ex-LSU WR Chark. "I like Greedy’s attitude. You can beat him on a play, but he’s still going to come back on the next play. It’s very exciting. It makes practice fun." He seemed to come out of nowhere last season. So we'll have to see if he can keep it up this Year.
2018: Continuing the tradition of DBU as one of the top lockdown corners in all of college football ... Cornerback with a big frame ... Has great instincts and tremendous ball skills ... Finished with six interceptions to lead the Southeastern Conference and finish with the third most in the country ... Became the first LSU player since Craig Steltz in 2007 to lead the SEC in interceptions ... His 1.3 passes defended per game were amongst the best in the SEC and in the nation ... The third player in the SEC since 2008 to lead the league in passes defended and interceptions ... Full name is Andraez but goes by Greedy ... Grandmother nicknamed him Greedy when he was young.
REDSHIRT FRESHMAN SEASON (2017): The top freshman cornerback in all of college football ... Started every game at left cornerback for LSU ... Totaled six interceptions for 32 return yards ... Finished with 38 tackles, 17 passes defended and 11 pass breakups ... Intercepted passes against BYU, Chattanooga, Arkansas and Texas A&M for no return ... Took the opening pass against Syracuse 28 yards for his third INT of the year ... Also had an interception for four yards in the Citrus Bowl against Notre Dame.
FRESHMAN SEASON (2016): Did not see action and received a redshirt.




*Drew Lock- 6-4, 220, #3



07/2018: I took a late look at him last season. I only watch three games, but I really liked what I saw. He has all the tools in the toolbox. He just needs some more development mentally, and to get the hell out of that QB-killing Red-Raider offense, and fast.  

Like Brady, he is not a good dancer. "When the head coach is mocking your dance move you must be doing something right," Lock said. "You’re not a nobody. You’re definitely doing something that’s catching other people’s attention. I would have been like, 'Damn, coach is balling with us." But when your winning you can do any damn dance you want, even a Dude Chicken Dance, lol (it looked to me like the HC was doing a bad imitation of a bad dance, and not mocking him at all?). 
The most important thing to know this off season is that the HC changed the offense to a Pro-Style offense. "This is exactly what I want to experience," Lock said about the new Pro-Style Offense. "I want to be able to speak ball. I want to be able to talk NFL stuff with NFL people and I wasn’t going to be able to do that." It is the HC's job to win, not to run Pro Style stuff.

But Damn! They could help these kids develop a little more. "It's more complicated of an offense, but I do think it’s easier," Lock said. "It was a little more guessing games last year, on what I thought receivers were going to run. And this year I have it set in stone what they're doing every single play. It makes me a lot more comfortable back there. I know exactly what's going on." With QB's of his talent, it is all mental for him.

So he made the right decision coming back. "Coach Odom told me he wanted the best decision for me. If I was declaring for the draft, he would support me," Lock said. "But he also said If I thought about returning, he would involve me in the search process [for a new OC]. That’s when Coach and I really developed a deep bond." They went to the NFL to get a guy who coached in an NFL offense.

This is the third system Lock has learned in four years. "I decided Coach Dooley could really help me prepare for the NFL, he had worked there for the past five years," Lock said. "I used to worry about learning a new offense. But now I realize it’s going to give me great experience. How many other college quarterbacks know three offensive systems? I bet not many." It is all mental for him, and learning multiple systems does nothing but help him mentally. 

And if he shows he can grasp his third system, an NFL System, he will be the first QB taken in this Draft. "Drew is very creative, a free spirit, and I would be a fool to box him in," Dooley said. "I coach like I parent. If you spend all your time telling them what to do, they don’t reach their potential as people or players. You have to let them think for themselves. My job is to guide them. He wants to be a pro someday. I treat him like a Pro, treat him like a man. He’s earned that." Or, he could slip down to the Patriots.

02/2017: Lock is a young strong armed spread QB. He may or may not be coming out. But if he does the Pats should be interested. Brady is showing some wear and tear this season, and the Pats will have to draft a young developmental QB in this Draft (He has my "I'd like him on the Pats" seal of approval;). 
He has not decided whether he is coming out yet or not, but most seem to think that his HC leaving will prompt him to leave for the NFL Draft (his HC stayed;). "Not too much," Lock said, "At the beginning, it was all coming out, [everyone said] 'Heupel left, so Drew’s leaving now.' But really I’m on the same course as to making a decision. It (isn't) a huge factor in my decision." He could be on the Board between 30 and 40. 
Smart kid who has played in two different offences in three years. "It speaks a lot to have a quarterback who comes in and learns three different systems as far as being able to relay that at the next level," his OC in 2015 John Henson said. "If a guy does come in here with a brand new offense, with the players we have and the mindset I would have going into it, I think we’d be just fine." There is a lot of turmoil in Missouri right now.
I am in the crowd that thinks he's gone (and I was wrong;). "We run the same plays with Drew that we do with Maty," Pinkel said. "[Lock] moves in the pocket well. I think he has pretty good instincts back there. He doesn’t have Maty’s foot speed, but not too many quarterbacks do. But again, he’s got to be who he is." He can take the big hit, and complete the next pass.
He also throws well on the move. "(Lock has) that playmaking ability, the understanding of spacing, the understanding of where the ball is going to go," Thomas said. "He’s a competitor. It’s almost, for people to understand it, it’s what Johnny Manziel does with his teams. When he steps on the field, you always feel like you have a chance to win." TMIWTMIL 

07/2018 Vs Auburn: He is playing against a much more talented defense in this game. A top five College defense. He has the head fake (:01). He played in a gross flat-footed offense last season, but did you see his nice quick three-step drop there. There is hope in Whoville (:09). You always have to look at Spread QB's feet to see if they instinctually move them, when the offense doesn't call for it.

Watch the flat footed feet. They don't move an inch. He hops to the side for the I-N-T. There is a huge difference between playing Auburn and East Kalamazoo school of Hair Design. And a gigantic difference moving up to the NFL (:20). 3rd and 7, he didn't panic as the pocket collapsed around him, and picked up the First (1:21). Then he threw to the right guy, as the CB had to grab him to stop the pass. 

3rd and 10, he completed the pass to the inside screener (1:49). He smartly dumped the pass into the dirt as the screen was overwhelmed, which set up 3rd and 10. He looked to his second WR and threw it low and outside, away from the defender. That was a great NFL 3rd down throw that his WR has to catch (2:35). 3rd and 3, he rolled out against the intense pressure and hit his guy for the First (3:01). That is three straight NFL throws on 3rd down, against maybe the top College defense last year (only Alabama can claim better;).

3rd and 6, nice drop. When his feet are under him in his drop, he has better accuracy. Fourth great throw on 3rd down (3:54). Please don't run. OH! Now that was a great brain scrambling hit (4:36). This might be the most important throw for his NFL potential. He took the gigantic hit, the helmet to facemask devastating hit, and it is 3rd down (4:54). This is the next play after the brain scrambling hit. I like the Brady pop up after the big hit, like he liked it. Oh! He found a receiver but was wiped out as he threw. That was a shame. I really wanted to see if he could complete that pass.

After all that failure, hits, and scare (that it was a fumble), he completed his next pass on the next series. That was a great NFL throw (5:55). 3rd and 5 or 6, Great NFL throw to the slot guy on the curl In. That made him 4 for 5 for four Firsts on 3rd down (6:50). Nice throw away to get to 3rd and 8, but the RB was covered on Screen. Nice grounding: 5 for 7 on 3rd down (7:54). Oh, 3rd down again. 3rd and 3, he dumped it off to the wing for a hope and a prayer. 6 for 8 for four Firsts. 

And the game just got ugly after this. I didn't mean for this to be a manuscript on the life and folly of Drew Lock. It was suppose to be a quick tape. But you were able to see a lot of great aspects of Lock's game, on 3rd down, against the closest thing to an NFL Defense there was last year. He needs to show improvement in the new Pro-style offense. But he did show he had some clutch in him on 3rd down. Which is a must have first step to developing into an NFL QB (I mean, after all the physical traits that we know he has;). 

9.7 QB


*Noah Fant- 6-5, 241, 42-Vert (U), #87, 



10/2018: Fant took a huge step up this season, epically in blocking. With all the stuff going on with Gronk, if he is on the Board when the Pats pick, I would be shocked if BB could pass on him. He has been great this season, blocking inline and getting open and catching everything thrown to him.

09/2018: I am not the biggest Noah Fant fan. But where there is smoke there is usually fire. There is enough heat around him to see someone is spilling the NFL beans. He has gained 8-pounds of muscle since last season (233 to 241). He led all TEs last season with 11 TDs. 

He plays for Iowa so you know he can run block. "My big thing for spring ball was my run blocking technique," Fant said. "That is always something I want to get better at. That is always something I feel I can improve on." That is a sign he understands his weaknesses, and what he has to improve to play in the NFL.

He is being coached by the HC's son Brian Ferentz, who was the TE coach for the Pats in the 2010 and 2011 seasons. "He taught me it’s always about keeping your feet running and keeping your hands inside," Gronkowski said about Brian. "Like when you’re pushing a car. What are you going to do? You’re not going to push like one-legged duck paddles. You’re going to run your feet, just like you’re running." If you're a TE  than doing anything Gronk does to prepare for football is smart (including wearing his number;).
So he is working with an NFL Tight End coach (who is being trained to be Iowa's HC;). "You can look at a thousand things," David Ferentz said. "But I think at the end of the day, what you’re trying to do is make sure you’re doing things you need to do to win ball games." I'm sold already.

Okay, let's see what I'm missing. He gets into the defender, almost like he was blocking, and pushed off (:01). He got his hands into the DE's shirt, Nice technique, but didn't have the strength or position to hold on (:06). Motion TE. He seemes to mostly run stops (:12). He likes to put a little waggle in his routes (:19). He put a little wiggle in that Out.

He is running a pattern, but that is how we'd like to see him block (:23). He got position. Than grabbed his arm instead of his shirt. But it worked for the RB who hopped around him (:31). He is really more of an H-back. I'm calling him an H-back for now on. He looks ugly-ugly-ugly running those stupid Digs and blocking (:38). Then he breaks free in space like a ballerina and scores. Of all his traits I like, a nose for the endzone is his best trait. He led all H-backs (and TEs;) with 11 TD receptions in 2017. 

He lined up in the slot like an H-back/WR. He started blocking a little early. But he held shirt and moved laterally for over three seconds. That is impressive (:53). I think he looks a little stiff like Gronk when he runs patterns (:59). Runs the seam, and then pushes off to get open (1:06). When the QB throws it to him he catches it. That is a great catch through contact. He got crushed in the back (1:12). He finds the rusher late. But he shows nice form in pass pro, and stones the big LB (1:20). Any signs of great blocking is a big deal for him in the Draft.

That was a nice Post. If the QB threw the ball, it was a TD (1:29). He simply has to hold on better in pass pro (1:35). That was a great block. He hit the inside guy, and held on as the OLB hit him and tried to get around him (1:42). It might not have been on purpose, but he kept three defenders out of that play. 

9.7 TE


*Jonah Williams- 6-5, 301, #73



08/2017: He gets his hands out wide too much. He has to keep them high and tight consistently to play in the NFL. He wants to grab short outside the shoulders too much. He uses his feet very well to keep his position, but his hands need work.
He will start slow sometimes, and look very average. He can struggle to get to the second level on run downs. Nice fighter on the edge. When he gets position with his feet he is very tough to beat. He is a beast blocking down on the DT on short yardage. He seems to get better as the game goes on. 
He can whiff on the quick inside move. He can slide back smoothly, and once he gets his hands in a shirt he does not let go. Good feet moving way outside on the outside blitz. Plays best when he can forklift his hands up and push the rusher off his leverage.



*Brice Love-  6', 202, #5, 



07/2018: Bryce Love: Fighting For Respect.

10/2017: He is the third best player I've seen this season (maybe the first;). "What separates Bryce for me is the yards after contact," Stanford HC David Shaw said. "Whereas you’ve got bigger backs around the nation that are physical guys that bounce off and make big plays, nobody’s doing what Bryce has done this year, which is lead the nation in yards after contact. A lot of his big runs. Some of them are well-blocked and everybody’s blocked, and a lot of them aren't. He’s running through an arm tackle. He’s making a guy miss. He’s coming up on a safety, and making a guy miss , and accelerating and going full-speed, like he did against Arizona State, like he did against Utah." Elite speed, with much more power in his legs than you'd think from a high school sprinter.  

McCaffrey was a runningback that ran like a sprinter, while Love is a sprinter who runs like a runningback. "The big thing with it . and Christian had the same thing . just always believe, have that belief," Love said. "I'm not big with numbers and stuff like that but why not come in and have however many yards? The big thing with me and him is just we always wanted to win." Love is better than Christian, who was the 8th pick in the Draft.

He is not just fast, he is faster than McCaffrey, he is faster than everybody. "We all knew he had blazing speed, even his freshman year," WR Arcega-Whiteside said. "We all saw the potential in him. Having guys like Christian in front of him for Bryce to take notes on is a pretty good role model." He is also tough to bring down, because he is built so low and wide, like Barry Sanders (that's right I said Barry Sanders).

"Those are plays that nobody else in America is making. Not just, 'Oh, he got hit and he dragged the guy for five yards.' He’s done that, too, but a lot of his big runs have come when he should be, quote-unquote, tackled," Shaw said. "And not only does he make more yards, he actually scores touchdowns. And those are the plays that change games. Those are the plays that make him, to me, special. And make him unique in college football right now.” 

He does a good job getting into position to pick up the blitzer. Great quick adjustments on the second level to make LBs miss. He has a great quick twitch to the outside that freezes LB and DBs on the 2nd and 3rd levels. He can get low and cut the LB blitzing up the middle. Elite speed that makes guys miss outside, just because they cannot close the angle. 

He broke McCaffrey's single game rushing record against UCLA. "He's got so much speed and so much explosion, we all know this was going to happen," coach Shaw said. "How many yards and what people say, you never know. But we knew he was a running back and we knew he was going to get the tough yards. All he needed was carries." After five games he was still averaging an impossible 11.1 YPC. 

9.8 RB


*Dre'Mont Jones- 6-3, 295. #86


Ohio ST

07/2018: He can shove the OG to the ground right off the snap. "The guy who probably had the best spring of anybody on our team is Dre'Mont Jones," OSU HC Urban Meyer said. "He was outstanding. For a guy to come back when a lot of people thought he should leave, a lot of times we have to deal with, whether it be effort issues or 'Why am I doing this?' [Off and on field] Issues" [He has] zero. And that’s a credit to his family and [DL coach] Larry Johnson. He had a great spring. And if he continues his development, he can be one of the best in America at what he does." Excellent reacting and redirecting when the play breaks down and directions change. 

When the O-line doesn't block him, he goes instantly for the QB. "Dre'Mont has gone to another level," Johnson said. "He understands what it takes to be a great player. The reason he came back was because he wants to be a great player. And to do that you’ve got to go to work. And the way he is working right now, it’s off the charts." Good stack and shed player. 

I think he is better one gapping. "He did not come into the spring to try to get through it like a lot of guys would who have the talent and have had the kind of season he had last year," Schiano said. "He came through the spring trying to improve his game, and he did that.... And if he continues his development, he can be one of the best in America at what he does." But they do have him stack, read, and shed. And he does it well. 

It is hard to believe with all the DLs they had drafted last year that they have another two elite DL prospects. "The physical aspects, I feel like I could have done well, football-wise," Jones said. "But mentally I felt like I wasn’t there. I felt like I needed the extra maturity for my mind, and then your body will come along with it. I just felt like I needed an extra year really to just grow. D-tackle is a very taxing position. I need to develop my body as much as I can." Jones was their best inside DL last season.  

He will line up on both sides of the OC. He seems more comfortable on the Strong side. He can hold the point against the double, drop to one knee, get up, and still get his hand on the RB. Terrific spin move on the Nose that he uses to break free to the QB. Very aggressive, and gets suckered by the Screen a little too easily sometimes. 

He will line up on the Nose. Plays with forceful hands, and hip torque. Likes to grab the OC, and shove him off to the left, as he breaks right. Very quick off the snap. He will line up at DT, and can beak outside the ORG in a flash. Very quick hands to grab blockers arms and shove them off. 
Ohio State Overview: Back-to-back terrific seasons has positioned fourth-year junior defensive tackle Dre’mont Jones as one of the top defenders on the Ohio State defense for the 2018 season … the veteran of 25 games and 23 starts has 72 career tackles and nine tackles-for-loss, for losses totaling 26 yards … Jones earned third-team all-Big Ten Conference honors in 2017 and he was named a game “champion” by OSU coaches seven times last season, including player of the game honors vs. UNLV … he red-shirted the 2015 season and then had a breakthrough season in 2016 when he moved into a starting defensive tackle position as a red-shirt freshman and was a 12-game starter by season’s end … Jones finished as the team’s leading tackler among defensive line players with 52 total tackles as a freshman … registered a personal-best eight stops in the overtime win at Wisconsin and seven in the overtime win over Michigan … he is a two-time OSU Scholar-Athlete who is majoring in sociology … spent a week this past summer in Manchester, N.H., interning with the Drug Enforcement Administration.
Notable Note: Jones is one of three freshmen defensive linemen – the others are Dan Wilkinson (10 starts in 1992) and Luke Fickell (12 starts in 1993) – to start 10 or more games during a freshman season. Jones started 12 in 2016.
Honors & Awards
2017: Third-team all-Big Ten Conference, Academic All-Big Ten, OSU Scholar-Athlete.
2016: Freshman All-American (Football Writers Association of America), OSU Scholar-Athlete.

Dre;Mont Jones Vs Michigan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iY7S3AsTNkc

Great look as his great blast off into the backfield (:04). I think 3-Tech is his best NFL position. A one-gapping team will be looking at him closely (:10). Terrific hustle to shove off the two blockers, and then get to the opposite sideline in front of the RB. Not a lot of DTs can do that (:16). Stack and shed with a quick arm over (:24). Then two more blockers hit him. When a guy is tripled, he is the guy the coaches have pointed out. 

He is a half a step ahead of everyone off the snap on almost every play (:30). He gets the inside shoulder of the OG with his great initial burst. Then watch the great agility as he spins back off the block when he saw the pitch (1:06). Another quick spin that got him in better position (1:12). This is the best play of the game. Un-Friggin'-Believable  (1:18). He fights through four blockers to get his hands on the RB, and brings him down. 

He is just so quick and agile. Watch the quicks as he breaks back behind the play action. Then the great agility to spin back inside the RB (1:30). He takes on three blockers at the point to stuff the goal line run. But he fell back as he grabbed the ball carrier (1:36). Watch the quick hip torque to shove off the blocker and grab the RB to almost get the TFL (1:59). Just watch the great instincts and hustle on this play (2:06). He just has to show he can dominate like that as a full time player this season, and has to turn those elite physical traits into Stats. 



*A.J. Brown- 6-1, 225, #1, 


Ole Miss

07/2018: He has a long way to go. "A.J. is very, very driven," Matt Luke said. "He's a tremendous player. He's a tremendous competitor. And it's been fun to really watch him push the other receivers and other receivers push and continue to develop." He was a Slot WR last season. 

He is going to step up as an outside starter this season. "I'm looking for him to get one year better in this offense," Ole Miss HC Luke said. "I think continuity is huge. I think that's a big advantage we have coming back, is having the same coordinators on offense and defense, being able to keep that continuity and getting one year better." Good hands catching the quick ball naturally. 

He never seems to fight the ball with his hands. "He’s a very big guy,” MCU FS Mark McLaurin said. "You don’t find too many like him. He’s very physical and fast." Sometimes just a shover, but will block for his teammates. 

He will line up in both Slots, and rarely outside. "A.J. is very, very driven," coach Luke said. "He is a tremendous player. He is a tremendous competitor, and it's been fun to really watch him push the other receivers and the other receivers continue to develop." Catches it smoothly through contact. 

He can run over the DBs, and keep going. "I'm looking for him to get one year better, and in this offense, I think continuity is huge," coach Luke said. "I think that's a big advantage we have coming back, having the same coordinators on offense and defense, being able to get that continuity and getting that year better." He can make the great adjustment on the ball in the air. 

Fearless going over the middle. Pure slot guy in 2017.  "He's a phenomenal player, and they'll be people try and take him away," coach Luke said about Brown. "But we have D.K. and Lodge there as well. I'm really excited about the leadership that he brings to the table." Nice blend of size, speed, and hands. Strong and tough to bring down.
He is a big WR, who has great hands to go down low and snag the low and inside throw. "Offensively, we return eight starters off one of the top offenses in the conference," coach Luke said. "It all starts up front. Everybody knows about the D-lines in the Southeastern Conference. Up front we have 103 combined starts with our offensive line. We're very, very talented and experienced there. Our receiving corps is one of the best in the country. The N.WO. The Nasty WideOuts. It's very well documented and rightfully so. Those guys are very competitive. They push each other every day to be better, but they're also unselfish. We're really fortunate to have those guys." His final test will come this season. When they move him outside, and he is not just a slot guy anymore. 

07/2018: He was their slot guy (:01). He ran a lot of Slot patterns to get wide open last season (:22). He will turn out of his pattern and block for his teammates (:42). Great job getting open on Outs from the slot. Nice smooth hands catcher (1:01). He can make guys miss with the ball in his hands (1:12). He will turn up field and give a nice thump block, for the WR who catches the ball behind him (1:22). I like his hands (2:06). He is not an easy guy to bring down. 

He can make the great catch through contact. Makes terrific adjustments to the ball in the air through contact. Watch this catch (2:35). He will give fake effort on blocks sometimes  (2:49). But then will come back and make the nice physical block (3:01). He is so good going over the middle, and catching the ball away from his body through contact (3:17). He is just a shove-blocker sometimes (3:33). More consistency on blocking would be good to see this season. 



*Deionte Thompson- 6-2, 196, #14



08/2017: He is very aggressive in run defense. He is a FS not a SS, but he fills the hole as well as any FS in this Draft. I love to watch this kid play. “He does have great range on the back end,” Saban Said. “He is very instinctive. Football is really important to him. He does a great job of preparing every week. We’re proud of the progress he’s made through his career here. He’s been a very productive player here for us.” He is a true Cover One Safety, which helps defense in so many ways. 

He is very aware, and will pick up the TE when everyone else is fooled by the play-action. He can play center field as well as anyone in this Draft. He is a great athlete. He plays a lot of Cover One, which gives Alabama an extra guy in the rush. But he also a great in man coverage. Great ball skills and can play the ball in the air like a center fielder. 

Junior (2018): Talented defensive back who worked his way into the rotation on defense and started the final two games of the 2017 season ... secured the starting safety spot this fall and leads the Tide secondary ... tied for fourth in the SEC with seven passes defensed this season ... recorded a team-leading 36 tackles, including 1.5 tackles for loss (-2 yards) ... also collected five pass breakups and is tied for the team lead with two interceptions totaling 65 return yards ... added one forced fumble and a fumble recovery to his 2018 stats ... selected as one of the UA coaching staff’s defensive players of the week for his play against Louisville, Arkansas State, Ole Miss and Arkansas. Louisville: Made an impact on defense, totaling five tackles, including 1.5 for a loss (-2 yards) ... broke up three passes and added an interception with a return of 25 yards, one of UA’s two for the game ... his performance earned him defensive player of the week recognition from the Tide coaching staff. Arkansas State: Finished second on the team in tackles with six stops ... his efforts against the Red Wolves earned him defensive player of the week accolades from the UA coaches for a second consecutive game. Ole Miss: Picked off his second pass, returning the interception 40 yards to set up a Crimson Tide touchdown ... also paired with Xavier McKinney to force a Jordan Ta’amu fumble in addition to his five tackles against the Rebels. Texas A&M: Recorded four tackles with one pass breakup against the Aggies. Louisiana: Led Alabama in tackles with a career-high seven stops on the day ... directed a defensive secondary that limited the Ragin’ Cajuns to a season-low 88 yards passing. Arkansas: Set a career-high mark for tackles with nine on the day ... added one pass breakup that he nearly picked off to go with a fumble recovery against the Razorbacks ... earned defensive player of the week recognition from the Tide coaches for his efforts in Fayetteville.



*Greg Little- 6-6, 325, #74


Ole Miss

07/2018: He has good feet moving backwards. He has the prerequisite athleticism to play OLT in the NFL. "I can't lie and say I haven't," Little said when asked if he thought about the NFL. "But right now, I'm really focused on: the team, the (O)-Line, getting better as a person, getting better as a player, getting everyone else around me better. After the season, when that time comes, the time comes." He has to keep his hands high and tight if he wants to play in the NFL.

He goes wide with his hands too much. "I've challenged him this spring to make everyone else around him better," Coach Luke said. "Don't just be satisfied with being a good player but take a leadership role, get out of his comfort zone and make everyone else around you better." He can show some great quick feet moving backwards. 

He slides outside smoothly when the D-line slants to his side. "Greg is an extremely talented individual," Rawlings said. "He's athletic. He's kind of that special player to play with." Blocks down a ton on the DT.

He can make the big impact on short yardage. "I think it’s a learning process of getting your body to the most efficient weight that you can, and I think he’s found what he’s comfortable with," Luke said. "He came in maybe a little heavy then lost it all. (Strength) coach (Paul) Jackson has done a good job of building it back up, so he’s got good weight on right now. I think he’s right where he needs to be." He has to stay and play lower. 
If worse comes to worse he can move inside to OG, where has always been very effective blocking down on DTs and 5-Techs (:01). He can get to the 2nd level and grab the Mike (:15). He is so good at stoning the big DT at the line (1:03). Watch the quick twitch inside (1:11). Then the quicks to redirect and seal the DE behind the play. 

He blocks inside on the DTs a little too much for my taste (1:21). He blocks so well on the move (1:36). You can see some quick twitch in his feet moving backwards (1:55). He seems to get better as the game goes on. 

He will get his hands outside the shoulders sometimes. That has to stop (2:04). It's always better to see the feet from this camera angle. But you get a better look at his strong hands on this play (2:57). He does a little dance with his quick feet (3:10). He still has some technique issues to work on.

He has that weird skip inside, which bring him to the DL a little too high. You can see the DL get under him and jam him up with his outside hand. But Little is so strong and balanced that he still stones the DL anyway (3:19). He got a little flat footed, when the DE stunted inside (3:26). But watch the reactions as he turned and knocked the DT's block off. 

I'm not enamored with his kickslide. I think it needs some work, but he gets to where he needs to get too, and stops the rusher (3:35). He gets his hands on the DE, and not only powers him backwards, but drags him inside (3:42). Terrific position that forced the DE into the RB (3:51). Great position that doesn't even allow the D-end to turn (3:26). With OLs they can look less athletic sometimes, because of their size. But once he warms up, he doesn't give up anything on the Edge.



Zach Allen- 6-5, 285, #2



07/2018: Allen is not as good a rusher as Landry was. "Harold was a great role model how to conduct yourself. He was a true professional in all facets on the field and off the field," Allen said. "I think just kind of following his example, leading into last year, kind of helped me learn how to be a true professional football player. And I think kind of helped me with that breakout year, just seeing how this all facets of his life, nutrition, working out extra, whatever it is, he really was a great example." Allen has better prototypical NFL size than Landry. 

He has the measurables that NFL teams want, and may have worked himself up to 285-pounds (listed weight is not always the actual weight;). "He's a tremendous hard worker. He's huge. He's hard to block. I block him every day," TE Tommy Sweeney said. "Well, line up against him every day. Sometimes I block him, sometimes he gets me, and tremendous competitor. He's got some crazy style. He was one of two defensive linemen with 100 tackles last year. That speaks for itself. He's pretty uncommon and he's pretty unique and a great kid. He works his tail off, and he's a tremendous football player." He can play standing up, and with his hand down on the edge. 

He also has the size to play some inside rusher on obvious passing downs. "With Harold, obviously having him on the other side of the line definitely helped out a lot. But even when he went down, having Wyatt Ray come in was really a seamless transition. He's an elite end, too," Allen said. "So I don't think too much is really going to change this year. And then nutrition, you can't outwork a bad diet. So I know personally, I worked really hard with our nutritionist, Joan. She's been fantastic. She's probably the most qualified nutritionist you can get. So she definitely has helped me out, and I'm looking forward to see how it pays off this year." He can also step outside and cover. 

He garnered 3 PBUs last season, to go along with 15.5 TFLs, and 100 tackles, but only 4 Sacks. "It's definitely tough [playing in the ACC], especially with these quarterbacks getting faster," Allen said. "It's like defending against two running backs. It's a challenge, but I think last year when we went on that little winning stretch, we figured out how to play against those offenses. But they're only going to get faster and they're only going to get more complex. I think we have the right attitude about it coming in every week and preparing, so really excited to face some new challenges this year." To me, he has to prove he has that knack for hitting the quarterback that set Landry apart from the rest. 

Tackles: 14 vs. No. 16 Virginia Tech, 10/7/17
Tackles for loss: 3.0 (2x), last at Syracuse, 11/25/17
Sacks: 2.0 vs. Maryland, 12/26/16
Fumbles Recovered: 1 (2x) last at NC State, 10/29/16
Interceptions: 1 vs. Central Michigan, 9/30/17
2017 (JUNIOR): Started 13 games at defensive end … one of two defensive linemen with 100+ tackles nationally … All-ACC honorable mention selection … ranked second nationally among all defensive linemen with 100 tackles … led BC with six sacks and tied for 10th in BC single-season history with 15.5 tackles-for-loss … named ACC Defensive Lineman of the Week for the first time in his career after career-best 14 tackles and three tackles for loss against No. 16 Virginia Tech (10/7/17) … started season opener at Northern Illinois (9/1/17) and totaled nine tackles … eight tackles, including two behind the line of scrimmage against Wake Forest (9/9/17) … equaled a then career high with nine tackles, including one sack against Notre Dame (9/16/17) … productive game at No. 2 Clemson with eight tackles (9/23/17) … seven tackles, first career interception, two tackles for loss and a sack in the win against Central Michigan (9/30/17) … one of the best performances by a defensive lineman in school history against No. 16 Virginia Tech (10/7/17), finishing with a career-high 14 tackles … totaled three TFLs, one sack and one QB hurry as well against the Hokies … six tackles, including 0.5 TFLs in the 41-10 win at Virginia (10/21/17) … led BC with nine tackles, two pass breakups and a quarterback hurry against No. 23 NC State (11/11/17) … team-high 11 tackles and 1.5 TFLs in the 39-16 victory over UConn at Fenway Park (11/18/17) … four tackles, including three behind the line of scrimmage, in the 42-14 victory at Syracuse (11/25/17) … seven tackles and a sack against Iowa in the New Era Pinstripe Bowl (12/27/17) … CoSIDA Academic all-district selection.



Alex Bars- 6-6, 318, #71


Fighting Irish

09/2018: He is the best OL I have seen so far this season. Stanford stopped rushing his lane in the 3rd. When the DE spun past the OLT to the QB, He was able to retreat and go back and knock him past the QB. Great awareness and instincts in pass pro. 
Nice job blocking down to the left. He does a very good job zone blocking in run game. Great job doubling down on the NT. He can send him sideways like he got hit by a car. They like to run behind him. When he hits guys they go down. He knocks guys sideways like no one I've seen in a while. 

This guy is the most underrated guy in this Draft. He was elite against Stanford. He was injured against Stanford. A defender dived at the RB, and fell onto the back of his leg and bent his knees and ankles into bad positions. He hurt his anckle. Terrible. But he did walk off the field. 
HONORS AND AWARDS: Captain (2018). Sporting News Preseason First-Team All-American (2018). Outland Trophy Watch List (2018).

9.8 OG


*Anthony Johnson- 6-2, 207, #83



10/2018: He is a small school WR, who was a Community College transfer, and he got injured this season. Every game he doesn't start hurts his Draft stock more than Division I guys.  

07/2018: Nice hands quick hands to reach up and snag the high pass. Love his outside release, and once he is free outside, he can track and adjust to the deep pass for the big TD. Tough to tell his speed on the small school level, but he can run past smaller school CBs. He shows that speed at the Combine, he is a top half of the 1st WR. 

Nice release. He has a nice burst and speed down the sideline. Terrific hands catcher with strong hands to catch the inaccurate pass away from his body. Then he can run over the CB trying to tackle him. Nice hand fighter on outside release. He can get open outside deep, between the double. 

He can shove the CB to the ground blocking when he hits him in the side. He has good size, and plays to his size. He can get to the Mike, and block him with some irritability. He can shove the CB into another blocker, and then go hit the Safety. Great hands snagging the bad pass thrown behind him, the toughest kind to catch. 

Ultra productive small school WR. He can be dynamic with the ball in his hands. They set him up a lot for screens, jet sweeps, and short passes so he can run. He can be an inconsistent blocker, but when he gets his hands in the DBs shirt he can be a very good blocker. He will whiff on blocks sometimes.

2018: University at Buffalo football standouts Anthony Johnson and Khalil Hodge have been named preseason All-Americans by Athlon Sports, the publication announced on Tuesday. Johnson, a senior wide receiver was named to the third-team offense while Hodge, a senior linebacker, was named to the fourth-team defense... Johnson is coming off a breakout season with the Bulls. In 2017, he had 76 catches for 1,356 and a school-record 14 touchdowns. Johnson ranked second in the nation in receiving yards per game (113.0) and third in receiving touchdowns (14). The All-MAC First Team selection had six games of 140 or more receiving yards which was tops in the country.
CLEVELAND, OH: University at Buffalo wide receiver Anthony Johnson was named the Mid-American Conference East Division Offensive Player of the Week, the league announced on Monday. It is the ninth time this season a UB player has been named Player of the Week and Johnson is the eighth different Bull to earn the honor. Johnson had six catches for 155 yards and two touchdowns in Buffalo's 31-24 win over Ohio on Friday afternoon. The junior receiver averaged nearly 26 yards per catch. Johnson had touchdown grabs of 31 and 54 yards to bring his season total to 14. The 14 touchdown receptions are a single-season school record.

Hoof Prints: Speedy receiver who has three cousins in the NFL, including Jadeveon Clowney... major is sociology
Junior (2016): Redshirted in his first season at Buffalo.
Previous School: Transferred to UB after playing at Iowa Western Community College. Had 19 receptions for 434 yards and two touchdowns in 2015. Played at Butler Community College in 2014 and had 21 catches for 559 yards and five touchdowns. Was a two-sport standout at South Pointe High School in South Carolina. He was an all-area pick after a 46-catch, 11-touchdown season as a senior. Was also an all-state selection in basketball. 

Anthony Johnson Vs Western Michigan.

He has some clutch in him (:01). They like to motion him a lot, and move him around formations. He can use his blockers, and make guys miss. Very dynamic with the ball in his hands (:22). Gets deep down the Seam, and then goes up high and snags the ball over the CB. He is a great hands catcher (:30). He will sometimes not give effort blocking way out on the edge where the CB is really not involved (:52). And sometimes he will go forward and grab the CB under the same circumstance. 

He is likely to start out in the Slot as a rookie, because he comes from a small school (:58). He can be a physical blocker when he wants to be (1:12). I like his initial burst into patterns. Then the quick cut off to get wide open for the First (1:20). They run a lot of plays to get the ball in his hands, to try and let him make a play (1:31). I like his release off the line (1:39). He can cause a lot of trouble from the Slot (2:00). Ultra productive small school WR. 



*Damien Harris- 5-11, 214, #34



07/2018: Likes to bounce it outside quick. He has NFL speed. He will take the hand off and burst outside instantly. Does a good job finding the hole in the line. Nice quick feet at the line. Nice receiver. Hands catcher. Catches the ball thrown behind him naturally and easily. 

10/2017: Boy! It is really starting to look like the year of the RB, not the QB. As the QBs struggle a little, the Runningbacks coming out this season might be the best I have ever seen. Josh Adams is proven to be an unstoppable blend of speed and power, and still averaging 9 yards per carry in November. Ronald Jones II looks like Jamaal Charges to me. Guice has not been good this year, but was the best of the bunch last year. I would be shocked if five RBs didn't go the 1st Round this year. And I am not a believer in taking RBs on Day One. 

But Harris could be the best of the bunch. "Damien has played a lot of good football for us," coach Saban said of Harris. "He's a very talented guy. He's a rare combination of make-you-miss, burst, acceleration, speed. Has enough power as a player. He's a good receiver. Damien's biggest thing is, how do we get him to play with consistency at a high level all the time? There's times that he's battled some nagging injuries. And last year, he had some phenomenal games early, got a little bit nicked up and never really came back the same. We know he has the capabilities to be a dominant player for us, and hopefully he can stay healthy this year and be able to do that. But we have a lot of faith, trust and confidence in Damien Harris." He has been terrific this season. 

10/2017: Great hop, skip, and jump through the line to get to the second level with speed. When he gets outside and turns the corner he hurts the defense. He makes Scarbrough look slow. He started slowing a little on short yardage, to follow Bozeman's blocks, and then explodes for more than he should have gotten. He has taken over as the number one RB for Alabama. He has been a very under utilized RB, and probably has more tread on the tires than any other RB in this Draft. 

9.8 RB


*Dexter Lawrence- 6-4, 340, #90



07/2017: Lawrence is a 340-pound behemoth, who has the rare ability to get upfield at will. "I've never seen a guy this size who moves like this," Dabo Swinney said. "I've been around some big guys, but I've never been around a guy that big who is that athletic. He's just a huge, strong man. I mean, he was stronger than some of our seniors as a true freshman showing up." He is not a plodding clod.

Good stack and shed player at the point. Always seems to keep his hands moving as he moves upfield. He will duck his head to get low sometimes, but he will show some great power when he does. He will get high, and get pushed back by the double when he does. He has to stay and play lower. 

He is a guy who gets moving upfield fast, and cannot be stopped once he puts the OL on skates. "He has the tools to be the next Suh," a scout said. "First-overall talent. Good luck not watching 90." Terrific hands to impact the OL back, and grab shirt and control the OL to either side.

Good job holding the point on short yardage. He starts off low, but gets high too fast and too often. The further outside he gets the less effective he becomes. But when he gets an OG on skates, he can skate him right to the QB for a Sack. He can grab the shirt of the OG, and just hold him in place in front of the RB. 

I like how he leads with his hands, and then uses the hand slaps as he stunts outside. "When I watched the Auburn tape," Swinney said (Hey! My notes here are from the Auburn Tape;). "I kept saying to myself, 'this is a true freshman?' This was his first college game! And he's as good as we got." He is so light on his feet. 

2016: Freshman All-American by ESPN and USA Today … ACC Defensive Rookie of the Year (media, coaches) … Defensive Rookie of the Year by Pro Football Focus … second-team All-ACC (media, coaches) … All-ACC Academic Team selection … shared Rookie of the Year honors defensively with Clelin Ferrell … produced 79 tackles, fifth-most on the team, in 643 snaps over 15 games (11 starts) … broke Clemson freshman record with seven sacks, while also tallying 9.5 tackles for loss … produced 23 quarterback pressures, the second-highest figure on the team … also had two recovered fumbles and two blocked kicks … notched 10 tackles in his debut at Auburn, with a sack and pass breakup … also played on offense, helping Wayne Gallman to a touchdown run … posted two tackles for loss against Troy … credited with six pressures by the coaches in 46-point win at Boston College, where he also contributed a fumble recovery … had a sack in win over NC State … posted a sack and five total tackles at Florida State, a 37-34 win for the Tigers … had five tackles, including a sack, against Syracuse … blocked a field goal and extra point in loss to Pittsburgh … had a sack in 21 snaps of victory over South Carolina … posted two sacks in ACC Championship win over Virginia Tech … had four tackles and two pressures in National Championship against Alabama.

07/2017: Watch the power to shove the OL back with his long arms. Then the agility to dance over the cut block, and still get all the way outside to help out. There are not a handful of 340-pound guys who can move like that (:05). Watch the power to get the OG moving backwards, into the Rip that scared Jackson out of the pocket (:14). You really don't want him to be a stand up rusher (:27). Even though he got through the double to make Jackson misfire to his open WR.

I believe this was 2016 (which was the Auburn game Dabo was talking about;). He just pops the OG back. He gets his inside shoulder this time, and causes the miss throw, and hits Jackson (:40). Watch the great straight arm with speed to power. The OL couldn't get a hand in this shirt. Lawrence was by him in a flash scaring the crap out of Jackson (1:05). See how he got both hands into the OL, and then got his legs driving. He just shoved him aside with his size, speed, and power. That was a hell of throw by Jackson (1:18). This is one of those "get better picks". He is expected to get better during the season, and start producing more stats with his elite movement skills (for a guy his size;). 




Montez Sweat- 6-6, 245 #87, 


Miss ST

10/2018: He is a phenomenal rushing talent that led the SEC in Sacks (10.5) and TFL last season (15.5). "The best thing Sweat does is beat people his excellent length. He has over 35-inch arms and more than an 85-inch wingspan and, most importantly, he knows how to use his reach advantage," Jim Nagy wrote. "He is a lean-muscled, good-looking dude and he is most effective working off a long-arm move as a rusher. Last weekend, he was matched against K-State All-American and fellow Senior Bowl Watch Lister OLT Dalton Riser on Saturday and there were times where Sweat simply locked-out and used his leverage to win the match up of top prospects." He looks like a Jason Taylor type QB menace. 

He can use his long arm to seat the edge on option runs and get to the RB trying to get outside. He so fast past the ORT with a little dip and elbow. He can get to the QB fast enough on 3rd down to make him misfire an easy pass that he would have converted. Terrific initial burst to get him low and into position to dip around the ORT, and sack the QB in the clutch. Nice job coming out of his rush to cover the RB slipping outside into the flat. 

Great clutch rusher. He got two sacks in the final drive, as Auburn tried to get back into the game with less than 2-minutes to go. He ended the game for Auburn with :42-seconds left with a a great low power Rip under the ORT to end the game. To Pats at pick 32?

CAREER: One of the most feared edge rushers in America, who makes his presence known in the backfield … Coming off a year in which he tied for the SEC lead in sacks and tackles for loss … Teams with Jeffery Simmons to become the first SEC Coaches First-Team duo to return the following year … Elected to return to MSU for his senior year following a dominant debut season and likely to be a high pick in the 2019 NFL Draft … Came to MSU as one of the top junior college pass rushers and played his freshman season at Michigan State … Enrolled at MSU in January 2017.

2017 JUNIOR SEASON: A first-team All-SEC selection in his first season, starting all 13 games … Played outside linebacker in the 3-4 and defensive end in the 4-3 … Joined Jeffery Simmons as the two became just the second duo in the SEC West since 2003 to both earn first-team All-SEC honors … Became the first Bulldog to lead the SEC in sacks since 2005 with 10.5 for a loss of 64 yards … Tied for eighth nationally in sacks … Also had 7.5 sacks in SEC only games, which tied for the league lead … Produced 11 games with at least 0.5 tackles for loss … Ranked seventh in MSU single-season history in sacks … The only player in the SEC to earn SEC Defensive Lineman of the Week honors three times (vs. Kentucky, Texas A&M, Arkansas)



*Devin White- 6-1, 240, #40, 



07/2018: He is so fast into the backfield. He has that knack for shooting the gap and finding the RB. "Coach Saban was like 'If you go there, we’re just going to have to beat you every year,'" White said. "I'm like, 'Wow. He really said that?'" Can he become another Roquan Smith?

I say no, because I just watch the Playoff games again, and Smith might be the best I've seen in college. Roquan was consistently faster to the RB than anyone I've seen. "I wasn’t a Tiger yet, and he was speaking facts at the time. He was telling me like it was," White said. "But now that I’m here and I remember it in the back of my head. I’m telling you, it happened two or three years ago and it really stuck with me." But if White takes a step up or two, who knows?

He is not as fast to the ball as Smith. "We’re fortunate to have him and Rashard Lawrence," LSU HC Ed Orgeron. "Both have been leaders for us. Obviously Devin’s a lot more productive. The last time I had a sophomore like that was Warren Sapp at Miami." I worry about him in coverage. 

But he is as smart as Smith. "I know he comes in at 10. So I want to make sure I watch the whole film so I can tell him what happened on certain plays. I know he’s watched it all already," White said about LSU DC Dave Aranda. "We start watching film together, starting with Clip 1. He breaks down every play on why and if it went well and why we had a bust and who had the bust. Sometimes, he gets on the drawing board. We talk to each other, and it just clicked for me." He can struggle to take on blocks sometimes. 
He has to react faster, and take on blocks better to be close to Smith. "There’s a value in communication and coach-player relationship. I think we found that right away, Devin and myself," Aranda said. "I respect Devin because he wants to be the best. He holds himself to a high standard. He holds others to a high standard, and he wants to continue to get better. He’s always looking, and I’ll always be there giving." He has to take a big step up in coverage, and beat blockers faster if he wants to be a First. 

His first reaction is always forward (:01). He finally sheds the big blocker (:51). He has to learn to take on blockers better, get to the RB faster, or run around blockers quicker (1:27). Good coverage, coming out of his drop to pick up the RB. Then he turns to the QB who had to take off (1:35). Nice quicks turning to run with the outside WR (1:48). He filled the wrong hole, which sent the RB into the pileup (1:59). Then he went and got him. 

Nice job sneaking up the middle, and grabbing the QB's ankle for a sack (2:54). Great instincts here. He heads to the RB sneaking out of the backfield. Then he turns to the QB for some reason, and almost scoops up the fumble (3:17). He really struggled taking on blocks from 73 (3:28). I'd like to see him in coverage moving backwards (3:36). We know he is great moving forward. But can he stayed on the field on 3rd down in the NFL?

As good as he is moving forward, he is not nearly as instinctual moving backwards (3:58). That is not a drop. That is just peeking into the backfield (4:08). The more I watch him the less I like the way he takes on blockers (4:17). He changed directions too many times again in his zone drop (4:27). How did this guy get 133 tackles last season (4:37). He always takes those false steps before he drops (4:47). He has good feet, and is smooth in his pedal moving backwards. But the false steps are killing me. 

He is so good moving forward, but can look like a chicken with his head cut off moving backwards. But he can certainly make plays moving forward (4:58). There we go. he finally does a good job in coverage. He can run with the RB coming out of the backfield, up the middle (5:24). Reasonable pedal with his head on swivel to see the QB, and the guys crossing behind him (5:35). He takes a false step (6:07). But then shows a nice fast pedal. 

He can change direction in his drop while watching the QBs eyes (6:40). Completely taken out of coverage by the play action on the last two plays (7:26). The more I watch him the less I like him.

9.8 LB


**Albert Okwuegbunam- 6-5, 255, Rs-Soph, #81 



10/2018: Doesn’t block much. He has the size and build to be a great blocker, but we just don’t know. They did actually run a run play, and he lined up as an H-Back/FB. He tried to led the RB in the hole, but didn’t block very well. They ran again where he lined up on the opposite side. He got to the middle of the line, and turn up field and led the RB into the hole. He got to the second level and hit and held onto the OLB. Nice block, for an H-back.
He really plays H-Back/Slot guy. Nice job on the short out in the Slot. He is a phenomenal athlete. When he leaps up for the ball, and can turn back as the ball melts into his hands and float into he endzone with surprising grave. This guy a legit NFL talent. He is fast down the seam. He can put LBs in the dust running down the Seam.
Big Rs-Soph that a lot people seem to think he is coming out. He scored a very impressive 11 TDs last season. Big, with great hands. He knows how to get open in route. They line him up in the Spread in the Slot. He can get open right at the marker on a Dig. Smooth hands catcher. Runs a lot of short patterns, and they send him deep. I don't know if he is coming out. Sophomore rarely do. But if he does he will be a First. 
2018 Preseason All-SEC First Team (Media) 
2018 John Mackey Award Preseason Watch List
2017 All-SEC Second Team (AP, Coaches)
2017 Freshman All-SEC Team (Coaches).
2018 SEASON: Caught two passes for 14 yards in the season-opener vs. UT Martin (9/1) … Posted seven catches for 50 yards and his first TD of the season vs. Wyoming (9/8) … Posted five catches for 36 yards and his second TD of the season at Purdue (9/15) … Caught a career-high nine passes for 81 yards against Georgia (9/22) and also hauled in a catch through traffic for a two-point conversion … Posted four catches for 13 yards at South Carolina.
2017 SEASON: Saw the field for the first time as a collegian, and set the standard for freshman tight ends, turning in a breakout season with 29 catches for 415 yards and a whopping 11 touchdowns ... Made such a big impression that he earned second-team All-SEC acclaim, as well as a spot on the freshman All-SEC squad ... His 11 receiving scores most in the SEC and ranked 11th in the nation - and were the most among all tight ends in the country, as well as the most by any freshman receiver ... Was lethal in the red zone for the high-scoring Tiger offense, and his delay route down the seam near the goal line became a staple for QB Drew Lock and company ... Had four games with at least two touchdowns, including a personal-best three scores in the Homecoming win over Idaho ... All three of those touchdowns came in the first quarter as Mizzou raced out to an early lead on the way to a 68-21 win that jump started MU’s six-game win streak ... The next week at UConn, he had two more first-quarter touchdown receptions, and ended that game with four catches for 34 yards and the two scores ... Hauled in five catches for a career-best 116 yards with two touchdowns at Vanderbilt (11/18), including a career-long grab of 57 yards for a score that put the game away in the fourth quarter as the Tigers locked up bowl eligibility ... Recorded his first career reception, his first career receiving touchdown and a career-high 51 receiving yards against Missouri State (9/2) … Set a career-high in receptions with two against Missouri State (9/2) and matched that career high against Auburn (9/23



Jeffery Simmons- 6-4, 310, #94


Miss ST

09/2018: He has all the physical traits you want, but he has to prove he has that knack for hitting the quarterback. He is sometimes so explosive off the snap that you think he is a lock First. However, it seems when he has to slow to read he gets in trouble. He has to trust his instincts more. 

He played on the Nose a little against Arkansas. He can stuff the run as the NT. He got penetration lined up on the Nose as well. Then they moved him to 3-Tech. He did a good job powering blockers back to the QB. Needs to shed better. He also lined up at 4-tech, and drove the OLG back into the QB as he threw. He beat the ORG at 3-tech with a great swim, but grabbed the RB on the playaction.

He has great long arms. He plays well at arms length. He can rip around the OLG like a bouncing cannon ball, and smash right into the RB in the backfield. He has a great blast off, but doesn't use it consistently or always know what to do with it. Playing two-gap hurts him a little. He is much better one-gapping. 

Plays the run first, and it really hurts him on the play action. Terrific stunter to the inside. He can get to the QB rolling away from him through the triple, and hit him as he throws. Terrific job moving laterally with two OLs clutching and grabbing him to get to the RB on off tackle runs. He holds a lot of value for one and two gapping teams. 

2018 Preseason All-American 
2017 First-Team All-SEC (AP, Coaches, PFF) 
2017 Bednarik Award Semifinalist 
2017 SEC Defensive Lineman of the Week (vs. LA Tech, LSU) 
2017 SEC Academic Honor Roll 

CAREER: A preseason All-American who is one of the best defensive players in the nation … Provided tremendous leadership and enters his third year as a starter at defensive tackle … Despite being double-teamed constantly has incredible power to shake off blocks with great quickness … Teams with Montez Sweat to become the first SEC Coaches First Team duo to both return the following year … According to Pro Football Focus, leads all returning FBS defensive tackles in quarterback pressures in 2017 with 41 … Selected to NFL.com’s most freakish college football athletes in June 2017 … Can bench over 450 pounds, squat over 600 pounds and carries just 15 percent body fat at 300 pounds … Underwent a minor procedure to his shoulder following the 2017 season … Played in 25 games with 16 starts … Accumulated 100 tackles, 15.5 tackles for loss and five sacks … Owns two defensive touchdowns … A two-time member of the SEC Academic Honor Roll with over a 3.0 cumulative GPA … Produced a 4.0 GPA the same fall he earned Freshman All-SEC … Along with Gerri Green, is MSU’s team leader in community service … Visits schools throughout the Golden Triangle, including several during the spring and summer on his own accord … Visited Camp Rising Sun, Earl Nash Elementary and Fifth Street School in West Point to give motivational support to kids before spring testing.
2017 SOPHOMORE SEASON: Joined Montez Sweat on the SEC Coaches and Associated Press All-SEC First Team … Started all 13 games and shined … Became the first SEC player since 2004 to lead the nation in blocked punts/kicks with three … Ranked 11th in the SEC in tackles for loss with 12 despite being double-teamed … A two-time recipient of the SEC Defensive Lineman of the Week (vs. Kentucky, Texas A&M) … Recorded five sacks, 41 quarterback pressures and maintained a 3.1 GPA in the fall … Recovered two fumbles and forced two as well … Became the first Bulldog since 2009 to register two touchdowns in a game, providing the highlight of the year when he skied into the air to block a punt and recover it for a touchdown at Louisiana Tech (9/9) … Added a recovered fumble in which he returned it 90 yards for a score at LA Tech in addition to a blocked field goal … Dominated against No. 11 LSU (9/16), recording seven tackles, 1.5 tackles for loss and 1.5 sacks … Had six tackles, 1.5 tackles for loss and one sack at No. 13 Auburn (9/30) … Racked up a career-best eight tackles against UMass (11/3) with one tackle for loss … Collected 1.5 tackles for loss against No. 1 Alabama (11/11) … Career-high two tackles for loss at Arkansas (11/18) … A constant in the backfield in the TaxSlayer Bowl, pressuring Heisman Trophy winner Lamar Jackson nine times and recording one tackle for loss.



Chase Winovich- 6-3, 262, Rs-Sr, #33



09/2018: I love the way he jams his arm into the OLT’s rips and slaps his arms down with his outside hand, to turn the corner into the QB. He consistently runs around college OTs. He will burst inside, and then see the RB go outside of him, and spin back and hit him. Remarkable athlete and instincts. 
He stays on the field on punts sometimes. Great job shedding and jumping on the RB for a TFL. I don’t know how, with all the DL talent in this Draft, but this guy is a 1st round pick. He is un-friggin’-blockable too often to not be a 1st. When Gary got injured, he still produced with the extra attention. 

Fifth-year Senior (2018): Hailed as the Midseason Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year by the Associated Press. Named a midseason All-American by the Associated Press and ESPN. Twice named Defensive Player of the Week for his performances against SMU and Northwestern. Along with the entire defense, secured a share of Defensive Player of the Week honors for their contributions towards the team performance against Michigan State
• Twice recognized as the Defensive Lineman of the Week for his performances against Nebraska and Michigan State (co-honor). Named to Pro Football Focus College's national team (Edge) after his performance against Notre Dame. Made eight tackles with three solo stops at Notre Dame (Sept. 1), including 3.0 tackles for loss and 0.5 sacks -- Also credited with a pair of quarterback hurries in the game. Registered three tackles with 0.5 for loss while starting at defensive end against Western Michigan (Sept. 8). Matched his career-high with 10 tackles against SMU (Sept. 15) with four solo stops, including three for loss with half a sack and one pass breakup
• Made two solo tackles against Nebraska (Sept. 22) with one for loss, including a sack. Set a new career-high with eight solo tackles (nine total) at Northwestern (Sept. 29), including 3.0 for loss and one sack
• Contributed three tackles against Maryland (Oct. 6). Credited with one quarterback hurry to go with his four tackles against Wisconsin (Oct. 13). Assisted on four tackles including 0.5 for loss, adding three quarterback hurries at Michigan State (Oct. 20). 



JJ Arcega-Whiteside- 6-3 225, #19



10/2018: He is a great prospect. He has elite size for a WR, but he doesn’t really use it as much as you'd like to get open. He knows how to get open in pattern, which is the number one trait for an NFL WR. He was averaging almost 25-yards per catch. He had two great TDs against heir biggest rival Oregon. He got both TDs, not through his elite size, but by running patterns. He used his speed in pattern on the first, which was a 50+-yard catch. And quickness in pattern on the second., with a great inside-out move in the End zone.  
He is big and tall, and he has big strong hands to s nag the ball. "It doesn’t matter who’s on me or how many people are around me, if the ball's coming my way, you have to get it because you don’t know when the next one’s coming," Arcega-Whiteside said. "Those 50/50 balls, we want to make them 60/40, 70/30. The jump balls, even though I did catch a lot, I left some on the field. I wanted to catch all of them." He played basketball. 
His size and speed make him unstoppable on deep throws. "As much as anybody I’ve ever been around [he's the best in single coverage]," HC David Shaw said. "Regardless who the DB is, particularly downfield, we have to be able to take those shots. He’s proven time and again that he can make those plays."
Good blocker on 2nd and 3rd levels.  
He get way up over smaller CBs. "He’s a basketball player, He’s taking the ball off the rim" his QB Costello said. "There’s not a lot of wideouts that I’ve come across that have his knack and ability to position themselves properly countless-countless times in between the corner, outside the corner, sometimes slipping inside but still staying wide away from the safety." But he also beats them in route, and with speed and quickness.  

As a Senior (2018): Team captain. Pac-12 Offensive Player of the Week (Sept. 4). Biletnikoff Award watch list. Six catches, 226 receiving yards and three touchdowns (38, 19 and 80 yards) vs. San Diego State. Third-most receiving yards in a single-game in program history. Four catches for 62 yards vs. USC. Three catches for 36 yards and two touchdowns (9 and 8 yards) vs. UC Davis. Four catches for 84 yards and two touchdowns (13 and 15 yards) at Oregon. Five catches for 30 yards, including a four-yard touchdown at Notre Dame
As a Junior (2017): All-Pac-12 honorable mention. Team-high 48 receptions. Team-high 781 receiving yards. Team-high nine receiving touchdowns. Second among Pac-12 players. 25th nationally. Team-high 65.1 receiving yards/game


2nd Round 

Picks 33-50.

Be A Citizen! Not a Subject! 

Fascist is as Fascist does. Beware American. President Fredo is pulling the cowardly republican Senate closer and closer to the cliff.

Amendment I. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances:


The 1st Amendment to the Constitution is the greatest paragraph ever written by mankind. It is the truest diagram of how to ensure a free Country of citizens survives. But is is also a list of what to attack when you want to be a fascist dictator. President Jerkballs is attacking every article in the 1st Amendment. Beware subjects, or you will be subjugated:


In a purely Fascist-Dictator move, President Treason edited the transcript 

from the infamous Press conference, 

where Trump visibly showed his servitude to the Fascist Dictator Putin.



If you are not standing up against the lies than you are allowing evil.





We are now in an Orwellian dystopian society, when President Traitor said, "What you are seeing and what you are reading is not what's happening." That is the most dangerous thing a president has ever said! That is most anti-American thing a President has ever said. That is the most anti-democracy thing an American President has ever said. 


So what does Orwellian mean? In a story written by George Orwell, the Despotic Government told no-longer-Citizens to "Reject the evidence of your eyes and ears." 

So Ex- Citizens were ordered to only believe what you are ordered to believe. 

Even though everything you are hearing and seeing in reality is the opposite of what the Government Propaganda is ordering you to believe, exactly what the fascist dictator Putin is doing to Russian. And President Traitor is slowly succeeding 

in doing it here.

When Trump changes online transcripts to take out the COLLISION PROVING statements of Putin. That is Orwellian. "The U.S. government is essentially following the Kremlin’s playbook," said MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow as she pointed out the "misleading (DYSTOPIAN and Democracy-KILLING)" omission during her show on Tuesday night. "What the White House has disappeared from the official U.S. government record of that meeting is President Putin answering in the affirmative when asked if he wanted Trump to win the election," Maddow said. And did he order any of his officials to help Trump win!!!!!!! COLLUSION. 


When you mirror this with President Treasons lying sack of shit tweet: "I’m very concerned that Russia will be fighting very hard to have an impact on the upcoming Election. Based on the fact that no President has been tougher on Russia than me, they will be pushing very hard for the Democrats. They definitely don’t want Trump!

Now, everyone knows that twit is a blatant stupid lie that is impossible to believe. But when Trump Traitors pretend to believe it? That is Dystopian. 


So what does Dystopian mean? It means you are only ALLOWED to believe the lies that your Fascist Dictator is ordering you to believe, and to speak the truth is treason. 


When you combined that Tweet with omitting what Putin said he not only favored him, but "...direct(ed) any of your officials to help him do that?" Putin, "yes I did." 


Remember Putin said, "Yes I did. Yes I did." He said, "Yes I did" twice to the reporters two-part question. Saying "Yes I did" to the question do you want President Treason to Win? 



Trump's Traitors are now facing the truth over and over, while being told to never-ever believe it, or you will be punished: "Attacking the media isn’t new for a president who constantly uses the phrase 'fake news' in an attempt to delegitimize certain media outlets and their stories. But as critics pointed out following the speech, Trump’s comments closely echoed a quote from George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984, about a future society oppressed by a powerful government led by a cult-like figure only known as 'Big Brother.'"

Calling the obvious and open truth, 'Fake News" is an Orwellian form of mind control. Taking it to the next level is a dangerous sign that he thinks he was election Fascist Dictator for Life. He thinks he is the new Putin/Big-Brother, and wants to turn Our Country into a Putin-like Dystopian-Kleptocracy. 


He is already making Orwellian and Dystopian attacks against patriotic former American Officials, who took stands against the Fascist Big-Brother Putin. And he is talking about punishing them for telling the truth, and having opinions that are against the lies that our Dystopian Government are ordering us to believe: 

"Trump's threat against Brennan and former U.S. officials James Comey, James Clapper, Michael Hayden, Susan Rice and Andrew McCabe represented an extraordinary politicization of the U.S. government's security clearance process. Critics called it petty and unprecedented.

"An enemies list is ugly, undemocratic and un-American. Is there no length Trump will not go to stifle opposition?" asked U.S. Representative Adam Schiff, the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee.

"Sanders, who said Trump is "exploring the mechanisms" to remove the security clearances, made reference to Brennan's treason comment in explaining the president's threat. Asked if Trump was punishing the former officials because of their criticism, Sanders said, "No, I think you are creating your own story there."


Orwell was telling us in the book 1984 that the easiest way to


lose our Democracy is by having a "Big Brother": A lying 


Sack of Shit President Trump telling us not to believe our eyes:


"What you are seeing and what you are reading is not what's 


happening!" And punishing those who don't believe the lies!



"WASHINGTON (Reuters) - While U.S. President Donald Trump defended his efforts to build a relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin, aides said on Friday there is some frustration that the U.S. intelligence chief did not know about plans for a second summit and they hope that meeting will follow a more traditional pattern.

"Since Monday's summit and joint news conference in Helsinki, Trump and his aides have been trying to control the damage done when he stunned the world by siding with Putin over U.S. intelligence agencies on the question of Moscow's meddling in the 2016 U.S. election.

"The U.S. director of national intelligence Dan Coats, who on Monday immediately defended intelligence personnel on the election issue, expressed surprise at Trump's invitation on Thursday to Putin to visit Washington in the autumn."

Hey Trump, go pee in a hole!








If you are still capable 

of being honest with yourself, 

this is the most important thing you will watch this year:


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