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Okay, I'm finally starting to feel like I have a handle n this Draft. Even if it is just a little. But this is a screwy Draft. I keep wanting to put in offensive player, 

but the D-Player are so Damn good. 

PICKS 1-11


1st Round 2019 Draft

Picks 1-11.  

Picks 12-22.

Picks 23-32.

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My Picks: 

Key Needs:

Team Moves:



Defense: 4-3

Montez Sweat

DE Miss ST

6-6, 260, 7.03-Cone! 

(U) 4.42-4.44! S-1.55! 

10'5" Broad, 36" Vert, 

4.29 SS,


2018 Picks:

1 10th overall Josh Rosen QB UCLA

2 (47) Christian Kirk, WR, Texas A&M.
3 (97) Mason Cole, OC, Michigan.
4 134 Chase Edmonds RB Fordham.
6 (182) Chris Campbell, CB, Penn ST
7 254 Korey Cunningham OT, Cincy

2017 Picks:

1 (13) Haason Reddick, ILB, Temple
2 (36) Budda Baker, FS, Washington
3 Chad Williams WR Grambling ST
4 (115) Dorian Johnson, OL, Pitt
5 (157) Will Holden, OL, Vanderbilt
5 (179) T.J. Logan, RB, UNC
6 (208) Rudy Ford, DB, Auburn

Key F.A. Signed:

Brett Hundley QB
J.R. Sweezy OG
Kevin White WR

Terrell Suggs DE/OLB
Brooks Reed DE 

Marcus Gilbert OT 
Jordan Hicks LB

Robert Alford CB

Key F.A.:

Phil Dawson KR
Deone Bucannon ILB 
Tre Boston FS
Benson Mayowa DE 
Markus Golden DE 
John Phillips TE
Joe Barksdale ORT 
Gerald Hodges ILB 
Derrick Coleman FB 
Oday Aboushi OG
Rodney Gunter DT 
Zach Moore DE
Jeremy Vujnovich OLT 
John Wetzel OG
Olsen Pierre DT
J.J. Nelson WR
Jeremy Cash OLB
D.J. Foster WR
Gabe Martin ILB
Daniel Munyer OC
Darrell Daniels TE
Ricky Seals-Jones TE 

Key F.A. Lost:

Mike Iupati OG

The Team: Okay, let me get this straight, the Cards traded up to drafted a top ten QB last year, and are now going to use the Number One Overall pick on another QB? Rosen got an almost 11-Mil signing bonus on a 4-year deal. "I don't think we've ever signed a rookie day one," Michael Bidwell the Card's Prez said, "[Just] walking in the door." Sounds like love at first sight. 

Trading him puts on instant 8,158,776-bucks of wasted cash on the Cap in 2019. All three years of the salary bonus left hit the Cap at once. Three prorated years of $2,719,592.00. Rosen had a very unusual contract where he would get the minimum salary each year, and the rest up front in signing bonus. So trading him after his rookie year is a Cap disaster. 

Plus, Mayfield last year signed a four-year deal worth $32,682,980,00. Which averages 8,170,745 Cap cash. He signed a four year contract as well. He had a 480,000.00 Salary, and a signing bonus of 21,849,440.00. So his rookie Cap hit was 5,942,436.25. Mayfield's contract was about 3% higher than Myles Garrett's rookie contract in 2017. 

Which means a minimum bump up to $33,664,499.40 for Kyler Murray. About a quarter of that will be on the Cap this year as well 8,416.124.85. That is a Cap hit of 16,586,869.85 for two rookie QBs, only one of which will be on the team. All the speculation leaves out the glorious fact that GMs loose their jobs when the QB they draft in the top ten sucks.

What rookie QB has sucked worse than being picked in the top ten, then traded the next year after he was drafted? Name one! Where the GM still held onto his job!

What does Tyler Murray get if he signs. Does he get the same bump-up from the Mayfield contract (about 3%)? Now maybe Steve Keim will get away with it, because he already fired his HC from last season. He can pin the blame for going from top ten worst team in the League to Number One worst team on his former HC Steve Wilks. 

Cards owner Bidwell said, "[I have] a lot of confidence [Keim]." GMs who draft a QB in the top ten get fired if the QB they chose fails. Trading Rosen after his rookie season can only be read as an utter failure by Keim. "I have confidence in myself to get this turned around," Keim said. After he signed Rosen. 

Now he wants to trade his signature Draft Pick? A QB who he used a top-10 pick on? After his rookie season? And use the Number One Overall Pick he earned by GMing his team to the worst record in the NFL? A record so bad that he fired the HC he just signed last year as well? And don't forget Keim gave up a 3rd and a 5th to trade up to pick ten to take Rosen. 

So you're talking about throwing away a 1st, 3rd, and 5th from last years Draft. When you release three of you top six picks (they had two 3rd round picks)? That is classified as a complete, absolute, and utter failure. "The danger is?" Mike Lombardi said. "You start to shop Rosen, and everyone knows you’re picking Murray." So no one offers a reasonable price, like a 1st, 3rd, and 5th. 

Trading Rosen? And don't get your wires crossed, if you plan to take Murray? Rosen HAS to be gone. Drafting Murray is an admission that three of your top picks from less than a year ago are complete, absolute, and utter failures. That is how you get fired as a GM. 

And on top of that...

There is no greater admission of utter failure for a GM then firing your HC after one year, and trading the rookie QB you just spent a top ten pick on as well. Keim's two most important decisions will be forever classified as complete and utter failures in less than a year! What the hell are Draftnics talking about? 

Keim cannot hold onto his job if he trades Rosen. If he trades Rosen he will not survive. He can blame the worst record in the NFL last season on his fired one-year HC. But he cannot blame Rosen on him as well. 

Rosen is his signature move. His signature Cap hit. His signature trade-up in the Draft. Keim had better think this over very carefully. Drafting a rookie QB can give a GM a few advantages. One, it provides a reason to expect a brighter future. GONE! Two, starting a rookie QB ensure a bad record the next season, which allows another top Draft pick to help the team (Like Montez Sweat). GONE! 

Loosing both those franchise saving athletes for an aberration at QB is another example of Keim's inability to make a proper franchise saving decision under pressure. Or what some might call an unwise move. And he is gone. 

Only one other QB has succeeded at his Murray's in the NFL since Fran Tarkenton! If you try and build your team with players who you see as the exceptions to the rule than you will have a lot of players who do not fit the physical requirement to play in the NFL. Some will work. Most will not. I hope Murray works. Odds are he will not. 

Not only is a Sub 5-11 QB an anomaly. Wilson measured out at 5-10.5. Murray at 5-10.1. Murray is also a One Year Wonder, who played behind the best Offensive Line in the FBS. I mean, by far. Four of the five guys will be drafted this year. Only Sophomore OC Humphrey is left at Oklahoma. 

And who is the best OL from the four is disputed as well. I like the OLT Bobby Evans and Dru Samia the most. I'd take those two Day Two guy over the other two all day long, and twice on Sunday. 

Murray is a clear and present danger to Cards GM Keim job. 

The Player: Sweat was the top SEC rusher. He looked great against Alabama and at the Senior Bowl. He has a great first step in the rush, and can take one long stride that really gets the ORT out of position. He will line up inside in an Odd front, and can stunt behind the NT, and still hit the QB. 

Everyone said he is not a great athlete or fast. Then he showed he was the fastest DL, and a great athlete, to go along with his elite production. He looked like the top pick in the Draft at the Combine. 35 3/4" Arms! That is as good as a number as an (Official) 4.41 Forty! Great feet and hips. Great lean and hips. The longer he runs the faster he looks. He should be the first rusher taken.

He is a top Ten pick all day and night. I hoped he would reach the Pats, but that ain’t happening now. I’d take him over Gary all day and twice on Sunday, and I'm leaning towards over Bosa. He has some snap in his feet. No one explodes up field, gets low, and flattens to the QB like him. He is so great at playing low. Great hands and arms in rush and run game. He can shed the ORT and toss him to the ground. 

Great job shoving of the ORT’s arms inside, as he bursts and pushes outside. Love the Dip. His speed rush is great. Great inside out move. When he gets his hands on the ORT and his eyes on the QB he gets there. Elite knack for hitting the quarterback. Great Rip. Great going through trash and traffic. I love how his arms are always moving and his hands are always attacking.

CAREER: One of the most feared edge rushers in America, who makes his presence known in the backfield … Coming off a year in which he tied for the SEC lead in sacks and tackles for loss … Teams with Jeffery Simmons to become the first SEC Coaches First-Team duo to return the following year … Elected to return to MSU for his senior year following a dominant debut season and likely to be a high pick in the 2019 NFL Draft … Came to MSU as one of the top junior college pass rushers and played his freshman season at Michigan State … Enrolled at MSU in January 2017.

2017 JUNIOR SEASON: A first-team All-SEC selection in his first season, starting all 13 games … Played outside linebacker in the 3-4 and defensive end in the 4-3 … Joined Jeffery Simmons as the two became just the second duo in the SEC West since 2003 to both earn first-team All-SEC honors … Became the first Bulldog to lead the SEC in sacks since 2005 with 10.5 for a loss of 64 yards … Tied for eighth nationally in sacks … Also had 7.5 sacks in SEC only games, which tied for the league lead … Produced 11 games with at least 0.5 tackles for loss … Ranked seventh in MSU single-season history in sacks … The only player in the SEC to earn SEC Defensive Lineman of the Week honors three times (vs. Kentucky, Texas A&M, Arkansas) … Tied for the SEC lead in tackles for loss with the fifth-highest total in MSU single-season history (15.5)

The Reason: Self Preservation. 

Second Choice: Kyler Murray QB



Defense: 4-3

6', 202, 

*Nick Bosa-


6-4, 266, 33"Arms, 

(O) 4.70, 29 Reps, 

9'8" Broad, 33.5" Vert,

4.14 SS, 7.1 3-Cone,

OG, DT, RB, DB, WR, DL, 

2018 Picks:

-1 (9) Mike McGlinchey, OL, ND
2 (44) Dante Pettis WR Washington
3 (70) Fred Warner, ILB, BYU
3 (95) Tavarius Moore DB, S. Miss
4 (128) Kentavius Street, DL, NC ST
5 (142) D.J. Reed, CB, Kansas State.
6 (184) Marcell Harris, DB, Florida
7 (223) Jullian Taylor DT, Temple
7 (240) Richie James WR, M. Tenn

2017 Picks:

1 (3) Solomon Thomas, OLB, Stanford
1 (31) Reuben Foster, LB, UCLA
3-66 Ahkello Witherspoon, CB, Colo
3 (104) C.J. Beathard, QB, Iowa
4 (121) Joe Williams, RB, Utah
5 (146) George Kittle, TE, Iowa
5(177) Trent Taylor WR Louisiana T.
6 (198) D.J. Jones, DL, Mississippi
6 (202) Pita Taumoepenu, DL, Utah
7 (229) Adrian Colbert, DB, Miami.

Key F.A. Signed:

Tevin Coleman RB

Jordan Matthews WR
Raheem Mostert RB
Mike Person OG

Dee Ford DE/OLB

Kwon Alexander LB
Jason Verrett CB
Jimmie Ward CB

Robbie Gould KR

Key F.A.:

Jimmie Ward CB
Michael Person OG 
Mark Nzeocha OLB 
Alfred Morris RB 
Tom Savage QB 
Raheem Mostert RB
Antone Exum FS 
Jullian Taylor DT
Tyvis Powell S 
Greg Mabin CB 
Elijah Lee OLB 
Ross Dwelley TE 

Robbie Gould K  
Kyle Nelson LS 

Bradley Pinion P 

Key F.A. Lost:


The Team: They have a screwed up front four. They want to play a 4-3, but essentially have a 3-4 D-line. Thomas, Armstead, and Buckner are better fits in a 3-4. Thomas is not a 4-3 D-end. In fact, his best position might be as a 3-Tech in a 4-3. But they play him as a Base-End. While Buckner and Armstead are really 5-Techs.

Adding Ford was a great pick up. He can be the speed guy outside. But they still don't have another Edge guy worth mentioning. With Bosa they can start Ford on the blindside, as Bosa played mostly on the Strongside at Ohio ST. They can play Armstead and Buckner in their Base defense, and bring Thomas in at 3-Tech in passing situations, which is most of the time now a days.

Now they'll have three guys who can rush the passer instead of almost one. Thomas was a great inside rusher at Stanford, and that could continue if they play him a 3-Tech on rush downs. Ford and Bosa are great edgerushers. They could also take Josh Allen if they want to switch to more of a 3-4. Ford can certainly play the stand up rusher in a 3-4. And Josh Allen is a great OLB. But if Bosa or Sweat are on the Board, they both fit their defense better as Strongside Edgerushers. 

The 49ers did great. They hit a winning streak that can only help them next year. They could certainly use some weapon to help poor Jimmy-G, but they will take whatever leftover super impact DL is left after the Cards pick. And there are impact RBs and WRs all over the 2nd and 3rd Rounds. 

The Player: The Great Bosa plane was starting to take off and then crashed. He hurt his knee. Rumor has it that he will sit out the rest of the season to protect his future and Draft statue, And while I don't like it, I certainly cannot disagree with that decision. Though the competitor in him still might come out. 

Combine: Not bad moving in space drill. Not great hands. He was a little slower in the Forty than I thought he would be, but he still beat his brother’s time. Very smooth moving backwards. Smooth mover going forward to back. He can fly. He looked good moving backwards. He has hands like fish catching the ball. Pumped up. Feet not coordinated when moving back in coverage drill. 

He was a little smaller and faster at the Combine than his brother. "I love Nick Bosa," a Scout said. "I wasn't 100 percent sure on Joey coming out, but I won't make that mistake twice. He's the real deal. Excellent instincts and feel for the quarterback as a young rusher." He did four more reps, but they had about the same explosion and quickness/COD numbers.

It's funny how Joey had a better 3-Cone, but Nick had a better short shuttle. And Nick had a slightly better Vert, but Joey had the better Broad Jump. Joey's Combine numbers: (O) 4.86, 24 Reps, 32" Vert, 10" Broad, 6.893-Cone, 4.21 SEC. The comparisons between the two brothers is uncanny: 

In fact, the two had virtually identical stats through 30 games: Joey had 34.5 tackles for loss and Nick had 29. Joey had 21 quarterback sacks and Nick had 17.5. And here is the testament to how good Nick was, he had similar stats to Joey yet had played more than 600 fewer snaps. As a sophomore in 2017 Bosa led the Buckeyes in tackles-for-loss 16, and TFL yardage -74, and a team-high with 8 sacks. He was second in the Big Ten in both TFLs and sacks.
What Nick does, like his brother Joey, is that they attack the OLs hands and arms better than any edge I have seen. When Nick grabs the arm or hands of the OL first, he is unblockable, like his brother. They are both masters of the Swipe move, where they grab or swipe the arms down so the OL can’t grab shirt and run past him. Great upper body strength. He is forceful and efficient in everything he does. 

Overview: Bosa was considered by many as the best player in college football through the first several games of the 2018 season … his 6.0 tackles-for-loss, totaling 43 yards, ranked 10th nationally and were accumulated in only about three halves of football … his four quarterback sacks – third-most nationally – included a strip sack of TCU quarterback Shawn Robinson that resulted in a fumble and an Ohio State touchdown in the hard-fought win … he had tied his career high in tackles – five – in two of the three games this season, and he was the Buckeyes’ leading tackler with 14 … his two fumble recoveries included one he recovered for a touchdown against Oregon State … Bosa was injured in the third quarter of the TCU game though, and after having surgery, he missed the rest of the season, yet still earned honorable mention all-Big Ten honors … with that injury came the close of the Bosa era for Ohio State football … either Nick, or brother Joey, had played for the Buckeyes in 71 of the past 72 games dating to 2013 … and like his brother, Nick was similarly dominant.

The Reason: In this scenario they get the guy they want, Bosa, is on the Board. It might just be a contrary opinion here. But they will end up with Bosa or Sweat, and I don't think they care which. Bosa is easier to judge, because he is like a clone of his brother. But Nick has had trouble staying healthy. That is why I snuck Sweat ahead of him. 

They need an Edge guy, and are really a little overloaded with inside DLs. If Bosa is gone they will likely trade out of this pick by trying to hock Haskins to the highest bidder. They might do that anyway. Because they really need some guys to help their QB, and will have no trouble finding an EDGE guy five, ten, or fifteen picks down the line.

Second Choice: Josh Allen EDGE



Defense: 3-4

*Josh Allen

OLB/EDGE Kentucky

6-4 7/8, 262, (U) 4.64 S-1.61

33 1/2" Arms, 28 Reps,

7.15 3-Cone, 4.23 SS,

9'10" Broad,


2018 Picks:

1 (3) Sam Darnold, QB, USC
3 Nathan Shepherd DT Fort Hays ST
4 (107) Chris Herndon, TE, Miami.
6 (179) Parry Nickerson, CB, Tulane.
6 (180) Foley Fatukasi, DT, UConn.
6 Trenton Cannon, RB, Virginia ST

2017 Picks:

1 (6) Jamal Adams, DB, LSU
2 (39) Marcus Maye, DB, Florida
3(79) ArDarius Stewart WR Alabama
4 (141) Chad Hansen, WR, California
5 (150) Jordan Leggett, TE, Clemson
5 Dylan Donahue DL West Georgia
6 (188) Elijah McGuire, RB, Louisiana-Lafayette
6 (197) Jeremy Clark, CB, Michigan
6 (204) Derrick Jones, CB, Mississippi

Key F.A. Signed:

Le'Veon Bell RB
Josh Bellamy WR
Jamison Crowder WR

Kelechi Osemele, OG

Henry Anderson DL
C.J. Mosley LB

Chandler Catanzaro KR

Steve McLendon DT

Brian Poole CB

Key F.A:

Josh McCown QB

Bilal Powell RB
Jermaine Kearse WR

Rishard Matthews WR
Robby Anderson WR
Deontay Burnett WR 
Benjamin Braden OT  
Benjamin Ijalana ORT 

Brent Qvale ORT 

James Carpenter OG 

Dakota Dozier OG
Jonotthan Harrison OC 
Neal Sterling TE 

Clive Walford TE
Jeremiah Attaochu OLB

Emmanuel Lamur OLB

Josh Martin OLB 

Bronson Kaufusi DE
Brandon Copeland DE 
Frankie Luvu LB 
Neville Hewitt ILB 
Jason Myers K 
Destiny Vaeao DT 
Davis Webb QB 
Eric Tomlinson TE 

Morris Claiborne CB
Darryl Roberts CB
Jeremy Clark CB 

Doug Middleton FS 
Rontez Miles FS
Anthony Wint LB 

Key F.A Lost:

Andre Roberts WR

Buster Skrine CB 

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The Team: The Jets need an Edge. They run a 3-4 defense, so getting a 3-4 OLB who can hit the quarterback is one of their top priorities. Brandon Copeland and Jordan 

The Jets are another team that did a great job choking off the season to move up into the Top Three. And like the 49ers they could use some impact players on offense, especially OLs. And like the 49ers they have to get some weapons for their young QB. Getting an extra 2nd and 3rd, could be four young impact players on offense to save their young QB: 2 WR, and an RB, and an OL or two. 

Another AFC East team looking to tank the season with their rookie QB. They still need someone who can hit Brady. 

The Player: Allen might be the most undervalued player in this Draft. Elite burst and speed to the corner. Elite bend around the edge. Williams, Sweat, and Allen were the three fastest guys to the QB in this Draft. He was the best pass rusher in college football last season, the best Edge in coverage, and still was a force against the run. He led his team in tackles with 88. 

Allen is the best 3-4 OLB in this Draft. He is not a DE, and the NFL doesn't seem that way. He tested with the LBs, not the DEs at the Combine. He is a stand-up/hand-down Edge guy. But if you put him in a 3-4 where he can rush and drop in coverage to confuse the QB, he will be one of the top weapons in the NFL. He is a great mover in coverage. He can cover RBs, TEs, and WRs on the Edge. 

Most versatile OLB in this Draft. He is an all out all the time guy. Reminds me of Khalil Mack, only Allen dropped into coverage more. He was the best Defensive player in football last year. Despite dropping into coverage more than most Edge guys, he still garnered an incredible 17 Sacks in the SEC. He did a great job improving his size. He looked like a bit of a diva at the Combine. Nice pedal. Good hips. He can open his hips. Nice hands to catch. 

2018: Allen had a team-high 88 total tackles, 17 quarterback sacks, 21.5 TFL, seven QB hurries, five forced fumbles, four pass breakups and two fumble recoveries. Led the SEC in quarterback sacks, tackles for loss, and forced fumbles. His 17 sacks were the most by an SEC player in a single season since the NCAA started official sack records in 2000. Ranked second nationally in sacks, fourth in fumbles forced and sixth in TFL. Thirteen of his 17 sacks were in the second half, four in the third quarter and nine in the fourth quarter. UK did not allowed a point on all 17 opponent possessions that he had a sack. Consensus First-Team All-American. SEC Defensive Player of the Year (AP, Coaches, Athlon, ESPN). First-Team All-SEC (AP, Coaches, Athlon, ESPN). Bronko Nagurski Award winner, National Defensive Player of the Year. Chuck Bednarik Award winner, National Defensive Player of the Year. Ronnie Lott IMPACT Trophy winner, National Defensive Player of the Year. Jack Lambert Award winner, National Linebacker of the Year

The Reason: I just don't know how a 3-4 team can pass on him. Allen will go to the first 3-4 Team that needs a Dominant rush-OLB. That is New Jersey at Three this year. I gave them Allen last month when they were still trying to win, and had the 8th Pick. So why change now New Jersey Fans? 3-4 teams always need more and more DE/OLB who can be multiple. Allen can rush from anywhere. He has that quick twitch knack for hitting the quarterback.

Second Choice: Quinnen Williams NT



Defense: 4-3

*Kyler Murray

QB/Outfielder Oklahoma

5-10.1, 195, 28 1/2" Arms! 


2018 Picks:

1 (15) Kolton Miller, OLT, UCLA
2 (57) P.J. Hall DL, Sam Houston ST
3 (65) Brandon Parker OL, NC A&.
3 (87) Arden Key, DE/OLB, LSU
4 (110) Nick Nelson, CB Wisconsin
5-140 Maurice Hurst, DL Michigan
5 (173) Johnny Townsend, P, FLA.
6 Azeem Victor LB, Washington.
7 (228) Marcell Ateman, WR, OK ST

2017 Picks:

1 (14) Karl Joseph, S, West Virginia
2 (44) Jihad Ward, DE, Illinois
3-75 Shilique Calhoun DE Mich ST
4 (100) Connor Cook, QB, Mich ST
5 (143) Deandre Washington, RB Texas Tech
6 Cory James, OLB, Colorado ST
7 (234) Vadal Alexander, G, LSU

Key F.A. Signed:

Antonio Brown WR
Trent Brown OT
Johnathan Hankins DT
Lamarcus Joyner S
J.J. Nelson WR
Tyrell Williams WR

Key F.A.: 

Johnathan Hankins DT 
Clinton McDonald DT

Frostee Rucker DT

Ahtyba Rubin DT

Rashaan Melvin CB
Jared Cook TE
Marshawn Lynch RB 
Marcus Gilchrist SS
Reggie Nelson FS
Martavis Bryant WR
Brandon LaFell WR
Doug Martin RB
Mike Nugent K 
Leon Hall CB
Dwayne Harris WR
Emmanuel Lamur OLB
T.J. Clemmings ORT
Jon Feliciano OG
Erik Harris CB 
Shilique Calhoun OLB
Daryl Worley CB
Denver Kirkland OG
Ian Silberman OG 
Dexter McDonald CB 
Jalen Richard RB
Fadol Brown DE
Ternt Sieg LS
Tevin Mitchel CB 
Jason Cabinda LB
Daniel Carlson K 
Marcell Ateman WR 
Justin Murray OL

Key F.A. Lost:

AJ McCarron QB

Jordy Nelson WR

Kelechi Osemele OG

D. Rodgers-Cromartie CB

The Team: Sometimes you just have to concede. Murray is going to go top five in this Draft, and I don't know why. Everyone loves to compare him to Russell Wilson, who was a 3rd Round pick: number 75 overall. Wilson was also seen as a guy with all-time great character and leadership. I haven't heard bad things about Murray's character, but not great things either. Then his absolute promise that he wanted to play baseball was not a shining example top flight character, when he swiped a 4.66-million dollar signing bonus, when he told Oakland he was "100-percent committed to baseball"

Then he took their 4-mil and followed the yellow brick road to Oklahoma. "Everyone was sort of dancing around the obvious," Billy Beane said. "I knew who they really wanted, but they were fearful of sort of dealing with the whole football issue." He is going to have to give that dough back. 

Now he said he is 100% committed to football. "The worst report I’ve ever heard on a top-ranked quarterback from the interview part of it," Charlie Casserly said. "These were the worst comments [from NFL front office guys] I ever got on a top-rated quarterback, and I’ve been doing this a long time: Leadership, not good; study habits, not good; the board work, below not good." Now you can take that as you want.

The GM might be playing games because he wants Murray to slip to him. But more than one NFL coach, GM, or personnel guy told that to Casserly. He absolute had bad interviews and Board work at the Combine. Everybody knows that Casserly wasn't lying. He has a lot of contacts in the NFL by guys who will tell him the truth, and not just use him to get a narrative out. He is the kid that said he is 200% committed to baseball and football when money was on the table. 

That horror was from more than one GM/personnel-guy, and Charlie talks to GMs. "They were not impressed with his leadership skills or potential for the interview. They weren’t impressed with his study habits, and I can’t give you the quotes, but they’re pretty bad," Charlie said. "And they were not impressed with his board work and understanding football. And concepts that he was quizzed on, and that wasn’t good. One thing that stuck out to me: This guy was never trained for the interview. Whoever trained him did a poor job." Buyer beware. 

He has the smallest arms of any NFL prospect I have ever seen. I have never seen a QB with less than 30" Arms. Then he didn't work out at the Combine. I don't normally mind when dudes do that, but he needed to work out at the Combine with all they myriad questions at his doorstep. With his lack of height and the shortest arms I've ever heard of... 

His Proday was an utter and complete joke. They talked about how awesome it was he was pretending throwing from the pocket. Uh... there was not pocket. He was pretending to throw from the pocket with no big ugliest in his way. When what we needed to see him throwing over giant OLs from the pocket. Not throwing through the open air of a fake pocket. We learned nothing from his Proday. It was pathetic. And all the raves were bizarre.  

Russell Wilson was a four-year starter at Wisconsin. He played in some big time football games and never faltered. Murray played behind the best O-line in college football, and far too often stood in the pocket for far too long. He won't have half that time in the NFL. When he played Alabama they crushed the pocket around him like an NFL defense, he faltered badly. 

Playing in the NFL is more like what the Alabama defense did to him in the 1st Half than having 5 to 10 second to stand in the pocket and look around at the backsides of his blockers. Ideally you want the ball gone in 2.5-seconds. He didn't do that at Oklahoma, unless he was running outside on a boot. 

This is a tough call. They shouldn't go QB here. Mayock will not want Murray here, but Gruden might. Rumors persist that Gruden loves Murray. Gruden is a guy who is notorious for hating whatever QB he has starting for his team (which he seemed to do again last year with Carr;), and lusting after what QB he doesn't have. He tortures his starting QBs off his team. The only one he ever seemed to actually like was Rich Gannon.

Gannon was actually drafted by the Patriots out of Delaware in the 4th. But he has such a great athlete that the brilliant Pats wanted to turn him into a Safety. Gannon said he was a QB, and refused to play for the Pats. They traded him to the Vikings. He and Gruden won Super Bowl XXXVII for Tampa Bay. Gannon was an exceptional athlete for a QB, like Murray. As shown by the Pats trying to turn him into a DB. 

Rumors persist that Gruden is a Murray guy. And it makes sense that Gruden would want a QB athletic enough to play DB for the Pats (was that a cheap shot against the Pats;). If the Cards don't trade Rosen before the Draft than this looks like the most likely landing spot to me. And I just can't stick Murray in at Number One Overall while Rosen is on the Cards roster. 

They took three DLs last year, but damn! 13 Sacks on the season! That is pitiful. Ferrell is the rusher I seem to have rated higher than most. I don't know what Tape the others are watching. 

Raiders are in full tanking mode. Gruden will do everything to lose the rest of the game this season already. Kind-ah sad. 

The Player: Murray is another one year wonder who is woefully inexperienced. Pretty much everything I wrote about Haskins is the same. He is not Baker Mayfield. He is at least two inches shorter than Mayfield. Mayfield also was a starter for four season and redshirted one. He was the most experienced QB coming out last year. And I didn't like Mayfield last year either. I though he was too small. 

"It’s hard to play outside the pocket in the NFL. It’s hard to last in your career playing that way. We’ve seen that. If he’s under 200 pounds, it’s hard to last in your career that way," Bill Polian said. "The way offense is now played probably negates the height issue somewhat. But Drew [Brees] is 6 feet. Russell is probably 5-11. If he’s 5-9, that’s a different kettle of fish."

Mayfield was listed as three inches taller than Murray on the OK Bio, and 25-pounds heavier. Murray was the most electric QB in college football last season. But he also played behind the best O-line if college football last season. He is another guy who is going to have to have the offense changed completely for him. 

"We need accurate height, weight, hand size," Polian said. "The height matters. And the thickness matters. Your comparison is Russell Wilson. If he’s shorter than Russell Wilson [he is], that would give people pause. But he’s a much better passer and he’s probably faster as a runner than the kid in Baltimore. So if the height and the weight check out, you’re at least talking about somewhere in there, late first round to early second round. That’s where [Jackson] went."

Doug Marrone was an offensive guy in the NFL. He was an assist head coach twice, and was the O-line Coach as well both times, and not necessarily the O-Coordinator (it's a mystery;). So he was is sort of an OC-HC guy. Like Haskins, he has to play for an OC-HC who can build the offense around him and his strengths. 

"You’re talking about having to try to find entirely different passing lanes and windows in the NFL. In the spread offense in college, things are different," Polian said. "Everything is all spread out, and the passing windows are different. But he’s really fast. He’s a shifty runner. He can really throw the ball. The passing skills are exemplary. He’s accurate. There’s a lot to like. The answer is: stay tuned."

Murray has to play for an OC-HC, because he cannot play in a conventional NFL drop-back offense. Everything (even more than Haskins, who has more conventional NFL size and played in the pocket more at Ohio ST) has to be changed for him to succeed in a Goff-like offense. 

So if Marrone can put his old school biases behind him (unlikely), this could work out well for everybody. If they take him, Marrone has to commit to more run-and-shot and spread schemes. Having him five step and sit in the pocket and throw over the O-line and D-line is not going to work. He has to rollout and throw on the edges with have the half-field reads to find lanes to throw and run through. 

Plus, I no longer like Murray, because he made me agree with Bill Friggin' Polian. "That’s a huge if," Polian said. "I don’t think playing the quarterback position you can play two sports. You just can’t. It starts with the commitment. The entire conversation starts with that. If he wants to play both, that’s a very poor risk." Biggest risk in the Draft. 

2017 [RS Sophomore]: Made 27 appearances and started 16 games… posted a .122 batting average and a .317 on-base percentage… led the team with 12 stolen bases… scored 16 runs and drew 13 base on balls… recorded his first collegiate hit and RBI and drew three walks in a win vs. Grambling State (2/22)… collected a RBI and scored twice in a contest vs. Villanova (2/24)… registered a career-high two hits, three RBI and swiped two bases against Villanova (2/25). Summer 2017: Played 16 games for the Harwich Mariners of the Cape Cod Baseball League… hit two doubles and one home run, while stealing four bases. Sorry, lol. 

The Reason: They can take a top passrusher here, and cover other needs later.  

Second Choice: DK Metcalf WR



Defense: 4-3


*Rashan Gary-

DE Michigan

6-4.7, 277, (U) 4.59, S-1.63 

34.1" Arms, 26 Reps,

10' Broad, 38" Vert,

7.27 3-Cone, 4.29 SS,




2018 Picks:

1 (12) Vita Vea, DT, Washington
2 (38) Ronald Jones II, RB, USC
2 (53) M.J. Stewart, CB, UNC
2 (63) Carlton Davis, CB, Auburn.
3 (94) Alex Cappa OG Humboldt ST
4 (117) Jordan Whitehead, S Pitt
5 Justin Watson, WR Pennsylvania
6 (202) Jack Cichy, OB, Wisconsin

2017 Picks:

1 (19) O.J. Howard TE Alabama
2 (50) Justin Evans, S, Texas A&M
3 (84) Chris Godwin, WR, Penn ST
3 (107) Kendell Beckwith, ILB, LSU
5 Jeremy McNichols RB Boise ST
7 (223) Stevie Tu’ikolovatu DT USC

Key FA Signed:

Ryan Griffin QB
Breshad Perriman WR
Donovan Smith OT

Shaquil Barrett LB
Deone Bucannon OLB

Key FA:

Vinny Curry DE 
Brent Grimes CB
Ryan Fitzpatrick QB 
Adam Humphries WR
Christopher Conte FS 
Jacquizz Rodgers RB
Donovan Smith OLT
Ryan Griffin QB 
Adarius Taylor ILB
Garrison Sanborn LS
Cairo Santos K 
Kevin Minter ILB 
Cameron Lynch OLB 
Rakeem Nunez-Roches DT
Josh Shaw FS 
Kwon Alexander ILB 
Corey Nelson ILB

Key FA Lost:


The Team: Another team that choked their season to death. They went from pick 11 to pick 5 in about a month. That's just sad. Of the leftover needs from last years Draft, I have DE/Passrusher as the top two. I like Gary's physical potential, but the depth in this Draft at D-end is phenomenal. 

The Player: He is a huge guy. He really looks the part. But he doesn’t have that knack for hitting the quarterback: 2016 1 Sack, 2017, 6 Sacks, 2018 3.5 Sacks. He has to stay on the field. He lacks moves in the rush that you need in the NFL. Consistently want to use speed to power and bull rush. Elite blast off. 

He kept screwing up drills at the Combine by guessing, but did a great job recovering once he got himself out of balance. Great feet moving backwards. Smooth athlete when he isn’t trying to cheat the drill. An official 4.58 Forty at 277-pounds is incredible. 

Great mover on the field. Wow, he is great moving backwards. Elite Mover. Great COD moving forward to backward. Nice inside slap. Elite closing burst. He showed a great spin at Combine. Nice burst forward. He has hands like feet trying to catch the ball. Needs to shed OL's hands faster and quicker. 

Gary is a phenomenal freak athlete. He has not been as productive this season so far. Than he got injured. But he still has all the skills that made him a top prospect coming into this season. He finally got back on the field against Penn State. 

He showed his great blast off against Penn ST, but his instincts were a little rusty. He has to size to be a great two-gapper. But he is at his best when he can just burst inside or outside the OT. He has such a nice inside move that he scares QBs out of the pocket. It was so good to see him back against Penn ST.

Junior (2018): Preseason All-Big Ten selection (East Division). Named Defensive Lineman of the Week for his performance against Western Michigan. Made six stops with one solo tackle and a shared tackle for loss at Notre Dame (Sept. 1), and was credited with one quarterback hurry. Recorded seven tackles against Western Michigan (Sept. 8) with one sack and a quarterback hurry. Registered one quarterback hurry with three overall tackles against SMU (Sept. 15). Tailed two solo stops, both for loss, against Nebraska (Sept. 22) with one sack. Made four total tackles at Northwestern (Sept. 29), Wisconsin (Oct. 13).

The Reason: They took two corners in last years Draft. So now they can sit here and take the best available passrusher on the Board. 

Second Choice: Greedy Williams CB



Defense: 4-3

**Dwayne Haskins-

QB Ohio ST

6-3.3, 231, (U) 5.04-5.06,

33 1/2" Arms, 28.5 Vert,


2018 Picks:

1 (2) Saquon Barkley, RB, Penn State.
2 (34) Will Hernandez, OG, UTEP.
3 (66) Lorenzo Carter, Edge, Georgia.
3 (69) B.J. Hill, DT, NC State.
4 (108) Kyle Lauletta, QB, Richmond.
5 (139) RJ McIntosh, DL, Miami.

2017 Picks:

1 (23) Evan Engram, TE, Mississippi
2(55) Dalvin Tomlinson, DT Alabama
3 (87) Davis Webb, QB California
4 (140) Wayne Gallman, RB Clemson
5 Avery Moss, DE Youngstown ST
6 (200) Adam Bisnowaty, OT Pitt

Key F.A. Signed:

Antoine Bethea SS
Markus Golden OLB/DE
Jabrill Peppers SS
Golden Tate WR

Key F.A.:

Jonathan Stewart RB
Cody Latimer WR
Connor Barwin OLB
Landon Collins FS 
Mario Edwards DT
Kerry Wynn DT 
Russell Shepard WR 
Zak DeOssie LS
John Greco OG 
Geno Smith QB 
Nathan Stupar OLB 
Josh Mauro DT 
B.W. Webb CB 
Jamon Brown OG 
John Jenkins DE
Scott Simonson TE 
Bennie Fowler WR
Tony Lippett CB
Curtis Riley FS 
Corey Coleman WR 
Alex Tanney QB 
Jon Halapio OC 
Elijhaa Penny FB
Kristjan Sokoli OG 
Jordan Williams DT 
Antonio Hamilton S
Spencer Pulley OC
Aldrick Rosas K
Brittan Golden WR

Key F.A. Lost:

Odell Beckham Jr WR

The Team: Giants took an RB in last years Draft. Now they need a QB. This is a tough pick. Haskins is a spread QB, like Goff. The team that takes him will have to change their offense completely for him, like the Rams did with Goff. He has to be drafted by an HC who was an OC. 

The Player: Haskins is the highest rated QB in the worst QB Draft since the EJ Manual Draft. Manuel was the only QB taken in the 1st, and he went 16th. I'd wouldn't draft one of these guys in the First, but if I had to it would be Haskins. I do think that Haskin is an NFL QB (But I thought that about Manuel as well;). He was ultra productive at Ohio ST last season. He has a great NFL arm. I won't say he didn't play in an NFL system (because what the hell is an NFL system anymore;), but he didn't go under center last year (like Luck and Mahomes;). He is a better pure passer than Lamar Jackson. 

He reminds me of EJ Manuel. Manuel was a better athlete, but Haskins is more mentally advanced. He is much more advanced reading coverages, and could read the defense before the snap and makes checks. That might be the most important trait of an NFL QB. An NFL QB has to be mentally able to step up to the LOS, read the defense, and know what the defense is showing, and what they will be doing most of the time.

Haskins is a one year wonder, which is never good for an NFL QB prospect. Haskins entered the 2018 season with just 171 plays on offense from his red-shirt freshman campaign in 2017. But included was an impressive 30 plays in the 31-20 victory over Michigan that season where he led the team to 217 yards of offense and 17 consecutive points and a come-from-behind victory. That is my primary (and maybe my only;) concern with him, but it is very big concern. 

He does show he can read a defense before and after the snap. And his arm is special. And not just his arm, but his ability to read the defense after everything breaks down and throw it to the right guy. He can one-step and hit the Slot guy in less than 2.5-seconds. He is very good running with the ball in his hands, but he doesn't rely on it. When he sees a giant lane open up and everyone is covered he will take off, but generally prefers to use his feet to gain time and position to throw. 

He is a shotgun only QB. Which is what the NFL is going to, because that is what the FBS is spitting out now a days. I wish he had started more games, only 14 Starts. I wish he went under center more. But his one season as a starter was phenomenal. He showed some great clutch, another undervalued preeminent trait a QB must have: His three touchdown passes vs. No. 9 Washington in the Rose Bowl gave him 50 for the season and enabled him to become only the sixth FBS player to throw 50 TDs in a season. Against top 25 opponents in 2018, Haskins threw 20 TD passes against just two interceptions."

Haskins might be the best QB in this Draft. But damn he is young. He is also a one-year wonder, and the least experienced QB in this Draft. That math usually doesn't work well. He also is a Spread-QB who had half-field reads most of the time at Ohio ST (all of the time?). He reminds me of Goff (who was also a half-field guy). The team that Draft's him is going to have to runt he Rams offense. If they don't want to get fired? He is not a great athlete. He is not a great runner. He wins in the pocket. He really a pocket passer. He can make every throw from the pocket. 

Ohio State Overview: Dwayne Haskins elected to enter the 2019 NFL Draft after an electric, exciting and enforcer-mode 2018 season with the Buckeyes that saw him become a finalist for the Heisman Trophy, win the Chicago Tribune Silver Football award as the best player in the Big Ten, and earn the Big Ten’s Graham-George Offensive Player of the Year and Griese-Brees Quarterback of the Year awards … a third-team Associated Press All-American … from the first game of the 2018 season to the very end, Haskins left no doubt that he is one of the great quarterbacks in Big Ten Conference history and, very probably, the greatest throwing quarterback in Ohio State history … he set 28 Ohio State records in 2018 and added seven additional Big Ten Conference records, including single season passing yards (4,831), touchdown passes (50) and total offensive yards (4,939) … Haskins also set a Big Ten record for most offensive player of the week awards with six … in those six games, he threw for the most yards (313) and TDs (five) in a first-start for any Ohio State quarterback.

The Reason: Shurmur was an OC before he became an HC. If they don't take a QB again, it will be more tragic than funny. However, Shurmur was an OC before he became an HC. So this could work out nicely for the Giants if they can keep the exceedingly young Haskins on the bench. 

Second Choice: Jawaan Taylor ORT



Defense: 4-3

**D.K. Metcalf- 

WR Ole Miss

6-4, 230, ()) 4.33, 11'2" Br! 40.5"Vert, 27 Reps, 7.38 3-C, 4.5 SS,

OL, DL, WR,  TE, OC, CB,, QB, 

2017 Picks:

1 (4) Leonard Fournette, RB, LSU
2 (34) Cam Robinson, OL, Alabama
3 (68) Dawuane Smoot, DL, Illinois
4 (110) Dede Westbrook, WR, OK
5 (148) Blair Brown, LB, Ohio
7 (222) Jalen Myrick, CB, Minnesota
7 (240) Marquez Williams, FB, Miami

2016 Picks:

1 (5) Jalen Ramsey, CB/S, Florida St

2 (36) Myles Jack, ILB, UCLA

3-69 Yannick Ngakoue DE Maryland

4 (103) Sheldon Day, DT, ND

6 (181) Tyrone Holmes, DE, Montana

6 (201)  Brandon Allen, QB, Arkansas

7 (226) Jonathan Woodard, DE, Central Arkansas

Key FA.Signed:

Nick Foles QB

Geoff Swaim TE

Cedric Ogbuehi OLT
A.J. Cann OG

Key FA.:
Corey Grant RB
T.J. Yeldon RB 
Tyler Shatley OG
A.J. Cann OG 
Josh Wells ORT
Matt Overton LS
Patrick Omameh OG 
Kai Forbath K 
Tommy Bohanon FB 
Ereck Flowers ORT
Blake Bell TE
Rashad Greene WR
Corey Robinson OLT 
Tyler Patmon CB 
Josh Lambo K 
Josh Walker OT 
James O'Shaughnessy TE
Jaydon Mickens WR
Chris Reed OG

Key Free Lost

Blake Bortles QB

Donte Moncrief WR

Malik Jackson DL

The Team: They got a new QB, and now they have to build a team around him. Their O-line and WR were terrible last season. But that was mostly do to injury and they just signed Ogbuehi and Cann. Butt they still need help on the field blocking for their QB. It looks like the question here could be Metcalf or Hockenson. 

They have committed completely to getting a new QB. If they don't get a QB in free agency than they will be stuck picking in this Draft. This Draft is really full of Day Two QBs. They will get pumped up because they are QBs, but this is the worst QB Draft in a long while. 

The Player2/20 D.K. Metcalf: The Best WR in 2019. But...

The Reason: They have to get some tools for their new Head Coach. There last HC was a D-coordinator dude. Their new HC was an OC. He is going to be looking at offensive guys who can help the QB. Hockenson is a good receiver. However, he is the best blocking TE I have seen in a long time. They have a power running game ready to go to help Foles. Hockenson makes the power running game much more powerful,

They have to move on from Bortles. However, Marrone is more of an old school coach. Se he likely will be voting against this pick. So we will see how much say he has in this process. 

Second Choice: DK Metcalf WR



Defense: 4-3

**Quinnen Williams

DL Alabama

6-4, 295, #92, 


DB, TE, WR,, LB, OL, DL, 

2018 Picks:

1 (20) Frank Ragnow OC Arkansas
2 (43) Kerryon Johnson RB Auburn
3 (82) Tracy Walker, FS, Louisiana-Lafayette
4-114 Da’Shawn Hand, DE Alabama
5 (153) Tyrell Crosby, OT Oregon
7 Nick Bawden, RB San Diego ST

2017 Picks:

1 (21) Jarrad Davis LB Florida
2 (53) Jalen Tabor DB Florida
3 (96) Kenny Golladay WR N. Illinois
4 Jaylen Reeves-Maybin, LB, Tenn
4 (127) Michael Roberts, TE, Toledo
5 (165) Jamal Agnew, CB, San Diego
6 Jeremiah Ledbetter, DL, Arkansas
6 (215) Brad Kaaya, QB, Miami
7 Pat O’Connor, DL, E. Michigan

Key F.A. Signed:

Jesse James TE
Danny Amendola WR
Trey Flowers Edge

Justin Coleman Nickel

Key F.A.:
Ezekiel Ansah DE 
Luke Willson TE 
LeGarrette Blount RB 
TJ Jones WR
Levine Toilolo TE 
Matt Cassel QB 
Don Muhlbach LS 
Ameer Abdullah RB 
Nick Bellore FB 
Ricky Jean Francois DT
Kelvin Sheppard ILB
Deshawn Shead FS 
Eli Harold OLB

Andrew Donnal ORT 
Crevon LeBlanc CB 
Kerry Hyder DE
Eric Lee DE 
Lenzy Pipkins CB 
Trevor Bates ILB 
Romeo Okwara DE
Charles Washington CB
Steve Longa OLB

Key F.A. Lost:


The Team: They have to go DB early to help their defense. Their back seven was their weakness area as a team last season. They were finally able to draft some good DLs and LBs the last two years. Now Patricia has to sure up the secondary. As a group their record was terrible because of their defensive talent. They have to talent-up the D. 

The need for a rusher was desperate last year, and could be even more so if Ansah leaves. Either way this is just too perfect a fit to happen. 

The PlayerWilliams reminds me more of Aaron Donald when he was at Syracuse than any player I have seen since. He burst up into the backfield as quick and fast as Ed Oliver, only like Donald, he finds the ball carrier. No one got to the QB quicker than Williams in this Draft. No one got to the RB quicker on inside runs in this Draft than Williams. Donald did it for a few years, and Williams was a one-year wonder. He has to prove he can as durable as Donald. But if you want a guy to hit and Sack the QB, Williams got there faster in 2018 than Bosa ever did.

"He’s a lot different than the other guys," Saban said. "The other guys that have played that position have been big power guys and don’t have a lot of range. This guy has got a lot of range and he’s really slippery."

Williams is having he best season of all the DLs in this Draft. He has been unstoppable. They play him all over the line in Odd and Even fronts. He has taken over as they guy other teams try and double first, from Raekwon. He had the best defensive game of the year against LSU (I had him with 4 sacks), and had the most impressive sack of the Season against Miss ST. He has become the player we thought Ed Oliver would be this season. 

Some scouts are rightly comparing him to Aaron Donald this season. On run play they double teamed Raekwon, and Williams Swam over the OG, and slammed into the RB a split season after the hand off. That was Donald like smarts, explosion, and quicks. In the first five games he had 10 tackles and 4 TFL, in the next four (or so;) he had 20 Tackles, 9 TFL, and 5 sacks (and he had a couple of Sacks against Miss ST:).

Sophomore (2018): Powerful defensive lineman who redshirted in his first season at UA ... gained valuable experience on special teams and in a rotational role on the defensive line as a redshirt sophomore before working his way into the starting nose guard spot this season ... totaled a team-high 12 tackles for loss (-49 yards) and ranks second on the Tide with nine quarterback hurries to go with a safety and one pass breakup ... added 43 tackles and four sacks (-26 yards) to his 2018 line ... named a semifinalist for the Bednarik Award, presented annually to the nation’s top defensive player ... earned Midseason Second Team All-America recognition from the Associated Press ... named the Walter Camp National Defensive Player of the Week and the Bronko Nagurski National Defensive Player of the Week by the FWAA for his performance at LSU ... selected as the Bednarik Award Player of the Week for his efforts against Missouri and at LSU ... named SEC Co-Defensive Lineman of the Week for his play in Orlando against Louisville and SEC Defensive Player of the Week following the LSU contest ... selected as one of the defensive players of the week by the Alabama coaches for his efforts against Louisville, Arkansas State, Ole Miss, Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee and LSU.
LSU: Earned numerous weekly awards for his play against the Tigers including defensive player of the week recognition from the Alabama coaches ... selected as the Walter Camp and Bronko Nagurski National Defensive Player of the Week and the Bednarik Award Defensive Player of the Week to go with SEC Defensive Player of the Week accolades from the conference office ... paced the defensive unit with a career-high 10 tackles and 2.5 sacks (-18 yards) to go with a career-high tying 3.5 tackles for loss (-19 yards) ... played a key role in holding LSU to only 196 yards of total offense, including just 12 yards on 25 total carries in the shutout.

The Reason: There is just no way Patricia will pass on Williams. HCs that used to be D-Coordinators want defensive players in the 1st. Quinnen has declared, Rs-Soph rarely do, but this year it seemed they all did. He was the best DL all season long. I just can't see how the Cards could pass on him. This is what you really want when you draft that young QB. You want him to look great and lose every game, so you can get another top five pick.

As a group, they only had a pathetic 7 INTs on the season. I mean as a whole, their entire defense had 7 INTs. Greedy Williams has that knack for getting his hands on the ball for INTs. 

Second Choice: Greedy Williams CB



Defense: 4-3

*Ed Oliver

3-Tech Houston

6-3, 290, #10

WR, WR, KR, CB, 

2018 Picks:

11 (7) Josh Allen, QB, Wyoming.
1 Tremaine Edmunds, LB Virginia T
3-96 Harrison Phillips, DT, Stanford.
4-12) Taron Johnson CB Weber ST
5-154 Siran Neal, FS Jacksonville ST
5-166 Wyatt Teller, OG Virginia T
6 Ray-Ray McCloud, WR Clemson.
7 (255) Austin Proehl, WR UNC

2017 Picks:

1 (27) Tre’Davious White CB LSU
2 (37) Zay Jones WR East Carolina
2 (63) Dion Dawkins, ORT, Temple
5 (163) Matt Milano, LB, BC
5 (171) Nathan Peterman, QB, Pitt
6 (195) Tanner Vallejo, LB, Boise ST

Key F.A. Signed:

Cole Beasley WR
John Brown WR 
Frank Gore RB
Kevin Johnson CB
Tyler Kroft TE
Mitch Morse C
Ty Nsekhe OT
Jordan Phillips DT
Andre Roberts WR/KR

Key F.A.:
Kyle Williams DT
Vontae Davis CB
Lorenzo Alexander OLB
Ryan Groy OG BUF
Kelvin Benjamin WR
Jordan Mills ORT
Jordan Phillips DT 
Derek Anderson QB 
Ramon Humber OLB
Taiwan Jones RB 

Phillip Gaines CB 
Logan Thomas TE
Dontae Johnson CB
Jeremiah Sirles OG
John Miller OG 
Key F. A, Lost:


The Team: The Bills got their young QB in last years Draft, and really want to tank this season to get a super impact player again. Once their young QB starts working out, they will not have a shot at a top Five pick again. Oliver's drop is not an indictment of his talent, but a matter of circumstance in the most talented D-line Draft ever. Some top-five DL talent is going to fall out of the Top Five. 

The Player: Oliver is a marvel. I watched him against East Carolina. He was awesome. The coaches changed their offense specifically to avoid Oliver at all cost. They completely schemed against him, because of his ability to be unblockable at 3-Tech. He finally got his first Sack, and had two on the game (three in his last two game). Even before his first Sack of the season, he was a force of nature and East Carolina couldn't do anything to stop him. When the QB had the ball after two seconds Oliver hit him. 

He hurt himself in that game (ankle I think). I think he should pull a Bosa and start preparing for the Draft (which he did). He has nothing left to prove at Houston. But he is such a high character kid that he might try and comeback and finish out the season (he didn't). East Carolina was his best game of the season, and he shut it down after that game for the Draft. 

Oliver is marked by his unrelenting attack on the QB. "He’s just so good you have to look at him schematically and think of ways to try and account for him," Niumatalolo said. "He's that dynamic and that disruptive." He is pure explosion up field. 
He got into the backfield faster and more consistently than anyone in this Draft. "He’s a great football player, and there are going to be a lot of different schemes that he’s going to face this season," HC Applewhite said. "He’s going to get everything from snap count, to perimeter runs, trap blocks and double teams and triple teams. He’s going to see it all." He gets into the backfield so fast that he struggles to find he ball.
East Carolina completely changed their offense to have the QB throw the ball outside in less than two second every snap. “He has a unique skill set. You don’t get a chance to see these guys but maybe once every 10 years," ECU HC Montgomery said. "The ultimate respect for a player like Ed is knowing that offenses are spending multiple hours on trying to find different ways to slow him down in the run game, in the pass game. It’s not as simple as putting two and three [blockers] on him. It’s about strategic details, being able to adjust and adapt." He is a top five pick. 

The Reason: The Bills need some help on the interior D-line. Oliver could drop a little in next years Draft because of his terrible start, and then the injury. The Bills know that Brady hates inside pressure, and Oliver is tied for first getting inside pressure on QBs.

Second Choice: Another team who could not pass on N'Keal Harry WR



Defense: 3-4


**Greedy Williams


6-1.7", 185, 31 1/2" Arms,

(U) 4.38, (O) 4.37, 

OC, QB, OL,  CB,  DE, OL, LB,  

2018 Picks:

1 (5) Bradley Chubb, DE, NC State
2 (40) Courtland Sutton, WR, SMU
3 (71) Royce Freeman, RB, Oregon
3 (99) Isaac Yiadom, CB, BC
4 (106) Josey Jewell, LB, Iowa.
4 DeaSean Hamilton, WR, Penn ST
5 Troy Fumagalli, TE,Wisconsin.
6 (183) Sam Jones, OL Arizona ST
6 Keishawn Bierria,LB, Washington
7-226 David Williams,RB,Arkansas

2017 Picks:

1 (20) Garett Bolles, OLT Utah
2 (51) DeMarcus Walker, DE FLA ST
3 Carlos Henderson WR Louisiana T
3 (101) Brendan Langley, CB, Lamar
5 (145) Jake Butt, TE, Michigan
5 (172) Isaiah McKenzie, WR, Georgia
6 (203) De’Angelo Henderson, RB, Coastal Carolina
7 (253) Chad Kelly, QB, Mississippi

Key F.A. Signed:

Joe Flacco QB
Jeff Heuerman TE
Ja'Wuan James ORT

Kareem Jackson DB

Key F.A.:

Jared Veldheer ORT 

Billy Turner OG

Elijah Wilkinson OT

Max Garcia OG
Nico Falah OC
Jeff Heuerman TE
Jordan Taylor WR
Brian Parker TE 
Isaiah McKenzie WR
Matt LaCosse TE 
Kevin Hogan QB 
Casey Kreiter LS
Jerrol Garcia-Williams ILB 
Deiontrez Mount OLB 
Joe Jones OLB 
Dymonte Thomas S 
Tim Patrick WR 
Colby Wadman P

Domata Peko DT
Tramaine Brock CB
Shane Ray OLB
Bradley Roby CB 
Zach Kerr DE 
Adam-Pacman Jones CB
Shamarko Thomas SS 
Shelby Harris DE 
Jordan Moore S

Key F.A. Lost:

Matt Paradis OC 

Shaquil Barrett OLB

The Team: I don't see it with this kid in the 1st. I think it is ridiculous to draft an ORT in the 1st. But if their is one team that needs an ORT in the 1st it is Denver. 

Well, they don't need a passrusher here, with Bradley Chubb and Von Miller going nuts (but if Josh Allen were still on the Board it could get interesting;). They need a nose tackle, as Peko is not getting any younger.  

The Player: Greedy got a little high in transition. "Definitely, I’ve got to step that up," Greedy said. "And get that right. And get the right technique." He has to sink his hips better in pedal. 

Needs to work on his pedal. "They’re going to get a guy who works hard," Greedy said. "A guy dedicated to winning. Definitely put the team first. Always grew up playing football. Get a man who knows the responsibility. Who wants to come in and have a big impact on the team,″ He has to sink his hips better. 

He does not always look like he is interested in tackling. "I put a high priority on tackling just in general for our team and I don’t think we can change that depending on whatever position it is," Matt Patricia said, as I was sticking Greedy in at 8. "You’ve got to find the right balance because obviously the biggest thing they’ve got to do is be able to cover in those situations. But understand that some of the players on the other side of the ball are pretty good, too. They’re going to catch the ball and what you want to make sure that happens is that they’re tackled right away and they don’t turn those plays, whatever they are, into bigger plays." He could fall out of the top ten. 

But there are just not a lot of guys with his size, speed, and cover instants. His best transition was when he flipped around and put his back to the QB. Then he tracked it and went up and snagged it over his head. Good click and close. He got low and used the feet. He stop working out at the Combine do to cramps. 

No drop in first gauntlet. No drop in 2nd gauntlet. Greedy is a Redshirt Soph. So he was able to declare. They had more Redshirt Sophomores declare than ever before this year. He has great size and feet. He can play the ball in the air like a WR. We will see his size and speed at the Combine. If he has the track speed, like his field speed, he will be a top ten pick. 

Smooth hips turning upfield. Ultra focus on WR gives him an edge in the passing game, but he can be taken advantage of in the run game by running the outside WR deep and running behind him. Great quick feet when he turns and runs. I'd like to see more jabs and chucks from him, but his ability to turn and run without contact fits today's NFL. 

He has the size to stop the big WRs, and the speed and quicks to run with the quickest and fastest small WRs. He stays and plays as low as the tiny spread WRs outside. He has a knack for when to hop back, turn, and when to stand in the way and take the WR out of his pattern. Ignores the run a lot, as he stays locked on the WR. 

The Reason: The Broncos have to get a Corner in this Draft who can cover a Number One WR. The best bet in this Draft is Greedy. 

Flacco ain't gettin' any younger. Also I wanted to show how absurd it looks with an ORT in the top ten.  

Second Choice: *Noah Fant H-Back



Defense: 4-3



*Devin White


6-1, 240, #40, 



2018 Picks:

1 (21) Billy Price, OC, Ohio ST
2 (54) Jessie Bates DB Wake Forest
3 (77) Sam Hubbard, DE, Ohio ST
3 (78) Malik Jefferson, ILB, Texas
4 (112) Mark Walton, RB, Miami
5-151 Davontae Harris CB Illinois ST
5 (158) Andrew Brown, DL Virginia
5 Darius Phillips, CB, W. Michigan
7-249 Logan Woodside, QB Toledo
7 (252) Rod Taylor, OG Mississippi
7 (253) Auden Tate, WR, Florida ST

2017 Picks:

1 (9) John Ross, WR, Washington
2 (48) Joe Mixon, RB, Oklahoma
3 (73) Jordan Willis, DE, Kansas State
4 (116) Carl Lawson, DE, Auburn
4 (128) Josh Malone, WR, Tennessee
4 (138) Ryan Glasgow, DT, Michigan
5 (153) Jake Elliott, K, Memphis
5 (176) J.J. Dielman, OC, Utah
6 (193) Jordan Evans, LB, Oklahoma
6 Brandon Wilson, RB, Houston
7 (251) Mason Schreck, TE, Buffalo

Key F.A. Signed:  
Bobby Hart OT
John Miller OG
C.J. Uzomah TE

Preston Brown OLB
B.W. Webb CB

Key F.A.:  

Tyler Eifert TE
Michael Johnson DE 
Preston Brown ILB
Vincent Rey ILB
Darqueze Dennard CB
Clark Harris LS 
Jake Fisher LT 
Bobby Hart RT 
Tyler Kroft TE
Adolphus Washington DT
Matt Lengel TE 
C.J. Uzomah TE 
Josh Tupou DT 
Trey Hopkins OG 
Tony McRae CB 
Alex Redmond OG 
Brandon Wilson RB 
Jordan Franks TE 

Key F.A. Lost:

Cedric Ogbuehi OLT

Vontaze Burfict LB

The Team: I'm not a big fan of taking an ILB in the First. However, White is one of the hottest prospects right now and we all know the Bengals have needed ILB for years. Getting a guy who can lead the D would be a big deal for their Defense. 

The Player: White is the prototype Mike. He is a Mike Singletary type ILB. He is not only a sideline to sidelined tackler, but he can run a defense like Mike. The most interesting aspect of his game is that when eh got injured the LSU got all disheveled. They couldn't get someone on the field to set up the defense. They lost, because they lost their leader on defense. When he came back the D was put back together again. 

I wasn’t sure on him, until I saw his comparison to Roquan Smith, who I thought great. When I looked at White like Roquan I got it. He also had some better stats than Roquan. He actually had better stats than Smith. 

He gets to the ball to both sidelines. He gets hurt. He has some twitch. He can sink his hips. Elite feet. Amazing moving side to side. Great job sinking hips. He is so smooth. Great snap in his hips. 

The Reason: They just cut Burfict in anticipation of taking Smith. 

They need a leader on Defense, who isn't a nut job. A guy who can turn into a great leader to keep their D together, and not tear it apart at the worst possible moments. 

I still think they need an OLT. 

Second Choice: Jonah Williams OT

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