Here is Part Two of my 

2019 Boston Celtics

1st Round Draft Preview.

SV=Standing Vert, MV=Max Vert + SR-Standing Reach = MVR Max Vert Reach.

If Danny can't work out that trade for the 4th pick. They will be picking at 14. They are some Euro stash Bigs, and some plug in guys available. But when you are drafting teenagers, they simply are not ready for the Draft. The rookie who could have a big impact on the Celtics is Robert Williams. 

He has spent a year behind the scenes learning what it takes to play in the NBA. He is learning the work ethic it takes to improve physically and mentally enough to actually play in the NBA. 

The Celts are looking to trade out of this Draft. But they might get stuck. If they get stuck there are some players linked to the Celtics. 

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Cam Reddish

8. Atlanta- Cam Reddish- Duke, 19, 6-8, 218, 7-1 WS, 8-9 SR, Fr,

33.3% 3-P, 13.5 PPG, 1.9 APG, 3.7 RPG, 35.6 FG%.

The Player: Reddish is a guy who could a star in the NBA, but his game confuses scouts and coaches. "Cam Reddish is the big enigma at the top of this year's draft," a scout said. "People try to make all these comparisons: Is he Paul George? Is he Rudy Gay? I start with something more basic: Who is this kid?" I think he gets on the floor as a catch and shooter. BUt he did not shoot well from the floor (39.4% shooter on 2-point shots). 

But he has the talent to develop into a top Three and D guy. "In Cam you have an extremely talented kid. A player, and a great kid. A little bit younger in the game. He's more of a freshman. That's not bad, he was a hell of a freshman," Krzyzewski said. "And he had some nagging injuries that have been taken care of. I think he has the biggest growth potential. And I'm hoping that he goes to a program that will develop him that way, and doesn't expect him to be necessarily a double-double guy right away. I think he's got a great chance to be an outstanding player in the league." He struggled with his role behind Zion and Barrett, and had some injury issues he had to fight through. 

He has as much talent as his top three teammates. ďIt reminded me of [Grant Hill], what he was doing, because heís 6-8 and heís so long," Krzyzewski said. "And I think that helped him offensively. Because youíre moving strong, youíre playing strong, and it translates to other aspects of your game." He had to defer more than most would have wanted. 

But when given a chance he came through. "I like his upside in the NBA more than (R.J.) Barrett.  Because he doesnít have the toughness of R.J. and Zion, heís definitely getting overshadowed. And rightfully so. Those guys play harder, theyíre more ready," a Division One coach said. "But he doesnít get to play with the ball in his hands, which is what heís really good at. In the NBA, he has kind of a Tracy McGrady type talent base. He can handle the ball' He can shoot off the bounce. But heís just cool. And thatís the scary thing. If he doesnít get that fire or sense of urgency, heíll end up being just a regular player. But if he gets it, heíll be an NBA All-Star." He has to assert himself more on the court. 

His game is better suited to the NBA. "You know, he's been able to explore everything with or without Zion," Krzyzewski said. "I just think he's getting better. What we're trying to have him do is drive the ball more, not just shoot it, because then he can get fouled. And when he gets fouled, he's usually a really good free-throw shooter." He will be a better NBA than a college player. 


He can be tough to follow, because he has a few guys ahead of him, but the more I watch the more I like him. He is a legit NBA Wing, who sacrificed for his team. Great clutch shooter. He hit the game winning Three off the catch and shoot against FLA ST. He looked like the third best player in the Draft in that game. 

He is nasty at the 3-point line. He lost his confidence a little do to injury, and became more of a spot up shooter at Duke. But he kept fighting through the injury. He can play some defense. He can really get up and block the shot. He has some explosion off the floor on defense. He is a very good defender. He looks like he could be a terrific Three and D in the NBA. That will be his role. 

He didnít get the ball as much as he should, but when he did he could be very impressive. Great leap on the reverse lay up. He has that knack for getting to the hoop and scoring it. When Zion got injured against FLA ST, he got the ball more and produced. If you give him a crack at the 3-point point line he nails it. He can hit the clutch Three.

He has NBA range on his 3. It is a low release, but he uses his wrist perfectly. He can initiate the break and pass to a teammate inside for a lay up. Terrific corner three shooter. Too many brain farts. He is such a different player when he gets to his left hand. 

When he gets hot and in a flow he can drop a three quick. "Heís just gotten stronger," Krzyzewski said. "He was good before. But his shots were not strong. His whole game has gotten stronger." He is a good driver, and can double pump it in. 

I love his three point shot from the corners when he steps back and shots, it is a thing of beauty. "I just don't have a good feel for him. Is he going to be a 2nd or 3rd fiddle like he is now? Or can he be a leading actor?" a scout said. "In the top 10, NBA teams want a player who's going to be the guy and who's going to kick every opponent in the teeth." Slick and easy scorer going to his left. He has a range of little floaters going to his left. 

He is really an off ball shooter. He needs to round his game more. "Cameron can make a shot with his left hand, going around his back, sitting from half-court," Burt said. "Now, he has to focus and hone in. If he does that, this kid can be one of the best to ever play the game of basketball." When he gets hot he is an assassin from the corner three. 

What will make him successful early in his career is that he is a great corner three shooter. The coach can put him in and have him go to the corner and shot that three as he develops the mental side off the game and matures naturally. Good job driving to the hoop from the corner as well. Nice job driving to the hoop. But gets cautious, and stops and tries to spin past guys instead of attacking the hole. 

Freshman Season (2018-19): Honorable mention All-ACC selection. Played in 36 games and made 35 starts, averaging 29.7 minutes per game. Averaged 13.5 points per game, which was third on the team Ė scored 14.7 points per game against the ACC. Scored in double figures 23 times, including eight 20-point games. Made 33 percent of his three-point shots (89-of-267) and was Dukeís leading free throw shooter at 77 percent. Was third on the team in both steals (56) and assists (70). Ranked seventh in the ACC in three-point field goals per game (2.47) and ninth in the ACC in steals per game (1.56). Poured in 22 points with four steals and three assists in Dukeís season-opening win over Kentucky in the Champions Classic (11/6). Followed up the Champions Classic performance by scoring 25 points with seven rebounds and hitting 7-of-13 from three-point range against Army (11/11) in the home opener Ė setting Duke freshman record for most made threes in a single game. 

Hit one of Dukeís most clutch shots of the season Ė a game-winning three-pointer in the final seconds to stun Florida State (1/12) on the road, 80-78. It was Dukeís first game-winner in the final seconds since Luke Kennardís three to beat Wake Forest with 6.6 seconds left on 1/28/17. The shot at FSU capped a 23-point, three-round, three-assist effort. Flirted with a double-double in the home win over Virginia (1/19), scoring nine points with a career-high eight rebounds
Scored 24 points on 8-of-16 shooting in the home win over Boston College (2/5). Hit 5-of-8 from three-point range and totaled 17 points in the win at Virginia (2/9). Was clutch in Dukeís comeback win at Louisville (2/12), scoring 16 of the teamís final 30 points as Duke rallied from 23 down with 9:55 to play. At Louisville, his three made it a two-point game with 2:58 left, another three tied the game with 1:58 to play, and his free throws with 14 seconds left gave Duke the lead for good. Averaged 25.0 point in the two regular season games against North Carolina, including a career-high 27 points in the home game (2/20).

The Reason: The Hawks are likely to loose Taurean Prince. They need a young Small Forward to work into the rotation. Plus, his role in the NBA will be a shooter. With Trae Young at PG he can stand out at the 3-point line and take passes from Young and shoot. This will help spread the floor for Young to drive and Collins to get space inside. This pick is just to logical to happen. With Kent Bazemore at SG, this will give them two guys who could be great Wings to help win in the NBA. 

2nd Choice: Jaxson Hayes Center

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Sekou Doumbouya

9. Wizards- Sekou Doumbouya PF- France, Center/PF, 6-9, 230, 

The Team: The Wizards really need everything! They only had six players on the roster in April. So they are a prime trade down team. They are looking for a Big:t Doumbouya, Bol Bol, or Maryland Center Fernando. They could still get one of them much later in the Draft. 

The have some wing scorers yet they are trying to trade Beal.  

The Player: Sekou Doumbouya: I Believe.

The Reason: They are in complete rebuild mode. If they trade Beal they could earn the top pick in the Draft next year.

2nd Choice: Jaxson Hayes Center

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Jaxson Hayes

10. Atlanta- Jaxson Hayes- Texas, 19, 6-11, 220, 7-4 WS,

72.8 FG%, 74 FT%, 13.5 PPG, 10 RPG, 5.0, 2.2 BPG, 

The Player: Hayes is a shocking prospect who barely played in high school. "He was very raw," Texas HC Shaka Smart said. "But he looked like he had great potential. I remember texting my staff to say, 'Who is this guy?'" He has developed into a legit basketball player at Texas.

He is a top five physical talent in this Draft. "Itís an amazing story," Smart said. "I certainly see him having some challenges early on in the NBA, but heís not the type of guy that is going to shy away from those. He understands that his best basketball is ahead of him and heís just going to get better and better. Unless something happens to disrupt his trajectory, his future is incredibly bright." Now he just has to develop his game to an NBA level. 

Still offensively challenged outside of five feet from the basket. "Just my jump shot for sure," Hayes said when asked what he needs to work on the most. "That's one of the main things weíve been working on and itís coming along really well. And my handle and stuff like that. Just more stuff to stretch out my game and expand it." But he is as great a basketball athlete as I have seen in a while. 

Elite timing on block shots. "Jaxsonís a fast learner," Smart said. "Youíre talking about a guy that played six minutes a game his junior year in high school. Didnít even play AAU until after his junior season." Great quick leaper inside. 

He can grab the big clutch rebound. ďHeís really learning at a fast rate, but he also has a confidence to him, I think it comes from being the son of two coaches," Smart said. "So he has a cerebral approach and mentality the way the son of two coaches would have. And heís not afraid to speak up even though heís a freshman." Great rebounder. 

He has great timing for rebounding. "Heís done a great job ever since he got here of just listening and being coachable, wanting to get better every day," Smart said. "He only played really one year of competitive basketball before getting to college because he sat on the bench for the most part before that." He is the best size athlete in this Draft. 

I cannot stress this enough, a legit 7-footer who is such a great smooth athlete used to be the unicorn in the NBA Draft. "He knew he needed to gain experience," Smart said. "But heís always been eager about learning and competing. Heís had a great competitive spirit. And heís a fast learner, so thatís a big part of why heís gotten better so fast." 10 years ago he would have been a lock top five pick. 


Big smooth athlete who can really move around the floor and defend guys on the perimeter. But he too often doesnít look like he knows what he is doing. He is not ready for the NBA. I mean, none of these 19 year-olds are ready for the NBA. But he still has a lot of learning to go. But mane he male some flash plays! 

He is phenomenal basketball size-coordination athlete. He should still grow into a 7-footer, and he has a 7-4 Wingspan. He can fly down the lane and grab the high lob pass that is short and late, and catch it behind him on the wrong side of the basket, and adjust in the air and slam it down 7-feet on the opposite side of his body. Stunningly smooth athleticism and body control in the air for a 7-footer. 

Doesnít quite understand position yet. Doesnít always fight for position on the backside when the ball goes up. But he does usually work to get position for the weakside rebound with some strength and fight. To me, that is the sign that in three or four years he could be the real deal. 

Effortless athlete running up and down the floor. This is his truly special physical gift. His potential is 100% on the mental side. There is nothing he doesn't have physical. Terrific hands. He doesnít fight the ball at all. Doesn't consistently take great rebounding position, but always seems to be looking to box out, which I love. Great at boxing out opponents. 

They put him on the bottom of the block a lot so he can curl inside for the rebound, but he too often does use that position to box out the big in the zone behind him. His range extends to about the charge-circle. He is pretty much a dunker. 

When he gets the ball in the paint he is spectacular. He is almost unstoppable on the high lobs. He has a huge catch radius on high lob and can bend and twist and dance in the air to slam it down. Elite body control in the air. I meanÖ it is all basketball smarts for his potential.

What he will be in a few years is tear stains or a legit NBA big time Big. They simplify the offense and defense when he is on the floor. They stay in a zone with him in the middle, and will go to more man stuff when he is off the floor. 

He is not always on the floor at the end of games when they want to go man on defense. They put him on the floor against Purdue in Man defense at the end of the game. He can spot the driver and slip off his man and make the big clutch block look like he is bullying a kid. He can be overwhelming physically. He can play man defense, but still wants to drift to the paint. 

They play a lot of man-zone concepts. He does a great job 3/4ering the Big when he dares to step into his paint. He can be very finesse in the zone, and doesnít pick up a lot of fouls. Which is both good and bad. He can stay on the floor, but youíd like to see more physicality. However, he is terrific boxing Bigs out when the shot goes up. 

Plus, he is very difficult to box out when the ball goes up. Phenomenal pick and roll dunker. He makes defenders look like midgets when he goes up for the alley-oop. He is all smooth and flow. However, he still gets caught sleeping on the Boards too much. He has to learn that every rebound is his. Still picks up dumb fouls, but anytime he gets aggressive I like it. 

He is an explosive athlete, and he can get up and hang for a while, which he will have to do to be effective in the NBA. He can show great aggression in the post on defense, which is a good sign. He will give fouls and is not afraid of the physical stuff, which is another good sign for him. 

High School: Archbishop Moeller High School in Cincinnati, Ohio (head coach Carl Kremer) Ö ranked as the No. 89 overall prospect in the nation by ESPN Ö averaged 12 points, seven rebounds and four blocks per game as a senior while leading Moeller to a 27-3 record and the Division I state title Ö converted 67.3-percent from the floor during his senior year Ö set the school single-season record for most blocks (123) and recorded 9 blocks in a pair of contests as a senior Ö first-team all-state selection in his senior season Ö made a tremendous jump from his junior year, when he averaged one point and two rebounds per game as a reserve Ö Moeller (28-1) reached the Division 1 state final and notch a school-record 28 wins.

The Reason: This is really how Atlanta hopes the Draft goes. 

Nassir Little

11. Timberwolves- Nassir Little- 6-6, 224, Wing, UNC, Fr, 38" Max Vert, 7-1 WS, 8-9 SR,

47.8 FG% 26.9 3-P%! 77 FT%, 0.7 APG! 9.8, PPG, 4.6 RPG, 0.5 SPG,

The Player: Little was a much better player in high school than college. "Playing against actual defense," Little said about the biggest adjustment to college basketball. "In high school, thereís no help, you beat your guy and dunk. If you think youíre going to the NBA and you think itís going to be that easy, youíre in for a rude awakening. Going to college exposes you to that a little bit and I think itís helpful for guys going to the NBA."  He will go higher than I thought he showed in college, because he was an elite high school prospect. 

He can hit the Three. He could be a 3 and D wing. Good inside dunker.  He was good as a freshman at UNC, but not great as expected off his high school career. Needs to step his game up more. He is a good Free throw shooter. He is not as twitchy or sudden as you'd like, but he does have some nice explosion off the floor. 

He came off the bench for the first time in his left, and got better as the season went on. ďIn terms of the kid, what heís used to doing and what he got to do at Carolina, those are two different things," Darryl Hardin Little's AAU coach said. "This is a kid, who since he picked up a basketball, heís been in the starting lineup because he was gifted and bigger [than everyone else]. I think coming off the bench for him, it allowed him to look at the game a different way." He will be coming off the bench in the NBA for a few years at least. 

He can make the nice pass to his shooter in the Corner. He can make the extra pass to an open shooter. Nice job drawing in a defender and zipping to his teammate who the doubler just left. Not a great passer. When he gets the ball he is a score first player. Needs to work on his passing game to be a true Wing. He averaged less than an Assist per game. Which means he didn't garner a single assist in about a third of the games he played in. He has good fundamentals, except passing to make teammates better.

I have to admit that I am not a fan of his game. "I think that aspect of it for him was huge because when heís at the next level, whether heís a starter or not, heíll be fine because heís already made that mental adjustment," Hardin said. "He let the game come to him. Early in the season, he was letting the game pass him by and as the season went by, he learned what spots to pick for his aggression and how much of a difference he was for his team when he was aggressive." He was still more high school scorer than college basketball player last year. 

He did get a lot better as the season wore on. "He stopped over-thinking things, and it was just like, 'be who you are and just react. Youíve been playing this game for a while, youíve been good at it for a while so just trust your instinct,'" Hardin said. "It's more so just him being who he is. And thatís kind of whatís been said to me. Just him being who he is. He came into the season with all of that acclaim for a reason." NBA guys still love him from his work in high school. 

Nice spot up shooter from Three. Nice mechanics and hop on the shot. He can give a little fake pass, and then rise up and nail the Three. Moves well without the ball. He can slip into the open spot on the post for the easy up fake and basket. Nice Vert and can play in the air. He can finish lefty as well. 

He has some quicks on defense. He jump into the passing lane steal the ball, and go end to end for the slam. A little slow attacking the hoop righty. Easy leaper who can go up smoothly for the easy looking alley-oop. He has a smoothness to his game. He can float in the air, absorb the hit, and still make the basket on the break. 

He is going to go earlier than expected. "He let the game come to him," Hardin said. "Early in the season, he was letting the game pass him by and as the season went by, he learned what spots to pick for his aggression and how much of a difference he was for his team when he was aggressive." Playing off the bench was big for him and what he will be doing in the NBA. 

He can one dribble lefty and attack the hoop. Nice floater slashing into the Paint. He really likes to attack the oop off the one dribble with his left hand. Nice job catching the ball in the Paint. Leaper towards the basket who can double clutch in the air and hit the skying floater. Nice floating jump hook in the lane. 

He like the ball on the left so he can drive righty to the middle. He can go left, and twist his body to shoot it moving sideways from ten and in. That is a very tough shot. He can attack the hole lefty with four or five dribbles, and has a little lefty sweeping hook. He has a nice variety of offensive moves. Easy dunker. 

He'll go tot he floor for the loose ball. He can hustle inside for the offensive rebound and shot it without coming down. He can steal the ball off the dribble and pass it to a teammates. 

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Rui Hachimura

12. Hornets- Rui Hachimura- 6-9, 230, 7-2" WS, PF/Wing, Gonzaga, Jr,

19.7 PPG, 6.5 RPG, 1.5 APG, 59.1 FG%, 41.7 3-P%, 73.9 FT%, 0.9 Steals, 0.7 BPG,

The PlayerHachimura is a tough prospect. "I knew it was going to be hard, but I didnít expect it to be so hard. A lot of people helped me. If I didnít have that help, I would never be able to be like this," Hachimura said. "I didnít think about (go back to Japan). But if I think about it right now, I would have gone, you know." He came over from Japan, and spent his freshman year adjusting more to America than basketball. 

He is a PF, who may not be a PF in the NBA. "We were throwing so much at him, and for a while we didnít even realize how tough it was. Heís such a positive, upbeat personality, always has a big smile on his face, but there were times when he was really tired and frustrated, not quite seeing the fruits of his labor," Gonzaga HC Mark Few. "He literally never had a moment off. It was constant academic stuff, individual work, weights, playing, trying to understand what we were doing." But he is explosive off the floor. 

Nice long arms that he knows how to use on the defensive end. "Sometimes the development piece, the person who deserves most of the credit, is the player. Every day he works before, after and outside of practice," Few said. "He never has any time off. When weíre done with him, Japan wants any moment, any day, any week they can get. As theyíre preparing for the [2020] Olympics, and heís such a huge part of that. Heís pretty much been on for three years." He is a similar size as Kawhi. 

Not a good passer. Ball hog, who you want to try and attack the hoop on every possession. He can get himself in trouble over attacking. Needs more flow, and to keep his head up to spot teammates. Not always aware of defenders. Attacks the hoop with head down too often. Doesnít always have a great feel for passing. Dribbles into trouble and struggles to pass out of it. Just not a good passer. 

He is an exciting splash player. "I still donít trust his shot totally, but I think that it will improve with repetition and working with a solid player development coach," a GM said. "With the proper work ethic, he could eventually be a starter in the NBA." He has a lot of experience in big games. Explosive standing leaper to go up and block shots. 

He can step it up in big games. "I'm sure Iíll get [over emotional] Thursday night when Iím watching it play out in front of my eyes. Thereís a reason we brought the whole family. Itís because Rui has become part of our family," Gonzaga HC Lloyd said. "You think about all the private conversations weíve had, to help keep him going, to stick to it. I give all the credit to Rui. Heís the one who lived it." He can one dribble with his left hand.

He is so natural off the dribble to the foul line and knocks it down consistently. "Itís like watching one of your kids grow up and leave home," Lloyd said. "Iím ready for him to take his next step on a personal level, because I think heís ready to do it. And Iím ready for the next project." He spent his freshman year really learning to speak English. 

He is a legit shot blocking center who can snag the rebound, lead the break, and pass off the dribble (when his eyes are up). "Rui has improved every year and still hasnít reached his ceiling," a GM said. "He has a good feel for the game and has shown versatility at both ends of the court. His playmaking and ball handling will translate to the NBA," Astounding athlete for a guy his size. 

Very interesting wing, who can steal the ball and take off down court, and can one dribble lefty and dunk lefty. "Moved well, really good hands," Lloyd said. "[He] could dribble the ball, had a normal follow-through, strength and explosion. A lot of great tools." When he attacks down court he likes to dribble back and forth from his left to right hand. 

He will go to his left and can dribble three times lefty. "We worked on his weaknesses, but his strengths are so obvious it would be a detriment to him and his team to play him another way," Lloyd said. "He can play like this at any level. The way the game has evolved and changed. Rui in the NBA could play the 5, 4 or 3. Thatís what makes him intriguing to a lot of people." He has a nice lefty hook shot. He can shot the college Three. 

He is a guy who could be a big Wing. Easy dunker with either hand. Nice feel for jumping into contact and then scoring. Surprisingly good handle. He could be a Wing scorer if he can expand his range. Knock down shooter from either elbow. He has expanded that to 4 or 5 feet past the elbow, and it is still an easy jumper for him. 

He is terrific posting up and scoring at will sometimes. He can take the hit and still make the basket. Terrific reverse. Excellent back to the basket player. He can hit the cutter with his back to the basket. Draws a lot of attention. Played PF, and could play some center in the NBA. 

He gets great rebound position on the break. Afraid to commit fouls. He is a bit of a finesse player sometimes. Boxes out well, but will be pushed forward and can have trouble holding the position. Not a jump shooter. Great job on the pick. When the little guy switches on him he takes advantage and goes right down into the paint to score over the smaller player. 

He can leap up and block the shot from behind. Not a fierce rebounder. He is always looking to get the ball with his back to the basket. Terrific turnaround jumper. Terrific half-hook. Terrific post scorer. Nice baseline jumper. He can drive hard to the foul line and pull up for the Jumper. He like to go left and shoot off the dribble. He can attack the hoop lefty through contact and dunk lefty. 

Mfiondu Kabengele

13. Miami- Mfiondu Kabengele- 6-10, 255, PF/C, Florida ST, So.

13.2 PPG, 5.9 RPG, 0.3 APG, 50.2 FG%, 36.9 3-P%, 0.6 SPG, 1.5 BPG,

The Player: He has an odd story. He was FLA ST leading scorer coming off the bench. Fights for the rebound inside. He will have position in front of the hoop, and box out on the weakside and grab the rebound. He gets it. He is a big pick setter. Nice moving back in transition to grab the pass they try to sneak over his head. 

They like him in the low post. He has to get his feet right to make shots. He will go up with out his feet set and shoot an air ball. But when his feet are balanced under him he is a excellent scorer. 

He has an odd story. He was FLA ST leading scorer coming off the bench. Great size and a good athlete. He averaged 13 PG and played less than 22 minutes a game. Nice passer out of the Post. He can spot his shooter at the 3-point line and zip it to him in a flash. That is big for a Big. 

He can shoot the 3, and has NBA range on that shot. Nice smooth turn around jumper. He has some nice touch shooting around the basket. He is really more of a jumper shooter. He is tall and looks like a center, but he scorers with jumpers not inside hooks or lay-ups. If can expand his range out to the 3-point line, he could have an interesting career in the NBA. 

When he gets good position on the offensive board, he can put it back. Good instincts on offensive Boards. He can set a nice pick, and score off the pick and roll, or roll to the basket and score off the rebound. Being a good pick and roll player doesn't hurt in todayís NBA. 

Terrific defender. Very aware. Very tough to slip a pass by him. He plays the middle when the giant is out (the 7-7 guy;). He is a pest on the O-Boards. Nice defender out at the 3-point line. He can get up and force the shooter to pass in mid air. Hustles on defense and the boards. Nice box up when the shot goes up. I like this kid. He'd make a good Celtic. 

Great job slipping inside when a teammate shoots and fights for the rebound, and can tip it as he draw the foul. He can hit the 3-pointer on the Wing when he is wide open. He could an an interesting Three and D PF. But he is at his best playing inside around the Paint. Great job attacking the ball from the weakside. When he is down low he follows the ball around the hoop on the weakside, and then attacks over defenders to grab it and put it in. 

He will push it sometimes and dive into the double for a wild shot. But he will draws fouls doing that as well. Explosive on the weakside high lob. He knows how to score off the ball on the Weakside, which is a valuable asset in the ball hogging NBA. Can you score off the ball when you play with a ball dominate star. He looks to me like he can. He was FLA ST leading scorer coming off the bench, and playing not just off the ball, but opposite the ball on the weakside most of the time. That is a very interesting and unusual talent. 

Very nice physicality in the paint. Not afraid to hip check to get position. Elite feel for the O-rebound. He scores a lot of points on O-rebounds. Nice job switching to the little guy who tries to get by him but canít. He then tried to lob it back to Kabengeleís man and he leaped up and tipped the alley-oop pass behind him. 

He can step it up in big games. He was great against Duke. He does a great job setting the pick and roll to the hoop to get open. He can be patient and when he go up strong and hit two FT in the clutch. He can switch off on the Wing, and cover him across the floor and force him into the bad fade away. He doesnít start, but plays at the end of the game. 

14. Celtics- Tyler Herro- SG, 6-6, 191, Kentucky, FR, WS 6-5,

16.1 PPG, 3.5 RPG, 4.1 APG, 51.6 FG%, 35.3 3-P%, 1.1 Steals,

The Team: The Celtics are going to need Guards. Nobody seems to think they will pick hear. Ainge has already come out and said they don't want three rookies on the team. They are working on a number of trades, including trade ups. 

In a recent workout with the Celtics Herro dominated some excellent prospects. "Someone in the know just told me Tyler Herro "blew away" the Celtics in his workout this morning," Aaron Torres twitted. "Finished the workout having made 80 of 100 three point attempts. From all accounts, Herro seems to be picking up a LOT of positive buzz throughout the draft process." He is an underrated athlete who can really shoot the Three. 

If Ainge really was "blown away" and doesn't actually trade this pick. Herro is likely their guy. 
The Player:
Tyler Herro: Ainge Might Believe?  


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