Here is Part Six of my 

2018 Boston Celtics

1st Round Mock Draft.

SV=Standing Vert, MV=Max Vert + SR-Standing Reach = MVR Max Vert Reach.

As things keep going the Celtics way, it is such a contrast watching Williams. Things just keep going wrong for him. He was clearly a little nervous to start the game (but who wouldn't be;). Then he settled down a little. "When you get your first bucket in an NBA game the jitters go away," Bob said. "You settle down. Obviously going into it I was nervous. I didnít want to mess up a lot, but like I said after the first bucket I kind of settled down." He started getting a little more aggressive once he got a big dunk. 

When he is on the Court, all the dumbassery seems to disappear. "He plays with multiple efforts," Summer League HC Jay Larranaga said. "He obviously had the one dunk at the rim. Weíre excited about Robert. Obviously, thatís why we drafted him. Heís been very diligent in trying to pick up our system. And moves (well) with the basketball. We just gotta get him feeling good physically. And I think he has a bright future." He showed a lot of the things in the 1st half that I tried to show on Tape. 

He has that extra special quick burst off the floor. He passes the ball very well for a young center, and works well with his teammate, on the Court. He is a terrific rebounder, on both ends of the floor. He likes to shoot the 10 to 15-footer from the left side. He can look unstoppable in the Paint.

Luckily he only banged knees, and it sounds like no new damage was done. "[The plan was to]: stay off of it, rest it tonight, get plenty of treatment, and see how I feel tomorrow," Bob said. "I had a case of tendonitis, and it kind of got bumped. Iíve been feeling sore a little bit. But the trainer has been doing a great job giving me what I needed." He sat out the 2nd half. 

Meanwhile, Summer League continues. Ojeleye was clearly the best Celtic down at SL in the 1st Half. Which is not surprising. Everybody expects rookies to do good (so maybe I should be more patient with Williams;). But it is such a big step up in competitions for these young kids, like nothing they have ever seen. So it is easy to forget how much growing up they still have to do, and how much growing they really do in their rookie season.

The key stat of the year for Ojeleye is that he shot 29% from Three in the Regular season. "Itís a great opportunity," Ojeleye said. "Thatís why Iím here. To try to expand my game, and get more comfortable. So that when the season comes I can try to add that to my game. And try to help offensively, as well as defensively." That was a rookie stat. 

However, he then went on to shot 44% from Three in Playoffs. That is a young Veteran stat. He looked like a legit NBA Three and D guy, who can shoot 44% from Three, in the first Supper League game. He was terrific on defense in the 1st Half. He had a block, and was glue on his dude. He is an NBA player. And I hate to say that about anything I see at the SL, but he was the best player on the floor for three quarters.

He opened the 2nd half with another big Three. He was also setting some great physical picks that really disrupted the defender. He needs to use his body like that more consistently. He started hitting turning and moving Threes in the 2nd Half. If he can starting hitting Threes like that he is going to wrench some playing time from the Celtics stacked lineup of Wings. He could be a good pick and pop player in Stevens' offense. 

Yabusele also looked like he took a huge step up or two. "Iíve always told Guerschon since he joined us that he reminds me a lot of Kelly Olynyk in that heís very skilled as a big guy that can play on the perimeter,″ Larranaga said. "He's an excellent passer. Heís an excellent ball mover. Thatís kind of a role model Iíve given him. Guerschon has really worked on his shooting and heíll demonstrate that the next couple of weeks." He made two great passes for two assist in the 1st Half that he never could have made last season (including a great backdoor pass to a cutter in the Paint, ironically right after he got almost the exact same pass for a slam (though I can't remember if if was from Bird or Allen). 

He is younger that Ojeleye, and could have as higher upside. But he  still has to lose some of his baby fat. He moves well, but he could move better. He fought for a lot of rebounds in the 1st Half. They seem to come a little easier in the 2nd Half for him. He got a little tired late in the 3rd, and stopped boxing out. However, he ended the scoring in the 3rd with a fast break power dunk. 

He lined up for a couple good jumpers to start the 4th, but missed both (but they were good shots that should fall for him consistently). He had a nice physical block late in the 4th. Then he drove to the hoop to put the Celtics up three with less than two-minutes to go. And he hit a Three on the next possession with less than a one-minute to go, to put them up six, which really ended the game. Then he got the final rebound of the game, which officially ended the game.

They also had a great introduction from Hassan Martin. "I think itís the message we said in the locker room," Larranaga said. "We talked about this Summer League is very similar to an NBA season. Where you donít know when your opportunity is going to come, but itís going to come. Hassan was ready. Just a great example of professionalism and just always being ready when youíre called on." He amazingly scored 6-points at the end of the game.

The problem is that there is no room at the Inn for him. He scored six straight point late in the 4th. First on a lefty slam to start it off, with just over 2-minutes to go. Then he fought through a box out, with a great swim move, and scored off the O-rebound. Then he blocked a shot on the next possession. And got a jump ball called trying to grab the ball after the block, and won the tip. 


There are the lack of effort rumors about Bob which could have been discussed at the Combine. Rookies too often don't understand that theses picks are multi-million dollar decisions for these teams, on what is essentially a sports-bet by the GM. If a GM doesn't have all the Info, than Vegas will win.

Williams reminds me of Jermaine O'Neal. He was a high school kid coming out with great length and explosion off the floor, but virtually no offensive subtly in his game at all. But he worked hard and made himself an All-Star. Williams will have to out work everybody in the NBA to become an All-Star, because All-Stars are picked for their offense not their Defense.

Because on defense he is as near NBA ready as any rookie in this year's Draft (for whatever that is worth;). "Itís hard to have a low motor, and be defensive player of the year for two years in a row in a tough conference (SEC)," Ainge said. "I've heard the same types of criticism but thatís a hard thing to do as a young vet." He has impossible twitch and suddenness when he is on defense, and can block shots all the way out to the 3-point line. 

He could get more minutes than you think as a rookie, because Stevens will put guys on the floor who earn minutes with defense. "I feel like I have the best defensive presence when Iím on the court," Williams said. "As far as guarding One through Five, I feel like Iím capable. And Iím going to improve to make that one of my best attributes." You only improve defensively with hard work and great hustle.

So much of this pick was also on the shoulders of Horford's leadership. "The first thing I would do if I were Brad Stevens?" Goodman twitted. "Put Robert Williamsí locker right next to Al Horford's. Williams just needs to mature. Has the physical tools." They are counting on Horford to really help this kid mature.

The Celtics are already steering him towards Big Al. "Actually met him when I got here two days ago and had a good conversation with him," Williams said. "Whatís most interesting about his game is (Big) Al doesnít rush. He takes his time. Just studying his game from dribble handoffs to coming off screens and attacking. That will help me prepare myself." And Al is already telling him what he needs to do the most to succeed in the NBA. 

"Yeah," Bob said when asked what Big Al said to him. "Work hard!"

He also now has an agent he thinks he can trust. "The agency I was with before I signed with Duffy, they just werenít the right agents for me," Williams said. "Some of the advice they were giving me? I would say wasnít necessarily the best. So I just felt like in order to get where I am now, I had to change (agencies)." This was his first major decision as a Pro, and we will see if it was smart or not.

While he has shown a 2-Cent Brain so far, he has an All-Star body. "I think when you look at guys with size and how they can impact the game now, is [that]: heís got good feet, heís a good athlete, heís got a 7-5 wingspan, and he plays way above the rim. The ability to block shots, the ability to alter shots, good quickness to catch up to guards shooting if they get a step and being able to still alter that," Stevens said. "And then obviously, if you can have four shooters on the floor and a guy like that rolling to the rim, you can just throw it up in the air and he can go get it and finish it. And I think that thereís a lot of things that he brings to the table. But those are the things that translate sooner rather than later. As he continues to improve and improve his skill and all of that, weíll see where all that goes. But right now he is an elite athlete with incredible length." If he could just mature (and get his head out of his ass;) over the next few years, he could be the final championship piece on anther Celtics Dynasty.

If not... 

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Aaron Holiday

23. Pacers- Aaron Holiday- PG, 6-.75'' W/Shoes, 8-1' SR, 187, 6- 7.5" WS, UCLA. Jr,

6-3" Wingspan, 5.8 APG, 20.3 PPG, 3.7 RPG, 1.3 SPG, 42.9 3-P%. 46.1 FG%,

The Team: The Pacers appear to be be preparing for free agency as well. "His ability to shoot the ball is obviously a great strength," Pacers' Summer League coach Steve Gansey said. "Aaron's been shooting the right shots, not taking bad ones and not [afraid of good shots]. What's really been impressive is his ability to play pick and roll. Making the pocket pass and making the pass all the way in the corner weakside. He's been very impressive." He is a veteran PG, who will transition quicker to the NBA than the younger guys.
His ceiling is safer, but lower. "He's going to do anything it takes to win," current Pacers, and ex-UCLAer TJ Leaf said. "He's going to pick you up full court and get into you. He's going to make the right play offensively, and he's a [troubling dude] for a one-on-one defender because he's so quick. He can get by you and he's able to finish above a big if he comes late or make the extra pass." Smart and very talented college veteran.

He has great quicks and suddenness on the Court. "He got offered the spot to come off the bench and play starter minutes [last season] and he didn't think twice," UCLA HC Alford said. "He was fine with it and acted very professionally about it. He had an outstanding year that year. It's a testament to who he is as a person and a player that he didn't let his ego get in the way of coming off the bench." He became the leader of that team last season.
He was a pure point guard. "I think he's a special guy," Alford said. "You got to see what he can do when he's the main guy this year. He's ready right now. He's not a guy who has to wait a few years to get ready. He shoots the ball at a high level, he's strong, he's fast, and I think he can guard at a high level, too." Rarely made a mental mistake last season. 

Now he is down in Summer League getting better everyday. "I think I got better every day, and that's obviously a good step," Holiday said. "I think I can play at this level. From practice, I've gotten better. I know what I need to do to keep improving, which I will do. I feel comfortable in my all-around game, to be sure." Terrific pick.

The Player: I like Holiday as a prospect. He is really small, but I really love his game. But that can happen with "older" prospect. He is a JR (oh the horror:). So he is more experienced and smarter than his more talented one and done counterparts. Very smart player who can run an NBA team. 

Ultra quick waterbug, who can fake and get to the basket at will with either hand. Very twitchy on defense. The problem is his size. He measured under 6-foot with out shoes. He is a nice passer off the lefty dribble. Amazing explosion bursting forward, through the double, and attacking into the paint. 

He was a beast against USC. I love how he draws in defenders and then kicks to his shooters. He can split the defenders on the pick and sky into the lane and hit the floater off balance. He has NBA Range on his Jumper. He consistently knocked down NBA Threes, off the bounce and the pass. 

Nice passer from NBA Three range. The extra space helps him see, and he can make passes to the whole floor. Gets into the paint on the break, and can turn back and hit the trailer. He can snap the one-handed pass off the dribble to a cutter underneath. He toyed with defenses sometimes. 

He is a true PG, who ran the UCLA offense last season. Great handle, and can break the press down by himself, and his Wing for an open Three. Loves to go fast, and consistently dishes to his teammates on the fastbreak. He can shoot the lefty layup. Nice pull up from Three. 

Anfernee Simons

24. Trailblazers- Anfernee Simons, SG, IMG Academy, 6 feet 3 inches, 183 pounds 

The Team: The Trailblazer snagged two young Combo Guards in this Draft. "He's really gifted," Blazers GM Olshey said about Simons. "We felt like he was the most talented guy on the board." This was an alleged best player available pick?

Simons is more the PG, while Trent is a Shooting Guard. "At that point in the draft weíre looking for the player with the highest ceiling we could possibly find," Olshey said. "Heís really gifted. We felt like he was the most talented guy on the board." This Draft was two pure futures pick. 

He will sit, and be told to try and imitate Lillard. "Having played at IMG for a year as opposed to playing a high level of college, his learning curve is going to be steeper," Olshey said. "He may be a deer in the headlights for a little bit, but we know that heís a confident kid. Heís a worker. He's going to get better. And I also have great confidence in guys like Dame and CJ and the guys we have on our roster that have done an incredible job mentoring younger players and embracing them." He is not near ready to play in the NBA.

He won't get any meaningful minutes for a while. "This was not a 'need' pick," Olshey said. "This was a pick as far as who had the highest ceiling. There are things that he can do that canít be replicated by a lot of guys in this draft." They obviously want Simon and Trent to become the next Lillard and McCollum.

So it looks like Olshey is planning on losing one or both of his great veterans to free agency. "[He's got] some risk, in that it's not a guy with a big body of work because he didnít play at the college level, but thatís our job," Olshey said. "Our job is not to play it safe. Our job is to go get the guy that has the talent that if he pans out, youíre not going to get as a free agent, and nobodyís going to trade him to you." There are already rumors popping up about a trade of Lillard to the Lakers or Knicks.

The Player: He is a guy who skipped college. He is a little too small for a SG, but he is not a PG. He is considered to be a Combo Guard, like McCollum and Lillard were coming out of college. They hope and pray that he can develop into a Lillard-like PG. Other than that? Who the hell knows? 
He played at the minimum level of competition last season, like Thom Baker in Canada. "It was very good, it was very high level. The teams we play against all have high major players, the programs are very good, and the coaches," his coach at IMG John Mahoney said. "I like to play a lot of JUCO teams early in the year. So we played four of those before the season started. Then we get into our prep school league. Like I said, there are a lot of big time schools with big time players that are going to high major schools. So he played in some good competition." So JuCo teams where his best competition last season, and then it got worse.

He has a very long way to go to be an NBA player. "Heís so young, heís a high-ceiling player," Mahoney said. "I think he has a lot of growth that is still yet to come, and thatís why I think it intrigued Portland into taking him. Because he still has a lot more room to grow. It is exciting for them (Portland). Jon Isaac was a player we just had. Jon is really good. He is still coming into himself. But I think Ant (Simmons) has a little bit more higher ceiling." He will sit behind some very good NBA Guards for a while.

If he is smart, he can learn a ton from one of the NBA's best. "We run the two guard offense. Both guards at the top can be the point guard, or lead guard, whatever you want to call it," Mahoney said. "Anfernee was more of an off-guard, shooting guard, scoring guard. But he did handle the ball at times. We wanted to utilize him coming off screens and getting to the rim off the bounce." It sounds similar to what they did in Portland, with their two combo guards. 

The best news is that he shot it well from whatever 3-point line they had in that league. "We saw it. I didnít touch it," Mahoney said about his Jumper. "He shot 45% from Three. There has been some funky shooters. There are a lot of guys that shoot different. Itís about getting it off quick, and getting open enough. I think Curry shoots like that. Reggie Miller had a crazy shot. There are a lot of guys that have crazy shots." That doesn't sound like he has traditional form on his jumper.

So with a funky Jumper, he better be ready to sit and learn for a while. "Anfernee was very easy to coach. He was a high-IQ (dude): eager to learn, talk about things, and ask questions," Mahoney said. "He wasnít a know it all, he was always looking for different ways. I liked his demeanor in practice. One time he was hurt for a little bit, I wanted him near me so we could bounce things off each other, ask him what he saw. I was real impressed with his IQ on the court." We will see.

The Reason: Behind the scenes Lillard is looking for a trade. "And if Damian Lillard is going to leave the comfortable and financially beneficial confines of Portland, itís only for two places from what Iím being told. Heís only interested in New York or LA. One of the two. New York or LA, and by LA, I mean the Lakers, not the Clippers," Stephen A said on his Radio show. "Thatís what Damian Lillard wants. His preference would be for the Portland Trail Blazers to find somebody, somebody big time to join him and CJ McCollum in Portland. Thatís Damian Lillardís preference. But if they canít improve the team and if they canít find anybody, then heís interested in going one of two places: my sources tell me itís the Lakers or the Knicks." He will not resign with the Blazers. 

They think Simons can develop into a Lillard (or close enough to it;) type Combo Guard. "Even as the number three team they are clearly not an elite team thatís going to make any noise in the postseason," Stephen A said. "Portland recognizes this, and as a result, you have people in Damian Lillardís camp and on his side looking for him to leave. And he is open to leaving, even though he loves being in Portland." Bye bye love. Bye-bye happiness. Hello loneliness. I think I'm gonna cry-hi!

Moritz Wagner

25. Lakers- Moritz Wagner, C, Michigan, 6-11, 240, 7' WS,  

14.6 PPG, 0.8 APG, and 7.1 RPG, 39% 3-P. 53 FG%, s

The Team: Yeah, I don't really care. "Selecting Moe Wagner was a big target for Magic," Pelinka said. "When you build a team, you have to have pillars that you build on. For us we are sticking to those core principles, which are guys that are high IQ basketball player that play the game the right way and can shoot and have length and have versatility and play with toughness." Screw the Lakers and the LeBron train! But they'll ride to the Finals in a couple years. 

He is a Big that can spread the floor and rebound, but sucks on defense. "The game, as you know, requires Bigs that can spread the floor," Pelinka said. "What we noticed in all the games we went to in person is, he is a tremendous passer and great screener in pick-and-roll situations, coached by John Beilein, who is a terrific coach. And Luke felt that when we had him in our building that he had off-the-charts basketball IQ. Magic had to get over a Spartan drafting a Wolverine but once we got over that, he was our guy." So this was Magic's home town boy pick. 

Though he wasn't a Michigan Stater, he was just from Michigan. "They obviously are a flashy franchise, they like to play fast," Wagner said. "Coach Walton used to play. He is a player's coach, He wants his players to play and be confident. And they focus on playing fast. And that is something I am very excited to prove." He is not going to help LeBron this year.

But next year? "I'm speechless," Wagner said. "I am just going to give it all. My 100% every day. I am going to love it and leave it all out there [for the Lakers]." He is some Julius Randle insurance, who hits Free Agency next year.

Wager is actually a terrific young talent. "Kyle Kuzma and Josh Hart were actually at Mo Wagnerís workout the day he came in,"  Pelinka said. "And both of them were elbowing Earvin. And I saying 'Man, this guy would be fun to play with.'" He tore up the Tournament. 

But he will sit behind Randle as a rookie. "That was impressive, and then the two workouts here were just great," Pelinka said. "He was competing, trash talking, coaching from the floor. His passing ability, thereís a lot he brings to the table that we can use." He has a lot of Wing skills for a Big.

He is a guy who obviously loves basketball. "Heís always got this big smile on his face," Walton said. "Heís got a way of being honest and talking about people and things but keeping the room light. I donít think he had to convince Rob much. The Michigan thing was pretty strong. But he impressed all of us from his interview in Chicago. Which is hard to do, to sit down in front of a bunch of guys you donít know and have the room electric the way he did." More free agent insurance. 

The Player: This kid can really move on the floor. "But if you have the perfect feel with how confident you are, it spreads to the rest of the team," Walton said. "Moe Wagner just has that. When he came in and did his 3-on-3, the whole workout changed just because of his spirit and energy." He is an inside-outside guy, with not a lot in-between. 

He has NBA Three range. He shot 38% from the college Three. He can hit the pick and pop from Three. Nice high and quick release on the catch and shoot from Three. He can also hit the NBA Three off the pick and pop from straight on, and at the angles (45' angle from the hoop, on both side;).

Nicely skilled big man. He can handle the ball in the open court and bring it up fast. He can bring it up, and pass his teammate open on the break. Terrific job finding the opening on the break to receive the easy pass for the easy score. 

Not a great defender on Smalls. "He was never a great defender," his high school HC Sebastian Trzcionka said. "He gambled a lot." He has a ton of work to do on D.
He is not good enough on defense off the switch on smaller guys. He has to get lower and wider, because he is not great moving laterally on defense. Teams just started Isoing him when he switched onto a guard. So the guard could drive for the easy basket. Really struggled to stay in front of guys with a handle, even SFs who can go left got right by him with the greatest of ease. 

Nice D rebounder. He fights for D-rebounds. Solid rebounding instincts. He has a great move where he drives hard to the right, and then spins back for a great lefty hook. He is terrific with either hand in the post. He is a good rim runner. He gets to the Boards extremely well, at both ends, on the break. 

Needs some work on his pick and roll defense. He will get lost in the middle sometimes, and give up the easy dunk. Righty jump shooter. He puts it in with his right, when all alone on the left side of the basket sometimes. However, he can shoot a little half hook lefty layup. He can up fake and step to the middle, and use that little hook in front of the basket. 

Great feet moving forward, but not so great moving backwards. Lateral quicks on defense is going to hurt his playing time in the NBA. He dropped in the Draft because of perimeter defense. Not switchable. Even Power Forwards who can go left can drive right past him. Tries to force a player to left, but then doesn't hold form. Gets high, and holds his arms up high, which gets him higher, like he is afraid to give up the Jumper. He has to learn to get low and wide, and not high and thin. 
Excellent feet and hands on the pick and roll. Very long arms. He can catch the pass in traffic, absorb the contact, and score easily. Plays a lot in the pick and roll, but he will cheat picks sometimes to roll early. He can pick and pop, and drive to the hoop righty for the layup. He will fakes picks sometimes, and break to the basket on an early Roll. 

Nice up fake, and can drive past two guys down the lane to the hoop. Nice handle for a Big. Very good in the Post. He can score off either block. Shows some physicality in the post to create space with his shoulder and hook it in. he has a nice quick spin move from the left block, and can dunk off an and one. 

Likes to get high and almost chest pump on defense. "Thatís the fun of it," Wagner said. "If you donít enjoy development and enjoy evolving, youíre not gonna make it far." Twitches up, on up fakes too easily. 

Landry Shamet

26. 76ers- Landry Shamet, PG, Wichita State, 6- 5,

The Team: Yeah, who cares. Classless Organization. Although the good news is that the Sixers are the Celtic primary rival again, and there are going to be some great battles next season (but they are still classless;).  

Robert Williams

27. Celtics- Robert Williams- PF/C, 6-10, 237, A&M, Soph, 21-years old, 

7-6" Wingspan, 1.2 APG, 10.4 PPG, 9.2 RPG, 63.2%,

The Team: Danny sat back and let one of the most gifted athletes in this draft drop to them. "Danny and Mike [Zarren] really started talking about him around 17 or 18," Stevens said. "Heís a really talented guy. Thereís a lot of good players out there. Each pick, we were hoping more and more that he would be available at 27." It was a long Drop. 

He is one of the top length athletes in this Draft. "As far as handling and passing, I actually think heís got a good foundation there. I think that heíll improve his shot, and weíll get right to work on that, but handling and passing, heíll be able to do that and continue to get better at," Steven said. "We put a lot of time into ball-handling with our Bigs from Day 1, once they get here, and obviously into the dribble hand-offs and the passing. He wonít have any better role models than the guys in front of him, so those are things that over time will certainly be there, but I think sooner rather than later." He is a freak athlete who sometimes looks like he can do anything he wants on the Court, whenever he wants.  

Built like a modern day Center, he also played PF and some Small Forward in college. "We saw this a little bit with Theis this year, and Al in the Playoffs quite a bit, and Baynes: that when you can get a step on guys, and just throw it up in the air, no matter how consistent the help is at being over, youíre going to draw something," Stevens said about his Bigs. 

He has no trouble covering smaller guys out on the wing. "Youíre going to be able to get lobs or be able to skip it to the corners because that threat is just so big, Stevens said. "And so I think that some of the best Fives in the game are elite running athletes to the rim. And I think that certainly Robert has shown that heís a very, very good athlete." Roberts is an elite rim runners, and Alley Ooper. 

But he has so much growing up to do, much more than Tatum and Brown, who were one and done dudes. "I think the atmosphere part of it is this, and this is the responsibility of those guys," Stevens said. "Jayson and Jaylen, and the other young players when Robert gets here for Summer League. When he sees Al Horford working out in the weight room like he was today. Or Gordon Hayward doing his rehab like he was today. And other guys who are around the gym. the biggest key in the environment is youíve got to come to work." I thought he was a top 10 to 12 pick.

I love-love-love this pick. I had Williams as early as the 2nd choice for the classless Sixers at pick 10, and actually being picked at 12. "So like, next Friday when he gets here and does his introductory press conference. Is that breaking news?" Stevens said "It is now. When he comes [in] on Sunday all of the hoopla will be done, and itís time to get to work." It should have been, but now the hoopla is just starting. 

The PlayerWilliams is a young Big who was forced to play some Wing. He can get out to the 3-point line and block shots. As much as he was a pure inside player in high school, he was forced to play some SF at A&M. When he is up high he has elite instincts flying down the lane to sky over everyone to block a shot or rebound. He has as much physical upside as anyone in this Draft. 

Terrific speed for such a big guy in the open court. Elite alley oop dunker, and transition target for passer. He can alley-oop over anyone. He is so light on his feet. Great bounce. Glides to the hoop. Great balance and agility in the air. Best dunker in the Draft. Which is his problem. He does not have much offensive polish. He is so fun to watch dunk, but he has to be more than that. 

A&M had three centers, and he was the most athletic. But he needs to play D better. He is undersized for a traditional NBA Center, but in today's NBA? He might be perfect. But he certainly could be the new prototype NBA Power Forward. Terrific in the post, but a pure right that looks like he never shot the ball with his left in his life. 

They played him at small forward a lot. But he was also their best rebounder and shot blocker. He showed he could get outside and cover smaller guys on D. Which is so imperative in the new pick and switch NBA. Great bounce and feet. He flashes to the hoop as well as anyone in this Draft, and not just on offense but defense. 

Excellent spin move to his left. Explosive to the rim for dunks. Terrific scorer in the Paint, but he sucks as a shooter. He has no jumper, never mind range. He is a great pick and roll Big, but one of the worst Pick and Pop Bigs I ever saw. 

Explosive young big, who most of his deficiencies can be cured with age, practice, and simple repetition. Shooting is all learned behavior through repetition. His jumper is slow awkward and ugly. He is a great open court player on the Break. Alley-oop him to death. 

2017-18 (Sophomore): Returned to Texas A&M after being projected as a first-round draft pick following his initial college season to garner Co-SEC Defensive Player of the Year honors as well as USBWA All-District VII accolades as a sophomore Ö played in 30 games, drawing 23 starting assignments and averaging 25.6 minutes per game Ö averaged 10.4 points per game and an SEC-leading 9.2 rebounds per contest Ö produced seven double-doubles on the year to give him a total of 18 for his two-year career Ö collected 78 blocked shots, the second most in a single season in school history and the most by an SEC player during the 2017-18 campaign Ö scoring average jumped to 11.9 points per game during league play Ö saw his school-record blocked shot reach 41 games before coming to an end in early January Ö missed the first two games of the regular season while serving a suspension for a violation of Texas A&M policy.

The Reason: So many reasons. "Well we thought he was the best player available," Ainge said. "Weíre excited about Robert and we felt like he was the best player available and feel like heís a great fit for our team." He was the most physically talented dude available, who still has a chance to be a top five player from this Draft. 

They also really have no real Bigs behind Horford (Baynes and Theis are nice, but not long term starters). " I think with all players, at whatever position, I think itís easy to play with veteran players that know how to play, a coach who knows what your strengths and weaknesses are and puts you in position to succeed, places where you can succeed. I think that will help him tremendously," Ainge said. "He doesnít have to try to do too much out of the gate, and do what he does well while his game evolves into something more." He will sit for a long time, and you could see Yabusele get more minutes than him next season. 

They want to keep Horford for as long as they can, but he is reaching the end. "Leading into the Draft we knew we werenít getting up into the Draft. We spent the last few weeks trying to figure out what the cost was to get up to the top of the Draft. We knew coming into today that it was very, very unlikely that that was going to happen," Ainge said. "So we were preparing for the 27th pick in the Draft. And we were preparing for opportunities to not move all the way up to the top of the Draft. But somewhere in the middle of the Draft, and even we were preparing for opportunities for if there were guys who we didnít like, moving back in the Draft. Itís the same thing we do every year in the Draft. Weíre prepared for any situation that comes up." They had no intention of moving up, because this Draft was about saving Cap Cash, so they won't pass the Luxury tax threshold. 

They got lucky and snagged a top ten talent, because of 2nd Round maturity issues "I think I saw him twice live, and a few times last year as well. But our staff saw him a lot more than that," Ainge said. "Heís a player that we liked coming into this Draft process. Heís a rim-protector and rebounder, and he can play above the rim on both ends of the court. We donít have much of that. We have a little bit of that, but not what he can do. So his ability to rebound and protect the rim, and run the floor are some of his greatest traits." The best news is that Williams will have two to three years of solid development before the Celtics really have to rely on him at all.

Plus if they want to trade Horford next season (to stay under the Luxury Tax), they can put Bob in too early. But only as an emergency only. "We have seen him do that in games," Ainge said. "He can handle the ball on the perimeter. Weíve seen him get rebounds and push the ball up the court. Thereís moments in his career where weíve seen him make fantastic passes, like just touch passes that are beautiful. So we see the potential in him as a guy who plays in Bradís system and does handle the ball and he uses his Bigs a lot to do dribble hand-offs." In the end, Williams has the explosive talent to be a top Five player from this Draft. It is all mental for him.


The whole silly Kawhi Leonard rumors are annoying me, like a dog that keeps rubbing in dead things (how the hell do you stop a dog from doing that?). "To take him on essentially as a rental [would be stupid-stupid-stupid]," Wojnarowski said. "To give up players, picks for a player whoís going to leave after one year. Boston and Philly donít have to take big risks like that." How dumb would Trader Danny be to trade for him?

Kawhi will be in La-La-Land this year or the next, period. "Number one, his health. They don't have access to his medical information," Wojo said. "And even if they give him a physical, give Leonard a physical? Until you see him on the Court [you can't tell]. He was a top five player before the injury. Will he become a top ten, or a top 15 [player now]? Will his body respond [to treatment]. You don't know until he's back on the Court. He only played nine games last year. Teams like Boston and Philly are weighing their chances of resigning him (they won't). He's been very consistent in saying that he wants to go to the Lakers." You have three Salaries with enough juice to match up on Leonard's salary: Kyrie, Gordon, or Horford. But you cannot trade your only Big, and primary rebounder.

Not that Leonard is really an option, because you cannot trade one of those three (or Tatum or Brown!!!!!!!) for a One and Done free agent. "Bostonís really got their top-five players off-limits,Ē Wojnarowski said. "Boston's more willing to do a deal that's pick-heavy. But the Spurs want good players back. They don't want to rebuild. They want picks and they want guys that can help them stay in the playoffs." Plus, it would blast the Celtics past the Luxury Tax.
So unless Danny hasn't gotten the word from Kyrie that he wants the Max Deal that only the Celtics can give him (but the way that story cooled off, it sure seems like Danny got the word), there is no way they can trade for Kawhi. If Kyrie is willing to resign for the Max Deal, the Celtics are going to keep him. Besides Kawhi has said he is going to LA next year, and that is that. 

Trader Danny didn't spend the past few year acquiring an elite blend of veteran stars and young stars to trade them off for a Kawhi and a prayer. "If you can go get another star player (which I don't buy at all! Danny is done), and keep the three or four guys you have now (who are the only guys who can make Kawhi's salary work under the Cap): Kyrie, Al, and Gordon Hayward, a healthy Gordon Hayward. You add another starter to that list (which is not possible without trading one of them), you have to do it," Forsberg somehow said. "And I know that Celtics fans are saying that Jason Tatum could be the next Kawhi Leonard. But no! [You give up Jason Tatum if that what it takes] Absolutely!" Do you see the insanely stupid machinations you have to go through to pretend Kawhi is a possibility for the Celtics. 

It doesn't make for a good story, but the Kawhi to the Celtics story is not only over, but it never really was (Kawhi's Cap hit next season is 17.64-Mil;). Tatum's salary is about 10% of Kawhi's salary next season (okay so it's about third: 6.7-Mil;). It is just so f-ing stupid. Browns' salary is a tick below 5.2-Mil (how is Tatum making more than Brown?). 

If you add those two together it is still short of a trade for Kawhi, and you would have to be an utter fool to trade those two young Play Off Stars for a disgruntled, injured, malcontent, who would be a One year Wonder. Please! In the name of all the Celtics Banners! 

Stop the stupid. "If I feel like it'll help our team (we'd make the trade)," Danny said. "We explore every trade of players of certain magnitude or superstar, first-ballot Hall of Fame-type of players. We're going to take a look, and kick the tires, and see if there's something there. But that's all. I think those things are unlikely." That is Danny's non-tampering way of saying HELL-NO to a Kawhi-deal.

Be A Citizen! Not a Subject! 

Fascist is as Fascist does. Beware American. President Jerkballs is pulling the cowardly republican Senate closer and closer to the cliff.

Amendment I. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances:

The 1st Amendment to the Constitution is the greatest paragraph ever written by mankind. It is the truest diagram of how to ensure a free Country of citizens survives. But is is also a list of what to attack when you want to be a fascist dictator. President Jerkballs is attacking every article in the 1st Amendment. Beware subjects, or you will be subjugated:

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