Here is Part One of my 

2018 Boston Celtics

1st Round Mock Draft.

SV=Standing Vert, MV=Max Vert + SR-Standing Reach = MVR Max Vert Reach.

I thought Robert Williams was a top 10 to 12 pick in this draft. Just on talent. On the court he does not want for hustle. He was the SEC D-Player of the Year. You cannot lack for hustle on the Court and win that award. Dude's 6-10 with a 7-6 Wingspan, and one of the best O-rebounders I've ever seen. Hustle on the court was not one of the reasons.

But he dropped like a stone for multiple reasons. "We do our own background checks," Ainge said. "We don’t really read what everybody else says. When you say people are projected, that was before. He went through the draft process. So I never really believe that anyway." He had a tendency to disappear on the Court, on offense? 

This seems to be his primary criticism. "Has a tendency to leave you wanting more," NBA,Net. " Disappears for stretches of games, particularly offensively ... Competitive level has been questioned by some ... Doesn’t always seem in control on the court, opponents can speed him up and make him uncomfortable." Yes, he can look offensively challenged sometimes, but certainly not while rolling to the hole. 

Defense is heart and hustle. "When you can get a step with size, and just throw it up in the air, no matter how consistent the help is at being over, you’re going to draw something,” Stevens said. "You’re going to be either able to get lobs or you’re going to be able to skip it to the corners because they have to over-help because that threat is just so big. If you can have four shooters on the floor and a guy like that rolling to the rim, you can just throw it up in the air and he can go get it and finish it." Offense is flash and dash, skill and agility, repetition and subtlety. 

I didn't buy it, but...

There is already troubling trouble in paradise. "Right after the draft, I actually ran to my aunt's house and went to sleep because I was so tired from everything," Williams said. "When I woke up, my sister woke me up, she said, 'You have a conference call.'" He fell in the Draft because of a reputation as not being a hard worker, among other things, and then slept through his conference call.

Now it was not really a big thing. It was the biggest day of his life, and he got exhausted (from partying?). After the Draft the rumors of his character concerns came out. But damn the optics were bad enough to worry me. 

The Celtics now have the now and the future in Horford and Williams as inside players. "You never know everything about everybody, obviously, but we’re comfortable with who he is," Ainge said. "Everybody likes Robert. I know he’s not perfect, but most players aren’t. We think he’s got a great upside. We’re very excited to have him." They want Williams to be the heir-apparent. 

He is better than Horford on defense, but he can't touch him on offense. "I think he’ll improve his shot," Stevens said. "We'll get right to work on that . We put a lot of time into ball-handling with our Bigs from day one once they get here. And obviously into the dribble handoffs, and the passing. He won't have any better role models than the guys in front of him." He needs to follow Horford around like a lost child.

Horford still has two years left on his contract. "He doesn’t have to do too much out of the gate," Ainge said. "He can do what he does well while his game evolves into something more." Williams will get on the floor for experience this season, and that's about it. 

He will provide some D, rebounding, and thunder dunks. "You always have people that doubt you," Williams said. "I know that I'm definitely going to make a lot of noise when I get there." Some think he should have come out last season.

But he didn't improved in every category last year, but still made the All-SEC Defensive team. "Definitely no regrets," Williams said . "I definitely feel like everything happens for a reason." The Celtics want him to do that again this season.

He will have two years to study and learn behind Horford. "I feel like I love defense," Williams said. "I feel like most of all I thrive off defense, a defensive stopper. And I feel like the energy the Celtics have on defense is the excitement. From simple hustle plays, as far as diving on the floor for the ball. It really gets the team and the fans going. And I feel like I can definitely bring a lot of energy from that perspective." He also is the most exciting Ooper in this years Draft. 

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Michael Porter

14. Nuggets- Michael Porter- 6-10.75'', 211, 9' SR,  7' Wing, FR,

The Team: This is a tough pick for the Nuggets. "Whether that’s getting him ready to play next week or next year remains to be seen," Kroenke said. "But we’re all going to huddle up with our training staff to our coaching staff to our front office and all the way up to ownership. We all had to be in sync with a decision like that." Best player in the Draft coming into last season. 

But he had a back injury and a hip injury. "We’ve looked at so many medicals," Connelly said. "We felt well-informed every step of the way. We feel it’s a well thought-out and well-designed risk that we’re unbelievably happy is going to be in a Nuggets uniform." Those are the two injuries that are the hardest to overcome. 

Once you hurt your back it nags you like wife for the rest of your life. "We were very surprised, and happily so, that Michael continued to fall down the board," President of BO Tim Connelly said. "At some point it becomes a risk-reward ratio. We think he’s an elite talent, a guy with no back issues we wouldn’t have the good fortune of drafting. You have to take a swing at guys like that. You have to get lucky." And the hips are the center of the muscle system. 

But before the injuries, he was every bit a solid comparison to Kevin Durant. "I know they’ve got a good young point guard in Jamal Murray, Gary Harris at [SG] can score the ball. Jokic, great passer, and Paul Millsap," Porter said. "It’s a good, good young team who is very unselfish and that’s what I like about it. That’s how I like to play. When I watch them that’s the feeling I get from them." He has his size and range on the deep Threes. 

He was the consensus top pick in this Draft before he hurt his back. "The first thing out of their mouths [the Nuggets staff] was, 'we need to talk about Michael Porter. He might be there,'" Kroenke said. "I think the word I said back to them was, 'seriously?'" It's gotta be the medicals Mike.
He might not ever be 100% this season. "I have little doubt that we’ll get him right," Tim Connelly said. "We poured over the medical records again, and had our doctors there. We had quite a bit of information at our fingertips and we kind of vet as much as you can and make an informed decision. Is it well worth the risk? Will he return to the level of play he was prior to injury? We feel good about that." Though he did comeback for a few games at the end of last season.
But there were also rumors that his interviews with Teams did not go well. "The key is communication and certainly letting the player know that we have his best interests at hand," Connelly said. "It’s his body, ultimately, and there is no better expert on his body than Michael. We encourage [our players] to be open and honest about how they’re feeling. Because we want to do right by them." He has a ton of work left to do.

He doesn't even know how much work he has to do. "That’s up to coach. I could play (in the Summer League), but I could be even healthier,"  Porter said. "I know I can be one of the best players in this League. It’s up to me to reach that potential." I liked the last part of that answer.
The Player: He was an amazing high school phenom who blew out his knee, and then was forced back to the court too early at Missouri. He was not ready. He looked slow, unexplosive, and lost, which was everything he was not in high school. 

While he was at Missouri he also grew to be 6-11 in shoes at the Combine, and might still be growing. But he is not a Big. He is a Small Forward scorer. He has a 7-foot wingspan, 9-foot standing reach. He is being compared to Kevin Durant, who he says is his favorite player and the guy he tries to replicate. Though he better have an improved jumper for that to be said. 

Like Durant, he is terribly under-strengthed coming into the Draft. He is not a good passer. He only played three games at Missouri last year, and couldn't average half an assist per game. He is not a great dribbler and passer. 

Before his injury he was known as a good hard working kid. He was an elite sized smooth athlete. He was hard working guy who did all the things you wanted to see on the Court. He was seen as a lock for the 1st pick in the Draft. He was known to be able to score from anywhere, and did. He also was a grinder who fought for rebounds at both ends of the floor.

Then the injury, and the bad decision to rush him back. "You could just tell he’s a special talent by watching him warm up," Vanderbilt HC Drew said. "If he comes back it’s only going to make them better for a stretch run." He didn't. 

He was not good at Missouri. "Of course he’s a tremendous player," Missouri HC Anderson said. "He brings some athletic ability. And he’s an elite player." Great athlete when healthy. 

However it is all about the medicals for him. 

But there also was some controversy. Missouri signed Michael's dad and namesake as an assistant coach, and he got his two very talented sons to sign with Mizzou. "None of those three guys were coming here (if me, my farther, and my brother didn't sign here)," Michael Porter Jr said. "Blake is so good. Jeremiah is so good. My brother is very good. I feel like we have every piece in the puzzle to really make a crazy story." If worked out very well for Missouri. 

It didn't work out well for Michael. "I always wanted to do my own thing," Porter Jr. said. "And be remembered for years and years. Instead of being just another great player to go to an outstanding school. I really want to leave a legacy in college." He didn't.

He seemed to compare himself to Markelle Fultz. "The big difference between Markelle and me is that Markelle didn’t really have a lot of talent coming with him to Washington," Porter Jr. said. "We have three or four potential pros. So even though this team wasn’t outstanding last year, those guys are older, better, stronger and I have a ton of talent coming in with me. I just feel like I won’t have to take all the weight on my shoulders." Both got hurt and struggled to win in their one and done season.

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Troy Brown

15. Washington- Troy Brown- SF, 6-6.75", 208, 8-9 WS, 6-10 SR, Oregon, FR 

26" Standing Vert, 33" Max Vert, 11.2 APG, 3.2 RPG, 6.2 RPG, 49.4 FG%, 29.1 3P%

The Team: Wow! I had this pick as well. "They are in a bit of a quandary here," I wrote before the Draft. "The best players on the Board are clearly Guards. They cannot draft a Guard here. However, getting a Small Forward who can run and score with Wall and Beal would be a boon for them." Easy peasy pumpkin squeezy. 

I did a lot of these early picks a week or two ago, and forgot who I had and where. "I love the fact that he can guard Ones, Twos and Threes, and maybe some Fours, depending on who he is playing against," the HC Scotty Brooks said. "And then I think he can be a really good secondary pick-and-roll player. And you can play him with Brad (Beal). You can play him with John. You can play him with Tomas (Satoransky). And you can play him with all kinds of players: Kelly (Oubre), and Otto. I think he just knows how to play. I think it is going to be a great addition to our team." He can be a terrific defender as well. 

Brown will make Wall and Beal better. "Easy. This is a guy that we’ve been targeting," Brooks said. "This is a guy that I liked." Phenomenal passer from the Wing. 

As I said, he can run with Wall and Beal, and could be a good scorer as well. "It sounds easy to throw a board at somebody in front of a big group and say, 'okay, draw a play.' I've seen many plays drawn, and I’ve seen it where there’s not five players on the floor," Brooks said. "But he really understands the game, and I think for a kid that’s 18 years old, that’s rare. He just has a good feel." He is a better passer, but if you leave him to double Wall or Beal, he can score, and make the extra great pass to give a teammate an easy basket. 

He is a good kid, and he will fit in well. "We like the person. He’s a hard worker, picked things up very quickly. He has certain things that you can’t teach," Grunfeld said. "He understands how to play the game." High character, and high basketball IQ makes him a lock to be a good player. 

Elite passer on the Wing. "We hope to have him developed in a few years, but very athletic, very talented," Grunfeld said. "He makes plays. He has a nice shot, and he’s playing in very tough competition." The Wizards really need that 3rd player to make a Big Three. 

The Player: Brown was a point guard in high school, before he had a massive growth spurt that turned him into a Wing. He still handles the ball like a PG. He can drive, shimmy, slip and shake, and spin to the hoop in traffic. No trouble going to the hole with his left. Good passer off the lefty dribble. 

Terrific pick and roll Wing. He is the best Wing hitting the picker as he rolls to the hoop. That is a skill that translates to the NBA. He knows how to use his eyes and head fakes to make defenders react wrong. Strong kid, who knows how to use his body to help compensate for his lack of leap. 

Nice crossover dribble to pass to a shooter. He certainly has some point forward in him. Very smart kid, with exceptional court vision. He is so good at dribbling to draw in defenders and finding his open teammate for a freebee. He will occasionally hit the lefty layup. But still over favors his right hand too much. 

He uses his eyes and smarts on defense as well. Not a great NBA athlete. He needs to be smart and more aware than defenders. Not an ultra athlete. Not a great Jumper. He has a hitch in his release sometimes. Inconsistent release on his Jumper. He doesn't shot it the same way every time. 

He is at his best using the dribble to get to the hoop. He can run an offense as a point forward. Great handle and footwork. He is a great passer, who can make the tricky crowd pleasing pass. He is a smaller less athletic Ben Simmons. 

2017-18 | FRESHMAN SEASON: Pac-12 All-Freshman Team Honorable Mention ... Averaged 6.2 rebounds per game to lead Oregon and rank tied for 16th in the Pac-12 ... His 55 steals ranked tied for ninth on the UO single-season list ... Recorded seven points to go along with eight rebounds, six assists and three steals in the NIT opener versus Rider ... Netted 11 points and five rebounds in Pac-12 semifinal game vs. USC ... Recorded fifth double-digit rebounding game with 11 rebounds in the Pac-12 Tournament opener against Washington State to go along with eight points ... Led the team with six assists while recording 12 points at Washington ... Netted 17 points and 6 rebounds at Washington State ... Scored 11 points in home win against Arizona ... Hustled his way to eight rebounds, seven assists and four steals at UCLA ... Notched 11 points and a team-high seven rebounds at USC ... Recorded fourth double-double of the season versus WSU netting 16 points and 10 rebounds along with a career-high five steals ... Matched his career high with 21 points versus Washington, scoring 16 in the first half ... Scored a team-high 15 points with six rebounds at Stanford ... Led UO with 16 points at Cal ... Team-high five assists and three steals to go along with 17 points and 6 rebounds in home win over UCLA ... Recorded a career-high 21 points and four steals against Colorado while pulling down seven rebounds ... Led UO with 16 points and six rebounds against Utah ... 14 points against Central Arkansas ... Scored 13 points along with seven rebounds and three steals at Fresno State ... Became the first Duck with three-straight double-doubles since Jordan Bell’s last three games of 2016-17 ... One assist shy of a triple-double against Portland State finishing with 10 points, 10 rebounds and a career-high nine assists for his third straight double-double ... Earned second straight double-double with 10 points and a career-high 12 rebounds against Texas Southern ... Recorded first career double-double vs. Colorado State with 12 points, 10 rebounds and five assists. Closed out the PK80 with 13 points, 8 rebounds against Oklahoma ... Scored 13 points vs. Alabama State ... Led the team with 17 points, nine rebounds ... Started first career game at UO netting 18 points with five rebounds against Coppin State.

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Mikal Bridges

16. Phoenix From Sixers-Mikal Bridges- Wing, 6-7, 210, Villanova, JR, WS 7-.5",

17.7 PPG, 5.3 RPG, 43.5% from Three! 1.9 APG, 1.5 Steals,

The TeamI had Mikal Bridges as the 2nd Choice for the Suns here at pick 16 (which was probably a typo, and I meant Miles;)."That’s going to be something we consider. A lot of teams are going to go small and we’re going to need some shooting," Kokoskov said. "I don’t see that unless it’s a special game situation or finishing the game that we use him as a playmaker. You don’t want to you use your best offensive weapon to be a facilitator first and have to guard, maybe, Russell Westbrook." So they see him in a similar role as Simmons? That is very wacky. 

The Sixers keep proving what a classless organization they are, and it is time to start listening. "I live in this city with you all," Brown said. "I watch Villanova. I love (Bridges’) mom. I love his college coach. There’s a human side of this that’s really kind of hard to explain." They drafted the local kid, then humiliated and traded him. 

They let him and his Mom out in front of the camera as they consummated the trade. "I didn't know what they were saying," Bridges said. "I was confused when they told me. I was like, 'Oh, it's time to get ready for Phoenix.'" He is a very mature player. 

This could have been a great pick. "Suns are acquiring Mikal Bridges in a deal that will send Smith to Sixers," Wojnarowski twtted. "Suns will send 2021 first-round pick via Miami in deal too." I had him going Ten. 

So he went a tick lower than I though he would. "It's an immediate lesson that this is a business," Villanova HC Jay Wright said. "I think Mikal is probably primed to handle that better than anybody. He's a really grounded, intelligent young man. I joked with our guys, we have a group text with our whole team, I said, 'Mikal is as cool as the other side of the pillow.' Me and his mom are more nervous than him. That's just the kind of kid he is. He'll handle this well." He might not have the upside of some of the guys ahead of him.
But he is the most mature and ready to play player in this Draft. "Yeah, I mean, just because as a fan," Wright said. "And selfishly, just to have him close to us. I feel like a parent. You'd like to have him close to you. But you know, it's business. You know the Sixers have to do what's best for the Sixers. And I do know that (Suns GM) Ryan McDonough and (Sixers owner) Sarver wanted him bad. They gave up a 1st-round pick. They really value him. So I think long-term for him, going somewhere they really want him to play right away is going to be really good for him." He could start at SF for them as a rookie.

He is not going to his hometown classless team, which is probably a blessing. "The emotion of what we have all been through has been painful, but what’s best for the organization and how do you win a championship? And since I’ve looked at you all, I haven’t pivoted out of that once. So, the torment of trying to do my job in the very limited role in the moment I have as general manager versus the role that I have as head coach of this program, it’s a toggle, and this is where we arrived." He is going to the Desert. 

He can hit the outside shot. "I think balance between the inside game and spacing is huge," Kokoskov said. "I think it’s very important to have a guy offensively who can get into the lane and create problems in the paint. Those are winning baskets. Those are winning points. Then we have spacing. So it’s a good balance." It will be interesting to see where he fits for the suns. 

The Player: Okay, so Mikal Bridges is a little mixed up. "You've got length with [Kristaps] Porzingis and Frank (Ntilikina)," Bridges said. "They've got defense right there, just length on the ball, all that, and then playing off Porzingis. I could move without the ball, do whatever it takes. Transition, create space for him when he has the ball in Iso. If they don't help off me, he has an easy way to the basket for sure." He will not get past Pick 9, but it should be to the Celtics.

When you talk about Mikal, it starts with winning. "Yeah most definitely," Bridges said. "That winning mentality. That's the one thing I care about. I care about winning and bringing home the championship. I don't care about single accolades or anything like that. People don't know what it takes to win a championship, you sacrifice a lot. And that's maybe not seeing family, friends for a while. Maybe not talking to them that much." He should, he was a winner and a leader.
He is the kind of defensive winner that Stevens loves. "I was just grateful to play for coach Wright and Villanova. We won it twice," Bridges said. "I've been in it for my whole career in college so I know what it takes, I know the sacrifices I've been through. That's all I worry about, trying to win a championship." He reminds me of Gordon at Butler.
He is a terrific Three and D Wing. Nice pull up off the dribble going right. He can drive right, and switch hands to scoop it in lefty. He will also drive lefty, and then scoop it in righty. But he can go to the hole lefty and scoop it in lefty. He is already a veteran in the Pick and roll, like Stevens likes. 

He is a glider in the air. He seems to go up, and stay up and shoot, as all the defenders go down. He is a terrific shooter, and a great athlete on defense. Terrific midrange jumper. He soars up and makes it look easy. He is a terrific post scorer. He likes to go left, and go to the hole in a variety of ways. But when you give him right, he explodes to the basket with great dunks and little hooks. 

He plays D smart, and understand team concepts. Solid D rebounder. He is an excellent Wing defender. Great job getting low and wide on D. He can fight through the pick, and still cut his man off. He has that knack for sticking with his man, and will block his shots. Loves to get up in the face of his man, and harass him with his long arms. He has that feel for when guys are going to shoot, and uses his long arms so well. Terrific blocking shots with his left hand, which is facing the shooter's right. 

Explosive off the floor. Easy alley-ooper. Smooth driving to the hop righty, and dunking effortlessly. He took off down the lane, and took off at the bottom of the foul line circle, and slammed it over three Gonzaga defenders with a half hook dunk. Super explosive off the floor.

He improved his 3-point shooting every season. He shot 43.5% from Three last season, and counter that with great forays to the Hoop to dunk, dish, and score. Terrific spot up shooter on the arc. Smooth release, and he falls away just a little to make it harder to defend. He can catch and shoot from NBA range. 

VILLANOVA: A deft shooter with intriguing athleticism and the ability to contribute at multiple positions ... Brings long-range shooting skill ... Has seen his role expand in each of his two seasons in uniform, first as a key reserve on the Wildcats' 2016 NCAA championship unit and then as a starter on its 2017 BIG EAST titlists.
2017-18 Overview: Started all 40 games for the Wildcats, averaging 17.7 points and 5.3 rebounds for the 2018 NCAA national champions ... Tallied 1,311 points in three Wildcats seasons after accepting a redshirt in 2014-15.
Averaged 17.2 ppg over the course of six NCAA Tournament contests .... Despite playing with a bruised hip, scored 19 points to help lead Villanova past Michigan 79-62 in the NCAA Championship game in San Antonio ... Added 16 points and six rebounds to a 90-78 win over West Virginia on March 23 ... Scored 22 of his 23 points in the second half to ignite an 81-58 victory over Alabama in the Round of 32 on March 17. 2018 BIG EAST TOURNAMENT
Drained two clutch 3-pointers on his way to 25 points in a 76-66 title game win over Providence ... Continued his red-hot play with 18 points in a semfinal victory over Butler ... Added a game-high 25 points and eight rebounds to a 94-70 victory over Marquette in quarterfinal action on March 8

The Reason: He is buddies with the Number One Overall Pick. "We really just built a relationship. Going on the bus, being at the hotel, just being around each other all the time. Just cracking jokes. You build that chemistry," Ayton said. "[Bridges] is a cool guy. He respects my game, I respect his." That is one of those odd coincidences.
But it should help both kids in their transition to professionals in Phoenix. "It’s like I’ve known (him) for years. And it’s crazy. I didn’t think I was ever going to be on the same team," Ayton said. "Like, we never talked about like, 'Oh, we might be on the same team together.' But it’s crazy. After I got traded, I was waiting to see him. He was hyped and I was hyped, too. It was really cool." So maybe his Draft story will end as well as it started.
His mom won't be there, but maybe his new BFF will be. "The first player that Deandre Ayton said was 'Mikal Bridges.'" GM Ryan McDonough said, when he asked him who he liked in this Draft. "(Mikal) just shot the lights out. He made shot after shot after shot just like it was ridiculous. That’s obviously not why we made the decision, but we kept that in mind." He is a Wing shooter.
And he will open up some space for Ayton inside. "(DeAndre and Mikal) give us versatility that we can use defensively and also on the offensive part of the court. So I think we can do a lot," McDonough said. "By the beginning of the training camp, we’re going to study and come up with a game plan." I can't wait to see them in Summer League.
I'd like to see them tear it up. "You watch Summer League since you were young. and I’m just so excited to play here," Bridges said. "I mean, the number-one thing I want is to leave Vegas with a championship. I’m just excited [to] finally put the jersey on and get ready to play 5-on-5 again." I'll be watching. 

Second Choice: Mikal Bridges Wing

Donte DiVincenzo

17. Milwaukee- Donte DiVincenzo- SG, Villanova, 6-4.5'', 8-1.5'' SR, 200, 6-6 WS, Soph

Max Vert 42"! SV 34.5, (In Final Four: 23 PPG, 6.5 RPG, 3 APG),

The Team: This is a solid pick for the Bucks. "And to watch him come off the bench the majority of the time and contribute and produce the way that he did, shows that he really not only says that he wants to play a role in winning and will sacrifice and do whatever it takes to win, but he actually did it," Bucks GM Jon Horst said. "And not only did he do it, he did it at a high level." He was a great sixth man at Villanova. 

They need a third Dude to go with the Greek Freak and Middleton. "The workout with Milwaukee, I just went out there and visited.," Donte said. "It was toward the end. And we sat down and we talked for a while. I talked to Coach, and I sat with the front office and a couple other players were there. Malcolm Brogdon was there working out, so I got to talk to him a little bit. Everyone was just welcoming. Everybody was great. They were great people, and they really took interest in me. They treated me great there. I'm just thankful to be a part of their organization." It is so impressive how he came off the bench and scored for them. 

They needed an ultra athletic guy who could run with their two stars. "They're a playoff team, and they're on the rise," DiVincenzo said. "My job is just coming there with no ego and just be the hardest worker and just build confidence in the people around me." They might want to keep him in that 6th man role for a while.

That is why I had them taking Walker. "But for us to be able to get him," John Horst said. "A guy that has: positional size, that can shoot, pass, dribble, defend at a high level, compete and, again, to win at a high level. He's proven he can do that. Very excited to have him." He will develop into a starter probably sooner than they want. 

But DiVincenzo is a true athletic freak. "At the end of the day, we want a player that can come in and impact our roster," GM Jon Horst said. "It’s a valuable roster spot for us." He is a good shooter.

He was a sixth man at Villanova, which is the role he could find himself in as a rookie. "Unreal," DiVincenzo said. "My job is to just to go in there and make sure he has all the confidence in the world that I'm on the court with him." Which is likely to be as a 6th man to start. 

The Player: DiVincenzo is a phenomenal athlete. He had a 42" Vert at the Combine. 

He has a solid frame for absorbing contact and still hitting the shot. Strong kid who can post up inside. Nice turn around jump hook in the Paint off the drive. Nice step back jumper off the dribble. He sets up the offense at the Point sometimes. He has NBA range on his jumper. 

He is a solid team player, averaging 3.5 Assist Per Game in only 21 minutes per game. Nice defensive player and rebounder. He averaged 4.8 rebounds per game as well. Nice sense for when to rush down the lane for the put back slam. Very smooth driving lefty to the hole, and scooping it in lefty. He likes to dribble lefty to the hoop, but can also switch over and scoop righty. You can see on his Jumper that he is a righty. 

He is a team first guy, who didn't complain when they put him in the 6th man role. That experience will also help him adjust to the NBA, where he will not be a starter right away. He still scored 13.4 Points Per Game coming off the bench in only 21 minutes. He can drive left and dunk over the SG with ease. Nice up fake to freeze the defender. He has some clutch in him, and dominated the Final Four.

He is a streaky shooter, but he still shoot 40% from Three. And when he gets hot he is something to see. Solid passer inside to his Bigs. Nice job drawing in defenders on the drive, and kicking to a shooter. Makes the extra pass when the defender is a tick slow rotating. Spots the open man, even when he is being aggressively double at the point. 

He should be able to play the One, Two, and Three in the NBA. Phenomenal versatility. Good feel for when to slip out of the offense and slide to the open space. Great feel for finding holes in the defense for the freebee. He can shoot the ball lefty in a multiple of ways. 

He is also a good rebounder and passer. Solid defender inside and outside. He might be able to play some SF in a small lineup. Nice quick jab forward on defense. Nice job charging down the Lane when his man shots the three, and will grab the rebound off his man's Three attempt. 

Nice job cutting off the PG when he tries to slash past him. Great feet moving laterally on defense. Nice job getting low and wide on D. He always seems to spring a hand up high when his man shoots. He can recover off the big pick, and still get his hand in the shooters face. 

He has some clutch in him. 

VILLANOVA: An athletic guard with a wide range of skills ... Brings long distance shooting range and the ability to make plays off of the dribble ... A good passer who served in a variety of roles during his high school career.
2017-18 Overview: Became the third Wildcats player to earn NCAA Final Four Most Outstanding Player honors, after scoring 31 points on 10-of-15 shooting from the field to help the Wildcats down Michigan 79-62 on April 2 in San Antonio ... Averaged 13.4 points, 4.8 rebounds and 3.5 assists per contest while primarily serving as Villanova's sixth man .. The BIG EAST named him its Sixth Man of the Year and he was also tabbed to the All-Philadelphia Big Five first team ... Announced his plans to enter the NBA Draft process without an agent on April 19.
2018 NCAA TOURNAMENT: Averaged 23.0 points, 6.5 rebounds and 3.0 assists per game at the Final Four ... His15 points and six caroms were instrumental in VU's 95-79 victory over Kansas in the national semifinal on March 31 ... Helped the Wildcats stay ahead of Alabama with 18 first half points in an 81-58 win on March 17 ... Delivered eight assists to go with seven points and four rebounds in an 87-61 win over Radford in Pittsburgh.
2018 BIG EAST TOURNAMENT: Added five points, six rebounds and six assists in a semifinal win over Butler on March 9 .... Supplied eight points in 26 minutes of a 94-70 quarterfinal win over Marquette.
2017-18 REGULAR SEASON: Added 12 points, four rebounds and four assists on Feb. 24 at Creighton ... Helped lead the Wildcats past No. 4 Xavier on Feb. 17 with 21 points, a career high nine assists and nine rebounds ... Notched a career-high 30 points in a caeer-high 40 minutes of an 86-75 win over Butler on Feb. 10 ... Contributed 13 points, seven rebounds and seven assists in a 92-76 win over Seton Hall on Feb. 4 ... Dropped in 23 points, including a key bucket in the final seconds of an 85-82 iwn at Marquette on Jan. 28 ... Contributed 17 points and four rebounds to an 81-61 win at Connecticut on Jan. 20 ... Matched a career high with 25 points to go with seven rebounds and three assists in a 78-71 victory at St. John’s on Jan. 13 ... Now has scored 89 points in four career games vs. the Red Storm (22.3 ppg) ... Added 11 points, four rebounds and four assists to a 103-85 win at DePaul ... Supplied 16 points and five rebounds in a 95-71 win over Hofstra on Dec. 22 at Nassau Coliseum ... Added 12 points and four rebounds to an 87-67 win over Temple on Dec. 13 ... Registered his second career double-double with 18 points and 10 rebounds in a 77-68 win over La Salle on Dec. 10 ... Scored eight points to go with six rebounds and five assists while making his first start of the season on Dec. 2 at Saint Joseph’s ... Contributed 12 points and seven boards to a 90-62 Big Five win over Penn on Nov. 29 ... Supplied 13 points to go with six rebounds in an 85-76 win over Tennessee on Nov. 24 ... Scored 12 of his 14 points after halftime to help VU down Western Kentucky in the opening round of the Battle 4 Atlantis ... Converted 6-of-8 field goals for 20 pointsto help spak a 113-77 win over Nicholls on Nov. 14.

The Reason: He was a true sixth man, as good as any of the starters. "In doing our homework and talking to people, not just in the Villanova organization, but people he played against and coaches he played against; a lot of people say that Donte, if not the best player on that team, was one of the top two or three best players on that team," the Bucks GM Horst said. "And to watch him come off the bench for the majority of time and produce the way that he did shows that he really, not only says it, but wants to play a role in winning and do what it takes to win. He actually did it, and he did it at a high level. For a guy like that, again, to pick someone who will fit our style of play and fit our roster was key." He could be such a valuable piece coming off the bench as a scorer. 
Eventually, they want him to be the third in their Big Three. "There’s no doubt Villanova plays a pro style of game. So I think things like that absolutely help a player acclimate quicker than guys that don’t," Horst said. "Not every college obviously plays a pro style. But no, it does, and I think because of that, you’ve seen guys in the past like Josh Hart and others who’ve been able to come in and plug and play sooner than others. That was a factor, for sure." They think he can learn the offense quicker than most rookies.
Then he can start making a difference off the bench. "I wouldn't say it was one thing from necessarily a basketball standpoint. When you get to spend time with these young men and go through this process with them, and learn about them in every facet of their lives. Not just as athletes, but as people. Donte surfaced as an elite competitor," Horst said. "A really genuine high character person and someone who has a high intellect on the court and off the court. So I think a lot of the guys in that group have similar skill-sets and similar abilities, but his ability to compete and think the game, and he’s proven to be part of winning at a high level was really important to us. We think that gives him a chance to possibly help us this year, and more importantly going forward." He has some clutch in him. 

Lonnie Walker

18. Spurs- Lonnie Walker- SG, 6-4.5, 8-3.5 SR, 196.2 6-10.25 WS, FR, 

40" Vert, 31.5" SV, 1, 1.9 APG, 11.5 PPG, 2 APG 2.6 RPG,  1.7 SPG, 34.6% 3-P

The Team: Solid pick by the Spurs. "We had him ranked significantly higher," Spurs GM R.C. Buford said. "So, to see the opportunity to have Lonnie available in the draft, that was exciting." I had him one pick above at 17. 

He is a truly great athlete. "If Coach Popovich needs me to dive on the floor strictly, then I'll strictly dive on the floor," Walker said. "I'm going to do whatever it takes for us to get that win sooner rather than later, hopefully receive that championship." He has some work to do on his jumper, but the form and mechanics are excellent. 

If he can get a little more consistent with his Jumper (which he will), he could be a great one. "Their point guard got hurt early in the year and he had to take a lot of responsibility as a freshman and it didn't faze him," Buford said. "He made several game-winning shots at the buzzer and took on most of their difficult matchups in the backcourt. He's been well-coached, he plays plays hard, a terrific athlete and his offensive skills continue to develop." He is also a terrific defender.

He is another real young guy, who has a ton of upside. "We are excited about him as well," Buford said. "I think we added length and athleticism in both of our picks tonight. Those are good additions." Walker is still a better athlete than a pure Baller. 

Improving the jumper is the easiest thing to do as you get older. "I’m sorry about my voice," Walker rasped. "I’ve been screaming for two days straight since the draft." He is much more excited to be a Spur than Kawhi. 

He will have the time to grow into Kawhi's old position. "I'm ready to get after it right now," Walker said. "If they wanted me to work out and practice right now, I'd do it. I'm ready to compete, and at the end of the of the day, I want to be the best. I'm addicted to being the best. I'm obsessed with being the next great. It's time to be a dog, and it's just that simple I've got something to prove." I really like his Jumper, but his percentage was lower than it looked like it should be. So I am not worried.  

The Player: Walker can shoot. He is a great spot up shooter. Terrific mechanics, and in a few years he will be much better. He can already spot up from NBA Three and hit it. Love his straight on mechanics. He likes to sit three or four feet behind the College arc, and catch and shoot. Nice pull up from midrange. Great balance and ability to keep his body at the same angle off all kinds of launches on his J. 

He can one dribble to the left, rise up and hit the Three. He can crossover to his left, and pull up and knock down the Three. Great legs and wrist in shot. He will only improve with repetition. That is why he will likely get drafted above 17. Nice job curling around the screen (to the left or right), and following away for a long Two. 

He is subtle driving to the ball, and can absorb contact and hold his balance well enough to score. Nice quick burst to lefty dribble, but likes to cross back over to reach the hoop righty. 

Not a great handle, but he has shown improvement. He gets to the hoop consistently, because defenders have to try and get in his shirt outside the Arc. All his offense starts with his shooting. Terrific pick and roll player. He can shoot off the pick. and drive off the pick to score. 

Plays with natural flair and style. He has that panache in his passing as well. Makes the spectacular pass more than the good pass. Great no look passer off the dribble. 

Nice speed in the open court. Excellent athlete who can play above the rim. He can put back the dunk with rim rattle panache. When a little up fake gives him a free lane to the hoop, he thunder dunks wonderfully. He can three dribble lefty, but still takes it back righty to shoot. Excellent moving off the ball. He can take the backdoor pass an slam it with some great attitude. This kid could be a top ten pick. 

Not a great defender, but he shows the traits to improve if he wants to. He gives effort on defense. He covered a lot of different positions, which can also make him look worse than he is. Nice feet and eyes on defense. He can step into the passing lane, and take it with nice anticipation. 

As a Freshman (2017-18): Season: Honorable Mention All-ACC honoree (first freshman in Miami history to earn all-league honors) ... ACC All-Freshman Team ... All-ACC Academic Team ... Named ACC Rookie of the Week on Dec. 11, Jan. 29 and Feb. 5 ... Played in all 32 games, with 18 starts, and averaged team-high 11.5 points per game ... First freshman to lead Miami in scoring since Darius Rice in 2000-01 and the fourth in program history ... Ranked sixth among ACC freshmen in scoring (11.5 ppg), including fifth among rookies in ACC play (13.6) ... In ACC games only, he ranked 22nd in conference in scoring ... Averaged 14.8 points and shot 37.6 percent from 3-point range (44-117) and 78 percent (32-41) from free-throw line in his 18 starts ... Scored 10 points and added five assists in college debut (11/10) ... Left Florida A&M game in first half with left ankle injury (11/16) ... Scored five points in homecoming game in Reading, Pa., against La Salle (11/22) ... Recorded 12 points and five rebounds against Princeton (12/2) ... Made first start against Boston U. (12/5) and had big game, recording career highs in points (26) and rebounds (7); was 9-for-15 from field, including 5-for-7 from 3-point range ... Scored 13 points and grabbed five rebounds at George Washington (12/16) ... Scored 16 points and pulled down seven rebounds at Clemson (1/13) ... Hit 5-of-8 3-pointers and scored 19 points with four steals against Duke (1/15) ... Scored 25 points, including game-tying layup with four seconds left in regulation, in OT win over Louisville (1/24) ... Recorded 23 points at Florida State (1/27) ... Scored 14 points, including eight in the final 3 minutes, 22 seconds, in win at Virginia Tech (2/3) ... Led team with 19 points and three blocks in win over Wake Forest (2/7) ... Scored 19 points – 11 in first half including buzzer-beating 3-pointer – in win at Notre Dame (2/19) ... Hit go-ahead 3-pointer with 2.4 seconds remaining in comeback win over Boston College (2/24); scored 14 points in the game ... Scored game-tying jumper with 56 seconds remaining in win against Virginia Tech and finished with 13 points (3/3) ... Scored 12 points in 38 minutes in NCAA Tournament against Loyola Chicago.

The Reason: Spurs really just needs a third scorer to go with Ingram and Kuzma. Walker is not a great basketball player, but he is a great shooter. Having him compliment their two scorers would make this team better. 

Kevin Huerter

19. Hawks- Kevin Huerter- 6-7.25", 194,  8-5.5' SR', 6-7.5" SR, Maryland, Soph, 

3 APG, 14.8 PPG, 5 RPG, 39.4% 3-P. 50.3 FG%,

The Team: I think this is a bit of a reach. "The younger Mike Miller, I might add, (when he was) in Orlando. Very athletic, can put the ball on the floor, beautiful jump shot," Billups said. "He can really, really shoot it. And good vision, he can pass the ball. I think he’s going to be a steal. An underrated player." I had him at 26. 

But he can shoot. "Last night, for instance, we had the 19th pick, and we’re coming down and we’re actually talking to Milwaukee on the 17th pick, talking about trading up to get a guy we like. [But] there were a couple of guys we felt really good about on the 19th pick. Obviously Kevin was one of them, and it leaked who Milwaukee was going to take," Hawks GM Schlenk said. "So all of a sudden we were able to pull back out of that deal and keep the draft pick. Instead of packaging picks to move up. Because we knew that (there were) two guys on the board we felt really good about. And only one team in between us. So that was beneficial to us last night." They just added two terrific shooters. 

They needed guys who can shoot. "The rest of that workout went great. I talked to their assistant GM [in Chicago] and he told me he really liked my game and that I definitely would be a player they’re looking at," Huerter said. "Moving forward, they really like athletic wings, guys that can play multiple positions both offensively and defensively." He was a great shooter last season. 

So getting a couple of guys they can kick the ball to him at the 3-point line could pay some big dividends in a few years. "They’re a young team with a new coach, I think they’re looking to be more successful in years to come," Huerter said. "I think there are going to be a lot of hungry guys, a lot of guys looking to get better. It’s a franchise moving in the right direction and I’m happy to be part of that." Atlanta is going to struggle for a while. 

Huerter is a basketball junkie. "That’s so frustrating, not being able to play," Huerter said. "I haven’t been able to play basketball the past two or three weeks, I’m itching to start shooting again. I’ve still got a couple (a weeks) to go. When I’m finally going to be cleared. I got to make up for the last month and a half." He has to get back to shooting.

He was drafted as a shooter. "He’s a 6-foot-7 wing so he has good size," Schlenk said. "He has great ball skills, really good shooter, shot over 40 percent from 3 during his college career. Has ability to put the ball on the floor and get in the lane, so we’re excited about his playmaking ability." He will spread the floor for them.

But he still needs work on other parts of his game. "In my workout, I didn't shoot it as well as I wanted to, and one of the coaches pulled me aside and kind of said they know I can shoot it," Huerter said. "I can't show emotion. Not worry about the last shot, and move on to the next one. It was evident right there for the first time that I knew they believed in me." They need him hitting Threes to help the team.  

The Player: Huerter has a nice step back fall away Jumper. He showed some NBA range on his Jumper. He can catch and shoot from NBA Three. He tends to drift when he shoots. He needs to go straight up more. Very quick release on his step back Three. Loves the step back Three. He can go left, and still hit the step back Three. He has a little turn around hook in the lane. 

He goes and fakes left a lot, but shots it righty all the time. Terrific vision to see the whole floor. He can make the floor length pass faster than the defense and react. He can stop and whip the ball to his left for a nice assist. He actually has a nice lefty dribble, and can be tricky going lefty. But he always seems to drag it back to his right. 

He has a nice Vert. He can fly down the lane, catch the pass, and slam it down righty from some high heights. What he is, is a shooter with NBA range and a great quick release. Everything else he does on offense is based off of that. He also has a nice midrange jumper on the move. 

Nice quick hands on defense. Excellent help defender. Nice job fighting through picks. He has good length and leap, and can block another Wings shot. Steps into the passing lane with good anticipation. Good instincts on defense. Nice instincts for blocking shots. Covers a lot of smaller guys, and moves well laterally in front of  them. Needs to bend his knees more on defense. 
AS A SOPHOMORE (2017-18): Honorable Mention All-Big Ten…Academic All-Big Ten…Eighth in the B1G in three-point field goals made per game (2.3) and ninth in three-point field goal percentage (.417)…Fourth in the B1G in minutes played (34.4/G)…73 three-pointers made on the year ranks tied for fifth all-time on Maryland’s single season list…three-point field goal percentage (.417) ranks seventh all-time on Maryland’s single season list…Had four games of 20+ points...Scored game-high 20 points, along with three boards and two assists in final game as a Terp vs. Wisconsin (3/1)...Scored game-high 22 points, along with five assists, four rebounds and four steals vs. Northwestern (2/10)…Had game-high four assists along with 19 points and six boards vs. Wisconsin (2/4)…Recorded a game-high 19 points along with eight rebounds and five assists against Minnesota (1/18)…Posted six points and three boards in six minutes vs. Ohio (12/7)…Made career-high nine free throws while finishing with 13 points against Penn State (1/3)…Finished two assists shy of a triple-double with 12 points and career highs in rebounds (15) and assists (8) vs. Fairleigh Dickinson (12/21)…Scored 15 points and posted three assists vs. Gardner-Webb (12/9)…Posted game-high 17 points vs. Ohio (12/7)…Scored 17 points and had seven rebounds at Illinois (12/3)…Scored 23 points and tied a career-high seven three pointers made against Syracuse (11/27)…Had eight points and tied career-high with six assists against New Mexico (11/25)…Notched 16 points, four assists and three boards vs. Bucknell (11/18)…Scored nine points and tallied five assists vs. Butler (11/15)…Finished with 13 points, four assists, three rebounds and two steals in season opening win over Stony Brook.

Second Choice: I had Spellman going here, and they took him at 30: 

Omari Spellman- PF/C, 6-9.25'', 8-11.5'' SR, 253.8, 7-2 Wing', FR, 

35.5" MV, 28.5" SV, .8 APG, 10.9 PPG, 8 RPG, .7 SPG, 43.3% 3-P. 47.6 FG%,

The Player: Spellman can make an instant impact on defense. He is a great and aggressive man defender. He always seems to get a hand up in shooters face. He can get front of the PG on the pick and roll, and cut him off. Good pick and roll defender, who can stay with the PG, and block his shot when he gets to his hip. 

Nice power going to the hole. When defenders bump him, he wins. He is a good dribbler and passer. Gets better as the game goes on. Consistently boxes out. Nice up fake and creating contact, and still make the shot off the hit. They should call him, "And One". Nice fall away in the Paint. He has a nice lefty jumper hook, which could a weapon for him. 

He needs to lose some fat and tighten up. He could rebound better. Not afraid to pass it back out after an O-rebounder, which a lot of Bigs won't do when surrounded. Boxes out Bigs on offensive glass, which I love in a Big. Nice timing to block the shot below the rim, because he is not good above the rim. Hustles and fights for O-Boards, to the point of drawing a whistle. 

Nice form on defense. But could get a little more aggressive. Looks afraid to foul. He can block the little guy who tries to drive past him. He gets lighter on his feet as the game goes on. Aggressive offensive rebounder off contact. He always seems to play better off contact. Seems to be in the paint every time a teammate shoots. 

The form on his Jumper needs work. Nice pick and roll player. Knows how to use up fakes to get his shot off inside. Not a great leaper, but he can be a fighter going after rebounds. Heavy feet. Not a top half of the Draft player. He has to lose weight and quicken his feet and Vert. 

This is a tough one for me. He is a good smart player. But he has to lose weight. He is a tick slow, and his feet a tick heavy to be great in the NBA. He has to get stronger, lighter, and quicker to be a starter in the NBA. Can he do that? He needs the TB12 method. 

VILLANOVA: A gifted forward with the capacity to score from beyond the 3-point arc … Moves well without the ball and can draw opposing forwards away from the basket … Also offers the strength and tenacity to do damage around the basket.
2017-18 Overview: Earned BIG EAST Freshman of the Year and Philadelphia Big Five Rookie of the Year honors ... Also named to the NCAA East Region All-Tournament Team ... Started 39 of 40 games for the 2018 NCAA national champions ... Averaged 10.9 points and a team-high 8.0 rebounds a game ... Connected on .433 of his attempts from beyond the 3-point arc ... Announced his intention to enter the NBA Draft process on April 17 but did not plan to hire an agent.
2018 NCAA TOURNAMENT: Contributed eight points and 11 rebounds in the NCAA title game against Michigan on April 2 ... Delivered a double-double - his 11th of the campaign - with 15 points and 13 rebounds in a 95-79 victory over Kansas on March 31 at the Final Four ... Played a huge role in a 90-78 win over West Virginia on March 23 ... Dropped in 18 points to go with eight rebounds, three assists and two blocked shots.
2018 BIG EAST TOURNAMENT: Logged a season-high 41 minutes, scoring six points and adding nine rebounds, in a 76-66 overtime win over Providence in the title game ... Recorded his first postseason double-double on March 9, scoring 12 points and adding 12 rebounds in a win over Butler.
2017-18 REGULAR SEASON: Named BIG EAST Freshman of the Week for the sixth time on March 5 ... Collected 14 rebounds in a 69-68 overtime win at Seton Hall on Feb. 28 ... Notched his ninth double-double of 2017-18 with 14 points and 10 caroms on Feb. 24 at Creighton .... Donned a protective face mask on Feb. 14 after suffering a fractured facial bone in the win over Butler ... Registered his eighth double-double vs. Butler on Feb. 10 (11 points, 10 rebounds) ... Scored 11 points and added 12 rebounds in a 79=75 loss to St. John’s on Feb. 4 ... Named BIG EAST Freshan of the Week on Feb. 5 ... Delivered 26 points and 11 rebounds to help lead VU past Seton Hall 92-76 on Feb. 4 .... Scored 16 points and added six rebounds to a 89-69 win over Providence on Jan. 23 ... Connected on 6-of-10 field goal attempts and finished with 14 points in an 88-56 win at Georgetown ... Registered his fifth double-double on Dec. 27 at DePaul, scoring 12 points to go with 12 caroms ... Scored 19 points and added 10 rebounds in a 95-71 win over Hofstra ... Dropped in a season high 27 points to go with eight rebounds in an 87-67 win over Temple on Dec. 13 ... Recorded his third double-double of the season with 10 points and 10 rebounds in a 88-72 win over Gonzaga on Dec. 5 at Madison Square Garden ... Converted 4-of-5 3-point field goals to finish with a season high 16 points in a 94-53 win over Saint Joseph’s on Dec. 2 ... Also tied a season high with 11 rebounds against the Hawks ... His 14 points, seven rebounds and three blocked shots helped key a 90-62 win over Penn at the Jake.

  Josh Okogie

20. Minnesota- Josh Okogie- 6-4.5", 8-6 SR, 210.8, 7' WS,  Georgia Tech

11.08 Lane Agility, 33" SV, 42" MV, 18.2 PPG, 6.3 RPG, 38% 3-P, ,

The Team: This was a reach. It was a big decision they need to get right. "The versatility of both guys is important for our team," Wolves HC Tom Thibodeau said. "Josh has an ability to play a lot of positions and played both sides of the ball really well at Georgia Tech. He has great length and athleticism. Kieta is such a versatile player and really showed that at Ohio State." He is a D first player. 
He can block the 3-point shot with his length and hustle. "The fact that he plays both sides of the ball, he’s a good, young player that has a big upside," Thibodeau said. "Good worker, great kid, so we’re looking forward to having him." He can kick it out, when he dribbles himself into trouble.
Plays out of control on both ends too much. "Having a pick this year was critical for us, just to continue to grow," Thibodeau said. "We think we have to have a blend, of young players, players that are in the middle and obviously the older veterans. But having those young guys, it's important for the team, for the growth of the organization." He really hustles on defense to challenge shots. All out all the time guy. "I think people didn’t even know who I was until I went to the combine," Okogie said. "I think I can help from Day One," Okogie said. "And that’s what I’m going to try to do. I’m ready to do that." No. No you can't. 

The Player: He has no trouble going left and pulling up for the mid range Jumper, and he'll even hit some. He likes to go left and shoot right. But he can also go left and pass it righty to his Big in the Paint. He is not a great shooter by any means. 

He will go inside and fight for the rebound. "The guy has a tremendous work ethic. He’s got a chip on his shoulder, he plays with an edge," Georgia Tech HC Josh Pastner said. "He has zero sense of entitlement, and he’s just an extremely high-character man. He’s eternally driven." He can look like the worst shooter in the Draft sometimes. 

He is the worst shooter in the Draft. "I knew when people got more up close with him, he was just going to skyrocket," Pastner said. "There’s probably not enough newspaper to give you every example. But just a general base: the guy is just a winner, and he’s tough, and he’s high character." He looses control of his shot when he gets contact too often.  
But he does a good job when he drives to the hoop and lays it down to his Big. "Two years later, he’s the 20th pick in the draft," Pastner said. "Who would’ve thought that? I don’t think anyone saw that coming (who saw him shoot);. I said by the time he was a junior he was going to be an All-ACC guy." Hyper fierce defender and competitor.
He can stick to his man like glue. "Somebody like Jimmy Butler," Okogie said. "Some guys who take pride on both ends of the floor. As far as being an offensive threat? But not only just playing offense, but also being able to guard, rebound, push the ball, defend the other team’s best player? So I like to put myself in a guy’s shoes like that." That is a little delusional. 
Nice job fighting through picks. "I think the strength, the power, and the speed," Thibodeau said. "He’s a terrific athlete. And I think that fits us well." Defensively maybe. 
He is a worse shooter than Schroeder was coming into the Draft. "The guy has a tremendous work ethic. He’s got a chip on his shoulder, he plays with an edge," Pastner said. "He has zero sense of entitlement. And he’s just an extremely high-character man. He’s eternally driven." Worst pick in the Draft. 

Career Notes: Topped a stellar freshman campaign by making the All-Atlantic Coast Conference third team as a sophomore ... Accumulated 1,033 points in his career, most by a Tech sophomore since Matt Harpring finished his sophomore season (1995-96 season) with 1,021 ... Finished Tech career in 43rd place on Tech's all-time scoring list ... Versatile perimeter player with the length, athletic ability and basketball IQ enable him to compete at all three perimeter positions ... Impacts the game at both ends of the court and is a multi-dimensional offensive threat, able to create scoring opportunities for himself and teammate ... Scored in double digits in 38 of his last 40 games and 54 times in 61 career games ... Scored 20 or more 20 times (13 times in ACC games), 30 or more three times in his career ... Moved into Tech's all-time top 20 in career free throws (18th with 313) ... Declared for early entry into the 2018 NBA Draft in late March, and announced his intention to remain in the draft and forego his final two years of eligibility on May 21 ... Selected in the first round, No. 20 overall, by Minnesota.

2017-18: Named third-team All-Atlantic Coast Conference on the official team, honorable mention by the Atlantic Coast Sports Media Association ... Preseason All-Atlantic Coast Conference selection who missed the first six regular-season games due to an NCAA violation, but was sidelined for eight games altogether due to a dislocated left index finger he suffered in the Jackets' exhibition game against Georgia State ... Scoring average of 18.2 per game ranked fourth in the ACC and was the highest for any Tech player since Matt Harpring finished the 1997-98 season at 21.6, and was the highest for any Tech sophomore since Harpring posted 18.6 points per game in 1995-96 (Kenny Anderson scored 25.9 points per game in 1990-91 season) ... Rich Yunkus (24.1 in 1968-69) and Dennis Scott (20.3 in 1988-89) are the only other Tech sophomores to average 20 or more ... Averaged 18.2 points in ACC games (ranks fifth), scoring 20 or more points seven times ... Scored in double figures in 22 of his 24 games on the season, missing only against Virginia (nine points on Jan. 18, seven on Feb. 21) ... Scored 30 in Tech's win over No. 15 Miami on Jan. 3, 29 vs. Duke on Feb. 1 ... Best in the ACC at getting to the free throw line (6.8 FTA per game) and converted 82.1 percent on a team-high 162 attempts ... Ranked 10th in percentage ... Averaged 6.7 rebounds in ACC play, third-best for an ACC guard, and only one player ahead of him was shorter than his 6-4 height (Ky Bowman of Boston College) ... Grabbed career-best 16 at Florida State, most ever by a Tech guard in an ACC game.

The Reason: They need some guards. They only have three guards on the active roster, and Exum and Raul Neto are free agents. Even if they sign both free agents, neither has bathed themselves in glory. Getting another Guard seems to be their top priority this off season.  

Grayson Allen

21. Utah- Grayson Allen- SG, 6-4.5. 8-1 SR, 198, 6-7.25 WS, Duke, Jr, 

10.31 LA! 32.5 SV! 40.5" Max Vert, 2.7 APG, 17.1 PPG, 7 RPG,  SPG, 3% 3-P.  FG%,

The Team: Well, I said they need a guy who can replace what Gordon Hayward did for them. But he can also be a jerk on the court and break the baller code on the Court. "Hopefully he won’t cross the line. If he does? He’ll be held accountable," Jazz GM Dennis Lindsey. "But we’re very confident on who he is." I hope so.

But some say he was the most hated guy in College Basketball. "We’re very, very confident in who he is. We’re confident in his intelligence, we’re confident that he was contrite with the mistakes that he’s made in the past," Lindsey said. "Look, if he makes mistakes like that going forward you guys need to hold him accountable. There’s nothing more powerful than the electronic herd. But with that said, he and I were totally on the same page. We don’t want that fire that’s burning, the competitiveness to go anywhere. Hopefully he won’t cross the line, but if he does he’ll be held accountable. But we’re very confident on who he is." I still think he compares well to Ainge.

But it's just not funny picking him here (like it would have been for the Celtics;). "It was very competitive and we had a really good group with Brunson, Holiday and Khyri, too, and we went at each other," Allen said. "It was a lot of fun, but I felt like I played well. I had great feedback from the workout after from my agent and from Coach K. From him talking to the team and I felt great. I felt really confident about what I’d gone to Salt Lake City and done." So his workout was lights out. 

Allen is a terrific three point shooter. "I don’t think it will take long," Allen said. "I think the fans will see the love I have for the game. My passion I have for the game. And how much I want to represent the Utah Jazz and the team I play for in a great way. And I think it will happen right away." He is a college veteran.

So he is more likely to be ready sooner than later in the NBA. "I think it will come quickly," Allen said. "It’s obviously something that has to be earned and I know Utah has great fans, very passionate fans, so it’s something that has to be earned. But I think when I get out and play with that kind of competitive fire and passion and emotion, they’ll respect it." Like Gordon Hayward, he is a surprising athlete. 

He can cover SF and PG, as well as Shooting Guards. "Look, he was tough to compete against,"  Donovan Mitchell said. "But I’d like to compete with him," So Mitchell gave Allen the thumbs up. 

His best position in the NBA will be SG. "I’m from Florida, I don’t see any change of elevation at all and for me as someone who loves outdoors and loves nature, Salt Lake City was beautiful those two days I was there," Allen said. "So, I’m excited to get to see the city, get to see some of the great views that it has and getting accustomed to Utah, being across the country." He should work on being a pure Wing shooter, like Reddick. 

The Player: Allen is long time veteran of the ACC. It seems he has been playing at Duke for 10-years, I think he was an assistant coach back in '07. He was seen as a JJ Reddick like shooter coming into this past season, but they switched him to the point, because of the onslaught of One and Dones they picked up. Allen is a study the basket shooter. 

While he was a great improvising shooter going to the hole, he is not an on the move 3-point shooter like Reddick. JJ is a move shooter, like the 3-point shot he made against the Celts that everyone thought won the game. He catch the pass sideways to the basket, turned and leap up, and squared his shoulder in the air. Allen is a stationary 3-Point shooter, who needs a second to study the basket before he shoots.

Grayson needs his shoulder squared before he goes up to shoot the Three. Reddick can balance in the air and shoot the Three, while Grayson has to balance on his feet, test the wind, and study the rim for a while before he can shoot the Three. Though he will go up quickly when he is feeling it. 

He is feisty kid, who doesn't make many friends on the court. He is over-emotional, which helps his game sometime, but mostly hurts him a lot. He has to learn to control his emotions to be successful in the NBA. 

He was a Shooting Guard for 9 of his 10 seasons at Duke. But what makes him more interesting is that last season he sacrificed his shooting to play PG. He really took that role seriously, and developed into a pass first Guard. I don't think he is an NBA PG, but he can certainly play the Point in a pinch. 

He is a high flier who can attack the basket at every angle. He had a great sophomore season where he averaged 3.5 APG, 21.6 PPG and 4.6 RPG, in the ACC. He scored form all over with confidence. Shooting lefty floaters in the lane. Pull ups going to his left. Flying to the hoop and getting knocked off balance in the air, and still flinging it up and scoring. When you look back at the old Tape you can see what an underrated high flier he really was.

He decided to comeback for his Junior season, to play with Tatum. It was a disaster. He lost his cool too much. He got hurt, bumped and bruised, and was injured all season. He was even more over emotional than before. He always looked calm on the outside, even when he was taking stupid cheapshots. But he even lost his calm facade in 2016. 

This past season he was a pure pass first point guard. He showed incredible adaptability and versatility that I think anyone didn't know he had. He was a great passer this past season, and somehow showed he could pass his teammates open. I didn't think he showed that before.  He also showed he had the lateral burst and athleticism to cover smaller PGs. 

Surprisingly explosive athlete. He was an explosive scorer and shooter for so long, that his freakish athletic ability got lost in his time at Duke. He is a great leg athlete. His whole game is about his explosive legs. Great burst up on Jumper. Great leaper going down the lane. Great loft on midrange jumper where he can balance in the air a little.  

He is likely the most hated player in the ACC. He is passionate to the point of dirty. Oh, and he does look like Ted Cruz. He fell apart as a a Jr, and only averaged 14.5 PPG. Which is really not that bad. But mentally and emotionally he really fell apart on the court. He was suspended for a cheapshot. he became the face of the arrogant Dukies.  

Career: Played in 142 games in his Duke career and made 97 starts
• Owned career averages of 14.1 points, 3.2 rebounds and 3.0 assists while shooting .430 from the floor, .380 from outside the arc and .834 from the free throw line
• Completed his Duke career with 1,996 points to rank 12th on the Blue Devils’ career scoring list and seventh on the program’s career free throw percentage list (.834)
• Is one of just five Blue Devils in history with 1,900 or more points, 400 or more rebounds and 400 or more assists, joining Grant Hill, Jon Scheyer, Danny Ferry, and Johnny Dawkins
• Scored in double figures 93 times, including 46 games with at least 20 points, and owns four career double-doubles
• His 59 career wins at Cameron Indoor Stadium rank tied for 11th on the venue’s career wins
• Played in 15 NCAA Tournament games, helping Duke win its fifth NCAA title in 2015; has a career NCAA Tournament average of 13.0 points per game
• Earned All-America and Academic All-America honors in 2016, becoming just the sixth Duke player to garner both in the same season, joining Shane Battier, Mike Dunleavy, Mike Gminski, Mason Plumlee, and Jim Spanarkel
• Joined Amile Jefferson and Quin Snyder as the program’s only four-time All-ACC Academic honorees
2017-18: Named third-team All-ACC after averaging 15.5 points and 4.6 assists while starting every game of the 2017-18 season
• Served as the team’s lone captain
• An All-ACC Academic Team selection
• Was one of five national finalists for the Jerry West Shooting Guard of the Year Award
• Twice named ACC Player of the Week (11/20, 2/19), and earned Naismith National Player of the Week honors once (2/19)
• Was the ACC’s 12th-leading scorer at 15.5 points per game, while ranking fourth in the conference in free throw percentage (.850)
• Drained a career-best and ACC-leading 102 three-point field goals to rank second in the ACC in threes per game (2.76)
• His 172 assists were a career high and sixth-most in the ACC, while his 4.6 assists per game ranked ninth in the conference
• Averaged 35.6 minutes per contest and played every minute of 13 different games
• Paced Duke in assists 16 times, leading the team to a 15-1 record in those contests
• Torched No. 2 Michigan State for a career-high 37 points, including 7-of-11 from three-point range in leading Duke to an 88-81 win over the Spartans in the Champions Classic in Chicago
• The MSU performance was his sixth career 30-point game and was part of a 77-point outburst (25.7 points) over the season’s first three games
• Averaged 13.3 points and 7.0 assists in lifting Duke to a trio of wins over Portland State, Texas and No. 7 Florida to claim the PK80 Motion Bracket title in Portland
• Poured in 21 points with four assists as Duke won a thriller at Indiana in the ACC/Big Ten Challenge (11/29)
• Netted 22 points and dished out six assists in a home win over No. 24 Florida State (12/30)
• Was limited to two points in a home win over Wake Forest (1/13), but ripped down a career-high 12 rebounds and came two assists shy of a rebounds-assists double-double
• Averaged 20.2 points, 4.5 assists, and shot .376 from three-point range over an eight-game stretch (7-1) late in the season that carried the Blue Devils to the semifinals of the ACC Tournament -- that stretch included wins over No. 9 North Carolina, No. 11 Clemson, Louisville, Syracuse and Notre Dame
• Closed his career at Cameron Indoor Stadium in style on Senior Night, scoring 15 points, dishing five assists and matching his career high with five steals in Duke’s 74-64 win over No. 9 North Carolina (3/3)
• Averaged 13.8 points and 6.0 assists in Duke’s four NCAA Tournament games, helping the Blue Devils reach the Elite Eight
• Scored in double-figures in each of the last eight games of the season and in 12 of the final 13 games

The Reason: Utah really needs a Wing who can step up into Hayward's old role.  

Chandler Hutchison

22. Bulls- Chandler Hutchison- Wing, 6-7, 197, Boise ST, SR, 

2.1 APG, 12 PPG, 7.7 RPG, 1.5 SPG, 35.3% 3-P. 47.6 FG%,

The Team: I had this pick. "I think the Chicago Bulls got a steal. You look at the last four years, he's gotten better every year," Boise HC Rice said. "I think it's a great fit. You've got a terrific coach out there for Chandler and the style that he is. It's just the same way. I think it's a really good match." Hutchinson is a great natural scorer.

It was rumored that the Bulls gave Hutchinson a Promise. "He finishes. He got his degree and there's only two or three guys in the 1st round that got degrees and got it done. I mean, that's impressive," Rice said. "These guys that are elite-level players have so much demands on them with media and with the team and the workouts and all of these extra workouts. To get a degree while dealing with all of that is very impressive." Smart and hard working kid, from a lower level. 
Now he has to prove he can do it on the Big stage. "He led us in just about every category, and we had a good ball club too." Rice said. "He was a do-it-all player and he could do it at every position. He rebounded. He guarded big guys and small guys. Led the break. He's a great decision-maker with his feel." I think this is the best I've ever done in the NBA Draft. 

Hutchinson is a Wing scorer who is great defender. "We like Chandler a lot," Paxson said. "We scouted him early, scouted him often. He knew we liked him. He addresses a position of need. We had debates on wings and players at his position. His ability to rebound and take it off the board, those things are really valuable, especially the way we want to play." He is also a good Wing rebounder. 

Which is important in positionless basketball, to have Wings who can cover bigger guys and rebound. "He’s a different dude. He’s really smart socially and emotionally. I even think he’s kind of nerdy sometimes. But he’s a great teammate, fits in with lots of other people," Beckner said. "Everyone kept telling him he was special. I think deep down he knew. But he wasn’t sure because the results hadn’t shown that yet. The last two years, I think he has made more progress than anyone expected. Out of all the players I’ve worked with at the NBA or college level, he improved at a rate quicker than any of them." He worked himself into the NBA. 

He has a 7-foot Wingspan. "He didn’t want to take the easy way. He was like, 'I'm going to dig in and make this work,'" Webster said. "In this day and age with how kids are, that was the most impressive thing in my dealings with him. He stuck it out and found a way to have success." He is an older player that should translate quicker than a lot of the younger rookies.

The Player: Hutchinson is a modern Wing. He can go to the hole with either hand. Tends to dunk righty, and slide it in lefty. Excellent at driving to the middle from the right wing, and scoring with a lefty hook. Nice lefty sky hook going down the left lane. Nice scoop through two defenders righty. He can also go right and shot left, and visa versa. 

Very impressive variety of shots with both hands. Most versatile player with both hands in the Draft. Terrific speed in open court with either hand. Excellent handle, and can bring it down full court on the break. 

He is a good wing shooter off the catch. Nice Vert going to the hole, and pump through the switch to score in the Paint. He looks like he can cover multiple position on the Wing. Played at a lower level of competition. It is a big step up from Boise to the NBA. He is a Senior, and has less growth left in him.

Good passer. He has such a good handle that he draw a lot of attention, and he can find open teammates to give them an easy shot. He has some point forward in him. He could be a great Wing offensive setter. He can play the point and pass it to the Wing, and then make the extra pass to the opposite Wing off the return pass. He brought the ball up a lot, and knew how to set up his teammates for open shots. 
He is high flier who can soar down the lane and jam. Great length athlete combo. He is a modern NBA Wing, who can initiate the offense, and seem to score at will sometimes. He is relentless going to the Hoop. Great open court speed. He can burst past a defender, and scoop a pass to his big inside.
I'd like to see him pass more. Nice cross court vision to the opposite wing. He seems to like the spectacular pass a little too much. Nice job hitting his shooter on the move, and then cutting off his defender so he can't jump out. That is great basketball smarts. He sees on the court as well as anyone.
He needs some more consistency. Lower level of comp is a question. He was a Senior, and it showed on the court a lot last season. He looked smarter than everyone else. That won't be the case next season. Nice Wing catch and shooter form Three. He showed some NBA range, especially from either Corner. Terrific using his legs and right wrist on jumper. 
Nice knack for getting in passing lanes. He uses his long arms well to beat his man to the pass. Use his long arms very well to block shots. Just a terrific man defender. He can stay with the Wing down the lane, and then leap up over him and block the shot. Good post defender who could get some time at the Four, in a small lineup. Great quick hands on defense. Level of comp is a concern. 

SENIOR (2017-18): Mountain West Player of the Year (media)…All-Mountain West First Team (media and coaches)…Mountain West All-Defensive Team…USBWA All-District VIII...NABC All-District 17 First Team…U.S. Basketball Writers Association National Player of the Week (Jan. 15)…one of 30 players named to the late season Citizen Naismith Trophy watch list…one of 10 players announced to the Jerry West Shooting Guard of the Year Award midseason watch list…averaged 20.0 points, 7.7 rebounds, 3.5 assists and 1.5 steals per game in 2017-18, making him the first player in Boise State history to lead a team in points, rebounds, assists and steals…was one of two players in NCAA Division I to end the season with those averages in points, rebounds, assists and steals…also became the fifth player in Mountain West history to lead a team in points, rebounds, assists and steals since the 2011-12 season (Boise State’s first season in the league)…his 619 points his senior season is No. 5 on the Bronco single-season list…one of just four players in school history to average 20.0 or more points in a season…had 16 20-point games in 2017-18…recorded the first known triple-double in program history with 23 points, 10 rebounds and 10 assists against Portland (Dec. 1)…set the single-game scoring school record with 44 points against San Diego State (Jan. 13)…tallied eight 20-point, 10-rebound games in 2017-18 along with 12 double-doubles…wrapped up his time at Boise State first in program history in double-doubles (23) and 20-point, 10-rebound games (14)…finished his career with 1,478 points and 672 rebounds, putting him ninth and sixth in Boise State program history, respectively…also finished his career tied for the most wins (87) in program history…kicked off the season with 20 points, eight rebounds and six assists against Eastern Oregon (Nov. 10)… grabbed a career-high 18 rebounds against Illinois State (Nov. 17) to go with 19 points for an emphatic double-double…was the Broncos’ leading scorer against Oregon (Dec. 1), tallying a double-double with 20 points and 10 rebounds…recorded his triple-double (23 points, 10 rebounds, 10 assists) against Portland (Dec. 3), making school history…notched another double-double against Sacramento State (Dec. 9) with 21 points and 12 rebounds…pushed his double-double streak to four games with 27 points and 11 boards against Grand Canyon (Dec. 13)…was sensational at UNLV (Dec. 30), scoring 32 points and grabbing 12 rebounds for his first 30-point game of the season…recorded a double-double in a win against New Mexico (Jan. 3), going for 17 points and 10 rebounds…scored 27 points after getting to the free throw line a career-high 20 times at Wyoming (Jan. 6)…enjoyed another double-double that same road trip with 21 points and 10 rebounds at Fresno State (Jan. 9) thanks to another profitable night at the charity stripe (15-of-18)…poured in the school record 44 points in the next game against San Diego State (Jan. 13)…also set career highs for made field goals (15), 3-pointers made (7) and 3-pointers attempted (10) against the Aztecs…went for 27 points on the road at Nevada (Jan. 20)…played 41 minutes and scored 21 points to go with eight assists against UNLV on Feb. 3…tallied another double-double at New Mexico (Feb. 6) with 23 points and 12 rebounds…tallied 28 points in a loss at Utah State (Feb. 10)…recorded back-to-back doubles in home games against Nevada (Feb. 14) and Air Force (Feb. 17)…extremely efficient against Colorado State (Feb. 21), scoring 27 points in 28 minutes of play…exploded for 39 points and 14 rebounds in the final game of his career in the first round of the NIT at Washington…the performance against the Huskies set both the individual scoring and rebounds postseason single-game school records…returned to Boise State for senior season after initially declaring for 2017 NBA Draft without hiring an agent.

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