Here is Part Three of my 

2018 Boston Celtics

1st Round Draft Review.

SV=Standing Vert, MV=Max Vert + SR-Standing Reach = MVR Max Vert Reach.

So what did we learn about Danny's thinking on the team. Where does he see all his going this off season. While 99% of the deals are done this season, there are still some issues that need solving. You don't hold off a trade up for a Big in the top five, especially when Horford (and Bob;). and of course Baynes signed for 2-years, if your only inside scorer and he has one year left on his contract. 

The problem is that you only do that for a big time player. "I think they go in hard for Leonard once the season is over and once the dust settles in San Antonio," An exe told Sean Deveney. "[Kwhi] wants to go to LA. There probably won’t be public demands on that. But he has leverage. He is going to be a free agent [after next season]. He’s an LA guy and he can just let teams know he won’t re-sign next year with anyone but the Lakers." There really are no big time players available. 

The Kawhi dilemma is still haunting the NBA, because the Lakers are his first love. "I would say that’s the most likely thing," a GM advised Deveney. "He’s going to be their target any way you look at it, this summer or next summer. There’s not many other ways to explain what’s been going on with that situation, other than him trying to get out of San Antonio." He left San Antonio, and is in L.A. right now. 

He is pissed that the Spurs misdiagnosed his thigh injury, and worries they did it on purpose to get him back too soon. He doesn't trust them any more, and you can't blame him. He will play for one season, and sign with the Lakers next year. The Celtics cannot give up 10 to 15 years of Jaylen Brown for a one year wonder.

I heard Kawhi told them he will only sign a contract for an L.A. team, after next season if he has to. He has already decided he will sacrifice the Super Max Deal to flee San Antonio screaming. Though I think he starting to realize that there is no way the Lakers can sign him. If he leaves the Spurs this off season or next for L.A. it will be to the Clippers.

It has gotten so bad that Pop went to L.A. to talk to Kawhi. "Leonard wants a trade to Los Angeles, preferably the Lakers over the Clippers," League sources said to ESPN. "He has privately maintained that he no longer wants to play in San Antonio and will eventually alert rival teams considering trades for him that his intention is to sign in Los Angeles when he can become a free agent in 2019, league sources said." The Spurs do not want to trade him.

But they finally got the message that Kawhi will be in L.A. in 2019. "When the Lakers called to express interest in Leonard, they were given the distinct impression the Spurs had no interest in doing business with them," per ESPN, "Leonard will eventually alert rival teams considering trades for him that his intention is to sign in Los Angeles when he can become a free agent in 2019, league sources said." The Spurs need to smarten up.

Because he is gone, and unfortunately the Lakers do have the best package: Ingram and Kuzma. "From what I am being told, he’s made it very, very clear that he’s looking to go to Los Angeles to play for the Lakers," Stephen Smith tweeted. "And he does not care about the $219 million super max he could sign." He is due 21-Mil and change on his contract next season (if Danny can't get Kyrie's word that he will sign a Max deal with the Celtics, than the contracts match up enough).  

That is a lot of cheese for either L.A. teams to slice off their Cap this off season. Though the Lakers are in the process of slicing off enough cheese for two Max deals. So is the lure of Kawhi infecting Danny's decisions this off season. He has made two very serious overtures to the Spurs for Kawhi. This is a very dangerous game. So I'd say no. But we do know that Danny loves to play those dangerous games. 

It looks to me like he was saving his Draft Capital to make a move on Kawhi. The problem is that in order to get Kawhi there are only three players he can trade to match up contracts: Kyrie, Hayward, and Horford. And they can't trade Horford, because he is there only really legit Big. So is it worth moving Kyrie or Hayward for one year with Kawhi? 

That was what Trader Danny is struggling with in this Draft. It is clear he thinks the answer is yes. Meanwhile, it looks like the Spurs are no longer content to keep Kawhi under contract and force him to play his last season in San Antonio rather than trade him to a West team. Even though Kawhi has decided to sacrifice 80-Mil from the Super Max Deal to sign with the Lakers or Clippers. And most likely a lot more. The Spurs are refusing to trade him to an L.A. team, and it seems only the Laker have the space.

Okay, so it seems to me that Danny told us in the Draft that he is inserting himself in this mess. It is a dangerous gambit. Even if he can get the Spurs to give him up, does he trade Kyrie for Kawhi? Or Hayward? Or Horford? Kyrie seems the least risk, as he has one year left on his contract. But if he told Danny he was coming back for the Max Deal only the Celtics can give him, than you cannot trade him. You still have to think hard about trading him if you are uncertain he will stay, and you must trade if you know he is gone.

I don't think they can trade Horford, as positionless basketball still needs a Center and/or a Power forward, as we saw with Horford and Baynes often on the Court together in the Playoffs. It looks like Tatum will be their starting PF next season. So that means sending Hayward's contract to the Spurs? Is that risk worth it? For one season of Kawhi? Because he is going to LA in 2019!

The only way to justify that move is that then the Celts are in position to sign and trade Kawhi to the Lakers for some of the young booty Magic is trying to give to the Spurs. I could live with Ingram and Kuzma next year, after we win it all in 2019. It would be fun to have another Couz on the Celtics again. 

Although it looks like all this rank speculation might be for naught, or Lakers fans are full of crap:

"After weeks of speculation and an inability to repair their relationship, the San Antonio Spurs reportedly are prepared to trade Kawhi Leonard. At the time of requesting he be moved, Leonard made it clear his preference was to join the Los Angeles Lakers," Laker Nation alleges. "Their initial effort didn’t get far, but on Wednesday the Lakers and Spurs were said to have had ‘productive’ trade talks. Although Los Angeles is where the 26-year-old hopes to land, the Spurs haven’t shown much of an indication to simply honor that request outright."

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Kevin Knox

9. Knicks- Kevin Knox- Kentucky, PF/SF, 6-10, 251, 7-4.5" Wingspan,

2 APG, 13.5 PPG, 9.1 RPG, 2.1 BPG, 41.3% 3-P. 56.1 FG%,

The Team: I thought this was a shocking pick. "The young man is dedicated to the game," Scott Perry said. "We know he wants this. He knows the decision he made, a conscious decision he made, to go about that path (to the Knicks)." Even though I had Knox going 11. 

So he was in the range of a top ten pick. "Yeah, I'm looking at our roster right now, absolutely. Who's our starting 3?" Knicks HC Fizdale said. "They're both 6-6, 6-5, and he's going to have to guard LeBron. Those are the 3s in our league. I feel like there's an opportunity for him to have a chance to start." I just didn't see him as a top ten pick. 

But he is worthy. He shot 41.3% from college Three last season.

He is such a good shooter, with great form, and he will only get better. "That’s why I love this game, that’s why I play this game, that’s the goal. I want to be great. I want to have my name up in the rafters one day," Knox said. "You want to be a Hall of Famer. I know I’m real young, I got a long way to go, but I’m really willing to get to work, and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to be a Hall of Famer. It’d be crazy to be an all-time great in New York City. That’s a dream come true." He is a legit NBA Three and D guy. 

He is the kind of long Wing that every team needs to win now a days. "Rookie of the Year. That’s gonna be on my wall in my room," Knox said. "That’s what I want, that’s what I’m gonna work for. I don’t got it like painted on my wall, it’s just a piece of paper with Rookie of the Year on it, every time I wake up, look at it, just know what I’m going to work for." Surprisingly good shooting on the move. 
The Player: Knox has the most upside of any of the players left. Great pure athlete. Knox is a high school phenom that struggled a little in his transition into college. He is rail thin, and while 6-9 is seen as a Wing. he is not near as polished as Bridges. But he is a better athlete and has better length. He was more athlete than basketball player and took a while to find his way in the NBA. What he will be in four or five years is impossible to say.

He is a phenomenal underdeveloped talent. He started out a little slow, as he is real young. But he ended up averaging 15 PPG, which was very good when you consider how he struggled early. Nice turn around jump hook in the post. Explosive leaper going to the hoop. Explosive dunker who is still too much of a twig. 

He can go end to end with some interesting dribbling. But he will still go one on four like a high school kid. Nice step over move going to the hole (where he steps left and brings the ball over the defenders head), like Tatum. Great handle to go most of the court to the basket. But no passing instincts, and he puts his head down like a high school kid going to the hole. 

You cannot trust him bringing the ball up. But he is great moving without the ball in the offensive set. Great feel for holes in the defense. Knows how to use a back pick to get open behind the defense. Not a dumb kid, but still has some kid in his game.  

He found his 3-pont shot. He looks like he could have the best length of the 3 and D Wings. Nice spot up shooter. He is getting more advanced. He can up fake, one-dribble, and still hit the Three. He can also one-dribble and turn and shot the 12-15 footer. Nice pull up shooter on the move, to the right, on pull up jumpers. He can absorb the hit, elbow off the big, and still put in the little half hook floater. Nice scoop going to the hole. Better dribbler than I expected. 

I think he might be a better shooter off the one-dribble to his right than his spot up jumper. He is a good natural scorer on the move. Nice glider inside the foul line. Nice touch in jump hooks in the paint, moving to his right of course. He can score going to his left. He can 2-dribble to his left and score. I have him much too low. 

He has some Tatum in him, bit not near as polished and advanced as Tatum when he was a Freshman. It is all mental for this kid as he will continue to grow into his body. Explosive on put-back dunks when he flies down the Lane. 

He does play defense. He learned a lot of defense this past season. Plays good defense, but is not as quick and explosive on defense as on offense. Does not have great defensive effort or instincts. He is good at getting through screens to his man, and contesting shots. Goes for the first fake too much, and looses position. Great job playing with one hand up on D. 

2017-18 Freshman: Declared for 2018 NBA Draft and hired an agent, effectively ending his collegiate career ...Associated Press All-America honorable mention … Tabbed Southeastern Conference Co-Freshman of the Year alongside Alabama’s Collin Sexton … Also named to the All-SEC First Team and SEC All-Freshman Team by the league’s coaches … Made the SEC All-Tournament Team … United States Basketball Writer’s Association District IV Team member … Led the team in scoring (15.8) points per game, 3-pointers made (57), and one of only two players on the team (PJ Washington) with 200 or more rebounds … Recorded the eighth-most points (576) in school history as a freshman … Scored in double figures in all but seven games, including a team-high 10 games with 20 or more … Started all 37 games … Named Citizen Naismith National Player of the Week, Oscar Robertson National Player of the Week (United States Basketball Writers Association), Wayman Tisdale Freshman of the Week (USBWA) and SEC Freshman of the Week for the week of Jan. 29 for his performance vs. Mississippi State and No. 7/7 West Virginia … Scored in double figures in 13 of 14 games to end the season … Went for 25 points on 8-of-16 shooting in the NCAA Tournament opener vs. Davidson … Posted 18 points and seven rebounds in the SEC Tournament championship game vs. Tennessee to lock up SEC All-Tournament Team honors … Recorded three straight games with 20 or more points vs. Arkansas, Missouri and Ole Miss … Made a 3-pointer in 10 straight games from Feb. 10 to March 11 … Made three or more 3-pointers in three of four games from Feb. 10-20 … Dished out a season-high-tying four assists to go along with 18 points at Texas A&M … Erupted for a game-high 34 points in a 17-point comeback victory at No. 7/7 West Virginia … Made a season-best five 3-pointers vs. the Mountaineers … Also made 7 of 8 from the line and grabbed seven rebounds … The 34 points were the most by a Wildcat in the 2017-18 season and most by a UK player since De’Aaron Fox scored 39 vs. UCLA in the 2017 Elite Eight game vs. UCLA … It was the most points by a Wildcat on the road since Malik Monk recorded 34 points to begin SEC play for the 2016-17 season … Made all four of his 3-point shots and 5 of 6 shots overall in the home victory vs. Mississippi State en route to 19 points … Scored 21 points and grabbed eight rebounds at South Carolina … Posted 17 points, many of them late with the game on the line to close out a road win at Vanderbilt … Also made all seven of his free-throw attempts at Vandy … Connected on all five of his shots and scored 15 points in a home win vs. Texas A&M … Notched the second double-double of his career with 16 points and a career-high 11 rebounds at LSU … Scored 20 or more points in three of four games from Nov. 26 to Dec. 16 … Included in that stretch were 10 of 11 games in double figures to open his career … Also dished out three or more assists in three straight games from Dec. 9-23 … Scored 21 points in a home victory over Virginia Tech … Recorded 20 points and seven rebounds vs. Harvard … Scored a then-season-best 25 points vs. UIC … Notched his first career double-double with 17 points and 10 rebounds vs. ETSU … Also made a then-career-best four 3-pointers vs. ETSU … On a national stage at the State Farm Champions Classic vs. No. 4/3 Kansas, scored 20 points for the first time in his career with three 3-pointers and seven rebounds … Debuted at Kentucky with 12 points, six rebounds, four steals and four assists … His steal and assist numbers would hold up as career bests.

The Reason: Knox is a pure athlete with springs. "You see a lot of top guys in the top-10 lottery do solo workouts but I decided, in the beginning, I want to do group workouts," Knox said. "I wanted to compete. I wanted to go at people. I wanted to show people what I’ve really been working on. That’s the mentality I had going into summer, to try and do group workouts, to do 1-on-1 and 2-on-2 and stuff like that." He is competitor all the way.

He impressed every one at the Knicks workouts. "He really responded well to the physicality. That was I would say our best workout out of all the workouts we had," Fizdale said. "You’re talking about physical, guys hitting the floor. There were possessions where a guy turns the ball over, chases the other guy down, block a dunk at the rim. No one was giving an inch in that workout. The fact that he shined in that workout says a lot about him." They think he has the most growth left to develop. 

Knox's upside really showed up in his game as the season went on. "He fits what we’re going to be about. What we’ve talked about from the very beginning," Knicks GM Scott Perry said. "He’s long. He’s athletic. He can play multiple positions. I think he has tremendous upside. He’s coming from a program at Kentucky that’s produced a lot of great pros. So we know he’s been challenged there by Coach Calipari." They think he is the real deal.  

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Zhaire Smith

10. 76ers from Phoenix-Zhaire Smith- Wing, 6-4, 198.6, Texas Tech, FR, WS 6-10,

11.1 PPG, 4.6 RPG, 41.9% Three, 56 FG% 1.6 APG, 1.5 SPG, MV 41.5"! SV 33"!

The Team: This was the coldest pick of the night. "The phones were active and we knocked back an incredible deal where we would lose him," 76ers HC Brett Brown said. "We didn’t rate it to be a godfather type of deal, something that would impact the franchise to the level that it would have to in order to trade Mikal, who we valued very much." The asshole Sixers allow Mikal Bridges to have a Presser with his Mom, who works for the Sixers. 

I had Smith going two picks ahead of this pick (which was actually 12;) at 14. "Did we seek it? No," Brett Brown said. "Had this opportunity not come up, we would have been thrilled to move on as our draft reflected and the selection reflected and so we did talk about it to actively pursue it. That was not on the cards, it happened organically, it wasn’t something that we sought. They chased us and they chased us hard and obviously, the rewards and assets that they gave up were something that was hard for us to backpedal from." But damn, that was cold.

Then traded him a little bit after to Phoenix, when they knew the trade was coming the whole time. "Then Phoenix came in and offered a 2021 unprotected [1st]," Brown said. "Plus our 1B in Zhaire. Who we valued very highly. And you’re in a position that you’re on the clock, and you have a decision to make." Classless.


So when he added in the 1st from the trade, this is a good value pick. "We are star hunting or we are star developing. That’s how you win a championship." Amazing high flier in the air. “When you look at just where I believe Zhaire can be, there are some common denominators to what Kawhi had when we first brought him to San Antonio," Philly HC Brett Brown said. "In general, I think he’s going to be a work in progress. There’s lots to do, with a base that’s really special and very unique. Some of those qualities that Kawhi had when we first brought him to San Antonio, I do see parts of that in Zhaire." He is still more high flier than pure basketball dude.

But he is a phenomenal high flier. "The fact that he has a foundation that is incredibly unique in relation to his athleticism," Brown said. "The foundation that he has in his character, the foundation that he has in his defense, the incredible growth that we are seeing in his shot. His ability to create his own shot. There is no mystery of how we want to play here in Philadelphia, nor is there no mystery on the direction our sport is growing." He has great instincts that help him move faster than most.

He is as fluid and agile in the air as any I have seen. "They run in transition. I feel I can be a part of that,” he said. “Ben Simmons, he can bring it up and make good passes. I’m a good cutter, so he’ll make me look good." He is truly amazing in the air. 

He is a little small, and is a SG only. "At times it is [a hard transition,]” Brown said. “But I don’t even judge college basketball anymore to be positions really. … It was more of an interior-related skill package that we’ve seen progressively grow out to a perimeter-type package that we think can keep growing in that direction." I didn't see the PG skills. 

Amazingly explosive on the offensive boards. "I was a natural rebounder and my college coach [Chris Beard] told me to crash the boards every time," Smith said. "If I didn’t, I’d probably have to do something, probably running. And he kept a chart, so I believe I crashed 70 percent of the time. That’s what I’m good at, so if the team needs me to crash the boards, I will do that." Though he might be able to play some back up point guard if works like hell on it. 

But he is not the best passer. "We believe we are going to take Zhaire and put him into our development system and polish up all of those things, and we are excited," Brown said. "The city of Philadelphia is going to love him because of his complete competitiveness, his athleticism and his toughness. He is bred for the city of Philadelphia." This could have been a great pick for Philly, instead of a cluster fuck.  

The Player: Smith might be the best pure athlete in the Draft. His Jumper his a little slow. But he uses his legs and wrist in his shot as well as anyone in this Draft. He has to square his shoulders and settle his feet before he shoots the Three. Glides to the hoop on alley-oops. Amazing agility in the air. Ultra high flier. 

He is Shooting Guard. He is a little small for a pure Wing, but his elite hops will help him against SF-Wings. Terrific offensive rebounder, charging the hoop and skying up over guys. He reminds me of the Knicks John Starks. Only he is a better defender. He will have to be an even better defender in the NBA, because he is not a PG. He is a 6-2 (W/O shoes) SG. Though he does do a nice job drawing defenders on wild drives, and dropping it off to his Big. 

Good passer inside. He scored 414-points when he was on the floor in only 377 possession. Phenomenal leaper and dunker. He dribbles left to the hoop, but has to bring it back to his right to score. The extra time he has in the air helps. Not a PG. Not a great passer or distributor. Terrific 3-point shooter. 41.9% from the arc is terrific. 

Really uses his legs well in Jumper. Settles his feet to get his balance, and snaps his wrist nicely on Threes. Takes a little longer than you'd like to shoot. He can get physical in the paint. Great offensive rebounder for his size. He has a nose for the ball. 

2017-18 USBWA All-District 7 First Team
2017-18 All-Big 12 Honorable Mention (Coaches/AP)
2017-18 All-Big 12 Newcomer Team
2017-18 All-Big 12 Defensive Team
FRESHMAN SEASON (2017-18): Smith dialed up 11.3 points, 5.0 rebounds, 1.8 assists, 1.1 blocks and 1.1 steals per game … Appeared in all 37 games and inserted into the starting lineup in 21 of the last 22 games (Jan. 9-March 25) … His 417 total points were a program single-season freshman record … The 11.3 PPG were second on the team and fifth among Big 12 freshmen … First freshman in program history to secure All-Big 12 Honorable Mention and USBWA All-District 7 First-Team status … Reached double figures in 27 games which was second on the team only behind Keenan Evans … Texas Tech was 19-8 when Smith scored 10 or more points … Teamed with Jarrett Culver to average 22.5 PPG, third among Big 12 freshmen duos in 2017-18 … Connected on 55.6 percent of his field goal attempts, good enough for fourth place on the Big 12 leaderboard … His 185 rebounds, 42 blocks and 42 steals led the team … The 1.1 BPG were tied for 10th and 1.1 SPG were 15th in the Big 12 rankings … The 42 total blocks were second for a freshman in program history only behind Zach Smith’s 45 rejections in 2014-15 … Amassed 14 points, five rebounds, three assists and two blocks against South Alabama (Nov. 10) in debut … First career points came on a transition layup off a Zach Smith steal at the 15:54 mark of the first half … Put together 10 consecutive games in double figures (Nov. 25-Jan. 6) … The only other freshmen to accomplish the feat was Rick Bullock in 1972-73 … Provided 17 points on an efficient 7-of-8 shooting to go along with five assists versus Savannah State (Nov. 25) … Garnered 10 points, six rebounds, a season-high four steals and three assists against No. 22 Nevada (Dec. 5) … Upped his scoring mark to 12.3 PPG, and the 222 points were third in program history behind Culver and Martin Zeno for a freshmen in Big 12 action … Notched 15 points versus No. 18 Baylor (Dec. 29) in Big 12 opener … Collected 11 points and five rebounds during Texas Tech’s win at No. 10 Kansas (Jan. 2) … Extended the Red Raiders lead to 72-61 with a high-flying dunk from Evans off an inbounds play with 3:59 remaining … Worked his way to nine points, eight rebounds, two assists, two blocks and two steals versus No. 2 West Virginia (Jan. 13) … Reeled off nine straight games with 10-plus points (Feb. 3-March 3) to conclude the regular season … Chipped in 12 points and a season’s best four blocks at TCU (Feb. 3) … Exploded for a season-high 21 points on 7-of-8 from the floor coupled with eight rebounds, three steals and two blocks against Iowa State (Feb. 7) … Fired in 20 points and five rebounds versus No. 8 Kansas (Feb. 24) … Turned in 12.0 PPG, 7.3 RPG, 2.5 APG, 1.0 SPG and 1.0 BPG in Texas Tech’s four NCAA Tournament games (March 15-25) … Reverse 360 dunk in first half fueled a 10-point, 8-rebound effort against Stephen F. Austin (May 15) during opening round … Racked up 18 points on 8-of-13 shooting, grabbed a season-high nine rebounds and handed out a season-best seven assists against No. 23 Florida (May 17) … Alley-opp dunk from Evans with 30 seconds to go punched the program’s first NCAA Sweet 16 appearance since 2004-05 … Added 13 points, five rebounds and two blocks versus No. 11 Purdue (March 23) … Wrapped the season with seven points and seven rebounds against No. 2 Villanova (March 25).

Second Choice: Robert Williams PF A&M (I had Williams going as high as Ten).

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander

12 to 11. Clippers- Shai Gilgeous-Alexander- Kentucky, 6-6, 6-11.5" WS, FR, 

5.1 APG, 14.4 PPG, 4.1 RPG, 1.6 SPG, 35.3% 3-P. 42.2 FG%,

The Team: Hey, I had this pick, Shai to the Clippers. "We’re super, super excited to add two high-character, tough, high-IQ players, that’s how we identify what a Clipper is,” Frank said. “Both these guys are great representatives of who we are and the direction we’re going." Both Robinson and Shai are top character guys.

They also hung out a little together during the Draft process. "We talked a little bit since we’ve been here," Gilgeous-Alexander said. "We almost built a little bond before this even happened. I guess we were just meant to go together. It’s going to be cool." They picked up two 6-6 Guards.
But Gilgeous-Alexander is a Point Guard. "Well first of all, super, super excited to add two high-character, competitive, tough, high-IQ players," Lawrence Frank, the Clippers’ executive vise-president of basketball operations, said. "Both these guys are great representatives of who we are and the direction we’re going. I think one of the things going into the draft, what we prioritize is draft the best available talent. We don’t go by need. We go by best available talent that fit what Clipper characteristics are all about." These two guys will bring a lot of versatility to the lineup in a few years.

Robinson is more likely to step in a little quicker, while Shai might have more upside. "Obviously, getting drafted into the NBA is an amazing feeling. So I was happy regardless of who drafted me," Gilgeous-Alexander said. "I was happy that I got drafted to Charlotte and ecstatic and it was a dream come true and I couldn’t even describe that feeling. Then I got traded to the Clippers and it was an even better feeling." I had the Clippers taking Shai at pick 13.

The Clipper want a young PG to develop. "Super, super excited to add two high-character competitive, tough, high-IQ players," Lawrence Frank said. "That's how we identify what a Clipper is. Both of these guys are great representatives of who we are and the direction we're going." They really haven't had a guy who can run the team since Paul left.

The Player: Alexander is a terrific rebounder for a PG. Terrific passer inside. Terrific dropping it down to his Big with all sorts of passes. Great variety of passes. Nice pull up jumper when the defender cuts off his drive. He doesn't shoot the Three a lot (less than two a game), but he did hit 40% of his Threes at Kentucky. He has a bit of an odd slow and low release. He needs a little extra room to his his Three.  

Great long arms, which he uses to be a pest on defense. He is a taller PG, who does a great job playing low on defense. He uses his great long arms and positon to take the dribble from other PGs, which is not easy to do. Terrific size and length, when he has to switch onto the bigger player. Great switcher on defense. Kentucky switches on D as much as the Celtics. Great competitor on defense. 

Great length and long arms inside. Great first step to the right. He can scoop it in lefty. Tricky dribbler who will get the inside shoulder going right, and then shot the lefty scoop with the defender on his right shoulder. 

Great passer and play maker. He looks like a guy who will develop into a real PG who can set up the offense and distribute the ball. Terrific in the open court dribbling lefty, but still likes to go back to his right to shoot.  Great ambidextrous shooter, who can spin left and hook it in lefty. 

Terrific off the dribble shooter inside the arc. He scores in more ways than any other player in this Draft. He is going to be a great one in the NBA. He has great length, but not great Vert. He is a bit stuck to the floor. But is an elite defender with his feet on the floor. 

2017-18 Freshman: Declared for 2018 NBA Draft and hired an agent, effectively ending his collegiate career ... Named to the All-Southeastern Conference Second Team by the league’s coaches ... Also a member of the All-SEC Freshman Team and a United States Basketball Writer’s Association District IV Team member … Tabbed to the All-SEC Tournament Team after taking home most valuable player honors … Averaged a team-best 21.0 points, 6.7 rebounds and 5.0 assists per game while shooting 55.3 percent from the floor, capped by 29 points in the championship game … SEC Freshman of the Week on Jan. 15 after averaging 19.0 points, 5.5 assists and 2.0 rebounds a game in wins over Texas A&M and Vanderbilt … For the season he saw action in all 37 games and made 24 starts … Was second on the team in scoring at 14.4 points per game … Led UK in assists (189), steals (61), free-throw percentage (.817) and 3-point field-goal percentage (.404) ... His 5.1 assists-per-game average ranked fourth in the SEC, while his 61 steals were the third most among league players … Only two UK freshmen, John Wall (241) and Marquis Teague (191), had more assists in their first season, and only two Wildcats, Rajon Rondo (87) and Wall (66), had more steals as a freshman … Averaged 20.7 points, 6.3 assists, 5.7 rebounds and 2.0 steals in the postseason (NCAA and SEC Tournament play) … Knocked down at least two 3-pointers in six games, including five of the last 10 … Moved into the starting lineup on Jan. 9 vs. Texas A&M and averaged 16.4 points, 5.7 assists and 4.6 rebounds per game the rest of the way … Dished out five or more assists in 16 of his final 22 games and had at least three in 34 games … Scored in double figures in 21 of his last 26 games, including the final 10 games of the year … Posted 15 points, five assists and five rebounds in UK’s Sweet 16 loss to Kansas State … Had 27 points, six boards, six assists and two steals in the win over Buffalo in the second round of the NCAA Tournament … Logged 19 points, eight rebounds, seven assists and a career-high five steals in the NCAA Tournament opener vs. Davidson … Scored 29 points in the SEC championship game, while also contributing seven rebounds, three assists and a pair of steals … Scored 19 points to go along with eight assists against Alabama in the SEC Tournament … Had 15 points, nine assists and two steals to begin SEC Tournament action vs. Georgia … Record a double-double with 17 points and a career-high 10 assists in the home finale vs. Ole Miss … Charted 14 points, eight assists and five rebounds in the win over Missouri … Notched 18 points, seven assists and five rebounds at Arkansas … Scored 19 points to go along with eight assists in a loss at Texas A&M … Had 15 points, six boards and six dimes at home against No. 15/14 Tennessee … Poured in a career-high 30 points in an overtime win over Vanderbilt … He scored or assisted on 32 of UK's final 56 points in that come-from-behind win, including scoring eight of UK's final 10 points of the second half when the Wildcats were staring at a loss -- even hitting the two clutch free throws with just over two seconds left and Kentucky down two … Had 16 points, six assists and four rebounds in a win over Mississippi State … Scored 22 points with six assists and four rebounds at Vanderbilt … Tallied 18 points, four assists, two steals and two boards in a win at LSU … Scored 20 or more points off of the bench in back-to-back games against Louisville and Georgia to become the first UK player to score 20 or more off the bench since Deron Feldhaus on Jan. 21 and 25, 1992 … His then-career-high 24-point, five-rebound, four-assists, three-steal effort against Louisville earned him the Bluegrass Sports Commission MVP honor … Had 15 points and a then career-high nine assists in a win over Monmouth in Madison Square Garden … Totaled 14 points, six assists and five rebounds against UIC … Notched 10 points to go along with six assists and a pair of steals vs. ETSU … Scored in double-figures with 13 points and had four assists in his UK debut in a win over Utah Valley.

The ReasonThey need a guy who can run the offense. "I feel like they don't have an alpha dog point guard right now and a guy that brings ultimate leadership to the group," Gilgeous-Alexander said. "I feel that's one of my biggest attributes and what I bring to the table." Their offense died without Paul. 
Big tall PGs don't have the best track record in the NBA Draft, but when they hit they can hit big. "It's a great feeling," Gilgeous-Alexander said. "Just being able to play in the NBA, first and foremost. You feel like you fit well and somewhere you want to go to, so it's an even better feeling right now." I like his aggressiveness. 
The Clippers just completely changed their front court. "I think I can bring being a shot-maker at three levels, a playmaker, a guy that can guard and play multiple positions," Robinson said. "I think [Robinson] is a fabulous talent," Gilgeous-Alexander said. "Everyone in the country knows how well he shoots it. What they don't know is his playmaking ability as well. Playing with him would be super fun, and I can't wait." They may finally be able to overcome the loss of Paul. 

Miles Bridges

11 to 12. Charlotte- Miles Bridges- Wing, 6-6.7''. 8-7.5'' SR, 220, 6-9.5'' SR, Mich ST,

Soph, 2.7 APG, 17.1 PPG, 7 RPG, 36.4 3-P%, 45.4 FG%

The Team: Hey, I had this Pick!!! Oh Yeah. I'm the best. You suck... Oh crap, I had the other Bridges (Mikal;) here. 

But it is really for all the same reason. They are both 6-7 Wings. Mikal was more of a proven winner at Villanova. "I want to get better at ball-handling so I can create my own shot and just be a threat everywhere on the floor from the 3 to midrange to getting to the basket," Bridges said. "I definitely want to be more aggressive. I felt like in my college career I could have been more aggressive." But Miles was no slouch at Michigan State, and is a year younger. 

Mikal was a proven winner at Villanova, but Miles was the great clutch player. "He's one of the highest character players in the draft, very athletic, plays hard, and he's very versatile," GM Mitch Kupchak said. "There is not much to not like about Miles Bridges." He seemed to make all the big plays when he needed it the most. 

Charlotte has some guards and Bigs. "He was clearly in front of anybody else," Kupchak said. “He was the guy that was left." But the NBA is Wing League. 

They need an athletic scoring Wing. "He can guard at least three, maybe four positions. I think he’s ready to help us immediately in that area," Kupchak said. "He plays hard, he’s a great kid. He’s very athletic, comes from a good program and I think he’s going to get better and better. Offensively, I think he’s going to have to work on parts of his game that would be conducive to playing in the NBA." Maybe more than one. 

They need to get an athletic Wing with some length and hops, who can run and score with Kemba Walker. "I feel great at 220 (pounds). I can move quicker and be more explosive," Bridges said. "It was tough. I stayed away from fried foods and drank a lot of water. My agent recommended it." He looks like he can run with Walker. 

The Player: Bridges  is a well built guy. He looks like a nice power wing. He has been working on becoming more of a SF than an undersized power forward. He is playing much smarter. He always seems to be in the right position. He is working hard on his jumper. It is not as consistent as you want yet.

He is a lefty. Nice weakside rebounder. Great FT shooter, who shoot 85% last season. Terrific clutch rebounder. He weaves the ball too much to his right, and then back to the left. Much better righty dribbler this season. He will sometimes make the dumb foul. 

Great rebounding instincts. Gets the rebound off his own misses. Constantly showed great basket ball intelligence. Nice Jumper off the dribble. He has really improved his handle with both hands. He looks comfortable going to the hole with either hand, but he still shoots too much lefty on the right side. 

He showed he could more than one dribble to the hoop righty this season, and slam it home on the right side of the basket. Noticeable improved his Jumper last season. Lined up on the right a lot in their offense. So he could drive lefty to the middle, or have a shorter route righty. 

NBA players with stick to his left hand like glue, and force him to make a play with his right, which he has shown signs of being able to do. Good athlete, but his best trait is his smarts. He did the little things that helped his team win. 

Great versatility to play Wing or PF. Good rebounder, who has that knack for getting big Boards. Solid defender. Not sure he has the size to play PF, or the feet to play SF in the NBA. But he was as clutch as they came last season. 

THE WORD: NBC Sports Preseason National Player of the Year • Tabbed the nation's No. 1 player by Athlon Sports • Preseason All-America selection by Street & Smith's Yearbooks and Athlon Sports • Named the nation's No. 1 small forward by Lindy's Sports Annuals • Consensus Preseason All-Big Ten selection and popular selection for Preseason Big Ten Player of the Year • • Named the nation's best dunker by Athlon Sports • The only freshman in the nation in the last 25 years to average 16 points, eight rebounds and two assists and return for his sophomore season • Big Ten's leading returning scorer and third-leading rebounder • Combines power, athleticism and versatility to impact the game in a variety of ways • Continues to improve as a defender and a pas• One of the game's most dynamic dunkers, he also shoots a high percentage from 3-point range • Unselfish player who celebrates his teammates more than his own accomplishments • Coach Izzo calls him a "blue collar superstar.

Okay, so Mikal Bridges is a little mixed up. "You've got length with [Kristaps] Porzingis and Frank (Ntilikina)," Bridges said. "They've got defense right there, just length on the ball, all that, and then playing off Porzingis. I could move without the ball, do whatever it takes. Transition, create space for him when he has the ball in Iso. If they don't help off me, he has an easy way to the basket for sure." He will not get past Pick 9, but it should be to the Celtics.

When you talk about Mikal, it starts with winning. "Yeah most definitely," Bridges said. "That winning mentality. That's the one thing I care about. I care about winning and bringing home the championship. I don't care about single accolades or anything like that. People don't know what it takes to win a championship, you sacrifice a lot. And that's maybe not seeing family, friends for a while. Maybe not talking to them that much." He should, he was a winner and a leader.
He is the kind of defensive winner that Stevens loves. "I was just grateful to play for coach Wright and Villanova. We won it twice," Bridges said. "I've been in it for my whole career in college so I know what it takes, I know the sacrifices I've been through. That's all I worry about, trying to win a championship." He reminds me of Gordon at Butler.
He is a terrific Three and D Wing. Nice pull up off the dribble going right. He can drive right, and switch hands to scoop it in lefty. He will also drive lefty, and then scoop it in righty. But he can go to the hole lefty and scoop it in lefty. He is already a veteran in the Pick and roll, like Stevens likes. 

He is a glider in the air. He seems to go up, and stay up and shoot, as all the defenders go down. He is a terrific shooter, and a great athlete on defense. Terrific midrange jumper. He soars up and makes it look easy. He is a terrific post scorer. He likes to go left, and go to the hole in a variety of ways. But when you give him right, he explodes to the basket with great dunks and little hooks. 

He plays D smart, and understand team concepts. Solid D rebounder. He is an excellent Wing defender. Great job getting low and wide on D. He can fight through the pick, and still cut his man off. He has that knack for sticking with his man, and will block his shots. Loves to get up in the face of his man, and harass him with his long arms. He has that feel for when guys are going to shoot, and uses his long arms so well. Terrific blocking shots with his left hand, which is facing the shooter's right. 

Explosive off the floor. Easy alley-ooper. Smooth driving to the hop righty, and dunking effortlessly. He took off down the lane, and took off at the bottom of the foul line circle, and slammed it over three Gonzaga defenders with a half hook dunk. Super explosive off the floor.

He improved his 3-point shooting every season. He shot 43.5% from Three last season, and counter that with great forays to the Hoop to dunk, dish, and score. Terrific spot up shooter on the arc. Smooth release, and he falls away just a little to make it harder to defend. He can catch and shoot from NBA range. 

VILLANOVA: A deft shooter with intriguing athleticism and the ability to contribute at multiple positions ... Brings long-range shooting skill ... Has seen his role expand in each of his two seasons in uniform, first as a key reserve on the Wildcats' 2016 NCAA championship unit and then as a starter on its 2017 BIG EAST titlists.
2017-18 Overview: Started all 40 games for the Wildcats, averaging 17.7 points and 5.3 rebounds for the 2018 NCAA national champions ... Tallied 1,311 points in three Wildcats seasons after accepting a redshirt in 2014-15.
Averaged 17.2 ppg over the course of six NCAA Tournament contests .... Despite playing with a bruised hip, scored 19 points to help lead Villanova past Michigan 79-62 in the NCAA Championship game in San Antonio ... Added 16 points and six rebounds to a 90-78 win over West Virginia on March 23 ... Scored 22 of his 23 points in the second half to ignite an 81-58 victory over Alabama in the Round of 32 on March 17. 2018 BIG EAST TOURNAMENT
Drained two clutch 3-pointers on his way to 25 points in a 76-66 title game win over Providence ... Continued his red-hot play with 18 points in a semfinal victory over Butler ... Added a game-high 25 points and eight rebounds to a 94-70 victory over Marquette in quarterfinal action on March 8

The Reason: They wanted a Wing like Michael Porter. "Obviously, he’s (Porter) been a topic of discussion for the last two or three weeks. Yes, we did consider it," Kupchak said. "We went to Chicago two weeks ago for (his) workout. We were planning to go back to Chicago a week ago for the medical testing and (another) workout. As you know, the event was canceled, at least the playing portion. Based on the results, and the workout canceled, it was not in our best interest." So they went with Bridges. 

This Is Where I Had Robert Williams Going

13. Clippers- Jerome Robinson- SG, 6-5, 188, 8-2' SR, 6-7.25'' JR, BC, 

3.7 APG, 20.4 PPG, 4 RPG, 1 SPG, 37.6% 3-P. 48.5 FG%,

The Team: I love Jerome Robinson as a player. "It was funny. We were standing side-by-side, talking for like an hour and a half," Jerome Robinson said. "He was in my group of players. We were just chatting it up. He’s a cool guy." Robinson is also a good teammate and leader.
He was a remarkable scorer on a team where there was no second option. And he dominated. "I think I can bring being a shot maker at three levels,” Robinson said. "A playmaker, a guy that can guard and play multiple positions. The NBA is going really versatile and that’s something I have." He dominated the ACC when he should have been doubled to death. 

He also has improved defense in his four years at BC. "With Robinson he’s one of the more gifted all-around players in the country," Frank Said. "He grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina and North Carolina State had an opportunity to get him. One of his closest friends was the head coach’s son, and he goes to Boston College instead. And is the leading scorer in the ACC and one of the top players in the conference. He just grinds and works." Smoooooth scorer. 

Never seems out of control. "I’m NBA ready, and somebody that can contribute right away,” Robinson said. "I think that’s one thing that made me really attractive in the Draft." Reads defenses like Brady. 

Smartest guy on the floor whenever, he steps onto the Court. "Jerome’s just such a high IQ player," Frank said. "With the way the game is going now, where you need as many guys as you can who can make decisions and plays with the basketball. In Boston College, they ran one of the best offenses in the county. So you saw all the action he could do off the ball. What was good with him on the ball was just to see his decision-making, ability to create his own shot, and his passing game." Doc is going to ab-so-lute-ly love this kid.

Plus, he played at BC and was actually forced to go to Class. "I felt like they really liked me,” said Robinson. “Talking with Jerry, talking with Doc, they thought my game really fit them well. I thought Jerry, he said he loved my game and the way I play. I feel the same way with Doc. I think his style of play and things that he does really translates well with my game." They really upgraded their offense. 

The Player: Robinson is a terrific 3-Point shooter. He dominated the ACC with a much lesser talented team. He brought the ball up sometimes as a PG, and was the best Wing shooter. No trouble going to his left and pulling up for his Jumper. He was the offensive initiator for BC, and everyone knew it. Yet he still dominated night after night. 

Nice pull up jumper. He fades back a little to make it tougher to defend. Terrific catch, turn in the air to square, and hit the Three on the move shooter. No trouble crossing over to the left and scoring it lefty on the move. Nice little running lefty jump hook. He is such a slick scorer. 

He is the best player BC has had in a long time. Very smart and constantly improving player. Elite natural scorer. Terrific 3-point range and shooter. He has some PG in him (3.7 Assists per game), and is a tough rebounder (4 rebounds per game). Terrific going down towards the baseline, and pulling up while drifting back and sideways for off balance jumpers. 

Great lefty handle. He can bob and weave around Bigs lefty, and then pull up for that sweet jumper. Tough driving lefty, but likes to leap right and scope it in righty. He can one dribble lefty, and hit the Three. He can draw the foul, and still hit the Three. 

Not a great defender, but he can slip into the passing lanes and go coast to coast. Okay, so bottom line, he is a scorer who will be able to score in the NBA. How he does on all the other basketball aspects (like play defense!) will determine how good a player he is.

AS A SOPHOMORE (2016-17): All-ACC honorable mention selection … the only player to start all 32 games … averaged 18.7 points, 3.9 rebounds and 3.4 assists per game; averaged 17.4 points, 3.0 rebounds and 3.4 assists in ACC action … ranked third in the ACC in steals (1.72) and fourth in scoring … in ACC play, ranked sixth in the league in steals (1.39) and 10th in scoring … scored in double figures 27 times and reached 20 points 17 different times … led the ACC in 20-point games (17) … streak of eight-straight 20-point games from December 12 to January 11 was the best such streak in major conferences … led the Eagles in scoring, assists (108), free throws made and attempted (117-162), field goals (213), and steals (55) … scored a career-high 32 points against Sacred Heart (12/18) to go along with a career-high five steals; went 11-for-20 from the field and 9-for-11 from the foul line … recorded first-career double-double with 23 points and a career-high 11 rebounds against Auburn (12/12) at Madison Square Garden … named ACC Player of the Week after those performances … posted 27 points and six assists at Miami (1/25) … recorded 27 points and four assists vs. Richmond (11/26) … scored 27 points the following game against Dartmouth (12/3) … registered 25 points and six assists against Harvard (12/7) … had 26 points and five assists against NC State (1/11) … tallied 22 points and eight rebounds against Stony Brook (11/20) … recorded 25 points, five assists and three steals vs. Virginia Tech (2/25) … registered 24 points, five rebounds and four assists against Towson (11/22) … had 21 points and six boards at Florida State (2/20) … scored 22 points vs. Pittsburgh (2/8) … posted 21 points, a career-high eight assists and five rebounds against Providence (12/23) … also scored 21 points in games against Duke (1/7) and Fairfield (12/21) … scored 22 points against Syracuse (1/1) and had 20 at Wake Forest (1/3) … tallied 16 points, seven rebounds and four assists vs. Maryland Eastern Shore (11/15)

Reason: Both these guys are high character, hard working, and smart guys. "I think what you’ll see with both these guys is its the character, the competitiveness, the toughness," Frank said. "And we have guys like that here, and that’s who want to attract. We’re really excited with how fortunate we were." They are changing the culture in LA.

But of course, their character only matters only if he can play. "We’re both really good playmakers and being able to play off each other," Robinson said. "Having someone like that makes it easy for yourself." They will be going through the transition to the NBA together.

Their growing up starts at the NBA Summer League. "You just look at their improvement curve and that’s the other thing that Jerome embodies as well," Lawrence Frank said. "When we were talking about Jerome and interviewing other players from the conference, we would say, ‘who was the hardest guy to guard?’ and it was always one guy. It was always Jerome Robinson. And you think about the ACC, they’re not a bunch of chumps. Jerome has that chip on his shoulder that wants to prove to everyone, 'Yeah, I’m pretty good too.'" The quicker they are able to grow up, the quicker the Clips improve. 
It's funny that these kids go through their journeys to get to the NBA, and now the real work starts. "It’s been a crazy journey," Robinson said. "It’s been something that I just kept working at. And even with the doubters, just kept pushing myself to try to be great, always believing in myself, and never really letting that waver. All my hard work and belief really got me here. I never let it waver. I just always put the work in and I knew that one day, it would come up for me. That’s really how I feel like I got here." He is now a professional. 

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