Here is Part Two of my 

2018 Boston Celtics

1st Round Draft Review.

SV=Standing Vert, MV=Max Vert + SR-Standing Reach = MVR Max Vert Reach.

Well it looks like Danny didn't want to trade up. He had the ammo to trade up, but didn't pull the trigger. He must have felt giving up two Lottery Tickets in next year's Draft, as a start, was just too much. So what does that tell us about the Celtics. They are on the verge of the Finals now. They need veterans, or just their two returning All-Stars. 

They don't need another rookie now. That is what they told us in this Draft. He could have gotten up in the Draft. But he stayed at 27 and took the top ten talent who feel because of weed and knee rumors. Robert Williams. I had him going 13 to the Clippers. If his knee and mind are right he is a stunning steal at 27.  

But that's what happens in Drafts where the young players get wildly over valued by wild expectations. But now? These guys are all wildly stupid rookies. They don't even know where the team facilities are yet (from the bathroom to the gym;). All the rookie, including the exciting Tatum, were utter ignorant idiots in regards tot he NBA at this point last year.

There were really only three or four rookies that helped their teams win last year: Mitchell. Tatum, Kyle Kuzma, and Lauri Markkanen I can't name another. So is Danny telling us that they will only trade their two Lottery tickets for an established veteran? Whether it is this year or next year.

While Tatum was Rookie of the Year in the Playoffs, an Award you cannot have every year, because a rookie rarely dominates in the Playoffs. Mitchell was the clear rookie of the year last year, and Utah was the worse for it. Despite adding the best player on their roster in last year's Draft, they didn't make it back to the Western Conference Finals again. 

So big surprise, being led by a rookie made them worse than last year. Kuzma and Markkanen where ab-so-lute-ly great last year, for rookies. Neither the Lakers or Bulls qualified for the Playoffs. So they didn't really affect winning as much as their stats would indicate as rookie, big surprise. 

Simmons affected wins, but Ben Simmons was not a rookie. He spent last year with the Sixers, and their coaches learning and watching the NBA game up close. Another idiotic mistake by fans is thinking an injured rookie healing behind the scenes is not working, improving, and learning. Ben spent a year as a professional basketball player in the NBA before last season. 

The same with Embiid, who never really played before this season. He was drafted the same year as Smart (2014), but only played in 31 games before this season. Is he still a rookie? Hell No!

So when you are looking for a player to put you over the top in the Eastern Conference, you are NOT looking for a rookie. The Celtics have a stack of ridiculous Draft capital. But we learned that they thought a rookie was not going to get them over the top and into the Finals. That designation is reserved for an NBA Veteran. So they drafted some Horford insurance, and took their ball and went home. 

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Trae Young

5. Hawks/Mavs- Trae Young- Point, 6-1 3/4", 6-1/2" W/O Shoes,180, Oklahoma, FR, 

6-3" Wingspan, 8.7 APG, 27.4 PPG, 3.9 RPG, 1.7.1 SPG, 35.3% 3-P. 42.2 FG%,

The Team: Young is a small scorer and elite assist guy, in the Tiny Archibald mold, only tinier. "He can put the ball on the floor and create for others," Hawks GM Travis Schlenk said. "He can make shots, but also dribble and pass, which makes you harder to defend, and what weíre trying to build." Archibald is still the only player who led the NBA in scoring and assists in a single season. 

Young led the NCAA in scoring and assist last season. "Listen, itís our job as an organization to bring him along," Schlenk said. "Obviously heís going to get an opportunity to play, and go through this process with (Coach) Pierce. You have to give him the ball and let him be himself." 
He is not only a fearless 3-point shooter from all over the half court, but is also great at driving and dishing or scoring into the land of the Bigs. "To us, they were the best two playmakers in the draft, being able to make other people better with their passing ability and what they can do in pick-and-rolls," Schlenk said. "They were both extremely intriguing. In all our honesty, our group was really split between the two. It certainly wasnít clear cut." Young is an incredible pick and roll player.

He wants to be different, and he certainly is on the basketball court. "One of the things that really stands out about Trae, and people probably donít realize, is shooting threes off the dribble," Schlenk said. "I think thatís why he gets the [Curry] comparisons, both that and the depth from which he shoots [threes], but we also really like his playmaking ability." As for Doncic, he has bust written all over him. 

Doncic and Young were the two riskiest picks in the top ten as far as physical traits go. "He has an unbelievable ability to pass with either hand, as well as off the dribble," Schlenk said.  "We think that with the way the game is going, and the way it is played, his game fits that." Doncic is not a great athlete, and Young is tiny. 
The Player: Young is as talented as Steph Curry. In fact, he is a better passer. He is also a better shooter than Curry was in college. That is not hyperbole. However, he does not have his NBA size. He is a tiny little guy, with elite quicks and tricks. He consistently bombed it from the Oklahoma Logo just past half court. Incredible quick release and range on the best Jumper in the Draft. 

But DAMN he's small. Curry was 6-3 coming out, and I don't believe that Sexton is 6-2, and I don't know who he can cover. But he can shoot, and he is an elite passer. In fact, he is much-much better passer than Curry at the same age. He is also quick and tricky driving to the hole. But damn he is small. 

The problem is that the NBA is freakish height league. You have to be terrifically tall to play in the League. He just doesn't have the size. As a pure PG he has the requirements offensively, but he is not a great defender. He is also very smart and will run the offense to a T, and knows when to shot and when to pass. 

He lead the NCAA in scoring last season as a true freshman. "His production speaks for itself. No need to over think," a scout said. "He leads the nation in scoring and assists while being game-planned for by every opponent. His skills and vision make up for average athleticism."

He is a terrific pick and roll player." He also lead the nation in assist with 8.7 assists per game. 

He can score on the diving scoop, and the floater as well. "The spacing of the NBA, his shooting and passing, I think he's going to be good," another scout said. "He has that mentality, too. He legitimately wants to be good. He isn't fake." But he can be a bit too much of a volume shooter sometimes. 

He take too many shots 10-plus feet beyond the arc. "I don't see it with him," an exec said. "He's erratic with the ball, and he's a teaser. Volume shooter. I have concerns on him." But that is what the Warriors are doing now a days.

He is still only 19, and with his work ethic he will improve his shooting. "As he matures, he's going to have to balance out his impulsive play," a scout said. "Because while that's flashy, and all of us love to see it when he's hot, it's not going to take you very far as a team. Defensively, he has to be better, plain and simple." Defensively, I don't know who he covers. 

The Reason: The Hawks traded with the Mavs and saved over a million dollars off the Cap. "They were both extremely intriguing," Hawks GM Travis Schlenk said. "In all honesty our group was really, really split between the two. It certainly wasnít clear-cut." Young is the first step in their rehab from their crazy Euro PG addition, which is killing this team. 

They also picked up an extra 1st in next years Draft to trade down three spots. "Two of our goals in the next few years is to accumulate as much assets as we can and to get as much talent as we can,Ē Schlenk said. "Luka is a heck of a player; we were happy with him. Trae is a heck of a player; we are excited to have him. When the opportunity came to pick up a first-round pick from the Mavericks, it just kind of made sense to accomplish both goals with one move." The Mavs will be worse next year as Dirk declines, and their pick over the next two years could be a top ten Pick. 

The pick is top five protected over the next two Drafts. "I knew they were very interested," Trae Young said. "I had a really good workout when I went out to Atlanta. I had a great time visiting with the organization and the front office. And I loved spending time with Coach Pierce and can't wait to get out there, meet the fans and get ready to spend some time with my new teammates." Young is a great shooter and set up man for his teammates. 

The Mavs shot a higher percentage of 3-Pointers than any team in history. "We love his ability to pass the ball, to make other players better with his court vision,'' said Schlenk, a former assistant GM with the Warriors. "Obviously he gets a lot of notoriety for his long-range shooting, but I think his ability to pass the ball is what we really liked about him." He was the scorer in set up guy in college basket last season. 


The Mavs shot less 2-pointers than any team, a stunning average of 27% inside the arc, and about 62% from three. They need a guy in the Paint more than any other team. They were not an Iso team that wanted to drive to the hoop and score, or drive and kick if the defense collapse, like the Celtics. So they desperately need an inside presence to rebound and score in the Paint. Jackson and Bamba are one two on their list. 

However, Porter is the elite talent in this Draft if is knee was fixed properly. He could be another Nowitzki in a few years. He could be a Durant/Nowitzki Big shooter if everything goes right. Playing a year with Nowitzki can only help as well. 

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Mohamed Bamba

6. Magic- Mohamed Bamba- Center, 7'-.25", 203, Texas, FR, WS 7-10! 9-5 SR!

16.3 PPG, 7.4 RPG, 3 APG, 54.9% 2-P, 37.8 3-P, 1.7 Steals, 1.1 Blocks,

The Team: I had this pick. 

He steps into a team that has been desperate for a Big since Howard left. "We are elated to get Mo Bamba," Magic President Jeff Weltman said. "We jumped through the roof when he was available and we look forward to a very bright future with Mo." He will help their rebounding right away.

He could end up being the best Big Defender in the League. "The skyís the limit. I think heís already shown that he has the potential to be an elite defender," Weltman said. "And I can tell you from a scouting perspective, when you watch Mo play, you look at his feet, his hands, his frame, his anticipation and you kind of start to think about the things that he could become. And you also envision in an NBA game where heís not maybe used in the post but as a roller, as a vertical spacer. This is where the league is for big guys now." He could be the Defensive Player of the Year some day. 

He is also the best shot blocker in the Draft. "He has a tremendous upside. The NBA now is so much about two-way players, versatility and positional size. And he has all of those things," Magic HC Stave Clifford said. "When you start watching him, this stands out right away: his size, length, and agility. The rebounding part. the blocked-shot part. Those are the things that strike you right away."

His main problem is offense. "He also, to me, has a very good feel and instincts for the game naturally," Clifford said. "He can read the defense. He can anticipate off the ball. I see someone who sees the game, and in this league, itís hard to win if you canít play a smart game. Heís going to play an intelligent, smart game, which in this league is paramount." He is not a natural scorer. 

He has to work on his shooting. "They also had some edits of him working out some. To me, (the) things that you want to be able to do in todayís NBA offensively is play 5-out, which is what I believe he has the potential to be able to do," Clifford said. "He shot just under two attempts from 3 a game in college. He shoots it easily. He shot just under 30 percent )from Three). But itís new for him. He shot just almost 70 percent from the free-throw line. Which is usually a good indicator of what type of range they can have. So I think heíll be able to shoot from there and drive the ball from there." That is when players can improve their individual game the most as well. 

The Magic were the worst rebounding team in the NBA. "Then at the other end of the floor, his agility and size and ability to block shots make it so that youíre not going to have to give as much help in pick-and-rolls, which is a major, major thing," Clifford said. "There are teams now building their whole defense around guys like that. So Iíll know more in these next few weeks watching him, but heís the kind of guy you can build a lot of things around that fit in todayís NBA." If he could average close to 10-rebounds a game as a rookie, he would improve this team tremendously.

But that is a big ask, and will most likely take a few years. "Obviously, Iím not going to sit here and say things are going to change overnight," Bamba said. "It takes more than just one person, and I truly believe with the teammates that are around me that we have the right people to make the organization successful again." All these guys are so amazingly young, and will need some time to develop. 

He could end up being a starter as a rookie. Because they got nothing inside. Rookies are rookies, but they got nothing on the Boards. Bamba has a chance to be their best rebounder as a rookie. That is how much they sucked on the Boards. A ROOKIE is their best rebounder right now.


Another interesting aspect of the Bamba rumor is who leaked it. Because it seems to have benefited more than one team. It looks like it has benefited the Memphis, the Magic and the Mavs the most. They have declared themselves open for business at picks four, Five and Six. 

Memphis, Mavs, and Magic have a ton riding on picks 4, 5 and 6. They can stick and get a top prospect, but they have declared that that is not what they want to do. They have all come out and declared that they need more than one player. They need more than one piece. They know that if it is about Championships they need more shots at Transcendent players. 

They screamed out I'm open for business in the Deveney article: "Who thinks they need one piece to win it all? Because we know we need more than one!" The Celtics could go as high as Pick Three to Atlanta to grab Bamba. 

So there were five teams announcing that they were open for business. Atlanta wants a PG. Schroder seems to have lost his mind, and is causing trouble on and off the court as his mental state deteriorates. So if they think Rozier can run their Point (and yes the basis of all these trades I am trying to work out is to keep Jaylen Brown on the Celtics. I just can't see trading Brown for Bamba)? Rozier, pick 27, and one or two of the 2019 Lottery Picks is an easy trade. That seems to be the simplest solution for both teams. So we know that won't happen. Of course the Kyrie situation now makes that deal a lot more sketchy. 

Memphis at Four has to make that trade with the Celtics. They completely destroyed their team last year. They are in a compete rebuild mold whether they know it or not. If they know it, they desperately need their 2019 Lottery Pick back in a hurry. So they can tank-tank-tank. The Celtics can also offer the Sacramento pick, if Danny loves Bamba as much as reported. That seems to be the second trade that would work out for both teams. So I'm sayin' there's a chance.

However, if the scatterbrained Memphis Franchise doesn't know their front office chaos has destroy their veteran team? Than they will not trade out of Four, or maybe ask for veterans instead of picks. It would be a disaster for them. Getting next years' pick back and the Sacramento pick, plus a young veteran or two would quicken the rebuild by years. Plus, they leaked they want out of Four already.

While Dallas is done. They have a great young point guard, and a dying German Superstar. They have to come to grips with the fact that Nowitzki is done. They need to dump veterans and grab as much youth as they can. Getting some young rebounders, and some Lottery Picks would hasten their rebuild by years. 

The problem is that they don't need Rozier. They need Brown. The Celtics cannot give up their Playoff leader from last season. Tatum showed to be an exciting young talent, but he was the fourth or fifth option, and played without pressure because of the other leaders like Brown and Horford, and later Rozier. If would be tough for the Mavs to make the deal without Brown. Though they should be more interested in the Celtics three picks than players.

So all this speculation was not just speculation, because all four teams declared that one pick in the Lottery was not the best option for their team. The Celtics have the ammo, and the Hawks, Memphis, Mavs, and Magic have the positon. I'm not saying they want to trade, they declared their intentions to trade for all to see to Deveney. The best news is that only one team answered their call to trade down, and that was the Celtics. 

The Celtics will have four shots at Bamba. Four teams said they want out, though Atlanta also said they love Bagley and will likely get him at Three. So that leaves Memphis at Four first. But there is such chaos in their front office that is it hard to tell if they can see their demise through their cloud of chaos. 

Then you have the lowly Mavs, who declared they want out of Six. This could be the last chance saloon for Trader Danny. because Bamba might be the best rebounder from this Draft, and they certainly don't need Rozier. So does Cuban realize that they are in a complete rebuild. The Nikiski-era is done. Can he take three picks and a bag of beans for pick Six? 

Normally I would say no. They all need Bigs and can sit tight and divvy up Bagley, Jackson, Bamba, and Carter. But, they declared they wanted out. The Celtics declared they wanted in. Hawks. Memphis, Mavs, and Magic declared they needed multiple pieces to rebuild, and not just one Big in the top Six. So the only real question is how much does Danny really want Bamba?

He has the ammo to get to three, never mind Six. Getting Bamba would change the defense of the Celtics quickly. Maybe not as a rookie, but he could start to pay dividends in the Playoffs, when defense is everything. The LeBron and Kyrie controversies (and yes there are at least two;) are the only wrench left to throw into the works. 

If Kyrie is gone the Celtics will need Rozier, which could take Atlanta out of the running. I just don't see how Atlanta says no with Rozier in a Deal? And if Danny is as worried about Kyrie's situations as I am? He cannot trade Rozier. But if we get LeBron... I would not cry if they traded Brown. The Gizz cannot pass on a deal that gives them Brown and their 2019 pick back. 

The Mavs and Magic will have to step up if they want one of the young pieces the Celts have that they just watched in the Playoffs, and so desperately need to jumpstart their rebuilds. So the Celtics have four about 50-50 shots at getting Bamba. The question is can they keep Brown and Rozier and still make a deal? Of course nothing will be done until LeBron makes his decision, and they get a clue about Kyrie. The best of times just turned into the toughest of times for Danny and the Celtics. 

The Player: Mo Bamba: More Skilled Than You Think.

The Reason: the Magic were the worst rebounding team in the NBA last season. They need a Big that can rebound more than anything else. The Celts don't really have that guy they can trade to them, unless you consider Monroe that guy. But he is a throw in not a feature piece.  

If the Magic could swing a deal with the Celtics they could still get a rebounder or two in this Draft. They could also pick up maybe Yabusele (who can rebound a little), and maybe Baynes or Theis (who can definitely rebound), and the two Lottery Picks. Plus, the Celtics could give up 27 so they could get another rebounder this year. They will want Brown, but the Celtics will not say yes, unless they get LeBron. 

This is Bamba's floor. The Mavs are the worst rebounding team in the NBA. They were 29th in D-rebounds and 30th in O-rebounds. If they don't trade out of this spot they will snag Mo Bamba, and break Danny's little heart. So I think I've covered the Celtics trade up rumors more than anyone really wanted me too. But that rumor certainly made this Draft a hundred times more interesting.

The LeBron rumor stuck a cork in the excitement. While the Kyrie rumor has had terrifying consequences. Kyrie was one of my favorite players last season (Yes even more than Brown jerk-balls;). The way he scoops and half-hooks right in the face of Bigs is astonishing. I have never seen another guy do that. I cannot figure out how a 6-10 guys switches over to him and he scoops it up right in front of him. It is magic. 

I doubted him when the trade was made. But his clutch threes and astonishing drives and scoops to the hoop won me over. But I don't think he is trustworthy. I pray his knee is trustworthy. And by the way the f-ing Earth is round. But I believe he wants to play close to home. He can go home after this season (or close enough) by signing with the Knicks as a free agent. He is probably one of those idiots that considers the MSG the Mecca of basketball, and not the real Garden. The Boston F-ing Garden is the Mecca of Basketball jerk-balls.

So I do not blame him for wanting to go home. But the Knicks will have to trade with the Celtics for him. Only the Celtics can give him that mega 200 million dollar deal. The only real solution to which is Danny going after LeBron big time, which would naturally constitute trading Kyrie to the Knicks. One cannot be done without the other.  

Kyrie, with a return home on the mind, sent well wishes to Porzingis when he blew out his knee. "I told him I would love to play with a big like you, man, when we played them in the beginning of the season when he came to Boston," Irving said at the All-Star game. "Heís so versatile. So I wish him nothing but the best and hope he comes back even stronger." He has one eye on New York, and the other on LeBron.

Kyrie is gone. He grew up in West Orange New Jersey, which is said to be near New York, New York (I have no idea where it is;). LeBron would guarantee a trip to the Finals for his mortal enemy Kyrie's ex-team. You can't tell me he doesn't want to stick it to Kyrie, after Kyrie stuck it to him last year. Basketball-wise Boston is the best place for LeBron. But as we all know basketball is not the only factor in his decision. 

The Celts, with LeBron (Bamba;) and Gordon, can beat the Warriors in the Finals. Boston would also be guaranteed a trip to the Finals with LeBron, which he would not be guaranteed in the West.  

Second Choice: Trade Bamba to Celtics

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Wendell Carter

7. Bulls- Wendell Carter Duke, C/PF, 6-10, 251, 7-4.5" Wingspan,

2 APG, 13.5 PPG, 9.1 RPG, 2.1 BPG, 41.3% 3-P. 56.1 FG%,

The Team: I had this pick. 

It just seems like a perfect pick (I wrote before this quote was spoken;). "I fit perfectly with Chicago," Carter said. "It's a perfect spot for me to jump right in and be the best player that I can be, continue to learn and become better. Lauri [Markkanen] and I can complement each other very well. He's a fantastic player. He's someone I can learn from. And [we can] complement each other on both ends of the court. Really similar to Marvin Bagley at Duke." I like the comparison with Horford.

I think he can be that kind of quiet leader and winner in the NBA. "You guys have heard us talk a lot about versatility. We think we got two guys who fit that description," Bulls GM Gar Forman said. "In Wendell we get a young big who we think, if you look long term, is a guy who can fit with Lauri. Heís got size with a 7-4 wingspan. He can run the floor and play with pace. He can go inside or outside. He has a developing post game. And he can step out and shoot the ball on the perimeter." He is a terrific inside presence. 

He can not only play D, block shots, and rebound, but he can score inside with both hands. "I don't think I'm undervalued," Carter said. "I was playing alongside a great teammate in Marvin Bagley, but that just showed I'm able to play with other great players to help my team win." He is tough and strong inside. 

It seemed that the top three Bigs would be gone, and Bulls would ecstatic to take him. "The fans are going to want to come to the games and see (me play)," Carter said. "I'm becoming obsessed with getting to that next level, wanting to achieve the ultimate goal. I'm gonna do what it takes to win, and the Bulls recognized that. I'm excited. It's an honor that the Bulls selected me at seven. I'm looking forward to be the next great player for them." The Bulls had to get a Big, and he was the best of the rest.

I think he might be more of a PF than a Center. "He had a sensational freshman year," Krzyzewski said. "A double-double guy, and he has so much more potential. Heís going to keep getting better, because heís talented and he has the best attitude." But in today's NBA the centers are getting smaller and smaller (well, until this Draft;).

He is great hard worker. "[I'm] a hard worker, coming in and doing whatever they ask me to do," Carter said. "Just being the best rebounder, taking more shots, setting great picks for other players to get open. Just whatever I have to do to win." That is just what the Bulls need. 


Okay, for the record. Anton goes First. Doncic goes Second. Atlanta takes Bagley (who they are rumored to love-love-love). If Memphis somehow doesn't trade with the Celtics (though they have proclaimed loudly and proudly they are profoundly willing), they take Jaren Jackson C/Wing from Michigan State. 

Which leaves Wendell Carter for the Bulls. He is a big PF and modern NBA Center. He is a better 3-point shooter than I thought, but he needs time. He can bring together the defense and the rebounding. He can set the big picks for their young Big Three: Markkanen, LaVine, and Dunn. And when left alone on the Pick and Pop, he can hit the Three. He will also develop into their forth.  

The Player: Carter is a much more fluid athlete than you would think for a guy listed at 260 (251 at the Combine). He has a nice lefty handle. He goes to the hoop and gets great O-rebounding position on almost every shot. He is a terrific smooth athlete. He is a great open court player. He gets to the hoop fast. He only averaged 13.5 points per game, and 9.1 rebounds, but he only played 26.9 minutes per games.

Nice jump hook in traffic. He is aggressive going after the ball, even on bad passes. Not a great passer. When he has time, he is a solid 3-point shooter. He can control the middle on defense when he gets a chance. Terrific defender stopping drivers from getting good shots in the paint. He can cut off the smaller guard when he switches off the pick, and he sticks with them better than his size would indicate. When he is inside, he changes a lot of shots.

Carter knows the Bulls new big three: Chris Dunn, LaVine, and Markkanen. "Great player," Carter said about Markkanen. "I was just thinking me and him playing together on the court would be definitely a killer." He could be their forth. 

He showed he could sacrifice his stats to help his team win. "Bagley is a phenomenal player. He came into college basketball and did what he was supposed to do," Carter said. "My role changed a little bit. But Iím a winner. Whatever situation I come into, I automatically buy in. The coaches just want to win. And I want to win too. So whatever they ask me to do. If itís just rebounding and blocking shots and setting good picks, Iím willing to do that just to win." He showed he could score more when Bagley was out of games.

He sacrificed for his teammates, and they knew it. "He has a really good basketball IQ and a great feel for the game," Grayson Allen said. "He's one of the most versatile guys Iíve played with. He can do a lot with his strength and post scoring. But when we played (UNC), he trailed a ball screen and shot a 3. That speaks to how he can fit in multiple spots on the court." He has the ability to take his game out to the 3-point line.

But I think his value is as a defender and rebounder inside. "For the most part, I think college does put a limitation on a lot of players," Carter said. :The NBA, I think thatís more my realm where I can show what I can do. Iím a competitor, especially on the defensive end. Iíve been working on my lateral quickness so I can guard guards in pick-and-roll actions. On the offensive end, I didnít get to show much of it at Duke. But I think Iím pretty versatile in (on offense). I can bring the ball up the court. Iím able to shoot it from deep and from all three levels." He is a better shooter than he showed at Duke. 
He did show he could cover out on the perimeter. "[NBA guys] want somebody thatís versatile that can shoot from the outside, can guard the perimeter," Carter said. "So thatís something Iíve been working on throughout this draft process. I definitely buy into [the no position League]. Iím a competitor, especially on the defensive end. I think Iíve showed most of what I can do." He is a solid defender and rebounder that all teams need, even if they've forgotten it recently. 

He is another Duke-ster that is smart and plays great D. "I just come in and do every day what they ask me to do," Carter said. "I think Iím pretty versatile as a player. I just find a way to fit into a team, bind to the system. And Iím a winner. Iíll do what I have to do to win." It will be interesting to see if he can step out to the perimeter and play D.
The Reason: Word on the street in Chicago is that they really like Carter. It would take a lot for them to come off of him.

Well, the little birdies were right. "This is a really good night for our organization," John Paxson said. "We feel like when you look at where we were a year ago and what we decided to do, and one year later, we feel like we have added five really good pieces to build (around). That's important to us. We're excited about the direction we're headed." They knew he'd be on the Board, so they targeted him, and got him.

Collin Sexton

8. Cavs- Collin Sexton- PG, 6-3, 190, Alabama, FR, WS 6-6.5, 

19.2 PPG, 3.8 RPG, 3.6 APG, 54.9% 2-P, 37.8 3-P, 1.7 Steals, 1.1 Blocks,

The Team: The Cavs need a leader and shot maker more than anything else. They are in complete and utter rebuilding mode with LeBron fleeing Cleveland again (which the smartest thing he's ever done, huh, again;). I never understood the vitriol about him screaming out of Cleveland and the Cavs criminal owner. Hell, I would've!

I love Sexton's game. "Coming in, I'm going to set goals for myself and then as well there's going to be team goals set, but I feel like I'm not going to have to live up to anybody's shoes," Sexton said. "I'm going to come in and learn and be the best player I can be on the court as well as off the court." He is a great attacking PG.
He is a phenomenal player on both side of the court. "A great change-of-pace guard who can play with tempo, get in the paint and get to the free-throw line," Tyronn Lue said. "I've known Collin and his family for a while. I've watched him grow. This is a chance to take a young talent and mold him into something special." He is a relentlessly fierce competitor that will fight to the death for the win. 
He does a great job setting up the offense, and is a terrific scorer as well. "We're going to invest a lot of time into him and he's a part of this culture now of winning, of hard work, attitude, the stuff we talk about," Altman continued. "His talent level is extremely high and so we're excited about him and our momentum as a franchise. He's going to play meaningful games from day one." Sorry dude, your culture of winning is going to LA.
He also plays some game changing defense. "He exemplifies work and dedication," Lue said. "He has toughness, character and is a great student in the classroom. He understands what it takes to be great." This was not a reach at pick Eight. 
He is a top ten pick in this Draft. "When we did the Kevin Love deal, the trades, we didn't have a chance to have draft picks," Lue said. "Now having him (Sexton) and having Clarkson and Hood and Cedi, Big Z, and now we have guys we can develop and help and try to mature as they go along. I'm very excited for that challenge. You always want to take young players and mold them to be who you want them to be and take on your personality, and I think he fits it perfect." He could easily end up a better NBA Pro than Young.  

The Player: Sexton is a super athlete. Very twitchy on the court. Great speed in the open court with the ball. He is a whirlwind when he gets aggressive. He is a terrific shot maker and competitor. He can hit the midrange jumper. 

He is a beast driving to the hole. Easy basket maker going left. Great aggressiveness going to the hole with either hand. Amazing handle. He makes guys miss with his tricky handle. I love this kid. He has some clutch in him. Not a great 3-point shooter. He has to become a better shooter in the NBA. 

Great defender. He could be a lock down defender on PGs. Elite defender. He is so sticky on other guards. He does not let PGs drive past him. Tough, quick, and great defensive instincts. Great quick hands feet and aggression make him the top man defender in this Draft. 

2017-18 (FRESHMAN SEASON): Named as an Associated Press honorable mention All-America, becoming the 19th player in program history to earn the accolade Ö also tabbed SEC Newcomer of the Year and first team all-conference by the AP Ö selected first team all-district by the National Association of Basketball Coaches and the United States Basketball Writers Association Ö named SEC Co-Freshman of the Year by the leagueís head coaches and media, becoming the second Alabama player to earn the honor in school history (Mo Williams) Ö tabbed All-SEC Second Team and All-Freshman team as well Ö named to the SEC All-Tournament team after scoring a school record 79 points in the Tideís three contests Ö saw action in 33 contests, making 32 starts on the season Ö set the Alabama single-season scoring record for a freshman on March 9, passing James ďHollywoodĒ Robinsonís previous mark of 554 points set in 1990-91 Ö surpassed Michael Ansley (1988-89) for third on Alabamaís single-season scoring list (632) Ö finished second in the SEC in scoring average (19.2 ppg) and topped the squad in assists per game (3.6) Ö ranked third in the SEC in free throws made (196) and third in free throws attempted (252), while also ranking 14th in the nation in foul shots made and seventh in free throws attemptedÖ had 29 double-digit scoring games, 16 games of 20 or more points and three games of 30 or more points Ö named to Watch Lists for the Cousy Award, Naismith Trophy and Oscar Robertson Trophy prior to the start of the season Ö set an Alabama freshman scoring record with 40 points, including 31 in the second half, against then-No. 14 Minnesota (11/25) Ö was the first Alabama player to score 40 in a game since Reggie King had 43 points on March 12, 1979 vs. Virginia Ö became the first freshman in the modern era at Alabama to score three straight games of more than 20 points in each of his first three games Ö hit the game-winning shot in Alabamaís second round win over Texas A&M in the SEC tournament, finishing with 27 points, three rebounds, five assists and a steal (3/8) Ö recorded his third 30-plus point performance to lead Alabama in its SEC tournament quarterfinal win over top-seeded Auburn, ending the game with 31 points, seven rebounds and an assist (3/9) Ö went for 30 points and was near perfect from the free throw line (15-of-16) at Arizona (12/9) Ö scored 23 points against Missouri while adding four rebounds, two assists and a steal (1/31) Ö finished with 22 points to tie for the team lead against Louisiana Tech (11/29) while leading the team with three steals Ö dropped 22 points (7-of-10) to lead the team in scoring, and added five assists and two steals in his collegiate debut in the home opener against Lipscomb (11/14) Ö his 22 points were the most scored in a game by a true freshman at Alabama since Eddie Phillips poured in 25 points in his debut back on Nov. 24, 1978 Ö recorded his second straight 20-plus point game, totaling 25 points, to go along with five assists and four rebounds in the win against Alabama A&M (11/17) Ö registered 29 points, while shooting 11-for-14 from the charity stripe and adding four assists in the win against UT Arlington (11/21) Ö scored 10 points while totaling seven rebounds and three assists in 30 minutes against BYU (11/24) Ö reached double figures with 11 points while grabbing four rebounds and one steal against URI (12/6) Ö was perfect from the free throw line (9-of-9) to total 21 points while collecting four assists and three rebounds vs. Mercer (12/19) Ö was perfect from the free-throw line (7-of-7) to lead all scorers with 24 points, to go along with a team high of five assists, three steals and three rebounds vs. Vanderbilt (1/2) Ö scored a team-high 23 points while adding three assists, one steal and two rebounds against Georgia (1/6) Ö put up a game-high 25 points to go along with five rebounds and two assists at then-No. 12 Auburn (2/21) Ö went 6-of-6 from the free throw line to total 15 points, while adding a season-high seven rebounds, three assists and his first block of his career against LSU (1/13) Ö led the team in points (18) while adding three rebounds and two assists in his first start after suffering an abdominal injury vs. then-No. 12 Oklahoma (1/27) Ö scored a game-high 17 points while totaling a career high of eight rebounds and six assists at then-No. 23 Florida (2/3) Ö went 8-of-10 from the charity stripe to total 18 points, while adding five rebounds, three assists and a block at Mississippi State (2/6) Ö scored 16 points to go along with five rebounds and four assists against then-No. 15 Tennessee (2/10) Ö put up 15 points while leading the team with a season high of six assists against LSU (2/13) Ö scored 12 points to go along with three assists and two rebounds at Kentucky (2/17) Ö led the team in assists (6) while totaling 15 points, two rebounds and a steal vs. Arkansas (2/24) Ö scored 23 points, while adding a season-high of seven assists, a team-high of two steals and four rebounds at Texas A&M (3/3) Ö chipped in a team-high 21 points to go along with five rebounds and three assists against Kentucky in the SEC tournament semifinals (3/10) Ö recorded a game-high 25 points in addition to six assists and three rebounds in the NCAA tournament win over Virginia Tech (3/15) Ö put up a team-high 17 points to go along with four rebounds and three assists in the Round of 32 vs. No. 1 seed Villanova (3/17) Ö named to SEC Freshman Academic Honor Roll Ö selected as teamís Outstanding Offensive Player and Outstanding Freshman, which he shared with John Petty Ö Ö one of seven to earn teamís Student Academic Achievement Award.
The Reason: The Cavs need a brand new leader. "I feel like I'm not going to have to live up to anybody's shoes," Sexton said. "I'm going to come in and learn and be the best player I can be on the court as well as off the court." Sexton is a terrific scorer and defender. 

Sexton can run an NBA team. "When you got guys who work as hard as Collin does, to get to where he wants to get, those are the guys you want on your team." Tyronn Lue said. "And his toughness, his character, being a great student in the classroom. All that exemplifies what we want to do here in Cleveland. And I'm glad he's a part of it." He will be running this team in a few years. 

That is what Cleveland needs more than anything else. "The bigger the stage, the better," Alabama HC Avery Johnson said. "He's not afraid of the big stage, the lights. When you're playing against all of these elite point guards in the NBA, he's not going to ask anybody for their autographs, OK? He's going to show them a healthy dose of respect, but he's going to think he belongs on the floor. It's not fabricated. It's just who he is." Plus, I think he was the best player left on the Board. 

Be A Citizen! Not a Subject! 

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Amendment I. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances:

The 1st Amendment to the Constitution is the greatest paragraph ever written by mankind. It is the truest diagram of how to ensure a free Country of citizens survives. But is is also a list of what to attack when you want to be a fascist dictator. President Jerkballs is attacking every article in the 1st Amendment. Beware subjects, or you will be subjugated:


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