Here is Part One of my 

2018 Boston Celtics

1st Round Mock Draft.

SV=Standing Vert, MV=Max Vert + SR-Standing Reach = MVR Max Vert Reach.

Believe it or not but the Celtics could end up with another Lottery Pick in this Draft. They are suddenly all over the place. The Celtics could somehow end up with the fourth or fifth pick in this Draft and Pick Seven. An impossibility just a month ago. But then the LeBron-Kyrie feud hit the air waves.

The animosity of those two cats was palpable over the internet. Now the Celtics almost have to convince LeBron that this is the only place he can earn three more Banners. Because just showing interest in LeBron is sending Kyrie into a tailspin of rage that will land him on the Knicks in 2019. 

It was lees than two weeks ago that everything was fine in Kyrie land. "You know, things can change," Mannix said, were hoping with some inside info and not just podcast BS. "Obviously, you go to Boston and you become the face of the franchise. You're on a winning team. Maybe the mindset has changed significantly?" Now his mindset has blown up again.

The ghost of LeBron is chasing Kyrie all over his flat world. So he wants to go home. "I told him (Porzingis) I would love to play with a big like you, man, when we played them in the beginning of the season when he came to Boston,'' Irving said at the All-star break. "He's so versatile. So I wish him nothing but the best and hope he comes back even stronger." Be afraid. Be very-very afraid.

So what should have been an easy off season has suddenly turned into a nightmare for Trader Danny. He though he was going to give up a couple a picks to trade up for Bamba and be done. Now all hell has broken lose, and the only thing that can save him is LeBron.

It seems talks have ensued and the conclusion is that the best way to sign LeBron is a sign and trade with Cleveland. Giving the Cavs Kyrie back to match contracts with LeBron. While it sounds nice on the winds, it just doesn't seem feasible. Kyrie was not well received when he fled Cleveland screaming. I am not sure he would be well received upon his return. 

But it would kill two birds with one stone. It would be the easiest way to deal with the Kyrie LeBron feud. But the Cavs and Kyrie won't comply. The Celtics have to look to the Knicks for a parachute to bail them out. Knicks have to be interested Kyrie. But can the Celtics trade him without LeBron in the fold, and can they get LeBron in he fold with Kyrie's contract on the their Cap?

Oh, and you can keep Kawhi Leonard. 

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Mikal Bridges

9. Celtics/Knicks- Mikal Bridges- Wing, 6-7, 210, Villanova, JR, WS 7-.5",

17.7 PPG, 5.3 RPG, 43.5% from Three! 1.9 APG, 1.5 Steals,

The Team: The Celtics are all over this Draft. It is remarkable. I though they were going to skip out of this Draft, but then Bizarro World crap keeps happen. I think there is about a 5% chance LeBron is serious about joining the Celtics. Normally I'd say about 1%, but because he'd be able to join a young team that went to the Eastern Conference Finals I'll say 15% chance. Because he'd be guaranteed to go to the Finals three more straight years. That would make it 11 straight years of going to the Finals, which is putting within sight of Bill Russell as a winner. 

Granted Russell earned 11 Banners and Rings, while LeBron lost as many as he's won  in the Finals. "He's unbelievable," Stevens said about LeBron. "I think we've played now until May 25th and May 27th the last two years, and we started on September 25th. That's every day. Every day that you're totally focused on this, and he's gone past that eight straight times. It's ridiculous, and he does it at this level and with the pressure, with the scrutiny. Doesn't matter. It's just unbelievable." But a player going to eight straight Finals hasn't been done since a bunch of Celtic players in the 60s, and they were hated as much as LeBron.

If he wants three rings in his last three seasons? He has to join the Celtics. He will NOT win a Ring in La-La-Land. In order to join the Celtics? Kyrie has to go. So I'll add another additional 10% to make it a 25% chance of him joining the Celtic. So that he can get revenge on Kyrie. If he tells Danny he'll sign? Than Kyrie will have to go. That will tell Kyrie that LeBron is the more valuable player, and when he wins three straight Rings with the Celtics the proof will be conclusive. 

So that likely means the Celtics have a 25% chance of having this pick. Because if the Celtics trade Kyrie, it will be to the Knicks. He is just not valuable to any other team. He has one year left on his contract and has said he wants to play at home. So if LeBron signs with the Celtics? The Celtics will have this pick. I postulated that Frank Ntilikina, this pick, and some contracts would be the likely Deal. Switch point guards and Pick 9.

Kyrie is worth a lot more. But with his knee, and the fact that everyone knows he is on a one-year deal, and then is going to the Knicks, hurts his value. The Celtics might still have to give up Rozier in a trade up for Bamba, or another Big. So getting Ntilikina would be imperative. And I'm not joking. The Celtics would beat the Warriors in the Finals with LeBron, Brown, Gordon, Tatum, and Horford. 

It would be a crowded team with less minutes and points, but I don't think the Warriors would match up well against them. Granted, it would be a result of two separate desperate situations forcing Trader Danny to, well, trade. LeBron is fleeing Cleveland screaming. Right now, he wants revenge on the Warriors, who have beat him in two straight Finals. Kyrie disrespected him, and took away any chance of beating the Warriors in the Finals this year by fleeing LeBron and Cleveland screaming.

As an ultra competitor, LeBron has one chance to seriously stick a pie in Kyrie and all the Warriors faces for three straight titles. Which would also give him Six Titles. Which put him up there with Jordan. MJ was LeBron idol growing up. He would be an equal winner with Jordan, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, and Bob Cousy. He would raise those Banners with a fantastic, "take that Kyrie and the Warriors" smile on his face. 

That is the only reason he comes to Boston. The Celtics are the most talented young team in the NBA. LeBron will not be a one man band in Boston. He won't need to be in Boston. They would tear through the Eastern Conference like the ocean rolling off the edge of a flat Earth. They would have the athletes that can match up with the Warriors on defense, and the shooters that can score with them. 

The young Celtics are a team that was built as much on defense as offense. That is why they would beat the Warriors with LeBron. And I think eventually beat the Warriors in the Finals without him. So how much does LeBron want to match Rings with Jordan? How much does he want to stick it to Kyrie? How much does he want his legacy to be about winning Championships? And not producing numbers in the Finals? 

Because the best answers to those questions for him come out Celtics every time. "At the end of the day, the game is won in between the lines, and we have an opportunity to play for a championship. That’s all that matters," James said. "No matter what the storyline is going to be. No matter if we're picked to win or not. Let's just go out and play ball." More than one so-called expert would pick LeBron to win over the Warriors, if he was on the Celtics next season.
The Player: Okay, so Mikal Bridges is a little mixed up. "You've got length with [Kristaps] Porzingis and Frank (Ntilikina)," Bridges said. "They've got defense right there, just length on the ball, all that, and then playing off Porzingis. I could move without the ball, do whatever it takes. Transition, create space for him when he has the ball in Iso. If they don't help off me, he has an easy way to the basket for sure." He will not get past Pick 9, but it should be to the Celtics.

When you talk about Mikal, it starts with winning. "Yeah most definitely," Bridges said. "That winning mentality. That's the one thing I care about. I care about winning and bringing home the championship. I don't care about single accolades or anything like that. People don't know what it takes to win a championship, you sacrifice a lot. And that's maybe not seeing family, friends for a while. Maybe not talking to them that much." He should, he was a winner and a leader.
He is the kind of defensive winner that Stevens loves. "I was just grateful to play for coach Wright and Villanova. We won it twice," Bridges said. "I've been in it for my whole career in college so I know what it takes, I know the sacrifices I've been through. That's all I worry about, trying to win a championship." He reminds me of Gordon at Butler.
He is a terrific Three and D Wing. Nice pull up off the dribble going right. He can drive right, and switch hands to scoop it in lefty. He will also drive lefty, and then scoop it in righty. But he can go to the hole lefty and scoop it in lefty. He is already a veteran in the Pick and roll, like Stevens likes. 

He is a glider in the air. He seems to go up, and stay up and shoot, as all the defenders go down. He is a terrific shooter, and a great athlete on defense. Terrific midrange jumper. He soars up and makes it look easy. He is a terrific post scorer. He likes to go left, and go to the hole in a variety of ways. But when you give him right, he explodes to the basket with great dunks and little hooks. 

He plays D smart, and understand team concepts. Solid D rebounder. He is an excellent Wing defender. Great job getting low and wide on D. He can fight through the pick, and still cut his man off. He has that knack for sticking with his man, and will block his shots. Loves to get up in the face of his man, and harass him with his long arms. He has that feel for when guys are going to shoot, and uses his long arms so well. Terrific blocking shots with his left hand, which is facing the shooter's right. 

Explosive off the floor. Easy alley-ooper. Smooth driving to the hop righty, and dunking effortlessly. He took off down the lane, and took off at the bottom of the foul line circle, and slammed it over three Gonzaga defenders with a half hook dunk. Super explosive off the floor.

He improved his 3-point shooting every season. He shot 43.5% from Three last season, and counter that with great forays to the Hoop to dunk, dish, and score. Terrific spot up shooter on the arc. Smooth release, and he falls away just a little to make it harder to defend. He can catch and shoot from NBA range. 

VILLANOVA: A deft shooter with intriguing athleticism and the ability to contribute at multiple positions ... Brings long-range shooting skill ... Has seen his role expand in each of his two seasons in uniform, first as a key reserve on the Wildcats' 2016 NCAA championship unit and then as a starter on its 2017 BIG EAST titlists.
2017-18 Overview: Started all 40 games for the Wildcats, averaging 17.7 points and 5.3 rebounds for the 2018 NCAA national champions ... Tallied 1,311 points in three Wildcats seasons after accepting a redshirt in 2014-15.
Averaged 17.2 ppg over the course of six NCAA Tournament contests .... Despite playing with a bruised hip, scored 19 points to help lead Villanova past Michigan 79-62 in the NCAA Championship game in San Antonio ... Added 16 points and six rebounds to a 90-78 win over West Virginia on March 23 ... Scored 22 of his 23 points in the second half to ignite an 81-58 victory over Alabama in the Round of 32 on March 17. 2018 BIG EAST TOURNAMENT
Drained two clutch 3-pointers on his way to 25 points in a 76-66 title game win over Providence ... Continued his red-hot play with 18 points in a semfinal victory over Butler ... Added a game-high 25 points and eight rebounds to a 94-70 victory over Marquette in quarterfinal action on March 8

The Reason: Mikal Bridges is a Top Ten pick, and maybe a Top Five pick. If the Celtics trade Kyrie to the Knicks they will be lucky to get him. He could be a star in the NBA.  

Second Choice: Collin Sexton PG Alabama

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Collin Sexton

10. 76ers- Collin Sexton- PG, 6-3, 190, Alabama, FR, WS 6-6.5, 

19.2 PPG, 3.8 RPG, 3.6 APG, 54.9% 2-P, 37.8 3-P, 1.7 Steals, 1.1 Blocks,

The Team: They need a scoring point guard who can take pass from Simmons and score. They want Simmons to be the PG. So they need a guy who can cover PGs and affect the game in other ways. Sexton is a terrific scorer and defender. Plus, I think he is the best player left on the Board. 

The Player: Sexton is a super athlete. Very twitchy on the court. Great speed in the open court with the ball. He is a whirlwind when he gets aggressive. He is a terrific shot maker and competitor. He can hit the midrange jumper. 

He is a beast driving to the hole. Easy basket maker going left. Great aggressiveness going to the hole with either hand. Amazing handle. He makes guys miss with his tricky handle. I love this kid. He has some clutch in him. Not a great 3-point shooter. He has to become a better shooter in the NBA. 

Great defender. He could be a lock down defender on PGs. Elite defender. He is so sticky on other guards. He does not let PGs drive past him. Tough, quick, and great defensive instincts. Great quick hands feet and aggression make him the top man defender in this Draft. 

2017-18 (FRESHMAN SEASON): Named as an Associated Press honorable mention All-America, becoming the 19th player in program history to earn the accolade … also tabbed SEC Newcomer of the Year and first team all-conference by the AP … selected first team all-district by the National Association of Basketball Coaches and the United States Basketball Writers Association … named SEC Co-Freshman of the Year by the league’s head coaches and media, becoming the second Alabama player to earn the honor in school history (Mo Williams) … tabbed All-SEC Second Team and All-Freshman team as well … named to the SEC All-Tournament team after scoring a school record 79 points in the Tide’s three contests … saw action in 33 contests, making 32 starts on the season … set the Alabama single-season scoring record for a freshman on March 9, passing James “Hollywood” Robinson’s previous mark of 554 points set in 1990-91 … surpassed Michael Ansley (1988-89) for third on Alabama’s single-season scoring list (632) … finished second in the SEC in scoring average (19.2 ppg) and topped the squad in assists per game (3.6) … ranked third in the SEC in free throws made (196) and third in free throws attempted (252), while also ranking 14th in the nation in foul shots made and seventh in free throws attempted… had 29 double-digit scoring games, 16 games of 20 or more points and three games of 30 or more points … named to Watch Lists for the Cousy Award, Naismith Trophy and Oscar Robertson Trophy prior to the start of the season … set an Alabama freshman scoring record with 40 points, including 31 in the second half, against then-No. 14 Minnesota (11/25) … was the first Alabama player to score 40 in a game since Reggie King had 43 points on March 12, 1979 vs. Virginia … became the first freshman in the modern era at Alabama to score three straight games of more than 20 points in each of his first three games … hit the game-winning shot in Alabama’s second round win over Texas A&M in the SEC tournament, finishing with 27 points, three rebounds, five assists and a steal (3/8) … recorded his third 30-plus point performance to lead Alabama in its SEC tournament quarterfinal win over top-seeded Auburn, ending the game with 31 points, seven rebounds and an assist (3/9) … went for 30 points and was near perfect from the free throw line (15-of-16) at Arizona (12/9) … scored 23 points against Missouri while adding four rebounds, two assists and a steal (1/31) … finished with 22 points to tie for the team lead against Louisiana Tech (11/29) while leading the team with three steals … dropped 22 points (7-of-10) to lead the team in scoring, and added five assists and two steals in his collegiate debut in the home opener against Lipscomb (11/14) … his 22 points were the most scored in a game by a true freshman at Alabama since Eddie Phillips poured in 25 points in his debut back on Nov. 24, 1978 … recorded his second straight 20-plus point game, totaling 25 points, to go along with five assists and four rebounds in the win against Alabama A&M (11/17) … registered 29 points, while shooting 11-for-14 from the charity stripe and adding four assists in the win against UT Arlington (11/21) … scored 10 points while totaling seven rebounds and three assists in 30 minutes against BYU (11/24) … reached double figures with 11 points while grabbing four rebounds and one steal against URI (12/6) … was perfect from the free throw line (9-of-9) to total 21 points while collecting four assists and three rebounds vs. Mercer (12/19) … was perfect from the free-throw line (7-of-7) to lead all scorers with 24 points, to go along with a team high of five assists, three steals and three rebounds vs. Vanderbilt (1/2) … scored a team-high 23 points while adding three assists, one steal and two rebounds against Georgia (1/6) … put up a game-high 25 points to go along with five rebounds and two assists at then-No. 12 Auburn (2/21) … went 6-of-6 from the free throw line to total 15 points, while adding a season-high seven rebounds, three assists and his first block of his career against LSU (1/13) … led the team in points (18) while adding three rebounds and two assists in his first start after suffering an abdominal injury vs. then-No. 12 Oklahoma (1/27) … scored a game-high 17 points while totaling a career high of eight rebounds and six assists at then-No. 23 Florida (2/3) … went 8-of-10 from the charity stripe to total 18 points, while adding five rebounds, three assists and a block at Mississippi State (2/6) … scored 16 points to go along with five rebounds and four assists against then-No. 15 Tennessee (2/10) … put up 15 points while leading the team with a season high of six assists against LSU (2/13) … scored 12 points to go along with three assists and two rebounds at Kentucky (2/17) … led the team in assists (6) while totaling 15 points, two rebounds and a steal vs. Arkansas (2/24) … scored 23 points, while adding a season-high of seven assists, a team-high of two steals and four rebounds at Texas A&M (3/3) … chipped in a team-high 21 points to go along with five rebounds and three assists against Kentucky in the SEC tournament semifinals (3/10) … recorded a game-high 25 points in addition to six assists and three rebounds in the NCAA tournament win over Virginia Tech (3/15) … put up a team-high 17 points to go along with four rebounds and three assists in the Round of 32 vs. No. 1 seed Villanova (3/17) … named to SEC Freshman Academic Honor Roll … selected as team’s Outstanding Offensive Player and Outstanding Freshman, which he shared with John Petty … … one of seven to earn team’s Student Academic Achievement Award.

Second Choice: Robert Williams PF A&M

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