Here is Part One of my 

2018 Boston Celtics

1st Round Mock Draft.

SV=Standing Vert, MV=Max Vert + SR-Standing Reach = MVR Max Vert Reach.

Everything just changed in Boston. "The LeBron is Coming! The LeBron is coming!" One if by trade two if by Free Agent. Now of course he is going to LA, because he wants to make movies and that is where his wife wants to go. But the Celtics would be in the finals the next three years, and with LeBron on the team they could beat the Warriors two out of three times (I'm not a Homer;).

LeBron is the best basketball player in the world. Taking that crap-shit Cavs Team to the finals was a minor basketball miracle. For the haters in Boston, you are idiots. To hate LeBron's game means you just don't understand basketball. He had to be a one man band in Cleveland (have you seen his teammates)! The second best player on the team was the great white hope Love, or should I say "hype". He is very skilled, but has no legs and hops left.

When he was with the Heat he shared it with Wade and Bosh, at least until Bosh lost it. The Celtics would probably have to do a sign and trade, or more likely ditch and trade (Kyrie;), and figure out a way to use his Cap Cash on LeBron. I haven't studied the number yet (because this is a stupid Draft site;). LeBron, Brown, Tatum, Horford, and Hayward are as good a starting Five as is in the League. 

They will absolute have to trade Kyrie with his bum knee, and his penchant for the Knicks. He is a Jersey shore guy, who wants to go home and eventually play for the Knicks. He has one year left on his contract, and then he's gone. The problem is what can you get from the ragged Knicks for him? They ain't tradin' Porzingis. Forget about it. 

Also you have to remember that the Celtics were not on his approved teams list. "After requesting a trade from the Cavaliers, Kyrie Irving reportedly "very badly" wanted to join the Knicks," Feldman wrote. "Instead, Cleveland sent him to the Celtics, a team not on his initially reported list (though maybe actually an Irving-approved destination)." It sounds like the mercurial Kyrie will fly away!

Once he's free to fly. "Well, I mean I know that question is going to come up a lot over the next year, just based upon where my deal is," Irving said. "And, you know, that time will arise and when it does, I think I'll have a better, clear, concise answer for a lot of people that are going to ask. Yeah, I just have to take it as being present with the Boston Celtics. You know, and just going into this year with the mindset of trying to win a championship." That mercurial answer is not reassuring in any way for the Celtics.

The Knicks should be more than willing to part with Ntilikina and pick 9 in a Kyrie deal. If they throw in some future considerations? Trader Danny could have a deal. Which is not the end of the World. Kyrie and LeBron cannot be on the same team, and not just because they hate each other, but because of the Cap as well. They will need Kyrie's space to sign LeBron.

Plus, if Kyrie is really planning on leaving the Celts for the Knicks. it is better to do it this year for so many reason, like Rozier. Can he be the man at the Point for the entire season? Also when you have a chance at a Champ maker like LeBron you gotta give up what you gotta give up. You also don't want to be caught holding the bag when Kyrie decides his knee is sore, and won't finish the season next year, so he can go to the Knicks. 

Another question is did the Celts run in the Playoffs win Kyrie over, or did it piss him off that they did it with out him. "I think theyíre scared and should be scared to some degree of Kyrie Irving walking in 2019. I know he had a great year, but you know there are people in Cleveland that will tell you that the Knicks should be considered a real threat for Kyrie Irving," Chris Mannix said. "Because Kyrie had talked about it, about playing with the Knicks with some players in that Cleveland locker room from what I was told. You know things can change. Obviously, you go to Boston. You become the face of the franchise. Youíre on a winning team. Maybe the mindset has changed significantly." Danny is concerned about Kyrie's mercurialness, and his desire to be closer to the Jersey Shore in NY, NY. 

The concern will not be relieved this off season. Kyrie will not sign an extension to stay with the Celtics under any circumstance this off season. "Say, for example, Irving wanted to sign an extension with the Celtics this offseason. If he did so in July, he could ink a four-year deal worth just over $101 million," Dunphy wrote. "But if he waited till after next season, heís negotiating against a cap projected to rise to $108 million that year. Take his talents elsewhere, and Irving will be eligible to sign a max deal worth $139 million over four years." It would cost him around 85-Mil to give the Celtics the protection they need to keep him (a 188-Mil contract in 2019!). 

Danny knows the mercurial Kyrie wants the Jersey shore, and the 200-Mil? Can Danny find a way to get him both? Trader Danny sent 11 players off last year's roster to get Kyrie and Gordon, and now both could be gone to land LeBron. Of course, keeping Gordon to be LeBron's Robin would seem imperative to beating the Warriors. But the Cap is what the Cap is. Brown, Tatum, and Rozier are still the cheap Cap pieces that you have to keep.

Of course LeBron is going to LA, period. But if he wants to take the Finals run away from the Warriors? He has two choices. The Clippers ain't beatin' the Rockets, never mind the Warriors in the Western Conference Finals, and the Lakers ain't beatin' the Clippers in the Western Conference Finals. So is it movies or Banners he wants to make the next few years?

If wants to make movies (and make his wife happy, which is the real danger)? He goes to La-La-Land. But if he wants to make Banners? It is the Rockets or Celtics. But both teams have roster and Cap issues that they will have to clean up fit him in. The Celtics would have to dump Kyrie, and maybe Horford or Hayward to may it work. And I just don't see how any true Celtic fan can say that is not worth it to get a Banner or  three.

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Michael Porter

5. Celtics/Mavs- Mohamed Bamba- Center, 7'-.25", 203, Texas, FR, WS 7-10! 9-5 SR!

16.3 PPG, 7.4 RPG, 3 APG, 54.9% 2-P, 37.8 3-P, 1.7 Steals, 1.1 Blocks,

The Team: Rumors rumors everywhere. The Celtics just went to the Eastern Conference Finals, and Trader Danny says that ain't good enough. They didn't have their two best players, and Trader Danny said that just wasn't good enough. They had three young guys turn into stars on the way, and Trader Danny said by-golly that just ain't good enough, I need's me a Center.

The question is was it Danny spilling the beans, or was it Memphis and the Mavs saying they are open for business. The second part of this story is that the Mavs at Five are looking to trade out, as is Memphis at Four. And when struggling franchise start to make desperate moves, it is time to take advantage of them. The NBA is a star League. One star is worth more than a bag of five beans every day of the week. Danny has a great bag of beans to offer.

The Hawks, the Grizzlies, and Magic need more than one player, while the Celtics need a Big who can develop into a guy who can cover Embiid. The Celtics don't have to give up Brown to get to here. Because they also have two Lottery Picks in next years Draft. Both are protected and could be two years away. You have to figure that at least one is a year away. If Trader Danny really wants Mo Bamba he might have to give up both. That would be a big price.

The other problem is that the Mavs, and the Grizz aren't really looking for a PG. Rozier is the piece the Celtics can move that would hurt the least (If Kyrie stays, which is looking less and less likely every day). He also would be the most valuable. Because while the two probably Lottery picks could be better, both players haven't proven a thing. Rozier has proven he can not just run a team in the Playoffs, he proved he could dominate in the Playoffs. And he is still just 22.

But all three teams are going to want Brown. This deal can fall apart in a second. I just don't think you can give up on Brown that easy (though Rozier is the less expendable one if Kyrie goes). But I'm also not sure the Mavs or Grizz can trade down to 27 without Brown. Ainge is going to offer a bag of beans with some magic in them. So it will depend on what other teams are offering, and how much these teams really want to trade down. I've gone over the bag of beans in Episode One. 

But Danny only needs one of those teams to take Rozier over Brown, with one or two of those Lottery gifts Danny has in his back pocket. I also do think the Celtics have some young guys who have some value as well. This trade could also easily happen. So I'd say it's 50-50 right now, which is pretty good with three options available. 

The problem is that the Mavs don't need Rozier. Dennis Smith is their Franchise PG moving forward. Which leaves the ultra valuable and young Brown.
The Player: Michael Porter Jr.- 6-11, 211, He was an amazing high school phenom who blew out his knee, and then was forced back to the court too early at Missouri. He was not ready. He looked slow, unexplosive, and lost, which was everything he was not in high school. 

While he was at Missouri he also grew to be 6-11 in shoes at the Combine, and might still be growing. But he is not a Big. He is a Small Forward scorer. He has a 7-foot wingspan, 9-foot standing reach. He is being compared to Kevin Durant, who he says is his favorite player and the guy he tries to replicate. Though he better have an improved jumper for that to be said. 

Like Durant, he is terribly under-strengthed coming into the Draft. He is not a good passer. He only played three games at Missouri last year, and couldn't average half an assist per game. He is not a great dribbler and passer. 

Before his injury he was known as a good hard working kid. He was an elite sized smooth athlete. He was hard working guy who did all the things you wanted to see on the Court. He was seen as a lock for the 1st pick in the Draft. He was known to be able to score from anywhere, and did. He also was a grinder who fought for rebounds at both ends of the floor.

Then the injury, and the bad decision to rush him back. "You could just tell heís a special talent by watching him warm up," Vanderbilt HC Drew said. "If he comes back itís only going to make them better for a stretch run." He didn't. 

He was not good at Missouri. "Of course heís a tremendous player," Missouri HC Anderson said. "He brings some athletic ability. And heís an elite player." Great athlete when healthy. 

However it is all about the medicals for him. 

But there also was some controversy. Missouri signed Michael's dad and namesake as an assistant coach, and he got his two very talented sons to sign with Mizzou. "None of those three guys were coming here (if me, my farther, and my brother didn't sign here)," Michael Porter Jr said. "Blake is so good. Jeremiah is so good. My brother is very good. I feel like we have every piece in the puzzle to really make a crazy story." If worked out very well for Missouri. 

It didn't work out well for Michael. "I always wanted to do my own thing," Porter Jr. said. "And be remembered for years and years. Instead of being just another great player to go to an outstanding school. I really want to leave a legacy in college." He didn't.

He seemed to compare himself to Markelle Fultz. "The big difference between Markelle and me is that Markelle didnít really have a lot of talent coming with him to Washington," Porter Jr. said. "We have three or four potential pros. So even though this team wasnít outstanding last year, those guys are older, better, stronger and I have a ton of talent coming in with me. I just feel like I wonít have to take all the weight on my shoulders." Both got hurt and struggled to win in their one and done season.

The Reason: I want Bamba enough to trade up into the top five, because he is a dominator inside. But he also has some outside skill, and is a much more skilled basketball player than you think. And... well... Danny likes him.

The Mavs shot less 2-pointers than any team, a stunning average of 27% inside the arc, and about 62% from three. They need a guy in the Paint more than any other team. They were not an Iso team that wanted to drive to the hoop and score, or drive and kick if the defense collapse, like the Celtics. So they desperately need an inside presence to rebound and score in the Paint. Jackson and Bamba are one two on their list. 

However, Porter is the elite talent in this Draft if is knee was fixed properly. He could be another Nowitzki in a few years. He could be a Durant/Nowitzki Big shooter if everything goes right. Playing a year with Nowitzki can only help as well. 

Second Choice: Mavs take Michael Porter PF/Wing

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Mohamed Bamba

6. Magic- Mohamed Bamba- Center, 7'-.25", 203, Texas, FR, WS 7-10! 9-5 SR!

16.3 PPG, 7.4 RPG, 3 APG, 54.9% 2-P, 37.8 3-P, 1.7 Steals, 1.1 Blocks,

The Team: Another interesting aspect of the Bamba rumor is who leaked it. Because it seems to have benefited more than one team. It looks like it has benefited the Memphis, the Magic and the Mavs the most. They have declared themselves open for business at picks four, Five and Six. 

Memphis, Mavs, and Magic have a ton riding on picks 4, 5 and 6. They can stick and get a top prospect, but they have declared that that is not what they want to do. They have all come out and declared that they need more than one player. They need more than one piece. They know that if it is about Championships they need more shots at Transcendent players. 

They screamed out I'm open for business in the Deveney article: "Who thinks they need one piece to win it all? Because we know we need more than one!" The Celtics could go as high as Pick Three to Atlanta to grab Bamba. 

So there were five teams announcing that they were open for business. Atlanta wants a PG. Schroder seems to have lost his mind, and is causing trouble on and off the court as his mental state deteriorates. So if they think Rozier can run their Point (and yes the basis of all these trades I am trying to work out is to keep Jaylen Brown on the Celtics. I just can't see trading Brown for Bamba)? Rozier, pick 27, and one or two of the 2019 Lottery Picks is an easy trade. That seems to be the simplest solution for both teams. So we know that won't happen. Of course the Kyrie situation now makes that deal a lot more sketchy. 

Memphis at Four has to make that trade with the Celtics. They completely destroyed their team last year. They are in a compete rebuild mold whether they know it or not. If they know it, they desperately need their 2019 Lottery Pick back in a hurry. So they can tank-tank-tank. The Celtics can also offer the Sacramento pick, if Danny loves Bamba as much as reported. That seems to be the second trade that would work out for both teams. So I'm sayin' there's a chance.

However, if the scatterbrained Memphis Franchise doesn't know their front office chaos has destroy their veteran team? Than they will not trade out of Four, or maybe ask for veterans instead of picks. It would be a disaster for them. Getting next years' pick back and the Sacramento pick, plus a young veteran or two would quicken the rebuild by years. Plus, they leaked they want out of Four already.

While Dallas is done. They have a great young point guard, and a dying German Superstar. They have to come to grips with the fact that Nowitzki is done. They need to dump veterans and grab as much youth as they can. Getting some young rebounders, and some Lottery Picks would hasten their rebuild by years. 

The problem is that they don't need Rozier. They need Brown. The Celtics cannot give up their Playoff leader from last season. Tatum showed to be an exciting young talent, but he was the fourth or fifth option, and played without pressure because of the other leaders like Brown and Horford, and later Rozier. If would be tough for the Mavs to make the deal without Brown. Though they should be more interested in the Celtics three picks than players.

So all this speculation was not just speculation, because all four teams declared that one pick in the Lottery was not the best option for their team. The Celtics have the ammo, and the Hawks, Memphis, Mavs, and Magic have the positon. I'm not saying they want to trade, they declared their intentions to trade for all to see to Deveney. The best news is that only one team answered their call to trade down, and that was the Celtics. 

The Celtics will have four shots at Bamba. Four teams said they want out, though Atlanta also said they love Bagley and will likely get him at Three. So that leaves Memphis at Four first. But there is such chaos in their front office that is it hard to tell if they can see their demise through their cloud of chaos. 

Then you have the lowly Mavs, who declared they want out of Six. This could be the last chance saloon for Trader Danny. because Bamba might be the best rebounder from this Draft, and they certainly don't need Rozier. So does Cuban realize that they are in a complete rebuild. The Nikiski-era is done. Can he take three picks and a bag of beans for pick Six? 

Normally I would say no. They all need Bigs and can sit tight and divvy up Bagley, Jackson, Bamba, and Carter. But, they declared they wanted out. The Celtics declared they wanted in. Hawks. Memphis, Mavs, and Magic declared they needed multiple pieces to rebuild, and not just one Big in the top Six. So the only real question is how much does Danny really want Bamba?

He has the ammo to get to three, never mind Six. Getting Bamba would change the defense of the Celtics quickly. Maybe not as a rookie, but he could start to pay dividends in the Playoffs, when defense is everything. The LeBron and Kyrie controversies (and yes there are at least two;) are the only wrench left to throw into the works. 

If Kyrie is gone the Celtics will need Rozier, which could take Atlanta out of the running. I just don't see how Atlanta says no with Rozier in a Deal? And if Danny is as worried about Kyrie's situations as I am? He cannot trade Rozier. But if we get LeBron... I would not cry if they traded Brown. The Gizz cannot pass on a deal that gives them Brown and their 2019 pick back. 

The Mavs and Magic will have to step up if they want one of the young pieces the Celts have that they just watched in the Playoffs, and so desperately need to jumpstart their rebuilds. So the Celtics have four about 50-50 shots at getting Bamba. The question is can they keep Brown and Rozier and still make a deal? Of course nothing will be done until LeBron makes his decision, and they get a clue about Kyrie. The best of times just turned into the toughest of times for Danny and the Celtics. 

The Player: Mo Bamba: More Skilled Than You Think.

The Reason: the Magic were the worst rebounding team in the NBA last season. They need a Big that can rebound more than anything else. The Celts don't really have that guy they can trade to them, unless you consider Monroe that guy. But he is a throw in not a feature piece.  

If the Magic could swing a deal with the Celtics they could still get a rebounder or two in this Draft. They could also pick up maybe Yabusele (who can rebound a little), and maybe Baynes or Theis (who can definitely rebound), and the two Lottery Picks. Plus, the Celtics could give up 27 so they could get another rebounder this year. They will want Brown, but the Celtics will not say yes, unless they get LeBron. 

This is Bamba's floor. The Mavs are the worst rebounding team in the NBA. They were 29th in D-rebounds and 30th in O-rebounds. If they don't trade out of this spot they will snag Mo Bamba, and break Danny's little heart. So I think I've covered the Celtics trade up rumors more than anyone really wanted me too. But that rumor certainly made this Draft a hundred times more interesting.

The LeBron rumor stuck a cork in the excitement. While the Kyrie rumor has had terrifying consequences. Kyrie was one of my favorite players last season (Yes even more than Brown jerk-balls;). The way he scoops and half-hooks right in the face of Bigs is astonishing. I have never seen another guy do that. I cannot figure out how a 6-10 guys switches over to him and he scoops it up right in front of him. It is magic. 

I doubted him when the trade was made. But his clutch threes and astonishing drives and scoops to the hoop won me over. But I don't think he is trustworthy. I pray his knee is trustworthy. And by the way the f-ing Earth is round. But I believe he wants to play close to home. He can go home after this season (or close enough) by signing with the Knicks as a free agent. He is probably one of those idiots that considers the MSG the Mecca of basketball, and not the real Garden. The Boston F-ing Garden is the Mecca of Basketball jerk-balls.

So I do not blame him for wanting to go home. But the Knicks will have to trade with the Celtics for him. Only the Celtics can give him that mega 200 million dollar deal. The only real solution to which is Danny going after LeBron big time, which would naturally constitute trading Kyrie to the Knicks. One cannot be done without the other.  

Kyrie, with a return home on the mind, sent well wishes to Porzingis when he blew out his knee. "I told him I would love to play with a big like you, man, when we played them in the beginning of the season when he came to Boston," Irving said at the All-Star game. "Heís so versatile. So I wish him nothing but the best and hope he comes back even stronger." He has one eye on New York, and the other on LeBron.

Kyrie is gone. He grew up in West Orange New Jersey, which is said to be near New York, New York (I have no idea where it is;). LeBron would guarantee a trip to the Finals for his mortal enemy Kyrie's ex-team. You can't tell me he doesn't want to stick it to Kyrie, after Kyrie stuck it to him last year. Basketball-wise Boston is the best place for LeBron. But as we all know basketball is not the only factor in his decision. 

The Celts, with LeBron (Bamba;) and Gordon, can beat the Warriors in the Finals. Boston would also be guaranteed a trip to the Finals with LeBron, which he would not be guaranteed in the West.  

Second Choice: Trade Bamba to Celtics

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Wendell Carter

7. Bulls- Wendell Carter Duke, C/PF, 6-10, 251, 7-4.5" Wingspan,

2 APG, 13.5 PPG, 9.1 RPG, 2.1 BPG, 41.3% 3-P. 56.1 FG%,

The Team: Okay, for the record. Anton goes First. Doncic goes Second. Atlanta takes Bagley (who they are rumored to love-love-love). If Memphis somehow doesn't trade with the Celtics (though they have proclaimed loudly and proudly they are profoundly willing), they take Jaren Jackson C/Wing from Michigan State. 

Then the Mavs take a chance on Porter at Five, who was the best player in this Draft before he hurt his knee (though a rebounder might be more prudent). Which leaves the Celtics/Magic staring at each other with Bamba still on the Board. I say it's 50/50 the Celtics end up with Bamba. 

Which leaves Wendell Carter for the Bulls. He is a big PF and modern NBA Center. He is a better 3-point shooter than I thought, but he needs time. He can bring together the defense and the rebounding. He can set the big picks for their young Big Three: Markkanen, LaVine, and Dunn. And when left alone on the Pick and Pop, he can hit the Three. He will also develop into their forth.  

The Player: Carter is a much more fluid athlete than you would think for a guy listed at 260 (251 at the Combine). He has a nice lefty handle. He goes to the hoop and gets great O-rebounding position on almost every shot. He is a terrific smooth athlete. He is a great open court player. He gets to the hoop fast. He only averaged 13.5 points per game, and 9.1 rebounds, but he only played 26.9 minutes per games.

Nice jump hook in traffic. He is aggressive going after the ball, even on bad passes. Not a great passer. When he has time, he is a solid 3-point shooter. He can control the middle on defense when he gets a chance. Terrific defender stopping drivers from getting good shots in the paint. He can cut off the smaller guard when he switches off the pick, and he sticks with them better than his size would indicate. When he is inside, he changes a lot of shots.

Carter knows the Bulls new big three: Chris Dunn, LaVine, and Markkanen. "Great player," Carter said about Markkanen. "I was just thinking me and him playing together on the court would be definitely a killer." He could be their forth. 

He showed he could sacrifice his stats to help his team win. "Bagley is a phenomenal player. He came into college basketball and did what he was supposed to do," Carter said. "My role changed a little bit. But Iím a winner. Whatever situation I come into, I automatically buy in. The coaches just want to win. And I want to win too. So whatever they ask me to do. If itís just rebounding and blocking shots and setting good picks, Iím willing to do that just to win." He showed he could score more when Bagley was out of games.

He sacrificed for his teammates, and they knew it. "He has a really good basketball IQ and a great feel for the game," Grayson Allen said. "He's one of the most versatile guys Iíve played with. He can do a lot with his strength and post scoring. But when we played (UNC), he trailed a ball screen and shot a 3. That speaks to how he can fit in multiple spots on the court." He has the ability to take his game out to the 3-point line.

But I think his value is as a defender and rebounder inside. "For the most part, I think college does put a limitation on a lot of players," Carter said. :The NBA, I think thatís more my realm where I can show what I can do. Iím a competitor, especially on the defensive end. Iíve been working on my lateral quickness so I can guard guards in pick-and-roll actions. On the offensive end, I didnít get to show much of it at Duke. But I think Iím pretty versatile in (on offense). I can bring the ball up the court. Iím able to shoot it from deep and from all three levels." He is a better shooter than he showed at Duke. 
He did show he could cover out on the perimeter. "[NBA guys] want somebody thatís versatile that can shoot from the outside, can guard the perimeter," Carter said. "So thatís something Iíve been working on throughout this draft process. I definitely buy into [the no position League]. Iím a competitor, especially on the defensive end. I think Iíve showed most of what I can do." He is a solid defender and rebounder that all teams need, even if they've forgotten it recently. 

He is another Duke-ster that is smart and plays great D. "I just come in and do every day what they ask me to do," Carter said. "I think Iím pretty versatile as a player. I just find a way to fit into a team, bind to the system. And Iím a winner. Iíll do what I have to do to win." It will be interesting to see if he can step out to the perimeter and play D.
The Reason: Word on the street in Chicago is that they really like Carter. It would take a lot for them to come off of him.

Second Choice: Mikal Bridges Wing

Trae Young

8. Cavs- Trae Young- Point, 6-1 3/4", 6-1/2" W/O Shoes,180, Oklahoma, FR, 

6-3" Wingspan, 8.7 APG, 27.4 PPG, 3.9 RPG, 1.7.1 SPG, 35.3% 3-P. 42.2 FG%,

The Team: The Cavs need a leader and shot maker more than anything else. They are in complete and utter rebuilding mode with LeBron fleeing Cleveland again (which the smartest thing he's ever done, huh, again;). I never understood the vitriol about him screaming out of Cleveland and the Cavs criminal owner. Hell, I would've!

So now they got nothing and nobody, except their criminal owner, and roster full of bums who can't do it unless LeBron sets them up. They will be the worst team in the League next season. 

The Player: Young is as talented as Steph Curry. In fact, he is a better passer. He is also a better shooter than Curry was in college. That is not hyperbole. However, he does not have his NBA size. He is a tiny little guy, with elite quicks and tricks. He consistently bombed it from the Oklahoma Logo just past half court. Incredible quick release and range on the best Jumper in the Draft. 

But DAMN he's small. Curry was 6-3 coming out, and I don't believe that Sexton is 6-2, and I don't know who he can cover. But he can shoot, and he is an elite passer. In fact, he is much-much better passer than Curry at the same age. He is also quick and tricky driving to the hole. But damn he is small. 

The problem is that the NBA is freakish height league. You have to be terrifically tall to play in the League. He just doesn't have the size. As a pure PG he has the requirements offensively, but he is not a great defender. He is also very smart and will run the offense to a T, and knows when to shot and when to pass. 

He lead the NCAA in scoring last season as a true freshman. "His production speaks for itself. No need to over think," a scout said. "He leads the nation in scoring and assists while being game-planned for by every opponent. His skills and vision make up for average athleticism."

He is a terrific pick and roll player." He also lead the nation in assist with 8.7 assists per game. 

He can score on the diving scoop, and the floater as well. "The spacing of the NBA, his shooting and passing, I think he's going to be good," another scout said. "He has that mentality, too. He legitimately wants to be good. He isn't fake." But he can be a bit too much of a volume shooter sometimes. 

He take too many shots 10-plus feet beyond the arc. "I don't see it with him," an exec said. "He's erratic with the ball, and he's a teaser. Volume shooter. I have concerns on him." But that is what the Warriors are doing now a days.

He is still only 19, and with his work ethic he will improve his shooting. "As he matures, he's going to have to balance out his impulsive play," a scout said. "Because while that's flashy, and all of us love to see it when he's hot, it's not going to take you very far as a team. Defensively, he has to be better, plain and simple." Defensively, I don't know who he covers. 
The Reason: The Cavs need a brand new leader. If Young can get over his lack of height requirement, he can run an NBA team, That is what Cleveland needs more than anything else. But damn he's small. 

Second Choice: Mikal Bridges Wing

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