Here is Part One of my 

2018 Boston Celtics

1st Round Mock Draft.

SV=Standing Vert, MV=Max Vert + SR-Standing Reach = MVR Max Vert Reach.

This Draft is going to change the NBA. The NBA has moved too far out to the 3-point line. This Draft is about to overwhelm the NBA with Legit Centers. Guys who can dominate in the Paint, like Embiid. There are 7-foot super athletes all over this year Lottery like nothing I've ever seen: DeAndre Ayton, Marvin Bagley, Jaren Jackson Jr, Mohamed Bamba, Wendell Carter, even Michael Porter is now a 6-11 guy, and some guy named Mitchell Robinson (who has great form on his jumper) is a pure size 7-footer who could slip into the first half of the 1sr Round. 

These guys are all 7-footers (or close to it;) and can cover on the Wing. But who in the NBA is going to cover them inside, once they get their groves on. They are going to own the Paint against teams that don't have anything resembling a real NBA Center, like the Celtics. The Celtics are also going to have to be prepared to face Embiid every season for the next decade or so. 

Danny not only sees the trend in this Draft, but also knows he has to get someone who can match up on Embiid. He has two guys he can put on Simmons (Brown and Odom). But they got nothing or no one who can cover Embiid, like most of the teams in the NBA, they don't don't have a guy who can match up against a real NBA Center. And there is potential in this Draft for five to seven legit NBA Centers to suddenly be dominating the Paint in a League that has moved too far outside.

The primary the flaw of the 3-Point formula is fouls. Threes don't draw fouls, and put teams in the penalty. But Bigs inside draw the 3-point plays, or miss and go to the line for two. So a big who can draw a foul and score inside, can cause more problems than a great 3-point shooter. As we saw in the Conference Finals: you live by the Three or you die by the Three. But the Big guys can miss inside and still score Two, or score three in the Paint with an and one. 

Plus, my basketball philosophy is "If you can't rebound, you can't win." Because rebounds are caused by defense (or bad 3-point shooting;). A rebound is usually the result of great defense. But you also need the guy who can grab the rebound. The Celtics played great defense, but didn't always have the guy inside to grab the rebound. Or the Big inside who can draw the fouls to put the opponent in the penalty, and hit free throws. 

The Three at all cost philosophy is nice, but you will die with that strategy sometimes (Celtics and Rockets in Game Seven). The Post strategy has it's flaws as well. But you don't die when you draw fouls. You hurt the opponents defense. Defenders who are starters are taken off the floor because of foul trouble. And when you can't hit a shot, two free throws equals a basket, when you shoot like the Celtics did in the second half of Game Seven. 

If the Celtics can swing a deal for Bamba or Bagley (who I think is a better Wing defender), or Jalen Jackson (who is the best defender of the Bigs out to the 3-point line)? They could have the best of both worlds!

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DeAndre Ayton

1. Phoenix- DeAndre Ayton- Arizona, 19, 7-1, 223, 7-4 WS, 9-3 SR,.

34.3% 3-P! 73.3 FT%, 20.1 PPG, 1.5 APG, 11.5 RPG, 2.0 Blocks.

The Team: The teams new coach coached Luca Doncic. "There’s a very small grouping of players we’d consider trading it for," Suns GM McDonough said. "It would have to be a proven young star player with multiple years on his contract or multiple years of team control. Once you start whittling down the list, that list probably shrinks to a handful of players. If not fewer players than that. So I think the overwhelming likelihood is that we keep the pick." However, the GM McDonough said that Center is a "slightly higher" priority. 

They have the outside shooters that would really compliment an inside force. The question for me is how good can he cover on the perimeter when he is forced to switch. He consistently gave up the Jumper when he was out at the 3-line on defense. 
The Player: Ayton is known as the generational Center, but their might be more than one in this Draft. His assists per game worries me a little, but he is so dominate down low that he is expected to score. Great footwork, Vert, and power make him impossible to stop in the post. He will need to work on his passing to become a true team player. He reminds me of Artis Gilmore.

He also has some flags. I'd like to see him dominated the Paint more. Which is dumb, because he faced a lot of zone defense that collapsed on him. Which is why I think passing is his primary weakness. He can be a little mechanical in the post sometimes. But again, he is so physically dominate that it will come. 

He is not great on defense on the perimeter. "He’s a terrific athlete. I think a lot of it was schematically they had him playing the four with Ristic. So he was guarding away from the basket on the perimeter (a lot)" McDonough said. "In the NBA he’s a Five. He slides well, he moves his feet well. He’s a tremendous athlete at that size in terms of strength, fluidity, coordination, all of that, so I think what I’ve seen on film and person a lot of it is just experience. 

"Knowing defensive rotations, when to switch, when to rotate, that just comes with time and playing. I think he has a high-level feel for the game, especially on the offensive end of the floor and, from my experience, guys who have that on the offensive end of the floor usually over time are able to translate that to the defensive end of the floor."

However, he does switch out to the 3-point line. He has such great length that Wings can't get past him. But he gives up the Three a lot. In the new NBA covering out to the 3-point line is imperative for Centers if they want to stay on the court. Like a lot of super high school stars, he played defense to not foul, as he was instructed by his coaches. When he got in foul trouble his teams lost. Jaren Jackson and Bagley are better perimeter defenders. 

He does a nice job showing, but can over show and has trouble getting back to his man. His perimeter defense is better than expected, but still needs work (big surprise;). He has a nice handle, and can take the pass before half court and dribble to the hole righty. He can catch the low pass in traffic and score smoothly. 

Solid post passer. He is a solid midrange shooter. He can catch, turn, and shoot with ease. He has easy natural hands to catch and slam. Unstoppable dunker in the low post. Solid elbow jumper. He uses his legs and wrist well in his shot, and should get better and better. 

The Reason: He is the most physically dominate prospect to come around in a while. "I honestly think there are some drafts you prefer not to have the Number One pick just because there isn’t a player worthy of that. I think in some ways you’re set up to fail in that scenario," McDonough said. "This year we feel the opposite. We feel there are four or five players in normal drafts that would be in the mix for Number One, if not the Number One pick. So we view that as a good problem to have. It’s a really talented draft. I think this will be one you look back on historically and say that was one of the better drafts this decade." He showed some perimeter defense, which he will have to play in the new NBA Three and D League. 

Second Choice: Marvin Bagley C

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Luka Doncic

2. Sacramento- Luka Doncic, Wing, 6-8, 228, 30.9% 3-P! 59.2% 2-P!

4.6 APG, 14.5 PPG, 8.1 RPG, 1.1 SPG,

The Team: They need the best player available. "Word around the NBA is they are not very high on Luka Doncic," Givony wrote. "The strength of this draft is in the frontcourt, and the Kings are reportedly looking to take advantage of that due to lack of progress shown by their young bigs. Although Bagley has some positional concerns defensively, his athleticism, motor, rebounding, finishing ability and overall productivity are very attractive to Sacramento." However, their young Bigs are Euros. 

It is impossible to deny that Divac has a penchant for Drafting Euros. 
The Player: Doncic is a superior talent. He is as young as all the young Bigs in this Draft, but he is a much more skilled player. He can run an offense, and sets up teammates with his great passing instincts. He is also a shot maker and a natural scorer that all teams need.  

At 19 he was the Euro-League Final Four MVP. That is unprecedented. He is the best Euro I've seen since Drazen Petrovic. He is bigger than Petrovic, but Petrovic was lighter on his feet and twitchier. Divac, who knew Petrovic, will not pass on this elite offensive talent. 

The Reason: Divac is making the picks, and he likes the Euros, period. His foray into Euro prospects was not great in his first Draft. But Doncic is worthy of the second pick. 

Second Choice: Marvin Bagley C/PF

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Marvin Bagley

3. Atlanta- Marvin Bagley- Duke, Center, 6-11,  41.2% 3-P! 73.2% 2-P!

1.5 APG, 21 PPG, 11.1 RPG, 61.4% FG%,

The Team: They need the best player available. Getting a Big would be huge for them. They have a good point guard, and some scoring wings. They need to add a Big, and this is the Draft to do it. 

The Player: Marvin Bagley: Smooth.
The Reason: If Bagley is on the Board they will not pass on him. If the Mavs stick here look for them to take on chance on the skilled Big who would be a steal here. Marvin Bagley has star potential written all over him. Some question his toughens, but I didn't think that was really a problem. They also need some serious character player who can lift the culture. Bagley has top character and is as skilled a Big as in in this Draft. 

Second Choice: None

Jaren Jackson

4. Celtics/Memphis- Mohamed Bamba- Center, 7'-.25", 203, Texas, FR, WS 7-10! 9-5 SR!

16.3 PPG, 7.4 RPG, 3 APG, 54.9% 2-P, 37.8 3-P, 1.7 Steals, 1.1 Blocks,

The Team: The Celtics are rumored to want to trade up to three to snag the Texas kid. That is a pretty exciting story. "Sources told Sporting News that Boston has expressed interest in Bamba," Sean Deveney wrote. "Including interviewing him at the Chicago pre-draft combine two weeks ago. Bamba measured in with a record wingspan of 7-10 in Chicago, reinforcing his status as the most ready-made rim protector in the draft." However, they cannot trade Brown.

Brown, Odom, and Rozier just took a not ready for Primetime team to Game Seven in the Eastern Conference Finals. Those three guys lead the Celtics in a way never before seen by 1st and 2nd year players. The clutch, the smarts, and the poise was truly unheard of before. Maybe they were too young and didn't understand the pressure, the heart break, and the horror of losing in the playoffs. Sometimes guys are too young and dumb to succumb to the pressure. 

However, what we saw was unprecedented in the NBA Playoffs: Rozier taking over the point, and Brown and Tatum leading the offense with 18 PPG each in the Playoffs. They didn't show they could score and win in the Regular Season. They showed they could score and win, with some clutch, in the Playoffs. You don't even think about giving one of those guys up for a bag of beans. 

The Celtics have the ammo to go up to picks 4 or 5 without giving their two young veteran Playoff scorers "The Celtics have the No. 27 pick," Deveney wrote. "But they have multiple assets on hand that could help them move into the top five of the draft, where the Grizzlies (No. 4) and Mavericks (No. 5) have made it clear they’re willing to make a deal." However, Rozier is another story.

And I am not saying that like an idiot who thinks he has to go because he sucked in Game Seven against the Cavs. To toss away everything he did in the Playoffs (5.7 APG, 16.5 PPG, 5.3 RPG, and terrific on the ball defense) after one bad game makes you an idiot. He is a starting NBA Playoff Point Guard on a team that was one win away from the Finals! He Dominated the point in the Playoffs! That makes him the most valuable PG available this off season.

Plus, Kyrie is coming back. He is not giving up minutes to Rozier. Sure having Rozier could take Kyrie down to about 24 minutes a game in the first half of the season (which I would do, do to my insecurity over his knee;). Plus, it was said that Stevens wanted Hayward to be the back up PG when Kyrie was off the floor. We also know that Kyrie is a big baby when it comes to minutes. He won't stand for it. 

Brown and Tatum have to stay (unless the name Anthony Davis is involved;). So Rozier has to go. Now this might precipitate the resigning of Smart as a much bigger priority to play the Point if the unthinkable happens again. I'd like to keep Rozier as Kyrie Knee Insurance, but he is not getting minutes next season if Kyrie can help it. They can also pick up a veteran PG as insurance to help Hayward and Larkin if the unthinkable happens. 

Right now, Rozier's value is at it's peak, and the Celtics know he is not getting minutes on their roster, if Kyrie can stay healthy. He is an instant impact player for any Lottery team that is smart enough to trade for him. This trade is just a rumor. But when you look at Kyrie coming back, Rozier is the top impact player in this off season who is expendable, and the Celtics know it. Brown is not expendable. The leading scorer from your teams impossible Playoff run is not tradable. 

The Player: Jaren Jackson PF/Wing/C: He sometimes seems more interested in boxing out than rebounding position. He deferred to his older teammates too much. He is an amazing athlete who can cover anyone out to the 3-point line. He doesn't have his offense down yet, and needs a go to move to start. Great rebound. Great length. 
He can hit the three, and drive to the hoop. Then he can sprint back and block the shot on the fastbreak. Smart kid. He has to get a little stronger in the base. He can struggle to hold position against wider Bigs. He has a nice quick shot from Three. You do not see guys his size with a tight quick shot like that. He can attack the hoop from the 3-point line lefty, and shot the lefty layup. Very impressive for a 6-11 guy.
The Reason: This years Draft is an elite Draft of Bigs. Basketball is still played by oversized freaks in the NBA. If you have a chance to take a 7-footer who can dominate the paint, and still be athletic enough to get outside can cover smaller 3-point shooters, you have to take him.  

Next years Draft is not considered to be a good one, while this year's Draft is considered to be a great one. You want a top five pick this year, not next year. They have Memphis 1st next year in their back pocket. Memphis knows they suck-suck-suck and won't be a winner for a while. So while Rozier is a player with All-Star potential (or at least Playoff winner potential at the point), they are not desperate for a PG. But Rozier, pick 27, and the conditional Memphis pick the Celtics own that takes away a giant piece of their future that they really can't part with? That is a strong maybe. 

The Celtics are overloaded with young players who showed some potential in the Playoffs, and they won't really have space for next season. Players like Semi Ojeleye (who showed he could be a 3 and D guy in the Playoffs), Yabusele (a muscle guy who can hit the Three), and/or Theis (a veteran Euro guy who showed he has that knack for getting the ball) could be the finals fillers. They are not the main pieces. Rozier, 27, and Memphis's conditional Pick are the meat, and those three players could be the potatoes that makes the trade complete. 

Now this is mostly speculation, but their have been talks. Danny has shown he will hoist up a lot of good to very good pieces for a great one. 

Plus, the entire Grizzlies franchise completely collapsed last season when they benched their veterans. "The whole Marc Gasol situation has been a very strange storyline during an already strange season for the Grizzlies," Jack Noonan wrote. "When David Fizdale was fired, everyone jumped on Gasol for being a 'coach killer', because it was a known fact that Gasol and Fizdale had their differences. The organization went with their All-Star center over Fizdale. So, this creates the question of, since they stuck with him once, will they hold on to him through the down years of a rebuild?" They are in a complete rebuild, and they know it. 

Now there's even a power struggle in Ownership. "The head of any decision the Grizzlies make for the future will be ex-Celtics GM, Chris Wallace," Noonan wrote. "Even with all the blunders Wallace has made, he always finds a way to survive it, and it looks like he may again with the ownership in flux. The Grizzlies have a chance to hit the reset button, but nothing is as easy as it should be with Chris Wallace in charge." The minority owner optioned a clause that takes power away from the majority owner.

The roster is old and past it's time. "I think whether or not Gasol ends up being traded this season will depend largely on how the ownership battle plays out," Aimee Stiegemeyer wrote. "If Robert Pera sells his stake in the team, I think there’s a fairly good chance that Gasol ends up being traded." They are desperate for a youth movement, with zero chances of coming out of the West in the next five to ten years. 

This trade would give them a sudden influx of young players that have shown it in the Playoffs (Rozier and Osemele), a couple of young Euro Vets (Theis and Yabusele), and a couple of 1sts that they desperately need. While the Celtics get a big Center who they can build their defense around.

Second Choice: Memphis takes Jaren Jackson C/PF/Wing

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