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Preseason Game One: Part VI.


1st and 10, Guy is a big guy. He made his bones as a 5-Tech on the Ravens 3-4. But he grew into a DT as well last season on the Pats. He also was a valuable weapon in the Pats Nickel and Dime set when they had two D-linemen with their hands down in the dirt. They have to look first for runs, draws, and delays. He is a run first DL, and then get his hands up in the QB's face second.

"Lawrence is out there every day. He's a hardworking guy, he's tough, very professional, comes to work every day, works hard, wants to know what you want him to do and tries to do it the best that he can and works very hard at it." Belichick said. "I have a lot of respect for him and the way he's approached everything all year: new team, new situation. But he's embraced it. And has really given us a great effort every single day. Not just on Sunday, but every day he's come in and done everything he can do to be a better player to try to help the team."

Guy lined up at DT in a 4-3, with both OLBs on the line. He got his long arms extended and grabbed the ORG, who they were running behind. He held him up until the RB ran into his butt. The RB got low and straggled the ball with both arms, as he tried to dig his way past Guy's obstruction. He finally fell to the side for a cloud of dust. So while Guy never touched him, and Shelton made the tackle, he was the one who stopped everything in that run.

2nd and 7, Bentley had a great game. The more versatility you show, the more likely you are to make the team. He showed he could cover. But in this game, we saw something new. They put him in at OLB. He is going to be training to play MLB and set up the defense. But when they put him in at OLB, in more of a 4-3 scheme than a 3-4 scheme, he looked excellent. He was drafted as a thumper who could set up the defense and played some good Zone defense at Purdue. He showed he could rush the passer from the edge in this game. Are they training him to fill the Hightower hybrid ILB/OLB role?

"He's a smart kid, eager to learn, fast learner. He's a big kid, quick on his feet. He's going to be a good ballplayer," Hightower said. "He's a young guy, he's eager to learn, very smart in the classroom, always asking questions. I mean, he can cover. He can do a little bit of everything. He's still obviously got a ways to go being a rookie or whatever. But I mean, every day he's wanting to get better and that's a great way to start."

The Patriots lined up in that new 4-3, with both OLB on the line outside the D-ends. That's looks like something he can get better at, not just being an ILB. Bentley lined up at OLB outside of Rivers on QB's right. They stunted. Rivers went outside and dragged the ORT out into space with him. Bentley shot inside like a rocket. He charged the QB and got his hands up and hit him after he threw. He made the pass go high, but the WR caught in front of JC Jackson.

1st and 10, Jackson was the star rookie of the off season. He comes to town with a ton of baggage, and one shot at the big time. He is a big Corner, in the mold the Pats have been turning to. But he is bigger than Gilmore and Rowe. He looked like a fluid athlete moving backwards. But he still looked a little wide-eyed in this game. He gave up a lot of passes in front of him, which is how they schemed this preseason game, keep it all in front of you. He closes on the WR well, He has to show he make a play on the ball, and not just the WR. However, that was not what they wanted him to do in this game.

1st and 20, Jackson lined up outside on Davis again. He was in deep Off this time. Davis went deep, and Jackson showed some great feet in his pedal moving backwards. He can really move backwards while focused on the WR. As he was doing all game, he took away the deep stuff first. That is why he was giving up passes underneath him (it is Preseason, where they are working on things that don't always look good on the field). With cutting off the deep pass, Wise roaring up the middle, the QB dumped the ball off to the FB.

1st and 10, they are counting a lot on Ja'Whaun Bentley this season. He is a good athlete for an ILB. I was expecting a prototype ILB, like Steve Nelson from Bentley. But he also had an impressive 11.5 TFLs, to go along with his 97 tackles last season. He is going to have to play better on Special Teams to make the Pats. I will be looking for him on special teams in the last three Preseason games.

"A pretty impressive kid," Nick Caserio said after the Draft. "[He's] been through a lot on a personal level. But a good football player: very smart, signal-caller, ran the defense there at Purdue, played for a couple of different coaches, a couple of different staffs. We brought him in here for a visit here to Foxborough. He was awesome. He was really, really impressive."

Derrius Guice chewed up the defense for an ugly long run. But they called holding on the FB, as Bentley filled the hole. He shoved off the FB. So he had too grab Bentley's shirt and pull him down.

1st and 17, the rush was slow, and the coverage dropped too far back. The young CB Francis gave up a 16-yard pass on 1st and 17. Which is again a Preseason play, where they are not playing situational football. They are working on techniques, schemes, and their position and responsibilities in the called defense. But I did not think #39 looked good all game.

2nd and 1, Jordan Richards is a bit of an enigma. He plays out of position a lot as more of a Linebacker than a Safety. Is that because they want him to eventually play in the Chung Rover role, or is it because he can cover deep. We know he plays a ton of special teams. We know he is smart. We know he tough. We know BB likes him. But he has been disappointing as a Safety in this defense.

"It’s really the entire group. [The] group of safeties, [and] group of corners," Richards said. "The defense has just been huge, and I’m excited to play football again and excited to be on this field each and every day."

The Pats lined up in a 4-4 with Richards in a Free Safety. He Sliced through a hole, got the 1st, and headed to the 2nd level. He was meet in the gut, but Richards' shoulder pads, and Elandon Roberts' shoulder pads. The two form-tackled him backwards off his feet together.

Okay the game was really over by this point. The Pats had no interest in winning this game. They barely played the starters and not much was learned about the team. The idea that you could garner any information about wins and losses in the Regular Season from anything in this game is stunningly stupid. The Pats came back against the 3rd string with a bunch of 2nd and 3rd stringers. Whoop-De-Doo! We won’t know anything about this Offense (except the O-line;) until Brady plays.

About the only thing you could garner from this mess was the play of the lines. Both lines played well. The O-line looked great when the first unit played. The fact that Trent Brown was the best player on the field when the offense was on the field is maybe the only sign that you could use to point to victories in the Regular season. Waddle was a little scary, but he got the job done. He has to improve playing right handed. The three interior guys looked like three zone-running scheme OLs who had played together for a few years.

Patterson looked interesting He made a few spectacular catches. However, where was the separation? The catches were great, because he didn’t create any separation in pattern, and that was against 2nd stringers. He has to show he can create separation against 1st stringers to be successful this season. 

The D-line was terrific. The run defense was a little lacking by the starters. But the rush was nice, and much more important in today’s NFL. Shelton looked elite. Guy looked ready. Brown looked mean and healthy again. Wise and Rivers were hitting and pressuring the QB consistently. That is more important than anything else we saw. With out their two veteran pass rushers (Flowers and Clayborn) they still had two guys who hurt the QB.

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