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Preseason Game Two: Part V.


1st and 10, the Pats lined up in a 4-3. One of those LBs was definitely Chung, as the Eagles went 3-Wide Weak shotgun. Philly ran a draw up the middle. There were seven defenders stuffing it. Bentley, Chung, and Roberts came out of the bottom of the pile. I think Roberts got him first.

2nd and 7, the Pats matched up in a 4-2 Nickel. Davis and Wise both had nice rushes, but both ended up behind the QB. Wise grabbed the QB from behind as he threw, and the pass was way off. The Pats DBs were also great in coverage all game long. They were throwing at Rowe a little, but not really completing them.

3rd and 7, the Pats went Dime and crowded the line with five guys: 2-up 3-down. They send all five. But they tried to stunt and crash into themselves a little and stalled. But the coverage was great again. The QB could only dump it off to the RB. He was taken down well short by Devon, who always plays with great position, to force the punt.


The Offense marched out on 1st and 10, they lined up in an I. Brady handed it to Gillislee inside. But Shaq, Andrews, and Thuney got beat by the DTs. Which really was the first time those three guys all got beat together. They were as near perfect as you can be up until this point.

2nd and 13, the Pats lined up in a 3-Wide strong shotgun. The interior OLs failed again. Philly crowded the middle of the line. Shaq and Andrews pick up the two DLs just on their right. Thuney pick up the DT to his left. This left a gapping hole right in front of Brady. The ILB ran untouched through that elephant sized gap. Brady intentionally grounded the ball as fast as he could, as he was about to be shot down.

3rd and 13, the Pats lined up in a 3-Wide Weak shotgun. The Philly D-line was milling about. But they goofed around for too long, and Brady was able to snap the ball before they were set. However, the defense was in a safe umbrella. Brady could only dump it off to White over the middle. They swarmed over him well before White could pick up the First to force the punt.


1st and 10, the D lined up in a 3-3 Nickel, with Clayborn standing up at his regular D-end position. He stunted inside, and Shelton went outside and jammed the OLT into Sudfeld after he threw. He hit the Slot guy crossing underneath, as the coverage outside was great again. Bentley slowed him, and Crossen finally brought him down.

2nd and 2, the Pats go Nickel, but with four guys with their hands down across the line. They ran a toss to Ajayi. He got outside and sliced through the defense with a nice run. Chung finally form tackled him down. Rowe was out, and Jason McCourty was in.

1st and 10, the Pats matched up in a 4-2 Nickel. The rush was a little slow. They stunted on the blindside, which seemed to slow both rushers down more than anything. They doubled Shelton inside. Clayborn had a slow start. This gave the QB time to go deep. But Gilmore had perfect coverage. He leaped up and knocked the ball out.

2nd and 10, the Pats stayed 4-2 Nickel. The Pats schemed it well. Clayborn went hard outside, and Shelton went inside. Van Noy shot the gap between the two. The RB had to pick him up. He chopped out his legs, but Van Noy still hit the QB after he threw. The pass was way off, but the rookie CB Crossen slapped at the WR before the ball arrived. He mistimed the slap.

He has it athletically, but he mistimed three slaps at the Ball. He was early by almost a full second on the first. You have to give the rookie a bit of a break. But if his ball skills are so bad that he mistimes playing the ball by almost a full second? Than he just can't play in the NFL. If he can clean up his ball skills a little, I still think he has a shot at the Practice Squad. He showed a lot of good things on the field.

1st and 10 at the Pats 20, they matched up in a 3-2 Dime. The Pats sent seven guys, LOL. Roberts dropped out late. The gamble worked as Van Noy went unblocked through the gap. The QB had to bail to his left. Van Noy couldn't reach him. Guy got outside and in his face a little as he threw. He went after the rookie again, but the pass sailed out of bounds.

Philly went Empty again. The Pats match up in a 4-1 Dime. Davis had a great rush. He is a big dude. "Keionta worked really hard last year even though he wasn't able to practice. He was on NFI [non-football injury] all season, but he essentially went through two offseason programs: one during the season, and then one in the offseason, because he was restricted to what his participation level could be," BB said. "That changed this spring and then into training camp and so forth. He's continued to do all of the things that he could do. He was just limited until we got into this calendar year. He’s been able to work on those things. He still has a long way to go.

"He still has a lot of things he needs to improve on and refine and react quicker to and so forth. But that comes from not having actively played football for a year, or a little more than a year. It has returned and hopefully those things will come back to him, and his reactions and all will continue to improve. He's done a good job. He's in good condition. He's worked hard. I like what he's been doing." He reminds me of Da'Shawn Hand.

He dipped under the ORT, and got to Sudfeld. The ORT barely pushed him past Sudfeld, but he was able to slap his arm as he passed him, and forced him to take off. He threw it, and Crossen had great coverage. The ball hit Crossen in the arm. He turned to look back at the ball, and the ball went to the other side. They called face-guarding. The ball skills sunk below an NFL level again.

1st and Goal from the One, the Pats matched up in a 3-3 Nickel. They ran right at Shelton for some reason. He stuffed the double team. Guy burst the ORG back, and grabbed the RB from the side and stopped him. Then Davis, Bentley, and Shelton knocked him straight back on his butt. That was a great goal line stop.

2nd and goal from the One, the Pats are finally able to go big, as Philly went two TE Singleback. They lined up in a 4-3 with both safeties up. Bentley and Van Noy shot the gap as it looked like both guessed the snap. The RB had to go left, as Bentley was in the backfield. He ran right into Van Noy, who grabbed his legs. Chung and Jason McCourty swooped in and took him down. Then Bentley redirected over and got a hit in on the RB as well.

3rd and Goal from the four, Philly had to go Shotgun. The Pats matched up on a 4-3 with six guys crowding the line. They sent seven. Sudfeld had to retreat a little, and threw early off his back foot. But Gibson beat Jason on an inside out move. Pats-17. Philly-7.


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