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Preseason Game Two: Part IV.


1st and 10, the Pats matched up in a 4-2 Nickel with Chung lined up on the TE. Clayborn has been the most impressive D-end this Preseason. He punched off the OLT with an inside shoulder shove. He cruised inside to grab the QB as he threw, which made the QB twitch as he threw. The pass was way off as a result, and the WR couldn't touch it.

2nd and 10, the Pats in a 4-3 (but the Will might be Chung;). Malcolm Brown disrupted the play inside, and forced the RB to cut twice before he reached the line. Guy stood up the interior OL, and grabbed the RB as he tried to slash past him. Chung helped him down as well.

3rd and 6, the Pats crowded the line with five guys, 3-up, 2-down. The rest of the defense was in man. Rivers and Clayborn jumped off sides. Which gave Foles a freebie. He threw for the First.

1st and 10, the Pats lined up in a 3-3 Nickel, with Clayborn standing up, and Roberts and Van Noy on the 2nd level. The QB had a clean pocket. But the coverage was great. Rowe had great coverage. Chung helped him out, and got hit in the nuts for his troubles.

2nd and 10, the Pats lined up with nine guys in the box, 5-up 4-down. The rush was stuffed. But the throw was late. Rowe was beat, but the WR caught it out of bounds. Rowe was terrific in this game. He looked like a Number One Corner.

3rd and 10, the Pats went 3-3 Nickel with all six guys crowding the line. They sent five. Then Van Noy stepped out and picked up the RB. Clayborn almost ripped the QB down. He ripped through the OLT to him, but could only get one hand on him. His inside hand spun Foles half way around.

Foles tried to step up, but Butler sacked him with an assist to Clayborn. "I was just excited that it happened the way that it happened," Butler said. "That was my role on this team last year. And I'm hoping to get it again this year. And maybe more so that I can do my part to help this team." That was some terrific defense on that stand to force the punt again.


1st and 10, the Pats motioned into a bunched up Singleback. Philly showed a double blitz where they were going to run. So Brady called time out. 1st and 10 again, Pats lined up in a Strong formation (FB offset on the strongside, with the RB behind Brady). Wynn had a great sudden burst back on the 9-tech lined up way outside. He cut him off at the pass, and hand fought his way past the QB. Brady threw to Hogan on the quick Out.

Wynn went down with an Achilles injury on that play, and will be gone for the season. "Patriots’ first-round pick, OT Isaiah Wynn, tore his Achilles vs. the Eagles," Schefter twitted. "And he will be out for the season, per source. The worst of the preseason on display." So BB has to find another guy (Waddle?) who can play both Tackle positions.

That is such a shame on a nothing play. "We ask almost everybody on our team to do multiple things," BB said when asked about Wynn. "So sometimes that manifests itself during the year and sometimes it doesn't. But, I would say almost everybody, with the exception of a couple players and a couple positions, have multiple roles." Now it will be Cannon and Waddle at ORT.

2nd and 3, the Pats lined up without an injured Wynn in a Singleback, with Waddle in at right tackle. Brady had to run around the pocket as 3 or 4 rushers got good bursts upfield. He hit a wide open Hogan. But he dropped it. He tried to run before he caught it.

3rd and 3, the Pats went 3-Wide Weak shotgun. White got in a great block on #58, and took him down. Brady flipped it over the all out blitz for a drop. But Philly was off sides.

1st and 10, the Pats went into a 3-Wide strong shotgun, with Waddle in at ORT. "Yeah, LA [ Waddle], he's done a solid job," BB said. " He's an experienced player and has multiple years in our system playing both sides. He gives us a solid, consistent level of play." He blocked well on this play. 

Brady threw it quickly, with guys grabbing him, to White on the screen. He had two blockers in front of him. He followed Shaq and Andrews out of trouble. He burst past them, and past the magic yellow line. Then the Eagles crashed into him at midfield.

1st and 10, the Pats went fast and Empty. Brady hit Edelman in the slot crossing over the middle. He was crushed in a helmet to helmet cheat shot by Bra-dumb. The refs called it, and that sent him inside the 20, as Bra-dumb barked at Edelman.

1st and 10, the Pats lined up in a 4-Wide Singleback. Brady jet back and flicked it as quick as he could to Hogan on a short Out. 2nd and 8, Pats went Singleback again. White got a couple on an inside run. 3rd and 7, Pats went into a 4-Wide Weak. Brady hit Hogan crossing, but he was crushed quick and short. 4th and 2, field goal. Pats-10. Philly-Zip.


1st and 10, the Pats lined up in a 4-3. The rush was stuffed by the play action. Foles hit the RB out in the flat. He made two guys miss, and ran for the First. Roberts and Davis finally brought him down.

1st and 10, the Pats went 4-3. Foles handed the ball to the RB. He headed out of the backfield heading right. He tried to go off tackle. But Clayborn shut down the edge right away. So he spun back, as the backside over pursued. Devon stepped up on the edge, and plugged the hole in the dam. The mess was cleaned up by Bentley and Shelton.

2nd and 6, the Pats went 2-4 Nickel, which can be hard to tell because Chung lines up at LB all the time. The rush is slow. Clayborn almost got there. But Foles had time to hit a big one. The TE ran over midfield, and Devon McCourty finally hit him down.

1st and 10 over midfield at the Pats 40. Pats went 4-1 Dime. They gave it to the RB. Bentley shot the gab and grabbed the RB, but he couldn’t hold on. He fell down. But he slowed him enough for Chung to meet him in the hole. Clayborn and Chung finally took him down. Bentley got up and got in on the tackle as well.

2nd and 8, Pats went 3-3 Nickel. they sent a couple of LBs up the middle. Which left Clayborn alone outside. "Part of my job as a defensive lineman is to get after the quarterback and they were passing a lot tonight," Clayborn said. "So we had to get after the quarterback. So we don't leave our DBs out to dry." He beat the OLT with a nice punch and Rip.

He dipped past him and leaped at Foles and slapped the ball out as he tried to throw. "I got a good beat on it." Clayborn said. "It was a pass play and the lineman wasn't expecting to get off the line that fast so just take my edge and try to hit the quarterback." The ball popped up, and Clayborn danced around in a circle trying to find it.

The ever-present Bentley found it first. "You want to make sure you secure the ball and make sure you finish and not get caught or anything like that," Bentley said. "I'll just look to make the plays that are meant to be made and I'm just here to make them and the results will show." He scooped up the ball, ran untouched to the endzone, and scored. Pats-17. Philly-Zip.


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