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Preseason Game Two: Part III.


Finally! Brady's back. The season hasn't started until Brady's back. "It was good. [We were] challenged by a good team, a good defense, good front. We did some good things. But I'm sure there's things, a lot of things, we didn't do very well," Brady said. "I think this is all just part of the building process. It feels good to win, but you know, there's certainly a lot of things we've got to do better." Last weeks game was a joke.

Just the memory of Brady's worse game, was more important than the 1st Preseason game without him. "We're not doing a ton of game-planning for these games, and it's just some trust and the preparation is mostly about us," Brady said. "But, whoever's out there we've got to go with, and I'm sure it will be that way at different points in the season. New guys will come in and got to try to get them ready. Obviously, all the reps we put in with Julian, Hogs, Gronk. Guys who have been here in the past are very helpful. But, everyone's just trying to get up to speed and we're trying to all do the right thing." The Offense was a completely different unit from last week. 

1st and 10, The Pats lined up in a 4-Wide Weak shotgun. As I wrote last week, and all the so-called experts picked up on it this week, White is going to have to be their Number Two receiver in the first four games of the season. With Edelman out, he is the second best weapon they have in the passing game, and he might have eclipsed Edelman as the second.

He curled out of the backfield, and Brady smartly threw it to him quick. "I don't think you could ask any more of a teammate than what James provides us and the trust that everyone has in him," Brady said. "I mean, I feel like he never makes a mistake, and it's pretty amazing to have that. You know, we've had some great sub backs and James is right in the mold of all those other guys: Kevin Faulk, and Shane, and Danny Woodhead. James has his own way of doing it, but what an incredible play he made on the screen play, amongst many other great plays, and I love playing with him." He scooted out of the backfield for six.

2nd and 4, the Pats rushed up to the line with some tempo and lined up in a 3-Wide Singleback. Brady handed off to White, but it was stuffed. The ref called a hands to face on Philly.

1st and 10, the Pats lined up Empty. White shifted outside and lined up like the Flanker. To me this was a big play for the Pats. Who is Brady going to throw to with all the troubles at WR. White showing he can line up like a WR, and catch passes is big. Trent Brown moved back like a big cat, and enveloped the D-end with his size in this rush.

Waddle had perfect form on Brady's right, and washed the rusher away. White just ran a simple 5-yard stop, and was wide open. Brady immediately threw to him again. Then they lined up too quickly on 2nd and 3. They were working on the two-minute drill, and playing with pace. Waddle twitched falsely for five yards.

2nd and 8, the Pats went 4-Wide Weak shotgun. Edelman went in motion, which he did for most of the half. They were really using him as a diversion for the defense in the 1st Half. The interior O-line has been solid. Philly lined up their four DLs outside the OGs. Shaq and Thuney drifted wide and stoned the rushers easily. Andrews didn't really have to block anyone.

Brady flicked it immediately to White again, as he swung out of the backfield. This is a preview of the first four weeks. White flew outside the numbers, and was flipped over on a high tackle by the Safety.

2nd and 2, Edelman motioned into 3-Wide Strong shotgun. Brady handed it to White. Philly stuffed the middle completely. White had nothing. But Shaq was pulling to the left. He hopped outside and sealed the Safety and drove him past the marker. White saw it and followed him outside. He straight-armed the DE to the ground. Then he burst outside for a huge gain, and a 15-yard facemask. I told you he was the bionic man.

1st and goal from the 10, they ran play action. Dorsett burst towards the endzone, and then snapped back. Brady threw to Dorsett short. But he couldn't make a guy miss. Trent Brown got too far outside, as Dorsett tried to go inside. Then he headed outside with some speed, but Brown couldn't recover.

2nd and goal from the 7, they gave it to White. He danced for not much. The Safety cut him down at the line. 3rd and Goal from the Five, the Pats go 3-Wide Weak shotgun. Brady hit Hogan for the first TD of the season for the starting Offense. Hogan broke inside quickly. Brady got pressure, and the D-end ran past Waddle. He had to move under him to Hogan's side. Hogan turned back outside around the CB. Brady hit him for the TD. Pats-7. Philly-Zip.

1st and 10 Philly, the Pats matched up in a 2-4 Nickel. Shelton and Wise turned the OLs and protected the outside. This forced the RB up the middle. Duron Harmon (wearing #21) hit him first, and wrapped up his ankles. Bentley and Van Noy helped him down.

2nd and 3, False Start. 2nd and 8, Pats matched up 4-2 Nickel. Wise had the best rush. He got up field, but couldn't arc inside at all. But the QB threw a terrible pass. The WR was uncovered crossing the middle. Foles threw it behind him, and he dropped it.

3rd and 8, the Pats matched up in a 4-3 with both OLB lined up outside. They sent six. Rivers had a good rush from the Blindside. He got to Foles, from behind. Rivers kind of elbowed him in the back, as he spun off the OL. Clayborn rushed inside of Rivers on the OLG, which is very interesting. He shoved off the OLG, and tried to spin into the QB, but the OLG held his balance.

Chung delayed Blitzed from the strongside. "The guy is a really good football player. He’s one of the best players in the league. One of the best players on our team," Belichick said about Chung. "He does a lot of things very well and has done them that way for a long time. We’re lucky we have him. He’s an outstanding player in all the things that he does. We put a lot on him, and he always comes through." The puny RB tried to pick him up.

Chung crashed into the RB, and almost shoved him off his feet. "We've been able to utilize him (properly)," BB said about Chung. "I wish we had been able to do that when we initially got him. But it didn't work out that way. Like I said, I think we finally got it right." Chung sacked Foles with some heat on the hit to force the punt.


1st and 10, the Pats finally put Wynn in #76. "Somebody’s going to have to play both sides in the event we only take three tackles to the game, which is normally the case. So we’ll see how that goes," BB said. "But Isaiah has done well over there on the right side. He’s a very poised and competent kid. Doesn’t get rattled, doesn’t get flustered, really has good concentration, good technique, and he’s adapted pretty well to the switch. So we’ll see how it goes tonight." Wynn can also play guard and center.

Having a guy who can play all five positions off the bench is an amazing luxury, when you can only dress seven OLs on game day roster (a luxury the Pats no longer have this season). He might not start. But he will be the most valuable reserve on game day (well, maybe not;). You really want your 1st Round picks starting as rookies. But neither Wynn nor Sony Michel are going to be starters as rookies.

1st and 10, Wynn lined up at ORT. He is short. He looked like a tight end, lined up between Shaq and Hollister. He tried to get to the 2nd level and hit the LB. But he missed, and tackled Shaq instead. That was as funny a first pay for a rookie mistake as you will ever see.

2nd and 10, Pat went 3-Wide Strong shotgun. Wynn slid back nicely. He has great quick feet moving backwards. He didn't slide, as Hollister chipped on the D-end. But shuffled back, and kept his position perfectly. He finally cut off the D-end and stuffed him once he got his hands on him. Brady hit Edelman low. He scoped it up and got a couple more.

3rd and 1, the Pats lined up in a Singleback. They slammed Gillislee into the line. He barely crashed forward for the First, which was so close that it was decided by the spot of the ball. Wynn missed his block again. He pulled down the line, and couldn't reach the ILB again.

1st and 10, Edelman motioned into a 3-wide Strong shotgun. Brady had time. Hollister chipped on the D-end, Then Wynn used his feet nicely to pick him up. He has a great feel for position in Pass Pro moving backwards. He grabbed Long's pads and pushed him up, as he sank himself lower. Great pass pro for a rookie.

Dorsett tried an inside out pattern. He faked the Corner, but Brady threw it to far inside. The ball hit the CB in the arms (and I'm not sure he ever saw it;). The ball bounced off both arms and out of bounds.

2nd and 10, the Pats lined up in a Strong formation. Wynn whiffed on his block on the play action. He was supposed to block the DT #77. But the DT slapped his arms down, and burst past him. Luckily they were in a Strong formation, with Develin lined up on the Strongside, behind Wynn, with Hollister outside of him. Hollister had good position on Long, and Develin picked up the DT, and rode him outside.

Brady had Patterson wide open, but over threw him. Malcolm Jenkins gave him a cheap shot. He slammed helmet first into Patterson's helmet as he reached out for the ball, after the ball was past him. The refs called it.

That was as cheap a shot as you will ever see. It was late, high, and helmet to helmet. But I don't care, because Patterson created some separation in that pattern. He is a super elite athlete, who still doesn't know how to create separation in pattern. That is the difference for him being a Pro Bowl WR, or a Pro Bowl kick returner. He created some separation in pattern in this game.

1st and 10, the Pats lined up in an I. Wynn had a bad run block again. He let the D-end get inside of him, on the run to the other side. That is terrible. He rode #56 down the line, but he should never have allowed him to cross the center from the opposite side. Gillislee slammed into the line for nothing.

2nd and 10, the Pats lined up in a 3-Wide Weak shotgun. Wynn kickslid back with perfect position again. However, his hands were low and wide. You have to keep your hands high and tight in the NFL, or you will get pushed around. The D-end shoved Wynn up, with both hands. Because his hands were low. Wynn got himself higher as he tried to shove the DE's hands up. The DE hit Brady as he threw. Dorsett was wide open, but the ball floated out of bounds because of the DE.

Philly's coverage in this game really sucked. They are messing up a ton. I think Philly was working on umbrella coverage, like the Pats did last week, which leaves all the underneath stuff mostly uncovered. Brady got hit as he threw. Dorsett got to the pass way outside, and made a nice catch out of bounds.

3rd and 10, the Pats went into a 3-Wide Weak shotgun. Wynn was great in pass pro. Hollister chipped on the DE. Wynn stayed inside and hit the DT into Shaq. Then he slid outside and picked up the DE. That was elite pass pro. This gave Brady time to go deep again. The pass was off inside. Hogan had to defend the pass instead of try and catch it, to force the punt.


Be A Citizen! Not a Subject! 

Fascist is as Fascist does. Beware American. President Fredo is pulling the cowardly republican Senate closer and closer to the cliff.

Amendment I. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances:


The 1st Amendment to the Constitution is the greatest paragraph ever written by mankind. It is the truest diagram of how to ensure a free Country of citizens survives. But is is also a list of what to attack when you want to be a fascist dictator. President Jerkballs is attacking every article in the 1st Amendment. Beware subjects, or you will be subjugated:


Beware Real Americans!


We have a President who does not believe in








He will do everything in his evil arsenal


to stop the next election






It has never been so obvious as when he called


John Dean A RAT!


A man who finally stood up against the 


Tyrant Nixon, and did the right thing,




"People familiar with Trump's thinking told the Times that his realization that he was unaware of what McGahn shared with Mueller's team shook the President, who is said to be obsessed with the informant role that John W. Dean, then the White House counsel to President Richard Nixon and now a CNN contributor, played during Watergate.

"On Sunday morning, Trump referenced Dean in a Twitter post lashing out at the Times' report a day earlier, calling it "a Fake piece" that implied "because White House Councel Don McGahn was giving hours of testimony to the Special Councel, he must be a John Dean type 'RAT. But I allowed him and all others to testify - I didn't have to."

"Dean fired back, "@realDonaldTrump (I still have trouble using the title Mr. President for someone installed by Putin), I doubt you have ANY IDEA what McGahn has told Mueller. Also, Nixon knew I was meeting with prosecutors, b/c (because) I told him. However, he didn't think I would tell them the truth!""




















Hey Trump, go pee in a hole!







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