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Greetings Pats Fans,

First off I just want to thank all the fans of this site. I have been promoting my books for sale primarily on this site. As a result, I have sold almost 500 books in the past year. Thank you for your support and patronage, both are greatly appreciated. I cannot tell you how happy it made me when I read that report. So thank you Draft fans and Patriot fans alike, and mostly thank you to all the fans of my books and website worldwide.

Crappy Draft.


This years Draft was a crappy Draft. One thing I've learned over the years is that the more talented a Draft is the easier it is to predict. The less talented a Draft, the harder it is to predict. This year's Draft was the hardest to predict in years. Teams look for needs much more, and become comfortable with a player for much less visible reasons in a bad Draft. Like they have the same taste in movies. Because talent wise there were not a lot of super stand out guys. 

It reminds me of the 2007 Draft, which was mostly a disaster for most teams. The Pats bailed out of that Draft, and really only drafted Brandon Meriweather. BB bailed out of the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th rounds for two veteran WRs and a bag of beans. Then drafted throw away special teamers, including a couple of LBs, and took their ball and went home. Sound familiar? Because that is what BB did in this Draft, again. 

Just look at the top of the Draft. Teams kept bucking the trends. Taking a 5-10 Corner (who they had to put in a barrel of water to get his weight up over 180) in the top five. Who may or may not be able to play outside because of his size. He was a one year starter, with two career interceptions! And was picked 4th overall? He is smaller than Jason Verrett. Verrett tested much more athletic, was heavier, and he went 25 in 2014. 

That was a 20-spots lower, and Ward's Tape was not better than Verrett's. "The more I watch him the more I grow to appreciate him," one scout said to "There are times he is [excellent] at the ball, and there are times he is not. He will turn and track the ball. He's got great, great feet and great change of direction. Willing tackler." What that means is that he wasn't an elite CB, "until I started watching the other guys in this year's class." 

Mayfield went first overall for goodness sakes. He was compared to Drew Brees, which is not a compliment. Brees is the exception to the size rule at QB. 99% of the QBs drafted under 6-1 are busts or move to other positions. A sub 6-1 QB cannot see and throw over an NFL O-line, unless he is the aberration. What Brees and Wilson do is incredible, and bucks most trends that make QBs great. But Brees and Wilson also have a ton of things that Mayfield doesn't, like elite character. 

Mayfield doesn't have near their physical traits either. Mayfield went on that Sport Science show and threw the ball 52-MPH, sounds pretty good to me. I wish I could throw a football 52-MPH. However, no QB has had a successful career in the NFL if their fastball was under 55-MPH. So he's too short, he's pudgy, he threw more wobbly-bobbley balls, and he doesn't have the arm to play QB in the NFL. AND, a team saw him as the best player in this Draft.

Gee! I wonder why BB abandoned all hope in this Draft and traded out? It was never more obvious that this is the least talented Draft since 2007, as when you take a cold hard look at the OLs. Quenton "Friggin'" Nelson was the top OL taken! Are you kidding me? He is an OG. OGs never-never-never are the first OLs taken in a Draft. Not since the 70s. Stop and think about that for a second.... Do you remember the last Draft when an OLT wasn't the first OL taken? I seriously think it was John Hannah in 1973 (and that is way to funny to fact check;).  

I mean, McGlinchey was taken 9th? When most seemed to agree that he is an ORT in the NFL? An offensive RIGHT tackle taken top ten? Some one sounds the alarms! Realty is slapping us in the face! I was the one who brought Kolton Miller into the 1st Round conversation. I thought he was the best OLT prospect in the Draft (before the Pats took Wynn;), and I wasn't 100% certain he was a left tackle, and was looking at him at Pick 31 for the Pats. He went 15 to the Raiders. 

Kolton Miller was so well thought of in NFL circles that an OLG and an ORT went before him in the Draft. Just stop and think about how insanely odd that really is.... And Nelson is good, but he ain't that good. He ain't Hannah good! The NFL hype machines had to go nuts, to pump up these guys profiles. To make them sound elite. Nelson needs work in Pass Pro, which is kind of important. They didn't have him move backwards in Pass Pro. He rarely short set. He had trouble hitting guys the further outside he pulled. He was made to look better, because he played next to McGlinchey (yes that was a cheap shot at those who said the opposite about McGlinchey;). 

You never-never-never take an RB in the 1st. You never-never-never-ever-never take a Penn State RB in the 1st! You never-ever-ever-anymore take an RB in the top ten or twenty or so, not any more. These have been the rules of the Draft for a Decade or more. But they bucked that trend big time in this Draft. Maybe Barkley is a Golden-Shirter? But he is definitely not if you pay attention to the long standing trends of the Draft. 

The top two picks in this Draft have everything that many of the biggest busts in Draft history have had. If you're a Cleveland or a New Jersey fan, go back and look at the history of some of those Draft Picks and cringe. The Browns have had 26 straight busts at QB that Joe Thomas had blocked for, and then take the guy with the lowest floor, and biggest bust potential of all the QBs. Taking a Penn State RB 2nd overall is just tempting fate. And of course, look up at the records of USC QBs since Carson Palmer was drafted. It is a list of big time busts (but maybe Palmer finally retiring will bust the USC-QB curse;). 

I mean three RBs were taken in the 1st (four if you include Jackson;). Okay, so that trend was busted last season. But BB hasn't drafted an RB in the 1st since Laurence Maroney in 2006, which was another crappy Draft (and the one before that was Robert Edwards, that is not good). 2006 First Round busts and disappointments: Vince Young, Matt Leinart (USC QB baby), Jay Cutler (busted for Broncos), Ernie Sims, Donte Whitner, Laurence Maroney, John McCargo....

As for the Pats: Laurence Maroney, David Thomas TE, Garrett Mills TE, Jeremy Mincey DE, Dan Stevenson OG, Le Kevin Smith DL, Willie Andrews I forgot, and some guy named Chad Jackson in the 2nd. The best player from this Draft for the Pats was a friggin' Kicker: Stephen Gostkowski, and the second best was Ryan O'Callaghan, who started in the Super Bowl at ORT. So is it any wonder BB bailed out of this Draft like his plane was on fire. 

Just look at the OLTs in this Draft. It is the worst I've ever seen. The Pats were Des-Per-Ate for an OLT in this Draft. The Pats took one of two OLTs in this years Draft (if McGlinchey is an ORT like 3/4 of Teams seemed to think;), and he is 6-2 and change. The last OLT to play at his size, was Matt Light. Light was a freak at OLT. No one has done it at OLT at his size since the 70s. He is a Drew Brees like aberration at OLT. 

Now I though Wynn was a better OG prospect than Nelson. He may have been the best OLT in college last season. He certainly was from this Draft. But he showed up at the Combine at 6-2 3/4", 313-punds, small 8 1/2" Hands, and 33.3" Arms. Most of those numbers are unarguably OLG numbers. However, Wynn has eerily similar Combine measurements to Light (he didn't work out because of a bum shoulder). 

Wynn was a little shorter than Light. Matt was a little over 6-3 and listed at 6-4. Wynn is listed at 6-3. But they measured with the exact same sized Hands and Arms. Light was two-pounds lighter at the Combine. So BB saw another Light in Wynn at Georgia. And Wynn did it in the SEC. Light came out in the 2001 Draft, which was not a great Draft either, and ironically the Draft that Drew Brees was taken in the 2nd (not First Friggin' overall;). 

So this Draft was so bad that Mayfield was the 1st pick, while Brees was the 1st pick in the 2nd Round in 2001! The Pats trade up in the 2nd to pick Light at 48. The ceiling for Wynn is Matt Light, who had a vastly underrated career for the  Pats. Only Wynn was picked at 23 in the 1st. That is a 25 pick difference between Light and Wynn (and a 57-pick difference between Brees-Light and Mayfield-Wynn;). 

Then the Pats went and drafted a RB in the 1st. Pick 31 was used on an RB. After BB had spent the past decade distaining runningbacks. Remember how we laughed at BB for snagging three or four RBs off the scrap heap last off season (depending on if you include Dion;). But then he suddenly looks at this Crappy Draft and says, "Hey, an RB is the 31st best player in this Draft." That is not a good sign. 

Then BOOM! Belichick ran screaming from the Day Two and Three like his pants were on fire. He sent the skunk-fart pick into oblivion for a 2nd in next years Draft and two 4ths. Then promptly traded the two 4ths for a hand full of poop, and a 3rd in next years Draft. Then he trade down for two special Teams LBs, and a handful of 7ths. That is not saying, "this Draft sucks!" That is saying "this is the worst damn Draft I have ever evaluated!!! Except maybe the 2007 Draft."

The Draft is so over hyped now that it is hard to tell the truth from the sell (no truer words have been spoken, with all the advertise we are constantly bombarded with by corporations every damn day). We now have three massive Television Corporation hyping the NFL Draft at warp speed. It was almost unwatchable Thursday Night, and was unwatchable Friday (but it was oddly soothing on Saturday;). So the TV Draft Evaluators have become more hype machines than critics (and I'm not saying I'm innocent in their shenanigans either;). 

So let me be the first to be honest enough to say that the talent in this years Draft was the worst since 2007, when BB bailed out of the the draft. BB bailed even harder out of the 2007 Draft than in this Draft. Abandoned Day Two completely, and started drafting Special Teams guys in the 6th: 6th Justin Rogers, OLB, SMU, 6th Mike Richardson, CB, Notre Dame, 7th Oscar Lua, LB, USC. One Draft pick, Meriwether made the team. 

Ironically, a handful of Pro Bowlers were snagged in the 2007 Draft by BB's Epic Bail. He used his 2nd Round pick to sign Wes Welker from Miami as a RFA. He traded a 4th for Randy Moss. Those two guys help lead to the almost undefeated season. Believe it or not but Meriweather was a Pro Bowler once. And apparently one of the picks they picked up in the Epic Bail led to Jerod Mayo

So when you look back on this Draft it will be remembered for Wynn, Michel, and Dawson. But also the extra 2nd and 3rd we will have next year. And maybe a veteran pickup or two; like Clayborn, Danny Shelton, or Jeremy Hill. And maybe, just maybe, it will lead to an undefeated season like they they almost had in 2008 (or maybe not;). 

Quick Tape.


Duke Dawson:

Dawson is my guy. Most had him in Day Three, and I put him up in Day One and suddenly everyone moved him up to Day Two (and I reluctantly lowered him;). Wynn, Kolton Miller, and Dawson where upgraded by the so called experts after my Tapes of them came out. Dawson is the smartest DB in this Draft. He is elite at mirroring WRs outside. 

He lacks a little speed, so he plays Off and has to get physical a lot. But he is quick and twitchy and has that knack for knowing what WRs are trying to do. He reminds me of Logan Ryan: Elite cover skills, but might be a tick slow with long speed. He could be the best pick to go in this Draft (and maybe play in a Pro Bowl like Meriweather;). 

So watch him in Press moving half turned and shutting down the WR. Love-love-love him in Press (:01). Great swivel hips to stand in the way of the WR, and then instantly turn and run (:10). They say he doesn't have the deep speed. But he had no trouble running deep down field with the fast WR there. He rarely got beat over the top.

Watch the quick hop outside to send the WR inside. He knew he has help coming from the Middle. Then he ran deep on the WR's hip with no trouble. He leaped over his shoulder to slap the ball down. That wasn't a PI. Well, he may have grabbed a little shirt (:47). Watch him move backwards, and weave in front of the WR to cut off his release. He is one of the best movers in this Draft. Especially moving backwards (1:05). Where exactly was the space that QB thought he was throwing into. Dawson made a better play on that ball than the WR. 

That was a bit of a Keystone Cop Coverage. Dawson zoned the Flat. Then moved inside when no WR stayed in the Flat (1:15). I love how locked in on the WR Dawson is in Press. He stays facing the WR, moving backwards and/or sidewards, longer than any other CB in this Draft. Watch the hop back and the instant snap of the hips back. His hips were so quick it actually open the comeback for the WR (1:23). Then he just has to get physical to break up the pass. He is also a tough kid who plays better the more physical it gets. That was positively Logan Ryan like.

Watch him start to take the deep WR. Then he read it, and took the perfect angle to get all the way across the field to knock the RB out of bounds. That was great run defense by Dawson (1:51). Great nimble feet moving backwards in front to the WR to slow his release. The WR went deep, but the only space Dawson left for the QB to throw into was out of bounds (2:04). Watch Dawson's quick feet move subtly back weaving a little to end the pattern (2:24). Then he changed his style completely. He 3/4ers it to protect the sideline. He knew he had help inside (2:32). He played it perfectly. He has that knack for being in the right spot. The ball was popped up by Dawson's teammate who was the help inside. Dawson snagged the ball with his easy natural hands, and returned the Pick for Six.

He was signaling the other CBs. He was the smartest CB in the Draft, and played with the soundest technique last season. Watch how smooth he protected the outside again. Then broke off coverage to tackle the RB. Some think he is a FS who can run the defense (3:07). I think he is a straight up Corner all day long. 

Way off, and he never took his eye out of the backfield. He broke inside past the WR, and took the RB down (3:15). He plays with great COD. Watch the Change Of Direction as he burst inside, and then broke outside to grab the TE breaking outside (3:23). He knew the pattern that WR was running (3:29), and he ended it while barely moving. 

Great quick feet, and great quick COD (3:37). He took on the big OL, and would have taken down the WR as well, if not for the hurdle (3:47). He got a little over aggressive when he was suppose to be protecting the sideline (3:57). I love how he charged up field sideways, protecting the edge (4:07). He was scared to give the sideline to the RB again.  

Dawson Vs Michigan:


Braxton Berrios:

I love this kid. He catches everything. You cannot watch him without seeing Wes Welker. He is feisty. Watch the angle and how long he runs to get in a block for his teammate. You have to love that (:01). Looks like Welker in the Slot (:08). He got open on the short curl, but couldn't hold on. However, the CB clearly got there early. 

He went inside, and then watch the burst in pattern to get open over the middle. He saw the QB take off and blocked the LB for his QB. You have to love this kid (:22). Watch the feet and shiftiness in pattern crossing over the middle (:38). Terrific block on the edge against the bigger guy (:46). He has to be able to block bigger guys, because he will be the smallest guy on the field in the NFL. 

Watch the great block for his teammate again (:55). Watch the quicks, as he burst back for the ball. That is the COD that is going to get him open in the NFL (1:07). Wide open running an Out underneath his teammates (1:20). Only the QB threw it this time. He is a bit of a body catcher sometimes, which is probably why he fell to 210. But he never drops the ball. 

He knows how to run patterns to get open seemingly every time (1:30). Watch the great burst to cut inside and split the LBs. He breaks wide open on the 3rd level. He catches everything (2:04). Nice speed down the Seam. Then the break inside to get wide open (2:12). Nice suddenness in the shoulders on the inside break to get wide open underneath the coverage.

Simple out pattern, and he is wide open again. He is so quick in pattern that college kids can't cover him (2:27). He splits the DBs off the play action, and looked like he got open behind them (2:39). He runs through coverages like Welker, and always seems to break open (2:48). He was the best pick in this Draft. He will be another reason why Brady can throw in under 2.5 seconds. I hope they can find a way to stash him for a year or two, or he makes the roster as a punt returner, because this kid has some grit. 

Berrios Vs Wisconsin:


Sam Christian:

Nice quick feet moving backwards in coverage. Smooth hips moving back (:19). Nice COD turning outside in coverage, and not getting fooled by the play action (:27). Rosen fooled him with his eyes, but watch the great snap back to the other receiver to take him down (:33). He read it wrong before the snap (:40). He was fooled by the play action.

He made the blocker miss at the point (1:23). That is just not good (1:29). Nice hips turning and running down the Seam with the TE. He made Rosen have to throw it low and outside. That was not a catch. That was nice coverage on the tight end going down the seam (1:40). An LB has to be able to cover the TE going down the Seam in the NFL. 

Here we go. He had 3 Sacks and 9.5 TFLs last season. He didn't rush, but watch the coverage. He jammed the TE out of the play with his hands. Great coverage. And that is how he will be blocking the Jammer on punt returns as a rookie (1:47). Watch him move laterally all the way across the field and stay in front of the RB (1:53). Then when the RB snuck through the traffic, he got him. That is great run defense by Sam. He had 127 tackles last season.

He took a false step on the NFL Play Action. He had to turn his back to the QB and bail to get back into position. However, he did get to the RB inside the numbers (2:01). He was able to time the blitz well. He almost got the RB. He was in position for the end around and missed it (2:10).  Nice coverage to slide outside and back to the slot WR (2:28). He has to make that tackle.

He read the Option too slow (2:39). He falls for the playaction, but watch him work his way back to cut off the WR crossing. Nice Zone coverage (2:43). He has to stop letting OLs get inside his hands (2:54). Takes a false step forward again. Just ask Bruschi how much that pisses BB off (3:01). Nice burst outside to help on the WR (3:08). But watch the quick recovery as he sees the RB sneak out of the backfield, and he cuts him off. That is great coverage. 

Nice coverage on the TE, but he should have come up faster and hit him (3:17). False steps in play action. But watch the recovery as he slid back and grabbed the Slot guy. He covered the Slot guy for about forty or fifty yards across the field (3:23). He took on the blocker, and got a hand on the RB (3:42). But he has to take the RB down there.

He made the big OL miss, but lost the ball in traffic (3:47). He is not a good blitzer (4:02). Picked up the TE crossing late, but got in on the play (4:12). Nice zone coverage. He attacked with great timing and broke up the pass (4:15). Faked the blitz. I like how he attacked forward when he saw the QB in trouble (4:27). I like how he moved laterally through traffic there (4:40). He has some twitch moving forward (4:46). He read the option right this time, and stopped Rosen short of the marker (4:54). Oops 4-minute warning. This is a quick tape. 

He and Bentley are average LBs who will make the team on special teams. Bentley is a little better moving forward. Sam is good in a zone, and he is better running down the Seam with the TE. But he reads it wrong and takes too many false steps. If he doesn't clean that up fast he will not make the team. Right now Bentley is ahead of him.

Sam Vs UCLA:


Ja'Whaun Bentley:

Senior Bowl: He is good in the zone drop. He can play the QB's eyes and shifty to the side he is locked onto. Nice athlete who can leap up and snag the high INT in front of the WR slanting. Great speed in the open field to return the INT for a TD. He is a good blitzer up the gut. Good hitter. He can cover the tight end down the field. Makes plays in coverage, and has multiple interceptions last season. He had a Pick Six against Minnesota. Moves well laterally to the flat in coverage. 

Pick Six: Reads the QBs eyes well. He is smart and understands what is going on. Nice hands to leap up, extend his arm, and snag the ball above his head with his hands. He is very well built. Good field speed. He outran the WR to the endzone on his Pick six.

Bentley Pick Six:


Ja'Whaun Bentley:

Bentley had 97 Tackles, 11.5 TFL and 1 INT last season. When he gets into the backfield he finds the ball. Terrific playing at full speed. He hurts WR when they catch the ball over the middle in the box. He is so great at form tackling through the ball carrier. He knocks guys right off their feet every game. 

Season: Great lateral burst to grab the scatback when he makes a great move on him. Nice job getting low and shoving off the OL, and going and getting the RB. Plays with great intensity. Great form tackler and hitter. He hurts RBs when he jumps on top of them to take them down. He has the great instincts that allow him to dive shoulder pads first into ball careers, and tackle them straight back on their butts. He has some clutch in him. He is a force moving forward, but he is also smart and rangy in coverage. 

We wore #4 last season. When he finds a crack through the line he can shoot into the backfield fast (:01). When he hits guys they go backwards fast (:15). He can get outside, set the edge with nice hands and feet, and find the QB on the Option. Smart player, who plays behind his eyes well (:34). He twists around the other ILB (:47). When he finds the ball, he takes the ball carrier down. 

He is more of a run around LB, who makes the OL miss on the 2nd level. However, that was Saquon Barkley he just tackled in the hole (:56). Terrific eyes. He reads screen fast, and gets outside to the RB on a line (1:04). Me moves through traffic lateral well, and finds the hole to meet the RB (1:14). He is such a good form tackler that always seems to wrap up (1:25). He can set the edge in the Nickel (1:01). Watch the explosion up field to form tackle the RB.

Nice job in the Zone eyeing the QB's eyes (2:14). Watch the speed to outrun the WR 40 to 50 pounds lighter than he is (2:31). He grabs the RB at full speed, and always seems to hang on (2:55). Great hit and slam in space on the Wildcat QB (3:01). Okay, those were his highlights. He is an average ILB who will have to make the Pats on special team, which would seem easy after watching this Tape. He has a leg up because he is excellent in coverage, and that is more important each year. Also, I like Christian Sam, and the Pats picked Bentley ahead of Sam. Which says a lot about this kid to me. 

Disclaimer: These are highlights not single game normal plays. He is not as good and consistent in real life. But he is good. 

Bentley Highlights:


Sony Michel Vs Notre Dame:

He made himself a good blocker. Watch him come out of his pattern when the QB took off. He got himself open. When he saw the QB was keeping the ball, he got outside and got in a block to help his QB (:01). Wildcat. Nice burst forward. Nice lateral burst in the hole (:08). Watch the great quick feet that got him the outside shoulder of the defender (:16). Then the great adjustment to the ball in the air, but he couldn't quite reach the ball. 

He is a tough kid (:26). This is the next play, after getting the beat down by four defenders. He made himself into a great blocker in pass pro (:34). He is fast through the hole (:43). He knows how to make a move at the line to move the LBs (:58). Watch the great zone-blocking cut back that burst him upfield behind the OG (1:08). Nice slasher (1:17). He got two or three extra yards with power. He ran a lot stronger last year than he did just two years ago. 

I like how he slipped sideways in the Zone run that made it look like he was following his blockers, as he was cutting behind them. Great zone blocking run (1:27). Why did the Pats Draft Michel (2:09). Here it is. He stepped up in pass pro. He kept his eyes on the outside blitzer. Watch how low he got just before the LB gets there, and then pushed him up. Watch how he kept his great feet moving, as he kept his hands in the OLB's shirt. Watch the grip that finally stopped the rush. And my favorite part, watch him fall down as he got off balance with his hands still gripping shirt. Because he would rather fall down than let go of the blitzer's shirt. That is great blocking in pass pro. 

He runs behind his eyes as well as any RB in this Draft. He saw Wynn washed the D-end up field, and than cut under his block for the easy TD (2:27). I love the acceleration after he got the ball from the QB. Tough kid who didn't slow at all as he ran into two DLs (2:38). Can he make a guy miss (2:55)? Watch the jab step to make the OLB miss. Then he got his eyes up to find Wynn, and cut behind his block for a First. 

Michel Vs ND:


Isaiah Wynn Vs Kentucky:

Amazing! Wynn burst inside the D-end. Then blocked through him to the 2nd level to block the LB, taking out two defenders in one block. That is a good as you can run blocking (:04). Nice quick feet in slide. Watch how he got his hands up high and tight. Then he got the hands in the shirt and anchored, and the rush was done (:19). Once he gets hands in shirt the rush is done. 

Watch the grip in the hands as he grabbed shirt, and controlled the rusher at arms length. Then he almost shoved him to the ground. That was great pass pro (:27). You know Scarnecchia liked this. In many of his Zone blocks he ends up shoving the DL to the ground (:37). Short sets like an OG (:59). He is so quick off the snap that the rush is over before it starts. 

He has great burst and speed to get inside the DE on zone blocks (1:11). Love the fight. Watch the run blocking fight that he kept at arms length (1:24). Watch how he short set as the D-end doesn't rush. But he never stands around and watches. Watch the heavy hands as he turned and pancaked the DT (1:37). How do you like now?

His kickslide needs work. But watch how quick he gets back against speed. Then his hands end the rush (1:47). He gets so low and powerful in run game (1:55). Watch the elbow through the 5-tech. He is not afraid to hold (2:29). Watch the impact of the hands in pass pro that turned and twisted the D-end (2:38). Nice impact on the second level (3:17). I like the little hop forward in play action (3:30). Would you like to see a power block inside the Ten (4:01)? That is a great run block. 

He plays through the whistle (4:25). He short sets like an OG, watch how he turned the D-end into the tight end (4:33). Watch the elite quicks and COD, as he blocked the DE and turned with him outside. Then shoved him past the RB (4:42). He continued zone blocks through the whistle. Watch him finally shoulder check the side of the D-end, once he caught up, and the DL was about to grab the RB (4:51). He can play OLT in the NFL. Okay, I limited myself to 4-minutes. Quick Tape baby!

Wynn Vs Kentucky:


BB the GM Agrees With BB The Coach.


BB has such a great and interesting history of bizarre behavior in the Draft. This years Draft was the wackiest of the Drafts since 2008. He sat back in the 1st and drafted an OT/OG, who most thought had to move inside to OG in the NFL. However, you don't draft Wynn at 23 to play him at OG. Even though Wynn is one of two OLs who can play all five O-line positions (Rankins is the other). BB loves his versatile above all else. 

Wynn is a Matt Light like OLT. Don't be surprised if he is starting as a rookie. Especially when you think about how much the O-line sucked to start last season, and how Brady got hit more than in any other season. I really like their interior OLs, but if Wynn is starting inside with Waddle at OLT to start the season, I cannot complain. 

Wynn will be developed into a starter this season. Part of what makes BB such an elite Drafter is that he sees the Draft like a coach, and a GM. Even if Wynn doesn't start as a rookie or has to fill in at OG, he will be developed behind the scenes better than any other team could do. He was taken by BB the GM, to be what BB the coach saw he could develop him into in his program.

Then in another odd move BB took an RB, after distaining the position for years. Michel was better in high school. But, like Wynn, he kept getting better every year at Georgia. He is smart and tough, and known for top character. Those are the guys that BB the GM knows, that BB the coach can develop into a better payer every year in his program.

BB's first criteria for drafting is that he picks guys that BB the coach thinks he can work with and develop behind the scenes into his specific system. He doesn't give a crap what other team would do with that player. He knows what he wants to do with that player, and if "the player" doesn't take to the coaching he is gone. 

Michel was an elite high school prospect who had an up and down career at Georgia. He got injured a lot, but he kept getting better. He got bigger and stronger. He improved to be their best blocker in pass pro. He learned to read his blocks much better, and not be a speed guy. He became more of a power runner when he needed too. He also improved as a receiver out of the backfield.

BB the coach looked at that and said to BB the GM, "I can coach that kid." Michel will be a better player each year that he is coached by Belichick, as long as his knees hold up. 

That is what BB does. Who are the smart guys? Who are the constantly improving guys? Who are the character guys? None of these rookies are ready for the NFL, period. BB wants the players that are constantly improving, take to coaching, that get better every year, and develop into great NFL players. Like how Wynn developed into the best OLT in the FBS last year.

Skunk Fart.


BB did a great job getting his two College Champs, and setting himself up for a great Day Two. He had three picks and only a few real needs. But there was a trail of stink behind the Jimmy-G trade, like a skunk that farted in the backyard in the middle of the night. It infected everything that happened last year. From Butler to Brady, to the loss, and to the bickering after. As I wrote the day after the Garoppolo trade (and not after I read that article a couple month later) that was the beginning of the end of the Dynasty, And it sure looked like things followed suit. 

The 43rd pick was tainted with the stink skunk-fart of that disaster, and not only had to be washed with tomato juice, it had to be traded and disappeared. Now? No one knows what the hell the Pats got from the Jimmy-G trade anymore. It is gone. The only thing I know for sure it they got a 2nd in next years Draft for the Jimmy-G pick, and a couple of 4ths they don't even seem to own anymore. Pick 43 has been tomato juiced cleaned, and lost the stink of the Jimmy-G trade. 

So the slightest essence of skunk fart (and tomato juice:) might still be on pick 105, the Bears 2nd Round pick in next years Draft, and Dawson. They used pick 63, and one of the 4ths acquired from the skunk butt soaked pick 43 trade, to trade up to 56 to pick up Duke. 

But for the most part, no one will remember what they got for Garoppolo. "You guys will parse that tomorrow," Caserio said about the skunk fart. "That's not our job. We're just looking at the picks, looking at the numbers, and when the trades come into play, we'll take it as it comes." So they made the trade, and tried to disappear the stink of pick 43.

In the process they pick up a few extra Day Three pick this year. "It just gives you an opportunity to pick maybe a few players that you like or that maybe you would have to compete for in rookie free agency," Caserio said. "So, instead of having to compete with them in free agency, maybe you’d just pick the player to avoid that and/or if you wanted to move a little bit in the fourth and fifth round. So, if you’re looking up there and there’s a specific player that you have interest in and you’re sitting there going, 'Well, he might not make it here to the 6th or 7th round.' Like, if we like the player enough, alright, let’s go up there and get him and pick the player." They have: one 4th (105), one 5th (143), two 6ths (198 and 210), and one 7th (219). 

Most importantly the two QBs that I associated with the Pats right after the Senior Bowl (and as you have all seen. all the so-called experts promptly tried to steal): Kyle Lauletta and Riley Ferguson. The Pats need to snag one of these guys at 105, and stop trying to get too cute. You cleaned out the stink of skunk-fart perfectly last night. Now is the time to get over it, and take a QB to develop behind Brady. The future of the Franchise literarily depends on it. 

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