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7-Things For Vikes: Part II.


4. Protect Brady- They have to give Brady some time, because this group of WRs needs more time to get open. “They’re pretty good. I think they rush really good with their front four, but they also have some real good scheme stuff, so you’ve got to prepare for both,” Brady said about the Viking rush. “Sometimes they look like they’re coming and they don’t, but you’ve still got to deal with their really good players up front. Sometimes they do come and you’ve got to deal with their linebackers or safeties. It’s a challenging defense. They’ve been really good for a long time, since Coach Zimmer’s, since he’s been in the league. It’s a big challenge. Good in the red area, good on 3rd down, been top ranked for a long time, so we’ve got our hands full.” Brady has been going with deeper passes more this season, which will affect his efficiency.

But their WRs are better at getting open deep more this year than before. Gordon is a beast in intermediate and deep patterns. Hogan has that knack for getting open deep, when he is ignored by the secondary. Dorsett is a pure speed WR, who they keep running underneath. And of course Gronk, because of his size and ball skills, seems to catch a 40-50 yard pass every game. So Brady has been sitting in the pocket a little longer this season. 

But Brady certainly has the wisdom to fall down sometimes. “Yeah, absolutely,” Brady said. “I certainly have the age part and the wisdom I’m working on. But, yeah, it’s just dealing with different things and everyone’s dealing with something. It’s been a long season.” But this week they are facing not just the best rush, but the best passrusher in the NFL right now. 

Danielle Hunter has more sack than any other rusher, from last season through this season so far combined: 24 sacks! “Their scheme complements their players very well, they get excellent safety play, they don’t give up a lot of big plays in the run or the pass game, so you’re going to have to drive the football, you’re going to have to convert some 3rd downs during the course of the drive and this is the best 3rd down team in all of football, easily,” McDaniels said. “There’s a lot for us to wrap our minds around and we’ve really got to have a great week of preparation. This is as big a challenge as we’re going to have all year so far, and we’re excited to start our preparation. To answer your second part of your question, I think the reason we game plan a certain way and practice and prepare hard is to try to be successful in each area of our game plan. You always want to be balanced and maintain your balance if you can. It’s certainly a better way to play football if you can do that and not tell the defense what you’re trying to do on each play. 

“But the flow of the game will determine many times whether or not you throw it more than you run it, run it more than you throw it, or somewhere in the middle. Our intent is to do everything we’re trying to do in the game well. Certainly, that is not going to happen each week. I mean, the other teams that we play are really good, and this week, we’ve got an exceptional group on the other side of the ball. We’re going to try to have a great week of preparation in practice and be ready to play our best game on Sunday and go out there and really compete hard against a tremendous unit.” While the Viking team as a whole has 36 Sacks this season. 

Those are not the numbers you want to face when you have been expanding your passing game to more and more second and third level throws. This is a game that you win throwing underneath to White, and Edelman in the slot. The Pats are going to try a lot of misdirections, and quick throws to slow the rush. And Of course run the ball early and as often as possible. 

But when Brady has time, he can bust this secondary with Gordon and Hogan. “They're really good,” James White said about the Vikings D. “They don't do anything crazy, but they're really good at what they do. They're good on the defensive line, good at linebacker and good in the secondary. They try to make you drive the football. They turn the ball over a lot as a defense. So it's going to take our best effort.” Hopefully Burkhead will be able to allow White to only play on passing downs, which is when he is the best in the League. 

This is also a game were Patterson could come in handy: running the ball, jet sweeps, and screens. “He’s been great: great attitude, great teammate. What we’ve asked him to do, both as a receiver, returner and then play running back at different times? He’s just a great football player,” Brady said. “I think however he can impact the team: gaining yards, whether it’s the kick game, pass game, run game. He’s willing to do it. 

“We gave him the ball, he tried to jump over the top of the line of scrimmage last week on the goal line which was a great play, was really close to getting in, but just a little short. He’s just been a great player, great influence for the locker room, just a great, positive person. He has a lot of fun and loves playing football.” This offense has really come together building into December. . 

5. It’s Gonna Be Cold In This Dirty Little Town- The Vikings offense is a typical Dome offense: full-on fast-forward in the comfy confines of the Dome. But, huh… it’s December. This is when the perfect Dome teams start to break down. When they have to play out in the cold, wet, and windy weather. This is a 4 O’clock game, in New England, in December. So while it won't be snowy and  the 1st Half should be scary? When it turns dark and rainy in New England in December? The Domes teams go down. 

But the Pats D better be careful in the 1st half, because the Vices got themselves some serious weapons. “It’s something we’ve talked about all week. Like, everyone has to show up. It’s not a game where we can say, ‘let’s just stop Thielen,’ because I think even the guys that no one talks about, they do a great job,” McCourty said. “We turned on the Detroit game, Beebe catches the first two or three 3rd downs for conversions. So, it’s everyone playing well, no matter who you get matched up on it. 

“If we’re in zone, it’s knowing where everyone is because when you play against a team with so many weapons and a really good quarterback, if you try so hard to take one thing away, he’s just going to go to the other thing, and they have too many talented guys to just let them go. So, it’s a test, really, for us as a whole as a defense where everyone has to really come and play their best game for us to go out there and play well.” The Vikings primary advantage in this game is that this is Kirk Cousins first year as a Dome QB.

But his weapons have the exaggerated stats of playing in perfect conditions right up to this game. “They’re definitely up there. You can go down the list. There’s some pretty good duos out there, but you look at these guys. I mean: it’s like 90-something and 80-something catches, it’s one guy over 1,000 yards, the other guy’s on his way to 1,000 yards,” McCourty said about wide receivers Thielen and Diggs. “And I think the hardest thing as you go down, Thielen, Diggs, Rudolph? These guys are catching like almost 70 percent of the balls thrown to them. 

“So, very dynamic and explosive group, but I think the biggest thing is when the ball’s thrown, they catch the ball. So, that’s 3rd-down conversions, red area targets, like all of those times it shows up. We’ve got to do a good job not only covering them, but we’ve got to get our hands on the ball or they’ll probably catch it.” But everything just changed for the Vikings in this game.

What will they do “when the night is dark, when their ain’t nobody lookin’ around, down in this dirty little town”, and their fingers and toeses start freezing? I mean, for all their elite stats? They only got six wins. That is not a sign of a super tough team. Sometimes that is a matter of luck, but after 11-games? When you are 6-4 and 1, and putting up some of the top offensive and defensive stats? That is usually a sign that you are not a particularly tough team. 

I mean, you have to worry about a team as explosives as they have been on both sides of the ball. But something is missing in this team. Maybe, just a little bit of heart? Maybe the cold New England night will bring out that one little flaw. That’s what I’m betting on. When that cold New England rain is splashing all over them in the entire 2nd Half, how is a Dome Team like the Vikings going to respond? History tells they will respond by losing. 

Plus, the defense has a new weapon in Melifonwu. “Man, he’s freaking huge. He’s a bigger, physical guy. And I thought he’s done a great job whether it’s staying after with Steve [Belichick], talking to myself, Chung, or Du [Duron Harmon] of (what’s expected): when he’s out there, what we expect of him, and what we need him to do, and then what he expects of us, and what we need to do to help him,” McCourty said. “I thought it was great, him getting out there last weekend in different packages and being able to help us. A very athletic guy. He’s able to go up there and match up on some tight ends. When we talk about being undersized against them, he lines up and it’s like ‘mano a mano,’ same size. Like you see him standing next to Gronk? And you’re like, ‘Dang! Gronk doesn’t make this guy look little.’ I thought he’s brought a really good edge to our group.” Which will hopefully help the D cover Rudolph the red-nose tight end. 

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