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7-Things For Vikes: Part I.


1. December Baby!- The Pats are about to embark on another epic December. This is when we will know if Brady is Brady, BB is BB, and all is right in the Patriots Universe. Or if we Pats fans are mere mortals again, and subjugated to the normal rules of all NFL fans again, and Rome is falling. 

The Patriots have to scream through December like a buzz-saw and chew up and spit out everything in their path. Then they just have to wait for that one KC defeat. It is coming like winter. Then the Pats will host the AFC Champ game. The question is can they still run the shark in December? Can Brady be Brady? Can all be right in Patriots’ land? 
Minnesota is a great place to start. This will be a Playoff style game, and it could be a Super Bowl preview. Now both teams have a ridiculously long way to go before they can say, “Super Bowl”! And the Chiefs and Rams are going to have their say, but it could happen. The good news is that this game is in Foxboro, and if the Pats don’t lose in December. They certainly don’t lose in December at Home to a Dome team. 

So let’s hope the weather outside is frightful on Sunday, and the Vikings are so freezing ass cold they can’t compete in the 4th. They live in a Northern climate, but they work and play in the controlled environment of the Dome. Living in Minny probably makes them a little more weather resilient than most Dome Teams. But they are still a Dome team, and only one Dome team has won the Super Bowl for a reason. 

The Patriots playing in December, with Brady, is the greatest act of winning in the History of the NFL. “I think we understand our team and I think we understand the other teams better. I think just the mark of a good team is one that improves as the season goes. I don’t think we ever take the foot off the pedal,” Brady said. “We’re trying to play well in December. This is when all these games, they all count the same. But you know (they count more at the end). This time of year, you’ve got to be playing your best, and I think that’s what we all realize. 

“And we’re playing against a really good team, so I think there’s just going to be no margin of error for us on Sunday. They’ve got a good defense, they’ve got a very high-scoring offense, good in the kicking game. So it’s a good matchup.” Now all that December winning has to be used against the Vikings.

And the Vikings know what is at stake, not just in the Playoffs, but all the attention this game is going to get nationally. “I mean, football you never master. It’s a chess match and there’s always different things,” Brady said. “Every year’s a little bit different. So you’re learning every year, every day, every walkthrough, every meeting, different things. And sometimes you’ve got to forget them and then you re-learn them. That’s just the way it goes.” But I’m not sure they are expecting to beat this team: the Patriots December team. 

2. God Help Us- What worries me is that once BB and Brady are gone…. Gulp! We will be the Jets again. I liked Etling at LSU, but he was no Brady at Michigan. Brady was a beast at Michigan who just won baby. Maybe he didn’t look like the best prospect, and he athletically didn’t look like an NFL prospect at QB. But all’s he did at Michigan was win, and kept coming back and coming back.

He showed all the clutch fight we have seen in Foxboro over the years, especially in December. “It’s an honor to be in this league. It’s hard to be in this league,” BB said. “It’s hard to stay in this league. It’s a production league. And if you’re not productive then somebody else will be doing your job. We all know that when we sign up for it, whether you’re a player or coach, whatever your role is: assistant coach, head coach, coordinator; It doesn’t matter. It’s a production league. I’m thankful for the opportunity that we have this week. I just try to do the best I can with it. Worry about next week, next week.” I have long said that Etling reminds me of Matt Cassell.

He could prove to be a winning QB in the NFL, like Cassell was before he got hurt. “There’s a lot of circumstances. Sometimes you just go with what the information you have is, what your instinct is. We have a lot of experience in this. Some guys you know are going to get drafted based on the amount of activity or whatever you determine,” BB said. “There’s a lot of places to get information from however you get that information. It doesn’t mean you’re right. You’ve got to go with what you go with, so sometimes you go with that. Sometimes you think a player’s not going to get drafted and you have a shot in free agency. 

“We’ve been right and we’ve been wrong on that. Matt Cassel, we thought he definitely would have gotten drafted or signed with somebody else had we not drafted him even though we didn’t really think he was going to get drafted. He threw 30-something passes in college. But there was enough activity on him and certainly people know about him that had been at ‘SC (USC) that were in the league that had shown interest, that had a prior relationship with him, which we didn’t. As an example, we drafted him because we didn’t think we’d be able to get him as a free agent.” But that doesn’t mean that QB isn’t still the top need for the future of the Franchise. 

The most difficult thing to do in the NFL, by far, is to Draft a winning NFL QB. “I think you’re still looking for the same thing. Again, we get into the 6th, 7th round and there’s probably 20 players call it, whatever the number is, 15-20 players, that are up there that you could probably make the case for any of them,” BB said. “Some of it is draft strategy like, ‘If we don’t draft this player, we know he’s not going to be available as a free agent.’ Or maybe we know he is going to be available as a free agent. If we don’t draft him and we feel like we have a shot at him. Maybe it’s a need or some other set of circumstances. Not saying that those are all interchangeable. 

“But I think on our board, like a lot of other draft boards at that point, there are a number of different ways that you can go and a lot of times those players have similar, let’s call it grades on them.” The set of circumstances this year is that they know they will need a QB in a year or two at best.

It is not always rocket science. Sometimes it just is what it is. If BB wants to continue to be a winning coach in the NFL, he has to Draft a college goof who can be developed into a winning player. That guy might be Etling. We don’t know. I’m not sure even Etling understands how important his rookie year has been for him behind the scenes. Everything he does is weighed and measured, and if he is found wanting? The Pats will have to go for a 1st Round QB. 

Though I find it impossible to believe that with the fifteen Day Two picks they have (most likely 5: two-2nds and three-3rds;) that they don’t take a QB on Friday night. “Certainly there’s a reason why you take one guy ahead of another. There’s good reasons for that, but in the end, a lot of those players, I would say, have similar grades and their opportunities are relatively similar,” BB said. “There’s people ahead of them, and if they can outperform those people then they do. And if they can’t? Then next year somebody else comes in there and gets that opportunity. Whether you take a quarterback in the 6th round or a quarterback who’s going to be a wide receiver in the 7th round, or whatever round Edelman was in, or guys like that.”

So Etling is constantly on the clock when he is in Foxboro. Now we cannot see the practices, which is when he plays, or the mechations behind the scenes. But we will learn BB’s opinion of Etling early in the Draft. If the Pats take a QB at 32 than he is likely gone. But if they take a guy on Day Two than they still like him. 

They certainly like his 7th Round contract. “The one thing he didn’t do [in college]? He didn’t turn the ball over,” Caserio said. “You look at his career production and this guy didn’t turn the ball over. I think it was 16-2 this year. A low percentage. He takes care of the ball, smart, pretty accurate thrower. There’s some good qualities and traits that we think we can work with and develop.” Now he was not a come from behind winner in college like Brady. 

They knew they were taking a QB in April, and probably know they are taking one next April as well. “We knew we were going to add a quarterback to our team at some point, so it’s relative to what other options we might have, relative to other positions,” Caserio said. “There’s no template like, ‘Well we’re going to take one here, we’re going to take one there.’ You just evaluate the player. We think Danny has some decent traits. And some decent qualities to work with. So we’ll put him in our program and see how he does.” We will learn how well his rookie year went in April. 

3. Draft- The Draft is quickly approaching, as the college football ends with the Division Champs fighting it out. “We’re not that concerned with what everybody does somewhere else. We’re concerned about what their contribution is to our team, how they can help our team and what their role is,” BB said about the Draft. “That determines what their value is. So whether a guy has or hasn’t done whatever it was that he did or didn’t do somewhere else? Is not really as important as what he does when he gets here. What kind of role he can establish and how he can help the team.” There will be a lot of players who can “help the team” playing this weekend. 

They will be looking at WRs, with Patterson, Hogan, and Dorsett all free agents after this season. “We give guys an opportunity to do that as we evaluate them,” BB said. “We sometimes move or change what they’re doing to try and give them better opportunity in what we think will be the better fit for them on our team or give them more versatility to create more value for themselves and then let them go do it and coach them. They work hard at it to get better and then we keep going. It’s no set formula.” We are about to learn how important Isaiah Wynn was in last year’s Draft, with Trenton Brown and Waddle both unrestricted in February. 

The will also be looking at this Tight End class very closely, how early will tell us more about the health of Gronk than anything else. “Some of those you draft, some of them you get at the other end: the Jacob Hollisters, the Malcolm Butlers, the J.C. Jacksons. We’ve had those guys every year,” BB said. “Sometimes you take guys: Nate Ebner, Joe Cardona, Matt Slater, and Brandon King doesn’t get drafted. I would say those level of players, college level, not pro level, when you’re putting a grade on them, a lot of those players have a similar grade: 6th, 7th round, free agents.” A Day three tight end would be a good sign for Gronk. 

But if the Pats snag a tight end like Alabama TE Irv Smith (SEC Champ Game today at 4:00 on Channel 4) than the rumors that they tried to trade him this past off season might be true. Also, Noah Fant (who is phenomenally underrated as an athlete) has been missing in action a little at Iowa and could drop down to pick 32. You could see the smaller faster Caleb Wilson from UCLA go ahead of him. 

But if they go for a late 3rd-Round TE? It could be they think Gronk can hold on for another year or two. A guy like Alize Mack Fighting Irish (more of a receiving TE). Or a guy like Foster Moreau LSU, who is more of a blocking tight end. Or my guy, who is very adept at both blocking and receiving (and I might say better than the previous two at both;), Tommy Sweeney. 

If they go even deeper into Day Three for a developmental guy than the rumours of Gronk death have been greatly exaggerated. “So when you get to free agency (Undrafted Rookie Free-Agents), if you have a guy that has the same grade as a guy you drafted in the 6th round then you try to get him,” BB said. “And it’s not that surprising when he comes in and is as competitive, sometimes more competitive than, the player you drafted because you had him graded the same. Again, for whatever reasons you took one guy ahead of another. But in the end we value their ability similar. And then obviously, as they play then those grades are no longer valid. What’s valid is what the performance is.” 

This is also the best DL Draft I have ever seen. “I think in the end when you take a player, you take a player based on where you think he’ll be for you, what he can do for your team. That’s why we Draft him,” BB said. “We draft him to help our team. Again, not all of them work out. It’s an imperfect science, but when you take him you have an expectation that the player is going to be able to help your team in some capacity.” They can always draft another edge rusher, with “gulp” Trey Flower their most valuable Unrestricted Free Agent available this off season.

Also Danny Shelton and Malcolm Brown are free agents, so getting a big DT is not out of the question. “Obviously, guys in the 1st round and the 3rd round or the 7th round, I mean the expectation level is a little bit different,” BB said. “But in the end, once they’re here, they’re here. It doesn’t matter how they got here. If they came as free agents (Shelton) or they came in the 1st round (Malcolm Brown) or they came in a 4th-round trade (Wise). It doesn’t matter. However they get here, they get here. And then you evaluate them once they’re here, and see what they can do for your team.” So don’t be shocked if they take an Edge guy in the 1st, or an inside and outside DL in the 3rd round (or maybe the 4th and 7th;).

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