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7-Things For Indy: Part II.


4. Pats Primary Advantage- The Pats primary advantage (believe it or not;) appears to be on defense. "I think it's important just knowing what defense we're in. If we're in man-to-man, keep your eyes on your man, know what you have and usually, your man will take you to whatever the play is. If he's going to catch the ball, you'll be on him. If he doesn't catch the ball, they throw it elsewhere, once the ball leaves the quarterback's hands, then putting our foot in the ground and running to the ball," Devin McCourty said. "And I think then when it's in zone, it's just doing your job in that zone coverage. I think that's always key. This is like one of those games where it's very important that all 11 guys do the job they're assigned for that defensive play. This isn't the game where you can make up for somebody else and run over there and do his job and your job. 

"If you do that, like you just said, with all the fast motions, their misdirection where you start one way and a reverse with Tyreek [Hill], one wrong step and these guys are gone. So, it's going to be very important for us to just do our job and not try to over-compensate." Pats have a better defense than KC. 

KC’s primo passrusher Justin Houston is out. "It was a little bit worse than what we originally thought, but not to the point where potentially he can't come back this year,'' Reid said in pieced together pieces. “[But it’s] a stretch [to think he’ll play against the Pats tonight].” Which is fine with me, but KC's defense has sucked when he was on the field as well. .

The Pats primary advantage in this game is defense. Their defense has just been better and is healthier than KC’s. They also have a good style of rushers to give Mahomes trouble. You do not want to flash past Mahomes in the rush. That lets him run, read, and throw on the move. Pure speed rushers are not what you want. You want more of a controlled rush. Flowers, Clayborn, and Wise are big, controlled, power rushers who rarely run past the QB.

They are excellent at stopping and breaking inside when they get even with the QB. "I feel like with the whole defense that the Patriots have [is like totally awesome]. I mean, guys that can just kind of intermix and play each other's roles because they know their defense and their scheme so well,” Mahomes said. “So, they're going to put up definitely a challenge, and it's something that I'm excited just to have the opportunity to play against a great team on Sunday Night." Rivers it the one rusher who can match Mahomes athletically, but he is also the speed rusher who will flash past him. 

The Pats three big veterans are going to rush to contain him. When they get even with Mahomes in the pocket, they will stop and break inside, and try and hit him from the side or get in front of him. They want to keep him in a box. Force him to use his rookie-brain, and not his young fleet feet. Because when he gets out of the pocket and can see the whole field is when he makes his best throws.

The can also put Gilmore on Hill. "I don't think you can find a guy faster than that. I mean when you watch him on film, it just jumps off the screen of how fast he's moving,” Devin said. “Whether it's in the punt returns, on offense catching a slant going the distance or running a nine route, the guy's fast. And that's something that we can’t [simulate]. You can't get that in practice.” And at least one (if not both;) of the McCourtys will be helping him over the top.

Or they could put Jonathan Jones on him, he is the little Corner who ran a 4.33 at the Combine.  “[Jones is] another guy [who’s] similar in that we don't just count on him to do his job but to communicate, to help guys in certain situations, to help me at safety,” Devin said. “It's been great I just think to have him mature into being a special teams guy to a guy that's playing a lot of snaps on defense. And, we just know he's going to be there and do it right each play. I think that's always key when you're playing secondary to have guys like that that you can count on.” He is the speed guy in the Pats secondary.

I think the Pats primary advantage is their defense, and their style of defense. They are not the most talented defense physically. But they are the most talented defense mentally. They are the most disciplined D, and they don’t get themselves out of position. They know their role, and they hit the bench when they freelance out of their assignment. Mahomes is at his best when defenses aren’t disciplined and lose their position and assignments while he is running around like a maniac. That is why he takes off.

The Pats D has been to the mountain top. “I think for us, it's about going out there and competing, trying to get a win. Obviously, we're going against one of the better teams in the whole NFL, and I think that's a great opportunity to just go play well and try to get a win,” Devin said. “I'm not big into the measuring stick and all that. Like if we win this game, it doesn't advance us to the Super Bowl. I think it is a good test to go against a really good team, [a] really good offense. But I think at the end of the day, we're playing the Kansas City Chiefs and we've got to try to get a win.” They will do that with discipline and not rushing behind Mahomes.

5. What Goes Up, Must Come Down- Mahomes has thrown for 14-TD passes in the first five games. "They're going to have a great game plan,” Mahomes said. “They're going to have ways to take away the stuff that we've had success with so far this season. And I expect them to throw some stuff out there that's unscouted. But at the same time, we're going to keep just working on our game plan and keep doing things that we do well in order to have success." However, 10 of Mahomes TDs came in the first two games, and zero last week against the Jags.

Meanwhile Brady has thrown for 12 TDs. "Just the way he can move within the pocket and still find lanes to throw the ball [into] is something that I find is truly special,” Mahomes said. “I mean, I try to do that, but I mean, you have to keep working on that. He's done that his whole entire career, and it's something that bought him a lot of extra time in the pocket to make a lot of great throws." But he has thrown for 6-TDs in the last two games.

So while Mahomes has been a revelation to start the season, he has cooled off a little. “I've seen a lot of highlights. I haven't necessarily watched. We just haven't had common opponents thus far," Brady said. "But he's obviously got a great skill-set and playing really well, throwing a lot of touchdowns, really distributing the ball and extending plays, making plays on the move, outside the pocket. It's a big test for our defense anytime you play a quarterback that can do all those things. It tests your discipline in a lot of areas. 

"We've just got to take advantage when we get opportunities to stop them and we on offense have to do our job when we get opportunities to make the plays that are there, go down and score points when we can. We've played this team a bunch and they've played really well, they're really well-coached, they've got good players, very physical, good in all areas. Well-coached, tough, hard-nosed team and it's a tough game. But we're excited for the challenge.” Meanwhile in the Pats Cave, Brady has gotten better and better this season.

Or should I say his weapons have gotten better and better this season. Week One he really just had Gronk. Then week three Michel showed up (50-yards). Then he went nuts the last two weeks (210-yards and two TDs). As Gordon worked his way (way to slowly;) into the lineup. Edelman came out of the gates like a bull on steroids. He had 7-receptions on 9-targets. Now Dorsett and Hogan are back in roles they can be successful in.

So last two weeks, Brady has been throwing like Mahomes did in the first two weeks. “I think quarterbacks are always paying attention to other quarterbacks. You're just watching how they're moving the ball. There's a lot of different ways to lead your team, and move the ball down the field, and score points,” Brady said. “So if you can learn things from other players, you're always trying to. And when your offense is hot, and you're scoring a lot of points, I think everyone is trying to learn from what they're doing. They're just executing really well and I think that's what we need to take from it. We need to execute really well.” So KC's biggest advantage, Mahomes throwing, is not that big of an advantage this week, if at all. 

6. Pats Draft Baby: Top 41!  

7. Pats Win- What will help Brady the most is that KC has the worse Run Defense in every statically category know to AI on the internet. "I think he runs hard,” Andy Reid said about Sony. "[He’s] aggressive. He can catch the football. He’s a smart kid. And he’s a good football player." They couldn’t stop a computer from getting online, never mind a young 1st Round Draft Pick.

This game comes along right when the Pats have Sony Michel and the O-line establishing one of the run better run games in the NFL. “I’m very happy with him. He’s a very hard-working kid. He’s very conscious of what he has to get done, and he gets after it. He’s been great,” Pats RBs coach Fears said. “Just what we expected. He was progressing well. I was really happy when we got the pads on and I got to see him run a little bit. It looks like he’s going to be what we expected him to be. Unfortunately, we didn’t get too long into it before he got hurt, but I expect him to come back ready to go.” If Michel rushes between 98 and 112 yards, the Pats will play action their way to a win.

The Pats are going to try to run the ball down the Chief’s throat until they break. Pound-pound-pound them into submission. The Chiefs are the worst run D in the NFL. If you knock them back and hurt their defenders than they ain’t gonna be able to cover me! An old, fat, and slow basketball player.

In fact the lower the score is in the 1st half, the more it benefits the Pats. As it gets colder and colder tonight, and the Pats O-line gets stronger and stronger, it is going to get tougher and tougher for KC. Now KC can come out and run as well to start the game. But the Pats run defense is better in every way, and running the ball with Michel has been more effective than KC’s run game. Then you bring in White, and he will kill them in the passing game.

This is also a weather game. KC is a much hotter climate than you’d think. I’ve been to Kansas and Missouri and I was shocked at hot it was, and that’s about all I remember (oh and going to Jesse James' house;). And it is friggin’ cold out there tonight. I know I’m old fat and slow, but I just walked the damn dog, and I'm cold. When it drops into he 30s in the 2nd half, KC and their Houston QB are done like broken popsicles. So look for the Pats to run-run-run until the weather and O-line hurts their souls.

I think between the Home field, weather, and the cold it just too much of an advantage for KC to overcome. I also think the Pats are going pound them to death in the run game, and that is also too much of an advantage. The both combine makes me so confident that I’m now uncomfortable again. But in the end, we will also have Brady in the end. Pats win.



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