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7-Things For Indy: Part I.


1. Bad Dolphin- The Pats looked like a completely different team yesterday. It was like nothing we saw this season. And yet, something we usually see every season. Besides Houston, which the Pats played for the third time in less than a year in Week One, the Pats looked like they had never seen the other team play football. We should be used to that by now. 

Everything things change on all teams every off season. “I thought we got what we needed from our team today,” BB said. “The players, coaches, did a great job this week. The coaching staff… (had enough Tape to watch;). We got a lot of good leadership from our players and they responded today. We got contributions from pretty much everybody, every unit, every phase of the team. It's what we need and what we needed. Give them all the credit. We made enough plays to win in all of the areas.” Players change on all teams. 

There are coaching changes on every team every season as well. Preseason is useless, in regards to Tape. So every year the Pats look confused in September. I blame that on the coaches. But not so much on the coaches, as the Tape. They don’t have the true Tape of the teams we are playing. 

Just think about how many changes the Pats had this past off season. Really everything about the offense has changed, even Gronk and Brady. “We definitely executed better but there is always more room for better execution,” Shaq said. “Today we liked the results. But again we can always be better.” The interior O-line is about the only thing on the offense that is the same from last season. 

It is the same with all other teams. “We did a lot of things better today than we did the past two weeks, so I think it's a combination of everything,” BB said. “Each player, all of the other players with them, our overall operation functioned as a unit. We just all performed at a higher level, which we needed to do.” When the Pats played Jags and Lions in Week Two and Three, there was just no Tape of those teams. 

Even coaches change every season. Coaches and players learn things each season that change who they are and what they do on the field. Just look at Jacksonville as an example. The HC was criticized for being too conservative when he had the lead against the Pats in the Playoffs. So when he had the Pats down this year, he kept his foot on the gas, and kept passing. That is a complete 180 from his philosophy before this season, which was you win with defense and the run game. 

It seems BB needs at least three Tapes of teams and their adjustments to understand what they are doing. “Obviously, we haven’t played well the last two weeks and we talked a lot about the things we need to do better, and we need to carry them over from week to week,” Brady said. “So, this game’s great. But you’ve got to turn the page once you learn from it, and you get focused on the next game. You build on things you didn’t do well. You understand what they did well, and some other teams are going to see that too. It’s a long process. It’s a long season. We’ve only played four out of the 16. 

“Hopefully, we’re a lot better in October than we were in September, and we’re going to need it because we face some good competition. This was one that we really talked about. And tried to get on track, and got off to a fast start and played from ahead. Which most teams that play from ahead end up winning.”

The Pats finally looked like the Pats this week. It helped that it was Miami, because like Houston there was more familiarity. They played Miami twice in the past year. It is not a coincidence that Houston and Miami were the two teams they beat in September. 

The Pats looked like they knew what Miami was doing on every play. While Miami’s players looked like they had no idea what the Pats were doing. That is more in line with what we are used to seeing. It was a completely different team this week. 

This week we had the familiarity of a Division opponent, and the coaches had three weeks of Tape to watch all the new changes and adjustments they made this season. Each team also has new players, and new rookies to be exploited. Last years rookies were not as easy to exploit. Each team picks up free agents to fill weakness they saw on the field, and each team looses free agents to create new holes to exploit every off season. 

The coaches were able to show the Pats all the changes and schemes that the Dolphins were using this season. “The credit goes to the players. We've got great leadership on our team. Like I said, everybody stepped up in all of the different phases. They went out there. They made the plays. They did it on the field today. They deserved to win. They deserved to win because of the way they performed,” BB said. “So I'm fortunate that we have players like that. That were able to take that challenge, and respond the way they did on the practice field, and the meeting room. Then put it out on the field on Sunday. We have a group of hard-working tough-guys, and they showed that today.” The Patriots players were able to translate all that information and film onto the field this week.

But the Pats coaches more than any other team lives, breathes, and dies with Tape. The Players who make the Pats’ team, are the players who can influence their play by watching Tape, and absorbing what the coaches are teaching them each and every week. When they watch Tape, they can adjust their game and eyes to what they watch. Not all players can do that. 

So now they have a short turn around to Indy. But the coaches have four game Tapes to full vet this short week. The Pats are at a huge disadvantage to do the NFL’s ridiculous greed, being the Road team on the insidious four day week. Which means they lose one day of practice to travel. But now they have the Tape they need.  

Be A Citizen! Not a Subject! 

Fascist is as Fascist does. Beware American. President Fredo is pulling the cowardly republican Senate closer and closer to the cliff.

Amendment I. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances:


The 1st Amendment to the Constitution is the greatest paragraph ever written by mankind. It is the truest diagram of how to ensure a free Country of citizens survives. But is is also a list of what to attack when you want to be a fascist dictator. President Jerkballs is attacking every article in the 1st Amendment. Beware subjects, or you will be subjugated:


What happened to the Republican Party? 


They are now the: pro Russia, pro Putin, pro KGB, 


pro North Korea, and the pro Sexual Assault Party? 


"During our meal, Christine was visibly upset, so I asked her what was going on,” Gildo-Mazzon said in her declaration. “Christine told me she had been having a hard day because she was thinking about an assault she experienced when she was much younger. She said she had been almost raped by someone who was now a federal judge. She told me she had been trapped in a room with two drunken guys, and that she had escaped, ran away and hid."

President Dumbass is a sexual assaulting clown. 

Why're we shocked that he would chose a sexual assaulting clown 


for the no longer supreme court.

The worst thing is that they know he is a rapist.

Turtle face McConnell knows he is a sexual assaulting little monkey.

All the (R)s know.


"Christine expressed anger at Mr. Turner’s lenient sentence, stating that she was particularly bothered by it because she was assaulted in high school by a man who was now a federal judge in Washington, D.C.," Koegler said. "Christine did not mention the assault to me again until June 29, 2018, two days after Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his resignation from the Supreme Court of the United States."


The only reason to not allow the FBI to investigate is that they know.

If Kavanaugh was innocent" 


The (R)s would have the FBI putting on rubber gloves. 


and sticking an icky finger up everyone's butt.

But blocking an FBI investigation is an open admission 


that Kavanaugh is a sexual assaulting turd. 

President Dumbass is a sexual assaulting clown 


who brags about sexually assaulting multiple Women.

Who else would he nominate but a sexual assaulter. 


"I was walking my dog and Christine was outside of her house. I stopped to speak with her, and she told me she had read a recent social media post I had written about my own experience with sexual assault," White said. "She then told me that when she was a young teen, she had been sexually assaulted by an older teen. I remember her saying that her assailant was now a federal judge."

The Cowardly Congress knows this, period. 


That is the only logical explanation. 

The only reason to hide the sexual assaulting clown’s 


criminal history?

Is because they know he is a sexual assaulting clown.


"In his declaration, Ford’s husband said he learned of his wife’s experience with sexual assault “around the time we got married” but that she didn’t share details until a couple’s therapy session in 2012. “I remember her saying that her attacker’s name was Brett Kavanaugh, that he was a successful lawyer who had grown up in Christine’s home town, and that he was well-known in the Washington D.C. community,” Russell Ford said."








God only knows how many accusations the (R)s are hiding 



in the 10 million documents 



that the (R)s are hiding from We The People and the FBI. 

The alleged party of morals (which was always BS to me)

is now the Party of the KGB, Nazis, Rapists, and Sexual Assaulters.


"However, in the end she believed her civic duty required her to speak out," Russell Ford said. "In our 16 years of marriage I have always known Christine to be truthful person of great integrity. I am proud of her for her bravery and courage."