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First off I just want to thank all the fans of this site. I have been promoting my books for sale primarily on this site. As a result, I have sold almost 500 books in the past year. Thank you for your support and patronage, both are greatly appreciated. I cannot tell you how happy it made me when I read that report. So thank you Draft fans and Patriot fans alike, and mostly thank you to all the fans of my books and website worldwide.

7-Things For Houston: Part III.


4. This Is The End, Beautiful Friend The End- The Pats are thundering towards a precipice. BB is looks like he is looking for a way out, and there is no way he is going to be working for Jonathon when he becomes the Man (you can clearly see his distain). Kraft did not look good the last time I saw him on TV. He looked like he quite know where he was. And as a man who watched his father die from Alzheimer’s, it scared the crap out me.

And maybe Brady can play for four more years. The odds are not just against him, it hasn’t been done before. When he goes, BB is gone, and the Franchise will descend into chaos. Jonathon is the proverbial guy born on 3rd base, who thinks he was born on 1sr. He is a Patrick Sullivan waiting to happen.

For those too young to know the inglorious Patriots past, it is not pretty. And when BB and Brady are gone the losing (and revenge by all the other NFL teams) will be ugly and relentless. The ownership is already faltering. To what point I don’t know. But the Krafty-Kraft kids have already sued Bob. I can smell the utter decay of the chaos to come.

It will not be pretty in a year or two (Or four? Please!). When the five B’s leave (BB, TB12, and BoB;) the Pats will be the worst Franchise in the NFL again. It will be on a Mark Wilson level (the worst starting QB I ever saw play in the NFL was his pathetic year here, where he started what seemed like an endless series of tragedies).

The Pats Dynasty is going to end in a Shakespearian Tragedy: endless cruelty, incompetence, and tears (probably mine;). The greatest QB of all time will be gone. The greatest HC of all time will be gone. The greatest TE of all time will be gone. There might even be a murder or two, as the son seeks to kill the ghost of his great father’s glory.

“What a piece of work is a man. How noble in reason. How infinite in faculty. In form, in moving, how express and admirable. In action how like an angel. In apprehension how like a god! The beauty of the world. The paragon of animals!” Hamlet said. “And yet to me, what is this quintessence of dust?”

Or the genius sails off into the fate of the great Atlantic, and a great storm ship wreaks him on an un-deserted island (Nantucket:), and crossdressing, love, and hijinks ensue, and maybe even a ballad or two.

“True madam. And to comfort you with chance, assure yourself, after our ship did split. When you and those poor number saved with you, hung on our driving boat, I saw your brother, most provident in peril, bind himself,” the Captain said to Viola. “Courage and hope both teaching him the practice. To a strong mast that lived upon the sea. Where, like Arion on the dolphin's back, I saw him hold acquaintance with the waves. So long as I could see.”

Or we will watch the sad and inevitable conflict as mad King Lear’s legacy is torn apart by his Trumpian children. As his brain descends into anarchy the betrayals, incompetence, and lawsuits will send the glory of the old Patriots into a dream of glories that once was:

“No, no, no, no! Come, let's away to prison. We two alone will sing like birds I' the cage. When thou dost ask me blessing, I'll kneel down, and ask of thee forgiveness.” King Lear said. “So we'll live, and pray, and sing, and tell old tales, and laugh at gilded butterflies. And hear poor rogues talk of court news. And we'll talk with them too. Who loses and who wins; who's in, who's out. And take upon's the mystery of things. As if we were God's spies. And we'll wear out, jn a wall'd prison, packs and sects of great ones that ebb and flow by the moon.”

With the Patriot glory long gone, we will look to a Coach and a QB to bring us back. But the magic that made BB and Brady will be long gone and imprisoned in some ancient tome. And the dying dynasty will be looking for a warrior to quarterback them back to glory. I don’t think it’s Etling.

Though he does remind me of Matt Cassel. Who played for a long time in the NFL. and stepped in and replaced Brady when he injured his knee in 2008 and threw for 21 TDs after a terrible start. He then led KC to an AFC West title in 2010, and throw for 27 TDs that year. He made the Pro Bowl as well. I think that's the best you can hope for from him.

5. So Today is the Day: So today is the day to start looking at QBs to replace Brady, as we already have Josh McDaniels, the likely replacement for Belichick. Josh is going to need a QB, and fast. There are some interesting options out there today. Though not all are ready for the Draft next year. Like Alabama’s amazingly impressive QB Tua Tagovailoa. He was as impressive a Sophomore I’ve seen in his first start last week. He reads and anticipates it as well as any young QB I’ve seen in college.

One of the most interesting aspect of Tua is that he was the Number One Dual Threat QB coming out a couple years ago. He is a great runner. But in the game last week against Louisville, he was clearly a throw first QB, and not the other way around, like Jalen Hurts. He is as good a scrambler as Hurts. But he reads it, anticipates it, and throws it so well that he isn’t a one read and bail QB. He wants to win the game with his brains, eyes, and arm. Instead of his feet.

Alabama is playing Arkansas State, which is not a must watch game by any stretch. They will beat the living crap out of that team. Tua won’t be in the 2019 Draft, but in a year or two he will be entering the NFL. The Pats need to take notice now, because Brady is 41 going on 45. The Pats could have a top pick in two or three years:


Arkansas State at Alabama 2:30 pm ESPN2:


Notes from last week against Louisville:

33 * Anfernee Jennings, LB (Jr., 6-3, 262)- Jennings continues to come out of the bottom of piles. Nice speed around the ORT tight into the QB.

#99 * Raekwon Davis, DL (Jr., 6-7, 308)- They will line him up on the Nose in some nickel formations. He has some interesting speed stunting outside around the corner. He can shed the double team at the point, and jump on the RB.

You just can't run to his side. He finds the RB at the point every time. They will double him consistently in pass pro. Teams don't want him near their QB.

#47 *Christian Miller- LB Jr 6-4, 230- Excellent quicks on the edge to redirect off the RB on the Option, and slam the QB. He seems to have that knack for hitting the quarterback. He will fake drop, and then charge into the QB as he throws. He looks like he might have lost a little speed from all the injures.

#24 Terrell Lewis, EDGE, Alabama- He can leap through the line and panic the QB into a throw away. Good size and speed. He can really move off the edge. I thought he was smaller than his listed weight, because of the way he moves on the field.

#30 Mack Wilson- 6-2, 230, OLB,- He is the leader and signal caller of the defense. Needs to get bigger. He gets to the RB quick, but the RB can run right over him. He can knock the WR flying back onto his back after the catch. He is a great run blitzer off the edge.

#92 Quinnen Williams-DL, 6-4, 289, Soph- He has a nice burst right up the gut. Terrific inside rusher. He has good timing to leap up and slap the ball down. He is a sophomore who will be the next great one, once Davis leaves for the NFL. He had two PBUs in the first half against Louisville.


#73 Jonah Williams, OL (Jr., 6-5, 305)-

He sometimes just doesn't block anybody. When he blocks down on the DT he knocks him off his feet, and can then go and catch the ILB.

Elite power blocking down on DT. Consistently hits the DT, and then hits and seals the ILB. When he is balanced and focused, he can make pass pro look easy.

#66 Lester Cotton- SR- 6-4, 324- He can take the big hit from the blitzer right in the facemask, and get his head back down and stone him. He is a tough kid.

He plays with some nasty. He is a big fat man. Explodes off the snap with some great power. He moves big DTs back consistently. He can move forward in pass pro, grab the DT, and just hold him in place. Great strong hands and leverage.

#71 Ross Pierschabacher- OC, 6-4, 303,- Nice seal blocker right off the snap. He can grab the DT off the snap on the play action, and the drive him back.

#34 *Damien Harris- RB, Jr, 5-11, 216- Great short yardage runner. He looks like he runs a foot off the ground on short yardage. Knows how to follow blockers. He will run into his blockers for a few more, when the defenders are all closing in. Great receiver crossing on the second level, and then he can really run after the catch.

Nice receiver out of the backfield, and once he is outside he can hurt DBs. He can really hit in pass pro. He can give a thundercrack block in pass pro that you hear over everything. He will also lead block for other RBs. He run great lateral burst and power.

#13 Tua Tagovailoa- 6-1, 218, QB- He was a force against Louisville last week. "What I saw there is when that ball leaves Tua's hand, it looks like it’s rocket propelled with an internal guidance system," ex-Patriots OC Trevor Matich said-. "It is astonishing how that thing flies out of his hand and then finds its way down into the exact perfect spot over and over again. "I think this will be the most fun season from an entertainment standpoint that we’ve seen from Alabama in memory." But he is still young and needs some work.

It is funny to remember that Louisville was Tua's first start. "He needs to make sure he doesn’t take the big sack," Matich said. "He needs to make sure he doesn’t force the ball into a place it shouldn’t go. He needs to not believe his own hype because the laws of physics still apply to him. That football will not disappear inside a defender’s chest and then materialize on the opposite side into the hands of his receiver. So he’s got to make sure he stays football humble." I could not have been more impressed with him last week.

Sophomore (2018): A dynamic dual-threat quarterback ... spent his freshman campaign as the Tide’s backup before earning the starting job following the completion of fall camp ... preseason second team All-America selection by Athlon and Sporting News ... Maxwell Award Watch List honoree entering his sophomore season ... selected as one of the Manning Award Stars of the Week for his performance against Louisville ... named one of the UA coaching staff’s offensive players of the week after the opener with Louisville in Orlando. Louisville: Made his first career start for Alabama and put on an impressive performance ... finished 12-of-16 passing for 227 yards and two scores ... added five rushes for 26 yards including a nine-yard touchdown run for the Tide’s second score of the game ... also assumed holding duties on field goals and PATs.

Freshman (2017): Selected as the Offensive Most Valuable Player of the College Football Playoff National Championship Game ... completed 63.6 percent of his passes (49-of-77) with 11 touchdowns and two interceptions ... totaled 636 yards through the air ... added 27 rushes for 133 yards and two touchdowns to his season totals ... finished first among quarterbacks in the SEC in passing efficiency (204.0) in limited action. Fresno State: Made his first career appearance with the Tide ... finished 6-of-9 for 64 yards and a touchdown with a long play of 24 ... scoring play came on a 16-yard pass to Henry Ruggs III ... added three rushes but did not accumulate any yards despite a long run of eight.

Arkansas ST:

#8 Ronheen Bingham- DE/OLB, 6-2, 242 (U) 4.7- 2018:  Athlon Sports, Lindy’s Sports and Street & Smith’s Preseason First Team All-Sun Belt Conference . . . Among returning Sun Belt Conference players, tied for the second most sacks and tied for the sixth most tackles for loss in the league in 2017.

2017:  Second Team All-Sun Belt Conference . . . Played in every game and started twice, including the Camellia Bowl . . . Finished the season with 22 tackles, 8.0 TFL, 5.0 sacks, 5 quarterback hurries, one fumble recovery and two forced fumbles . . . 5.0 sacks were the second most on the squad and ranked tied for 12th in the Sun Belt Conference . . . 8.0 tackles for loss were the fourth most on the team and ranked tied for 23rd in the Sun Belt . . . Recorded multiple tackles in eight games, including a season-high four against Georgia Southern . . . Eight of his 22 stops were behind the line of scrimmage, including a season-best two tackles for loss against South Alabama . . . Posted at least 0.5 TFL in eight contests and had 1.0 or more in five outings . . . Posted at least a half-sack in five games, including a season-high 2.0 against South Alabama . . . Midyear signee who was able to participate in A-State’s 2017 spring camp.

#70 Lanard Bonner- 6-5, 315, ORT-

2018:  Athlon Sports, Lindy’s Sports and Street & Smith’s Preseason First Team All-Sun Belt Conference . . . Ranked No. 3 on Lindy’s “Top 10 NFL Talent” in the Sun Belt Conference.

2017:  First Team All-Sun Belt Conference . . . Named the winner of the Gary Withrow Award, presented annually to the football team’s outstanding offensive lineman of the year . . . Started all 12 games at right tackle for a team that ranked No. 1 in the Sun Belt Conference in scoring offense (37.8 average), total offense (495.3 ypg), pass offense (342.2 ypg), 3rd down conversions (44.1 pct.) and first downs (322) . . . Helped pave the way for 5,944 yards total offense that stands as the third most in school history, while its average total offense was the highest ever by an A-State team and ranked second all-time in the Sun Belt Conference . . . Part of the O-line that provided blocking for 17 rushing touchdowns and protection for a Sun Belt-record 38 passing scores . . . Key component to A-State’s offensive success that ranked it No. 10 in the nation in total offense and No. 13 in scoring offense . . . Behind Bonner and the offensive line, A-State produced over 400 yards total offense in 10 of 12 games, including a school and Sun Belt Conference-record 781 yards versus ULM . . . Phil Steele’s Preseason Fourth Team All-Sun Belt Conference.



Arkansas State at Alabama 2:30 pm ESPN2:

#3 Drew Lock- QB, 6-2, 221- Not

#77 Paul Adams- 6-6, 315, ORT- 2018 OUTLOOK: Proven performer who is one of the SEC’s most experienced linemen ... Will be looking to anchor the right side of the offensive line, where he has started all 25 games at right tackle the previous two seasons for the SEC’s most productive offense.

# Emanuel Hall- 6-3, 200, WR, - 2018 OUTLOOK: Dynamic speedster in the passing game who is a deep-ball threat with the ability to take the top off of opposing defenses on every play … Will be counted on as a leader and playmaker on Mizzou’s receiving corps after emerging as one of the nation’s elite deep ball catchers a year ago … Enters the season listed at No. 1 on the depth chart at one of the wideout spots and will look for another strong season in his first season as an everyday starter.

2017 SEASON: Big-play wideout who emerged as one of the nation’s elite deep ball threats after taking over a starting spot for the season’s final nine games ... Finished the season with 33 receptions for 817 yards and eight touchdowns, with six of them coming from 50 yards out or longer ... His eight scores went for an average length of 49.5 yards, including scores of 20, 31, 50, 55, 56, 58, 63 and 63 yards, and his per-catch average on the year of 24.8 ranked as the best in the SEC and was second nationally among all receivers.

#11 Kendall Blanton- 6-6, 260, TE, - 2018 OUTLOOK: Big-time playmaker who boasts both size and speed with a desire to block and clear room in the run game … Is a reliable possession receiver and a huge threat in the red zone and has the ability to make highlight reel catches … Will team with sophomore Albert Okwuegbunam to give Mizzou one of the nation’s best tight end duos in 2018 ... Served an internship over the summer with Mizzou Athletics, working in the Tiger Scholarship Fund office, learning how the donor service business work ... Playing the 2018 season as a graduate student, after earning his undergraduate degree from Mizzou this May.

2017 SEASON: Was part of a trio of tight ends who played a key role in Mizzou’s SEC-leading offense ... Played in all 13 games, making two starts, and was a big contributor in MU’s improved run game which averaged just under 200 yards per contest ... Caught six passes on the season for 138 yards and one touchdown.

OL Kevin Pendleton-

OL Samson Bailey-


#5 Terry Beckner- 6-3, 305, Jr.- DT- He has had two ACL surgeries.

2018 OUTLOOK: All-star potential and former blue-chip prospect who returned to Mizzou for his senior season, following what was a breakout 2017 junior campaign … Ranks among the nation’s elite interior defenders with the size, speed and strength combination that is coveted at the next level … Embraced his role as a leader on last year’s team and his dominant play was a key reason for Mizzou’s six-game win streak to close the regular season.

#24 Terez Hall- 6-2, 230 LB- 2018 OUTLOOK: All-star candidate at the linebacking position who mixes great speed and size with a desire to play physical and in the trenches … His long arms and strong frame, mixed with great instincts and leadership have him poised to stand out in a league loaded with quality linebackers … Posted 12.5 tackles for loss from the weakside LB position a year ago, a spot in which he enters the season as the No. 1 option on Mizzou’s initial fall depth chart … Will be looked at as a team leader on the defensive side of the ball as Mizzou’s coaches praised his ability to inspire his teammates.

LB Brandon Lee,-

DE Nate Anderson,-

DT Rashad Brandon-


Georgia at South Carolina 2:30 pm CBS.

# Jake Fromm- 6-2, 220, - He is another QB who will be draft in a year or two, not in the 2019 Draft. After what he did in the Playoffs, it is impossible to imagine him not declaring for the 2020 Draft. He is a great clutch leader.

Career Highs: 326 passing yards vs. Missouri, 2017. 3 passing TD vs. Samford, 2017. 20 completions vs. Oklahoma, 2017. 32 passing attempts vs. Alabama, 2018. Long completion of 78 yards, vs. Georgia Tech.

2018: Started vs. Austin Peay and completed 12 of 16 passes for 157 yards and two TDs.

2017: Played in 15 games, making 14 starts...ranked ninth nationally in passing efficiency (160.1)...third-most passing yards in a single season (2,615) by a UGA freshman...season high in passing yards (326) came in win over Missouri...named SEC Freshman of the Week for his performance...won the honor again after completing 12 of 16 passes for 224 yards and two TDs at Georgia Tech...completed 16 of 22 passes for 183 yards and two TDs in SEC Championship Game...also had a 17-yard designed rush in the game...hit 20-of-29 passes with two touchdowns in the Rose of his most efficient games came vs. South Carolina (16x22, 196 yards, 2 TDs).

#5 Terry Godwin- 5-11, 185, WR, Senior- He can go up high, and snag the high pass, ad still make a guy miss. He mad some great clutch catches against OK in the play offs. He is unafraid going over the middle in the clutch. They like to run the inside jet sweep to him to either side.

#4 *Mecole Hardman-  5-11, 183, Jr- Nice job getting open heading to the sideline on the out. He can catch the low and outside ball sliding out of bounds.

#18 Isaac Nauta- 6-4, 246, TE, Junior- Great job getting to the 2nd level, and grabbing the Safety and running him out of the play. Terrific Zone blocker on second and third level. He had a bad drop in overtime against OK in the Playoffs.

#9 D’Andre Swift- 5-9, 215, RB, -

#53 Lamont Gaillard- 6-2, 288, OL, RS-JR, -


#18 Deandre Baker, CB, Senior- He will turn and bail before the snap when he faces elite speed. He had the great INT in the endzone of the Play off game against OK. It was an elite clutch play that got taken away by the refs, on an off sides call. Great play, where he got perfect position, turned with perfect timing, spotted the ball, and snagged it in the endzone. 

He can hit, and then grab and seal the OLB. Like he did on Sony Michel's TD run that won the game against OK, he had the key block outside.

#52 *Tyler Clark- 6-4, 300, DT, Junior-

#20 J.R. Reed- 6-1, 194, , S, RS-JR - 

#15 D’Andre Walker- 6-3, 240, OLB, Senior-

#13 Jonathan Ledbetter- 6-4, 277, DE, Senior-


#4 *Mecole Hardman-  5-11, 183 Jr.: -

Career Highs: 80 receiving yards vs. Alabama, 2018

* 4 receptions at Notre Dame, vs. Auburn2, 2017

* Long reception of 80 yards vs. Alabama, 2018

* Long rush of 35 yards vs. Missouri, 2017

* Long punt return of 30 yards vs. Auburn1, 2017

* Long KO return of 47 yards vs. Auburn1, 2017

2017: Played in 15 games, making one start...finished season with 25 catches for 418 yards and 6 TDs (4 rec., 2 rush)...also had 1255 all-purpose yards, including season-high 203 vs. Auburn1...scored both of Georgia's touchdowns vs. Alabama in the CFP Championship Game: a 1-yard rush and an 80-yard pass...named the Vince Dooley Special Teams MVP at the team’s post-season awards gala...ranked 8th nationally in punt returns (first in the SEC) at 11.8 yards and 21st in KO returns (2nd in the SEC) at 25.3 yards...matched a season-high with four receptions in the SEC Championship game for 67 yards...reeled in one 15-yard reception in the Rose Bowl...hauled in his first career touchdown from Jake Fromm to put Georgia up 7-0 in the first quarter against Samford...scored two TDs -- one rushing and one receiving -- vs. Missouri...caught three passes for 51 yards at Georgia Tech, including a 39-yarder that set up the Bulldogs’ third TD of the day...made first career start at wide receiver at Notre Dame and hauled in a team-high four receptions for 27 yards in the win against the Irish...had one catch for eight yards in debut at wide receiver against Appalachian State...named to the 2017 SEC Fall Academic Honor Roll...moved from DB to WR for spring drills...caught three passes for 62 yards for the victorious Red team in G-Day spring game....recipient of the Ken and Jody Jackson Family Football Scholarship.

2016: Appeared in 11 games...Saw his first playing time at Mizzou...had special teams tackles in four games...two stops each vs. Florida and Louisiana...also saw action on kickoff return unit vs. Kentucky,  Auburn and Louisiana...returned one kickoff 17 yards vs. the Ragin' Cajuns...recipient of the Ken and Jody Jackson Family Football Scholarship.

#5 Terry Godwin- 5-11, 185, WR, Senior-

Career-Highs: 98 receiving yards vs. Samford, 2017

* 8 receptions at Ga. Tech, 2015

* 2 receiving TD vs. Samford, 2017

* Long rec. TD of 59 yards vs. Mississippi State, 2017

* Long reception of 59 yards vs. Mississippi State, 2017

* 4 rushing attempts vs. Kentucky, 2015

* 26 rushing yards vs. Kentucky, 2015

* Long rush of 28 yards vs. Kentucky, 2015

* Long TD rush of 28 yards vs. Kentucky, 2015

* Long kickoff return of 43 yards vs. South Carolina, 2016

* 1 completion vs. Penn State, 2015

* 1 TD pass vs. Penn State, 2015

* Long TD pass of 44 yards vs. Penn State, 2015

* 44 yards passing vs. Penn State in 2015

2017: Appeared in 15 games, making 14 starts...Georgia's second-leading receiver, with 38 catches for 639 yards and 6 TDs...averaged 16.8 yards per catch...had four catches for 48 yards in the CFP Championship Game vs. Alabama...the Bulldogs' leading receiver in SEC Championship Game vs. Auburn, with five catches for 48 yards, 1 TD and 1 2-point conversion catch...credited with five catches for 51 yards in the Rose Bowl, highlighted by two key receptions on the Bulldogs' game-tying drive late in regulation...totaled two catches for 70 yards, including a 47-yard TD reception in the third quarter at Vanderbilt...caught two passes for 43 yards at Tennessee... scored on the first play of the game against Mississippi State on a 59-yard strike from Jake Fromm...finished the Mississippi State game with two catches for 80 yards...set new career highs with 98 yards receiving and two touchdowns against Samford...brought down a 51-yard TD reception in the second quarter against Samford...pulled down an acrobatic 5-yard TD reception at Notre Dame in the second quarter to tie the game at 10-10 ... finished with two catches for 36 yards at Notre Dame...winner of Hugh Hendrix Award, given to player that most strains his potential, after spring drills...Caught five passes for 130 yards for Red team in G-Day spring game ... recipient of the Mobley Family Football Scholarship.

2016: Appeared in 13 games, making four's second-leading receiver with 38 catches for 397 yards...also had four rushes for 14 yards...caught team-best five passes for 57 yards vs. Florida...also led team with four catches (for 23 yards) vs. Louisiana...had five catches for 53 yards, both team highs, vs. Ga. Tech...caught four passes for 68 yards at Missouri...had three catches for 35 yards in win at Kentucky, including a 16-yarder on game-winning drive in 4th quarter...caught four passes for 11 yards vs. Auburn...scored his only TD of the season on a 43-yard onside kick return with 1:33 left at South Carolina...recipient of the Mobley Family Football Scholarship.

2015: Played in 13 games with nine starts ... recipient of one of team’s Newcomer of the Year awards ... second on the team with 35 receptions for 379 yards ... two receiving touchdowns ... seven rushes for 47 yards ... four punt returns for 58 yards ... earned TaxSlayer Bowl MVP honors; completed a 44-yard TD pass and became the first non-QB to throw a TD pass for the Bulldogs since 2005 and was the first Bulldog wideout to throw a TD pass since 1998; also had a 17-yard TD catch and finished with four receptions for 34 yards ... led the team with a career-best eight receptions for 78 yards at Georgia Tech ... four rushes for 26 yards and a touchdown vs. Kentucky ... set career-highs in receptions (6) and receiving yards (78) vs. Missouri ... first career start vs. South Carolina ... three receptions for 31 yards in UGA debut vs. ULM ... recipient of the Mobley Family Football Scholarship.

#9 D’Andre Swift- 5-9, 215, RB, -

#53 Lamont Gaillard- 6-2, 288, OL, RS-JR, -

2016: Appeared in 13 games, making 13 starts ... received the offense’s Most Improved award at the conclusion of spring practice...recipient of the Quinton Lumpkin Football Scholarship.

2015: Played in two games ... recipient of the Quinton Lumpkin Football Scholarship.

2014: Redshirted ... member of the scout team ... recipient of the Quinton Lumpkin Football Scholarship ... UGA J. Reid Parker Director of Athletics Honor Roll.

#18 Isaac Nauta- 6-4, 246, TE, Junior-

Career Highs: 83 receiving yards vs. Tennessee, 2016

* 5 receptions vs. Tennessee and Vanderbilt, 2016

* Long reception of 50 yards vs. Tennessee, 2016

* 1 TD reception (5x) vs. Tennessee, Vanderbilt and Louisiana, 2016; Miss. State, Auburn2 2017

2017: Played in all 15 games, making nine starts...had nine receptions for 114 yards...scored Georgia's first TD of the SEC Championship game on a 2-yard pass from Jake Fromm...his only catch against Mississippi State was a big one -- a 41-yard TD catch in the third quarter that put Georgia up 28-3...had one catch for nine yards at both Notre Dame and Georgia Tech...totaled two catches for 24 yards against Appalachian State...preseason First-Team All-SEC by media and coaches preseason Second-Team All-SEC...Named to Mackey Award Watch List ... named to the 2017 SEC Fall Academic Honor Roll...recipient of Watkins Family Football Scholarship.

-#1 Deebo Samuel-  210, WR, RS JR- Great kick returner. He is a pure speed guy. He can play DB when the QB throws it to the CB, and knock the ball out. Great speed guy with solid hands. He can get open over the top, and then go up high and snag it.

He made an astonishing one-handed catch against NC ST last year for a 50-yard TD. He really has great hands. He is not just dynamic with the ball in his hands, he is also dynamic in pattern.  But he is very small.

They did not list his height on his Official BIO at S. Carolina. That is not good:

One of the most electrifying players in college football, the talented wide receiver and kick returner is an all-conference and All-America candidate in his final campaign... named to Athlon Sports’ 2018 pre-season first-team All-SEC unit as both a wide receiver and kick returner and second-team All-America at both positions... owns 86 career receptions for 1,194 yards... has scored 15 career touchdowns - seven on the ground, five receiving and three via kickoff return... has also thrown one touchdown pass... is the school’s record-holder in kick returns for touchdowns... has played in 18 games over the past three seasons with 16 career starts... was limited in the spring due to injuries.

#19 Jake Bentley- 6-4, 224, QB,- He has good size and arm strength. It is all abut the mental for him. Bringing his smarts to the field.

Junior signal-caller who has started each of the last 20 games... owns a 13-7 record as a starter... ranks 10th in completions (370), second in completion percentage (63.3), 11th in passing yards (4,214) and 11th in passing touchdowns (27) in school history... needs seven victories to become the sixth quarterback to win 20 games at Carolina, joining Connor Shaw (27), Todd Ellis (24), Garry Harper (20), Stephen Garcia (20) and Steve Taneyhill (20)... named the 2017-18 winner of the SEC Sportsmanship Award for the compassion he showed following the Gamecocks' thrilling win over Tennessee.

2017: Sophomore signal-caller who was selected as one of four permanent team captains... recognized by his teammates for the Leadership Award for the offense... took every meaningful snap during the season... completed 245-of-394 passes (62.2 percent) for 2,794 yards with 18 touchdowns and 12 interceptions... among SEC quarterbacks, ranked second in pass completions, second in pass attempts, sixth in passing yards per game (214.9), sixth in pass completion percentage, tied for fourth in touchdown passes and seventh in total offense (221.5)... his 2017 totals rank seventh in school history in single-season passing yards, fourth in pass attempts, fourth in pass completions, 10th in completion percentage and tied for seventh in passing touchdowns... tied for the team lead with six touchdowns scored... best game was a 24-for-36 performance for 304 yards against Kentucky, with a pair of touchdowns... the 304 yards passing was a career-best against an SEC opponent... had a career-best 16-consecutive completions in that contest... went 152 passes without an interception early in the season... threw three touchdown passes against both NC State and Arkansas... rushed the ball six times for a career-best 47 yards in the win over Vanderbilt... accounted for three touchdowns against both the Commodores and Wofford... became the 14th quarterback in Carolina history to surpass 3,000 career passing yards in the Tennessee game... named to the SEC Fall Academic Honor Roll... named the Joe Morrison Offensive Player in the Spring... worked as a counselor at the prestigious Manning Passing Academy in June.

#78 Zack Bailey- 6-6, 324, OL, - Senior offensive lineman who is a candidate for All-SEC accolades in his final campaign... named to Athlon Sports’ 2018 pre-season second-team All-SEC unit... returned to his more natural position of left guard in the spring after serving as the starting right tackle in 2017... versatile performer who began his career as a guard and has also played center... has played in 34 games over the past three seasons, making 26 starts (15 at left guard, eight at right tackle and three at center).





#3 *Javon Kinlaw- 6-6, 300, DT-  "He's so long and so big and has natural power," DE coach Lance Thompson said. "I just hope we have him in a couple years. You don't see guys that are 6-5, 6-6 and 305 pounds running around like he does. He runs like a linebacker. That's rare. That's why we recruited him. We recognized that early on and just knew he needed time and reps to develop. Certainly, I think he can be as good as anybody that me or Will has been around defensively and we've had some good ones."

2017 Nutrition Award: Junior defensive lineman who is an all-conference and possible All-America candidate... named to Athlon Sports' 2018 pre-season third-team All-SEC unit... is a dominating and explosive player... can be as good as he wants to be... long and big with natural power and can run... showed tremendous progress during the 2017 campaign... expected to be a key component to the Carolina defensive line this year... worked extremely hard to get his weight under control which, in turn, kept him on the field longer as the 2017 season progressed.

2017: JUCO transfer in his first year at Carolina... dropped roughly 40 pounds after his arrival in Columbia... played in all 13 games making 10 starts... credited with 20 tackles including 2.0 tackles for loss... also broke up three passes, recovered two fumbles, forced one fumble and blocked a kick... made his presence felt in the win over Missouri with a tackle, two pass breakups and a blocked field goal... moved into the starting lineup against Louisiana Tech... logged three tackles including a tackle for loss against Arkansas... made three stops and had a fumble recovery against Georgia.. credited with a career-best four tackles, including one for loss, in the Florida win... also had four stops against Wofford... forced and recovered a key fumble in the Outback Bowl win over Michigan... earned the team's Nutrition Award.

#16 Rashad Felton- 5-11, 188, CB- He has NFL size and speed. He also showed he had the ball skills that could make him go high. Plus, he returns punts. He is coach called him a millionaire waiting to happen.

Solid cover corner who has appeared in 35 games over the past three seasons making 18 starts... named to Athlon Sports’ 2018 pre-season fourth-team All-SEC unit... has recorded a pair of interceptions, one forced fumble and one fumble recovery... owns a 24.8-yard career kick return average, tops in school history, including one kickoff return for a touchdown.

2017: Played in all 13 games, making 11 starts... ranked sixth on the team with 48 tackles, including 42 solo stops... had an interception and a fumble recovery to go with eight pass breakups... also returned 10 kicks for 209 yards with a long of 31... registered six tackles and recovered a fumble in the season-opening win over NC State... set a career high with seven tackles at Texas A&M and added a pass breakup... credited with four tackles and four pass breakups in the Vanderbilt win... matched his career high with seven tackles at Georgia... led the team with six tackles versus Florida, including a tackle for loss... logged his second career interception against Wofford.

#8 *D.J. Wonnum- 6-5, 258, DE/OLB- He is a pure passrusher. He has to hit the QB a ton this season to go high.

Junior defensive lineman who is a candidate for All-SEC recognition after a breakout season in 2017... named to Athlon Sports’ 2018 pre-season third-team All-SEC unit... a two-time SEC Defensive Lineman of the Week selection... one of just three sophomores who have been named a permanent team captain in school history... has played in all 26 games over the past two seasons making 13 starts... owns 16.5 tackles for loss and 7.5 sacks.

2017: Sophomore who was named a permanent team captain... also honored as a Strength & Conditioning Award winner and the Most Productive Player for the defense... started all 13 games... collected 57 tackles, while leading the team with 13.0 tackles for loss and 6.0 sacks... ranked eighth in the SEC in tackles for loss... earned his first career start versus NC State and responded with eight tackles, 3.0 tackles for loss and a sack... tallied three tackles and a sack in the Missouri win... made seven tackles against Kentucky along with 1.5 tackles for loss... collected four tackles, a tackle for loss, two pass breakups and a quarterback hurry in the win over Arkansas, earning his first SEC weekly honor... earned SEC Defensive Lineman of the Week honors for the second-straight game after recording six tackles and two sacks in the win over Tennessee... blocked a PAT in the win over Vanderbilt... set a career high with nine tackles against Georgia, which included 1.5 tackles for loss and a sack... recorded a sack on Florida's final drive of the game to help seal the victory... had 2.0 tackles for loss against Wofford... posted four tackles and two pass breakups against Clemson... had five stops in the Outback Bowl win over Michigan... named to the SEC Fall Academic Honor Roll.

#1 Nick Harvey- 5-10, 190, CB,-  Senior defensive back who spent the past four years at Texas A&M... wore No. 1 for the Aggies... joined the Gamecocks as a graduate transfer and will be eligible to play his final season of college football in 2018... expected to make an immediate impact in the defensive secondary... has appeared in 38 games, including 13 starts at cornerback in his career, collecting 109 tackles and 14 pass break ups with one interception... also owns one punt return for a touchdown.

#29 J.T. Ibe- Safety, 5-10, 191- Graduate transfer from Rice who figures to battle for a starting position in the Gamecock secondary in his final year of college football... earned three letters for the Owls... played in 32 games making 26 starts... a three-time member of the Conference USA Commissioner's Honor Roll.

2017: Recorded 42 tackles in 10 games, all starts, for Rice... logged a career-high 13 tackles at Pitt and forced a fumble in that contest... presented with the Carl Isgren Iron Owl Award for his efforts in the weight room.


Be A Citizen! Not a Subject! 

Fascist is as Fascist does. Beware American. President Fredo is pulling the cowardly republican Senate closer and closer to the cliff.

Amendment I. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances:


The 1st Amendment to the Constitution is the greatest paragraph ever written by mankind. It is the truest diagram of how to ensure a free Country of citizens survives. But is is also a list of what to attack when you want to be a fascist dictator. President Jerkballs is attacking every article in the 1st Amendment. Beware subjects, or you will be subjugated:


TRUMP is not the disease. 


He is a symptom of the complete corruption 


of the Republican Party! 


When a political party commits a coup in the 


Congress and Senate, 


and refuses to play by the Rules and Laws?



The only thing left is utter Corruption!


A disease of hate, insecurity, 






Garland was chosen for two reasons: pure corruption and to protect




Senator Jeff Merkley was right about the problem with any nomination Donald Trump was going to make for the Supreme Court at this low point in the president’s troubled tenure. “A President under investigation should never be allowed to appoint a Justice to the Supreme Court,” the Oregon Democrat argued before Trump announced on Monday night that he had selected federal judge Brett Kavanaugh to fill the vacancy created by the retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy.

Merkley’s objection was generally appropriate, in light of the ongoing inquiry by special counsel Robert Mueller into wrongdoing by the president’s associates—and, potentially, Trump himself. But it is especially appropriate with regard to Kavanaugh.

A former staff secretary in the Executive Office of the President of the United States under President George W. Bush, Kavanaugh now serves on the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. He is a rigid right-wing ideologue who, if confirmed, would move the court far to the right. “The president pulled Judge Kavanaugh’s name from a pre-approved list concocted by radical, far-right special interests that are committed to undermining a woman’s right to choose, health care protections, safeguards for workers and seniors, LGBTQ rights, and a host of other critical public protections that touch the lives of every New Mexican and every American,” explains Senator Tom Udall (D-NM). “These extreme groups put Judge Kavanaugh’s name on their list for a reason.

But believers in the rule of law should be concerned that something else about this nominee appealed to Donald Trump. Kavanaugh has been an open advocate for precisely the sort of imperial presidency that the founders of the American experiment feared—and that Donald Trump relishes.

There is open speculation that Trump’s grip on the presidency is threatened by the special counsel’s investigation. But the high court could avert that threat. And Trump has every reason to believe that his nominee could tip the balance of a closely divided court in his favor. As Bloomberg News has noted, “Kavanaugh addressed some of the constitutional issues that could emerge from an investigation like Mueller’s in a 2009 Minnesota Law Review article.” What Kavanaugh wrote three years after he assumed his current position on the DC Circuit ought to trouble everyone who believes that the president is a servant of the people, rather than “a king for four years.

“I believe it vital that the President be able to focus on his never-ending tasks with as few distractions as possible. The country wants the President to be ‘one of us’ who bears the same responsibilities of citizenship that all share. But I believe that the President should be excused from some of the burdens of ordinary citizenship while serving in office,” argued Kavanaugh in the law-review article. He then asserted that “the indictment and trial of a sitting President, moreover, would cripple the federal government, rendering it unable to function with credibility in either the international or domestic arenas. Such an outcome would ill serve the public interest, especially in times of financial or national security crisis.”











Democratic Senators Jeff Merkley of Oregon and Cory Booker of New Jersey said Trump shouldn’t be allowed to fill the court seat until the conclusion of the special counsel’s investigation into possible collusion between Trump’s campaign and Russia.


"A President under investigation should never be allowed to appoint a Justice to the Supreme Court,” Merkley tweeted Thursday.


























Hey Trump, go pee in a hole!