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Pats Vs. Dolphins.


1. AFC East Champs?– The Pats do not have a good record in Miami. “Yeah,” Brady said when asked about his losing record in Miami. “We’ve done a bunch of different things over the years. We’ve gone down there on Friday, Thursday nights and practice is on a Friday, gone down there on Friday night after practice and stayed there Saturday. 

“It’s just really about playing good when it comes down to it, and there’s no magic formula for that. It’s just going to take us playing a great game of football. There’s a lot on the line for both teams. It’s a tough place to play obviously, but it’s a good challenge for us, too.” He struggles in the heat. 

In fact, it is worst place for Brady to play. “Yeah,” Brady said when reminded about his record way down in the hellish heat of Miami. “When you look at those stats it is pretty interesting the way some of those teams from the south come up and play in the north and the north play in the south and there’s got to be something to it. 

“But again, it just comes down to playing good football. We’ve had some great games down there, too, and hopefully this is a great game for us. But we’ve got to go earn it. That’s certainly the case here.” He has his worst record in the heat of Miami, it's like Denver South. 

Plus, the Pats put a beating on the Dolphins when last we met. They will be looking to avenge that beating with a beating of their own. The Dolphins were tops in the League in September, but not since that beating. They are .500-team now. And are 3 and 6 since that game in Foxboro (and including the beating;). 

The games against Miami are always more complicated than against other teams, except maybe the Jets (and the Bills sometimes;). “I think it’s just that it’s got to be a mindset. When you play, that’s the place where we go: Buffalo’s here, the Jets are here, and Miami’s the one that’s a little bit different for us always,” Brady said. “I think just playing down there has its challenges. Every team kind of has its challenges going down there, and like I said, they play well at home. I think they use that climate as a benefit to them, just like we use ours as a benefit to us. We’re out there practicing, we’re used to.

“I know exactly how many layers I need to put on per degree. How many heat packs I need and that’s just the way it is. I’m sure they do the same. Us going down there and playing good football? Ultimately that’s the opponent is the Dolphins and not the climate. Playing a good football game is definitely what this week’s about for us. And we can’t expect to go out there and play less than our best and win. We should be playing our best. It’s that time of year.” The heat of Miami is also an opponent for the Patriots, and Brady in particular. 

2. AFC Champs: Part II- This is a hat and shirt game. The Pats win this game and they are the Winners of the AFC East. But that’s not what this game is all about. This game has to be another notch in the win column for the Pats to win their unprecedented 6th. KC is the Pats primary problem. 

The good news is that Kareem Hunt got cut. He has been their prime weapon to help take pressure off the young QB. He has garnered 2,151-yards rushing the past two seasons, and 2,984 all purpose yards with 25 TDS. All that is in less that two seasons. He would have been their primary weapon in snowy and cold weather. 

Now he is gone, and the Pats only need one more loss by KC to take over home field in the AFC Champ Game, with a tying a record with KC. However! If the Pats lose this game, or another game, they will need KC to lose two games. That might be pushing it in December. It maybe redundant to call a December game a must win, but this is a must win. 

One thing that has always hurt in Miami is that the Dolphins seem to rush Brady better than most teams. “They've got as good an edge rush as anybody in the league,” BB said. “Those guys are very, very explosive and they play hard. They both have great motors. Again, they can hit the edge. They can come inside. They're good on games. They can turn speed into power. It’s a tough matchup. They’re really good out there.” And Tannehill looks like a winning QB against the Pats.

He seems to play his best games against the Patriots. “I think first and foremost, when you play this team, you have to play smart football. You can’t have penalties. You can’t have turnovers. You can’t put your defense in a bad spot. I think that’s all where it starts,” Tannehill said. “And then all the other things, we look for each and every game: you convert on 3rd downs, score in the Redzone, get explosive plays. All that is something we look for every game. 

“I think this team, more than any other team, they’re not going to beat themselves. They’re not going to give you cheap flags, cheap penalties, cheap anything, really. So you can’t give them any. You have to play clean football and everyone has to do their job.” Tannehill has the weapons this season as well.

But how he plays against other teams won’t matter on Sunday. “It’s towards the end of the year and we’re looking at it like it’s a playoff game,” Frank Gore said. “Take one game at a time and just stay together and stay as one and go out and try to get a win.” This is a Playoff game for the Dolphins.

Their backs are against the wall, and they can’t lose another game this year either. Going 3 and 6 in their last 9 games has taken them out of Playoff position. They are in a much more do or die situation than the Pats. A loss by either team significantly hurts their Playoff changes. Likely ending the Playoff chances for one team, or the Super Bowl aspirations of the other. 

The Pats are so worried about this game that they practiced inside all week, with the heat cranked up to Miami-in-September. “We train in this heat and humidity every day so we’re pretty accustomed to it,” Tannehill said. “I think that’s probably the advantage of teams from the north coming down here is they don’t have the luxury of practicing in the heat and humidity. They have to be able to adapt and keep their conditioning high in other ways.” So there’s nothing really new here.

They key to this game (AGAIN;) will be the Pats adjusting to life in Miami. “We’re a good team here. We’re comfortable,” T.J. McDonald said. “I think that’s kind of the story of the NFL right now. Teams are winning at home and losing on the road. For us, we want to protect home field as much as possible.” Both teams need this game for the Playoffs, so let the game begin. 

3. AFC Champs: Part III- While the teams are the same, pretty much everything has changed for both teams since September. “We'll see how much they do from that game,” BB said about the September game. “I think it’ll be a different game. It certainly was when we played down there last year. They had a totally different game plan. We’ll see. 

“Look, Adam [Gase] does a real good job. He’s an excellent game plan coach, as is their entire staff, so whatever we get, we get. I think it'll be hard to sit here today and say this is what it's going to be because there’s too many variables. I don’t know what they’re going to do.” The good news is that the Pats defense has been getting better every week.

This might be their best defense in a while. “Obviously, trying to win the division is a great step and this will really allow us to do that,” Brady said. “They’re going to really challenge us. It’s going to be a physical game. They’ve been talking about that. I know we’re prepared for just having the right mindset to go down there and play a real great complementary game.” They maybe a good defense, but they stick against the run. 

This looks like not just a bad weather game, but an extreme weather game, where the run games will be paramount. “There’s no one phase of our team that’s going to win it,” Brady said. “They’ve got a good offense, they play well defensively down there and we’re going to have to do a good job taking care of the ball and see if we can go make a bunch of good plays, string together a bunch of those and move the ball down the field and score some points.” The one phase of the game that could win it is the run game.

The wetter and more extreme the weather? The more it helps the Pats. “The Dolphins are a good football team. They have a lot of talented players,” BB said. “They're well-coached. Coach Gase does a great job of utilizing his personnel and putting together schemes and making adjustments in the game and in game plans. They attack defenses consistently very well. He's always given us a hard time. I'm sure it'll be tough against Miami, like it always is. Wherever we play them, it's hard. They did a great job against us down there last year in the second game. It's going to be a big challenge for us.” To me, the Pats can’t win in December down in Miami when it is 85-degrees.

However, if it is 80 and there are torrential rains? I think they win. The wetter it is the cooler the player will feel. And most importantly the run game becomes the primary component. The Pats have a huge advantage in the run game both offensively and defensively. So Pats Fans, please pray for a monsoon in Miami.

4. So Let it Rain… Let it Rain… Rain Down On Me- The second best news is that the Dolphins stink against the run. They are the 3rd worst run defense in the NFL right now. If the Pats can average 5-Yards Per Carry in this game, which is what the Dolphins are giving up on the Season? It is going to be very tough for them to lose. If Sony can break the edge of the Dolphins D-line? Than the play action pass will crush their defense.

Believe it or not, but the Pats have are almost top ten in rushing (11th). If they are top ten in rushing after this game than it is a guaranteed victory. Because running the ball will also take pressure off Brady and the passing game. Miami is not the place where TB12 plays his best games. But give him some slowed and confused rush off of play action, and he can tear this defense up. Plus, he is the best bad weather QB in the NFL. 

The weather is going to be very odd today in Miami. “It’s tough playing in this heat,” MacDonald said. “We’re just going to go out and believe in ourselves and our coaches and try to get us a win. We’re looking at this like a playoff game, from here on out.” It will be in the 80s with humidity that the Pats are unlikely to be able to stand for long. 

However, there is also talk of a nasty rain storm, that could turn into a severe thunder storm. Any rain and inclimate weather can only help the Pats. The wetter and uglier it gets on the field the more it helps the Pats. 

The rain will keep the players cooler, and hurt the passing game. Which helps the better running team. The Pats are the better run team, and the better run defense. That is not usually the case when we go down to Miami. 

If the weather gets torrential? The weather would actually help the Pats and not destroy their chances of Victory, like when it is usually is in the 80s in Miami in December. 

Remember, It is currently about 15 degrees in New England (Saturday). That is about a 65-degree difference in temperature for the Pats. I don’t care where you live! That is the primary obstacle for this team this week. So late it rain baby!

5. Pats O Vs Dolphin’s D- This is not a spot the Pats usually win. “The Dolphins? It’s a big challenge down there,” McDaniels said. “One, this is a team that plays extremely well at home. We haven’t played well down there. Coached well down there, I can speak for myself on that. And we have a big challenge to go down there and try to change that trend.” Unseasonable hot weather in Miami usually spells doom for the Pats. 

But their defense is not as good as it has been the past few years or so. “They’re an aggressive, penetrating front,” McDaniel said. “They mix their defensive calls and coverages quite a bit. There’s a lot of spin the dial: you’re going to deal with zone, you’re going to deal with pressure, you’re going to deal with man coverage, you’re going to deal with post-safety, split-safety, secondary blitzers, linebacker pressures. There’s a lot to deal with in this scheme,” They have a lot of good young talent on this defense, especially in the secondary. 

But they have not recovered in the interior D-line from the loss of man named Suh. “The big thing that really stands out is I think they’re third in the league in takeaways and they’re averaging over two turnovers a game on defense,” McDaniels said. “When you do that, you create a lot of extra possessions for your offense and they got us a couple times in our first game. So, there’s a lot of scheme challenges that go along with this group.” Their D-line can rush the passer. 

Their defense is geared more now to hit the QB than in is to stop the run. “Certainly, we have a tremendous amount of respect for [Friggin’] Wake. We’ve played against him a number of times and he’s had a lot of success against us down there. Robert Quinn’s playing well,” McDaniel said. “Godchaux, [Akeem] Spence is probably playing as well as he’s played, to me, that I’ve seen.” Their D-line knows they have to hit Brady to win. 

But can they stop the run game in a bad weather game? “They have fast linebackers. We didn’t see Reshad Jones in the first game, we know what a tremendous player he is,” McDaniels said. “Howard’s having a Pro Bowl year at corner. And we didn’t see Fitzpatrick at corner in the first game. There’s a lot of changes relative to the personnel that we see now that didn’t see in the first game against them.” Not only to they have the two D-ends who can hit the QB, they also have two big fast Corners who can cover.

But again, Reshad Jones was a Safety in college and can cover (White?), but is not as stout against the run. “And certainly it’s a tremendous, tremendous challenge to go down there and play them in Miami,” McDaniels said. “Where they’re 5-1 this year. And have historically been very difficult to deal with down there in South Florida.” It is scary going down there. 

But we’ve got a Gronk. “Relative to Gronk, it’s great to have him back out there. Certainly coming back and working back into it,” McDaniels said. “He’s practicing hard. He has a great attitude and approach. He’s unselfish. And does whatever [you need]. [He] ran-block pretty well the other night. And does some things too that don’t necessarily get noticed or don’t show up on the stat sheet but helps us do a lot of different things and also takes a tremendous amount of coverage.” He has been injured most of this season. 

Just watching him run, he obviously has a lower leg injury. “Sometimes they put a lot of attention to him and the ball goes somewhere else, and that kind of goes hand-in-hand with what we talked about earlier about the quarterback reading the coverage out and trying to go to the right spot each coverage, each play and give ourselves a chance to have some success each time we go back and throw it,” McDaniel said. “I think he’s in a good place, continues to work hard. And he’s always patient and unselfish. And he’s a great teammate. We’re better when he’s on the field.” They are going to need more from him today, especially in the blocking game.

6. Pats D Vs Dolphin's O- The Pats D has to make Tannehill look bad. “Sure because those guys know what they're doing and they're confident in the call. A big part of making the call is just the way you do it. If you do it with confidence, then everybody knows that what you're saying is? They kind of feel like that's right and you're assertive about it, then you do it,” BB said. “If it's one of those kind of half-hearted then it's, ‘Is this the right call? Are we really doing this?’ And then there's that hesitancy. I know Devin, Pat, Duron, Jason has done a great job for us, Jon [Jones]. Those guys, they get it out. That nails it and that's what it is and we play it. Even if it's wrong, at least we're all wrong together and we can usually work through that problem as when we're half-right, half-wrong and then that's never good.” They are going to need all the rush and all the Vets in the secondary to play well.

Including the rookie Corners. “They've done a really good job with him,” BB said about the veteran DBs helping JC Jackson. “A lot of communication with the corners and the safeties depending on what the setup is, who's involved there. But it could be a combination of both or more corner, like when the corners are together against stacked receivers, things like that. 

“Sometimes it’s the safeties when we get bunched sets and so forth that handle the communication. But whoever it is, they know he doesn't have a lot of experience in our system and they've done a great job of making sure that he understands what we're playing, not just take it for granted that even though we've been over it, and he does know and he should know.

“But still there's that reinforcement out of the extra communication that this is what it is and make sure that he understands it and he can play it. He can certainly handle himself on his own, but those guys do a great job of just making sure, double-checking that we have things right.” So much of this game depends on weather and some young players in the secondary.

7. Pats Win- Pats win in monsoon. Sorry, gotta go to basketball. 

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