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7-Things For Chargers, Playoffs: Part III.


4. First Things First- First of all we cannot win the Super Bowl with Brady throwing for 114-yards, even if we run for 300-yards per game. Against the Jets Brady had his best game since KC. He looked like a QB who could win the Super Bowl again. They need that Brady, and a strong run game to help him.  

I would have to agree with the rumors that he was hurt. “Well, of course, it's good to win another division game,” BB said after the Jets game. “By winning today, that kind of helps us win next week.” Yes.

Not playing on wildcard weekend was an absolute necessity. Brady and Gronk got another two weeks of rest. Getting him another two weeks off could be the difference between going to the Super Bowl, and not going. Getting the Bye was paramount for them to have a chance to win it all. 

The Pats limited weapons have to step up in the Playoffs, and they desperately need Dorsett and Hogan to be decent second and third WRs. “Those two receivers (Dorsett and Hogan), it was an extra look for them. They did a real good job of blocking and getting open. We saw a decent amount of man coverage,” BB said. “The Jets mixed it up like they usually do but there were some tight throws that Tom [Brady] made, some good catches. Yeah, they did a good job. I thought Rob, Dwayne, Rex, Sony [Michel], James [did a good job]. We got contributions from really all of the skill guys. That was good.” They are going to need better contributions from all the skill guys if they expect to win in KC in January.

But that is a ways away. Right now, they have to focus on getting healthy and preparing for a Home game in January. “They've done a good job and that's coming in here every day ready to go. No bad days, no I'd say bad practices,” BB said. “I mean, obviously there's always things to correct and so forth but they worked hard. They were ready to go. They put a lot into these last two games and we had good results. Yeah, the players did a great job. We have great leadership from some of our veteran players, the captains, but also other guys in all three phases.” They are going to need to get going in all three phases of the game in the 2nd half to win this game.

With the Pats offense is limited with offensive weapons. So the Pats defense has to play better. They have been improving every week the last few weeks of the season. When their D-line dominates, they can make offenses look bad fast. They have done a good job taking away the top weapon of the QB. 

Brady has to be the top weapon to win against the Chargers. “They have a good defense period,” BB said. “They cover well. They rush well, pursue well. They’re well-coached. They have a good scheme. We’re going to have to execute whatever we do at a higher level than they do to be successful and that’s a big challenge. It’s a good football team. They’re good in all three areas.” He has to be laser focused.  

The Chargers also have an odd scheme that the Pats haven’t faced before. “They’re great players and any time you’ve got two pass-rushers, it makes it tough to stop for an offense because you give attention to one guy, the other guy’s got kind of a free pass,” Brady said. “So it’s tough. And I think that’s why they’re one of the best defenses in the league because they’ve got guys that rush and any time you can play that style, the ball comes out faster than an offense would like it to. I think those guys really play hard on defense. They have a good interior rush, obviously a good edge rush, very instinctive players in the secondary, very good safeties, good corners. It’s a very good defense.” With all their ILBs out, they play three safeties like a Will, Mike, and Sam. 

All three are great against the run, and are better than any ILBs against the pass. “They’ve been doing that here for multiple weeks. It was seven against the Ravens, but that was because [ILB] Brown got hurt. But it’s been six. It was six against us last year. I mean, there’s plenty of film of them using six defensive backs. Now they used five when they had all of their linebackers healthy at the beginning of the year. White got hurt, [Denzel] Perryman got hurt. And then Brown got hurt at the end of the season. Obviously, Coach Bradley has done a great job of utilizing his personnel and getting people, his best players, in position to play. They’ve been doing it.” It is a very fast defense, with all the DBs on the field.

They also have as good a pair of edge guys as you will see. “They’ve got a great pass rush on both sides of the ball and we’ve got to be able to contain them. If you just let them free, get to the quarterback, it’s going to be a long day, no doubt about that. So, you’ve got to contain them, got to block them, pass game, run game, they’re really, really shifty. They’re fast, they can get off the ball and you’ve got to be prepared for them. They can just ruin a drive just like that. They can make a move, get to the quarterback, lose 10 yards and boom, there goes the drive. So, you’ve got to be aware for them, big time.” So the Pats have to be ready for the oddness and speed of this Defensive Back heavy Defense. 

5. Defense Wins Championships– The Pats defense was on a roll for a while, and then seemed to fall apart for a few weeks. “I think they’re just a really good football team. Obviously, you can tell the mental toughness to go into Baltimore, playing on the road, 1:00 p.m. game and they come out and they start fast,” McCourty said. “Defensively, offensively, moving the ball down the field. You can see they’re not really worried about who they’re playing, where they’re playing at. I think everyone is always into like home and away and home-field. You can see that doesn’t matter. 

Three out of the four teams in the first round of the playoffs were road teams to win. I think that’s what we realize the most from that. This team is going to try and come here and they’re going to try and punch us in the mouth from the beginning and we’ve got to be ready to go.” But the defense looked like a defense that could help win a Super Bowl the last two weeks of the season. 

They are going to need another big effort to win in the Divisional Round. “We played them last year. So, I’d say between last year and this year their system does certain things,” BB said. “They have a lot of variety. They have a lot of complementary plays. I’m not saying it’s just one thing, but it is what it is. There are variations off it that they use to create problems and handle adjustments, things that they’re presented with to deal with them. 

“They’re well-balanced. They have a lot of good players. They can attack you in a lot of different ways: backs, tight ends, receivers, running game, passing game, great quarterback, very experienced, can make all the throws. They have a lot of weapons at their disposal. Depending on what you do: they’ll move in one direction, or another to try to attack you, and Rivers is very good when there’s multiple plays to pick the one that attacks the defense. He’s very good at that.”  

They have to be ready for Rivers to change the play on every play, depending on what they show. “I’m a big fan of Philip Rivers. I think he does a great job. You watch the games, you see him. He’s yelling and screaming on the line of scrimmage. You can tell he watches a ton of film. He’s trying to get them in the best play for whatever defense we’re in,” Devin McCourty said. “Very accurate throwing the deep ball. It’s also a huge mental game of trying to not give him everything because he’s too good of a quarterback if we just line up. He’ll kind of tear us apart. It’s just like in practice if we give Tom everything that we’re doing. He’s a very competitive guy and I think it lets us know. 

“We’ve played against him before. It’s going to go all the way down to the wire. They came here last year. I think ended up being down eight points and J. Jones makes an interception on the one or 2-yard line to end the game. It’s going to be that type of game.” The Pats have to stop the run as well. 

If they get Gordon going again, the play action can be deadly. “He looks good,” BB said about Gordon. “All of their backs look good. They play on all three downs. They can catch. They can run. They can run after the catch. They’re hard to tackle. Whichever guy is in there is a problem. Usually it’s just one, but sometimes there are two of them. 

“I don’t want to say it doesn’t make any difference. It does make a difference, but they’re all good. I don’t think you can minimize any of them. They’re all explosive. They’ve all made big plays for them. [Justin] Jackson’s in there in some of the end of the games. (He had some of the) biggest plays of the year for them. I’m sure they have great confidence in him which I can see why. Certainly Ekeler and Gordon have made their share of big plays too. I mean, they lead the league in yards-after-catch, two guys on the same team. It speaks for itself. They’ve been very productive.” It is going to be a tough game for the defense, especially in the 1st Half.

6. Pats Playoff Time!- It’s Playoff time, and the Pats will have to be focused, because the Chargers have a Playoff Defense. “My mindset is just all focused on the Chargers. It’s the biggest game of the year, Sunday at 1 o’clock,” Gronk said. “Just the last few days putting the preparation in, all focus on the Chargers, all focus on whatever I can do to help out the team. Whatever the coaches ask me to do, I’m trying to do it to the best of my ability during practice and then bringing it out to the game on Sunday.” They were great last week against a hapless Ravens offense.

The good news is that the Ravens won’t be facing a rookie QB, but the most veteran Playoff QB in history. Brady has seen everything, and won against everyone. Plus, the second Bye week the past month or so is said to have really help Gronk get his legs back. They need him healthy and changing how the defense can cover. 

They need Gronk and Brady to be great if they want to win it all this year. “He’s always laser-focused,” Gronk said about Brady. “He’s been around for so long, same with many other guys on the team (we know) that if you lose, you’re out. We’ve had that feeling before of losing, and being out of it early and you just know that feeling. So that laser focus is huge. He’s always laser-focused, but definitely in the playoffs, you’ll never catch a time when he’s not.” Both have been slowed by injuries this year, but both appear healthier after another couple of weeks without a game. 

The Chargers are going to be ready, and try to charge out fast. “The playoffs are always a different feeling no matter what, every single time we make it. Just the excitement level definitely turns up another notch,” Gronk said. “But you’ve got to stay in control. It’s definitely another football game. You’ve got to go out there, you’ve got to play. You can’t be too emotional, too unemotional, whatever. It’s another game, for sure. You’ve got to keep preparing how you’ve got to prepare. It’s a new season so it’s going to be exciting for sure.” The Pats will have a little more trouble starting fast, because of the Bye Week.

So they will have to hold on early, as they get back into a rhythm. Any scoring or leads the Pats get early is going to kill the Chargers. The Pats should be expecting to scrap off a little rust early. If the Pats can hold a lead through the 1st Half, this game is over.

The Pats have rushed for over 400-yards in the last two games of the season. This is a good game to be able to run. Knock their passrushers back on the butts, and onto the cold turf all game and they win easy. Unfortunately, it is going to be around 27-degrees at game time, and not start to get colder until after 3:PM. 

That is perfect weather for the Pats. And it is still a major adjustment for the Chargers. I was just hoping those LA dudes would be playing in the teens. However, as the game goes on the Pats should be more comfortable as the rust from the Bye falls off. While the longer the game goes on the more difficult it will be for the hot weather team. 

The Chargers offense struggled with the weather last week in Baltimore, and the temperature was in the high forties! They didn’t score a TD in the first half. And they were facing a rookie QB, who couldn’t sustain a drive and had two turnovers in the 1st Half. So they had the ball in great field position, and for most of the 1st Half.

The Chargers completely dominated the 1st Half without mercy. Then Rivers ran off the field before the field goal kick to end the Half, and Romo said, “he is running off the field because he is cold.” Then they fell apart in the second half. 

Do to cold? Then they shuffled off as fast as they could back to L.A., where it was in the 60s. It will be about 20-degrees colder in Foxboro this afternoon than it was in Baltimore last weekend. How are they going to handle that? It could be in the low 20s in the 4th Quarter. They couldn’t handle the cold in the 4th quarter in Baltimore? Seriously! Against a rookie QB? Seriously!

This game is over. What is the defense going to do if the Pats get the run game going, which they are going to do. This offense has turned into a great run offense. If they run for over 100-yards this is an easy win. The La-La Chargers defense is going to get mighty cold if the run game keeps knocking them back onto the ground. I mean, if they can’t handle high 40s, how are they going to handle low 20s. 

7. Pats Win- The La-La-Land Chargers are not coming into New England and beating the Patriots in January. “Yeah, it feels like it’s January,” McCourty said. “Bill is always famous for that. Whatever it is (weather wise), it is. Get your [gear] on and get out there. It’s kind of the first one that we’ve had that was starting with snow. The snow kind of dwindled away, cold, but that’s what it is this time of year. As much as that sucks playing in it, it’s a joy to know that you’re still playing.” The Pats live in this cold weather just like all of us. 

It should be fun in the 2nd Half watching the warm weather team getting their bones frozen. “It kind of did. It was cool at first with that snow coming down. You know it’s that time of the year in New England when you see snow,” Gronk said. “We really haven’t seen any. It’s time to play some football. We’ve practiced in it many, many times before, so it was really nothing new. We’ve seen it many times before. It’s always cold out here in December, January. So, you’ve got to practice in whatever it is.” Yeah, not in LA.

Pats Win. 

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