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7-Things For Chargers, Playoffs: Part I.


1. Chargers Vs. Ravens: 1st Quarter: Part I- The outcome of this game was purely positive for the Patriots. The Ravens where the one team left that had a history of beating the Pats in the Playoffs. The one team I truly feared (besides KC at Home) was the Ravens. Meanwhile at the Pats Cave, the one team that had one of the best and most satisfying Playoff Patriots wins was in San Diego 2007.

And best of all, the La-La-Land Chargers are not coming into Foxboro in January and winning. Although did you notice that the NFL made the game a Sunday Afternoon game. Instead of a Sunday Night Game like most teams that played in the Super Bowl the year before play in. So the lack of night will help the Chargers. But not enough. In this cold spell, it should easily be in the teens by the 2nd Half.  

The game is going to be very different. The Ravens have a phenomenal defense. They are the best pass defense in the NFL. The Pats are not the second-best pass defense in the NFL. However, when the rush is good, the Pats defense is very good. I’d say top ten pass defense good. Plus, when Gilmore takes the Number One WR out of the game the opposing QB always struggles. If he can take Allen out of the game San Diego is cooked.

I’m not sure how much the defensive Tape against the Ravens helps, as Jackson is a rookie QB and a running QB. “Mostly post-safety,” BB said. “They do play some split-safety coverages. But it’s a much higher percentage of post-safety coverages.” Is is a Cover One with ten guys up inside five or six yards of the LOS. 

The Chargers lined up in a 3-4 defense to start. The Ravens lined up in a 4-Wide I-formation Shotgun. That is a formation the Pats have been using a little (a shotgun with White or Develin behind Brady). They sent four, and were playing the run the whole way.

Bosa burst into the backfield and forced Jackson to toss the ball to the RB. Then he got in front of the RB and slowed him until a teammate could stop him. “That’s two great pass rushers [Ingram and Bosa],” Trent Brown said. “I didn’t really think too much. We’ve got to try our best to stop it. I’ve got to play against both of them.” Cannon is going to have to have a great game as well.

The odd part of their defense is that they use three safeties at ILB instead of LBs. “They’ve been doing that here for multiple weeks. It was seven (DBs) against the Ravens. But that was because [Jatavis] Brown got hurt,” Brown said. “But it’s been six. It was six against us last year. I mean, there’s plenty of film of them using six defensive backs. Now they used five when they had all of their linebackers healthy at the beginning of the year.

“But that hasn’t been [the case since Kyzir] White got hurt. Perryman got hurt and then Brown got hurt at the end of the season. Obviously, Coach Bradley has done a great job of utilizing his personnel and getting people, his best players, in position to play. They’ve been doing it.”

Raven lined up in a Strong Formation Shotgun. A Strong formation is when the RB is behind the QB, and the FB is off set to the Strong side. The RB lined up behind the QB, and the FB next to the QB. The Pats did use a similar formation a few times this season.

The Chargers matched up in a 3-4, with three safeties in at ILB. “I see a group that gets after the quarterback, that covers well, that mixes things up,” Edelman said. “It’ll be the best defense we’ve played thus far so it’s definitely going to be a challenge. We’ve got to be able to take advantage of these next 48 hours to prepare the best we possibly can.” The look like a 3-4 defense, with three 4-3-linebackers on the 2nd level.

The TE went in motion, and they shifted a little, but stayed in their formation. Showing they are in Zone, at least in the middle. But they are playing run all the way. The Ravens are an Option Offense. So you have to stop the run on them all the way. Then they play action and try to go deep, and the WR was wide open on the Dig. We will see that a lot on Saturday.

3rd and 6, Ravens go 3-Wide Strong shotgun. Chargers go 2-4 Nickel. Then shift into a 3-3 Nickel. They send four, and the three Safeties/ILB zone drop, and stay around the magic yellow line. Jackson has time and threw into great coverage. The WR held on.

Ravens lined up in a Bunch left 4-Wide shotgun. They motion the TE inside, and snapped the ball before he crosses the QB. He stayed in to block. Derwin James lined up as the Sam, stayed home to cover the TE. When the TE stayed in, James burst past him and grabbed Jackson. Forcing him to throw the ball away.

2nd and 10, Ravens went into a Singleback-Shotgun. With two WRs on the Strongside. Chargers matched up in a 3-4 with four guys on the line, and three ILB behind them. They seem to play a hybrid 3-4 a lot in the front, but like to keep three 4-3 LB, who are really safeties, behind them. Even when they have five guys on the line, three down and two up.

They may just be doing that against the Ravens, because they have a run first rookie QB. But it is scary either way. Because if that is a pure scheme against the Ravens, then they will also scheme their D to fit what the Pats like to do. They look like they schemed up to stop the Option run. Ravens run a Dive, and four guys help bring him down, but they get about four.

3rd and 5, Ravens lined up in a Twins-Twins Weak Shotgun, with a tight end on both sides. A tight end inside on the line with a WR just outside of him. It is very tight formation that the Pats have been known to use. Charger matched up with the 3-5. Three down DLs, with two 3-4 OLBs on the line, and three 4-3 ILB/Safeties on the second level.

Jackson had time, and had three receivers break open short, but couldn’t see it. Then Isaac Rochell slapped the ball out of his hands. But Jackson was able to dribble the ball a couple of times, and scoop it up and run outside. Then he zipped it sidearm out of bounds with an open WR in front of him to force the punt. Friggin’ Rookie QBs.

The Charger lined up in a tight Singleback, with Twins on the Right and left, but it looks like two TEs and two WRs. They faked a toss to the strongside, and Rivers rolled out to the left for some reason. He looked old, fat and slow (like me;). He had to throw it away, barely noticing the WRs around him. That was a terribly schemed play.

2nd and 10, Chargers lined up in a 4-Wide Weak shotgun. They motion the TE on the Weakside into the line. Then Rivers signals the WR to motion in front of him with his hand. They run a Jet Sweep. Though it is a pass, because Rivers flipped the ball forward, I am counting it as a run. He ran for about eight.

“We played them last year. So, I’d say between last year and this year their system does certain things,” BB said. “They have a lot of variety. They have a lot of complementary plays. I’m not saying it’s just one thing, but it is what it is. There are variations off it that they use to create problems and handle adjustments, things that they’re presented with to deal with them.

“They’re well-balanced. They have a lot of good players. They can attack you in a lot of different ways: backs, tight ends, receivers, running game, passing game, great quarterback, very experienced, can make all the throws. They have a lot of weapons at their disposal. Depending on what you do, they’ll move in one direction or another to try to attack you and [Philip] Rivers is very good when there’s multiple plays to pick the one that attacks the defense. He’s very good at that.”

3rd and 2, Chargers lined up in a 3-Wide Weak Shotgun, with a WR running behind Rivers for some reason. I have no idea what the hell to call that. He threw it to the WR, Benjamin, swing outside behind Rivers, and he didn’t come close to the First. It was obviously something the Ravens saw on Tape.

Their defense is hard to explain. They have three down guys on every scheme, and two 3-4 OLBs. So they stayed with a five man front- three up, two down. But they differ their scheme in the back six. They have three safeties playing 4-3 LB position on every down. They move them around a lot. They like to move Derwin James to OLB, because he is an utter freak/force of nature. While Adrian Phillips and Jahleel Addae are the two Safeties consistently playing ILB, but sometimes Post Safty.

“They’re good pass-players and I think that any time you get a lot of DBs out there on the field, you’ve got to be cognizant because they cover more ground than some bigger linebackers,” Brady said. “They’ve had some injuries at linebacker this year and I think they like playing with those guys (safeties) anyway. They’re good players. They’re very instinctive. They obviously know what they’re doing.”

It is tough to think that makes their run defense better. Everyone thinks of the ILBs as the forces against the run. But picture three Eugene Chung’s. He is a force against the run, and when they move him into the box, he plays it like an ILB as well.

1st Quarter:

Tight Single back- Pass 1 for 1

4-W Weak shotgun, W/ Hand Signal- Run 1 for 1

3-W W Shotgun, Weird WR Motion- Pass 1 for 1



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