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Pats Vs. Bears: Part III.


4. Another “Could Be?”– This could be another interesting preview. This could be a preview of the Super Bowl. The Bears have been that good so far this season. They might have the best blend of offense and defense so far this season. In fact, I’ll check (this might take a while;). Duh Bears are 10th in scoring offense with 27.8 per game. But they are 4th in scoring defense giving up 19.8 PPG.

The only other team that is top ten in both is the Rams (3rd scoring offense, and 7th in scoring defense). I know in the ridiculous world of Fantasy in football, statistics are compiled for offensive stats only. However, when you want to look at the strength of a team, it is scoring. The point of the offense is to score points (not build fantasy stats;) The point of the defense is to prevent scoring (not stop stats;). I don’t care if you give up 500-yards of Fantasy offensive stats, if you only give up 5-points that is a great day on defense.

The two best teams in the NFL this season statistically are the Rams and Bears. The Rams are scoring a remarkable 32.7 PPG. But remarkably in the new world of the NFL, where their rules are changed to help Fantasy Football, they are only 3rd in scoring offense.

Maybe the best news for the Pats is that despite throwing the first month of the season, because they had no friggin’ WRs for Brady to throw too? They are 4th in scoring with 29.3 PPG. And the most remarkable stat of all is that since the return of Edelman, Gordon (more than starting to get the Pats offense), and Gronk’s ankle healing? Over the past three games they are averaging 39.6 PPG, which would put them .6-PPG ahead of the remarkable Saints offense for best scoring offense.

But the Bears are more than just an offense. Their defense is top five as well. The coaches, defense (holy Mack attack), and QB have changed since last we played duh Bears? So most of the players haven’t seen this team before.

The Pats knew KC. “It can [be an advantage], but not necessarily,” Devin McCourty said about facing a similar offense. “Each offense is different, how a guy calls a game is different, how many actual RPO plays you get is different. So, I think we've seen it a lot now so I think there's some comfort with it. A little bit of the last year or two years has kind of been a new phrase that's said, so it was a little adjusting to that, but each week offenses do different things. I don't think, if you play good one week against a RPO team, that means you have it locked down for the rest of the year. You just have to keep preparing for whatever that team does.” While Mahomes and Hill seemed like nothing the Pats had seen before, we seem to play Andy Reid and the Chiefs every year.

Duh Bears are a much more unknown opponent, but they do have one very important well-known Head Coach- Nagy was KC’s O-Coordinator last season. “That Nagy was the offensive coordinator [at KC] last year. I think they do some game plan things [that are similar to last week],” Devin said. “I think throughout our season in the first five games, anything that we haven't played well, we'll see that. They might hit it in a different personnel group or different formation, but even last year playing against him in Kansas City, they do a good job of trying to create different matchups and things you just haven't handled and try to get to it a different way.” He was a surprise hire for the Bears this off season.

KC wanted to incorporate some of the RPOs that have taken over college football. “I think offenses kind of always had some form of that (RPOs), but I think even the outside world has now understood it more,” Devin said about Run-Pass Options. “I think before, if you saw a pass play, it's like, 'Oh, they passed the ball.' I think now people are able to see the run-action up front with the pass, so you hear it talked about a lot more and I think it is being called a little bit more.” Trubisky and Mahomes played in RPO heavy offenses in college.

We only play the Bears every four years, so probably half the roster has never played the Bears. “There's a lot of studying I think from when we played against them in the past, and also what he's done the last couple years. I mean, I've watched a lot of tape and I feel like I've seen their scheme a lot. I'm sure they'll have some wrinkles in there,” Brady said. “Really it's about us following our assignments. They can really do anything. You study a lot of film and you can watch 20 games of stuff and then go in there and they do some things different, you've got to adjust. And I think that's a really important part of football and I think part of the experience I've had is I know how to deal with some of those things.

“But the challenge is it's a good scheme. It's a good defense. I think they're well-coached. They always have a lot of variety and when they score a lot of points offensively, it's hard to really match them in the same way. So got to get off to a good start, have to stay balanced, good complementary game and go out there and try to win on the road.”

We only play them in Chicago every 8-years, so only the oldest of the old players can remember playing them in Chicago. This is the best Road Opponent we are going to play this year. Just at the time when we cannot afford a loss. KC is still up on us in the standings for Home field in the Champ Game. The Pats need this win. It is not going to be an easy one. There are a lot of factors going against them this week. Even more than last week.

Last week we faced a top offense with a crap defense. “I'm just telling you, like our goal is not to go out there and create stats for an individual player. We just don't think that way,” BB said. “We try to go out and win the game. So whatever we need to do to win the game than that's what our goal is. Our goal is not to create individual stats. That's just not how we do it.” This week the Bears are among the tops in the League on both sides of the ball.

5. A “Tru” Test- Trubisky is going to be another test for this defense. He and Mahomes are more similar than you’d think. Both are great athletes, and both have excellent arms (though Mahomes is more freakish;). Both are still young, and not who they are going to be. They have both taken the star mantles in their second seasons.

He is very athletic, like Mahomes. “We face one it seems like every week. Going all the way back to Watson and Bortles and it's right down the line. They've all been pretty athletic. So yeah, it's a challenge,” BB said. “It's a challenge there. It's like a sixth receiver. They can pull the ball down, and run for a 1st down, or keep the ball on inside plays that you normally could squeeze down on, and try to catch from behind and things like that. Yeah, we've dealt with it most every week. It's the National Football League. All of these guys are good. If they weren't they wouldn't be in the league.” Both Trubisky and Mahomes have been surprisingly better than expected this season.

There are a lot of defensive minds currently looking into how to stop them. “I think it's getting better,” BB said about Trubisky gaining experience. “I really didn't go back and watch a lot of last year. I've seen all of this year, all of the preseason, all of the regular season in this offense, in this system, so that's really what I've been focused on. I really don't have too much comment on 2017, but I think this year he's been consistent all the way through. I mean look, every player has plays that could be better or they'd like to have over again. So does every coach, but he's got a lot of good ones.” BB and Flores are next two up to try and slow Trubisky.

Trubisky was taken ahead of Mahomes in the Draft. “He's done a good job for them,” BB said. “Athletic kid: big, strong, good arm, can throw the ball, make all the throws, tough, can stand in there, a hard guy to tackle. Some of the running plays he's involved in. He seems to be probably more comfortable with the offense each week. They do a little more.” So he has the talent.

He seems to be getting better every week. “They hit a lot of big plays. They've been hitting them all year though. It's not like it just happened last week. They do it every week,” BB said. “They get the ball down the field: all of the receivers, tight ends, backs. He gets the ball to a lot of different people. They have a multiple offense. He does an excellent job of running it.” It will interesting to see if and how the Pats try and stop him.

This change in offense is not a mistake. They invested in the offense. Not just with Trubisky, but they also spent some draft capital on Kevin White (who I still can’t believe is not a star), Javon Wims (who I liked in the Draft as well), and Anthony Miller. Which is something the Patriots need to do (which I profiled this weekend in AJ Brown and DaMarkus Lodge, and David Stills or J.J. Arcega-Whiteside.

But the WR-corps really changed when they brought in a couple veteran free agents to lead their young WRs. The spent the money on big time free agent WR Allen Robinson. They also took a shot on Taylor Gabriel who has the speed they need. Those two moves really jacked the learning curve for their second year QB.

6. “This Is The Best Defense We’ve Faced In A Long Time!”- This is the best defense we are facing so far this season. “Mack's a good player. They've got plenty of them. Hicks is very disruptive,” BB said. “Like I said, Goldman, Nichols. They blitz enough where they've gotten pressure from some of the perimeter players [Bryce] Callahan, [Roquan] Smith, [Danny] Trevathan. Those guys blitz not every time, but they blitz enough. They've had pressure, too. Look, he knows people are looking at Mack and he lets you go to Mack and then they bring guys somewhere else where you're light.

They spent a ton of money on the Defense as well, and spend the most money on the Mack Attack. “He does a good job mixing that up and keeping you off balance. It's one of the advantages of not moving him around,” BB said. “They don't move him around very much. He's always in the same spot so they can always count on if you're going to help, that's where you want to help. Sometimes you help there and they're coming somewhere else.” 141-Mil on the guy who is going to hit Brady today.

They play a pure 3-4, and keep Mack on the QB’s right, with former 1st round pick from Georgia Leonard Floyd on the QB’s blindside. “Plenty of different looks. A mix of coverages, pressure, man, mostly zone, but multiple types of zone with some man and pressure mixed in there,” BB said. “He's (the Mack-Attack) not just sitting in the same thing all day. You can be sure of that. He'll mix the fronts up. They have two or three different fronts that they use. They complement each other. Vic's a very experienced coach. He definitely knows what he's doing. He's defended everything. He's got multiple ways to take care of it. It's hard to just count on one thing.” They also drafted Raquan Smith from Georgia in the 1st this year, to add more versatility to the front-7.

But of course now-a-days they are mostly in the Nickel and Dime defenses, so their beautifully crafted 3-4 is not that pure. “They're not in a 3-4 very much, and they're not in base defense. I don't know: 40, 50 plays, something like that. Most of it is nickel, because of what they're seeing, like every other team in the league,” BB said. “They're mainly in a four-man line. That's their primary front because they see mostly 11 personnel. But if they didn't, then they'd be in a 3-4 front and he'd be on the end of the line. Again, most every team that plays a 3-4, that's the way it is. The outside linebackers are defensive ends in a four-man line. That's what we did at the Giants. That's what Pittsburgh did. That's what Kansas City did. That's pretty much what everybody does.” They have an excellent secondary as well.

It is not just their front-7 that can kill you. “Really good play-makers, very consistent: [Adrian] Amos and [Eddie] Jackson are both very solid. They work well together,” Brady said about their two great Safeties. “I think their secondary in general is very talented. They've got a good group of linebackers. Roquan Smith's playing really well, high pick. Danny Trevathan, I've always thought he was a great player. And then you add [Khalil] Mack and [Leonard] Floyd, Akiem Hicks, really stout front.” I love both Amos and Jackson in the Draft.

This game is going to be a fist fight up and down the field all game long. “This is the best defense we've played in a long time,” Brady said. “We're going to have to go out and play really well on the road. We've talked a lot about playing on the road this week and kind of what we need to do to get a win. We haven't played very well on the road this year and we're going to need to play a lot better than we played the first two times on the road in order to win.” The Pats offense has to score, because the Bears offense is going to score at Home, against a Pats defense that just is not as good as the Bears this year.

Execution is everything this week. “I think any time you play a good pass-rush you've got to be able to get the ball out and play on time, play on rhythm. They're trying to knock you off rhythm and to keep you holding the ball. So that's a little bit of a chess match. But they've got a good rush. They've strip-sacked a lot of quarterbacks, Khalil [Mack]'s having an incredible year, he's a great player. We played against him in the past. I think we know the challenge that he is, but they've got a lot of other guys on the front who are good players too. It's a very good defense and they're going to give us all we can handle.” So I hope they can go up and meet the challenge.

7. Pats Win- I don’t have an ingeniously humorous answer for this one. Just the same old one that I bragged I didn’t have to use last week. The Pats win again because of BB and Brady. We keep it close, and then Brady wins it in the end.

This game is no joke. This is the best team we are going to face this season, unless we face a team on a hot streak late in the season. The Pats going to have to earn this win with smarts and hearts, like they did last week. The Pats D has to play better this week, and the O is going to have to play tougher. This one won’t be a track meet.

This is going to be the toughest earned win of the season. This is the test of the season, period. It will be a playoff atmosphere in Chicago. Both teams know this could the Super Bowl Preview (though the Rams are casting a giant shadow over the NFC;).

The Bears impressively crafted 3-4 defense, which also is getting great play from FA ILB from Denver Danny Trevathan and NT Eddie Goldman. They are first against the run. So Sony Michel is not going to be running free on Counters, especially since they have been running them straight at the OLB (in this case Mack-Hicks on the right, and Floyd-Bullard-Trevathan on the left, yikes!). Please don’t run right to day. I mean, like… ever.

This is a play some D, and wait for Brady to win it at the end game. I do like some of the things that Flores is doing on defense. I think they can play better this week. The good news is that they are playing a second year QB, you know, like Mahomes. So maybe they can confuse him a little a couple of key points, and get that big turnover to help win the game.



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