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Pats Vs. Bears: Part I.


1. Pats Draft Baby- To me, this is one of the best game of the year for Patriot's prospects. There are a lot of defensive players who look like the kind of guys the Pats like to draft in this game. Plus, my two favorite Wide Recovers Prospects are playing in this game. Harry, who should be a top ten pick, and Arcega-Whiteside, who should be within the Pats range in the 30s. 

Stanford also has a QB, who could be the heir to Brady's crown, and an H-back the Pats could use to help in the passing game. And I know that the Pats drafted Sony in the first last year. But... But... But... I would take Love in the First. Okay, so with White's new contract they cannot do that. But it would sure be fun to see. 

Hell, I'd rather watch this game than the Sox. But... I'll probably be watching the Sox, a little. Maybe. And no, I'm not watching them now. My son is. 

There are a lot of guys in this game the Pats could Draft. Top of the Draft list, to help Brady at the end of his career is Harry. He is like a bigger Josh Gordon. He has his hands and knack for getting open in pattern. He is my number one wish for a Christmas present for Brady (and yes, the NFL Draft is my Christmas;).

#1 N'Keal Harry- WR, 6-4, 213- Harry a tremendous talent. He is the best WR in a class that should have four, and maybe five WR in the First.  He has the size, speed, quicks, and hands to be a great one in the NFL. Tonight you will get a chance to see the top WR in the Draft.

They don’t usually let him, but he is a great punt returner. He always extends his hands out as far as he can to catch the ball.  

When they throw the screen to him, he consistently makes the first guy miss. great lateral quicks. He is not always a great blocker, as they will have him run deep to fake the safeties back. But when he grabs shirt, he can get low and drive block the CB with power. He has the size and strength do dominate in the run game, and shows the ability to do it on Tape.

#59 Quinn Bailey- ORT, RS SR- He has the athleticism to play in the NFL. He is good pulling outside, and turning inside to hit smaller guys. However, he is a Day Three prospect at best. He is not an OLT. He will have to stay on the right.

#5 Manny Wilkins- QB, RS SR- He is too inaccurate for the NFL. He is a QB who can look terrible in the 1st, but he seems to get better as he plays. He is one of those QBs, like Brady, who needs to get a hit before he can relax. Good feel for the rush, and can move in the pocket for extra time, and then complete the pass. Lies to keep the option too much. He has the arm, but doesn't always have the accuracy. He has some clutch in him. Shakes his head at his teammates too much.









#99 Dougladson Subtyl- 6-4, 288, 5-T/DE, RS SR- He is another interesting prospect. BB likes his 5-Tech type DLs.

Overview: Possesses a unique blend of speed, mobility and power. Remains fluid and loose while utilizing his tall frame and long arms. Great timing and utilizes his arsenal of pass rushing moves that gives that him the ability to become a top pass rusher at the collegiate level. Started playing football only a few years ago as a teenager after his family moved to the United States from Haiti.

#95 Renell Wren- NT, RS SR- He doesn’t usually rush. He likes to play more of a spy. He’ll hit the OC, and then back off, and when the QB takes off outside, he does a great job charging him at an angle and pressuring him.

Great explosion off the snap. He can knock the OC straight back onto his butt in short yardage. He looks like an athlete, not a typical Nose Tackle.






So many Patriot’s type prospects in this Draft. All Stanford prospects start with smart, sough, dedicated, and hard working. Pats like to Draft traits and take those four traits more seriously than most.

#97 Dylan Jackson- DE, SR-  5-Tech who will hustle down field, and chase the RB. 5-Tech who will hustle down field, and chase the RB.

#20 Bobby Okereke- ILB, RS SR- Great speed in coverage. He can run with the TE down field, and knock the ball out when it arrives. Aware player who can see the strip, and go and get the fumble.

#27 Sean Barton- ILB, SR-

#52 Casey Toohill- OLB, SR- Nice speed rusher on the edge. He cannot be blocked by a TE on the Edge. He plays the edge very well. Nice job turning the RB inside, and then going and getting him. Terrific stunting inside.

#13 Alijah Holder- CB, RS SR-

#9 Ben Edwards- SS,  SR- Comes up fast into the hole and can put a great hit on the RB in the hole.

#5 Frank Buncom IV- FS, SR- Shows up well double over deep on the outside WR..


#5 Brice Love- RB 6’ 202- Love this kid speed, smarts, and  toughness. He will be available when the Pats pick at 32, unless he runs in the 4.3s at the Combine (I know they took Sony Michel in the First!). If he is on the Board? At 32? I’d take him (I know they took Sony in the 1st;).

 If you give him a lane, NOBODY in college football over the past few years is faster down that lane. If you give him an alley, he turns it into a TD more consistently than any RB I’ve seen.

He still has that speed when he gets outside. The graceful cuts he makes at full speed in amazing. I hate that backwards toss to him.

#82 *Kaden Smith- TE 6-5, 252– He is more H-back than TE. He is a guy who the Pats could snag on Day Two, and he could help take some pressure off of Gronk, and his beat up body.

#73 *Nate Herbig Jr. G Stanford

#73 Jesse Burkett- 6-4, 300, 5th-

#2 Trent Irwin- WR, 6-2, 204, SR-

#3 *K.J. Costello- QB,  JR- Man, the Pats are going to be looking for a QB, and soon. He probably doesn’t come out. QBs at Stanford stay in school. But next years Draft? That is probably the deadline for the Pats investing a First in a QB.

He is as smart as it gets. He has the arms, and He has the clutch. It will be interesting watching him tonight. This game could turn into a shoot out quickly. If he comes out this year, I would be pissed if the Pats past on him at 32. However, he is not coming out.

He seems to get better as the game goes along. He has an NFL arm. He throws a great deep ball. He hits more guys in stride than any QB in this Draft.

#19 J.J. Arcega-Whiteside- WR, 6-3, 225, SR- Terrific talent. Smart, fast, Tall, and has great hands. He is a guy who just cannot get past the Pats at 32. It should be interesting to compare him to Harry tonight.

His hands can get a little antsy inside sometimes. He is much better out wide in space. Then he makes a great catch on an In cut. Nice job forcing the DB to foul him, or let him make the big play. Great job catching through contact. He can rip his hands free, as the DB just grabs him in the Endzone, and then turn and catch the TD pass. Great physicality when he can use his size.

#75 A.T. Hall- ORT, 6-5, 295, SR-

As a Senior (2017): All-Pac-12 honorable mention. 13 games played. Led Stanford to 405 rushing yards vs. UCLA, fourth most in school history. Helped Bryce Love set single-game school rushing record (301 yards) in start vs. Arizona ST.

As a Junior (2016) : 13 games started. First two games at right tackle. Last 11 games at left tackle. Led Stanford to 302 rushing yards vs. USC. Led Stanford to 365 rushing yards vs. Oregon ST, eighth-most in school history. Led Stanford to 282 rushing yards (6.7 yards/carry) at Oregon. Led Stanford to 357 rushing yards at Cal, ninth-most in school history. Led Stanford to 373 rushing yards vs. Rice, sixth-most in school history.

#74 Devery Hamilton- OLT, JR-

#71 BRANDON FANAIKA- 6-3, 315, OLG- As a Senior (2017): 13 games played. Led Stanford to 656 total yards vs. Rice, seventh-most in school history. Helped Stanford to 405 rushing yards vs. UCLA, fourth-most in school history. Helped Bryce Love set single-game school rushing record (301 yards) in start vs. Arizona State. As a Junior (2016): Nine games played, five games started at left guard. Led Stanford to 302 rushing yards vs. USC. Led Stanford to 365 rushing yards vs. Oregon State, eighth-most in school history. Led Stanford to 373 rushing yards vs. Rice, sixth-most in school history.

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