With The 11th Pick, in the 2017 NFL Draft, The New England Patriots Select ...

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Okay, I'm finally starting to feel like I have a handle n this Draft. Even if it is just a little. 

PICKS 1-11

1st Round

Picks 1-11.

Picks 12-22.

Picks 23-32.

2nd Round

Picks 33-48.

Picks 49-64.

3rd Round

Picks 65-72.


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My Picks: 

Key Needs:

Team Moves:



Defense: 3-4

*Myles Garrett

Edgerusher A&M

6-5, 270, 


2016 Picks:

1 (15)  Corey Coleman, WR, Baylor

2 Emmanuel Ogbah, DE Oklahoma St

3 (65) Carl Nassib, DE, Penn State

3 (76) Shon Coleman, OT, Auburn

3 (93) Cody Kessler, QB, USC

4 (99) Joe Schobert, OLB, Wisconsin

4 (114) Ricardo Louis, WR, Auburn

4 (129)  Derrick Kindred, S, TCU

4 Seth Devalve, WR/TE, Princeton

5 (154) Jordan Payton, WR, UCLA

5 (168) Spencer Drango, OT, Baylor

5 Rashard Higgins, WR, Colorado St

5 Trey Caldwell CB Louisiana-Mon

7 (250) Scooby Wright, ILB, Arizona

Key F.A. Signed:

QB Brock Osweiler

WR Kenny Britt

OC Joe Bitonio 

OG Kevin Zeitler

OG TJ Lang

OLB Jamie Collins

Key F.A.:

RB Isaiah Crowell (R)
RB Glenn Winston (R)
WR Josh Gordon (R)
OG Jonathan Cooper
OG Austin Pasztor
OC Gabe Ikard (R)
DE Stephen Paea
OLB Corey lemonier
P Britton Colquitt
LS Charley Hughlett (R)
CB Marcus Burley (R)
FS Jordan Poyer
CB Jamar Taylor

Key F.A. Lost:

QB Brock Osweiler

QB Josh McCown


WR Terrelle Pryor

WR Andrew Hawkins

The Team: Ready or not here I come. "I think it’s a little too early to say that," Jackson said about Garrett. "Obviously he’s a tremendous player. There’s a lot of good players in this draft. I think it’s just so early for us to determine exactly where we are. All those things will be discussed and thrown around as we continue to move forward." No, it's not too early.

He is the best player in the Draft, at need position. "I’m almost positive that they’ll do the no-brainer thing at No. 1 and take Myles Garrett," Michael Silver said, who is buddies with Hue Jackson. "It’s early in the combine but the more I talk to talent evaluators that I respect, the more that I realize this is even more of a slam dunk in those people’s minds than Jadeveon Clowney a few years back. They’re thinking this is a generational pass rusher that has so much talent off the edge. Not only is he the clear-cut choice at No. 1 but there is no obvious No. 2 sitting there. It’s a draft where people think 2 and 25 could be about the same range of players." Garrett is that good.

The Brown did a remarkable job in the Draft last year. They swindled their way to too many Draft picks (if there is such a thing). I really liked the USC QB in last years Draft. He might not be the best rookie QB from last years Draft, but he is top five. 

Which gives them the opportunity to take a chance here and take the best player in the Draft. "I think you've got to be careful reaching for a quarterback at No. 1 because if they fail, they don't help your team at all," Joe Thomas said. "Whereas if you pick a defensive lineman, and maybe they don't live up to the hype, you can still find a place to get them on the field and to have an impact." Garrett is definitely going to have an impact.

The Player: 4/25 Miles Garrett: The Best Rusher In The Draft.

The Reason: They just traded for Osweiler and a throw in 2018 2nd. "We're really excited to acquire a 2nd Round draft choice in this trade," Sashi Brown said. Oh. That doesn't look good for Brock. So they definitely still need a QB.

This is literally the best player available pick. "If Myles Garrett isn't a Cleveland Brown, I'll be floored," an anonymous scout said. "Can't over think it." An anonymous NFL guy said: "Browns should take Trubisky No. 1 overall". But after their recent history of drafting QBs in the 1st they should never draft a QB in the 1st again: Tim Couch, Brady Quinn,  Brandon Weeden, and Johnny Manziel, oh my.

Second Choice: Trade for Garoppolo

So I didn't finishing editing all the work during the day that I thought



Defense: 3-4

**Solomon Thomas-

5-Tech/DE/DT Stanford

6-2 5/8, 273, 6.95 3-C!

10'6" Broad! 4.28 SS!

33" Arms, 30 Reps!

(O) 4.69, S-1.66, 35" Vert,


2016 Picks:

1 (7) DeForest Buckner, DT, Oregon

1 (28) Joshua Garnett, G, Stanford

3 (68) Will Redmond, CB, Miss St

4 (133) Rashard Robinson, CB, LSU

5 Ronald Blair, DT, Appalachian St

5 (145) John Theus, OT, Georgia

5 (174) Fahn Cooper, OT, Ole Miss

6 (207)  Jeff Driskel, QB, Louisiana T

6 (211) Kelvin Taylor, RB, Florida

6-213 Aaron Burbridge WR, Mich St

7 Prince Charles Iworah, CB, W. Kentucky

Key F.A. Signed:

QB Brian Hoyer 

FB Kyle Juszczyk

WR Pierre Garcon

WR DeAndre Carter

OG Jeremy Zuttah

DT Earl Mitchell

ILB Malcolm Smith

DB Waun Williams

Key F.A.:

QB Blaine Gabbert
QB Christian Ponder
QB Thaddeus Lewis
RB Shaun Draughn
RB DuJuan Harris
WR Jeremy Kerley
WR Quinton Patton
WR Rod Streater
OG Andrew Tiller (R)
DE Glenn Dorsey
DE Tony Jerod-Eddie
DT Chris Jones (R)
DT Mike Purcell (R)
OLB Ray-Ray Armstrong
ILB Gerald Hodges
ILB Nick Bellore
ILB Michael Wilhoite
CB Marcus Cromartie (R)
CB Chris Davis (R)
K Phil Dawson

Key F.A. Lost:

Colin Kaepernick QB

WR Torrey Smith

The Team: Their D-line is in shambles. They need and Edge who can hit the QB, and an inside rusher who can hit the QB. Thomas is a guy who can do both. As much as they need a QB, they were literally the worst defense in the history of the NFL last season. This pick will come down to Trubisky or Thomas. Right now it sounds like they are saying Thomas, which probably means they want Trubisky. 

It doesn't look like the 49ers are going to take a QB here, which makes sense. I think all the QBs in this years Draft are developmental QBs. So why take a developmental QB in the top ten when you could get Kiser or Watson in the 2nd, and some think they could develop into even better QBs than Trubisky. Plus, the 49ers are planning to sink their boat with Hoyer to get a shot at one of the top QBs next year. 

This is a read the GM pick. John Lynch was a great Strong Safety who was the leader of the secondary as well. He knows the value of having a top strong safety and leader to run the secondary. They have an incredible job ahead of them to rebuild the defense and find a QB. So they are going nowhere fast. There is no need to rush the process. They will take the defender they like the most here (like a SS who reminds Lynch of himself), and pick up a developmental QB in the 2nd or 3rd Round.

The 49ers have a long way to go. "I don’t like being 2-14, but fortunately for me," Lynch said. "[But] I wasn’t a part of that. I’m a part of it now and we got the No. 2 pick, and I think that gives us a tremendous asset." In fact, I think they have further to go than any other team (though they might be tied with Chicago). 
The first step they have to take in this whole disastrous situation is to find a QB, period. "The worst mistakes you can make is you take a guy who isn’t that good of a player, or worthy of that," Shanahan said. "The expectations change. You put a guy in a position that is really unfair to him and you set your organization back. And then you’re trying to commit to a guy who shouldn’t have been put in that position." This Draft is flush with talent, but this is one of the worst QB classes I have ever seen.

The 49ers helped their O-line. "Kyle and I are firm believers that competition brings out the best in everyone," Lynch said. "We also believe that you can never have enough good offensive linemen, and Jeremy has certainly proven to be a very talented player having earned a Pro Bowl selection last season." Though wihtout a QB behind the O-line, how much does it really matter?
I don't buy (in any way, shape, or form) the ridiculous made up Trumpian story that Washington will trade Cook to them. "We could stay pat right there and find a fabulous player, a game-changing player," Lynch said. "It gives us a lot of flexibility to do some other things if we chose to be bold. There are going to be people that covet the pick we have. So there's going to be some people that want to move up." So they can trade for an elite chip (Garoppolo), trade down and pick up assets (like Cleveland did last year), or reach for a QB.

The Player: 4/26 Solomon Thomas: Explosion.

The Reason: I mean, if you consider yards, points, and yards rushing as a barometer. They set the wrong mark for all three last year. They need an Edge and a 5-Tech, or just anyone who can hit the QB. 

It is amazing that Kaepernick is so dumb that he opted out of his contract. "We had a real nice meeting," Lynch said. "And one thing in that meeting we talked to Colin about, having been a player, one thing I always wanted from coaches, [and] I think any player, is just transparency. You want honesty. That’s what we were with Colin, and he was back to us." What was he thinking? 

And I supported him in his protest. And I get offended when people say that it is an insult to veterans and solders to not stand for the National Anthem. So much if their sacrifices where so that we had the freedom to stand or not to stand before the government and its' symbols. That is just dumber than Kaepernick. 

He is not going to get squat in the free agent market. "We both agreed that under the current construct, it wasn’t going to work out," Lynch said. "But we said, 'let's not close the door.' As he hits free agency, we’ll keep our eyes open and we want him to keep us in mind as well. We kept that door open in a very real and positive way." That  is ridiculous.

He pissed away a 14.5-mil, and that was just his injury guarantee, and he will sign for less than that. He will sign for a min contract. He was the worst starter in the NFL last season, and had one of the best contracts with four years left. He showed he was as crazy as Trump, by giving up all that cash with a 5:AM tweet. Which makes him an even worse idea as a starting QB with that kind of decision making. I'm not sure I would even sign him as a min-backup.

Second Choice: Mitch Trubisky QB



Defense: 3-4

*Mitch Trubisky


6-2 1/8", 222, (O) 4.67! 

6.87 3-Cone! 4.25 SS!

32" Arms, 9 1/2" Hands,

9'9" Broad, 27.5" Vert, 

QB, WR(FA), DB, OLB, 5-T, WR, DB, OLT, MLB, QB, TE, WR, CB, OL, DL, DB, 

2016 Picks:

1 (9)  Leonard Floyd, OLB, Georgia

2 (56) Cody Whitehair, G, Kansas St

3 (72) Jonathan Bullard, DE, Florida

4  Nick Kwiatkoski, ILB, W Virginia

4 (124) Deon Bush, S, Miami

4 (127)  Deiondre’ Hall, CB, N. Iowa

5 (150) Jordan Howard, RB, Indiana

6 (185) DeAndre Houston-Carson, S, William & Mary

7 (230) Daniel Braverman, WR, Western Michigan

Key F.A. Signed:

QB Mike Glennon

WR Markus Wheaton

WR Kendall Wright

OG Eric Kush 

CB Marcus Cooper

CB Prince Amukamara

Key F.A.: 
QB Matt Barkley (R) 
QB Connor Shaw
WR Josh Bellamy (R) 
WR Deonte Thompson
WR Marques Wilson
TE Logan Paulsen
DE Cornelius Washington
LT Mike Adams
LT Nick Becton
DE Cornelius Washington
OLB Sam Acho
ILB Christian Jones (R) 
ILB Lamin Barrow (R)
CB Brandon Boykin
FS Demontre Hurst (R) 
SS Chris Prosinski

Key F.A. Lost:

QB Jay Cutler 

QB Brian Hoyer

WR Alshon Jeffery

The Team: Word coming out of Chicago is that they are taking Trubisky. Which makes sense, because Glennon is not a winning NFL QB. Neither is Trubisky, but now they can Garoppolo him for a year or two, and let him learn the system before he has to face an NFL defense that doesn't give a crap if he is ready. Perfect example of a pick that is too perfect to happen. 

Duh Bears were in worse shape than the 49ers at QB. At least the 49ers get first choice of QB. I keep putting ten different guys here. But it keeps coming back to QB for them. "That was a place where I wanted to go," Glennon said, "I'm just excited that it all worked out the way that I had hoped and envisioned." They have pinned their name to Glennon.

I was not a big fan of him in college. "As the quarterback of the team, you should know people's names and have those relationships," Glennon said. "That gives you a sense of ownership. I'm in charge [of the offense], and I'm excited for that opportunity that I really haven't had before. It's something that I've worked for and really looked forward to. Finally, I have that opportunity." But he has been able to hang on and develop for three to five years.
So he has a chance to take that mental toughness and become a viable NFL QB. "Mike Glennon is our starting quarterback and we’re fired up about that," Pace said. "I think that tells you something about a guy when that's kind of his mindset before he even walks in the building." He has shown some mental toughness in his training to play QB in the NFL. 

He showed the physical traits in college, so it is all about the mental for him. "I don't know how high the ceiling is," Pace said. "I'm just glad we have him in the mix as our starting quarterback to compete and get better." I didn't think he showed the mental acumen or toughness in college, but he is a different person now that he has been groomed in the NFL for four seasons.
Now he has to prove himself a winner. "I wanted a team that could win, and I feel we can do that here," Glennon said. "I feel confident in myself and I think I’ll have success here in Chicago." If he wanted to go to a team that could win, he could have made a better decision. 

The Player: 4/15 Mitch Trubisky Bio.

The Reason: Little birds keep chirping that they are happily taking Trubisky at Three. NFL reboots start with the QB. They cannot become a winner until they find a QB.

They need more than one DB in this Draft. "I think anyone who watched the Bears in 2016 would agree that the secondary is among the team’s most pressing needs heading into the offseason," ChicagoBears.com. "In fact, general manager Ryan Pace addressed the situation at his end-of-season press conference. When asked about the defense generating the fewest takeaways in Bears history with 11, Pace said: 'I honestly think we need to add more playmakers to our secondary. We need to add more ball skills to our secondary. That’s on me and we’ll do that. That’s a position that’s going to be a major need going forward.'" With all the great DBs in this Draft they will grab their top rated Safety or CB here, and look for the QB later. Adams is a tough guy at safety. He would add speed, toughness, and hitting to their desperate secondary.

But what if the best player available is still a QB? 'I think the best thing about free agency is if we can address some of our needs, again, it opens up the draft for best player available,' Pace said. 'And then when we do that it's just increasing our odds. We're going to take the best player at every pick.'" 

So they could still go Watson here. But the signing of Glennon opens up the door for them to take a defensive player.

Second Choice: Mike Glennon QB



Defense: 4-3

*Leonard Fournette


6-1, 240, (U) 4.51-4.52, 

28.5" Vert, 


2016 Picks:

1 (5) Jalen Ramsey, CB/S, Florida St

2 (36) Myles Jack, ILB, UCLA

3-69 Yannick Ngakoue DE Maryland

4 (103) Sheldon Day, DT, ND

6 (181) Tyrone Holmes, DE, Montana

6 (201)  Brandon Allen, QB, Arkansas

7 (226) Jonathan Woodard, DE, Central Arkansas

Key FA.Signed:

WR Arrelious Benn 

TE Mychal Rivera
OLT Branden Albert 

OG/OT Patrick Omameh
OG Tyler Shatley 

DE Calais Campbell
DT Abry Jones

CB AJ Bouye 

SS Barry Church

Key FA.:

RB Denard Robinson
WR Bryan Walters
DT Tyson Aluala
ORT Bryce Harris
ORT Jeff Linckenbach
ORT Josh Wells (R)
ILB Arthur Brown
SS Peyton Thompson (R)

Key Free Lost

TE Julius Thomas

OC Stefen Wisniewski 

OLT Kelvin Beachum 

OG/OT Luke Joeckel

DE Jared Odrick

NT Roy Miller

CB Devon House 

CB Prince Amukamara

SS John Cyprien

The Team: Word coming out of Jacksonville is that they will take Fournette to help their young struggling QB next season. In fact, they are trying to trade up right now to try and make sure they get him.

They have two DBs who are free agents (SS Cyprien and CB Amukamara). House is a good CB, who might be better served as the 3rd Corner. Getting a starting DB is a must in this Draft. I still think they need another CB. Having Ramsey and Lattimore as their CBs could complete their defense, or allow them to move Ramsey to Safety. Then they can focus on getting some help for their Offense.

Ouch! This Franchise just keeps moving backwards. Bortles has dropped to a choking rookie QB level this season. The monumental problem that Head Coaches who were DCs have is developing the QB. The HC of the JJ better learn how to coach his QB fast, or his HC in the NFL days are long over. The only offensive player they took in last years Draft was a QB in the 6th Round. HCs cannot ignore their Offense. DC HC's do what they do. They build their defenses and leave their QB to the wolves. 

The Player:12/9 Leonard Fournette.

The Reason: They pick up the big power runner, who can they can run play action off of and take a ton of pressure off their young QB. This is the smartest thing they can do to help Bortles. 

This Franchise is whacked, they are still raving about Myles Jack. "Obviously, he’s a dynamic athlete with dynamic play-making ability," Caldwell said. "I think between [LBs] Telvin, Poz [Posluszny] and him, the coaches have a good rotation where you see him on the field 85-95 percent of the time." They have to start thinking about the offense.
They have not gotten this message. "Tom's incredibly detailed
," Caldwell said about Coughlin. "He's very forward-thinking. And he's going to hold everyone accountable. That's how he was as a head coach. I was with Tom for nine years, and it was a great nine years. He taught me a ton. But strap it on and be ready to work." They signed a couple of D-end last year. Then Drafted four DLs in last years Draft. And then, made a big show of signing two more DLs this off season. The press conference for Campbell was a little off.

I though they signed Coughlin because he is an offensive guy. "Surprisingly enough, through the whole process and having an idea this was going to happen, you think, 'How is this going to work?' "But Tom’s been great," Caldwell said. "It’s been great to be able to walk down the hallway and bounce things off him. He, I and Doug sit together and come to a collective decision." To sign two more DLs is... 

Baffling. "We have to be disciplined," Caldwell said. "We’re going to set a limit for the guys we target and we’re going to be aggressive for the guys we want. We can't be careless with the money." They should go offense here. But there secondary really is a mess, and a top Corner could help this team more than Fournette.

Second Choice: Leonard Fournette RB





**Marshon Lattimore

CB Ohio State

6', 192, (U) 4.36,

DB, 5-T, WR, TE, CB, RB, OL, DL, DB, 

2016 Picks:

1 (8)  Jack Conklin, OT, Michigan St

2 (33) Kevin Dodd, DE, Clemson

2 (43)  Austin Johnson, DT, Penn St

2 (45) Derrick Henry, RB, Alabama

3 (64) Kevin Byard, S, Middle Tennessee St

5 (140) Tajae Sharpe, WR, UMass

5 (157) LeShaun Sims, Southern Utah

6 (193) Sebastian Tretola, G, Arkansas

7 (222) Aaron Wallace, OLB, UCLA

7 (253) Kalan Reed, CB, S. Miss

Key F.A. Signed:

Ben Jones OC

DE Chris Baker

CB Logan Ryan

FS JJ Wilcox

Key F.A.:

QB Matt Cassel
RB Antonio Andrews (R)
WR Marc Mariani
TE Anthony Fasano
TE Phillip Supernaw (R)
OC Brian Schwenke
ORT Byron Bell
OG Chance Warmack
ILB Nate Palmer
ILB Sean Spence
OLB David Bass
CB Antwon Blake
FS Rashad Johnson
SS Daimion Stafford

Key F.A. Lost:

WR Kendall Wright

The Team: Talk about a great trade. The Rams not only took Goff number one overall, they traded this year's 1st to move up to get him. Right now the Titans are looking at the 8th pick in the 2016 Draft, and the 5th pick in the 2017 Draft for the 1st pick in the Draft from last year. That's pretty good. That was the best case scenario when you draft a QB in the top five, and he develops nicely the first two years.

The Player: 2/18 Marshon Lattimore: Best Hips In The Draft.

The Reason: They really want to go DB here, but if Lattimore, Hooker, and Adams are off the Board and Allen is still available, even I can do that math. Plus, the signing of Ryan and Wilcox gives them some options other than DB they can address.  

Hooker has an injury that could cause him to slide. But if the Titans think his medicals check out? Hooker is just what they need. He would be a huge start to rebuilding their secondary. 

Second Choice: Marshon Lattimore CB



Defense: 3-4

*Jonathan Allen-

DL Alabama

6-3, 294, 


2016 Picks:

1 (20) Darron Lee, ILB, Ohio State

2 Christian Hackenberg QB Penn St

3 (83) Jordan Jenkins, OLB, Georgia

4 (118) Juston Burris, CB, NC State

5 (158) Brandon Shell, OT S. Carolina

7 (235)  Lachlan Edwards, P, Sam Houston St

7 (241) Charone Peake, WR, Clemson

Key F.A. Signed:

QB Josh McCown 

OLT Kelvin Beachum

Ben Ijalana OT

OG Brian Williams

Key F.A.:
TE Brandon Bostick (R)
TE Kellen Davis
DE Mike Catapano (R)
OT Ryan Clady
OC Wesley Johnson (R
ILB Bruce Carter
OLB Josh Martin
OLB Julia Stanford (R)
CB Antonio Allen
CB Marcus Williams (R)

Key F.A Lost:

QB Ryan Fitzpatrick

QB Geno Smith

WR Brandon Marshall

OT Breno Giacomini 

OC Nick Mangold  

ILB Erin Henderson 

CB Derrelle Revis

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The Team: Apparently the Jets are not happy with their two young QBs. But if they want Trubisky than they better trade up, not down. Word coming out of New Jersey is that they want to trade down. But what if they hit the clock and Thomas is on the Board? This is the most talented Draft in the last ten years. Their will be better DBs in the 3rd this year than in the 2nd last year. Teams are going to want to trade down for extra picks. But, there will also be players on the Board that GMs are going to have to seriously ask themselves if they can pass on this guy. Thomas was made to play DL in a Bowles defense. Todd would pissed is they traded down with Thomas on the board. No one can hit the QB in more ways that Allen. You can line him up in front of the weakest link on the O-line and let him loose. 

The Jets are apparently happy with their two young QBs. Which is what you have to do sometimes. You have to de-vel-op QBs. Remember some 6th Round pick the Pats took from Michigan? Even the GOAT sat out for over a year on the Patriots' bench and was developed. I liked Bryce Petty coming out of Baylor, and I hate spread QBs. I'm not a Hackenberg guy, but if they develop him he has a chance.

Petty became the starter last year, and he wasn't a disaster. And one thing about Petty, he can take a hit, and is great throwing deep. Not so sure about Hackenberg. So they need to start thinking about ways to help their two young QBs. They also seemed to have rebuilt their entire O-line last year. Which means they should be looking at WRs and RBs.   

In my view there are two choices here. One, take a QB. Two, take an RB who can take pressure off their crappy QBs. "I'm not going to speculate if we're going to make more," Maccagnan said. "But I would say most of the major moves we made have been made." They have 33-Mil available.

Which is all meaningless without a QB. "I know we've made quite a few moves this offseason, but a lot of it is predicated on how we feel about the younger players," Maccagnan said. "With the money we freed up, hopefully we'll be able to help ourselves in different areas." But what does it all mean without a QB.

They are trying to completely rebuild the O-line. "Just a blessing to keep playing football" Beachum said. "A blessing to be at a great organization. J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets. I already know the chant, baby." He is a good not great addition.

They might be forced to take Fournette here "Would I consider a running back at six?" Maccagnan said. "Absolutely, if I thought he was worth that high a pick," Let's face it, he might be the best available player to help their QB situation. 

It is not a coincidence that Fitz was a good QB in 2015, and terrible in 2016. What was the difference? Same player, same system, same coaches. The difference was that Ivory was a top five RB in 2015, and he left in free agency in 2016. So if Trubisky or Watson don't drop here, they have to take Fournette to help their crappy QBs.

The Player: 2/18 Jonathon Allen: Inside-Out USA.

The Reason: Richardson and Wilkerson slacked off last season. Plus, Bowles knows how to use guys like Thomas on the edge. This would be a perfect fit for this defense. He is the most explosive inside rusher in this Draft. I think Jonathon Allen is a better player, but Thomas might be a better NFL player, because he is more explosive.

Revis is gone, and their secondary fell apart last season. "Because Todd's a leader," Jets CB Buster Skrine said. "Everybody knows that. And people respect him for it." It was not just the QB position.

They have two young guys at QB they are developing, so they can take a chance on a star. "Last year was a bad year," Skrine said. "But the year before, we were 10-6. I always go back to this: It's the formula. Todd will find a formula that works best for us and our team. This is our third year as a group and as an organization." Humphrey is on of the toughest CBs I have ever seen. 

It you want to help and develop a young QB or two, you have to start with developing a power run game. Nothing takes away pressure from a QB like a power running game. The top candidate to be the center of a power run game in this Draft is Fournette. And I hate to give the Jets any good advice. I would rather mock them. 

Second Choice: Leonard Fournette RB



Defense: 3-4

*Jamal Adams

Safety LSU

6', 212, (PD) 4.38! 


S (FA), CB, TE, WR, DE,  RB, QB,  OLT, TE, OL. DB, 

2016 Picks:

1 (3) Joey Bosa, DE, Ohio State
2 (35) Hunter Henry, TE, Arkansas
3 (66) Max Tuerk, C, USC
4 (102) Joshua Perry, ILB, Ohio State
5 (175) Jatavis Brown, ILB, Akron
6 (179) Drew Kaser, P, Texas A&M
6 (198) Derek Watt, FB, Wisconsin
7-224 Donavon Clark OG Michigan St

Key FA. Signed:

OLT Russell Okung 

OLB Melvin Ingram  (Tag)

SS Jahleel Addae

Key FA.:

QB Kellen Clemmens

RB Danny Woodhead
RB Branden Oliver (R)
RB Dexter McCluster
RB Ronnie Hillman
WR Dontrelle Inman (R)
WR Isaiah Burse (R)
WR Griff Whalen
TE Asante Cleveland (R)
TE Jeff Cumberland
OG Kenny Wiggins (R) 
DT Sean LissemoreDT Tenny Palepoi (R)
DE Damion Square
OLB Korey Toomer (R)
OLB Tourek Williams
FS Adrian Phillips
CB Steve Williams (R)
LS Mike Windt

Key FA. Lost:

OT King Dunlap

OT DJ Fluker

ILB Manti Te’o

The Team: The Chargers get lucky here. They really need a safety and leader of the secondary. If Adams drops to them they will be ecstatic. Adams reminds me of Rodney Harrison. Because he is not just a big safety, who cover better than most people think, and he is an elite leader like Rodney. If he is as good as Rodney they will be very happy, again (please note that the Chargers drafted Rodney in the 6th all those years ago;). Hooker is the much better ball hawk with better range. But Adams is stronger against the run, can play LB, and will run the secondary like Rodney Harris for years to come. 

This could be an interesting nexus in this Draft. What will they do if Trubisky is still on the board, and Hooker and Adams are not. "I think we do have to get a young quarterback on campus," new HC Anthony Lynn said. "We need to start developing someone because we have two veteran quarterbacks, and both of them are long in the tooth. I think they have some good years left in them; don’t get me wrong. But you have to start thinking about down the line, too…I would love for a young quarterback to get in here and learn from Philip. Philip is the ultimate pro in my opinion. We have a good situation for a young quarterback that doesn’t have to come in and play right now. He can sit, watch and learn." They had better be prepared to make this decision. 

This is a long term deal here. Trubisky is not ready and will need two or three years of development before you can say he has a chance to win. Trubisky has a shot to develop into a legit regular season winner, and when you get to the Playoffs? Who knows? It is as much about defense as it is about the QB in the Playoffs.

Getting drafted by a team with a winning QB could be the best thing that happens to Trubisky. He has along way to go, but studying behind Rivers can do nothing but help him. It is a risk, and  would likely hurt them next season. They really needs a Safety and an OG. But there will be plenty of Safeties to choose from in the 2nd (where Weddle was taken), and there are a ton of plug and play OGs who will be available on Day Three (or maybe Dorian Johnson to start the 3rd).  

The Player: 4/06 Jamal Adams: Leader of the Back.

The ReasonWhy Adams? Because they not only need a safety, they need leadership. They need leadership on every level. Adams is widely considered to be the best leader of all the DBs in this years Draft. You cannot talk about his potential without talking about how he helps a team on the leadership level. 

The Charger never overcame the loss of Eric Weddle. They have to find a replacement fast. 

Rivers isn't going anywhere any time soon, but what about in two years. "I think we’re going to (draft a QB) at some point," Rivers said. "I’m not going to be here forever, and you know that’s part of this business. Shoot, you look around the league in different places; (like) in New England, they’ve drafted a handful of guys in the last few years and they’ve got one of the best to ever play and it looks like he’s still got a lot in the tank. I think that’s just one example, and there’s been many." He already has said that he doesn't mind if they take a QB in this Draft. 

In two years he is going to be really feeling those old bones. "I’ll be shocked if Trubisky’s not the first one off the board," an Exec said. He showed some clutch in the Bowl game against Stanford. "You’re gonna see the ascension of the Carolina quarterback," a scout said. "He’s the guy. A top two or three pick. He's the guy. A lot of teams like him up there." But the 13 starts still scare me.

This Franchise is going to need a QB to compete in the weak LA market when Rivers retires. "I certainly don’t fear that day when it comes whatsoever," Rivers said. "I don’t take it as my role, though we drafted a young guy who’s your eventual replacement so get him ready. But at the same time, I enjoy sharing both things I’ve learned and letting the young guy see how I’ve done things. At the same time, I’m always going to compete. I think Kellen [his back up QB now] would tell you the same thing. He and I compete like crazy in everything. We’re competing with formations and shifts in the QB meeting in day one install like we’ve been doing for a lot of years. So, that’s something all of us have to (have). Compete and never feel comfortable. Should this be the year there’s a young guy in here, who will come in here and be in what I would believe would be a pretty good situation." In the long run, this could be the best that happens to both the team and the player. 

Second Choice: Mitch Trubisky QB



Defense: 4-3

Christian McCaffrey

RB/WR Stanford

6', 197, #5


2016 Picks:

1-30 Vernon Butler, DT, Louisiana T.

2 (62) James Bradberry, S, Samford

3 (77) Daryl Worley, CB, WVU

5 (141)  Zack Sanchez, Oklahoma

7 (252) Beau Sandland, TE, Montana State

Key F.A. Signed:

OLT Matt Kalil

DE Charles Johnson

OLB Julius Peppers

DT Kawann Short (Tagged)

DE Mario Addison

DE Wes Horton (R)

CB Captain Munnerlyn

SS Mike Adams

Key F.A.: 
WR Corey Brown (R) 
WR Laron Byrd (R) 
WR Brenton Bersin
OG Donald Hawkins (R)
OG Andrew Norwell (R) 
OG Chris Scott
ORT Mike Remmers
DT Kyle Love
ILB AJ Klein
FS Michael Griffin
FS Colin Jones
CB Leonard Johnson
CB Robert McClain
CB Teddy Williams

Key F.A. Lost:

WR Tedd Ginn, Jr. 

FB Mike Tolbert 

DT Paul Soliai 

The Team: This is more of a hopeful pick. Just like I will stand up and clap for Bortles when the Jags take Fournette, I will stand up and cheer for Newton if the Panthers take McCaffrey here. McCaffrey could ensure he never runs a stupid QB Option again.

They need to help the offense. "You know, again, I think at the end of the day, we’re going to go with the best player around at No. 8," GM Gettleman said. " And there’s going to obviously be a lot of options." They have to stop acquiring DLs at this obsessive level. They had to bargain basement Kony Ealy off to the Pats for squat so they could resign five other DLs. 

Peppers would be a nice fit for this team, but he isn't a D-end. "We want to evaluate a player like him, because we did the same thing with Shaq Thompson," Ron Rivera said about Peppers. "We had everybody talking to us, saying he's just a special teams player, to he's just a running back, or a safety or a linebacker. We looked at where he would best fit us. For us, it was a linebacker and what we call the ‘Buffalo' where you can take a bigger guy and put him out onto a slot receiver and still have some athleticism." Why not? Start obsessively drafting LBs now as well.

This team's collapse is by far the most shocking. But they seem to have hopefully put it all together against the Raiders. It's tough to believe that they can't turn it around next year, but they have to start by getting help for Newton.

The Player: 4/08 Christian McCaffrey: Pretty Fly For A White Guy.

The Reason: If they take McCaffrey here, they will be back in the Playoff next year. Or, Newton will continue to take a beating as they continue to moronically run QB-draws and options to him. They desperately not only need to help Newton, they need to take some of the beating he takes off his body as well. McCaffrey could take most of the beatings off of him (if the coaches comply and stop the stupid QB run plays).

I don't think that Williams is worth a top ten pick. But I do think he is the player that can help this team the most next season, besides Fournette. They desperately need to help Newton. Only two QBs have ever won a Super Bowl, after losing the Super Bowl (Brady and Elway), and he is neither. Williams would give him three big WRs to throw too. They need to take some heat off of Cam. Fournette is best offensive game changer in this Draft. He instantly makes Newton a better QB.

Second Choice: Mike Williams WR



Defense: 4-3


OJ Howard-

TE Alabama

6-6, 245, (U) 4.51!


2016 Picks:

1 William Jackson III, CB, Houston

2 (55) Tyler Boyd, WR, Pittsburgh

3 (87) Nick Vigil, ILB, Utah State

4 (122) Andrew Billings, DT, Baylor

5 (161) Christian Westerman, G, Arizona St

6 (199) Cody Core, WR, Ole Miss

7 (245) Clayton Fejedelem, S, Illinois

Key F.A.:  
WR Brandon LaFell

RB Rex Burkhead

ORT Andre Smith

CB Dre Kirkpatrick

Key F.A.:  

RB Cedric Peerman
OC TJ Johnson (R)
ORT Eric Winston
DE Wallace Gilberry
DE Margus Hunt
DT Brandon Thompson
CB Chykie Brown
K Zach Hocker

Key F.A. Lost:

OG Kevin Zeitler
OLT Andrew Whitworth

DT Domata Peko

The Team: I just keep coming back to what will make Dalton a Playoff winner? "It’s painful when there are teams playing that replaced us," Lewis said about the Playoffs. "It hurts. It ought to hurt. It ought to hurt every coach and player in this building." They need to start by helping their QB.

A tight end can help an offense in so many different ways. "It’s important to do while fresh in our minds to go back and look at us," Lewis said. "We’ll follow that up after Mobile when we have the opportunity to look at our peers around the league and what they do well. Then we’ll be getting into the areas of tweaking installation and how we do it." What he saw in Mobile, was that Howard was the best player available at the Senior Bowl.

The Player: 2/22 OJ Howard: One Tough SOB.

The Reason: They need some changes made on offense and defense "We’ll be vastly different no matter what," Lewis said. "We’ll have some of the same players, but we know every year there is going to be a change of players. We rip things up scheme wise all the time. That’s no change." They have to replace Burfict.

But as one HC looking for a QB said, you have to help your QB first. "I think there are all kinds of ways to [help your QB]," Browns HC Jackson said. "You have to support [your QB] position the right way. It’s not just about putting a quarterback on the team and saying, 'Here we go.' You have to make sure he has enough weapons. You have to make sure you’re able to protect him, and you put him in the right spot so he can have success." Howard helps his QB in more ways than any other player in this Draft. 

Second Choice: Dalvin Cook RB



Defense: 4-3

*Mike Williams

WR Clemson

6-2, 216, (PD 4.51-4.53), 



2016 Picks:

1 (19) Shaq Lawson, DE, Clemson
2 (41) Reggie Ragland LB, Alabama
3 (80) Adolphus Washington, DT, Ohio State
4 (139) Cardale Jones QB, Ohio SE
5 Jonathan Williams RB, Arkansas
6 (192) Kolby Listenbee, WR, TCU
6 (218) Kevon Seymour, CB, USC

Key F.A. Signed:

QB Tyrod Taylor

FB Mike Tolbert 

OL Jordan Mills

OLB Lorenzo Alexander

Micah Hyde FS

Jordan Poyer FS

Key F.A.:
QB EJ Manuel

RB Mike Gillislee (R)
RB Reggie Bush
FB Jerome Felton
WR Marquise Goodwin
WR Percy Harvin
WR Justin Hunter
WR Brandon Tate
TE Chris Gragg
OG Ryan Groy (R)
DT Corbin Bryant
DT Leger Douzable
RT Jordan Mills
ILB Brandon Spikes
ILB Zach Brown
OLB IK Enemkpali
OLB Ramon Humber
OLB Lerentee McCray
CB Corey White
SS Colt Anderson
SS Robert Blanton
FS Sergio Brown
FS Jonathan Meeks (R)
FS Duke Williams
P Colton Schmidt (R)
Key F. A, Lost:

WR Robert Woods

CB Stephon Gilmore

SS Aaron Williams

The Team: The Bills actually made a great decision to keep Taylor. "This is the place to be," Tyrod said. "Like I've said from Day 1, my commitment is to this team, to this community, to do whatever it takes to get a winning tradition back and I'm still committed to doing that each and every day." He improved last season, before his WR corps fell apart. 

There is no better QB available (beside Garoppolo:). "Well I go back to the process and the methodical approach we’ve taken since day one, back in January," new HC Sean McDermott said. "We looked at every option and explored every opportunity available to us at this time and we just felt this was the best move for the Bills." Now they have to get Tyrod some help.
Williams is a champion from Clemson. "You start with the character of the individual we’re talking about here," McDermott said. "I had a chance to get to know Tyrod a little bit and I’ve done my research. So, the character and then secondly, the work ethic. I’ve had a chance to observe him and his rehab a little bit, and the process he’s gone through to get himself healthy, and that’s been very admirable on all ends." He has a lot of traits teams like at WR.
He can help Taylor as the season moves forward. "I want to see him execute the system just like every other player, whether you’re talking about offensive football, the quarterback position, or defensive football and playing middle linebacker," McDermott said. "I want to see the players execute the system and then use their natural abilities to make plays and if we’re doing our jobs as coaches, that means putting them in position and shaping the system around their skill set." The Bills have to help Taylor first and foremost.

They also did a good job signing Micah Hyde. "There’s a term that we use called position flexibility,"  McDermott said. "Versatility, position flexibility, that’s important. You look at Micah Hyde. Micah’s been a returner. He’s played safety, and I mentioned corner and nickel. That’s important for us." He will help their secondary.

The Player: Williams never looked like a Number One WR to me. But he was terrific in the second half of the season. "Just the competition we face every week at Clemson," Williams said. "We play a lot of great DBs, a lot of great teams. The coaches we have at Clemson, I feel like we learn from some of the best." He can catch the ball over his head. 

He has nice hands. "I don't think so at all," Williams said about his Forty. "Jerry Rice didn't run a fast time. Antonio Brown didn't run a fast time. He's the highest-paid receiver in the league right now. It's all about just playing football if you look at it at the end of the day." I thought he finally showed some Number One WR traits at the end of the season.

We finally got a glimpse of his speed at his Proday. "Mike Williams today at 216 pounds ran a 4.55," Mike Mayock said. "Plenty good enough for the type of receiver he is. What is he? He's an outside the numbers fade, fade stop, back shoulder, red-zone guy. He's got an attitude. He gets after the football. He's a first-round wide receiver all day long." I think a 4.55 could take him out of the top ten.

The Reason: I broke down the two Bills games against the Pats and the worst unit by far were their WRs. They suck-suck-sucked like the Jets. If the Bills as a Franchise want to take a step forward, they have to turn Tyrod Taylor into a legit NFL QB. That starts with a big weapon he can throw to deep down the field, after he prances around the pocket for a while.

Second Choice: Marlon Humphrey CB



Defense: 4-3

*Derek Barnett


6-5, 265, #9 


2016 Picks: 

1-12 Sheldon Rankins DT Louisville
2 (47) Michael Thomas WR Ohio ST
2 (61) Vonn Bell, S, Ohio State|
4 (120) David Onyemata, DT, University of Manitoba
7 (237) Daniel Lasco, RB, California

Key F.A. Signed:  

ORG Larry Warford

DT Nick Fairley

OLB Alex Okafor

ILB Manti Te’o

Key F.A.:  
RB Travaris Cadet
RB Tim Hightower
FB John Kuhn
WR Brandon Coleman (R) 
OG Jahri Evans
OG Tim Lelito
LT Tony Hills
DE Darryl Tapp
OLB Paul Kruger
OLB Kasim Edebali (R) 
OLB Michael Mauti
OLB Chris McCain (R) 
SS Roman Harper
SS Jamarca Sanford
CB BW Webb (R) 
CB Brian Dixon (R) 
CB Sterling Moore
CB Kyle Wilson
LS Justin Drescher 

Key F, A, Lost:

Brandon Cooks WR

Malcolm Butler CB

The Team: The Saints are on all out all the time crusade to improve their defense. That will have to start with an edgerusher. This Draft is loaded edgerusher, but when the best SEC rusher is sitting on the board he is a tough guy to pass on. Barnett is a little shorter, but he reminds me physically of McGinest. 

This pick is turning into a very interesting pick. Unsubstantiated rumors have been unfurled that maybe the Saints will sign Butler to a contract, and snag Butler that way to complete the deal they started with Cooks. He is scheduled to go to New Orleans for an interview, medical, and contract talks on Thursday. "#Saints coach Sean Payton to AP: #Patriots RFA Malcom Butler visiting New Orleans on Thursday." Martel. They are proceeding cautiously because it is complicated for both teams. 

However, if the Saint offer him a Gilmore contract the Pats don't get their pick back. The Pats get this pick back. Which as you can see above would be a very interesting pick to have. And as Florio pointed out, neither side can really talk about it. "There’s no trade talks going on with Carolina," Belichick said back in 2009 about Julius Peppers. "They don’t have a signed contract. They can’t talk about trading a player that isn’t signed." But their are consequences for both sides if a contract is actually signed.

The whole Butler saga has me upset. "I don't know what's going to happen with that," Stephon Gilmore said. "But I'm looking forward to it. He's a great player. He made a lot of good plays in the league. I'd love to team up with him and play with him." It is feeling like an unraveling in an unsettling way. 

I get what Butler is saying. He is saying that he is worth Gilmore money, and he is. I also get what the Pats are saying. They have his nuts in a vise and they won't unravel them. I side with Butler in the short term. If I were him I would be pissed. 

And if ever there was a guy to give a break too it is Malcolm. "Obviously, he came in the league and grinded his way up to the top and made a lot of good plays in the league," Gilmore said. "You've got to respect him as a player. He made a lot of great plays on big stages, so I definitely respect him as a player. Playing in the league, you've got to have a strong mentality at the corner position and I think he has that fight in him. So that's one thing that sticks out from watching him. If you get him, he always comes back and puts it behind him and makes plays the next play." He almost single-handedly won a Super Bowl for the Pats. So you want to give him a break.

However, while the Pats are wrong in the singularity of the case, the problem is the macro. While it makes sense to give the Super Bowl hero a break, the problem is that next season, and beyond... The Pats will have to face the same question from agents every year, "Well you did it for Butler?" So they cannot concede to Malcolm no matter what the cost, or it messes with their Program. So he is gone.

The good news is that if the Saints just give him a contract, and the Pats don't match, the Pats get this pick. So how do they work that out? They can't sign him while he is under the shadows of the restricted tag. Or, they have to give this Pick to the Pats. Which is not a bad deal for them. I would rather have Butler signed under a Gilmore contract for five years than this pick. Or as the rumor goes, maybe that is the deal. 

Which starts to sound good for both teams. The Pats get Cooks (for two-years), the Saints 4th (which the Ass Monkey has already said he will steal in unprecedented fashion, because when you get fined a pick you get fined your pick in that Round not some other team's pick you acquired later, ALWAYS!), and this pick (11th) in the NFL Draft. While the Saints get Butler for five years, the Pats 3rd, and Pick 32. Maybe I'm nuts but that sounds like a fair deal to me. 

Ironically, Butler and Cooks had an interesting battle in Preseason. "No, not really," McCourty said when asked if he saw it. "I was on the field. We'll watch the film. But two very good players going at it. So I think that's just good work for both of them." It would be even more ironic if they had a chance to battle again this Preseason. 

They did a good job addressing their defense in last years Draft, but they didn't really address the secondary. They grabbed a Safety, but didn't even take a peek at a CB. That was a big mistake. 

The Player4/24 Derek Barnett: Fight For Consistency.

The Reason: I think they made a big mistake to pass on Butler. But they didn't want to give up pick 11, and the Pats couldn't take less for their best DB. 

The one year they had a great secondary they won it all. Butler would be a good start in that direction. If not? Than Thomas is a guy you can build your passrush around.

Second Choice: Gareon Conley CB