With The 72nd Pick, in the 2017 NFL Draft, The New England Patriots Select ...

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Okay, I'm finally starting to feel like I have a handle n this Draft. Even if it is just a little. 

PICKS 58-64,


Post Draft

Picks 1-7.

Picks 8-14.

Picks 15-22.

Picks 23-27.

Picks 28-32, 211.

2nd Round

Picks 33-42.

Picks 43-49.

Picks 50-57.

Picks 58-64, 131.

3rd Round

Picks 65-74, 81.


3rd Round

Picks 81-96.





My Picks: 

Key Needs:

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Defense: 3-4

Larry Ogunjobi-

DT Charlotte

6-3, 305, (O) 4.97, 

32.5" Arms, 26 Reps,

9'8" Broad, 32" Vert,

7.55 3-Cone, 4.75 SS,


*Myles Garrett

Edgerusher A&M


**Jabrill Peppers

DB/LB Michigan 


*David Njoku

TE Miami


DeShone Kizer-

  Fighting Irish


2017 Picks:

1 (1) Myles Garrett, DE Texas A&M
1 (25) Jabrill Peppers,SS Michigan
1 (29) David Njoku, TE Miami
2 (52) DeShone Kizer, QB ND
3 (65) Larry Ogunjobi, DT Charlotte
4 (126) Howard Wilson, DB Houston
5 (160) Rod Johnson, OT Florida ST
6 (185) Caleb Brantley, DT Florida
7 (224) Zane Gonzalez, k, Arizona ST
7 (252) Matthew Dayes, rb, NC State

2016 Picks:

1 (15)  Corey Coleman, WR, Baylor

2 Emmanuel Ogbah, DE Oklahoma St

3 (65) Carl Nassib, DE, Penn State

3 (76) Shon Coleman, OT, Auburn

3 (93) Cody Kessler, QB, USC

4 (99) Joe Schobert, OLB, Wisconsin

4 (114) Ricardo Louis, WR, Auburn

4 (129)  Derrick Kindred, S, TCU

4 Seth Devalve, WR/TE, Princeton

5 (154) Jordan Payton, WR, UCLA

5 (168) Spencer Drango, OT, Baylor

5 Rashard Higgins, WR, Colorado St

5 Trey Caldwell CB Louisiana-Mon

7 (250) Scooby Wright, ILB, Arizona

Key F.A. Signed:

QB Brock Osweiler

WR Kenny Britt

OC Joe Bitonio 

OG Kevin Zeitler

OG TJ Lang

Key F.A.:

RB Isaiah Crowell (R)
RB Glenn Winston (R)
WR Josh Gordon (R)
OG Jonathan Cooper
OG Austin Pasztor
OC Gabe Ikard (R)
DE Stephen Paea
OLB Jamie Collins
OLB Corey lemonier
P Britton Colquitt
LS Charley Hughlett (R)
CB Marcus Burley (R)
FS Jordan Poyer
CB Jamar Taylor

Key F.A. Lost:

QB Brock Osweiler

QB Josh McCown


WR Terrelle Pryor

WR Andrew Hawkins

The Player: He is a big small school guy, who had a great post season. He ballooned up to 350 pounds in high school, so his dad forced him to play football to try and save his life. It worked.

By his senior year at Charlotte he could really move on the field. "When I got to Charlotte, I just had this chip on my shoulder that I wanted to be the best," Ogunjobi said. "And I wanted to prove to everybody that it is not where you go. It is what you do there. You don't have to be a victim of your situation. You don't have to be put into this box that everybody says that, 'If you go to this school, you won't be able to do these things.'" He really proved himself at Charlotte.

Great movement skills and strength after all the lost weight. "I didnít understand the term over-train because I was just so used to working so hard," Ogunjobi said. "I realized that sometimes you have to work smarter, not harder. Right now, your body is a business, and you have to see over your body. The things that you do on and off of the field are what is going to correlate to the field. I made sure I understood that there is a balance. As hard as you work, you have to rest the same way. You have to have the same recovery methods. That is what I have learned, is that you have to balance that out." He is a guy who truly worked his way into the League.

He is a small school guy, so he is going to take some time. "Being the first is something special. Itís something that nobody else could ever take away from you," Ogunjobi said. "I donít really feel any pressure because whether you are a first-round pick or an undrafted free agent, everybody is trying to get into this fraternity that we call the NFL. The opportunity that you are given is yours, and what you do with it is yours. There is no pressure. The ball is in my court. What I do with this opportunity, I have nobody to blame but myself. I just have to go out there and make the most of it." He was the first player drafted from Charlotte. 

He showed at the Senior Bowl that he was a Day Two pick. "I think that is why you play football. You play because you want to play and go out there and be the best that you can be," Ogunjobi said. "Those kind of things kind of take care of themselves. There are certain things that you can control, and certain things that you canít. What I control is my attitude and my effort, and that every day I have to come out here and understand that every day is an interview. What I put on tape is what is going to be used to scale if I can play or not. That is how you build your rťsumť, not talking and sounding good in front of everybody else, but by actually going out there and making plays." He played NT in odd fronts, and had no trouble dominating Division Two OCs. 

He found the QB in the backfield better every season. "It really wasnít about proving everybody else wrong. It was about proving myself right and believing in myself," Ogunjobi said. "When my body started transforming, I started becoming a better player and realizing that this goal was attainable. I just knew that if I was the best and if I worked at it, then the NFL would be something that would have to come, and it did." When he plays with his arms extended he really got up field fast. 

He is already getting an introduction to Cleveland. "We met Jim Brown yesterday," Ogunjobi said. "He is probably the patriarch of all Browns, to be honest. Just to see somebody sit there, and he was a part of that last team that won that World Championship so to be able to see him and see what winning looked like was impressive." They would also shade him to the right, where he burst into the backfield like an NFL 3-Tech. Terrific stunter outside, and had the speed to get up field. 

The Player: Ogunjobi was forced to go to a small school because he was 350-pounds in high school. "When I first got recruited to go to Charlotte, their pitch was, 'We are going to play FBS in two years and we are going to move up,'" Larry said. "That was an opportunity for me that I could move up against the so-called best competition and put myself on the map." He did not play well against Louisville early on.

He was dominated by the big OC so badly that they moved him outside to DE in their Odd front. They had to move him outside a little, to essentially 4-Tech. He has very strong hands. He does a great job staying and playing low. He can move bigger guys back when he get under them. He can take the big hit from the side, and regain his balance. 

Very nice hands to recover when he looses off the snap. "We were very excited about Larry," Berry said. "He has really only been playing football since his sophomore year of high school. We thought he was one of the more physically gifted defensive tackles in the entire draft: strong, explosive and athletic. Coming into the fall, he obviously dominated Conference USA and improved every year during his career. He was exceptional during the Senior Bowl week and responded well to the up-tick in competition. Really just the time that we spent scouting him going to work him out this spring, we felt very comfortable with his overall skillset and his fit in our defense." Terrific recovery, balance, and strength, to torque off the blocker who got the advantage on him aside. 
He is a fierce competitor. "Good. Good. We feel good about really all five picks," Brown said. "For us, it was about trying to improve the roster and getting young guys who are competitive and that embody the values that we cherish in terms of the competitiveness and the toughness. We have some big, athletic men who are going to be joining our roster and are going to help us play a more physical brand of football. We are excited. We really are. It has been a productive two days, and we have one more to go." He is not an NFL Nose tackle, but could be a heck of a 3-Tech.
Browns wants to transition into on more even fronts, and a 4-3. "It could," Jackson said, about moving into more of a 4-3. "Gregg does a lot of different things with his scheme. Obviously, I think our base may be that, but we will do a lot of multiple things out of that all of the sudden depending on the skillset of our players. We will have the flexibility to do a little bit of it all." Ogunjobi fits a one-gapping 4-3 very well.
He was miscast in an odd front at Charlotte. "Iím excited," Ogunjobi said. "It is an amazing opportunity, especially when you have a guy like that in your room that is going to bring that energy and that enthusiasm to every meeting and every practice. I feel like that is awesome. You come in with open arms and an open mind, and you make the most of your situation so Iím really excited." I really liked what he did at the Senor Bowl, and I think he can play in the NFL.


One of the keys to this game was how they had to move him out to 5-Tech, as the Louisville OC owned him. He immediately made an impact pressuring the QB (:56). I really like how he recovered off of tough blocks, and got himself in front of the ball (1:17). I think he plays 3-Tech in the Browns defense. Watch how he gets under the double, and then split it to to the QB (1:37). When he used his hands and feet together in balance, he was very tough to block (1:44). He got pressure on the QB for the third time, despite him being the only worry Louisville had in pass pro.

I love how he bounced off blocks and continued up field (1:53). Nice job stacking the edge. Then he shed and tackled (1:58). You get a very nice look at his hands here. He stayed low, and grabbed the OLG's arms, which doesn't allow him to grab his shirt (2:24). When he played with good lean, and really did a great job keeping his legs moving and keep the OL moving backwards.

He has a nice lateral burst off the snap. He also can use a Swim to turn up field through the OG (2:42). You get a great look at how he played with his arms extended, and use that advantage to shed the OC with his hands (3:01). Bad job holding the point (3:10). Good job holding the point (3:17). When he grabbed blockers arms, he showed a remarkable ability to run right by their shoulders (4:28). Another nice example of him using his hands and feet together to get up field (4:38). Nice stunt outside with his arms extended the whole time (4:46). Nice power over the OG (4:54). He does a great job getting the OL moving backwards with his initial burst. Then the club-pull to throw the OG to the ground.

I love how he constantly used his hands to move upfield, pushing, shoving, and slapping the OLs arms and hands (5:10). He was getting the OC that dominated him in the 1st, and powering him backwards in the 2nd (5:17). OMG was it really 56-Zip? That had to hurt. 

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Defense: 3-4

Ahkello Witherspoon-

CB Colorado

6-2 3/4, 198, 6.93 3-C, (U)4.45, 40.5"V! 10'7"Br, 11.6 60! 4.13 SS


**Solomon Thomas-

5-Tech/DE/DT Stanford


Ruben Foster-

LB Alabama 


**DeShone Kizer

QB Notre Dame


2017 Picks:

1 (3) Solomon Thomas, 5-T, Stanford
1 (31) Reuben Foster, ILB, UCLA
3 (66) Ahkello Witherspoon, CB, Colorado
3 (104) C.J. Beathard, QB, Iowa
4 (121) Joe Williams, RB, Utah
5 (146) George Kittle, TE, Iowa
5 (177) Trent Taylor, WR, Louisiana Tech
6 (198) D.J. Jones, DT, Mississippi
6 (202) Pita Taumoepenu, DE, Utah
7 (229) Adrian Colbert, SS, Miami.


2016 Picks:

1 (7) DeForest Buckner, DT, Oregon

1 (28) Joshua Garnett, G, Stanford

3 (68) Will Redmond, CB, Miss St

4 (133) Rashard Robinson, CB, LSU

5 Ronald Blair, DT, Appalachian St

5 (145) John Theus, OT, Georgia

5 (174) Fahn Cooper, OT, Ole Miss

6 (207)  Jeff Driskel, QB, Louisiana T

6 (211) Kelvin Taylor, RB, Florida

6-213 Aaron Burbridge WR, Mich St

7 Prince Charles Iworah, CB, W. Kentucky

Key F.A. Signed:

QB Brian Hoyer 

FB Kyle Juszczyk

WR Pierre Garcon

WR DeAndre Carter

OG Jeremy Zuttah

DT Earl Mitchell

ILB Malcolm Smith

DB Waun Williams

Key F.A.:

QB Blaine Gabbert
QB Christian Ponder
QB Thaddeus Lewis
RB Shaun Draughn
RB DuJuan Harris
WR Jeremy Kerley
WR Quinton Patton
WR Rod Streater
OG Andrew Tiller (R)
DE Glenn Dorsey
DE Tony Jerod-Eddie
DT Chris Jones (R)
DT Mike Purcell (R)
OLB Ray-Ray Armstrong
ILB Gerald Hodges
ILB Nick Bellore
ILB Michael Wilhoite
CB Marcus Cromartie (R)
CB Chris Davis (R)
K Phil Dawson

Key F.A. Lost:

Colin Kaepernick QB

WR Torrey Smith

The Team: This was a terrific pick. I saw Witherspoon as an underrated 3rd Round pick. He became a shutdown CB opposite Awuzie his senior year. He is a terrible run defender. He has to get tougher in the run game to become a great player.

He still needs some work in the tough stuff. "It needs to improve," GM John Lynch said. "Itís something that we raised to him and we didnít hide from it. I said this and showed him the film, 'That bothers me, help me out here.' And he was aware that it does need to improve. And [he] committed to making it improve." He has to get tougher in run defense.

He is so big and strong in coverage, but then shies away from contact and allows himself to be blocked in the run game. "Itís just experience," Witherspoon said. "He pulled up clips of me doing it well and doing it poorly. And (Lynch told him), 'This is whatís encouraging to me. Itís not like a fear thing. You are willing to do it.'" They want to put in the Seattle system on defense, where the CBs have to be tougher than the rest.

He has great size and elite feet. "Itís something I need to be more consistent with," Witherspoon said. "Every team I spoke to said theyíve seen it in spots in my game, and just bring it all the time." 4.45 speed at 6-2 makes him a great weapon against big WRs, but he has to get a little bit tougher.

Witherspoon plays with great technique and focus. "He can hang against some big-time receivers," Lynch said. He can hold his own." Not the best hands for INTs. 

Any other year he would not have fallen out of the 2nd. "Itís just new experience." Witherspoon said. " I canít explain it. When youíre out there on the football field, seeing two guards pull, itís something new that youíre seeing. Instead of diagnosing it, youíre just going and blowing it up. And thatís kind of what he told me he was going to have me come in and do. Just keep exposing myself to new situations." He drifted into the 3rd do to the unprecedented talent at DB in this Draft. 

He has that knack for diving in front of the WR, and slapping the ball down. "The one things that strikes you and anyone who watches football [is his feet]," Lynch said. "It caught my eye. [It] is that he has great feet." It is uncanny how often he recovers, and knocked passes down with one hand. He understands positon and studies WR routes. 

His positioning is not an accident. He plays the ball in the air very well, but struggles to catch it, and has to slap the ball down instead. "Iím most thankful for that sport because it gave me the footwork, the body awareness that I now take into football," Witherspoon said about playing soccer. "Without her, I donít know if I would have played soccer, if I would have had that urge. So Iím extremely thankful for her." He has soccer player hands when it comes to actually catching the ball. But when he spots it he gets into position to slap it down with his elite feet.

Plays with his hands and feet together in elite balance. "I like physical players, and I think what helps is I saw examples on film where he can do it," Lynch said. "And thatís why you go get guys like Solomon Thomas and Reuben Foster to draw that out of him. I always believe that when you put people in a room that are exhibiting how you want to play, the other guys have no choice if they want to be on that field." There is so much to like about this kid. 

He had an astounding 23 PBU last season (1 in the Bowl game), but only 1 INT. "I definitely got that," Witherspoon said. "One of the things I heard a lot was if you are good at a lot of things, youíll never be great at one thing. Thatís one thing that kind of always resonated with me, and I thought about it and thought I want to try to be great at everything I do. Thatís kind of where my mentality changed growing up. My father as well, he kept pushing me to be versatile as an athlete and as a person. Thatís something I pride myself on being." He is a JuCo guy who really came into his own at Washington.

The Player: 4/19 Ahkello Witherspoon: 3rd Round Corner. Part 1.

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Then the ALL-TIME LOSER OF ALL LOSERS holds a Press conference where his





Cowardice comes to mind:

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Defense: 4-3


*Alvin Kamara

RB Tennessee

5-10, 214, (U) 4.56,

10'11"Br! 30.5"Vert!

15 Reps, 32 3/4" Arms,


**Marshon Lattimore

CB Ohio State


*Ryan Ramcyzk

OLT Wisconsin


*Marcus Williams-

FS Utah

CB, WR, DE, LB, OT, LB, CB, WR, OL, DL, DB, 

2017 Picks: 

1-11 Marshon Lattimore CB Ohio ST
1 (32) Ryan Ramczyk OLT Wisconsin
2 (42) Marcus Williams, FS Utah
3 (67) Alvin Kamara, RB Tennessee
3 (76) Alex Anzalone, ILB Florida
3-103 Trey Hendrickson, OLB FAU
6 (196) Al-Quadin Muhammad, DE Miami


2016 Picks: 

1-12 Sheldon Rankins DT Louisville
2 (47) Michael Thomas WR Ohio ST
2 (61) Vonn Bell, S, Ohio State|
4 (120) David Onyemata, DT, University of Manitoba
7 (237) Daniel Lasco, RB, California

Key F.A. Signed:  

ORG Larry Warford

DT Nick Fairley

OLB Alex Okafor

ILB Manti Teío

Key F.A.:  
RB Travaris Cadet
RB Tim Hightower
FB John Kuhn
WR Brandon Coleman (R) 
OG Jahri Evans
OG Tim Lelito
LT Tony Hills
DE Darryl Tapp
OLB Paul Kruger
OLB Kasim Edebali (R) 
OLB Michael Mauti
OLB Chris McCain (R) 
SS Roman Harper
SS Jamarca Sanford
CB BW Webb (R) 
CB Brian Dixon (R) 
CB Sterling Moore
CB Kyle Wilson
LS Justin Drescher 

Key F, A, Lost:

Brandon Cooks WR

Malcolm Butler CB we'll see

The Team: This was a risky pick. It was an appropriate pick, but giving up a 2nd Round pick for a 3rd Round RB is always a risk. It will look better now than in next years Draft. 

They gave up a 2nd Round pick in next years Draft for this pick. "The Kamara pick for instance essentially this yearís three is worth next yearís two," Payton said. "It was pretty easy, really another 3rd round selection. Thatís the value as trades take place. If youíre talking about a pick this year and then or talking about a future pick generally you skip down one round so we felt like it was tremendous value in that acquisition, but again weíll get all these guys in here and will begin the process quickly of getting them all up to speed and there were clear visions for all of these players. Clear visions as to how we see them being used. I think that is important." Kamara will be a great weapon out of the backfield in Payton's offense.
Sometimes you like a player so much that you have to give up a valuable pick to get him. "Itís of the same value itís just we felt like this is a real strong draft," Payton said. "The value chart is dead even and so then itís just, 'hey would we like this player in any of these scenarios?' And the answer is yes. And that was an easy decision with the depth of this draft." Brees is not getting any younger.
Using next years 2nd to get an RB who can help him in the run, passing, and blocking in pass pro is a good bet. "It is from a value chart though if we are talking about a Three this year, the team we are trading with would know that theyíd get a Two next year," Payton said. "If we were talking about a Two this year itíd be a One next year. If you are talking about a seven, it would be a six. That is pretty standard and then for us when you have real high grades on this player and our vision is crystal clear. We know exactly how we are going to play him, and what his strengths are. He is a guy that we are real familiar with. Not only from the combine, [but] to even our private workout we had at Tennessee." The value of a pick in this years Draft to next years Draft goes up a Round.
I did not see Kamara as a 2nd Round pick, but I did think he had value in the 3rd. "We discussed it a lot," Payton said. "There are a handful of players you just have a clear vision for and he was one of those guys, Extremely smart and versatile. We got to Tennessee and he had done everything at the combine. We spent time on the night before would be normal for us to have dinner with a group of players and those guys were fantastic. All of them were there at dinner and the next day we just did football drills and I think he was comfortable, he had done his work at the combine and I said youíre not going to run any routes for me and his plan wasnít to and I said I want to see you do some things here, stuff that we do and fortunately for him he ran in and put his cleats on and came back out and he and the quarterback went from the receiver drill to much like you would a private workout and he ran a number of routes and we actually had him catch punts after and you go through process and there are a few guys that just stand out and he was one of them and afterwards we got on the phone yesterday and said those might have been the best 11 routes or the best decision to go get your cleats on that you made in a long time, but heís real smart and I think he has a lot of versatility." He can step in as the 3rd Down back from Day One, and return punts as well.

RB was not a desperate need for the Saints, so he will be given some time. "Listen heís that type of player that gives you a lot of different versatility and we just had a real high grade on him in that role," Payton said. "I think he will play on fourth down in the kicking game. I think he has real good makeup and IQ. I think he will be a good fit for our team and our system in that room. That was a pick we were excited about." There is no questioning his talent.

Peterson is done, but he will be a good bridge to get Kamara on the filed as soon as possible. "We knew after we signed Adrian, and the year Mark just had, it was going to take us out of drafting just the pure running back," Payton said. "And really there were two or three players that we looked at that we felt had those unique traits. As a 'Joker backer', or a running back that we would do some things uniquely different with. And Alvin was one of those guys. He was definitely one of those guys." He is a similar type back as Ingram.
But I think that Kamara is more of a 3rd down back than Ingram. "Yeah it was part of the plan" Payton said. "And we wanted to help our kicking game. And hopefully we can do that even after the draft with guys that might be in a cover role. But we have a few candidates in the building and on the team that we feel like weíll be able to add a few guys now whether itís through punt or kickoff return that will give us a chance to at least compete for those spots."
He will start out as a punt returner from day one.

The Player: Kamara is a great receiver out of the backfield. He played in a limited role most of last season as the 3rd down back, and he was great in that row. He had to step it up when Hurd went nuts. He also excelled when he ended up starting 7 games:

Games/Starts 2016: 11/7. Finished the year with team-high 1,188 all-purpose yards (596 rushing, 392 receiving, 184 punt return, 16 kickoff return) and 13 total touchdowns. Tied for third in SEC in total touchdowns scored (13), seventh in all-purpose yards (1,188) and ninth in total points (78).

Great balance on hits. Great balance running through ankle tackles. Great balance bursting laterally through contact and keeping his feet. If you don't hit him square, he is tough to take down, because he finds a way to stay on his feet. Great quick hop cuts in traffic to make guys miss. 

Smooth hands catching the ball. He is a willing blocker in pass pro. He gets into position, gets low, and extends his arms well. Best in double team block when a DE tries to burst inside. He has a nice feel for positioning in pass pro. Not the best hands for gripping shirt and holding on. He is more of a doubler than a sustainer (if that makes sense;).

Nice speed to get to the sideline, and then he can slow and cut back. He is always at his best when he can cutback. Finds blocks to run behind on 2nd level, and then lets his great speed take over. Played in a zone blocking scheme. He was at his best cutting up field on zone runs. Nice eyes coming to the line to find the hole. 

He did not use a lot of tread on his tires in college. Great open field runner. He makes guys miss on all three levels. Nice job following his blockers. He will put his hand on the pulling guards back, and cut off his block like an NFL RB. He has the speed to get outside consistently. Ran out of the shotgun almost exclusively. 

He moves his feet laterally very well in pass pro. He can get into position in the hole, off play action, and Cut the blitzing LB down. Gets into position fast in front of Dobbs, to help the ORT. Nice job getting outside the ORT in pass pro, and jamming the DE with one hand to help the ORT stuff him. He is a very aware blocker, who stepped in front of Dobbs when he fumbled a ball, and blocked the first defender trying to sack him.

He was a little inconsistent. When he was not on, and not reading the cutback lanes, he was not good. He looked like a back up. Not a great power runner. He got in trouble at Alabama and was dismissed. He hid out at a community college and Tennessee for a few years. So even though he was in college for four years and three schools, he is more of a one-year wonder (which for RBs is not a bad thing;). Goes down fast when defenders squares up on him and get a good hit on him.  

Terrific zone-runner, with the speed to run away from defenders once he has them going in the wrong direction, after the explosive cutback. He can use his quick feet, make you miss quickness, and power thighs to run through arm tackles and helpless hands. Great cutback runner. He is at his best out in space where he can use his burst and quicks to cut back. He can make that second cut back on the 2nd level to make defenders miss. Great one-cut runner. When he makes those decisive one-cuts he looks like an NFL RB.

Second Choice: Curtis Samuels RB/WR 

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they lie, they cry, they blame and obfuscate. And then fire the best of the best that America has to offer:

Bharara, Yates, and Comey.

Three terrifying steps towards a Commie Dictatorship!




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Defense: 4-3

DJ Smoot-

DE Illinois

6-3, 264, (O) 4.77, 

33 1/4" Arms, 21 Reps,

7.18 3-Cone, 4.29 SS,

9'9" Broad, 29.5" Vert,


*Leonard Fournette



Obi Melifonwu



2017 Picks:

1 (4) Leonard Fournette, RB, LSU
2 (34) Cam Robinson, OT Alabama
3 (68) Dawuane Smoot, DE Illinois
4 (110) Dede Westbrook, WR OK
5 (148) Blair Brown, ILB, Ohio
7 (222) Jalen Myrick CB, Minnesota
7 (240) Marquez Williams, FB, Miami


2016 Picks:

1 (5) Jalen Ramsey, CB/S, Florida St

2 (36) Myles Jack, ILB, UCLA

3-69 Yannick Ngakoue DE Maryland

4 (103) Sheldon Day, DT, ND

6 (181) Tyrone Holmes, DE, Montana

6 (201)  Brandon Allen, QB, Arkansas

7 (226) Jonathan Woodard, DE, Central Arkansas

Key FA.Signed:

WR Arrelious Benn 

TE Mychal Rivera
OLT Branden Albert 

OG/OT Patrick Omameh
OG Tyler Shatley 

DE Calais Campbell
DT Abry Jones

CB AJ Bouye 

SS Barry Church

Key FA.:

RB Denard Robinson
WR Bryan Walters
DT Tyson Aluala
ORT Bryce Harris
ORT Jeff Linckenbach
ORT Josh Wells (R)
ILB Arthur Brown
SS Peyton Thompson (R)

Key Free Lost

TE Julius Thomas

OC Stefen Wisniewski 

OLT Kelvin Beachum 

OG/OT Luke Joeckel

DE Jared Odrick

NT Roy Miller

CB Devon House 

CB Prince Amukamara

SS John Cyprien

The Team: I really lost faith in this guy this season. He was the best rusher I saw this season against Nebraska, and then did virtually nothing the rest of the year. He had 5 sacks as a senior. That is not acceptable for a guy with his physical talent. It is all mental for him. 

He played mostly DE and moved inside to rush a lot last season, but they stood him up sometimes as an OLB. "This guy, heís a little bit more stout, stronger, run-down presence type of guy, thicker build," Caldwell said. "He [Smoot] is probably going to play about 265 or so. Where Yannickís got quicker edge speed, this guy can power rush you and collect the pocket, but he also can play inside too on passing situations and you see him do that at University of Illinois." When he sees it, he can make the right play.

But he just didn't see it enough last season. "Once they make their presence felt their junior year they draw a lot more attention their senior year, especially in the conference," Smoot said. "I was able to really learn from pro coaches and really able to work my craft more by working on my hands and stuff, so I feel like this past year was one of my better years." You have to question is instincts.

He got sealed too much last season. "He prepared me to be professional," Smoot said about Lovie Smith. "How he treated the whole team, including me. He treated us like men. There is a slim line. You either do what you have to do or there is going to be consequences, so just treating me like that and preparing me to be a professional." He needs a second and third move.

Played at arms length well. "I think heíll gain some weight for us this year," Caldwell said about why Smooth disappoint last year. "We want to wave that defensive line. So we want to be able to go in there with eight guys fresh on a Sunday and play them all equal amounts. You guys tell me enough to win in the trenches so thatís what weíre trying to do." Doesn't play well behind his arms. 

He was bigger and stronger last season. "I was getting a little stressed that I didnít get picked up yet," Smoot said. "But you guys came at the right time. I felt like talent-wise, I should have gone a lot higher, but I was just happy that I was able to get picked." When he played with burst and balance he still looked like a prospect. Except for the Nebraska and Northwestern games, he was better in 2015 than 2016. He was supposed to springboard off the 2015 season, and he didn't. 
The Player12/9 DJ Smoot Bio.

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Defense: 4-3

Cooper Kupp

WR E. Washington

6-1.5, 198. 6.75 3-Cone, 4.08 SS, (O) 4.62,  31"Vert, 9'8"Broad, 

31.5" Arm,


JuJu Smith-Schuster


QB, CB, WR, OLT, OC, DB, OL, DL, LB, DL, DB,  

2016 Picks:

1 (1) Jared Goff, QB, Cal
4-110 Tyler Higbee TE W. Kentucky
4 Pharoh Cooper WR S. Carolina
6 (177) Temarrick Hemingway TE South Carolina St.
6 (190) Josh Forrest MLB Kentucky
6 Mike Thomas WR Southern Miss

Key F.A. Signed:

QB Aaron Murray

WR Robert Woods

RB Lance Dunbar

OLT Andrew Whitworth

DT Tyrun Walker 

DE/OLB Connor Barwin

CB Kayvon Webster

Trumaine Johnson CB (Tag)

Key F.A.:  
QB Case Keenum
RB Benny Cunningham
RB Chase Reynolds
WR Kenny Britt
WR Stedman Bailey
DT Dominique Easley (R)
DT Ethan Westbrooks (R) 
DE Cam Thomas
CB Dwayne Gratz
CB Trumaine Johnson
K Greg Zuerlein

Key F.A. Lost:

Janoris Jenkins CB

WR Brian Quick

The Team: When you draft a young QB you have to get him some weapons. Kupp can and is helping Goff already. They showed some interesting chemistry at Minicamp. Which Goff is going to need, because I don't think he is an NFL talent at QB. Kupp reminds me of Hogan.

They have a lot of guys staking their careers on Goff. "Cooper was a guy that consistently showed up," Sean McVay said. "He got a lot of touches and I think it was predicated on the routes he was running. The quarterbacks did a good job finding him, so he got a lot of touches." Kupp will help him get rid of the ball quicker from the slot as a rookie. 

They both played in wacky spread systems in college. "He's still being Coop," Ebukam, a teammate of Kupp at EW and now on the Rams, said. "He's still catching balls and making people look silly. I'm not surprised at all. That's just what he does." Rams have to start using some of that wacky spread stuff.

He just has that knack for getting open. "The first thing you know about Cooper is he's a pro and you can see that," Rams OC Matt LaFleur said. "He came in here not like most rookie do. He's an extremely polished route-runner. Got great hands. Is a precise route-runner and you can tell he works at his craft each and every day. He does a great job." Great instincts running routes.

Not very fast, so he will have more trouble running routes in the NFL. "I want to set my goals laughably high," Kupp said. "If people aren't doubting you or saying you're ridiculous, then I don't think you're setting your goals high enough." But he has that knack for getting in patterns.

He had the most impressive stats of any WR I've ever seen. "I think the first thing you know about Cooper is heís a pro and you can see that," LaFleur said. "He came in here not like most rookies do. You can tell he works at his craft each and every day. He does a great job." But how much of that was the system.

He will be a slot WR in the NFL. "He got a lot of touches," McVay said at Minicamp. "And I think it was predicated on the routes that he was running. The quarterbacks did a good job finding him. So he got a lot of touches." He does a great job finding holes in the Zone. 
They say he and Goff have already developed a chemistry in Minicamp. "Any time you come out there and youíre trying to prove something," Kupp said. "Youíre trying to be something more than what you are. If youíre trying to prove something, youíve got a weight on your chest. I know Iím a great player. So Iím going to come out and just let that show. That should be enough." He may be making Goff better already.

The Player: 4/22 Cooper Kupp: Wacky Spread WR: Part II.

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Defense: 4-3

Pat Elflein-

OC Ohio State

6-3 1/2", 299, S-1.88,

33"Arms, 22 Reps,

23.5'Vert, 9'3"Broad,

7.94 3-Cone, 4.71 SS,

(O) 5.32


Montravius Adams

DT/5-T Auburn

6-3.5, 304, PD 4.83! 

S-1.71, (O) 4.87!

29" Vert, 9' Vert,  

32 3/4"Arm, 22 Reps,


2017 Picks:

2 (41) Dalvin Cook, RB, Florida ST
3 (70) Pat Elflein, OC, Ohio State
4 (109) Jaleel Johnson, NT, Iowa
4 (120) Ben Gedeon, ILB, Michigan
5 (170) Rodney Adams WR S.Florida
5 (180) Danny Isidora, OG, Miami
6 (201) Bucky Hodges, TE, V-Tech
7 (219) Stacy Coley, WR, Miami
7 (220) Ifeadi Odenigbo, DL, Northwestern
7 (232) Elijah Lee, ILB, Kansas State


2016 Picks:

1 (23) Laquon Treadwell, WR, Miss
2 Mackensie Alexander CB Clemson
4-121 Willie Beavers OT W. Michigan
5 (160) Kentrell Brother, ILB Missouri
6 Moritz Boehringer, WR, Germany
6 (188) David Morgan, TE, UTSA
7 Stephen Weatherly OLB Vanderbilt
7 (244) Jayron Kearse, S, Clemson

Key F.A. Signed:

QB Case Keenum

RB Latavius Murray

WR Adam Thielen

WR Mitch Mathews
TE Nick Truesdell

OLT Riley Reiff
OT Mike Remmers
OL Jeremiah Sirles
DE Datone Jones

CB Terence Newman

CB Terrell Sinkfield

P Ryan Quigley

Key F.A.: 
QB Shaun Hill

RB Adrian Peterson

RB Matt Asiata
FB Zach Line
OL Jake Long
DE Justin Trattou

Key F.A. Lost:

WR Charles Johnson

TE Rhett Ellison

ORT Andre Smith

OLT Matt Kalil
CB Captain Munnerlyn
LB Audie Cole
KR Cordarrelle Patterson
P Jeff Locke:

The Team: I thought Elflein was one of the most underrated player in this Draft. He is a plug and play OC. Great puller from the Center position which is very difficult to do.

He got bigger and stronger every year. "Nasty, physical, brute strength at the point, can play both guard and center. I think he is a tone-setter," Spielman said. "I think there are a little bit of athletic limitations, but I think when youíre playing inside and you have bumpers on the side of you. And the way Pat (Shurmur) and (the offensive coaches) are revamping our run game a little bit and how weíre going to run the ball and schematically what weíre going to do, I felt that he was a perfect fit for what weíre trying to get done." He played more than one position on the Ohio State O-line.

Great work ethic to improve every year. "So we wanted to be aggressive to go up and get Pat Elflein," Spielman said. "He is a tone-setter up front. He can play center, play guard. You can ask the coaches once he gets here, and theyíll figure out the best spot to put him in. He was here on a Top 30 [visits], and what weíre trying to do is get more physical up front, and the one thing that this kid brings is physicality to our offensive line." They had to build a better run game for their two fragile QBs.

Cook and Elflein are two big steps towards accomplishing that goal. "I think today, the two things we accomplished, well I know one thing we accomplished is we got a lot better in the run game then where we were a year ago," Spielman said. "We moved down twice in the 3rd round, and we were ready to probably select a player where we were at, but when we made the trade with San Francisco to have that second pick in the fourth round is huge." He is an NFL lock in the 3rd Round.

He does a great job blocking down on the DT. "I know Coach Zim wants to run the ball," Spielman said. "I think with what we were able to get done in free agency, and to be honest with you, I didnít know Dalvin was going to fall that far. It was too good not to try and go up there and get him. Heís just too special of a football player. I know one of the things that we really wanted to hone in on was getting an offensive lineman early. It has been said out in the media; itís not a really deep, deep offensive line class. So, we wanted to be aggressive and make sure we got one of the guys that we coveted." Gets low, and gets his hands in shirt very quickly. 

They moved all around the first two rounds to pick up extra picks, and still get the guys they wanted. "Itís the [fun] part of the draft for me and especially knowing guys you have targeted, when to pull back and still be able to have guys there on the board that you still covet," Spielman said. "I know working with the coaching staff and as we come together as a group and really hone in on that draft board, we have a pretty good sense on the guys that fit what weíre looking for as a Minnesota Viking. And the pro department led by Ryan Monnens and George Paton, just understanding other teamsí needs, where they are potentially going to go. That gives you the flexibility to know whether you can move up or down or just stay. And then, Rob Brzezinski and George both handling the trades, it keeps them very busy, and weíre pretty aggressive on the phones, calling a lot before our pick and also making a lot of phone calls behind our pick. And we were able to accomplish, I felt, a lot today on that front." Elflein does a great job pulling to 2nd level to hit the LB. 

There is no better Draft skill than trading down for extra picks, and still snagging the guys who can make your team better. "Strategically, I think we moved back five spots to go to that second pick in the fourth, and we had more than five names on the board," Spielman said. "So, I know we were going to be able to accomplish to get one of those players that we liked and still, now we have, I believe the top pick in the seventh round as well. So, when you get down there, weíve taken players like Kearse last year, and I think we got Shamar out of the 7th round. So, we think there is a lot of value there. I truly think our scouting staff does an outstanding job, because I am not going to be able to see a lot of those guys. I try to get to as many as I can, but I think our scouts do an unbelievable job developing that board in the later rounds." The trading down also adds extra late picks to take chances on other needs.

Spielman was masterful in this Draft. "What I like to do, the philosophy is just put it out there," Spielman said. "So, if you have three or four guys that you like and youíre still able to move down and get that player and accumulate more picks, to me, thatís a great move. If thereís a guy we just absolutely covet, and weíve turned down trades, if thatís a player we absolutely wanted. But, in the first two picks, as those guys were there, we knew we had to move up to accomplish, to fill those needs, and accomplish what we were able to." Trading down and filling all the needs you had to, is what the Draft is all about.

He can pull outside and take out the DE on the Draw. "He was fine, because he wants to score points too, and heís been taken care of pretty good in our first couple drafts," Spielman said about taking two offensive players for his HC. "We wanted to make sure we start addressing the offensive side of the ball. Itís something we need to do." He can control the DT in the rush with great balance and strength. 

Much stronger last season. "Oh yes, both physical, tough guys, and we want to really believe that you win up front in the trenches, and youíve got to have some men up there that love to play the game," Spielman said. "And thereís no question about Patís love for the game. He was the only one. He was interviewed at the combine in our formal interview, and I kind of jab the kids a little bit, and heís the only one that kind of bit back at me a little bit, or I could see his face getting a little flush, like he was, 'okay letís go.' But he was great when he came in on the Top 30 [visit]." I like how his hands are always moving. 

He was the leader of the Oho State O-line. "I could tell, you could tell, being in this for a while how competitive he is," Spielman said. "So, if you can get into the edge a little bit, it was a little easier to get him to his edge. So, I can tell, when heís on a football field, thatís why he plays the style of football that he plays, and you can get that sense on just being around him." When you trade down and still pick up players like the talent of Cooks, Elflein, and Johnson? That is what every GM should shot for when they don't have a 1st.

Getting Jaleel Johnson to start the 4th was huge, and getting Hodges and Coley in the 7th could help their fragile QBs as well. "Weíll see," Spielman said after Day Two. " The most intriguing pick is that second pick in the 4th round. I know Green Bay is right above us with the first. But I imagine there will be a lot of calls with that second pick, with the names that are on the board right now." They really help their team on both sides of the ball in this Draft.

The Player: 4/23 Jaleel Johnson: All Out All The Time Guy.

Elflein was bigger, stronger, and smarter this year. They seemed to run behind him more and more as the season wore on. He is an ex wrestler. "You are getting a guy who will be great for your locker room and will get the rest of the offensive line on board," a scout said. "I think he could have the same fast impact on a team's running game that Zach Martin had in Dallas. Safe draft pick to me." A little slow on pull drill, but he was a great puller at Ohio St. He can turn and open his hips. You could see why he was such a good pulling Center at OSU. He just seems to do everything well. A little choppy and tight hipped. He has some great quick feet moving side to side in mirror. He is a plug and play OC.

Nebraska: Nice job sliding back in the middle of pass pro with his head on a swivel, and then picking up the DT when he breaks inside and stoning him. Great job turning and doubling the DT in pass pro. He can run over the DT on the goal line. He can get to the 2nd level shadow dancing with the Mike, hit and turn him. Then power him back in the wrong direction. He was much stronger in 2016, but still maintained his speed and quickness. He was a pulling guard 2015. And he still maintained that skill at OC, which is harder than is sounds. He can pull all the way outside and destroy a moving target with a hit and punch. Nice feet moving backwards in pass pro. He can pull outside and hit the CB on the second level.

Oklahoma: He needs to play with a little more power sometimes. Nice job turning the Nose Tackle. Nice job hitting the DT, and then sliding into the ILB. Played with great balance and leverage. He shifted over to OC this season with no trouble with his hike or shotgun snap at all. He is so smooth and reliable in pass pro. He gets his hands up and sits back with such great balance. He knows how to use his hands and feet together to keep the big NT on the other side of the QB. Nice explosion off the snap to instantly seal the NT on the backside right off the snap. He is so smart and quick. 

Wisconsin: When they need a yard, they run behind Elflein and Price. When they got in trouble against Wisconsin, they just started running behind them in the 3rd. Nice job to keep blocking the LB when he hits the RB on short yardage, and help the RB keep moving the LB back for the 1st. He is always so balanced and smart. Looked a lot stronger against Wisconsin. He looked a lot slighter in 2015, and sometimes doesn't look strong enough. He looked strong enough against Wisconsin. Nice job getting into the NT, and turning him right on impact. He legs seemed more explosive in 2016. He was smart to stay in school another year.

Ohio State Overview: Pat Elflein has been named one of the teamís captains for the 2016 season by head coach Urban Meyer, and he will be a center of attention for an Ohio State offense that returns just three starters from a year ago Ö a fifth-year graduate Ė he received his degree in communications in May 2016 Ė Elflein started for a third consecutive season on the offensive line in 2016 Ö he is a veteran of 53 games and 40 starts Ö regarded by many as one of the top centers in the country this season Ö he is a three-time first-team all-Big Ten Conference guard who moved to center this season to diversify and because itís the position heíll most likely play in the NFL Ö Elfleinís solid character is represented in the fact he is a two-time ďIron BuckeyeĒ award winner, which is awarded to six players bi-annually for unquestioned physical training dedication, determination, discipline, toughness and leadershipÖ a fine student, he earned three OSU Scholar-Athlete awards and one Academic All-Big Ten Conference honor prior to receiving his degree Ö he is a three-time Varsity O letterwinner .




Defense: 3-4

Dan Feeney

ORG Indiana
6-4, 310, S-1.82, (U) 5.25,

33.3" Arms, 26 Reps,

7.53 3-Cone, 4.68 SS,

9'5" Broad, 28" Vert,


*Mike Williams

WR Clemson


Forrest Lamp

OG Western Kentucky

FS (FA), CB, TE, WR, DE,  RB, QB,  OLT, TE, OL. DB

2017 Picks:

2 (41) Dalvin Cook, RB, Florida ST
3 (70) Pat Elflein, OC, Ohio State
4 (109) Jaleel Johnson, NT, Iowa
4 (120) Ben Gedeon, ILB, Michigan
5 Rodney Adams, WR South FLA
5 (180) Danny Isidora, OG Miami
6 (201) Bucky Hodges, WR, V-Tech
7 (219) Stacy Coley, WR, Miami
7 Ifeadi Odenigbo, 5-T Northwestern
7 (232) Elijah Lee, ILB, Kansas State


2016 Picks:

1 (3) Joey Bosa, DE, Ohio State
2 (35) Hunter Henry, TE, Arkansas
3 (66) Max Tuerk, C, USC
4 (102) Joshua Perry, ILB, Ohio State
5 (175) Jatavis Brown, ILB, Akron
6 (179) Drew Kaser, P, Texas A&M
6 (198) Derek Watt, FB, Wisconsin
7-224 Donavon Clark OG Michigan St

Key FA. Signed:

OLT Russell Okung 

OLB Melvin Ingram  (Tag)

SS Jahleel Addae

Key FA.:

QB Kellen Clemmens

RB Danny Woodhead
RB Branden Oliver (R)
RB Dexter McCluster
RB Ronnie Hillman
WR Dontrelle Inman (R)
WR Isaiah Burse (R)
WR Griff Whalen
TE Asante Cleveland (R)
TE Jeff Cumberland
OG Kenny Wiggins (R) 
DT Sean LissemoreDT Tenny Palepoi (R)
DE Damion Square
OLB Korey Toomer (R)
OLB Tourek Williams
FS Adrian Phillips
CB Steve Williams (R)
LS Mike Windt

Key FA. Lost:

OT King Dunlap

OT DJ Fluker

ILB Manti Teío

The Team: This was a great pick by the Chargers. He would have been an easy 2nd if he didn't get injured last season.

The OLs are not the pretty picks, but the picks that make your team better. "A lot of things about them flashed today for me," Vikings starting OC Matt Slauson said. "The way they use their hands and the way they attacked the practice, it was exciting to see. And [I] didnít get to watch Forrest as much as I watched Dan. But Dan impressed me a lot with his hands, his punch and his feet." He has great heavy hands inside. 

He was forced outside to ORT last season, which was not good for him "All these guys combo from college, theyíve got a lot of development to do," Telesco said. "But we think these guys are ahead of the curve a little bit." He is an interior OL only in the NFL, except for emergency situations like last season at Indy.

But if an emergency strikes he has experience at ORT. "It makes it a lot easier when you know somebody," Lamp said. "I got drafted in the second and I saw Dan get drafted right after me. And as soon as I saw that I texted him and said, 'Itís great to be teammates." He will pair up with Lamp to give Rivers a couple more seasons.

Great heavy hands, and the two rookies were already roommates at minicamp. "Heís a pretty good roommate, so itís been pretty solid so far," Feeney said about Lamp. "Heís pretty clean. Thereís been no issues with that." The Chargers run game just got a while lot better with Lamp and Freeney.

Which makes the play action game a whole lot better. "Weíre football players, and we want to get out on the field and play," Freeney said. "Thatís out biggest thing. But weíve got to do whatever the team needs. And if they want us to get a little stronger and work on our technique instead of playing every game, so be it. But youíve got to keep that competitive edge and want to play every time." Which also takes more pressure and hits off of Rivers. 

They did a smart thing making Feeney and Lamp roomies in minicamp, because they are helping each other learn the playbook. "Absolutely," Feeney said. "I think thatís one of the best ways to study. Saying it out loud and talking in your own language. And then youíre like, 'oh yeah, that makes more sense.' When you say it yourself, it just clicks differently." They have completely remade their interior O-line.

This pick helps Rivers in too many ways to count. "With all of our communication and protection schemes we run, as rookies itís important for those guys to get into the huddle, break the huddle, get to the line, go up against those fronts and make their line calls," Lynn said. "Because things change at the line of scrimmage, so thatís important for us." Smarts, toughness, and versatility inside are what both guys are about.

They even think Freeney is smart enough to play OC, and run the line for them. "We think [Feeney] can play center for us," Lynn said. " Weíve got two guards and a center position where weíre kind of looking at different combinations, and heís definitely in the mix." If Sam Tevi can step in at ORG than they just rebuilt their entire interior O-line.  
He is a great run blocker who powers DLs back for yards. "Defensive schemes have gotten so complicated," Lynn said. "And [are] so good at disguising that guys have to be able to make adjustments on the run." It is fun to watch when he puts defenders on skates. 

The Player: Freeney looked really good in sliding drills. I like how he slid laterally in drills. Not real smooth feet moving backwards out in space. He was better in pulling drills. He didn't struggle moving back in slide drill on right. His feet were a little too hoppy. Tight hips. He is not playing ORT in NFL with those hips. Great explosion off the floor. A little tight and controlled in mirror. 
The Colts need to help Luck get back into form. "Competitive, speed and toughness. We have to continue to add all over the roster, not just the defense, offensively too," Pagano said. "Competitive, speed and toughness. We will continue to look for that. We add a few players and then all of a sudden things get flooded. You scout 365 (days), that is a little bit of a misconception in the league that free agency and then the draft. No, scouting is 365 (days). You can find players. I think one of the best times to find players is in September, October and November when rosters get tight and people are getting cut and theyíre getting claimed. That is when you know we got it right because now our players are going and playing in other places. We will continue to upgrade the talent and upgrade the competition." Freeney certainly has the toughness.
Their O-line improved last season. "I think we have some good pieces to work with, absolutely. But let me make sure that you understand this, because every year itís not going to change for me, one to 63," Ballard said. "We are always trying to get better. We are always trying to create competition. Players have to earn it and the way you make them earn it is by creating competition at every position every year. So we are going to always be digging looking for talent. No matter if we had just won the Super Bowl, it doesnít matter, you start over. It doesnít change. You are continuing to look better. You are trying to get better talent in the building at all times." However, giving up 44 Sacks is nothing to brag about.
They are a long way from the Super Bowl. "I think you watch the Super Bowl and you watch what Atlanta has done and they have done a great job," Pagano said. "I have a ton of respect for Dan Quinn and his staff and that organization. You saw a lot of young guys on that defense and you saw them develop young guys and put guys out there. Guys may have not played to the level that they shouldíve played at early on, but they put them out there, developed them and through time, experience and reps you saw a bunch of speed out there and a bunch of youth out there. There is nothing like speed. There is nothing like toughness. There is nothing like getting a bunch of guys that are great competitors. I think itís paramount." If they can complete the O-line they will be a big step closer.
They have to get Luck some help on the O-line. "Itís all good. We are off to a great start," Pagano said. "Like Chris mentioned, the scouting staff, the coaching staff, everybody in the organization is working extremely hard. We have one vision, we have one goal. We are like-minded, the entire organization is like-minded. I think communication is outstanding, I think thatís obviously huge. Itís all good, we are off to a great start." Freeney will help control the right side of the line, and instantly help the run game.
He can get to the 2nd level to hit the Mike. Terrific pulling outside and hitting smaller guys in space. He got better in pass pro last season, when he was forced to play ORT. He showed some nice lateral quick in pass pro at ORT last season.




Taywan Taylor-

WR W. Kentucky

5-11.1, 198, 6.57 3-Cone! 

(O) 4.5, 11'Broad, 

38" Vert, 4.21 SS,

13 Reps,


**Malik Hooker- 

FS Ohio State


*David Njoku

TE Miami

DB, 5-T, WR, TE, CB, RB, OL, DL, DB, 

2017 Picks:

1 (5) Corey Davis, WR W. Michigan
1 (18) Adoreeí Jackson, CB, USC
3 Taywan Taylor WR, W, Kentucky
3 (100) Jonnu Smith, TE, FIU
5 (155) Jayon Brown, ILB, UCLA
6 (217) Corey Levin OG Chattanooga
7 (227) Josh Carraway, OLB, TCU
7 (236) Brad Seaton, OT, Villanova
7 (241) Khalfani Muhammad RB, Cal

2016 Picks:

1 (8)  Jack Conklin, OT, Michigan St

2 (33) Kevin Dodd, DE, Clemson

2 (43)  Austin Johnson, DT, Penn St

2 (45) Derrick Henry, RB, Alabama

3 (64) Kevin Byard, S, Middle Tennessee St

5 (140) Tajae Sharpe, WR, UMass

5 (157) LeShaun Sims, Southern Utah

6 (193) Sebastian Tretola, G, Arkansas

7 (222) Aaron Wallace, OLB, UCLA

7 (253) Kalan Reed, CB, S. Miss

Key F.A. Signed:

WR DeSean Jackson

DE Chris Baker

CB Logan Ryan

FS JJ Wilcox

Key F.A.:

QB Matt Cassel
RB Antonio Andrews (R)
WR Marc Mariani
TE Anthony Fasano
TE Phillip Supernaw (R)
OC Brian Schwenke
ORT Byron Bell
OG Chance Warmack
ILB Nate Palmer
ILB Sean Spence
OLB David Bass
CB Antwon Blake
FS Rashad Johnson
SS Daimion Stafford

Key F.A. Lost:

WR Kendall Wright

The Team: I waited all this time, and then the Pats trade back, and the NFL network didn't even announce what happened. This one really hurt. He has elite athleticism, but I don't trust his hands. 

Small school WR, who padded his stats on a lower level. "Heís had a ton of production," GM Jon Robinson said. "Heís really good with the ball in his hands. He can play inside receiver, he can play outside receiver. He visited here and I had a really good meeting with him. He felt comfortable with us and we felt comfortable with him." Love his speed down the seam.

Runs very good routes. "Being out there with guys you grew up watching, never did I think I would be out there practicing with Marcus Mariota and DeMarco Murray, but it is real now," Taylor said. "But I want to embrace it and utilize those guys, because they are here to help me, just like they told me. They said they see the energy in me, and they see the competitiveness and they see the talent." They need him to help Mariota right away.

Quick in and out of cuts. "Some of the guys, they told me I can definitely do this, that I can play in this league," Taylor said. "They can see it in me. And that motivates me to work even harder and to keep pushing myself. One of my goals is to be out there week one and to help this team win. And I told coach I am willing to do whatever it takes. I am going to do whatever I can to help this team win." It is a big step up from Western Michigan.

He can lay out and catch the ball. "Me and Corey, we are definitely looking to do great things,Ē Taylor said. "We have both worked so hard to get to this point. With us being receivers, we are automatically going to be brothers and be ready to work with the same goal, and thatís to win a Super Bowl." They took two small school WRs to help Mariota.

He will drop the easy one. "My new quarterback, I canít put that into words either," Taylor said. "To get to play with a guy like that, it doesnít get any better than to play with a quarterback like Marcus. And I know I am going to come in and learn Day One. He is going to take me under his wing and he is going to expect nothing but the best from me." It is all about helping Mariota take the next step into a winning NFL QB.

I love the way this kid moves on the field. "The guys we added today, I'll just say we spent ,more than five, 10 or 15 minutes with each one of these guys," Robinson said. "They either came in for a visit, or we went to their schools and spent a day or a half day with those guys, worked them out, got with them in the film room. We really got to know them and interview them, if you will, as fits for the football team. Weíre excited about the competition level theyíll add to our roster." I think both WRs will take some time before we see their true impacts.

They wanted to add speed to their offense, and they succeeded. "I tell all these guys when I talk to them, whether they played at some big school or some small school, we donít care where you came from," Robinson said. "If you can play football and if youíll buy into our philosophy and our style of football, you can play for the Tennessee Titans. You can be a productive player in this locker room and on the field. It doesnít matter where you came from." He has all the physical talent you want in a WR.

But I just saw too many bad drops for my taste. "They are doing good," Robiskie said. "Those guys have come in and you can see they are fast, they are going fast, and they have studied their playbooks. From the time they came in for a visit and the communication we had, some of the stuff has carried over." Both guys are already working with Mariota.

They want them to be a dynamic trio for years to come. "He has a lot of potential. He is a great guy, a great person. And he can be great at this level," Corey Davis said. "Thereís a lot of doubt that all o these scouts put in my game. Just because of the level of competition. I know what Iím capable of doing, and I'm not afraid to go up against anyone. Iím going to prove that really soon." We will see. 

The Player: Taylor can get a little too tricky off the snap. He will also push off on the CBs too much, and try to get to the ball too late. He does not like to be pressed. He does not play well through the physical stuff. Complains to the ref when he drops the ball. Doesn't try very hard to tackle on INT returns. Didn't run NFL routes. He was not good against Alabama. He could only catch it underneath. Puts his hands up to complain to the QB when he doesn't throw it too him too much. Stops and watches too much.

He did a good job adjusting his route to the DBs, and when the QB had to take off. Very nice instincts in pattern. He will make some attempts to block sometimes (sort of;). Plays well in the slot, which is where he could get his start as a rookie. He ran a lot of stops and WR option screens. Runs a nice Post. He will reach out and catch it away from his body over the middle. Separates from CBs with quicks and laterally burst to get wide open in patterns.

He played on both sides of the field. Great burst off the line. He has some great quicks and elusiveness when running after the catch. He can make tacklers miss in multiple ways. I think that is when he is at his best. Nice feet and hands on the sideline. He can make the spectacular catch on the sideline, and keep his feet in bounds. Nice balance and quick feet in pattern. When he is asked, he can make some serious sharp cuts at speed. He has what you want physically on the field. 

Good speed and instincts when he had the ball in his hands. He can run a nice comeback. He is too quick for CBs to stop, and burst back to stop him. He can jump back and catch the ball with his hands. Runs a very nice stutter step double move, which can be impossible to cover. He gets open in pattern with quickness more than speed. He played in a terrible offensive that didn't help him train for the NFL, but I think the way he makes his breaks and fakes in pattern will translate to the NFL. 




Defense: 4-3


Jordan Willis

DE Kansas ST

6-3 3/4, 255, (O) 4.53!

S-1.54! 39" Vert!, 

6.85 3-C! 4.28 SS! 

33.5" Arm, 24 Reps


OJ Howard-

TE Alabama


Tanoh Kpassagnon-

DE/5-T Villanova


2017 Picks:

1 (9) John Ross, WR, Washington
2 (48) Joe Mixon, RB, Oklahoma
3 (73) Jordan Willis, DE, Kansas St
4 (116) Carl Lawson, DE, Auburn
4 (128) Josh Malone, WR, Tennessee
4 (138) Ryan Glasgow, DT, Michigan
5 (153) Jake Elliott, K, Memphis
5 (176) J.J. Dielman, OC, Utah
6 (193) Jordan Evans, ILB, OK
6 (207) Brandon Wilson RB Houston

2016 Picks:

1 William Jackson III, CB, Houston

2 (55) Tyler Boyd, WR, Pittsburgh

3 (87) Nick Vigil, ILB, Utah State

4 (122) Andrew Billings, DT, Baylor

5 (161) Christian Westerman, G, Arizona St

6 (199) Cody Core, WR, Ole Miss

7 (245) Clayton Fejedelem, S, Illinois

Key F.A.:  
WR Brandon LaFell

ORT Andre Smith

CB Dre Kirkpatrick

Key F.A.:  

RB Cedric Peerman
OC TJ Johnson (R)
ORT Eric Winston
DE Wallace Gilberry
DE Margus Hunt
DT Brandon Thompson
CB Chykie Brown
K Zach Hocker

Key F.A. Lost:

OG Kevin Zeitler

RB Rex Burkhead
OLT Andrew Whitworth

DT Domata Peko

The Team: This was a great pick. Willis has all the physical tools to hit the QB in the NFL, and 

he had the production. "We really feel fortunate to be able to pick Jordan Willis here," Marvin Lewis said. "Obviously, through his career at Kansas State he has been a big producer for them." He was a one man band at Kansas least season.

And they still couldn't stop him. "I donít know why teams passed on me," Willis said. "Some of the players that did go ahead of me kind of did shock me." He led the Big 12 in sacks.

Big 12 Defensive player of the year. "Heís a fundamentalist," DL coach Jacob Burney said. "He plays the run well. He plays with good hand placement, a flat back, nice (rear), good leverage, good knee bend. And he can go rush, as well. He knows how to rush. Heís a student of the game and really studies the tackles. Tremendous upside with this guy." He blew up the Combine.

And still got no respect in this Draft. "I have not played my best football," Willis said. "I do think Iím underrated. But sometimes thatís the hand youíre dealt." He was a steal in the 3rd.

Goes hard all the time. "Heís a guy who plays hard," Lewis said. "He's played a lot of football. Those guys play almost 90 snaps per game there in that conference sometimes defensively. Weíre really looking forward to [Jordan] being a guy who comes in and helps in our rotation." Elite blend of hands and speed.

He has great size for a DL. "He's got good fundamentals about him," DL coach Jacob Burney said. "And he can go rush as well. He knows how to rush. He's a good technique rusher. He's a student of the game. He really studies the tackles, and he's relentless." And he ran a 4.5 at the Combine.

He also had the best 10-yard split of any DL. "You can see that there's some things that show up that has NFL traits right away," DC Paul Guenther said. "His body lean. His bend and his relentlessness." What does this guy have to do to get some respect.

He is great at using the 10-yard split explosion to get the outside shoulder of the ORT right away. "With this pick here in the 3rd round, we really feel fortunate to be able to pick Jordan Willis," Lewis said. "Weíre really looking forward to him being a guy who comes in and helps in the rotation of our players here and hopefully can make a positive contribution and take some snaps off some of the other guys." He is great at chasing the QB down from behind when he takes off.

He can take a swipe at the pass, and still get outside and tackle the RB. "I donít know exactly why I got to the point where Iím at," Willis said. "I donít know why teams passed on me. With some of the players that did go ahead of me, it did shock me that they would pick some of those guys ahead of me." Burns guys outside, and then has a great inside move that becomes unstoppable. 

He is a big guy, but not the most physical guy. "I have lived in the world with a chip on my shoulder," Willis said. "Iíve done this my whole life and itís not any different. Now Iím in this situation where I feel like I donít need to prove anything. They are bringing me in, obviously, just to get after the passer so thatís what I need to focus on." He is a speed and burst passrusher with great size. 

The Player: 4/01 Jordan Willis: Day Two Rusher I.

Willis is a workman like D-end who just keeps coming. "I was used to structure and a business-like attitude," Willis said. "But one thing I learned in my tenure here, one thing I appreciate, is consistency. You may go out and make a couple of plays in practice and even in games, but your coaches say 'We need more out of you.' Once I got to the point later in my career where I accepted his teaching of being consistent and being an every-down player, that's when I felt like my game elevated." He exploded at the Combine with a 1.54 10-yard Split, and 4.53 Forty. He was named the Big-12 Player of the year last year for garnering 11.5 Sacks and 17.5 TFL.




Defense: 3-4

Chris Wormley

DL Michigan

6-6, 298, 

34.1"Arm, 23 Reps,  


*Jon Ross

WR Washington


*Quincy Wilson



2017 Picks:

1 Marlon Humphrey, CB Alabama
2 (47) Tyus Bowser, OLB Houston
3 (74) Chris Wormley, 5-T Michigan
3 (78) Tim Williams, OLB Alabama
4 (122) Nico Siragusa, OG SDSU
5 Jermaine Eluemunor OG A&M
6 (186) Chuck Clark, DB, V-Tech


2016 Picks:

1 (6) Ronnie Stanley, OT, ND
2 Kamalei Correa, OLB, Boise ST
3 (70) Bronson Kaufusi, DE, BYU
4 (104) Tavon Young, CB, Temple
4 Chris Moore, WR, Cincinnati
4 (130) Alex Lewis, OT, Nebraska
4 (132) Willie Henry, DT, Michigan
4 (134) Kenneth Dixon, RB, Louisiana Tech
5 (146) Matt Judon, DE, Grand Valley State
6  Keenan Reynolds, WR, Navy
6 Maurice Canady, CB, Virginia

Key FA Signed:

NT Brandon Williams

OLB Carlos Dansby

CB Brandon Carr 

SS Tony Jefferson

Key F.A.:
QB Ryan Mallet

RB Terrance West (R)
WR Chris Matthews (R)
ORG Vladmir Ducasse
OLT James Hurst (R)
ORT Ryan Jensen (R)
CB Chris Lewis-Harris (R)
CB Jerraud Powers
CB Jumal Rolle (R)
SS Matt Elam
FS Marqueston Huff (R)
FS Anthony Lewis

Key F.A.Lost:

WR Steve Smith

WR Kamar Aiken

ORT Ricky Wagner

OG Jeremy Zuttah

FB Kyle Juszczyk

DE Guy Lawrence

OLB Elvis Dumervil 

The Team: Wormley was one of the guys I really liked in the Draft. He can play 5-tech for the Ravens, and still run the arc. That is a rare combo. 

If you're a Raven's fan, you have to be excited that this was the guy the Michigan HC recommended to his brother. "A lot of similarities between the two organizations and the two coaching staffs," Wormley said. "Coach Mattison was the defensive coordinator the first few years I was there and there are a lot of similarities, a lot of the same calls, a lot of the same defenses. When you see those words and you see those defenses, it makes it a little bit easier to pick up on it and the adjustments and in-play calls are helpful." He is a big guy who can hold up and rush inside.
He also can rush on the edge as well. "I had lunch with [DL] coach Cullen before pro day and had spoken to him a couple times before the draft; saw him at the combine," Wormley said. "I had a decent idea, and my agent was saying that they had some interest in me. Like I said, Iím super excited to be a part of the organization and super excited to get started. From that standpoint, I kind of had an idea. But I think as any player in the draft, itís a little bit of a shock, but also very exciting." He will play 5-Tech for the Ravens.
He was a great player at Michigan. "He was one of the guys that Jim felt very strongly about," John Harbaugh said. "He believes in him as a player, believes in him as a guy. We talked about a lot of guys. So it was one of about 14 guys we talked about, but he really thought very highly of him. I donít think we would have taken him if he didnít." They also got the inside scoop from Jim.
That is a big deal in the Draft. "Coach John Harbaugh came in and spoke to us once or twice; he was at our Maryland game a couple years ago," Wormley said. "I kind of got the feel from how he spoke to us before the game and kind of got a feel for how he is as a coach. I've spoken to Willie Henry, who is there currently, who was our defensive lineman two years ago. I talked to him, and I'm just kind of expecting the same as Michigan's head coach Harbaugh and how he carries himself and the type of mindset they have as a coach. Hopefully it's the same, because coach Jim Harbaugh, it was definitely a pleasure to be coached by him and to be led by him." He will be playing in a similar system. 
They went overboard on defense in this Draft.
"There were some offensive players that we were targeting, trying to get, and they got taken right before us or two or three picks before us," Newsome said. "We know that happens, so we shuffle the deck and move on to the next one." That's the Board bounces sometimes.
They really needed to get a WR in this Draft. "You take the best player," Harbaugh said. "Thatís what weíve done and itís turned out to be defense and weíre all happy with that. Iíll tell you what, if it had been four offensive players, weíd have been happy with that. This is just the way itís gone." Not getting a WR will comeback to haunt them during the season.
But they did pick up two WRs late, in last year's Draft. "Weíre just trying to get very, very strong on defense," Newsome said. "Not taking a receiver. Jeez, we tried to put ourselves in a position to do that. It just did not work out," general manager Ozzie Newsome said. "The six other players at the point that we took them were better than the receivers that were on the board at that time." This was a defensive heavy Draft for the Ravens.
Flacco is not getting any younger. "When you go through a season, you just canít have your starting 11 on offense and defense," Ozzie said. "You have to have good backups, because from week to week, guys may not be able to play, and if you have good depth, then you do not get concerned about it. Having depth at corner is huge." But no depth at WR hurts.
However, I cannot complain about ay of their first four picks. "I donít want to overstate the expectations, but Iím not afraid to do that, really. I expect these guys to be great," Ozzie said. "I know the guys believe that. We expect to put a great defense on the field. Now, we kind of expect to do that every year." They picked up a pretty good wave of young starters to rebuild the future of their defense.

The Player: 14/27 Chris Wormley: Unknown Guy: Part II.

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Defense: 2-5

Derek Rivers
DE Youngstown
6-3 5/8, 249,†(O) 4.61! S-1.61, 6.94 3-C! 

35" Vert! 10'3" Br,†
30 Reps! 32 3/4" Arm! 

4.4 SS!  


Brandon Cooks-

WR Saints


Kony Ealy

DE Missouri


2017 Picks:

3 Derek Rivers OLB Youngstown ST
3 (85) Antonio Garcia, OT, Troy
4 (131) Deatrich Wise, DE Arkansas
6 (211) Conor McDermott, OT UCLA


2016 Picks:

2 (60) Cyrus Jones, CB, Alabama
3 (78)  Joe Thuney,O G, NC State
3 (91) Jacoby Brissett, QB, NC State
3 Vincent Valentine, DT, Nebraska
4-112 Malcolm Mitchell WR Georgia
6 Kamu Grugier-Hill LB E. Illinois
6-214 Elandon Roberts LB Houston
6 (221) Ted Karras, G, Illinois
7-225  Devin Lucien WR Arizona St

FA- DJ Foster RB Arizona ST

Key F.A. Signed:

RB Mike Gillislee! (R)

WR Brandon Coleman

RB Rex Burkhead

TE Dwayne Allen

DE Kony Ealy 

DT Alan Branch

DL Lawrence Guy

ILB Dont'a Hightower

CB Stephon Gilmore

SS Duron Harmon

Key F.A.: 

RB LeGarrette Blount

RB Brandon Bolden
FB James Devlin
OT/TE Cameron Fleming (R)
DE Gregg Scruggs

Key F.A. Lost:

CB Malcolm Butler (R)  

ORT Sebastian Vollmer

TE Martellus Bennett

CB Logan Ryan

DE Chris Long

DE Jabaal Sheard

ST Barkevious Mingo

The Team: This years Draft, while openly different (trading their top picks for instant impact veterans), is really just more of the same. The Pats want smart tough guys who can learn and speak the Patriots speak. "That was all up to game plans and coaches' decisions" Wise said. "I have no say-so over when and how much I play. All I do know is when I get on the field, I do my best to make plays and help the team to win." Wise will disappear from the scene, like Flowers did his rookie year, and reappear a Patriot type player in 2018. 

The Pats don't draft rookies to start. Let's fact it, BB hates rookies. Look at last years rookies. More than a few of them had some impacts, certainly Brissett. The Jones's, Roberts, and Valentine all had some flashes on defense. Mitchell was an up and down contributor. And while he showed he could compete in the NFL, he did get hurt again. But none of them were a consistent contributors, except Thuney of course. They were drafted to be impact players starting in 2017.

BB knows that young players are the lifeblood of the NFL. But he also knows that rookies don't have it mentally, and most likely physically as well. But after a year or two in the program, they all know what is expected of them in most circumstances. Now, they are expected to know what to do on the field. The impact players from the Draft this season will be Mitchell, the Jones's, Valentine, and maybe Roberts.  

This years Draft while wildly different than the others will be the same. The top two impact players from this years Draft will be Cooks and Ealy. The idea that they don't impact this years Draft is too stupid to go over. They exercised their 1st round pick in a trade for a veteran WR who was a top five WR last year in the NFL. They exercised their 2nd Round pick on a veteran rusher in the 5th year of his rookie contract. If you don't understand that than you are a fool.

This Draft was already a successful Draft for the Pats before it even started. "I'm glad we don't have to play him twice a year, and he's not in our division," Belichick said after a week of preseason practice, and a beating in the preseason game last year by Cooks. "He's a really good player." That just hurts the haters right in the nuts.

BB has long been a fan of Sean Payton's coaching, and Cooks speed and skills. "They consistently lead the league in passing," Belichick said last year. "[They have a] great quarterback, great skill receivers. Obviously well coached. A good scheme. So this will be great work for us against these guys. Fleener, a tough guy to cover at tight end. We know that. Plus, they have Cooks. It doesn't get much better than him." It doesn't get much better than Cooks.

Plus Cooks already sounds like a Patriot. "Every time I went against them, you can just see why it's a 1st-class organization," Cooks said. "From the way that they run things. The way that they coach their players. The way that they walked and talked. My impression was very high for that organization, and you see why they are who they are. It's just a dream come true, and a blessing to be able to have this opportunity now to play for them." There first pick was used on a guy BB has admired for two years.
Their 2nd Round pick was used on a veteran rusher who played in a Super Bowl already. Plus he comes from a military family. His father is Vietnam Vet. "The way coach Belichick runs his organization," Ealy said, "I think, is obviously similar to the military lifestyle." BB loves the military guys.

Bill's father was a coach at the Naval Academy were he spent many of his formative years. "At the time I didnít realize it, but looking back on it was a tremendous experience," Bill said. "I was exposed to great discipline and great programs at the Naval Academy. And a lot of great coaches with different philosophies, and different ways of doing things." He still looks for those guys who had similar traits as he had growing up.

You continue to notice again and against how much scouting goes back to the father. "I really just had to grow up at an early age, as far as really taking on that responsibility as I learned to," Ealy said. "Whether it was going to work and just kind of getting that fatherhood. Learning how to do different characteristic traits. Stuff that involves just being outside the house." He is BB type guy.

You can see why they liked him when you hear him talk. "You just want to do things right and do things as most perfect as you can and if you fell short then, hey, at least you're trying hard," Ealy said. "Your job is to go out there and just try a little hard and get better each day. I think with that approach you get a championship-caliber team." He sounds like a Pats veteran already. 

So unlike the rest of the NFL, the Pats first two picks are locks to have an instant impact on a Super Bowl run. "Timing is an important part of all those critical decisions," BB said. 

Ealy and Cooks where the right moves at the right time. "Just the way they do things are totally-totally different. And itís a good kind of different. Just enjoying the process as I go forward," Ealy said. "Just the attention to detail is the most [important] thing that sticks out. That Coach Bill preaches on and off the field. That could be in any different categories, but just being attentive." So pay attention haters, or reality will leave you behind again. 

The Player: 4/12 Derek Rivers: Day Two Rusher: Part II.

The Reason: The thing that Rivers brings right away is speed to the edge rush. "Derek's been in a good system, has been well-coached," BB said. " Even though he's from a smaller school we'll see what he can do for himself here, as well, when all is said and done. Then tomorrow we'll have three picks in the fourth, fifth and seventh round and we'll try to take advantage of our opportunities, however those come up at that time. I'll take a couple of questions on the draft and then we'll go back and finish it up here." He has more speed than Long running the arc. 

He doesn't have Longs experience and guile. "I'm a hard worker," Rivers said. " You get work ethic out of me. I do whatever the coaches want me to do, and that's the type of guy I am." But Long really struggled with his speed. He is more of an inside rusher now. 

Rivers is not. "Just play football," Rivers said. " Don't go out there and try to do too much. Just play football, honestly, man. Just go on out there and playing your game and playing as hard as you possibly can and doing all you can and leaving the rest in the Lord's hands. You go out there and play for the Lord, it's different. You let him handle the rest." Rivers is a pure edgerusher with a 1.61 10-yard Split, which is the magic number for elite edgerushers in the NFL.

He has the speed and burst to the Corner that the Pats defense was missing last season. "Like I said, I'm work ethic," Rivers said. "Number one, my faith in God is what got me here. And then, besides that, he gave me my work ethic. So I'm work ethic. I do more than what's just asked of me, and that's the type of player they get. A guy that he does more than what's just asked of them. And he does everything that the coaches want him to do. I listen to whatever my coaches needs me to do. I'm going to do it. I'm going to do it 100 percent." He could have an impact as a rookie, as the designated speed rusher.

If he can learn that role quick enough. "That's where he played, yeah," BB said about him playing OLD/DE. "That's where he played at Youngstown. Once we get the player, [we'll] work with him. Yeah, I don't know [where we'll play him yet]." Coming from a small school makes that transition to the NFL all the more difficult.

But they liked him right from the start, and you have to say they saw something in him when he visited here. "I had a visit with them. I met with Coach Belichick and everybody on the staff. I mean, other than that, I had no idea," Rivers said. "We talked ball. I love Coach Belichick. I love everything he is. And what he stands for and how he coaches, his demeanor. I mean, he's an awesome dude man. I could learn a lot from him." You better learn a lot from him early and often, if you want to get on the field as a rookie.


It was a looooooong wait for this pick. "So we're just working through the draft here today," BB sad. "Obviously, we've been watching a lot of picks go by. But I feel like overall our opportunity in this draft started a couple of months ago. The four players that we acquired already are also part of the draft process. Hopefully we've been able to improve our team, become more competitive. That's the ultimate goal. Today we were able to move around a little bit. We ended up taking two players, one on each side of the ball." Then they trade pick 72.

Rivers was a Senor Bowl guy, which was big for him. "I mean, for an FCS guy, it's very important because everyone questions level of competition," Rivers said. "I mean, it was an awesome experience for me. I loved it. We only get to play guys from the FBS level once a year. So when I got to practice with some of those guys and actually play with some of those guys that I see on TV, on ESPN, playing, it was pretty cool, man. I loved it." He was very impressive at the Senior Bowl.
He had no trouble stepping up to the higher level of comp. "So much stuff goes on during that week that honestly all you do is think about practice and you just think about trying to get better," River said about the Senior Bowl. "Learning from the coaches, and just playing your best for those three or four days." Those guys always have a step up in training camp to other rookies. 

Guys who go to the Senior Bowl are exposed to NFL coaching and systems before all the other rookies. "You can see him do that in the Senior Bowl," BB said. "I mean, he's been in a good program. Coach Pelini has been an NFL coach, been a Division One head coach. They were in a championship game there at Youngstown. He does a great job. Visiting with Derek last week or two weeks ago, whenever it was when he was in here, he's obviously been in a good program. He's been well-coached, and sure, it's a big adjustment for him or anybody else moving to the National Football League. I think he's been in a solid program. We'll see how it goes." They want him to add speed to edge as a rookie. 

He might be able to play some off the line linebacker. "In high school I played linebacker a lot," Rivers said. "My junior year, I played a little bit of linebacker. And then we stood up a lot, a good bit this year. I mean, we peeled on a couple backs every now and again, but for the most part, I mean, not too much. Like I said, the past four years I had my hand in the dirt, so thatís about it." 

He worked his butt off to become at starter at Youngstown. " Like I said, I'll do whatever the coaches need me to do," Rivers said. " If they need me to put on weight, I'll put on weight. If they like me where I'm at, I'll play where I'm at. So it's whatever the coaches want me to do." He is starting to sound like a Patriot player already.
One of the reasons he was drafted is because BB is friendly with his HC at Youngstown. "Bo was awesome, man," River said. "He was like another father to me as far as when he came to Youngstown. I mean, he took our team to another level. Just the little things that he focused on as far as accountability, doing all the little things right. I mean, those were the things that Bo emphasized and those were the things that Bo instilled in me. He's an awesome coach. I mean, he's a great dude, great guy. I could call him. Throughout this process, he was always there for me, my teammate Avery Moss and all the other guys at Youngstown that were going through this process, as well." Getting the inside scoop on a prospect is always solid gold in the Draft.
He had to go a lower level because he struggled with test scores. "So out of high school, I was a non-qualifier," River said. "So I didn't get my SATs, and then I was just a late bloomer. I wasn't very heavily recruited. So I went to Fork Union (Military Academy). And then Youngstown came and they offered me. And I was just ready to play ball." BB loves the Military Academy kids.
According to Vegas, he is 50/50 to play on a Super Bowl winning team as a rookie (can you believe that Vegas has the Pats at even money to win it all. I have never seen that before!). "Man, it's awesome," Rivers said. "It's awesome. I'm super excited. I mean, there's just so much I can learn from those guys that were there, as far as just the commitment that those guys have, the type of coaching that's in that locker room. I'm just ready to learn from those guys and get better with those guys." He has a long way to go as a rookie.
He keeps sounding like a Patriot already. "Oh man, it's huge, and that's one thing that Coach Bo really told [us]. That was the first thing that Coach Bo said in his first meeting with us when he got to Youngstown was that he was like, 'What you do off the field is going to reflect on how you play on the field,'" Rivers said. "So I was a non-qualifier in high school. At Youngstown, I'm probably going to graduate with a 3.0, and it makes sense. If you're lazy off the field, you're going to be lazy on the field. If you miss assignments in class, you may miss assignments on the field. So they translate. I mean, they correlate." If he can just learn the designated rusher role as a rookie, I think everyone would be happy.


The Pats need a speed guy to take some of the heat off the inside rushers. I don't think Ealy is that guy. Ealy is more of an outside-in rusher like Flowers. Though different. Flowers gets real low and bursts under the OLs inside. While Ealy plays a little too high, uses his great long arms, and punches off the OLs as he uses his great burst up field. He had some concussion issues last season, which could help explain the fire sale. He is surprisingly good in coverage. He has learned to play lower in Carolina.

Second Choice: Jordan Leggett TE (Please note: this was about the time that the Pats traded for the tight end O'Shaughnessy).

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