With The 64th Pick, in the 2017 NFL Draft, The New England Patriots Select ...

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Okay, I'm finally starting to feel like I have a handle n this Draft. Even if it is just a little. 

PICKS 50-57

Post Draft

Picks 1-7.

Picks 8-14.

Picks 15-22.

Picks 23-27.

Picks 28-32, 211.

2nd Round

Picks 33-42.

Picks 43-49.

Picks 50-57.

Picks 58-64, 131.


3rd Round

Picks 65-80.

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Defense: 4-3

Justin Evans


5-11.5, 195, (PD) 4.57, 10'9"Br! 41.5"Vert!


*Dalvin Cook


DE, RB, ILB, DT, WR, S, WR, DE, OG, DT, 

2017 Picks:

1 (19) O.J. Howard, TE, Alabama
2 (50) Justin Evans, SS Texas A&M
3 (84) Chris Godwin, WR Penn ST
3 (107) Kendell Beckwith, ILB LSU
5 (162) Jeremy McNichols RB Boise
7 (223) Stevie Tuíikolovatu, DT/NT USC


2016 Picks:

1 (11) Vernon Hargreaves, CB, FLA
2 (39) Noah Spence DE E.Kentucky
2 (59) Roberto Aguayo, K, FLA ST
4 (108) Ryan Smith, CB, 

North Carolina Central
5 (148) Caleb Benenoch, OT, UCLA
6-183 Devante Bond OLB Oklahoma
6 (197) Dan Vitale, FB, Northwestern

Key FA Signed:

WR DeSean Jackson

Key Free Agents:

QB Ryan Griffin (R)\
RB Jacquizz Rodgers
RB Mike James
RB Antone Smith
WR Vincent Jackson
WR Russell Shepard
WR Cecil Shorts
TE Cameron Brate (R) 
TE Brandon Meyers
ORT Gosder Cherilus
OLB Adarius Glanton (R)
DE Williams Gholston
DE Jacquies Smith (R) 
DT Akeem Spence
ILB Daryl Smith
LS Andrew DePaola (R)
FS Chris Conte
FS Brad McDougald
CB Josh Robinson
P Bryan Anger
DB Alterraun Verner

Key FA Lost:

QB Mike Glennon

OC Joe Hawley

The Team: I like this pick. I thought he was a Day Three pick, but he looked like a Day Two pick to me at the Senior Bowl. Great hitter. Teams need Strong Safeties who can stuff the run, and then line up in Cover Two and make plays on the ball on the 3rd level. He showed he could do that at A&M.

He made plays on the 3rd level from Cover One, Two, and Three. "He brings range," the HC Koetter said. "He moves like a corner. Weíre just in shorts and helmets but he shows up quick at the line of scrimmage on his run fits. Heís going to have to be a little more vocal [leader]. We need our safeties to communicate more. But his athleticism and his range definitely, in a passing-like camp, are going to show up." He was the vocal leader of the A&M secondary.
He can get all the way across the field, 50-yards downfield, and pound the RB out of bounds from Cover Two. "On their college tape," Koetter said, "Justin Evans didnít have a lot of tries but he had a really nice average." He was underrated in coverage last season, and was asked to line up all over the field in coverage, from the Will to Cover One on the goal line. 
He has a lot of work to do. "Iím just coming in with a humble mindset, working hard, learning the scheme, the playbook," Evans said. "But I definitely view myself as a starter," Evans said. "I definitely feel like Iím an all-around safety thatís playmaking, tackling. So whatever comes with that? I feel like Iíve got all the tools for that." He has the physical tools to be succeed in the NFL.
The Player: Evan is a guy who I would have invested some Draft Capital in. I love his game on tape. Terrific hitter in the box. He'll hit the big WR a split second after the ball arrives to try an knock the ball out. Nice job playing zone in the box like a linebacker. He will shove the guy going inside, and pick up the guy crossing outside. He directs traffic for the A&M defense. He is the leader of the defense on the field. Nice jobs filling the lane from Cover Two, and moving laterally to take the RB down when he cuts back. 

Alabama: He can go up high and pull down the INT in the back of the Endzone. Knows how to play the last line of defense. He can really cream the QB on inside runs on short yardage. He is a great athlete. He is a great hitter. He smashed into Scarborough (a Refrigerator sized RB;) at the line and popped him backwards with his shoulder and elbow. Nice range moving forward. he popped Scarborough sideways off his feet as well.  He can line up 15-yards downfield, and get to the sideline at the LOS to tackle the ball carrier. He looks like the clear leader of the A&M defense. I like the way he plays behind his eyes. He moves very well laterally to get a hit in on the RB. He will dive at the RB's ankle some times and grab a foot that the big RB can run through. 

K-State: He will step up into the Slot and cover the slot WR. He can make a play on the ball in the air 40-50 yards down field Nice ball skills. I like him in Cover Two. I really like how he tracks the ball deep down the Seam. Nice range moving laterally to get across the field to tackle the RB as the last line of defense. He will bite on the play action, and get outside late on the QB keeper. Nice job getting all the way across the field in Cover Two to stay in front of the RB.

Auburn: he can miss a tackle, get up, and then chase the RB from behind and take him down. Impressive speed, athleticism, ad hustle. He has some surprising speed. I really like the way he moves on the field. This kid can hit. Terrific downhill tackler. He is at his best when he is going downhill. Smart and aware in Cover Two. Understands when to get out to the sideline and when to stay inside. He played Cover Two on both sides, though he primarily lined up on the strongside.

South Carolina: He is a strong safety who can play the Sam in the Nickel defense.  He will cover the RB out in the Flat from the Sam position. He can hit the late receiver in traffic at the goal line in coverage, to try and stop the TD. You can see him pointing out coverage to his teammates on Tape. He can make a play on the ball (or the player before the ball arrives;) on the sideline from Cover Two. He has the speed to get down field, and knock the deep receiver out f bound 50-yards downfield. He will play a little cover One on the goal line. He can knock the pass down 30-yards downfield over the middle from Cover Three to maybe save a TD late in the game. 

Senior Bowl: This guy looks better every time I watch him play. He is going to go on Day Two. He could slide into the 2nd with a great Combine. He has some range, and can make a play on the ball in the air on the sideline. Played Cover Two. He can charge forward and turn the RB inside and take out an OG at the same time.

The Reason: He is the kind of tough and smart kid who can play for a long time in the NFL. "Heís a big hitter," the GM Licht said. "Heís a tough guy. Heís smart. [Justin] just kept growing on us more and more. Heís not afraid to stick his head in there, thatís for sure." He is great at finding the ball carrier and knocking him to the ground.
He made plays on the ball on the 3rd level. "Heís rangy," Licht said. "He makes a lot of plays on the ball, he plays with a lot of anticipation." He can get from sideline to sideline in coverage, and against the run.
He never seems to give up on plays. "I had a lot of missed tackles so that will be one of my main focuses, is being a better pursuit tackler," Evans said. "I know if I do that then my game will go even higher, so thatíll definitely be the main part. Iím just coming in with a humble mindset: working hard, learning the scheme, the playbook. I definitely view myself as a starter." He should be a starter on Day One.
He is a great leader with a top notch work ethic. "He does get a little over-aggressive," Licht said. "But Iíll take that any day versus a guy thatís not aggressive." You have to have over aggressive guys on defense.
But they also have to be smart and have great eyes, and know when to take it down in coverage. "Football just means everything to him," Licht said. "Heís very passionate. Heís got an edge to him when heís on the field [and] in practice. Everything checked the boxes for us. Heís our kind of guy. Heís the right kind of guy." Evans is that guy.

Be A Citizen! Not a Subject! 

Fascist is as Fascist does. Beware American. President Jerkballs is pulling the cowardly republican Senate closer and closer to the cliff.

Amendment I. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances:

THE DAY DEMOCRACY DIED. Only Dictators fire everyone who investigates their illegal and treasonous activity. 

Impeachment Proceeding!

First off what Jared was doing is not a "Backdoor". A "Backdoor" is a legal way to have private conversations with other world leaders for the benefit of America. What Jared set up was a Covert/Illegal/treasonous communication with a foreign enemy who was ATTACKING US! And let's be clear again: 



After a week of OBSTRUCTING JUSTICE in nonstop terrifying ways!

We now find he spent the last week revealing treason.



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Defense: 3-4

DeMarcus Walker


6-4, 280, 18 Reps, 33"Arms, 


*Garrett Bolles

OLT Utah

QB, OLT, ILB, RB, NT, 5-T, TE, WR, 

2017 Picks:

1 (20) Garett Bolles, OLT Utah
2  DeMarcus Walker DE/OLB FLA ST
3 Carlos Henderson Louisiana Tech
3 (101) Brendan Langley, CB Lamar
5 (145) Jake Butt, TE, Michigan
5 (172) Isaiah McKenzie, WR Georgia
6 (203) DeíAngelo Henderson, RB Coastal Carolina
7 (253) Chad Kelly, QB Mississippi


2016 Picks:

1 (26) Paxton Lynch, QB Memphis
2 Adam Gotsis, DT, Georgia Tech
3 (98) Justin Simmons, DB, BC
4 (136) Devontae Booker, RB, Utah
5 Connor McGovern, G, Missouri
6-176 Andy Janovich FB Nebraska
6 (219) Will Parks, S, Arizona
7 (228) Riley Dixon, P, Syracuse

Key F.A. Signed:

Malik Watson OL

Ron Leary OG

DT Domata Peko

NT Zach Kerr (R)

ILB Brandon Marshall

Key F.A.:

QB Austin Davis
RB Juwan Thompson (R)
RB Justin Forsett
WR Jordan Norwood
OC Sam Brenner (R) 
DT Sylvester Williams
DE Vance Walker
DE Billy Winn
OLB Dekoda Watson
ILB Todd Davis
FS Darian Stewart
K Brandon McManus (R)

Key F.A. Signed:

Russell Okung OLT

OLB DeMarcus Ware

CB Kayvon Webster

The Team: I had the right position DE/OLB but the wrong player. I though Watt was a perfect fit for this defense. I'm not as sure that Walker is a great fit for this defense. He will be very interesting lined up inside of Ray or Miller. He could be great lined up in front or inside of the OLT, inside of one of those two speed guys, and burst inside with a club swim. 

DeMarcus Ware retired. They need an DE/OLB to step into his spot. "I just love dominating," Walker said. "Thatís one thing that I love to do is to dominate. Just taking the will out of a man in this game football." Walker dominated at FLA ST for two straight seasons.

He is relentless on the field going after the QB. "You want guys who love to play and hate to lose," Joseph said. "These eight guys we picked this weekend all fit into that category: They love to win, they hate to lose and they're tough guys. But they're all good kids, so we're excited about that. It's an attitude game and you have to acquire guys with those attitudes. You can't hope that players have that. You have to go find those guys." Great Outside-In move that can make the OT miss. 

NFL OLs will take away his Swim, and how good he will be in the NFL will depend on how he adjusts to have his pet move taken away. "I had to make a smart decision, think outside the box," Walker said. "The reason why Iíve been so successful is I learn from other peopleís mistakes. I didnít want to jump (into the NFL) before I was ready." He can spot the RB sneaking out of the backfield on the screen and pick him up, and take him down. 

He plays like he hates the QB. "I'm just a relentless player with skills," Walker said. "I'm all in wherever they want to play me." He is a base D-end.
He also has a lot of value as inside rusher. "We stayed true to the board," Elway said. "And I think that's always been my philosophy. We did have discussions at every pick and we talked about three or four different guys. But ultimately, when it finally came down to it, we ended up taking the guy that was the highest on our board." Elway wanted to find another guy beside Shane Ray to help replace Ware.
I'm not sure how Walker fits in a 3-4 defense. "We're thrilled with where Adam [Gnosis] is, " Elway said. "We just looked at DeMarcus's production, you know, 25 sacks in the last two years." He is not a 5-tech, and I don't think he is an OLB.

They need some help on their D-line. They have three free agents unsigned, and a new DC as Wade Phillips is gone.

The Player: 4/19 DeMarcus Walker: Day Two Rusher: Part XI.

The Reason: First off he has size and toughness. "Weíre looking different on both sides of the ball as far as size and toughness," the HC Vance Joseph said. "Weíre excited about that because in this league, you win up front on both sides of the ball, and weíve made great improvements on both sides, in my opinion." He has a great club swim inside. 

They had to get some help for their aging defense but I just don't see the fit. "DeMarcus was the top guy on our board that fell to us," Elway said. "Weíre thrilled how that fell. You never know how itís going to fall. We can never have enough of those pass rushers and he can do it inside and he can do it outside. Weíre excited about him." Though I suppose a passrusher is a passrusher.

Walker is a guy whose Tape I ab-so-lute-ly loved, but a lot of guys didn't. "Most definitely, I want to be No. 7," Walker said about staying in school. "First and foremost, you go to college to get a degree. Another year under Coach Lawing wouldnít hurt me. Would I get comfortable or work harder? Thatís the test I put to myself. I knew I was able to raise my stock and be one of the best players in college football." I lowered him because of consensus not because of his game. 

Elway made a bet that Walker wouldn't be there in the 2nd. "I really didn't," Elway said. " I actually lost a bet to Matt [Russell]. Thrilled I lost that bet." He garnered 16 sacks and 19.5 TFL last season. 
He will help the Broncos right away as a rookie as an inside rusher. "You look at our defense and where our defense was two years ago," Elway said. "And (Joseph) and I were talking about this, how effective we were when we had Malik inside and rushing inside. DeMarcus has that ability and will have that ability. Thatís why weíre so excited about him." He can line up inside on the OG, and burst past him with quickness. 

He always wants to break inside when he rushed. "We've taken DE DeMarcus Walker with our 2nd (Round) pick," Elway tweeted. "He was a very productive pass rusher at Florida St. and will fit in well w/our defense!" Elite stunter when lined up out at Base End. No one fights through doubles better than Walker. 

He can rush inside, and outside, from both sides. "DeMarcus Walker is huge value at 51st overall for the Broncos," an SEC analyst Cubelic tweeted. "Nasty DL with elite pass-rush skills inside and out. Super high motor." But he is not a 3-4 OLB. 

Great production. Team leader, who studies his opponents. "I watched DeMarcus work extremely hard every single day in practice for four years to get to this moment," Jimbo Fisher said. "He's a guy that loves football and who was a tremendous leader for us. He will go down as one the top defensive players in school history. He has a great opportunity to be successful in the NFL because of his ability to play multiple positions on the defensive line and his passion for the game." He knows the weaknesses off all his opponents. He gets OLs off balance with his initial burst. 

Elway has shown that he likes to take DLs early in the Draft. Watt could step in and play opposite Miller as an OLB in their 3-4 defense.




Defense: 3-4

DeShone Kizer-

  Fighting Irish

6-4.25, 237, (U) 4.84, 

34 3/4" Arm! 24 Reps, 33" Vert,

10'2" Br, 7.48 4-Cone, 4.62 SS,


*Myles Garrett

Edgerusher A&M


**Jabrill Peppers

DB/LB Michigan 


*David Njoku

TE Miami


2017 Picks:

1 (1) Myles Garrett DE Texas A&M
1 (25) Jabrill Peppers, SS Michigan
1 (29) David Njoku, TE, Miami
2 (52) DeShone Kizer, QB, ND
3 (65) Larry Ogunjobi, DT, Charlotte
4 (126) Howard Wilson, DB Houston
5 (160) Rod Johnson, OLT, FLA ST
6 (185) Caleb Brantley, DT, Florida
7 (224) Zane Gonzalez, K, Arizona ST
7 (252) Matthew Dayes RB, NC State

2016 Picks:

1 (15)  Corey Coleman, WR, Baylor

2 Emmanuel Ogbah, DE Oklahoma St

3 (65) Carl Nassib, DE, Penn State

3 (76) Shon Coleman, OT, Auburn

3 (93) Cody Kessler, QB, USC

4 (99) Joe Schobert, OLB, Wisconsin

4 (114) Ricardo Louis, WR, Auburn

4 (129)  Derrick Kindred, S, TCU

4 Seth Devalve, WR/TE, Princeton

5 (154) Jordan Payton, WR, UCLA

5 (168) Spencer Drango, OT, Baylor

5 Rashard Higgins, WR, Colorado St

5 Trey Caldwell CB Louisiana-Mon

7 (250) Scooby Wright, ILB, Arizona

Key F.A. Signed:

QB Brock Osweiler

WR Kenny Britt

OC Joe Bitonio 

OG Kevin Zeitler

OG TJ Lang

Key F.A.:

RB Isaiah Crowell (R)
RB Glenn Winston (R)
WR Josh Gordon (R)
OG Jonathan Cooper
OG Austin Pasztor
OC Gabe Ikard (R)
DE Stephen Paea
OLB Jamie Collins
OLB Corey lemonier
P Britton Colquitt
LS Charley Hughlett (R)
CB Marcus Burley (R)
FS Jordan Poyer
CB Jamar Taylor

Key F.A. Lost:

QB Brock Osweiler

QB Josh McCown


WR Terrelle Pryor

WR Andrew Hawkins

The Team: I had the right position, but the wrong player (Dobbs) here. Sorry I just don't see it. NFL QB prospects have to win games. He was had a losing record in college, and that scares the crap out of me. He failed in the clutch too often for my taste. I know everything changes in the NFL, but too often guys show who they are and their weaknesses are exploited in the NFL. He too often took off, and when he got pressured his first instinct was to run and not use his great feet to get into position to throw. 

He has it all physically. "Heís a very talented player," Jackson said. "Heís a big guy with a big arm and very bright. He has a lot of upside, but he has a lot of work to do and I think he knows that. It is just one practice. Weíre not going to get too high or too low. He just has to keep working at it." But it is all mental in the NFL. 

He has to completely redo his footwork in the pocket. "We have talented players, talented skill players, talented big guys,'' Jackson said. "I like the size of our new guys. They fit our profile. They have to start to learn how we play football here at the Cleveland Browns, and I think they will." He ducked his head, and took off too often. 

He was a shotgun only QB who couldn't win at Notre Dame. "He has to [improve],'' Jackson said. "He's very bright. That's not an issue. You have to remember he was a young man playing in the shotgun probably 90% of the time, and had not played under center. And had not played really in a sophisticated pro-style offense." He is a three to five year project.

He got benched to start the season, and never seemed to recover. "He's a very talented player,'' Jackson said at minicamp. "He's a big guy with a big arm and very bright. He has a lot of upside, but he has a lot of work to do and I think he knows that. It is just one practice. We're not going to get too high or too low. He just has to keep working at it." One of my problems with him is that he had two years of legibility left, and made the terrible decision to come out two years early. When it was 100% clear to everyone watching that he was not anywhere near ready for the NFL. 

That type of decision making is why he struggled win games in college. "He did some really good things today," Jackson said. "But you have to do it again and again and again. The consistency of playing quarterback in the National Football League at a high level is a challenge. We will see if we can get him there. Today is just the first day." The decisions he'll have to make just got incredibly harder for him everyday.

NFL QBs have to have elite decision making capabilities in a 3 second span. He did not have that in a two year span in college. "It's so early," Jackson said about Kiser and Njoku. "But they're talented guys running around in shorts right now, throwing a pass here, catching one there. That's exciting. That's the most we can do right now. We have a long way to go. I caution all of you. We have a long way to go with some very talented players. I won't run from that. They are talented. It is our job to coach them up to where they need to be so they can contribute to our football team." His final decision was the wrong one.
The Browns have to get a QB. But this is a big investment and risk. If they think they can get a top five pick in next years Draft, you almost have to pass on the QB in the 1st. They have not started to win yet, but they have done a good job acquiring talent. So wins will start coming this season. They can only take Dobbs here if they think he is a franchise QB. Because there are three or four QBs who could go in the top ten in next years Draft: Darnold USC, Josh Allen Wyoming, and the Heisman winner from last year LaMarr Jackson. Plus, I do like the spread QB from OK ST Rudolph, and the spread QB from Wash ST Faulk (and I hate spread QBs). I was also very impressed with Washington QB Browning.

I have heard complaints that they have invested too much in QBs, and they can't keep wasting picks QBs every year (same for the Jets;). To that I say poppycock. If you don't have a Franchise QB than you ain't got crap. But it is also important to remember that, except for the rare exception, QBs take three to five years to develop. They have one in Kessler, but he is below the physical standards. He is 6-1. He can over come that, but it is so much more difficult to throw over the lines than a 6-4 guy. 

They do have a great opportunity here. They have a QB guru at HC, a second year QB they can start and Dobbs can learn behind. And a new O-line, and some good RBs to create a run game to take pressure off of Dobbs, Dobbs is the third best QB prospect in this Draft, but he needs time. He reminds me of Jacoby Brissett, who step in for the Patriots as a rookie and help win a game.

The Player: 4/15 DeShone Kizer Bio.

The Reason: When he had time and protection he was very good. "We're going to give all our guys an opportunity to compete,'' Jackson said. "That's what it's all about. It's not about who is the starter, who is this. Let's let these guys get here and learn our offense and spend time with myself and [QB coach] Lee, and go out on the field and let's see how it all turns out." When he didn't he ran or made bad decisions. 

I liked EJ Manuel coming out better than Kiser (which might say more about me than him;). "I think we're better at the position," Jackson said about the QB position in minicamp. "I think we've made huge strides over the last several months at that position." I hope Kessler is looking good.

He struggled to come off his first target. "I think just through our conversations,'' Jackson said. "With the conversations with us all. We did a really good job of making sure that we crossed all the T's and dotted all the I's, and are very comfortable with his situation at Notre Dame." He struggled when things got tough. 

He struggled to throw the ball in the clutch. "It's a combination of a lot of things'' Jackson said. "The receivers play a part in it. To DeShone's defense, he played with a lot of young receivers a year ago and I think that's difficult when you're a veteran player, but he's been very honest that he knows that's something he needs to work at." He struggled at the end of games so bad that in there best comeback win of the season? They strictly ran the ball, and didn't let him throw the last drive at the end of the game. 

He can throw a great touch pass deep down the sideline. "Obviously, he has the measurables," Jackson said. "[He's] a big, physical quarterback who can make all the throws that anybody needs to make in the National Football League. He's intelligent. So he has the characteristics that we're looking for." But he can't run an offense. 

He is the first QB to leave the Fighting Irish with two years of eligibility left. "It helped me out quite a bit already,'' Kiser said about minicamp. "So I'm very confident that once I get to their system and I'm able to be in the facility, I believe those improvements will continue and I'll be able to become a more accurate thrower." So wrong on so many levels. 
Jackson likes the fact that Kizer has the mobility to go along with his arm talent. "I'm glad he has that athletic ability, but obviously we play a lot of different ways,'' Jackson said. "You have to play from the pocket, but you also have to be able to escape defenses as you face them. He's very coachable. He wants to work at it, and that's what it's going to take. We'll find out how good this guy can be over time." He needs to be retrained from top to bottom.
I just don't get it. He isn't a legit prospect. They passed on some QBs who had a chance, for a guy who struggled to make decisions in college. Decisions don't get easier in the NFL, they get a lot harder. If he went on Day Three to a team that could sit him for three to five years I would have applaud the pick. But the Browns don't have a QB, and need one now. If they put him in as a rookie it will destroy him. Kessler has to keep him on the bench, or Cleveland destroys another early drafted QB again. 

Be A Citizen! Not a Subject! 

Fascist is as Fascist does. Beware American. President Jerkballs is pulling the cowardly republican Senate closer and closer to the cliff.

Amendment I. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances:

THE DAY DEMOCRACY DIED. Only Dictators fire everyone who investigates their illegal and treasonous activity. 

Impeachment Proceeding!

First off what Jared was doing is not a "Backdoor". A "Backdoor" is a legal way to have private conversations with other world leaders for the benefit of America. What Jared set up was a Covert/Illegal/treasonous communication with a foreign enemy who was ATTACKING US! 

And let's be clear again: 


This was not State Business. It was before the transition when they 

WERE NOT a part of the State. 

This was treason for profit!

Read the books that Support this Website. As thousands of fans have already done and enjoyed.




Defense: 4-3

Teez Tabor

CB FLA 6', 199,

(U) 4.63! (PD) 4.75!

6.99 3-Cone, 4.14 SS, 

10'Broad, 32.5" Vert,

9 Reps! 32" Arms,


Jarrad Davis


DE/PR, LB, RB, WR, DT, DL, OL, OL, S, DL, WR, 

2017 Picks:

1 (21) Jarrad Davis, LB Florida
2 (53) Jalen Tabor, DB, Florida
3 (96) Kenny Golladay WR N, Illinois
4  Jaylen Reeves-Maybin, LB Tenn
4 (127) Michael Roberts, TE, Toledo
5 (165) Jamal Agnew, CB, San Diego
6 Jeremiah Ledbetter DE Arkansas
6 (215) Brad Kaaya, QB, Miami
7 (250) Pat OíConnor DE, E.Michigan

2016 Picks:

1 (21) Jarrad Davis, ILB, Florida
2 (53) Jalen Tabor, DB, Florida
3 (96) Kenny Golladay WR N. Illinois
4 (124) Jaylen Reeves-Maybin, Tenn
4 (127) Michael Roberts, TE Toledo
5 (165) Jamal Agnew, CB San Diego
6 Jeremiah Ledbetter, DE Arkansas
6 (215) Brad Kaaya, QB Miami
7-250 Pat OíConnor DE, E. Michigan

Key F.A. Signed:

ORT Ricky Wagner


CB DJ Hayden

Key F.A.:

WR Anquan Boldin

WR Corey Fuller (R) 
TE Clay Harbor
TE Matthew Mulligan
TE Tim Wright
DT Stefan Charles
DT Khyri Thornton (R) 
DT Tyrunn Walker
DE Devin Taylor
ORT Cornelius Lucas (R) 
ILB Jon Bostic
OLB Armonty Bryant
OLB Josh Bynes
OLB Brandon Copeland
CB Johnthan Banks
FS Rafael Bush
SS Don Carey
LS Don Muhlbach

Key F.A. Lost:

WR Andre Roberts

OLT Riley Reiff

ORG Larry Warford

The Team: This was a terrible picks. "The 40 time at the Combine and at the pro day is what it is," Quinn said. "I think in Jalen's case, me personally, I probably watched more film on him than any prospect that I could ever remember watching film on. Because everyone said, 'Well, he ran real slow.' I said, 'Okay, well the games that I watched, I didnít see him get run by.' And so we kept going back. Well, let's watch this game. Let's watch that game. Let's go back to 2016. Go back to 2015 when he was a young kid playing." That makes no sense to me at all.

He was suspended for fighting with a teammate on the practice field. He tested positive, and then refused to take another drug test. Tabor should have been a Day Three pick.

You CANNOT play CB in the NFL with a 4.7 next to your name. "I canít sit here and say I watched every play that heís ever played at Florida," Quinn said. "But I watched a considerable amount of games and reps of him and we had a really good workout with him down at the University of Florida. So time speed is what it is. I take playing speed as a more important gauge than time speed." But he cannot run downfield with NFL WRs.

I loved-loved-loved his Tape as well, but there are certain bounds of reality. "I donít know that itís changed," Quinn said. "I think the things that you evaluate at the corner position is the instinctive. You have to be an instinctive player and we use the term 'reactionary athleticism.' When youíre playing defense, youíre reacting to what the offensive player is doing. Itís one of the hardest positions to play in sports. So if you donít have really good instincts. and really good feel, anticipation, it doesnít matter if youíre 4.2 or 4.9. If you donít have those anticipations, instincts, awareness, route recognition, all those things. I think I put those higher up than how fast the guy ran at the Combine." He moves very well backwards and sideways in coverage.

He has great instincts and reactions to the ball in the air. "I would rank instincts very near the top," Quinn said. "So when youíre watching a player, it could be offense, defense, any player, you see how they anticipate things. When the quarterback hits that back foot and heís about to drive the football, is the corner reacting or is he reacting when the ball is three yards after he released it? So youíve got to really sit there and watch a lot of film on these skill players to really dig in and judge those instincts, that awareness, that anticipation. Thatís all film." There are risks all over this pick. 
But it keeps coming back to the Forty. "Yes, itís an alert," Quinn said. "Itís like, 'Alright, well, corners are supposed to run this and theyíre supposed to run that.í If he went out and ran a 4.45, we probably would have been pretty much done with the evaluation. And felt good with where it was at. But that's part of why the Combine is when it is. And itís time to kind of, okay, reassess the board, look where it is. Our board is really set in February before we go to the Combine. We tweak it and adjust it between February and now, but weíre not changing our board drastically based on how fast guys run." I mean, CBs are more dependent on speed than any other position.

He also had Character Concerns. He has great instincts in coverage. He had 8 career INTs, so he was not elite in that respect. Nice blitzer off the edge, but that is not always a compliment to a CB. 

A 4.62 at the Combine was terrible, and then his Proday was a stunning disaster. "Yeah, I mean, I think as a corner youíve got to be confident," Teez said. "I mean, youíve got the best athletes in the world running toward you. Youíre running backwards. Like, you better have some confidence in your ability to kind of cover those guys, so I think thatís definitely a part that we evaluate. You know, Jalen is that. Youíre right, heís a confident guy, heís a football-smart guy, he loves the game, heís a competitor. That defense, we obviously watched a ton of that with Jarrad. and the other prospects they had, so he kept showing up and making plays." But they will have him zone the flat. So he has a chance.

He cannot play a down of man in the NFL, without help over the top. "Iím not sure," Teez said. "That might be a better question for the other teams. We had him graded and I felt really comfortable where he was at. It was getting down where I thought some teams were getting close and there was little bit of a run on corners and then there was really a run after him, actually. They started flying off the board. I donít want to avoid the question, I just donít know what other teams were thinking on that. I just kind of knew where I had him and I liked him where he was." But he can play in a cover three or cover four zone always scheme. 

He is a short term solution at CB for this scheme. "Yeah, we talked to him about all those situations, as we talked to all our prospects and those things," Quinn said about Teez's massive CCs. "He answered all the questions that we had for him and we felt very comfortable at that position to take him. There were no issues there." But when it ends for his coaches here, it ends for Teez in Detroit.
The Reason: The one hope for him is that he can play in a Cover 3 and Cover 4 defenses. "Itís going to be really good," Tabor said. "One of the things I said I wanted going into whoever picks me was somebody I can come in and learn from and pick his brain. I watch Slayís game, I love his game. Heís one of the top corners in the league so when I go in Iím going to be connected to him like his phone clip. Iím just going to be on his hip everywhere he goes. I want to study what he does and what makes him so good because I have a lot to learn." He can play in a Zone in the NFL.

He can cover short and intermediate. "Iím not a track guy," Teez said. "Iím catching picks and jamming people at the line. So Iím a good football player. Now, you line me up, I might not beat you in the race, but reading routes and all that stuff, itís no question." He does fit their system.

But I'm sure I would say that about any other guy. "Iíd probably say Iíd probably watch, Iím guessing, 14 games total. Thatís a guess. Itís more than 10, for sure," Quinn said about how many games he watched on Teez. "No, I mean, if youíre watching one guy you can get through a game in half an hour, 45 minutes. So, I mean, you guys do the math." Comparing him to Joes Haden is ridiculous. 

Haden ran in the 4.4s at his Proday, and Teez ran a terrifying 4.75 at his Proday. I ran a high 4.6 once 30 years ago (anyone who runs a Forty slower than me cannot play CB in the NFL;). He will be best in bail, where hopefully the QB doesn't have time to throw to him over the top. 

Teez did a great job teasing us with his Tape. "You have to be an instinctive player and we use the term reactionary athleticism," Quinn said. "When youíre playing defense, youíre reacting to what the offensive player is doing. And itís one of the hardest positions to play in sports. So if you donít have really good instincts and really good feel and anticipation, it doesnít matter if youíre 4.2 or 4.9. If you donít have those anticipation, instincts, awareness, route recognition, all those things, I think I put those higher up than how fast the guy ran at the combine." But he is Zone Corner only in the NFL.

He has a chance to play in their zone-heavy Cover-Four system. "Thatís the type of confidence you have to have to play cornerback," Tabor said. "That statement just shows a lot about my confidence and myself and the type of confidence you have to play cornerback and football, not just in college but every level you play football you have to have a certain level of confidence at corner. So thatís just my confidence and thatís just saying that Iím not going to back down from any challenge when I step on the field." His tragic lack of speed hurts him in every system.
Except maybe, not as much, in the Tampa Two and the Cover Four. "Day two of the draft was a productive one," Quinn said. "In the 2nd round (we) had a number of players on the board that we liked. Ended up taking Jalen Tabor from Florida, versatile corner. Heís played outside. Heís played inside, two-plus year starter, really good football player. Had a productive meeting with him the same time we went down to see Jarrad. So it was a very productive visit down to Gainesville back in March. Really fortunate that he was there, think heís going to come in and compete with the other corners on our team, kind of see where he falls. But really feel happy and fortunate that he was there in the second round. The third round came around and it was kind of a strange round because it started off pretty slow and it was number of guys that we liked, and then all of a sudden there was a run on players." That's the only thing you can say to save this pick, "Cover-Four."

The Player: He is so good at shadowing the WR, and then turning and looking back at the QB after the break. He can read the QB throwing the ball to a different receiver, and go and knock that pass down. He has to taken his game to another level in the 2nd Half of the season. 
FLA ST: He plays off a lot, but when they ask him to Press, he really looked great. His ability to react to the WR's pattern is elite. Great anticipation reading the route. He is elite in the Redzone. FLA made the mistake of getting inside the five and tried to throw to Rudolph on 2nd and 3rd down, and he defended both passes. He is so cat quick. He can shadow the WR inside, and then when he jerks outside, he can get low and match his explosion back outside step for step.

Georgia: Excellent in zone coverage eyeing the QB sideways and sliding down field. Played zone and man. He was very aware zoning the flat. Nice feet moving backwards, while angled with inside technique. He does not give up a lot of space for the QB to throw into. Great feet moving backwards when the WR breaks out a little and then back inside. He can hop in front of him and take away any angle for the QB to throw into.

Iowa: He can come off his man, and hit the tight end catching the ball on the Seam, and knock it out. He is very underrated in the run game. He is great at staying in front of the RB on the 2nd and 3rd levels. 

Tennessee: He has really turned into a terrific tackler on the edge. He is making plays on the ball in the air more this year, which is a big step for him. He stayed with guys so close to WRs the QB can't throw to him. But he got a big INT against Tenn. If he can start to make plays on the ball, as well as shut guys up, he is going to be very valuable in the NFL. He can get from the sideline to seam to knock the TE down before he can secure the ball. The big TE flipped him over when he hit him, but he knocked the ball out 

Combine: A little high in pedal. Smooth hips. He looked a little higher hipped than I remembered. Nice transition moving back to forward. He had a disastrous Combine. Wow! He just ran himself out of the 1st. I love the way he moves on the field. He is as fast as anyone moving sideways, 3/4ing, and backwards. He played a lot faster than that time. "With Vernon [Hargreaves] there last year he played with a lot more confidence," a scout said. "I don't think he's a lockdown cornerback. He's a good football player and can cover in our league, but he's also going to be a pain in the ass for whoever takes him." But in the 4.6s? In this Draft? He just ran himself into Day Two. 

Proday: He had an even worse Proday than Combine. "CB Teez Tabor (6-0 1/2, 196) ran the 40 in 4.75 and 4.75 seconds, had a 32.5-inch vertical, a 4.15-second short shuttle, and a 6.99-second three-cone," Gil Brandt wrote. "He doesn't run very fast but he makes up for it with anticipation and change of direction. He reminds me some of Joe Haden. His lack of speed probably drops him from the first round, but some team will get a pretty good player with excellent ball skills in the second round." You cannot have a 4.7 next to your name and play CB in the NFL.

2016: Declared for the NFL Draft after his junior seasonÖ Played and started in 12 gamesÖ Totaled 33 tackles, four interceptions (one returned for a touchdown), six pass break-ups, one sack and a fumble recoveryÖ Notched that interception returned for a touchdown against MissouriÖ Recorded eight interceptions during his final two seasons in Gainesville, which tied for the 14th-most among players during that spanÖ Additionally, his three interception return touchdowns during the past two years was third most by an FBS player during that period... Ended his career with 33 pass breakups, which ranks as the sixth most all-time in program historyÖ Named Second Team All-America by the FWAA, AFCA, CBS Sports and Sports Illustrated, while he earned Third Team All-America accolades b ye APÖ Garnered First Team All-SEC honors by the leagueís Coaches, AP, Athlon Sports, ESPN.com and Gridiron NowÖ Earned Pro Football Focus Second Team All-SEC accolades.

Alabama: He really shied away from the rough stuff in 2015. But he has been in on, or trying to get in, on tackles all over the field. He is really playing mad in 2016. When he played off, he would watch the QB. When he threw over the middle, he would slide off the WR on the goal line, and get a TFL on the RB sneaking out of the backfield (1:18). Excellent display of eyes, smarts, and toughness. (1:18). I was so impressed with him last season. It is such a shame about the speed.

You can see he never left Scott (1:31). He shut the ultra speedy Scott down in the Endzone with perfect coverage. He is so good at anticipating the route, and running it with the WR (1:37). He sees the pass. Watch how quick he is at Scott's feet after the Catch. Great burst forward (1:48). He knows where Scott is going (1:55). So he set up in the Post, and took everything away in the Endzone. He is the best at understanding the routes of the WR. With his speed, he is going to need every drip of that anticipation.
I love his movement skills. He flies around laterally, backwards, sideways, and every way in between as well as anyone. Just not forwards (2:05). Watch how fast he comes out of the pedal and into the RB's feet (2:14). He played the run better this year, but got beat up by the blocker there (2:32). He was very good at zoning the Flat. They like to have him pick up the short patterns to protect his speed (2:43). You really see the Tape different when you know his speed.

He did a good job staying with Scott across the field (2:51). He was much better against the run, and taking on the Monster Back is a good example of that (3:00). He played it right. But then whiffed (3:08). He will have to play in a Cover Two and/or heavy Zone defense.

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Defense: 4-3

*Raekwon McMillan-


6-2, 241, (O) 4.61! 

33"Arm, 23 Reps, 

10'1" Broad, 33" Vert, 

7.15 3-Cone, 4.39 SS



*Charles Harris

DE Missouri


2017 Picks:

1 (22) Charles Harris, DE Missouri
2-54 Raekwon McMillan LB Ohio ST
3 Cordrea Tankersley,CB Clemson
5 (164) Isaac Ariata, OG, Utah
5 (178) Davon Godchaux, DT LSU
6 (194) Vincent Taylor, NT, OK ST
7 (237) Isaiah Ford, WR V- Tech


2016 Picks:

1 (13) Laremy Tunsil, OT, Ole Miss
2 (38) Xavien Hodward, CB, Baylor
3 (73) Kenyan Drake, RB, Alabama
3 (86) Leonte Carroo, WR, Rutgers
6-186 Jakeem Grant WR Texas Tech
6 (204) Jordan Lucas, S, Penn State
7 (223) Brandon Doughty, QB, Western Kentucky
7 (231) Thomas Duarte, WR, UCLA

Key F.A. Signed:

TE Julius Thomas

DE Andre Branch

DE William Hayes

ILB Kiko Alonso

ILB Lawrence Timmons

S Rashad Jones

Key F.A.:

RB Damien Williams (R)
TE MarQeis Gray
TE Dion Sims
TE Dominique Jones
OG/OT Jermon Bushrod
OLT Sam Young
OLT Branden Albert 
DE Mario Williams 
DE Jason Jones
DE Dion Jordan
DE Nick Williams (R)
DT Earl Mitchell
ILB Donald Butler
OLB Jelani Jenkins
OLB Spencer Paysinger
CB Chimdi Checkwa
CB Chris Culliver
CB Ifo Ekpre-Olomu 
FS Michael Thomas
LS John Denney

Key F.A. Lost:

TE Jordan Cameron

The Team: I took McMillan in and out of this spot ten times, but I kept him here as my second choice the Day Two Draft (post 1st Round). But I did have him here in my Final Draft before the Draft Started. That is another pick in the 2nd Round for the best Mock Draft in the Universe, and beyond...

He had zero Character Concerns. "This was a kid that everything was so far [high] with character and intangibles and skills," Grier said. "That we said, 'there's no point in bringing him here. We're just wasting a visit.'" Great work ethic and toughness.
They have two excellent veterans already. "The good thing here is that in adding Timmons and re-signing Kiko, weíre gonna let it play out," Grier said. "We have an idea where we think theyíll play, but Iíll let the coaches talk about that. I think everybody in the [War] room wanted him. This is a guy we were all very high on." They have to decide who plays in the Middle.
McMillan would be best in the middle. "They said I can play any linebacker position," McMillan said. "Wherever they need me to play, I can play it." Teams usually want a veteran in at MLB.
But Timmons and Alonzo are more athletically inclined to play OLB in a 4-3. "He was a guy we absolutely loved," Grier said. "Talk about an alpha guy. Heís a two-time captain. A guy who makes all the calls there. This guy really understands football. Heís a tackling machine." McMillan's eventual position will be MLB.
But they may have to start him at the Sam as a rookie. "Iím just happy to be in the situation Iím in," McMillan said. "I just want to say thank you, God, for everything that He has done for me. I have my family here. Itís just a blessing to be able to change all our lives. Itís amazing. All this hard work is finally coming to light. Itís time to get back to work." McMillan can play.

They have a big need at LB, and one of the best in a while is coming out. "Nothing is ever off the table. But at the same time we have an idea how we want to build it," Gase said. "Weíve got to get some more guys to help Kiko out. Weíve got to keep him healthy." They want to get someone to help Alonso in the middle.

They play a 4-3, and have two good LBs. They have to find that third LB for their defense. They have three unsigned LB free agents, and have no intention of signing them. 

Second Choice: Raekwon McMillan ILB

The Team: I hate this pick, because I like this player. "When the rookies come in, the hard part is the playbook," Grier said. "When you talk to the guys at Ohio State, they talk about this guyís intellect, how smart he is, how he can line up everybody. When we met with him at the combine, heís talking football, telling where the corners, safeties, the front, moving the front. He understands it. This is a guy if you probably talk to him, heís calm. Heís one of those, he gets into the playbook. Heíll learn this quickly and we anticipate him making an impact (right away)." I'm not happy McMillan is going to Miami. 

He is a down hill inside linebacker that the Dolphins needed to stop the Pats run game. "Thatís what you like about him because heís physical and heís smart," Grier said. "We think he can run. We like his play speed. Itís evident when you watch him on tape. He makes a lot of plays to the outside too. Weíre comfortable playing him wherever he has to play to play for us. Talking with the coaches, weíre going to let it play out. We have kind of an idea where we think theyíre going to play, but we havenít worked with Timmons yet as well here in terms of getting them on the field all together." He is just good enough in coverage to keep on the field for three downs.

He is not elite in coverage, but he can play some man. "When you talk to the coaches, Urban Meyer absolutely loves this guy," Grier said. "He says heís one of his favorite players heís ever coached." He is better in a Zone eyeing the QB.

Terrific spy. "Highly intelligent, we love his football intellect, loved talking with the kid," Grier said. "This guy really understands football. Heís got leadership skills and heís a tackling machine. Heís a big body in the middle, he can take on blocks. Heís a good player. People want to talk about whether he could run or not. The guy ran 4.61 at 240-plus pounds. The guy can run. Heís a good football player. Itís a guy we feel very strongly about and weíre really excited to have him here." He can also hurt the QB blitzing up the gut. 

When he sees it, he can get there fast in a straight line. "I think as you get to know the kid, and like I said, heís a very calm and flat-line person, nothingís ever too big for him." Grier said, "Which is what when you talk to the coaches there, Urban Meyer absolutely loves this guy. He says he was one of his favorite players heís ever coached. But the culmination of everything probably hit him because when we talked to him, I was telling him, "Get excited, man.'" The biggest situations on the field where not too much for him.

I like how he plays behind his eyes. "When you talk to the guys at Ohio State, they talk about this guyís intellect, how smart he is, how he can line up everybody," Grier said. "When we met with him at the Combine it was easy. Heís talking football. Telling (us) where: the corner (is). Safety, the front, moving the front. He understands it. This is a guy that if you talk to him heís like flat-line and calm. Heís one of those. He gets into the playbook. Heíll learn this quickly and we do anticipate him making an impact." I thought they would help their offense more. 

The Player: McMillan ran a 4.61, which is a good time for him. He is an old school LB who is at his best moving forward. "Iím not a fan," a scout said. "He's tough and plays the game the right way. But heís a little bit small and plays small. Heís not as athletic as a guy that size needs to be." He has to show he can move backwards in coverage to be an every down LB. 2nd Team All-American. He was the clear leader of the Ohio State defense. 

He has the ability to come in and be the green dot guy. "Excellent leader," a different scout said. "Everybody listens to this guy. Heís a zone coverage guy. Heíll need some work in man-to-man. Has feel, has vision, easy mover. Heís a perfect football guy." Not great in coverage.

Not the best in coverage. He can really move laterally. Very quick feet moving backwards. Definitely moved better forward. He moved very well laterally in bag drill. Very nice job moving side to side and he can sink his hips. Nice reaction moving backwards, and bursting sideways. Nice hips. Great burst forward. 

2016 Season (Junior): First Team All-Big Ten ... Second team All-America by the Associated Press, Walter Camp, USA Today, The Sporting News, Sports Illustrated and Fox Sports ... Lott and Butkus Award semifinalist ... leads the team with 87 tackles ... tied a career high with 16 tackles in the regular-season finale vs. Michigan ... team-high 10 tackles in the win at Maryland where he also added 2.0 TFL, 1.0 sack and a forced fumble ... recorded nine tackles in the win over Northwestern ... had eight in the win at Oklahoma ... seven tackles at Michigan State ... recorded four tackles and one QBH in the win over Bowling Green ... eight tackles, 1 FF and 1 PBU in the win over Tulsa ... seven stops and a half TFL in the win over Rutgers ... six tackles and one PBU at Penn State.

McMillan does a nice job working through traffic to cover the RB out of the backfield (4:07). He is a move forward ILB. Anything that involves moving forward he excels at. But he is not as good moving backwards in coverage as you want. He can spot the QB keeping the ball on 3rd and 1, and jet forward and hit him before he can get the yard. He shoots like a rocket outside on tosses, right into the RB. When he hits the RB at the line he stops. When he is on he is hitting the RBs before they reach the line. But he is not good in coverage. 
He can blitz up the gut and sack the QB. Nice job changing direction when the QB rolls out. He is so good moving forward. He gets himself out of position sometimes, because he always wants to move forward off the snap (:01). He is going to have to learn to play better moving backwards in the NFL. Maybe the best run stuffer at ILB in this Draft (:12). He is so good at diagnosing the run, and getting to the RB in traffic. 
He always looks better moving forward. Nice job holding off the OG with his arms, and then sliding to the side and taking down the RB (he rammed the OG off his feet here with some heavy hands :22). You have to make tackles off blockers to play LB in the NFL. 

He does a nice job covering the TE over the middle. He can take the TE down fast when he catches the ball in the box. He can tip a ball in coverage from the zone drop. He can use his eyes in the zone to get in position to make a play on the ball. Nice job working through traffic to cover the RB out of the backfield. When he meets the RB in the hole, he goes down. He is just never fooled. He can make the tackle on the shovel pass that tricks everyone else. 
Wisconsin- He can be an RB magnet sometimes (:38). He has an elite blast off forward. He can attack forward and smash into the tight end with speed to power, and knock him clean off his feet and back on his butt  (:47). Not a bad job covering the FB out of the backfield (1:22). Nice job picking up the fast RB out of the backfield and running with him (1:48). He can go across the formation and pick up the RB (2:53). And cut off his pattern so the QB can't dump it off to him

Nice job in coverage on the tight end on Out patterns. Nice zone dropper, and he does a great job coming out of coverage (3:25). And charge in and hitting the QB at the LOS when he takes off.

He always seems to be in complete control mentally, and checks the defense (3:49). He has it mentally to lead a defense in the NFL (4:06). Reminds me of Hightower mentally. He reads it before it happens and points things out to his team mates.
He finds the RB like a magnet. He will get over aggressive sometimes moving inside, but he can retreat and recover, and grab the RB at the marker. I love the way he moves on the field. He has some heavy hands taking on the OG. When he uses both hands and pushes up and can knock the big OLG off his shirt. When he gets low, he can tackle the RB through the ORT, who is grabbing and holding him.

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Defense: 4-3

Dalvin Tomlinson

DT Alabama

6-3, 312, (PD)

*Evan Engram-

H-B/WR Ole Miss


2017 Picks:

1 (23) Evan Engram, TE, Mississippi
2 (55) Dalvin Tomlinson, DT Alabama
3 (87) Davis Webb, QB, California
4 (140) Wayne Gallman, RB, Clemson
5 Avery Moss DE, Youngstown ST
6 (200) Adam Bisnowaty OL Pitt


2016 Picks:

1 (10) Eli Apple, CB, Ohio State
2 Sterling Shepard, WR, Oklahoma
3-71 Darian Thompson SS Boise ST
4 (109) B.J. Goodson, ILB, Clemson
5 (149) Paul Perkins, RB, UCLA
6 (184) Jerrell Adams, TE, 

South Carolina

Key F.A. Signed:

QB Geno Smith

WR Brandon Marshall

OT DJ Fluker

OG Jerry Jones

TE Matt LaCosse 

DE Jason Pierre-Paul

OLB Mark Herzlich

ILB Keenan Robinson

LS Zak DeOssie

Key F.A.:

QB Josh Johnson
QB Ryan Nassib
RB Orleans Darkwa (R) 
RB Bobby Rainey
TE Larry Donnell
OLT Will Beatty
DE Kerry Winn (R) 
DT Jason Hankins
RT Marshall Newhouse
ILB Kelvin Sheppard
OLB Deontae Skinner (R)
CB Leon Hall
CB Trevin Wade
K Robbie Gould

Key F.A. Lost:

CB Coty Sensabaugh

DT Jonathon Hankins

The Team: I had this Pick. I had the Giants taking Tomlinson in the 3rd Round with the 87th pick. 

The NJG needed a DT before they lost Hankins. "I feel like weíre both aggressive," Tomlinson said. "Iím pretty sure heís more aggressive than me because he's used to it. I probably have a little bit more nerves right now. Just the way he comes off, I feel like weíll complement each other well on the defensive line." They were desperate at DT. 

Tomlinson should step in and start at 3-Tech as a rookie. "Heís a two-gap type player," Reese said. "He can hold the point of attack, has that NFL toughness that we like and the profile that we like. Heís a New York Giant kind of player." This was a huge needs pick.

One of those old school scouting tricks is that you draft a wrestler on either line. "Yes, I think wrestling has the biggest impact on my football ability because as a defensive lineman, it helped me learn leverage," Tomlinson said. "I know how to play blocks a little bit easier because of wrestling. Also the mental toughness it takes to play the sport." He will step in for Hankins right away. 

He can play the Nose, or DT on either side. "There are some great veterans that I can learn from and theyíre going to teach me a lot of things," Tomlinson said. "The coaching staff and I are learning, hopefully, I learn the defense quick enough and everything like that. I just will come in and work every day like I want to and weíll see what happens." Elite hands to stack and shed. 

He knows how to stop the run. "As soon as [Tomlinson] got drafted, I said, 'Man, we stole you.' We really needed a tackle and youíre going to make that position fantastic," Landon Collins said. "Thatís all he wanted to play. That was the first question he asked me. 'What am I going to be playing?' I know the defense pretty well, so I said, 'Youíre going to be playing three-tech and the one-shade. From that point on, thatís all youíre going to play.' He said, 'Perfect, thatís all I want to play.'" If he is healthy, he is a plug and play run stuffing DT.

But he also gives you some inside rush, which is important. "Of course," Collins said. "Youíve got to remember weíve got three All-Pros. Youíve got [Vernon], youíve got [JPP] and youíve got [Harrison]. So those guys are definitely going to take him under their wings, teach him the game and I think itís going to be a very easy transition for him." He was a top inside rusher by the Playoffs this season. 

The Player: Tomlinson is an elite DL, who hurt his knee twice, and missed most of his college football career do to surgery. But when he was on the field, he can play. He is so good against the run. He showed he could burst up the middle and hit the QB late in the season. He is a very smart guy, who already earned his degree. Completely clean off the field. Excellent character. He only started one season do to injury. He garnered 3 Sacks, 5.5 TFL, on 62 tackles last season.

He just got better and better as the season wore on.  "Not great. Just a good, solid pro," a scout said. "Could develop into a quality nose tackle." Big strong guy, who knows who to use his hands and leverage to get into the backfield.

Great job stacking shedding, "Strong at the point of attack," a scout said. "Heís got strong hips, good hands, hard to move on run blocks. Not a dominant pass rusher but can get push and is athletic enough to edge the blocker. One-technique or 3-technique." He was a 5th year senior last season, which was his first as a fulltime starter.

A&M: Lines up on the Nose a lot, but he is not like last years DTs. He is lighter, quicker and slippery. When gets the outside shoulder of the ORG he can leap up and knock the pass down. Every time I watch him this year he got better. He can get outside and take down the RB in the backfield between the numbers and the sideline. He can power through the outside shoulder of the OLG, and get to the RB trying to get outside. He was the guy that A&M started doubling at the point in the 2nd quarter. 
Clemson: Great burst up field when teams try tricky blocks. Much better burst off the snap at the end of the season. He really developed mentally during the season. He knows what he is seeing now. Nice job setting the edge on the ORT, and using his hands to get around him and tackle the RB. He was a wrestler in high school. 
LSU: Great inside move on run downs. He can line up at 5-Tech and cross the ORG face and burst up the middle. He is a big strong guy. Stack and shed DE with great upper body strength. When he played low and mean, and in balance with his hands and feet, he looked like a Day One pick.
Washington: He looks better and better every week. Terrific job with a power punch inside move that sends him right into the QB. This guy is not just a draftable guy, he is Day Three priority. If he makes it to Day Three he will not last long in the 4th. He was really shedding guys with his hands late in the season. He brought those improving hands to the Playoffs. 

Combine: When he finally got healthy he was beast in the 2nd half of the season. He can be explosive as the 3-Tech. Great run stuffer. He was a wrestler. Light on his feet. He moves so much better than you think he could in bag drills. 

The Reason: I loved this pick not just because I had this pick, but because I like his game. "We thought he was a terrific pick right here right now at this point in the draft," Reese said. "We interviewed him at the combine. He was one of the best interviews we thought out of the entire combine. When he left the room, everyone was like, 'wow, that was pretty impressive.'" He has a great club swim in the inside rush. 

He got better and better as the season went on and he got healthy. "Dalvin is strong," Ross said. "He is country strong, he has jolt, he has walk-back power, he is stout at the point of attack, he has sneaky athleticism and every down he plays hard. Every down. As they say at Alabama, he is a manís man. He was an ultimate leader there, guy you want in the foxhole and just really a leader for those guys. We hope that he brings some of those same attributes for us." But you have to question his ability to stay on the field.

To me that might be his only concern. "There are a bunch of guys there," Spagnuolo said. "Thereís Jay (Bromley), Thomas, and Tomlinson will fill in there, and some other young guys coming in. Itís probably no different than the Mike linebacker position and weíre just gonna let it unwind. Someoneís going to line up there next to Snacks (Damon Harrison). In between now and Dallas weíll figure that out. But, we are excited about having him. Everything you read and heard, I know Jerry addressed it and Iím sure Ben did too. He was a very impressive young man at the Combine, heís got a great story like you said, and I think heís a pretty good football player." He was a great high school wrestler.

Those guys always translate to the NFL. "[He's a] big guy that we think can come in and compete for a starting job for us," Reese said. "Create a lot of competition at that position. He's a two-gap type player. He can hold the point of attack, has that NFL toughness that we like and the profile that we like." He plays with great lower body power.


Be A Citizen! Not a Subject! 

Fascist is as Fascist does. Beware American. President Jerkballs is pulling the cowardly republican Senate closer and closer to the cliff.

Amendment I. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances:

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Impeachment Proceeding!

First off what Jared was doing is not a "Backdoor". A "Backdoor" is a legal way to have private conversations with other world leaders for the benefit of America. What Jared set up was a Covert/Illegal/treasonous communication with a foreign enemy who was ATTACKING US! 

And let's be clear again: 



It is time to stop looking at the White House through the prism of a Reality Show.

This is not acceptable behavior in any way, shape, or form.

They conspired with a foreign government, 

that was ACTIVELY attacking our Democracy!

"Back channels are what we did with the Swiss. when we didn't have diplomatic relations with Cuba and Iran. We used the Swiss to 'Back Channel' into those countries." (3:42) 

"This is not a 'Back Channels'. As an Intelligence officers we look for indications and warnings. You look for patterns. This is a clear pattern 

that is emerging. A Pattern that shows a consistent effort to deceive. When you have that 

there is only one conclusion you can draw. From an intelligence stand point,

Than this man was either aspiring to be a Russian agent,

or was a Russian Agent."

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Defense: 4-3

Obi Melifonwu


6-3 7/8! 224! (U) 4.46-4.4! 

44" Vert! 11'9" Broad!


Gareon Conley-

CB Ohio ST

RB (FA), DE, DT, LB, WR, DE, CB, LB,  

2017 Picks:

1 (24) Gareon Conley, CB, Ohio State
2 (56) Obi Melifonwu, DB, UConn
3 (88) Eddie Vanderdoes, DT, UCLA
4 (129) David Sharpe, OL, Florida
5 (168) Marquel Lee, LB Wake Forest
7 Shalom Luani, FS, Washington ST
7 (231) Jylan Ware OT, Alabama ST
7 (242) Elijah Hood, RB, UNC
7 (244) Treyvon Hester, DT Toledo


2016 Picks:

1 (14) Karl Joseph, S, West Virginia
2 (44) Jihad Ward, DE, Illinois
3-75 Shilique Calhoun DE Mich ST
4 (100) Connor Cook, QB, Mich ST
5 (143) Deandre Washington, RB Texas Tech
6 Cory James, OLB, Colorado ST
7 (234) Vadal Alexander, G, LSU

Key F.A. Signed:

TE Jared Cook

WR/KR Cordarelle Patterson

Key F.A.: 

QB Matt McGloin
WR Andre Holmes
TE Cooper Helfet (R)
ORT Matt McCants
ORT Menelik Watson
DE Denico Autrey (R)
DT Stacy McGee
ILB Daren Bates
ILB Perry Riley
FS Nate Allen
SS Brynden Trawick
LS John Condo

Key F.A. Lost:

RB Latavius Murray

TE Mychal Rivera

ILB Malcolm Smith

CB DJ Hayden

The Team: I had a disaster, and somehow deleted the complete three articles in this section (yay;). I lost all my notes and quotes and everything. So this is a little annoyingly done redo. Which is good, because I had to watch more Tape. And my opinion changed. He is not a CB. He is a Cover Two Safety. He reminds me a ton of Kam Chancellor. Only Obi was better in college. He was the best Safety coming down hill to tackle in space on the sideline in this Draft. 

Though this was another questionable pick by the Raiders. "I definitely thought it was gonna play out a little bit differently," Obi said. "There were definitely times (on earlier picks) I thought I would be picked by certain teams." They have a Pro Bowl FS in Reggie Nelson, and a 1st Round pick from last years Draft at SS. 

So Obi will have trouble getting on the field as a rookie. "I didnít come in at all [for a visit]," Obi said, when asked if he was shocked the Raiders took him, "I was really shocked because after the Senior Bowl I didnít hear anything from them, I didnít go on a visit, they didnít come to work me out. I got talked to at the combine, but I definitely wasnít expecting that." But Nelson is 34 years old, and will no longer be a Raider past his current contract. His job as s rookie will be the third Safety developing behind the two other guys, and special teams. 

This was a shocking pick that I certainly didn't see coming. "Athleticism, changing direction and then heíll come up and hit you," Del Rio said. "We like the tape. We think heís a good football player and weíre happy to start working with him," Melifonwu might be the top freak  in the Draft.
He could play (yuck;) CB or LB for them when needed, but this will mainly be a redshirt season for him. "He comes in, and heís just trying to soak up our system right now," Del Rio said. "Athletically, he's very blessed. He has highway speed that you look for." His elite ability to get to the ball carrier in space should make him a special teams maven right away.

He flies through traffic to the ball all over the field. "I think I'm a sound tackler, but that really was my last game of my college career," Melifonwu said. "I really wanted to go out with a bang and just really be remembered as a great safety that played for the University of Connecticut. So that was really a memorable moment." He was great on Tape at UConn.
He plays with great range and coverage skills over the top from Cover Two and Cover One. "I feel like Iím a solid cover guy, especially with tight ends," Melifonwu said. "I feel like the majority of tight ends I go up against, Iím going to be faster than them and really be able to really them. I feel as though I can be an every down defensive back." They drafted him to cover tight ends.

The Reason: You know that Del Rio wants to get a safety who can run his defense and cover tight ends. "Look this is no secret, weíve struggled for the last couple years covering the opponentsí tight ends," Del Rio said. "We think [Melifonwu] can help out with his length, match up against some of the bigger tight ends, some of the better tight ends. Weíll put him right in the mix." Obi can run with any TE down the Seam in the NFL.
He knows all the ins and outs of playing Safety in the NFL.
"Just having a better sense of the game of football," Melifonwu said. "My defensive back coach Anthony Poindexter was a great college safety and a great NFL safety. He really did a great job of helping me fine tune things like run fits, formations and really keyed every week to watch and how to watch the game of football, how to study the game of football which in result, helped me have the season I had." He learned to play Safety at UConn from an NFL Safety. 

He is one of the smartest and fastest player I've seen on Tape "I think he can do a lot of different things," Del Rio said. "Heís very gifted athletically. The tape is (very;) good. Heís played on tight ends. Heís played on receivers. Heís been in the back. Kind of done a little bit of everything." Plus he is a true athletic freak.

He is also a very smart kid who was expected to go to class at UConn. "Itís really the tape," Del Rio said. "He has good tape that tells you heís a good football player. Then you watch him work out and youíre like, 'Wow, heís a good football player with upside.'" Not sure anyone was better at angles and finding the ball carrier through traffic outside.

But, unless do to injury, he will not be starting. Because they have two set starters already. "We think this is a guy that can help out with his length," Del Rio said. "[He can] match up against some of the bigger tight ends. Some of the better tight ends. Weíll put him right in the mix." He played all over the secondary. From the Slot to the middle deep guy in cover Three. 
The Player: Melifonwu has nice quick feet in pedal. Hips weren't tight. "He's a freak," a Pro Personnel Director said. "He's going to blow away the combine. He's fast and will post some of the best vertical and broad numbers at his position. He's going to get a lot better in the pros and he has that elite size that will get him overdrafted." He can high point the ball. Smooth twisting back on bail. He is so big. He has an elite understanding of angles on the field. 

I loved this guy at the senior bowl. He just ran his way into the 1st. "I'm a hard worker, I'm a dependable guy," Melifonwu said. "I'm a guy that can fill a lot of roles, and I'm a guy that [coaches] can count on. Like I said, I'm very versatile. I want [teams] to know that choosing me will be one of the best decisions they have made." It is starting to look like half the 1st Round is going to be DBs. 
He has great ball skills. "I know NFL guys who think, 'Iíd love to try him [out at CB]. Letís see if he fails.' Thatís where the NFL is going. A big, very athletic guy. And instead of thinking him automatically as a safety who may be able to play linebacker? Now weíre thinking of him as a safety who just might be able to play cornerback." This guy is now a top 16 pick. He just hopped over: Tabor, White, Peppers, Baker, Wilson, and White; And then improved his Forty to a 4.4-flat. He is a 6-4 220-pound Byron Jones. "Live look at Pete Carroll watching Obi Melifonwu complete this combine workout. 44" Vert. 4.40 40 yd. 11'9" broad at 6'4" 219;"
Maland. (I think Seattle just became his floor:).

Nice job finding the RB through traffic on the edge. I really like how he moves on the field. Covers the WR in the Slot. He is a great tackler out on the edges. He shoots up field fast and hits his target. Understands position when he is the only guy left behind the ball carrier. They will have him blitz like a Will sometimes. Terrific transition from backwards to sideways. He can leap in front of the WR, and knock the pass down. He has some Cam Chancellor in him. Played a lot of Cover Two. 


He finds the lanes in front of the ball carrier on the 2nd and 3rd levels from Cover Two consistently, and makes the tackles in traffic (3:22). I don't know about CB. When he covered in the slot he played way Off (3:22). Again as a CB, but is he lined up in Cover Two way too friggin' Off (3:40). Cover Two. He was playing over the top  of the Slot (3:47). He stepped in front of the WR nicely when the QB threw. I really like him as a Cover Two FS.

Cover Two or Slot WR? He fell for the fake (3:53). He is a great tackler out in space outside (4:08). Cover Two. I love how he flies outside through traffic to the RB (4:17). His DB coach was an NFL player. He was trained by Poindexter to run the secondary. You can see him giving signals on the field (4:48). As soon as you saw his teammates were well blocked, you knew he was going to fly up from Cover Two and make the tackle (4:57). He plays to his speed moving forward, and is a guided missile outside in space and traffic.

Over the top in the Slot. Nice quick feet in pedal (5:09). Once the ball carrier gets by the guys in front of him, you know Obi is making the tackle in space (5:30). He was in deep Cover One. I love his range out deep (but... ah... Beavis? He hit his guy;). He hurt his CB (5:45). I would not want to be hit by Obi when he is going full speed.

They will have him blitz sometimes, but they mostly used him in coverage (6:05). The middle of Cover Three (6:15). Cover Two. Nice job staying in front of the RB all the way to the opposite sideline (6:23). Cover Two. Nice job moving up to take the Slot on the all out Blitz (6:33). He picked up the Slot guy, but watch how fast he got over behind the WR catching the ball on the opposite side (6:43). That was some impressive movement skills.

He is a guy you want in coverage, not necessarily blitzing. He is elite in coverage (6:52). Once the RB is flying outside behind a well blocked play, you know that Obi is going to fly through traffic and take him down (7:05). I think he is a top three Cover One and Cover Two Safety from this Draft (7:22). Deep Cover Two. He got there just a bit late. However, he was helping on the sideline, and still got all the way over to the middle (7:27). Cover Two on the goal line (7:35). He charged up and got in on the tackle.

Read the books that Support this Website. As thousands of fans have already done and enjoyed.




Defense: 3-4

Zack Cunningham-

ILB Vanderbilt

6-3, 235, 10'5 Broad! 

35" Vert! (O) 4.67, 

7.03 3-Cone, 4.29 SS,

34.3" Arms! 15 Reps, 


*Deshaun Watson

QB Clemson


2017 Picks:

1 (12) Deshaun Watson, QB Clemson
2 Zach Cunningham, LB Vanderbilt
3 (89) DíOnta Foreman, RB Texas
4 Julieín Davenport OLT Bucknell
4 (142) Carlos Watkins, DT, Clemson
5 Treston Decoud CB Oregon ST
7 (243) Kyle Fuller, OC Baylor


2016 Picks:

1 (21) Will Fuller, WR, Notre Dame
2 (50) Nick Martin, C, Notre Dame
3 (85) Braxton Miller, WR, Ohio ST
4 (119) Tyler Ervin, RB San Jose ST
5 (159) KJ Dillon, S, West Virginia
5 (166) D.J. Reader, NT, Clemson


Key F.A. Signed:

TE Ryan Griffin

Key F.A.:

RB Johnathan Grimes
G Oday Aboushi
DT Devon Still
DT Brandon Dunn (R)
DE Antonio Smith
LT David Quessenberry
ILB Akeem Dent
P Shane Lechler
K Nick Novak
CB Charles James (R)
CB Robert Nelson (R)
SS Quintin Demps
FS Don Jones

Key F.A. Lost:

QB Brock Osweiler

QB Brian Hoyer 

NT Vince Wilfork

OLB John Simon

CB AJ Bouye

The Team: This pick was not a great one. "Versatility is key for us," O'Brien said. "Zach was a very productive tackler at Vanderbilt." He struggled zone dropping at Vandy. 

I worry about him in the NFL in coverage. "Zach is athletic and rangy with cover skills," GM Rick Smith said. "Very productive in a big conference. A good character guy, and highly decorated." He can stack and shed the TE on the edge, and blow up the Screen. Turns to the wrong side dropping with the TE going down the seam sometimes.

He showed he could blitz up the gut a little two years ago. "He's a versatile guy who can do both," O'Brien said. "Versatility is key for us. Zach was a very productive tackler at Vanderbilt. He can help us in a number of different ways. Starting out, I know he can help us on special teams." But he didn't really blitz the A-gaps as much last year. Runs around like a chicken with his head cut off too much in coverage. He needs to be given simpler assignments in zone drop. 

He is great against the run. "He can play in our base defense," O'Brien said. "He can play on 3rd down. He's a versatile player and a tough kid. He's got to get bigger and stronger. He's a rangy guy that's athletic." He finds the RB in trash and traffic. 

He will step in and start at ILB in their 3-4 defense. "I've always played inside linebacker, so that's where I see myself playing," Cunningham said. "I haven't talked to the Texans about where they see me fitting in with the defense. My expectations going forward is to come in and make an impact and become a starting linebacker and an impact player." He is at his best moving forward. 

The Reason: This was a surprising pick that no one saw coming. "This is a huge surprise to me," Cunningham said. "I'm definitely excited. I'm at a loss for words. To be picked by the Texans definitely caught me off-guard. I wasn't expecting that, so I'm feeling kind of overwhelmed. I'm definitely excited and feeling apprehensive and ready to get to work." They so desperately needed to help their QB create an offense that can win in the Playoffs.
When he has a lane, he is fast into the backfield. "That's a lot of my game right there," Cunningham said. "I'm definitely a playmaker, definitely a guy that's able to get sideline to sideline. I've got a lot of speed, quickness and agility. I'm able to cover. I'm able to fit in the run. Wherever the Texans put me, I'm definitely going to be an impact player on the defense." He can be undisciplined in coverage sometimes. ZERO career INT makes sense on Tape. Elite instinct in run defense, and too often completely clueless dropping.

He too often danced around in coverage like a chicken with his head cut off. "Zach Cunningham was a very productive tackler at Vanderbilt," O'Brien said. "He'll be a core special teams player. Versatile, tough kid." He will be protected a little inside in their 3-4 defense. He gets fooled by play action at an unacceptable level. He dropped as an ILB in their Nickel defense a ton the past two years.

But he was not always good playing in a Zone as an LB. "We saw a guy at Vanderbilt that was a productive guy," OíBrien said. "But with all due respect to Vanderbilt, this is a whole different ball game. So, heís coming in here. Heís learning our system. Heís a guy thatís athletic. Heís a hardworking guy. He needs to come in here and go to work just like every other rookie. Heís a good kid. Hardworking guy." He was little better in man defense sometimes. 

If they line him up inside, where he is terribly under weight, and let him move forward he has a chance. "He needs to spend a lot of time in the weight room. Heís got a long way to go, but we see, obviously, potential there. Potential is a dangerous word," O'Brien said. "Definitely one of my biggest goals would be, like they talked about, living in the weight room. Thatís definitely what Iím looking forward to." But he has to gain weight. He was up to 234 at the Combine, which was a very good number for him.

He has to be taken out on 3rd downs as a rookie. "Wherever the Texans see fit to put me, I'm definitely going to be an impact player on the defense," Cunningham said. "That's definitely going to be a great experience for me. I'm really anticipating really being able to get in and get started with it." He has a long way to go.

I thought he regressed a little last season in coverage, but he was even better finding the ball carrier all over the field. "I do a little bit of a wish list to the guys that I just would love to have on our football team," Smith said. "And he's one of those guys that was starred, that was on that list because he's just very good." He has a ton of talent and should be a good one.

The Player: Cunningham is a freak LB. He is a force against the run inside, and can get to the QB as well. He has great quick feet moving forward though trash and traffic to meet the RB at the LOS. He played special teams. He is not good in coverage. He does not always play the ball well in the air. He too light. He has to add size and strength and in a couple of years he could be a top Sam or Will.

Combine: Cunningham was highly rated prospect last season. I was disappointed with his play this past season. But he had some nice production in the run game. I think I was just expecting too much. He garnered 125-Tackles, 16 TFL. He did not have a career INT. He can run sideline to sideline. His problem is that he is not great in coverage. He did not show that he could play the ball in the air in college. Quick feet moving laterally. He has to put on some weight. Nice feet moving backwards. Dropped the first pass to him. A little tight in the hips. 

Kentucky: Plays with such great balance with his hands and feet. He can slide outside, and shove off two arm grabs by the blocker, and still get outside and take down the RB on the Toss. He lines up mainly at ILB. He is freakishly strong for his size. The way he takes on OGs at the point, uses their hits to leverage into the RB to make the tackle, is nothing short of spectacular. He just kept taking on and shedding blockers, almost 100-pound heavier than he is, and kept making the tackle.

FLA: He played the Sam and Will as well as the Mike. He falls for play action too much. He will line up at ILB in the Nickel and is a force against the run. He will line up on the tight end in the slot in man coverage. He can get outside to the sideline very fast in zone coverage. Elite quickness and agility hopping through trash and traffic to tackle the RB running up the gut. He can stack and shed the ORT at the point. He takes nice angles on runs outside. 

Tenn: Slow to react to play action. Always seems to keep his eyes on the RB. Plays a little slow behind his eyes, but he is elite moving through traffic to find the RB behind the big OLs. When he misses the tackle it is bad news for the rest of the defense. He will follow the QBs eyes sometimes in coverage. He is great at finding the QB on the draw through traffic, and leaping over trash like a deer. He had a fumble recovery right in the middle of everyone against Tenn. He too often runs in the wrong direction in coverage. He got injured against Tenn, and had to go to the dressing room. But he came back out to start the 2nd Half. He will cover the tight end  in the slot in the Redzone. He dived in front of the TE on the goal line, and knock the ball down. That is the best play I've seen him make in coverage. 

Auburn: He got jammed in the gut but the ORT, and almost taken off his feet. Then he shifted and used his elite feet and hands to sidestep him. He is just so quick and aware. He can fill the hole, on the trickeration. Then bounce outside as the QB tosses the ball outside. Then bounce off the OLT trying to block him, and get to the sideline and shove the RB out of bounds. It is amazing sometimes how quick and fast he can redirect and get to the RB. When the ball hits the ground he is always one of the first to pounce. 

Elite athleticism on special teams to leap over the OC and block the field goal is elite. He made plays in the clutch. He leaped up and blocked a kick against Auburn that would have put the Tigers up 10 late it the 4th. He ran to the line with perfect timing, and leaped over the OC with Jamie Collins and Shea McClellin like athleticism, and he blocked the field goal attempt:

He does a nice job following the Pulling OG to the RB. He can meet the RB in the hole sideways, and has the presence of mind to grab the ball and pull it out of the RBs hands with his strong hands. I love how he hits the OLT, and then slides outside with his quick feet and bursts to the sideline to make the tackle. He plays ILB the way BB likes to have his inside LBs play in his Nickel.

Very aware player who had a great fumble recovery against Auburn: