With The 64th Pick, in the 2017 NFL Draft, The New England Patriots Select ...

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Okay, I'm finally starting to feel like I have a handle n this Draft. Even if it is just a little. 

PICKS 43-49

Post Draft

Picks 1-7.

Picks 8-14.

Picks 15-22.

Picks 23-27.

Picks 28-32, 211.

2nd Round

Picks 33-42.

Picks 43-49.

Picks 50-57.


3rd Round

Picks 65-80.

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Sidney Jones

CB Washington

6', 186, (U) 4.48-4.52,


*Derek Barnett



2017 Picks:

1 (14) Derek Barnett OLB Tennessee
2 (43) Sidney Jones CB Washington
3 (99) Rasul Douglas, CB WVU
4 (118) Mack Hollins, WR, UNC
4 Donnel Pumphrey RB San Diego ST
5 (166) Shelton Gibson, WR, WVU
5 (184) Nate Gerry, SS, Nebraska
6 (214) Elijah Qualls 5-T Washington

Key F.A. Signed:

QB Nick Foles

WR Alshon Jeffery

WR Torrey Smith

OC Stefen Wisniewski 

Key F.A.:

RB Kenjon Barner (R)
WR/TE Trey Burton
WR Michael Johnson
OLB Bryan Braman
ILB Najee Goode
ILB Stephen Tulloch
FS Chris Maragos
S Jaylen Watkins (R) 
LS Jon Dorenbos
P Donnie Jones

Key F.A. Lost:

QB Chase Daniels

DE/OLB Connor Barwin

DT Bennie Logan

CB Nolan Carroll

The Team: I had a CB (Tankersley) as the second choice here. I thought Sydney Jones would go in the 3rd. He might not be able to play next season. So much depends on the medicals. If not for his injury he would have been a 1st Round pick. 

Great smart player who understands what he is doing in coverage. "I was asking him what he saw on the sideline from me, how was I on top of the routes and stuff," Douglas said. "He was telling me what he's seen. We'll watch film together and I'll catch him up to the tips Coach gave us during practice while he was doing rehab." The Eagles had to have some good info on his medicals to take him in the 2nd.

Or this pick was a mistake. "He was supposed to be the No. 1 corner and then he fell to the 2nd round," Douglas said. "I knew he was a 1st-round draft pick. He's a great kid." On Tape this kid can really move, and he has great instincts. 

This is a bit of a risky pick. "I'm feeling good, everything looks good to them [the medical staff]," Jones said. "We're just going to follow the protocol and the schedule. No rush to get me back. We're just going to go whenever I'm ready, whenever everybody else feels I'm ready." He admitted that being forced to take mental reps only, while his new teammates were not, has taken a toll on his mental health. 

But when he was on the field, he showed he could play. "In our first stack of players," Eagles VP Howie Roseman said "As we looked at it, obviously, the injury is the factor here. That's the reason that he is available. We spent a lot of time with our doctors talking about this situation. For us, it's about what we believe this kid brings to our football team, going forward. We anticipate a full recovery for him. We don't know that timetable. To be fair, we're just going to make sure that he's healthy physically, mentally, and ready to go, because we believe he can be an impact player for us, for a long time when he gets back on the field." He tore up his Achilles heel at his Proday.

That was a very significant injury. "It's very testing, especially today in the defensive meeting room after practice," Jones said, about having to watch and not play. "Watching the film, it was kind of burning me inside not being able to play. Everybody is being coached up and I'm not being coached up. I just have to watch the other guys do their stuff. It's hard, but it's a process and you learn patience going through this." He has to take it slow.

He turns and reads the QB and the ball in the Draft as well as anyone. "The thing that jumps out the most about Sidney is his length, his feet, he's a very smooth-mover," Rasul Douglas said. "He can easily flip his hips. He can carry guys down the field. He's very instinctive. He's very route-aware. He has a really good gauge on what the receiver is going to do at the top of his routes, and I think he has ideal ball-skills." He is such a smooth athlete that he doesn't always look fast, but then you see him flying past the WR on the overthrow. 

He consistently disrupted patterns, or got to the ball in the air to stop the reception. "Me and him [Douglas] have been close in this short amount of time, getting to know each other," Jones said. "That's going to be my guy for the next four years and more." Those two CBs were picked for the long term, not the short term. 

They were whole heartedly disgusted with their CBs last season. "They have complementary skill sets, too," Howie Roseman said about Jones and Douglas. "And when you talk about the receivers in our division, in our conference, the guys who can cover the quicker-twitch receivers and the guys who can take the big strong receivers that we face, we're excited about adding them." They got two good ones on Day Two.
They hope Douglas will step in and start, but they will PUP Jones. "We don't know that timetable," Roseman said. "And to be fair, we're going to just make sure that he's healthy and he's ready to go, because we believe he can be an impact player for us for a long time going forward when he gets back out on the field. I think [whether he plays this year is] to be determined. Obviously, he got a report from Dr. [Robert] Anderson that we saw that showed how well it's healing and it was an optimistic report, but we're going to take it slow. We're just going to make sure we get 100 percent of Sidney going forward because this is an extremely talented guy at an important, hard-to-find position." Both those guys will be starting in two or three years.
But they want to protect Jones for over the long haul. "When we look at this with the 43rd pick and a guy that we certainly had among our top 14 players in the draft, and getting two of our top 14 players in the whole draft, for us, we just thought it was a really good opportunity," Roseman said. "We're really optimistic about it because [Jones] is 20 years old and in doing all the research that our doctors and trainers did about this injury. We just thought it was a great opportunity for our football team." If they don't rush him back, he could play for a long time for them.
Even if they have to PUP him, he will play for them for a long time. "There will be no rushing back from this," Roseman said, of a possible timetable for Jones' return. "We will do whatever is in the best interest of getting Sidney Jones 100-percent [healthy], and being able to help this team going forward. Whatever the timetable is for that. We will defer to the doctors for that. That will not be any of our decisions. We will do whatever we can to help facilitate that." They have really revamped their secondary.

They spent their money on the offense, and now they are going to have spend some Draft capital on defense. If they get two impact defenders with their first two picks they could be okay next season.

The Player: Jones knows how to use his long arms to hold off the WR, and stay in front of the ball carrier on the sideline. "Very good player," a one scout. "Good arm length. Adequate tackler." Love his feet when he is shadowing the WR in the flat. 

He sometimes just refuses to turn and run. "I'm a lockdown corner," Jones said. "Iím an all-around corner. I give you instincts, ball skills and great football IQ. Iím a team player." He will pedal, twists his hips to go at an angle, and keep his head forward. 

I love his technique. "It's great, the competitive nature, and you want to do as good as he's doing," Kevin King said. "I want to do the same thing. We battle, and we make each other better. So to have another guy like that, plus Budda, playing with other guys like that in a defense is amazing. You don't have to worry about them as much, and you can focus on your game and your technique. Just zoning in on yourself. That's when you start messing up, when you try and do too much. I put my trust in all 10 guys on defense, that they're going to get the job done." I love how he moves on the field.

He was given a great education in playing CB at UW by the DB coach Lake. "Definitely, the University of Washington prepares you for the NFL," Jones said. "Jimmy Lake does a great job with the defensive backs and the other coaches are great as well." Jones likes to turn and retreat sideways with his eyes on the QB.

He goes down the sideline as smooth as anyone in this Draft. "Iím a lockdown corner," Jones said. "I bring everything to the table. Iím an all-around football player. I bring great ball skills to the table, instincts and high football IQ." I love how smart he is in coverage.

Plays strong against the run. "Iím very aggressive," Jones said. "Thatís something I take pride in. I used to be a free safety until my freshman year of high school, so being a hitter has always been something that is in my heart." He is an excellent tackler.

He and Rasul Douglas will make a great pair of CBs, like Jones and King made last season. "Kevin King, thatís my guy." Jones said. "Left, right corner. Iíve been with him for three years now. Heís watched me grow. Iíve watched him grow. He was a safety last year in nickel and now heís an outside corner. Just watching his athletic ability and seeing that and watching him grow as a player and as a leader too, that was something special to see." He also paired up with Marcus Peters. 

Who Jones learned a lot from. "Our press technique, weíre pretty similar in that sense. We also went to the same school, so thatís where it comes from too," Jones said about Peters. "Heís setting it pretty high. Him and Desmond [Trufant]. Weíre going to put out a lot of cornerbacks at the University of Washington. Those two guys, myself, Kevin King, and a few others, weíre going to do something special." He is not as physical at Peters.
But he is smoother moving back in coverage. "Never panicked, never shook, thatís just my personality," Jones said. "I feel like it flows onto the football field, being just a calm person and just staying relaxed in all situations. Never be shook, never be panicked. I donít care if somebody beats you, you come back and make a play and help your team for what you gave up if you ever gave up anything. And just stay calm throughout the whole game but play with an intense swagger." His confidence shows on the field.
He is also smart off the field and likes to study film of some of the best NFL CBs. "I watch Marcus Peters, Richard Sherman, Patrick Peterson and Tyrann Mathieu," Jones said.

Alabama: He knows how to use his long arms to hold off the WR, and stay in front of the ball carrier on the sideline. Love his feet when he is shadowing the WR in the flat. He runs effortlessly with the speed receiver deep down the sideline. Nice quick feet moving backwards. He can get beat by the stop and go, when it looks like he is looking for the short pattern. 

Cal: Likes to play that side-saddle technique. So he can see the QB and WR. I like the way he moves on the field. Plays zone down the sideline sometimes. He likes to hop forward or backwards right at the snap sometimes to confuse the WR and QB. They played a lot of Cover One at Washington. He has excellent ball skills.

Colorado: Very smart player, who recognized when a WR, who was a high school QB got the bubble screen, and stayed with his man going down the sideline. Then when he saw he kept it, and run past the LOS, he instantly changed direction and tackled the WR who was trying to throw the ball.

Stanford: He can get physical in Press. He can jam both hands up into the WR and stone him at the line. He will grab the WR when he grabs him to block, and can struggle to shed him. But when the RB gets close, he can punch off the WR and get in on the tackle. Moves down field with his hips half turned effortlessly. Stays right on the WRs hip.

The Reason: 1st round talent with a devastating injury. "I think that's to be determined," Roseman said. "Obviously, he got a report from [orthopedic surgeon Dr. Robert Anderson] that we saw that showed how well [his Achilles is] healing and it was an optimistic report, but we're going to take it slow. We're just going to make sure we get 100 percent of Sidney going forward because this is an extremely talented guy at an important, hard-to-find position." All draft picks are a risk. But this pick was a risk on injury, not talent. 

He has a better chance at complete recovery than me. "Most of these injuries occur in people in their late 30ís to mid-40ís," Roseman said. "So itís typically a male thatís still playing basketball, and they tear it on the basketball court. Thatís the classic history. Itís rare that somebody his age tears it, but these guys are high-performance athletes. I just fixed one in a college athlete who tore his as well. When they do tear in young people, they tend to tear a little bit more significantly because it takes a lot to tear a young tendon." But this is not a simple recovery.
Even for a 20-year old kid. "Apparently the surgery went great. Itís kind of interesting," Roseman said. "There were notes online about it, which is kind of unusual. The rehab that theyíre doing is an aggressive early range of motion rehab, which not everyone does, but this certainly is accepted and makes sense to give him the best chance. The reality of it is it takes a minimum of six months to be able to get back. I think they were talking four-to-six months, but I think six months is the minimum." So they will take it slow with him.
They'll PUP him unless a miracle happens, but there is no point pushing him with a 2nd year QB at the helm. "The rehab that theyíre doing is very progressive and innovative," Roseman said. "You couldnít do that with a normal person. You couldnít do that with the 45-year-old accountant that has to take the Paoli local into work. You have to wrap them up in a cast and give them a set of crutches to stomp around on. So the beauty is you have a really healthy person who is able to protect the repair, while at the same time allowing it to heal. As long as he does what he needs to do, and not abuse it, theyíve done everything you can possibly do to help him maximize his care and get over it." So he will be lost behind the scenes for the next year or so.
Then next year you hope his Achilles is as strong as it was. "Our doctors and training staff not only looked at corners and players in the National Football League, but we reached out to teams in other sports," Roseman said. "We looked at guys who are playing explosive positions and quick-twitch positions, who have had these sort of injuries and their recovery timetable. And that gave us a lot of confidence here. Obviously, there's no insurance for this, but we feel really confident that with our medical team, that when he gets here [he'll be okay]." NFL players have to do things on the field that most of us can't do.

He has to get that Achilles back fully healthy. "Because of his age, it's a very, very high percentage of coming back to 100 percent," Roseman said. "It's an extremely high percentage. And that's why we made the pick. For us, it had to be a very, very good chance that he would be exactly what he was before the injury, and again, there's no insurance that that will happen, but we feel very confident based on all the studies we've done, all the research we've done and the MRIs that have come back to us that that's going to happen with him." But in a few years, when their young QB will be ready?

Jones and Douglas will be there starters at CB "The question would be, will he be 100 percent, and I guess the answer to that is, he could be," Dr. Miller, the surgeon who did the surgery said. "Heís got all the time in the world to rehab and focus on it, and get his leg strong, and like Roseman said, he is young. With a 45-year old, they never get back absolutely perfect. They always have a little bit of atrophy, but they do really well. The best chance to get back to sports is to operate on it, and thatís the treatment that he got, so it gives him the best opportunity. Thereís a good chance that heíll do very well. Whether that will be as good as if he never hurt it is another question." Day Two was a good one for Roseman.

Second Choice: Cordrea Tankersley CB

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Defense: 4-3

Gerald Everett

TE S. Alabama

6-3, 239, 6.99 3-Cone! 

4.33 SS! (O) 4.62, 

10'6" Broad! 37.5" Vert!

 22 Reps! 33" Arms, 

8.5" Hands!

QB, CB, WR, OLT, OC, OL, DL, LB, DL, DB,  

2017 Picks:

2-44 Gerald Everett, H-B S. Alabama
3 (69) Cooper Kupp, WR, Eastern Washington
3 (91) John Johnson, FS, BC
4 (117) Josh Reynolds, WR, A&M
4 (125) Samson Ebukan, LB, Eastern Washington
6 (189) Tanzel Smart, DT, Tulane
6 (206) Sam Rogers, FB, V-Tech
7 (234) Ejuan Price, LB, Pittsburgh

Key F.A. Signed:

QB Aaron Murray

WR Robert Woods

RB Lance Dunbar

OLT Andrew Whitworth

DT Tyrun Walker 

DE/OLB Connor Barwin

CB Kayvon Webster

Trumaine Johnson CB (Tag)

Key F.A.:  
QB Case Keenum
RB Benny Cunningham
RB Chase Reynolds
WR Stedman Bailey
DT Dominique Easley (R)
DT Ethan Westbrooks (R) 
DE Cam Thomas
CB Dwayne Gratz
CB Trumaine Johnson
K Greg Zuerlein

Key F.A. Lost:

Janoris Jenkins CB

WR Brian Quick

WR Kenny Britt

The Team: I did not see this coming.

But he can play. "I think itís always good to see some of those guys that we drafted that weíre counting on to be contributors, show up," Sean McVay said. "I thought Cooper Kupp showed why we like him: so much savvy, heís a polished route runner, good aggressive hands. Josh Reynolds showed up, and I think Gerald made some good plays as well. Johnson moved around well at the safety position. It was good to see those guys because really, we were limited to just individual [drills], and then we did some seven-on-seven work. Where youíre able to evaluate some of the skill players, and it was good to see those guys do their thing." He lined up all over the field. 

He made his mark at the Senior Bowl. "That really helps when you see those guys, when they go down there and stand out," Snead said. "Historically, if you stand out at the Senior Bowl, youíre usually going to have a good career in the NFL." His play at the Senior Bowl made him a Day Two pick. 

He stepped up against good competition. "Right now, weíre getting the early stages of our offense taught to them, with some of the mechanics and nuances," McVay said. "You donít want to get too far in, you just want to see these guys move around and compete. Right now, weíre in the very early stages of what theyíll do with our offensive and defensive schemes, just running a couple of plays on offense and running a couple of coverages and fronts on defense. Weíve got to be smart with some of our numbers that we have to see how much team competition that we can do this afternoon Ė weíll be ready to adjust that. Itís exclusive to really an hour and a half of meetings this morning that theyíve been exposed to." He is still much more a of an H-back than a TE.

He showed great athleticism on the field. They want him to be a Jordan Reed type TE. "Really getting a chance to get out here with our first rookie minicamp," McVay. "You see some of the draft picks, you see some of the free agent signings, and then we have got a handful of guys that are tryout players. For the first workout, very encouraged. Loved the effort, loved the energy that we had. We expect to see the same thing this afternoon." He is an excellent athlete.

He can get open in pattern. "I think what weíre going to look to do is weíre looking to find the best combination of guys that can make plays," McVay said. "I think when youíve got some guys from the receiver, from the tight end spot, some of our backs have some subtleties in the pass game. I think we want to be an offense that you give the quarterback answers. You want to be able to distribute the ball. Weíll ask guys to be versatile in terms of what theyíre doing. But as far as the targets are dispersed, the coverage usually dictates where it goes. Now you certainly try to call plays to get certain guys involved, but when you feel like youíve got a handful of playmakers, I think the idea is to kind of have that quarterback be a point guard and be a great distributor to all your guys. You want to be able to get them touches and get them involved. Iíve been a part of some offenses that we feel like we were able to do that and weíll look to try and do the same here." When I broke down his Tape I was impressed.

The Player: 4/01 Gerald Everett: Surprising Talent.

The Reason: He has very small hands. "I think if we go back a couple drafts ago, I do remember we had an early pick in the second round, we were going to draft some OL," Snead said. "We had done Gurley. And there were a lot of OL on the board, and it was just hard to pick. Who do we want? And at that moment, there were a lot of teams. The phone just started buzzing. So I think I remember writing a note down then. 'You know what, if you ever have an early 2nd-round pick, itís a good spot to be in.' Usually, thereís a lot of teams that want to move up." But he can catch it. 

He can be deadly going down the slot. "Gerald was one of those guys that was, letís call it Scenario A, Scenario 1," Snead said. "You always prepare trying to figure out where you can get players in the draft, but thatís the guesstimate at times and you can lose him. But we thought that if we did move back, get an extra 3rd-round selection, we could also still get Gerald." And they did.
There is nothing better than trading back, picking up an extra pick, and still getting your guy. "Being able to add a player like Gerald Everett, I think those three complement each other very well," McVay said. "When you can do some different things out of that 13-personnel package, where youíre playing with one back, three tight ends, and a receiver, you can do some different things. Especially when all those guys have the ability to catch the football and run." There were times on Tape when he looked like a 1st.
He doesn't lack for confidence. "I think Iím a complete package as a tight end," Everett said. "Definitely as a vertical threat first. But also being a willing blocker in the run game, and being able to create that mismatch at any time in the game." That is what the Rams think as well.




Defense: 3-4

Adam Shaheen

TE Ashland

6-6, 278, (O 4.79), 

33 1/2" Arms, 24 Reps!

7.09 3-Cone(!), 4.38 SS, 

10'1 Broad(!), 32.5" Vert,


*Mitch Trubisky


QB, WR(FA), DB, OLB, 5-T, WR, DB, OLT, MLB, QB, TE, WR, CB, OL, DL, DB, 

2017 Picks:

1 (2) Mitchell Trubisky, QB, UNC
2 (45) Adam Shaheen, TE, Ashland
4 (112) Eddie Jackson, FS, Alabama
4 (119) Tarik Cohen, RB, NC A&T
5 (147) Jordan Morgan, OG, Kutztown

Key F.A. Signed:

QB Mike Glennon

WR Markus Wheaton

WR Kendall Wright

OG Eric Kush 

CB Marcus Cooper

CB Prince Amukamara

Key F.A.: 
QB Matt Barkley (R) 
QB Connor Shaw
WR Josh Bellamy (R) 
WR Deonte Thompson
WR Marques Wilson
TE Logan Paulsen
DE Cornelius Washington
LT Mike Adams
LT Nick Becton
DE Cornelius Washington
OLB Sam Acho
ILB Christian Jones (R) 
ILB Lamin Barrow (R)
CB Brandon Boykin
FS Demontre Hurst (R) 
SS Chris Prosinski

Key F.A. Lost:

QB Jay Cutler 

QB Brian Hoyer

WR Alshon Jeffery

The Team: This was a great pick by the Bears. Draft a young QB, then get the big tight end who can help him all over the field. He looked like a 1st Round pick on Tape.

They got their big time TE for their new QB. "I met with them at the Combine, at the official interview," Shaheen said. "And then the tight end coach came out to Ashland and we watched some film the night before Pro Day and just hung out a little bit. Then he was at Pro Day and worked me out there too." You have to get weapons for young QBs if you want them to develop.

One of the best places to start is at TE. "I just wanted to come into this draft and really show that I could do both," Shaheen said. "I was asked a lot more in college to catch the ball, and I was very successful at that but I also did a lot of blocking. We ran a lot of power and off-tackle stuff. So I was in there blocking as well. That's what I love to do as well. Right now I think the tape will show that I have pretty good hands but I want to be a complete guy that's going to do it all." TEs help the O-line block and the RBs run.

Plus, Shaheen is a beast going down the seam. "My physicality and ability to go up and get the ball," Shaheen said. "I know there's a knock on Division II football, but one thing they don't account for is that they don't call pass interference in Division II so people are just mugging you left and right, so that's something that we had to deal with, and it's something that you know I was very physical back with them." He also helped out a lot in pass pro.

These are the the types of trade backs for extra picks that often go unnoticed. "Going into tonight one of the goals was we had some options to acquire talent but also get some draft picks back," Pace said. "We were able to drop back nine spots and get multiple picks, and basically when you look at it, it equated to giving up a little bit more than a third-round pick in our trade for Mitch, so felt good about that. The ability to trade back and get a player that we really targeted and a guy we want was exciting." But the more he helps Trubisky develop, the better this trade back for extra picks and Shaheen will be.

I almost jumped out of my chair when I first same him play. "Jeff Shiver, our area scout, was on him pretty early in the process in the fall, and he was just kind of pounding the table, and at first we were like, 'Man, this is Ashland. What do we have here?'" Pace said. "But when you turn on the tape pretty soon you realize this is the real deal and this was a strong tight end class, but he was right in the mix of all the top guys. Heís a really intriguing player. Itís really interesting because a guy that big, heís a difficult guy to defend in traffic. Heís big, he can go attack the ball and heís got really good concentration." I had him rated 32.
So this is not a reach in any, way, shape or form. "At the beginning of this year, scouts started coming in and you know just physically when you look at the size and speed I had similar characteristics of these guys going in the NFL," Shaheen said, "So just knowing that, evened it out with the Division II level and I knew I would be able to play and have an opportunity. I kept working at it and you know developed into a complete tight end." The tight end from some place named Ashland is legit.
He also was a basketball star in high school. "I just really missed football, I didnít have much of an opportunity to play football coming out of high school because I was so thin," Shaheen said. "But I kind of had a bug in me after watching the Ohio State game and I just made the switch after that year, and you know Iím very happy I did." He is one of the best stories in the Draft. 

The Player: 3/29 Adam Shaheen: Gronk-Lite.

The Reason: His blocking was hurt by his playing at such a low level of competition. "Any small school player we watch, we really want to see him dominate the level of competition and this guy definitely did that," GM Ryan Pace said. ďGreat character, high football intelligence, strong work ethic, and what stands out for a guy with his size, his athleticism jumps out." He took often looked like he was blocking Oompa Loompas.  

But he should be able to catch the ball from Day One. "He's one of those guys, when youíre watching tape, you have to keep looking down and go, 'man, this guyís 6-6 and 278 pounds and he moves like that?'" Pace said. "You can feel his basketball background, his ability to go up and high point balls in a crowd. Just a good combination of size and strength and speed after the catch. So a lot of intriguing traits weíre excited about adding. Itís easy for me when thereís a consensus with our grades, and we were all in line with this. Everybodyís pumped up about this and excited to add him." Once he learns how to run NFL patterns, he has near Gronk like size and athleticism.
But he still has to prove that he can step up against much bigger and stronger competition, and take a beating like Gronk, then come back and be even more physical. "The whole level of competition is something you look at and evaluate in our league," John Fox said. "But with Adam I saw the same thing here today, still the size and the quickness and the length that he has regardless of what school he played at. You know that transfers here and I thought it did today." That might take a little while.
Trubisky has to love this pick. "Adam's going to be a great player," Trubisky said. "It's really cool to throw to him. You can tell he loves being out here as well. I've never thrown to a guy that big. He has huge range to catch the ball, so it makes it a lot easier for me." QBs loves tight ends who can block for them, and catch the short ones when teams blitz.
He is not going to start right away. "I really want to get a good feel for what he is and what he can do," Loggains said. "I am excited about our tight end group. The addition of Dion Sims, he's been awesome this offseason. Getting Zach [Miller] back and Daniel Brown and Braunecker and now Adam and adding those different pieces, we need to figure out what each guy can do and then put them in those situations to do that." He might not start for a long time.


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Defense: 3-4

*Quincy Wilson


6-1 3/8, 211, (O) 4.54,

9'10" Broad, 32" Vert,

6.86 3-Cone, 4.02 SS!

14 Reps, 32 1/4" Arms,


**Malik Hooker- 

FS Ohio State

6-2, 205, RS-Soph,


2017 Picks:

1 (15) Malik Hooker, FS, Ohio State
2 (46) Quincy Wilson, CB, Florida
3 (80) Tarell Basham, OLB, Ohio
4 (137) Zach Banner, ORT, USC
4 (143) Marlon Mack, RB S, Florida
4 (144) Grover Stewart, DT Albany
5 (158) Nate Hairston, CB Temple
5 (161) Anthony Walker, ILB, Northwestern

Key F.A. Signed:

WR Kamar Aiken

TE Jack Doyle

DE Jabaal Sheard

OLB John Simon

FS Darius Butler

Key F.A.:

RB Jordan Todman
RB Robert Turbin
WR Devin Street (R)
OC Jonothan Harrison (R)
OG Hugh Thorton
DE Lavar Edward
ILB Josh McNary (R)
OLB Chris Carter
OLB Trent Cole
OLB Robert Mathis
OLB Eric Walden
CB Rashan Melvin (R)

Key F.A. Lost:

TE Dwayne Allen

DT Zach Kerr (R)

SS Mike Adams  

The Team: There is no mystery. The Colts need a passrusher before they can pretend to be Playoff contender again. "We think he can play on three downs," Ballard said. "Heís got good size, good length, good strength, good initial quickness, good effort. Heís got the things you look for in a pass rusher. Now heís got to develop." They have to get some guys who can play pass defense. 

Going with a couple of DBs early, and a passrushers next is one way to do it. "It wasnít really a surprise," Wilson said. "I knew they were interested. They had been calling my high school coaches, so I knew it was an option for me there." If Basham can rush like I think he can, then snagging two DBs first was a good deal. 

But it will take more than the top three picks to pull this defense together. "It takes time for people to come together in that locker room," the GM Ballard said. "We have a lot of new faces and it will take this group some time. But we think we have added some young players on the roster that can grow together and become the defense we want them to be." Their defense is still a work in progress.

He is a great bump and run CB. "When we took Quincy, we really liked him throughout the process," Ballard said. "I mean, I gave it away the other day when we were talking. Big athletic corners that have ball skills, and thatís what weíre looking for. We think he has got a lot of upside. Heís 20 years old, heís still young. Heís still got a lot of upside. Heís a good man to man corner. Heís big and heís got great ball skills." They have to play him on the line.

His Forty was not real good. "You got to have confidence to play this position," Wilson said. "I feel like I definitely have that and thatís why I make the plays that I make." He has elite instincts in coverage.

He takes away all space for the QB to throw into. "Iím just a shutdown corner," Wilson said. "I feel like I frustrate a lot of receivers and get them off their game, and thatís where I come in and make plays." Not elite ball skills, but takes away patterns so the QB can't throw.

He shut guys down in college. "You want one that is athletic and that can take the ball away," Ballard said. "That plays hard. That plays aggressive. That people know when they come into our building and when we go on the road, they are in for a four-quarter fight. Itís going to take time to get there, but we think we have added some good pieces." He was a shut down corners in college last year. 

The Player: He has to show he can play without his hands on the WR in the NFL. "He may not be that clean with his coverage but I would rather go to war with him over (Teez) Tabor any day." a Scout said. "He's big and he's tough. Tabor has more talent but Wilson just has to find the right spot because he's got the mindset to be a pro player." Not great in run game. He focuses so much on the WR that he rarely keys run. He can tackle when he sees it. But he stays focused on coverage so much that he doesn't see it. 

Combine: Great quick feet in pedal. Hips are good. Great pedal. Nice transition left. Hips a little tight in twist drill. He can high point the ball. Smooth hips snapping back in bail drill. High points the ball. Love his feet moving backwards. He has elite feet moving backwards.

FLA ST: He finds the impossibly elusive RB in space and can make the tackle. He is a good tackler and run defender, when he sees it. The problem is that he far-far too often doesn't see it. He locks onto the WR so much that he doesn't see anything else. So the RB can run under his coverage. He will get snookered inside and forget to protect the sideline when there is no WR lined up on his side. He just does not give up catches. He can cover the TE inside, and still get in front of him and knock the ball down. Turns and runs smoothly down the sideline. Elite instincts in Press coverage. He just becomes the WR's shadow.
Georgia: Not an aggressive run defender, but he can make a blocker miss with quickness on the 2nd level, and make the tackle. He can be a little slow turning and running with the WR down the sideline, and give up the sideline when he reads it wrong. I like how he lines up squared and incredibly low on the WR. He has some quick twitch off the snap. I always think of him more as a smooth CB. I may be wrong. He has a good knack for knowing when to jump up to block the pass when he is not looking, but he has to turn and look back when he feels the ball is coming. Very smart in coverage You can see he studies the opponent, and knows their routes.

Iowa: I think he can play FS as well. He does a great job retreating to the 3rd level and getting to the middle of the field like a FS. Then coming up and tackling the RB. When he sees the handoff, he finds the RB. But he is so focused on the WR that he rarely seems to see the handoff. Great press CB. He is so physical with his hands within 5-yards. He can end the pattern before it starts by getting in the way with his elite feet, and jamming the CB with his elite hands. If he runs in the 4.4s or better he will be the first pure Press Corner taken off the board. Great swivel hips to turn and run with the tight end.

Tennessee: I love when he gets right into the WRs face. He is so physical with his hands at the line. He is the most physical with his hands on the jam at the line. He takes guys out of their patterns within three yards of the line. Constantly jabbing and slapping as his great feet and hips turn and run. Amazing job moving backwards with one hand in the WR's chest, and turning to read the QB, on the outside release. Teams will line up the WR 3-yards off the LOS, just so he can't get within arms length before the snap. Elite hips twisting to either side. He was primarily the right CB, but he can play on either side. No trouble twisting his hips back, and turning and running with the big WR on the right side either.

The Reason: The Colt have to use him right. "You got to have the confidence to play this position," Wilson said. "And I feel like I definitely have that and thatís why I make the plays that I make." He can get as physical at the line as any CB in this Draft. He reminds me of Logan Ryan in physical Press coverage that can get a little grabby.

He has to show he can cover as well when he can't get as physical. "I definitely feel like I can step in and play from Day One." Wilson said about the giant vacancy opposite Vontae Davis. Not sure he can do that. Great coverage skills, but doesn't have elite speed, just like Ryan.

He has great physicality.  "I definitely am a talker," Wilson said. "Iím a shutdown corner. I feel like I frustrate a lot of receivers and get them off their games. Thatís where I come in and make plays." Elite hands and feet in press coverage. 

They do take guys that don't fit their system, and waste their talents too much. "Wilson is a good fit for what we want to do," Ballard said. "Any defense Iíve ever been [a part of]. Heíd of been a good fit in Chicago, heíd be a good fit in Kansas City. Big, athletic corners donít fall off trees. Heís got a unique skillset. Heís a big corner with long arms and good ball skills. He needs work, he knows it. Heís confident, but he knows heís got to go to work to hit his ceiling." He likes to beat up WRs a little too much.

If they use him in Press he could be a star. "This is a solid player,: Brooks said. "A guy who has size. He has intelligence. He has outstanding movement skills. And heís a really polished technician. In this defense, they need better players on the outside. Someone that can play opposite Vontae Davis. Quincy Wilson has the opportunity to come in and be an immediate starter." They desperately need him to step in and be a starter.

At some point they are going to have to get a Corner or two. Vontae Davis was not a Probowler last season, and this year is a contract year. They have almost nothing else behind him at CB. This is as bad a team at Corner as their is in the NFL. Butler might have to move back to CB, where they have shown over and over that they don't like him there at all. They also have to face a lot of big WRs in the AFC South, so a big Corner is a must for them.




Defense: 3-4

Tyus Bowser

OLB Houston

6-3, 247, 6.75 3-Cone! 

(O) 4.65! 37.5" Vert, 10'7"Broad, 

33"Arms, 21 Reps,


**Marlon Humphrey-

CB Alabama


2017 Picks:

1-16 Marlon Humphrey CB Alabama
2 (47) Tyus Bowser, OLB, Houston
3 (74) Chris Wormley, 5-T Michigan
3 (78) Tim Williams, OLB, Alabama
4 (122) Nico Siragusa OG San Diego
5-159 Jermaine Eluemunor OG A&M
6 (186) Chuck Clark, DB V-Tech

Key FA Signed:

NT Brandon Williams

OLB Carlos Dansby

CB Brandon Carr 

SS Tony Jefferson

Key F.A.:
QB Ryan Mallet

RB Terrance West (R)
WR Chris Matthews (R)
ORG Vladmir Ducasse
OLT James Hurst (R)
ORT Ryan Jensen (R)
CB Chris Lewis-Harris (R)
CB Jerraud Powers
CB Jumal Rolle (R)
SS Matt Elam
FS Marqueston Huff (R)
FS Anthony Lewis

Key F.A.Lost:

WR Steve Smith

WR Kamar Aiken

ORT Ricky Wagner

OG Jeremy Zuttah

FB Kyle Juszczyk

DE Guy Lawrence

OLB Elvis Dumervil 

The Team: Everyone knew they wanted to go pass defense early and often. "I don't want to overstate the expectations, but I'm not afraid to do that, really," Harbaugh said. "I expect these guys to be great. We expect to put a great defense on the field." Bowser will not play early at all. 

They like to develop their guys behind their veterans, and they have two good starters for Bowser to learn behind. "That happens in the draft," Newsome said about the unexpected. "If you had told me at 3 PM that we were going to take four defensive players in the first two rounds, I would have said you were wrong. But thatís just how the board played out." Though with their defenses terrible play this season it was a little less expected than he claimed.

Bowser was one of the big Draft risers a week before the Draft. "Oh, yes. They are bringing us in to learn from the veteran guys and just learn the Raven way," Tim Williams said. "We talk about a lot, but we know that we have to put the work in first. Nothing is going to be given to us overnight." They took two rushers who fell because of Character Concerns.

Williams garnered 18.5 sacks the past 2 seasons at Alabama "Tyus is a great player," Tim Williams said. "He has heart. He can drop, cover, can play the run, can rush the passer [and the] same with me. The only thing that I can say is that we both have the will to compete. We are not going to bow down (to) anybody." Tyus just has to play in balance better. 

They have started working in Baltimore already. "Me and him are just going to go out there and do what we have to do and that is rush the passer and get back there and create plays," Bowser said. "Just having him right beside me is going to be a huge advantage for us going through the season if we make it there." They will both be playing more special teams then defense when the season starts.

He was the most efficient rusher during the season. "This is so frustrating," DeCosta said. "When we got to our pick, 12 of the 15 players were gone. But, we still got one of the top guys on my original list." He averaged a tick over a Sack a game last season. He garnered 8.5 sacks in 8 games. 

He missed almost half the season due to a suspension for fighting with a teammate. "Two things Iíve learned from Oz is that you always have to be ready to make a pick, and you can be patient, donít panic," DeCosta said. "Oz and I are a good team. We work the mechanics of the draft well. Weíre synchronized. We have to be. There is stress. You get consumed with all of the possibilities. Itís taxing." So there are some concerns.  

The Player: 4/08 Tyrus Bowser: Day Two Rusher: Part VII.

The Reason: He can rush the QB like a beast, and dropped into coverage as well. "We're just trying to get very, very strong on defense," Newsome said. "With the opportunity that was presented to us in these first three rounds, we took advantage of it." He is not a finished product by any means.

He still has a lot of growing to do. "If the best player is sitting there, staring you in the face, you take him," Harbaugh said. "That's what we've done, and it's turned out to be defense." But they did not draft him to start as a rookie.
He has some good veterans in front of him "Weíre a defensive team," Eric DeCosta said. "Weíve always been a defensive team. We got four players, to this point, that weíre really excited about. We think, exceptional value, for all four picks." He will have some time to study and develop behind some pretty good veteran OLBs.
Which is a big deal, because he is not physically ready. "Youíre trying to build the strongest team that you possibly can based on whatís available," Harbaugh said. "You take the best players. I know we say that a lot, you take the best available player. You do, you take the best player. If you have the best players sitting there staring you in the face, you take him. Thatís what weíve done and itís turned out to be defense and weíre all happy with that. If it had been four offensive guys, weíd have been happy with that. Thatís the way it would have gone. So, this is just the way itís gone." He has to strength his core and upper body so he doesn't end up on the ground as much.
Once he is strong enough to play in balance, he should be a good one "Theyíre getting a great player," Bowser said. "A guy thatís good on and off the field, thatís going to work hard and play hard and thatís going to rush the passer and that also is going to be a huge factor on special teams." It is going to take a little while, but they have the luxury of giving him and Tim Williams some time. 

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Defense: 4-3


Joe Mixon

RB Oklahoma

6-1, 228, (PD) 4.48, 

(U) 4.44, (O) 4.5,

35" Vert, 9'10" Broad,

21 Reps, 

3-Cone 7.03, 4.25 SS,


*Jon Ross

WR Washington


2017 Picks:

1 (9) John Ross, WR Washington
2 (48) Joe Mixon, RB, Oklahoma
3 (73) Jordan Willis, DE, Kansas ST
4 (116) Carl Lawson, DE, Auburn
4 (128) Josh Malone WR Tennessee
4 (138) Ryan Glasgow DT Michigan
5 (153) Jake Elliott, k, Memphis
5 (176) J.J. Dielman OC Utah
6 (193) Jordan Evans LB Oklahoma
6 (207) Brandon Wilson RB Houston
7 (251) Mason Schreck TE Buffalo

Key F.A.:  
WR Brandon LaFell

ORT Andre Smith

CB Dre Kirkpatrick

Key F.A.:  

RB Cedric Peerman
OC TJ Johnson (R)
ORT Eric Winston
DE Wallace Gilberry
DE Margus Hunt
DT Brandon Thompson
CB Chykie Brown
K Zach Hocker

Key F.A. Lost:

RB Rex Burkhead

OG Kevin Zeitler
OLT Andrew Whitworth

DT Domata Peko

The Team: Why do the Bengals love the Scumbags so much. "Obviously this is a pick that opens everybody's eyes," Marvin said. "We've done such a lot of work regarding Joe Mixon throughout the entire process this year. Based on all the time, all the research, we felt that we can continue to move forward." Sounds nice.

But if he wasn't elite on his feet they would have taken a much more moral stand. "Weíve done all of our due diligence we can do," Marvin said. "Time spent interviewing people, everybody around him, everybody around his background, people that have coached at Oklahoma for insight regarding him. And how he has carried himself since that day." That is all BS. This pick had nothing to do with punching a girl in the face.

The only thing Marvin cared about is that he can start at RB next season, and make their QB better. "Joe's situation kind of came to a settlement in all ways this week," Marvin said. "Which also led us to feel better about the opportunity here and to move forward." Joe Mixon is a scumbag that can run fast with the ball in his hands. 

He is not the most talented RB in this Draft by a long shot. "I donít know who isn't disgusted at what they saw," Marvin said. "But thatís one day in the young manís life." Lewis doesn't give a crap about character.
But this kid better show up on the field. "Every bit of it. Every bit of it," Lewis said. "For some of our fans, probably will pause for a second, but this thingís got to move forward and heís got to move on. He has lived with this since the day it occurred and heís done a good job of carrying himself through that." He thinks CC means opportunity.
And so does their Offensive Coordinator. "I'm so excited I can hardly stand myself," the OC Ken Zampese. "This guy can flat go. Very, very good football player. Strong, explosive, change of direction, feel and instincts, catches the ball. Can move around and make plays on the field. He has a very, very bright future." He doesn't give a crap about off field assaults either.

The Player: Joes Mixon is a tough evaluation to say the least. A team that had at 4.44 is likely to take him in the 2nd. "I left it all on the line," Mixon said at the OK Proday. "It's all over with now. I showed what I can do." He has a terrific quick burst once he catches the ball sneaking out of the backfield. 

He is not the best RB prospect in this Draft. That is a dumb reaction to his being held responsible for his actions when he punched a woman on tape in 2014. He has been the backup RB to Perine most of his time at OK. He came in a lot on 3rd down and caught passes. So he has value as a three down back. He has a lot of trend left on his tires. Great change of pace runner. 

He can slow to let his blockers do their job, and then burst past them. He is fast in the open field. He is a quick twitch RB, with elite size. He plays like a 3rd down back, but is really a great slasher. Great receiver out of the backfield. He can run as low as anyone going through the line, while strangling the ball with both hands. He gives a good hit with his shoulder pads in pass pro. 

The Reason: He is only available because he viciously punch a girl in the face, and it was caught on camera. "It changed me a lot as a person," Mixon said. "How you think. How you carry yourself. How you go about things. The way Oklahoma helped me I canít thank them enough either. Iím going to continue to keep doing the right thing around the community off the field. I am going to prove to them why they kept me. At Oklahoma I have their name at the end of the day. Iím going to do whatever I can to make them proud, to make them happy. Iím looking forward to doing that with the Cincinnati Bengals as well." Let's hope it did change him.
Most teams just said no. "Honestly, the visits, just go there and tell the truth," Mixon said. "Look them in the eye and be very sincere. Sincere about it. Go in there, having a good talk with coach Lewis and the GM and owner, I feel like the reason why they selected me they feel very comfortable and they seen the type of person I was. I was very genuine to them and I was very straight up. I canít do nothing but thank the owners, the organization and coach Lewis for the opportunity." I do think that people should not be judged solely by the worse moment in their life. Unless that moment maims a girl's face, soul, and life. This is another douche move by a douche Franchise.




Defense: 3-4

Ryan Anderson-

OLB Alabama

6-2, 253, 

33"Arm, 23 Reps, 

10'1" Broad, 33" Vert, 

7.15 3-Cone, 4.39 SS



*Jared Allen

DE Alabama


2017 Picks:

1 (17) Jonathan Allen, 5-T Alabama
2 (49) Ryan Anderson OLB Alabama
3 (81) Fabian Noreau, CB, UCLA
4 (114) Samaje Perine, RB Oklahoma
4 Montae Nicholson SS Michigan ST
5 (154) Jeremy Sprinkle TE Arkansas
6 (199) Chase Roullier, OC Wyoming
6 (209) Robert Davis, WR Georgia Southern
7 (230) Josh Harvey-Clemons, SS, Louisville
7 (235) Josh Holsey, DB Auburn

Key F.A. Signed:

QB Kirk Cousins

WR Terrelle Pryor

WR Brian Quick

TE Vernon Davis

DE Ziggy Hood

OL Vinston Painter

Key F.A.: 
RB Chris Thompson (R) 
LT Ty Nsekhe (R)
OC John Sullivan
DE Cullen Jenkins
DT Kedric Golston
ILB Will Compton (R)
ILB Terence Garvin
OLB Junior Gallette 
LS Nick Sundberg
SS Duke Ihenacho
SS Donte Whitner
CB Greg Toler
P Ryan Quigley

Key F.A. Lost:

WR Pierre Garcon

WR DeSean Jackson

Ricky Jean Francois DL

DE Chris Baker

The Team: I love Anderson on Tape. He is a little short, but has everything you want in an edgerusher. He is a 3-4 OLB who made some of the biggest plays of the season for Alabama. He almost won the Clemson game in the 1st Half, with two fumble recoveries.

He is a little short, but plays all out with his great heart. "We try to look at the way they get off, the way they finish plays, the way they run down plays," Gruden, an OC HC, said. "And I just know that every time you watch an Alabama game, you're going to see #22. He's going to make a play. He's all over the place. He may not have the same measurables as some of these outside linebackers or defensive ends that you're looking for, but he's not a measurable guy. He's a football player, and I know that's a clichť so to speak, but I don't think anybody can argue that's ever played with him or that's ever coached him that will say anything different about him. He just is productive, strong, strong-minded, mentally tough, and a great addition to the Washington Redskins." He will be an OLB in their system.

There top two picks with not be starting to start the season. "For me, Ryan is a very versatile player," Jared Allen said. "He's dominant on the run, aggressive, physical, and nasty. For me, those are things I'm kind of looking for when I'm looking for." Their front seven's main problem was age.
Don't be shocked if neither Anderson or Allen are starters day one "Like I said, we had a great relationship," Anderson said. "We got to the point where we can work together. We can go out there and we call a lot of games and stuff on our own. That came with trust and time. For us to be on the same team, we can just pick right back up where we left off. I know him and I know his skill set. I know when heís hot, Iím going to cover him, and if Iím rushing good, he can cover me. We pretty much have got that understanding. Like I said, man, itís a great feeling to have another dog, somebody thatís going to go out there and lay it out there with you every day. Thatís good, too." They both will contribute during the season.
But they were drafted to be backups for a year or two. "Kind of what he said, just the mentality that we have coming out of Alabama," Jared Allen said. "I feel like weíre very special. To know that I have a guy with me from Alabama is cool. We kind of fuel off of each other [and] feed off of each other just by our playing styles and how we go about doing it the right way. Iím excited. Iím excited to get things started, and having an Alabama guy with me makes it even better." They both will contribute as rookies in sub packages as backups.

They have a new DC. "I interviewed a lot of people, took a lot of time," Gruden said. "Greg is obviously very familiar with our team and he has a lot of confidence in the players that we have. He coaches with a lot of passion and I want the defense to take on the personality of the coach and I feel like Manusky gives me the personality that Iím looking for." So the need to get him some players.
When you have a LB coach named as your new DC, you might want to get him some linebackers. "When you see a guy as an outside linebacker coach and you see him coach with the energy and the passion that [he] does you donít really see him as a Coordinator type guy," Gruden said. "I know he came as a coordinator, but until I interviewed him, sat down with him, saw his organization, how organized he was, how detailed he was with his fundamentals and his techniques. He just sold me." Versatile LBs are going to be very important to their defense.

The Player: 4/08 Ryan Anderson: Day Two Rusher: Part VIII.

The Reason: I like how they draft the two rushers from the same school. "We know they are both highly intelligent guys," Gruden said. "They understand football, understand Xís and Oís and they both play very hard with a high motor and they are well-coached. So I donít see any negative whatsoever with them going to Alabama. Only positive." They are going to affect the rush for a long time.

They both have that knack for hitting the quarterback. "Anytime you watch college football, and you watch other defenses, no disrespect, and then you flip on an Alabama game, itís different," Gruden said. "The speed is different. They are well-coached, they are in their gaps, they play hard, they play physical, and thatís from Week 1 until the end. That has to appeal to you as a coach. They are using their hands, they are physical, they are chasing the ball, they are running to the ball. Of course they have a lot of guys that can sub in and out, but they are just well-coached and we feel good about where they are from a mental standpoint from talking to them, getting to know these guys." They have a lot of veterans in front of them.

They had to get some hybrid players. "I just felt a need for change, really," Gruden said. "I just want to try to get a coach in here that is very sound fundamentally and guys will play hard for. Sometimes you just have to roll the dice and hopefully you make the right decision. And I just felt in my gut that I needed to make a change and thatís why we did it." He is planning on running a 3-4 about 25% of the time.

They should help each other adjust to the NFL. "We definitely have a great brotherhood at Alabama," Allen said. "You never think about a situation where you go to play for a team with one of your great friends from college. Itís a blessing, Iím excited." They will run a 3-4 defense to start, but they like to employ even fronts as well.

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Amendment I. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances:

THE DAY DEMOCRACY DIED. Only Dictators fire everyone who investigates their illegal and treasonous activity. 






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