With The 33rd Pick, in the 2017 NFL Draft, The Cleveland Browns Select ...

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Okay, I'm finally starting to feel like I have a handle n this Draft. Even if it is just a little. 

PICKS 33-42

Post Draft

Picks 1-7.

Picks 8-14.

Picks 15-22.

Picks 23-27.

Picks 28-32, 211.

2nd Round

Picks 33-42.

Picks 43-49.

Picks 50-57.


3rd Round

Picks 65-80.

Picks 81-96.



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My Picks: 

Key Needs:

Team Moves:






Defense: 3-4

*Kevin King- 

CB Washington
6-3 1/4", 196, (U) 4.41,

6.54 3-C! 3.89 SS!†
 (O) 4.43,†39.5" Vert,
11.14 60-Yard Shuttle! 

32" Arms, 11 Reps,†


2017 Picks:

2 (33) Kenny King, CB Washington
2 (61) Josh Jones, SS NC State
3 Montravius Adams, NT Auburn
4 (108) Vince Biegel, OLB Wisconsin
4 (134) Jamaal Williams, RB, BYU
5-175 Deangelo Yancey WR Purdue
5 (182) Aaron Jones, RB, UTEP
6 (212) Kofi Amichia OT S. Florida
7 (238) Devonte Mays, RB Utah ST
7 (247) Malachi Dupre, WR, LSU

Key F.A. Signed:

TE Martellus Bennett

TE Lance Hendricks

RB Christine Michael

OLB Nick Perry

CB Devon House 

Key F.A.:
TE Justin Perillo (R) 
ORT Don Barclay
OC JC Tretter
DE Mike Pennel (R)
OLB Jay Elliott (F) 
LS Breet Goode
SS Micah Hyde
P Jake Schum (R)

Key F.A. Lost:

RB Eddie Lacy

TE Jared Cook


OLB Julius Peppers

OLB Datone Jones

The Team: I had this pick. This is one of the best picks in the Draft. Everyone is so obsessed with trading up, wasting picks, and getting their guy. But there is nothing better than trading down, getting an impact extra pick, and getting your guy. That is what the Packers did here. They traded down and still got Kevin King (and no team was as desperate for a CB as the Pack), AND!!! Pick 108.

They picked up Vince Biegel at pick 108.'"Everyone gets excited about the 1st-round pick, which is 14 percent of the NFL rosters," Alonzo Highsmith said. "The second-round pick is like 20-something percent of your roster. The majority of your roster is going to be 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th-round picks." They were desperate for a passrusher to start grooming behind Clay Mathews.

There is nothing better than trading down, still getting the impact player at your top need position (Corner), AND using the pick you got for trading down to get an impact player at your second most desperate position, OLB/passrusher. They had to improve their pass defense at all cost in this Draft. Their pass defense cost them a trip to the Super Bowl against the Falcons. This was the best pick of the Draft.
You have to get impact players early in the Draft, but the teams that win get impact players on Day Three as well. "I think those rounds are the meat of your team," Highsmith said. "I think if you're going to be a good team, you have to be successful in those rounds. I think why the Packers have been successful over the last 10 years as we look back at our drafts, we've had players in those rounds that have been very successful and have developed into good football players." They improved there pass defense significantly on Day Two and Day Three.

They have some holes to fill at DB. They could draft CBs with both their 2nd Round picks, and after that NFC Champ game, I don't know how anyone could complain. Packers have to go CB, with Awuzie and Kevin King on Board. 

The Packers clearly have to draft an RB. Having a converted WR as your main tailback in the Playoffs was a little embarrassing. Though the injuries to their CBs is what really cost them in the Playoffs against Atlanta. I think getting a top CB is a priority for the Packers. They are clearly going through a transition this season. 

The Player: 3/30 Kevin King: Long, Tall, and Quick as a Waterbug.

The Reason: They wanted to get some flexibility in their backfield so they could move players around to create favorable matchups. "Heís tall [plays with] leverage," Mike McCarthy said. "His bump-and-run [ability] is something every defense wants to do when youíre looking from the other side of the ball, when youíre playing against free access or vision-coverage defense, obviously, it keeps the offensive perimeter more in a rhythmic passing game. The fact you can play bump and run every snap, I think every defensive coach in the league would do that. So he comes in here with that being his best asset." King can play anywhere in the secondary.
He started at Washington as a Safety. "We liked his size, his height, his arm length, his speed," Thompson said. "We liked the way he covered on the outside and we also liked the way that they could move him. Despite his height, he could move inside into the slot and play him in the middle of the field, all of those things." But he was too good to keep at Safety.
So they moved him to Corner, where he became the Corner on their team by the Playoff game against Alabama. "I think it's always good to add guys with size," Eliot Wolf said. "That's something we're cognizant of. With him, the unique thing about such a tall guy is his ability to bend for such a tall guy. Sometimes the taller guys show a little bit of stiffness. We didn't see that. We actually saw that as a strength for him." This trade/pick was the steal of the Draft.


You cannot talk about this pick without talking about Vince Biegel. "We do feel like we got better [defensively]," Ted Thompson said. "And we have a chance to grow and kind of spread our wings a little bit. I think sometimes you get a little stale in the roster, and that would be my fault if it happened." He was the prize 3-4 OLB they got for trading out of the 1st.
He played in a similar system at Wisconsin, and he has that knack for hitting the quarterback. "I was sitting on the couch here watching the TV. I get a phone call and it was Green Bay Wisconsin," Vince Biegel said. "It was Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy on the line. It was such a special moment to share it with my family and friends here. It will be something I cherish for a long time." He will step in behind Mathews right away.
You knew that some great passing rushing prospects were going to drop to Day Three. "Just worked out that way. It wasn't intentional," Thompson said. "It wasn't a deal saying lets go do this. It's just the way it worked out. We felt like it was a strong year at that position." But getting an OLB like Biegel in the 4th is a dream for this defense.

But he is not an instant gratification pick. "When you work out a kid like Biegel whose intensity level is up here. Who plays hard," Highsmith said. "Who does all of the things. Then you measure him and he runs well and you say, 'we may have something here.'" He will sit and be groomed behind the scenes as a rookie.
He has to get stronger, and work on his technique. "I think I can definitely improve as a pass rusher, but being able to pass rush is one of the strengths of my game," Biegel said. "However they utilize me, Iíll definitely go in there with a chip on my shoulder and learn from guys ahead of me like Clay, learn from veterans and guys who have been there. Iím just really eager to learn. Iím excited to go in there and show my versatility and just work." But he fits this defense to a T.
Illinois: He will cover the RB out of the backfield. He is a true 3-4 OLB. He finally got back on the field again Illinois (after foot surgery). He looks a little small, but he has that knack for hitting the quarterback. He did not have the same strength and balance when he played against Illinois. But he almost got a sack, as he tackled the QB as he fell over the LOS.

Ohio State: Excellent 3-4 OLB who is still out with injury (I thought this note was funny;).

Penn State: He covers punts. He can stand up the ORT with his hands, and then dive inside of him to hit the RB. Great hands to stack and shed much bigger blockers. He is so relentless going after the QB. His arms and legs are always churning. He can beat either O-tackle to his outside shoulder. Great Dip and Rip. He primary move is try and Dip around the corner. Great arc-agility.
Biegel came back strong and showed he still had that knack for hitting the quarterback. I'm not sure he can be a D-end. But he looks like he can be a 3-4 OLB who can rush, stop the run, and cover a little. He can hold the edge when he reads run, and they run away. He does such a nice job stunting. He got a sack stunting in the 1st. And got dragged down in the 2nd, but they didn't call holding.
W. Kentucky: Nice job taking a beating by the ORT, and then adjusting when the QB takes off outside, and going and getting him. He can hold his feet as he dips about foot and half off the ground, and the OT is shoving him down. Great balance and arc-agility. He is a little too much of a one move rusher (Dip). He has to work on more consistency on his 2nd and 3rd moves. Terrific job shoving off the much bigger ORT and getting inside of him when they run inside. Great job relentless hitting the QB. He can grab the QB, and get swung off onto the ground. Then get up and tackle the QB from behind while knocking the ball out. He has great relentlessness on his side. 

Combine: He plays with some nasty. He had foot surgery in September and missed a lot of the season. Nice quicks moving laterally. Nice feet moving backwards. A little stiff skipping over bags. Hips are a little tight. 

Second Choice: Chidobe Awuzie CB

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Defense: 4-3

*Cam Robinson

OLT Alabama

6-6, 327, #74


*Leonard Fournette



2017 Picks:

1 (4) Leonard Fournette, RB, LSU
2 (34) Cam Robinson, OLG, Alabama
3 (68) Dawuane Smoot, DE, Illinois
4 (110) Dede Westbrook, CC, OK
5 (148) Blair Brown, ILB, Ohio
7 (222) Jalen Myrick, CB Minnesota
7 (240) Marquez Williams FB Miami

Key FA.Signed:

WR Arrelious Benn 

TE Mychal Rivera
OLT Branden Albert 

OG/OT Patrick Omameh
OG Tyler Shatley 

DE Calais Campbell
DT Abry Jones

CB AJ Bouye 

SS Barry Church

Key FA.:

RB Denard Robinson
WR Bryan Walters
DT Tyson Aluala
ORT Bryce Harris
ORT Jeff Linckenbach
ORT Josh Wells (R)
ILB Arthur Brown
SS Peyton Thompson (R)

Key Free Lost

TE Julius Thomas

OC Stefen Wisniewski 

OLT Kelvin Beachum 

OG/OT Luke Joeckel

DE Jared Odrick

NT Roy Miller

CB Devon House 

CB Prince Amukamara

SS John Cyprien

The Team: I had this pick (sort of;). I had the Seahawks taking Robinson with the 34th pick. I had the right position for the Jags at pick 35 as well, OLG, but the wrong player- Lamp. "Lampís a good player, too," Caldwell said. "But when you look at it, this guyís got 35-inch arms. Heís 320 pounds, and 6-6-plus. Thatís what youíre looking for out of your left tackle." So that is two for two to start Day Two. But you have to hate this pick. 

Allowing the Seahawks to swindle a 6th (Mike Tyson FS Cincy) out of them to move up one spot (with Robinson, Lamp, and Garcia still on the Board) to pick up an OLG made them suckers. "I believe so," Caldwell said about the Seahawks making him believe they'd take Cam. "Maybe we wouldnít have given up the 6th-round pick for it. Maybe we would have taken our chances. But we have to make sure we can line up on opening day." But, I did have the Seahawks taking Robinson here (and I think you have to downgrade the Seahawks Draft for not taking an OT until the 6th Round). 

They had to get a young OLT (because Brandon Albert wants out), and a starting OLG in this Draft. "Heíll play left tackle," Caldwell said. "When you see how big he is. How quick he is. And how much room he has to grow, too. Heís a big man." But he still has some growing to do.

They want him to compete at OLT. "I wouldnít say itís a reaction, but we have to make sure have our bases covered," Caldwell said. "Anytime you have competition, itís a good thing. The best players will play, and the ones who are committed will play." But he is not beating out a veteran OLT (Albert) in any way shape or form. He will start at OLG next season. 

He was a little too much of a Waist bender. "The value was there to go get him," Caldwell said. "If we feel like a guy can be an eventual starting Left Tackle? Heís worth a 6th-round pick. Especially considering the grade we had on him." But he was a force blocking down on DTs.

He is a plug and play OLG as a rookie, that they can develop to step in for Albert at OLT for when his contract is up. "We have his rights, and we expect him to show up when he has to," Caldwell said about Albert. "Itís his decision to not be here, and he has that right to do it. As long as he comes in in shape when itís mandatory, and comes in and does the things heís supposed to do, weíll welcome him with open arms." But he is not a play and play OLT in the NFL.

The Reason: The Jags worst position by far was OLG. They got the crap beat of them there last year. They have five different guys start there last year. That not only ends with this pick, but Lamp (Huh... Robinson;) will be their best OL in a few years.

The Player: Robinson has dropped in the polls this season. However, he kicked the crap out of  Myles Garrett against A&M. Some OC is going to watch that Tape and fall for this guy as his QB's Blindside protector. Not overjoyed with his kickslide, but he has the talent to be a good one in the NFL. His best position in the NFL might be inside at OG.

USC: Seals the DE outside nicely. He will over extend and can get pulled off balance when he does. When he keeps his feet moving, and plays with proper technique and form (and doesn't reach forward), he plays with great power. When he bends forward he can get off balance. He can push rushers to the ground from the side while shuffling into position with his hands on the shirt. He has great heavy hands.

A&M: He gave up a TFL to Garrett late in the 2nd, which was the first play he made against him. When he leans forward too much, he gets in trouble. He can be a waist-bender sometimes Then he stuffed him on the next passrush. Terrific job turning and sealing the DE inside. He can shuffle outside with some quickness and agility to pick up the CB blitzing from way outside. He can plant that back foot, get low, and stone the power rusher. 

LSU: He will pull inside sometimes to led the RB into the hole, and devastate the DT. Great job pulling to his right, which would help him at OLG. I'm still not thrilled with his technique, but he is dominating against steep competition since his destruction of Garrett. He can pull outside on short yardage, and hit the safety outside at the point and put him on skates for 10 yards. 

Clemson: He can be a beast blocking down on the DT. He will improve the run game of the team that drafts him right away.  They will line up a TE outside of him to block the DE in pass pro, so he can stuff the DT inside. He just stones DTs in pass pro. Great punch with his long arms inside. Safe pick who can move inside to OLG, and might have to as a rookie. He still has some technique work to do, like kickslide and bending at the waist. He has a great power step to stone Edge guys inside. He can collapse the line low, on 4th and 1 with everything on the line. Great run blocker. Great clutch short yardage blocker. 

2016 (Junior): The anchor of the Crimson Tide offensive line ... selected as one of the Crimson Tideís permanent team captains for the 2016 season ... started every game at left tackle during his time in Tuscaloosa (43 games) ... one of the Tideís three unanimous All-America selections ... also earned first-team honors from Sports Illustrated ... Outland Trophy winner, given annually to the nationís top interior lineman on offense or defense ... claimed the SEC Jacobs Blocking Trophy, the Tideís second in as many years ... first team All-SEC selection by the conference coaches and the Associated Press ... midseason All-American by Sports Illustrated, CBS, ESPN and Sporting News ... named to the Outland Trophy Preseason Outland Trophy list.

Washington: He will go earlier than people think (how's that for a prediction:). He rammed into Qualls to start the Playoff game and drove him straight back onto his butt. When he wants to he is as good as anyone in the county. When he blocked down on the DT he knocked him four yards sideways (and Washington has some big DTs;). He can play OG if worse come to worse, he will not be a bust. Great job getting a shove on the DE and push him out wide. He will not always kickslide on the play action, and stone the DE at the line.

Nice job jamming the DT back on runs behind him. He really plays with great power in run game. He can pick up the outside blitzer, and stone him. Nice power. He grabs rushers shirts, and you can see him pull down and they loose their legs sometimes. Great strength and power in his hands and arms.

He is so good against the bigger power rusher. He is very strong. When he just uses his long arms, he look better. He can stuff them outside, and when they push off and try to go inside. He can power block the big DE to the ground on short yardage. He can knock the DE back three yards with just his initial bursts on a run play at him.

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Defense: 4-3

*Malik McDowell

DL Michigan State

6-4, 276, 



2017 Picks:

2 Malik McDowell DT Michigan ST
2 (58) Ethan Pocic, OT LSU
3 (90) Shaquill Griffin DB UCF
3 (95) Delano Hill, FS Michigan
3 (102) Nazir Jones, DT UNC
3 (106) Amara Darboh WR Michigan
4-111 Tedric Thompson SS Colorado
6 (187) Mike Tyson, SS, Cincinnati
6 Justin Senior ORT Mississippi T
7 (226) David Moore WR, E. Central
7-249 Christopher Carson RB OK ST


Key F.A.:

RB Eddie Lacy

OG/OT Luke Joeckel

Key F.A.:

Tarvaris Jackson QB 

Bryce Brown RB 

Fred Jackson RB

Ricardo Lockette WR 
Anthony McCoy TE 
Chase Coffman TE 

Lemuel Jeanpierre OC 

Will Tukuafu FB 

Demarcus Dobbs DE 
DeShawn Shead CB  

Jon Ryan P 

Key F.A. Lost:

Russell Okung OT 

J.R. Sweezy OG

Alvin Bailey OL

Brandon Mebane DT

Bruce Irvin LB 

The Team: If there's one team who can get the most out of McDowell is it Pete Carroll. I don't like McDowell. I wouldn't have drafted him. But this may be the one team that he can be successful with. This would have been my favorite pick in the Draft, because of the incredible value they got from trading down from 26 to 34. AMAZING! They traded down eight spots in three trades, and picked up the impact DL they wanted, and ended up with two 2nds and four 3rds.

However, I do think you need to downgrade their Draft because they didn't take an OT until the 6th Round, YIKES! Though they did announce LSU OC as a "Tackle". Plus, I do not trust McDowell. "I can't figure out what makes this kid tick," an anonymous GM said after the Draft. "He might be the type who, maybe he falls (in the draft) and it lights a fire under him. I don't know. But I need that light on more often, and he didn't like it when we asked him about that." Some teams said he had the worst Combine interview ever, ever!

I thought he quit on his team last year. "We had a long year," McDowell said. "I had a lot of stuff going on this past year health-wise, just body stuff. Little stuff. I was out there and (maybe shouldn't) have been playing. It is what it is. That's not something we'll have to worry about in the future." But he can look like an immense talent when he wants to.

If they don't get help for their O-line Wilson will be a pancake by the end of the season. Their O-line literally coast them a chance at the Super Bowl last year.

The Player: 4/25 Malik McDowell: When He Wanted To.

The Reason: He has the talent, but doesn't always look like he likes the game. "He loves to play. It's important to him," Carroll said. "He wants to be great. He's not going to be a flashy, rah-rah type of guy." Lets his teammates down.
The further away from the OC he plays the worse he looks. "When we see him in the right spots we're going to feature him at," Carroll said. "We know he's going to be a really good prospect for us." He is a Nose Tackle that looks like a D-End.
He was the top buyer beware player in this Draft, because his talent is so seductive. "He's played a lot of nose tackle," Carroll said. "Which totally diminishes his ability, and that's just the way they had to play him," But when they moved him outside the OGs, he did not produce.
He is not a 5-Tech or Base DE. "He came into the season with a high ankle sprain, which as we know almost debilitates, but he kept playing and kept battling," Carroll said. "We see the whole body of evaluation of being one that tells us the story that we have a great guy here potentially." So if not on the Nose, where do you play him?

This not just a best player available pick, top two player on my Board. Kevin King is also the prototype "Seahawks Corner". BUT, they have to get Wilson an OLT. Robinson dropped out of the 1st because he is a bit of a waist-bender. Waist benders don't fair well in the NFL. They could go Lamp here as well. But they can get a plug and play OG on Day Three.


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Amendment I. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances:

The day Democracy died. Only Dictators fire everyone who investigates their illegal and treasonous activity. 


Until Republicans prove they can put Country (USA) before (COMMUNIST) Party?

Then the dream that was American is Dead.

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Defense: 3-4

Buddha Baker

FS Washington

5-9 5/8", 192, (O) 4.45!

6.76 3-Cone! 4.08 SS!

 9'7" Broad, 32.5" Vert,

30 3/4" Arms, 15 Reps,


Haason Reddick

LB Temple


2017 Picks:

1 (13) Haason Reddick, LB, Temple
2-36 Budda Baker FS/CB Washington
3 (98) Chad Williams, WR Grambling
4 (115) Dorian Johnson, OG Pitt
5 (157) Will Holden, OT Vanderbilt
5 (179) T.J. Logan, RB UNC
6 (208) Rudy Ford, S, Auburn

Key F.A. Signed:

RB Andre Ellington

OLB Chandler Jones

OLB Jarvis Jones

Key F.A.:

RB Chris Johnson
RB Stepfan Taylor
WR Jaron Brown
WR Brittan Golden (R) 
TE Darren Fells (R) 
TE Jermaine Gresham
OG Evan Mathis
OG Taylor Boggs (R) 
OG Evan Mathis
OC AQ Shipley
RT Earl Watford
DE Josh Mauro (R) 
DT Frostee Rucker
OLB Joplo Bartu
ILB Kevin Minter
K Chandler Catanzaro (R)
LS Aaron Brewer
P Ryan Quigley
CB Mike Jenkins
CB Tharold Simon
SS DJ Swearinger

Key F.A.:

DE Calais Campbell

OLB Alex Okafor

SS Tony Jefferson

CB Marcus Cooper

The Team: Good not great pick. They really needed more of a CB than Safety. In fact, I thought they needed two CBs, not two Safeties, in this Draft. So you have to assume they are moving him to CB. Which means I had the right position (Corner) but the wrong player.

They had to get a CB to play opposite Peterson. "I donít remember a draft, other than the Fitz-Dansby draft, that we had two players rated so high. You felt so strongly about them," Keim said. "Heís just a guy who jumps out on tape on you. When you see the 32 jersey, you canít help but think of Ty." Baker covered some outside. 
He was really their Box-Safety/Slot-CB. "For me, I just always feel like the smaller guy people donít really talk about or certain things like that," Baker said. "Also, I try to think about my mother battling certain illnesses. And I just feel the anger within her. I always hear people talking about how itís hard running these gassers and then I think about my mom and how she has doctorís appointments every day, getting stuck with IVís, taking certain pills every day. When people say that, it just makes me mad because I feel like all that stuff is easy but when youíre in the hospital constantly, thatís hard." He did a lot of covering in the slot last season. 

He was an All-American FS in 2015. "Thatís the type of kid he is," Arians said. "Betch [The DC] and Nick [Rapone DB coach] could hardly get him off the phone; he was wanting to know the whole playbook. He was the first one up there. And he was barking at everybody as theyíre coming up the steps." He can slash into the backfield and find the RB fast. 

He can get into the backfield and chase the RB down from behind. "I learned a lot," Baker said about meeting Ronde Barber and Earl Thomas. "Both guys talked about our size because we have similar body styles, but Ronde more. He taught me how to watch film a lot, constantly watch film and study your opponent. Earl Thomas also taught me about breaking. Certain breaks take my eyes to the receiver first, then the target first and then the ball. Certain little things that will help me better for this league." Great transition out of his pedal to attack forward to the ball carrier. 

The Reason: Baker can play. "When you talk about foot speed, movement skills, the way he plays with a reckless abandon, his ability to play the deep half you see him cover ground off the hash, you see him invert and play in the slot, you see him blitz off the hash," Kiem said. "Heís just a football player. He wears No. 32, so you think about Ty. Baker) is slightly over an inch taller at the same stage. Heís bigger. He's 15 pounds heavier at the same stage." But damn he's small. 

He played in the Slot a lot. "I thought about that when they called me. Along the lines of Tyrann Mathieu, I can bring versatility," Baker said. "It means a lot to me just because you donít see that a lot and it showed how much interest that they had in me to move all the way up from the 45th pick to the 36th pick." He has a lot in common with Tyron Mathews.

It is hard not to see the Honey Badger when you watch him. "Iím not saying heís Tyrann Mathieu," Kiem Said. "What Iím telling you is heís got that mentality. Heís got that positional flexibility. He loves the game. He can do so many things for us." He played more Slot Corner than Free Safety last year.

He has good ball skills. Not near Honey badger ball skills, but good. "I think I can improve that," he said. "For me on film, I feel like Iíve dropped all the easy picks. All the hard ones I intercept, but then the easy ones I just maybe think too much. For me, itís just staying on the JUGS machine, catching a lot of balls." He had a big INT against Alabama Early in the Playoff game. 

He will likely be their starting CB next season. "He is such a student of the game," Arians said. "I donít have any worries about him being ready. Weíre working right now through all the rules of what we can and cannot do as far as getting him taught and ready, but he is a dynamic guy." Unless they decide to play the Honey Badger at CB, and start Baker in the Slot. 

He played on both sides of the slot. "When you see the 32 jersey, you canít help but think about Ty," Keim said. "He doesnít quite have the ball skills Ty has." I have trouble seeming him playing anywhere except Slot-CB, or maybe FS, maybe. They did not play him in cover One.
The Player: Baker is a 1st Round talent, whose size could keep him out of the 1st. "The coaches will tell you thatís the best player on their team," a scout said. "They love that guy. Heís more like Earl Thomas. Small guy that can run." He played a lot in the box at Washington. 

He is a little small to go in the 1st if you ask me. "I would leave him as a centerfielder and then roll him down over the slot if you needed too," a scout said. "He's too small to cover tight ends, but he's got great instincts in coverage which is why he should shine as a single-high." But he is better on Tape than  Damarious Randall from last year. 

His size is going to make it tough for him to play for a long time in the Box, like Bob Sanders. "He's kind of like a Bob Sanders," a different scout said. "Big-time hitter. Around the ball. Covers the slot. Only negative I had was his height." He is going to struggle in the NFL to cash the physical checks he wrote in college.

USC: He does not let WR's block him. When he has backside contain he holds it well, and when 'SC ran a reverse he got into the backfield and tackled him with prejudice. Nice blitzer from the edge. He is a best on the goal line. He can blitz through a hole on the left side of the line, and run down the RB running to the right from behind. Nice job taking down the TE who catches the ball in front of him in the flat. He hits like a linebacker. When he sees the RB catching the ball out of the backfield, he comes down hill and destroys him.

He played in the box a lot. He really played Slot-CB/Box-Safety. He stepped up like he was going to cover the RB. Then watch him burst back down field and impossibly intercept the ball. That was a great defensive play there (:01). He played slot corner a lot as they liked to keep him close to the line (:36). He is a very small guy, but can play freakishly physical (:45). Watch him jam off the bigger WR, and go and get the RB.

He played LB sometimes. Watch how he ran past the OL, spun off the WR, and pushed the monster back out of bounds (:52). Not sure where to play him in the NFL.

He held up in front of the RB (1:11). He is tough as nails, but he cannot play like that in the NFL (1:18). He was impressive working off the block of the WR, and going and getting the RB. His role in the NFL looks like a Slot Corner to me (1:40). He was impressive in the run game (1:48). My problem with him is that he was playing Box Safety last year at 5-9, 190. He can't do that in the NFL.

He turned and ran well with the WR there (2:26). He used his hands and feet very well in coverage, and stepped in front of the WR over the middle (2:38). He played over the top, and then picked up the WR breaking outside. The QB threw it to his man, but the only place he could get it in was out of bounds (2:55). That was good coverage.

He got caught by the play action and lost his man (3:05). He was an excellent blitzer from the edge (3:26). He can play the Bubble screen like a CB (3:42). Great run blitzer as well (4:04). He was the leader of the secondary, but he was really a slot corner not a safety (4:42). He moved laterally inside nicely, to help tackle the big monster back (5:07). Slot Corner (5:18). He stayed with him well, and then attacked when he saw the run. I'm just not real impressed with his Tape. How does that translate to the NFL? His best position is as a FS, who can step up into the Slot and cover the 3rd WR to keep the defense in the their base.

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Defense: 4-3

Zay Jones


6-2, 201, 6.79 3-C, 4.01 SS! (O) 4.45, 11'1"Br! 36.5"Vert,  

15 Reps, 32 1.2"Arm


Tre'Davious White



2017 Picks:

1 (27) TreíDavious White, CB, LSU
2 (37) Zay Jones, WR, East Carolina
2 (63) Dion Dawkins, OL, Temple
5 (163) Matt Milano, LB, BC
5 (171) Nathan Peterman, QB Pitt
6 (195) Tanner Vallejo, LB, Boise S

Key F.A. Signed:

QB Tyrod Taylor

FB Mike Tolbert 

OL Jordan Mills

OLB Lorenzo Alexander

Micah Hyde FS

Jordan Poyer FS

Key F.A.:
QB EJ Manuel

RB Mike Gillislee (R)
RB Reggie Bush
FB Jerome Felton
WR Marquise Goodwin
WR Percy Harvin
WR Justin Hunter
WR Brandon Tate
TE Chris Gragg
OG Ryan Groy (R)
DT Corbin Bryant
DT Leger Douzable
RT Jordan Mills
ILB Brandon Spikes
ILB Zach Brown
OLB IK Enemkpali
OLB Ramon Humber
OLB Lerentee McCray
CB Corey White
SS Colt Anderson
SS Robert Blanton
FS Sergio Brown
FS Jonathan Meeks (R)
FS Duke Williams
P Colton Schmidt (R)
Key F. A, Lost:

WR Robert Woods

CB Stephon Gilmore

SS Aaron Williams

The Team: I had this pick. I had the Bills take Zay Jones with the 44th Pick. Trading up to grab this kid was a great catch. If you include Dion Dawkins to the Bills at 63 (which I had! I had both of the Bills 2nd Round picks forecasted correctly) that is four correct Day Two picks already. Which is just incredible.

Every time I watch his Tape I liked him more. "When you look at his position flexibility, he can move inside, he can play outside and that was also a big part of it as well," McDermott said. "Youíre not just talking about a guy that can play one position, so he does have position-flex. That said, as a young player, weíve got to progress him at the right pace." He is going to make Taylor a better QB day one. 

Very physical in pattern, and knows how to push off and snap his hand up to snag the ball.

This cat can really move on the field. "I am assuming itís because Coach McGeoghan (Bills WR coach) was my [WR] coach at ECU," Zay said. "So he has seen me perform, knows what kind of person I am, he knows about my character, he just knows the type of man I am." He can fly. His dad played in the NFL, and won three Super Bowl.
He will make an instant impact on special teams. "You want line of scrimmage value at every position and then also the special teams," McDermott. "Letís factor in special teams, maybe not necessarily in Dionís case but in other cases whether it is with Tre'Davious or Zay." The got three instant impact players with their first three picks.

The Player: 4/24 Zay Jones: Attacking Into Day Two.

The Reason: He is the all-time leader in receptions in the FBS. He had 158 catches last season alone. "I have the best hands in this draft class," Jones said on a conference call with the Western New York media shortly after being selected. "I can get open and create separation. If that comes across as arrogance, it's not meant to. I'm very confident. I don't shy away from that," He was the best player at the Senior Bowl this year. 

He ran NFL routes at the Senior Bowl with out a hitch. "I used to think that every kid's dad played in the NFL , too," Jones said at the NFL Scouting Combine. "So I would be like, 'who does your dad play for?' Because thatís what was common to us just growing up in a household with him. Eat, sleep, drink football. Itís just what I want to do right now. Iím fortunate enough to do it, healthy enough to do it." He is a plug and play WR in the Bills system.
His WR coach at ECU is now coaching WRs for the Bills. "I donít even know if Iíve caught that many in my life, right?" McDermott said. "I mean thatís a lot of balls. Itís a ton of balls in a college career, thatís very impressive. You canít ignore it. You talk about fundamentals Ė throwing and catching. You guys have heard me talk about fundamentals before, thatís an important part. "When that ball is thrown in his area, heís catching it. So, we hope that that continues and so that gives you consistency. Thereís not a whole lot to incompletions, right? I donít like those. They donít move the chains very often, so thatís important for us." He runs great patterns.
He gets open deep and short in pattern. "You look at Zay's history and the tradition of his family of playing in the NFL, that's obviously a good part and a good person, again, off the field in being able to do things right really through the history of his entire college career," McDermott said. "And then on the field, the production he had at the receiver position on the field, consistency in the hands and just being that consistent performer. So I feel good about this pick. He's going to add to the mix of what we already have at the wide receiver position and continue to earn the right just like the rest of the players, so I feel good about it." Tough-tough kid.
He blocks and catches through contact as well as any WR in this Draft. "I would say I am a natural football player," Jones said. "I have natural instincts for the game, I have the best hands in this draft class. I am a pass-catcher, and I can get open quick, separation and go score. And besides that, I am great teammate. A great teammate. I play for my team. All-around hard worker." I would not have complained if the Pats had taken this kid in the 1st.

They have to some one to put opposite Watkins. Roberts Woods just seems to get worse every year.

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Defense: 3-4

Forrest Lamp

OG Western Kentucky

6-3, 300, S-1.76, (U) 4.99!

7.55 3-Cone! 4.62 SS,

32"Arms, 34 Reps!

27.5" Vert,


*Mike Williams

WR Clemson

FS (FA), CB, TE, WR, DE,  RB, QB,  OLT, TE, OL. DB

2017 Picks:

1 (7) Mike Williams, WR, Clemson
2-38 Forrest Lamp OLG W. Kentucky
3 (71) Dan Feeney, ORG  Indiana
4 (113) Rayshawn Jenkins FS Miami
5 (151) Desmond King CB/FS Iowa
6 (190) Sam Tevi, OT Utah
-(225 Isaac Rochell, 5-T, Notre Dame

Key FA. Signed:

OLT Russell Okung 

OLB Melvin Ingram  (Tag)

SS Jahleel Addae

Key FA.:

QB Kellen Clemmens

RB Danny Woodhead
RB Branden Oliver (R)
RB Dexter McCluster
RB Ronnie Hillman
WR Dontrelle Inman (R)
WR Isaiah Burse (R)
WR Griff Whalen
TE Asante Cleveland (R)
TE Jeff Cumberland
OG Kenny Wiggins (R) 
DT Sean LissemoreDT Tenny Palepoi (R)
DE Damion Square
OLB Korey Toomer (R)
OLB Tourek Williams
FS Adrian Phillips
CB Steve Williams (R)
LS Mike Windt

Key FA. Lost:

OT King Dunlap

OT DJ Fluker

ILB Manti Teío

The Team: I loved what they did on Day Two. But didn't they have some more needs on their wretched defense. However, man I love-love-love getting Desmond King in the 5th, and Isaac Rochell in the 7th. These are the picks that runs pretenders into contenders.

But Day Two was about keeping Rivers on the field. "To me, that was the game where he really got my attention," Changers' GM Anthony Lynn said. "He was really good in the other games, but in the Alabama game, he really played his best game. Thatís what you want when youíre looking at these athletes, you want them to play their best against the best competition. I feel like he did." Their run game just took a giant step forward.
Gordon just became a Pro-Bowl RB. "When you look at how he uses his hands, his hand placement, his protection, his base and how creates movement and how he cleans holes with his feet, driving people out of holes for back to get through," Lynn said. "I thought that was really good. Heís aggressive. Heís athletic. Heís a really good young lineman." He knocks DLs back on their asses in the run game.

The Player: 4/13 Forest Lamp: Run Forest Run.

The Reason: Phillip Rivers is old. "Thereís nothing really sexy about an offensive lineman," Lynn said. "But this guyís a solid football player." They had to get some serious protection for Rivers if they want him to continue to play.
Lamp is a plug and play OLG, like Logan Mankins was for the Pats. "Heís really experienced," Lynn said. "Heís played multiple positions, guard and tackle. Heís tough, heís athletic, smart and uses his hands well. Thereís nothing really sexy about an offensive lineman, but this guys is a solid football player. He fits a need and heís high on our board." Like Mankins, he was a smaller school OLT in college.
But short arms caused (or will cause;) him to move inside to OLG. "When an offensive lineman has some positional versatility, it really help on game day," Lynn said. " Heís a guy weíd feel comfortable putting outside if we had to, but weíll start out with him inside." Like Mankins, if worse comes to worse he can back up the OLT.
Everybody thought that Lamp would be gone by now. "We were surprised," Lynn said. "We did work through a lot of different scenarios where he might be there. And we really didnít want to take that chance. We tried to move up and we couldnít. So, we just stayed patient and he just fell right into our lap." I had him dropping into Day Two, because he had to shift inside to OLG.
He was a 1st Round talent. "Iím not going to go as far as to say heís a day one starter," Lynn said. "Heís going to have to compete like everyone else. But, it helps when you can get good, quality depth at the position. I do think this guy can start in this league, but heís going to have to come in here and prove that." What they did on Day One and Day Two will reverberate through this Franchise until Rivers' retires.

Second Choice: Derek Rivers OLB

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The day Democracy died. Only Dictators fire everyone who investigates their illegal and treasonous activity. 


Until Republicans prove they can put Country (USA) before (COMMUNIST) Party?

Then the dream that was American is Dead.

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Defense: 3-4

Marcus Maye


5-11.5, 207, (PD) 4.5,

7.1 3-Cone, 4.29 SS,

33.5", 9'10" Broad, 


*Jamal Adams

Safety LSU


2017 Picks:

1 (6) Jamal Adams, FS, LSU
2 (39) Marcus Maye, SS, Florida
3 (79) ArDarius Stewart, WR Alabama
4 (141) Chad Hansen, WR California
5 (150) Jordan Leggett TE Clemson
5-181 Dylan Donahue DE W. Georgia
6 (188) Elijah McGuire RB Louisiana-Lafayette
6 (197) Jeremy Clark CB Michigan
6 (204) Derrick Jones CB Mississippi

Key F.A. Signed:

QB Josh McCown 

OLT Kelvin Beachum

Ben Ijalana OT

OG Brian Williams

Key F.A.:
TE Brandon Bostick (R)
TE Kellen Davis
DE Mike Catapano (R)
OT Ryan Clady
OC Wesley Johnson (R
ILB Bruce Carter
OLB Josh Martin
OLB Julia Stanford (R)
CB Antonio Allen
CB Marcus Williams (R)

Key F.A Lost:

QB Ryan Fitzpatrick

QB Geno Smith

WR Brandon Marshall

OT Breno Giacomini 

OC Nick Mangold  

ILB Erin Henderson 

CB Derrelle Revis

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The Team: The Jets just picked up a  3rd Round  Safety in the 2nd. I like Marcus Maye, but he struggled with injuries.

I didn't think they need to draft a Safety, never mind two. "I feel like we'll do great," Maye said about Adams. "He's a great ball player. He has a lot of talent. Being out there with a guy like that, he's just going to make you be great as well." Adams was a great pick.
But Maye is pushing it. They want to put Pryor in the Linebacker role that Bucannon played it. "We have a bunch of packages where we play three safeties at one time," Bowles said. "We like to do that. We didn't have the luxury last year, but we have that in our packages." I mean, NO ONE had Safety as a top five need for the Jets, never mind two of their top five needs. 

Maye will struggle to get on the field at all as a rookie. "I don't know which one [will play Bucannon's role] yet," Maccagnan said. "We need to get them all in and start messing around with the pieces. Then it will work itself out." So they are already turning their starting safeties into linebackers.
Could someone explain to me why they took two Safeties with their first two Picks? "You build a board that's value-based," Maccagnan said. "If we're going to build this through the draft with young players, then if a player who's highly rated stands apart from other players on the board, you take the best player available. There were some other players around [Maye, taken at No. 39], but we felt there was separation between him and other players. We identified him early and liked him from a football standpoint and also from a personal standpoint." I don't care if Maccagnan thought Maye was Ronnie Lott! 

There is absolutely no excuse for doubling up on Safeties in the first two rounds. "Yeah, we have a bunch of packages where we play three safeties at a time, or would like to. We didn't have the luxury last year," Bowles said. "As we get them all in and start messing around with the pieces, that will work itself out." They already had two starting Safeties, including Gilchrist, who they drafted and became starters already.

They have been looking for an edgerusher who can stand up, put a hand in the dirt, and hit the QB. Willie was not only one of the most productive sackers last season, he also measured out as one of the top freaks.

The Reason: It's like they go out of their way to suck worse every year. "Yeah, itís feasible," Bowles said. "It all depends on how fast they learn it, obviously staying healthy and how well they play." What in the hell were they thinking here. 

Tough to draft a special teams guy in the 2nd. "I don't think there's any reason why we can't keep Calvin on this team," Maccagnan said. "You can't have enough good players at any position. We'll let this thing play itself out and see how things develop." There were a ton of CBs and edgerushers on the Board.

You can have to many good players at one position. "I feel like we'll do great," Maye said. "He's a great ball player. He has a lot of talent. Being out there with a guy like that, he's just going to make you be great as well." You can't start four safeties.
The Player: Maye can get outside the numbers and meet the at the line and take him down. Very nice speed outside. He comes up fast when the QB takes off. I live the way this guy moves on the field. He is fast and accurate. 

I am not as impressed with him as most. He is a FS, who gave up 10 TDs in his three seasons at FLA. 

Great hitter. He has top character. He stepped at at SS. He has turned into a legit run defender. Struggles a little too much against the pass sometimes. I like the way he moves on the field. 

Combine; He ran 4.48 at his Proday, which is a great time. He ran himself into the 2nd Round. He was said to be impressive by a lot of NFL guys on hand. Nice job finding the RB in traffic on the second level. When he hits guys, they fly sideways. He can really hit the WR trying to catch the ball in front of him with excellent timing. He will miss coverage outside over the top sometimes. He can get over to the sideline in Cover Two and help defend the pass. He can make a play on the ball coving the TE over the middle. 

Proday: "Safety Marcus Maye (5-11 5/8, 207) ran the 40 in 4.50 and 4.52 seconds," Gil Brandt wrote. "He had a 33.5-inch vertical, a 9-10 broad jump, a 4.25-second short shuttle, and a 7.10-second three-cone. He had a solid workout."

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Defense: 4-3

*Curtis Samuel


5-11, 196, 4.31, 37"V, 9'11"Br, 7.09 3-C, 4.33 SS, 31 1/4"Arm, 18 Reps


Christian McCaffrey

RB/WR Stanford


2017 Picks:

1 (8) Christian McCaffrey RB Stanford
2 (40) Curtis Samuel, WR, Ohio State
2 (64) Taylor Moton OL W, Michigan
3 (77) Daeshon Hall, DE, Texas A&M
5 (152) Corn Elder, CB, Miami
6 Alexander Armah  DE W. Georgia
7 (233) Harrison Butker, K, Georgia T

Key F.A. Signed:

OLT Matt Kalil

DE Charles Johnson

OLB Julius Peppers

DT Kawann Short (Tagged)

DE Mario Addison

DE Wes Horton (R)

CB Captain Munnerlyn

SS Mike Adams

Key F.A.: 
WR Corey Brown (R) 
WR Laron Byrd (R) 
WR Brenton Bersin
WR Tedd Ginn, Jr. 
OG Donald Hawkins (R)
OG Andrew Norwell (R) 
OG Chris Scott
ORT Mike Remmers
DT Kyle Love
ILB AJ Klein
FS Michael Griffin
FS Colin Jones
CB Leonard Johnson
CB Robert McClain
CB Teddy Williams

Key F.A. Lost:

FB Mike Tolbert 

DT Paul Soliai 

The Team: Curtis Samuel can play. I thought he was better at RB, but his 4.31Forty made him a great WR prospect. This was a good pick.

Cam Newton took a beating last season. "With Curtis (Samuel) we have 'oh my gosh' speed and heís really a talented kid," GM Dave Gettleman said. "We feel weíve really added an offensive playmaker with him." And he never overcame the Super Bowl Hangover.
In fact, his whining last season signal to me his Super Days might be over. "Heís shown the ability catch the ball down the field, over his head and all that stuff," Gentleman said. "Heís got really good quickness in and out of his routes, and heís got really good inside run skills. Heís got the speed to cross formation, heís got the speed to go the distance." They had to get some guys who can take some hits from him.
Both these guys can take hits off of Newton. "There are going to use me primarily as a slot receiver," Samuel said. "Thatís why they brought me in there. Thatís where they thought I could help the team a lot." They need to never run the QB-Option again.

And if they do, both McCaffrey and Samuel played some wildcat-QB. "They definitely told me we were going to do a little bit of that (play RB) too, but they have a great draft pick in Christian McCaffrey who is a terrific player," Samuel said. "I definitely like how he plays. But you know, Iím going to be primarily in the slot but then sometimes we both can be in the backfield with Cam Newton. I feel like itís going to be great." His job not is to keep Newton playing on the field, and not whining off the field.
Cam Newton seemed to fall apart mentally a little last season. They need to get him some weapons and fast. If they get Williams in the 1st and Kamara in the 2nd (and resign Ginn Jr.) they could be on the way to the Super Bowl again. 

The Player: 4/26 Curtis Samuel: Most Versatile Weapon In the Draft.

The Reason: He is going to play in the Slot for Carolina. "Iím a slot receiver," Samuel said. "As the day started, I said letís see what happens today in the second round. I stayed patient. I wasnít frustrated or anything. I stayed patient throughout the whole thing. Then I got a call where they said they were going to draft me. I was really excited. My family and everybody was excited so it was a great moment to be with everybody else." They made Cam's job a hell of a lot easier with their first two picks.
When you have a top QB, you have to get him weapons. "Itís definitely going to be a great offense," Samuel said. "Iíve seen what McCaffrey can do. I feel like he is a terrific player. He is a great player. He can line up in the slot sometimes too. He can run the ball out of the backfield. We both can do similar things. We complement each other well. I feel like we will do a great job there and it will be a terrific time playing there. Iím excited." Samuel and McCaffrey are similar players. 

But I think Samuel is more WR, and McCaffrey more of an RB.

Though I also believe that both can play both. "Yes, definitely. Iím focused on playing slot receiver," Samuel said. "I really believed in myself, and believed in how much better I feel like I can get. Like I told everybody, I focus primarily on receiver stuff and being able to develop my game that way just because I did so much of everything. But I trust in myself. The coaching staff at the Panthers trust in me and know I am going to come in and make something happen." They just added a ton of versatility to their offense.

These two guys can line up in the backfield, and then shift out in the slots and go Empty. "Yes, definitely. Iím focused on playing slot receiver," Samuel said. "Just the energy and the effort that I bring every day to practice, and the weight room, and what we have to do. Iím a team player. Iím there for the team. Iím not there for myself. Iím there to help someone get better and also help myself get better." Or, one could stay in block, or both.
He did a great job at his visit. "It was a great visit," Samuel said. "I went there before I traveled somewhere else. It was a great visit. I felt comfortable there. I felt like I was home. Great coaching staff. I felt everything that they were telling me and I felt like I could definitely fit there. There is a great coaching staff thatís there. A great owner, great management, everybody who was part of the whole system. I felt like that would definitely be a great place for me." That was were they fell for him.

And he passed every test they had. "They definitely talked to me about everything," Samuel said. "Just how they want the direction the offense to have. They want a slot receiver guy who can also line up in the backfield and do multiple things. Just go into the slot and do a bunch of things there too. What they were telling me, I thought I was a perfect fit." He is a perfect fit to help Cam get back to the Super Bowl.

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The day Democracy died. Only Dictators fire everyone who investigates their illegal and treasonous activity. 


Until Republicans prove they can put Country (USA) before (COMMUNIST) Party?

Then the dream that was American is Dead.


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Defense: 4-3

*Dalvin Cook


5-10 3/8, 210, (O) 4.49, 

30.5" Vert, 9'8" Broad,

22 Reps! 7.27 3-Cone,

4.53 SS, 


2017 Picks:

2 (41) Dalvin Cook, RB, Florida State
3 (70) Pat Elflein, OC, Ohio State
4 (109) Jaleel Johnson, DT/NT Iowa
4 (120) Ben Gedeon, LB, Michigan
5 (170) Rodney Adams WR S. Florida
5 (180) Danny Isidora OG Miami
6 (201) Bucky Hodges, WR V-Tech
7 (219) Stacy Coley, WR Miami
7- Ifeadi Odenigbo DL Northwestern
7 (232) Elijah Lee, ILB Kansas State
7 (245) Jack Tocho, CB NC State

Key F.A. Signed:

QB Case Keenum

RB Latavius Murray

WR Adam Thielen

WR Mitch Mathews
TE Nick Truesdell

OLT Riley Reiff
OT Mike Remmers
OL Jeremiah Sirles
DE Datone Jones

CB Terence Newman

CB Terrell Sinkfield

P Ryan Quigley

Key F.A.: 
QB Shaun Hill

RB Adrian Peterson

RB Matt Asiata
FB Zach Line
OL Jake Long
DE Justin Trattou

Key F.A. Lost:

WR Charles Johnson

TE Rhett Ellison

ORT Andre Smith

OLT Matt Kalil
CB Captain Munnerlyn
LB Audie Cole
KR Cordarrelle Patterson
P Jeff Locke:

The Team:  He dropped because of Character Concerns, injuries, and a reputation as a bit of a fumbler. "Iím sure, as you sit there, you look at some of the things in his history," Spielman said. "Starting with the medical, we had no concerns with his medical. I know our doctors examined him and felt fine from that standpoint. Just like all these players that have some things in their background, we spent an extensive amount of time researching that and felt very comfortable after going through everything. In fact, I called him this morning and spoke with him for another 45 minutes, just rehashing everything again. I know all our scouts and all the processes that we go through in the end, he was a player we felt comfortable to take." But he made it through the season last year. 
But he will still be a risk Character wise. "I think itís him just being sincere and honest," Spielman said. "I know the incidents that have been reported out there. He was never [convicted] with the incident, I believe, at the bar, and I wonít get into a lot of details you brought up, but I think that was thrown out within a half hour. I specifically asked him very pointed questions, and I knew he was sincere and honest with how he answered everything and by the background and due diligence that we did." Yeah, the less details the better.

Spielman likes to take chances on top talents who have injury concerns. "We covered that as well and talked and we always ask the players about who they would bring up to the organization," Spielman said. "I know on our team, he knows Xavier (Rhodes), he knows Teddy (Bridgewater). So he knows some very quality people up here, and I think with our locker room, with the support staff we have in place here, I think this kid has really, really matured over the last couple of years, and we have no concerns at all about him being a Minnesota Vikings." He also doesn't really care about Character Concerns.
He had some of the worst, but he's been clean off the field for a few years. "He told me," Spielman said about some of the shady characters he left behind. "And I believed him. I think he has probably woken up a little bit about how important football is, and I truly believe that he is on a mission coming up here and is going to be a great football player for us. And I do believe, honestly, that we do trust him and that he will do all the right things, as well, off of everything weíve been able to research." If his head is screwed on straight?
He can certain player on the football field. "I had an opportunity to go see him play live in the opening ball game. I think they played Oleí Miss where the Pro Bowl was played in Orlando," Spielman said. "I got to watch lots of tape on him. We felt that he was definitely one of the top two running backs in this class, and not only is he an explosive playmaker with the ball in his hands, as a running back, he has great balance, great vision. I think watching him catch the ball out of the backfield and the explosive plays he makes out of the backfield as a receiver are another threat. Thereís always going to be some things these running backs have to clean up like pass [pro], and things like that. But, overall as a talent with the ball in his hands and as a receiver, we felt he was one of the most complete backs in this draft." He will be an instant weapon in the passing game. 
He is not great in pass pro yet, but he did give effort. "Well when you look at all these college kids, a lot of it, thatís stuff as we met through the draft and we talked about all these kids, and we talk about their negatives," Spielman said. "Our coaches felt very strongly, itís not a matter of him not wanting to pass pro; heís definitely willing enough to pass pro. Itís just a matter of cleaning up the technique. That stuff is coachable." All RBs need some work in pass pro coming into the NFL.
But he still had 13 fumbles in college. "Kennedy [Polamalu], when he came in on his interview, we talked about ball security and what he teaches, and he has a great history of running backs when he was down in Jacksonville," Spielman said about the new RB coach. "All the stuff, I think, from a negative standpoint, are things that are definitely correctable with coaching, and I have no doubt we will be able to correct those." If he doesn't fumble in the NFL then this pick was a steal.
They had to get an RB to replace Peterson. "I personally didnít feel that he was going to last very much longer. So, I had a pretty good feeling that he wasnít going to last until our pick at 48," Spielman said. "So thatís why we became a little bit more aggressive to try to jump ahead of some of those teams that had the potential to take a running back. We met this morning, most of the early afternoon, going through that second round and picking hot spots. We always try to look at teamsí rosters and teamsí needs, and we spent a lot of time picking out hot spots of where weíd have to go in order to make sure that we secure the player that we really wanted to get." It was a good move to hop up and take him.

The Player: 12/9 Dalvin Cook Bio.

The Reason: Spielman loves the best athlete available philosophy. That is easily Cooks here. But they could have used an OL as well. "I think a running back also helps an offensive line, and when you can have great backs, I think Adrian, we had some good offensive lines, but Adrian really can help that," Spielman said. "I remember when I was in Detroit watching Barry Sanders, just that caliber of running back and the success he had by his ability to set up blocks and to make quick cuts and to make things happen on their own. And coaches talk about, 'Well okay, weíre going to get to this level.' But when you get to the second level, the safety is on you or the linebacker, you have the linebacker, which means you have to beat him one-on-one. So, I do believe that running backs can definitely make an offensive line better." He just made his O-line and QB better.

He will back up Murray for a while. "He was playing in a pretty good conference, and when you see him running away from defensive players that have a lot of speed and are at that talent level, that kind of tells you what type of football player he is," Spielman said. "And I believe that youíre going to see that same speed at this level, and when you can get a running back, especially that has had that much success in his conference that he plays in, thatís a pretty good success rate of how they perform in the NFL." He will not be an instant impact player because of Murray. 

Anytime you have a young QB, it is amazing to me how often teams don't bother to try and build a run game around him. Of course, it is a lot more difficult and frustrating to build a run game. The QB wants to throw it all the time. Drawing up a passing attack is funner. And run games can get you a could of dust or less over and over and be very frustrating. They need an RB Winston can trust to hand the ball off too.

I love the championship connection between Winston and Cook. "I can do it all," Cook said. "I can stay on the field all three downs, and Iím just a do-it-all back. I just feel like I am the best back in this class." He would take a ton of pressure off of Winston by running, picking up blitzers in pass pro, and catching passes out of the backfield.

They both played in Fishers system at FLA ST, and Winston could help Cook translate that to the Tampa system. "Coach Fisherís system, thatís really helped me transfer it over to the NFL level because when Iím in certain meeting rooms and coaches are asking me questions, I can relate very well," Cook said. "I think Coach Fisher has me very well prepared for this next level. His offense is very intense. Itís a big playbook. And the NFL is the same way." This pick is too perfect to happen.

Dalvin Cook is a vast talent, but he does have some issues. "Fumbles and arrests are a bad combination,"  a scout said. " He's got a lot of ability but he's got on the field problems with ball security and multiple arrests off of it. You have to decide if he will be responsible with more money and more time on his hands. If you have any doubts, just wait around for another running back because there will be plenty this year." But he has been clean for a couple of year, so only the fumbles are left.

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Defense: 4-3

*Marcus Williams-

FS Utah

6' 5/8", 202, 6.85 3-Cone!

43.5" Vert! 10'9" Broad,

 (O) 4.56, 4.2 SS, 


**Marshon Lattimore

CB Ohio State


*Ryan Ramcyzk

OLT Wisconsin


2017 Picks: 

1-11 Marshon Lattimore CB Ohio ST
1 (32) Ryan Ramczyk OT Wisconsin
2 (42) Marcus Williams, FS Utah
3 (67) Alvin Kamara, RB Tennessee
3 (76) Alex Anzalone, LB, Florida
3 (103) Trey Hendrickson OLB FAU
6 Al-Quadin Muhammad DE Miami

Key F.A. Signed:  

ORG Larry Warford

DT Nick Fairley

OLB Alex Okafor

ILB Manti Teío

Key F.A.:  
RB Travaris Cadet
RB Tim Hightower
FB John Kuhn
WR Brandon Coleman (R) 
OG Jahri Evans
OG Tim Lelito
LT Tony Hills
DE Darryl Tapp
OLB Paul Kruger
OLB Kasim Edebali (R) 
OLB Michael Mauti
OLB Chris McCain (R) 
SS Roman Harper
SS Jamarca Sanford
CB BW Webb (R) 
CB Brian Dixon (R) 
CB Sterling Moore
CB Kyle Wilson
LS Justin Drescher 

Key F, A, Lost:

Brandon Cooks WR

Malcolm Butler CB we'll see

The Team: The more I watch Williams the more I liked him. He has great range in the secondary. He was a legit cover one safety. He was almost up there with Hooker on Tape. You just don't find many true Cover One Safeties who can get from sideline to sideline like this kid.

As I have been saying for a couple of month, they desperately needed to help themselves on all three levels of their historically bad defense. "We feel like we had a great night tonight," GM Mickey Loomis said. "I think we helped all three levels of our defense, defensive line, linebacker and the back end and we were able to get a player that we coveted on offense that Sean (Payton) will have a great vision for and I would expect (him) to fill the role that Reggie Bush and Darren Sproles had for us in the past. Weíre real excited. Really excited up there about the players we got tonight. I think we helped our football team." He reminded me of the free ranging free safety they had when they won the Super Bowl in 2010 (and yes I had to Google it;). 

Darren Sharper pulled their secondary together that year (and I mean that as the highest of praise). "There are a handful of guys with a 1st Round grade that are there tonight and hopefully, knock on wood, that weíll have a chance at possibly drafting with our next pick. Thatíd be pretty normal. The later the draft goes on, the more realistic that if youíre selecting in the fourth round, youíre probably drafting someone that you maybe had a second or third round grade. When you get into the sixth round, youíre probably drafting someone you had with a third round grade. As it fans out, the varying opinions around the league force that to happen." He has 1st Round range in Cover One. 

I watch Tape of Williams this morning (April 27th), and I had him very underrated. "I think Vonn Bell is probably a little bit more of a dual safety," Loomis said. "He can play the backend or play strong safety. This guy is more of a free safety, sideline to sideline, ball hawk. He finds a way to get his hands on the ball and turn the ball over. He has done that at Utah and weíre expecting him to do that for us." Vonn Bell is more the SS safety who is better moving forward, while Williams can play Cover One and cover his back when he attacks forwards. Plus, both are excellent in Cover Two.

He is a great FS. "You spend so much time creating a board. Weíre all grading the same players and yet each of our boards are a little different," Loomis said. "I think you just follow your board, that is what you do. You trust it. Sometimes thereís this consideration of we may be able to get a player at a position a little later. But you are not going to deviate by any kind of margin when you do that." He played a lot of Cover Two.

They had to get some serious help for their wretched secondary, who couldn't stop a ball-boy from grabbing the tee after the kickoff if they tried. "No, I wouldnít say that," Loomis said (Yes you would;). "Yes. We call them musts and we call them needs. [We had some] musts, needs, and wants. You are filling out your 90-man roster that way. Musts are musts, right? I donít know that one is more important than another. But yes, you do check them off as you take players and that card disappears." He had great range, and great feet and quicks moving backwards and bursting forward. 

He can cover half the field and make every tackle on that side of the field, and make plays on the ball. "The thing about this kid is that heís a ball-hawk," Loomis said. "Heís had 10 interceptions in the last two years. He is a really smart player and that is a theme here that weíve got and that weíre excited about, that man these players that we are getting are really smart players. (He is) instinctive and is a playmaker and a guy that with time could be the quarterback of the defense in the back end. We are excited to have him." He does in Cover Two what Hooker did in Cover One. 

This is a tough one. The depth at CB in this Draft is so good that I don't think I would take a CB until Round Two or Three. However, the top CBs are so tempting up here. The Saints have to grab some DBs to make their defense whole. So how do they balance that? (They take Gary Williams! I didn't even know I wrote that before the draft;).

The Player: Williams is a phenomenal athlete at FS. He can really cover for a Safety. He can play the ball in the air. He is a turnover machine. He averaged 6 turnovers a years over the past three seasons (11 INTs, 3 FR, and 4 FF). He is not the biggest strongest guy, but he kills WR coming over the middle. He is not as good a hitter against RBs, and is not great in run support. But you Draft him to drop in coverage, not play in the Box. He does not charge down the lane to get the RB. He is more of  a last line of defense tackler, who stays in front of the RB want waits for him to get past everyone else.  

He is a smooth runner who has fluid hips to to turn and run outside when the ball is in the air. Nice length. Nice instincts for the big play. Reads plays well presnap, and might be able to run a secondary. He has the range to be a Cover One safety. He will be drafted on Day Two. Great pedal to deep safety, and great burst forward to find the ball carrier. He has the COD and explosion to get from sideline to sideline in deep Cover one. That is an elite trait that all teams look for. He can play the ball in the air all over the field, which is another elite trait that all teams look for.

Oregon: He can look twitchy playing cover Two. He played a lot of Cover one, and has the athleticism and range to do it in the NFL. His tacking numbers are not great, because he was their Cover one safety. Nice job coming up to tackle as the last line of defense. Nice speed moving forward, while staying under control. Great feet moving backwards to forward out of pedal. Great range angling across the field to hit the RB. He can shove off the OT blocking on the third level, and still tackle the RB. Great job playing the ball in the air.

Combine: Nice quick pedal. He has some snap in his hips. He has safety hips, but he can really high point the ball. His hips looked a little smoother in flip drill. He can high point the ball. Nice job in bail drill. Explosive athlete of the sort we have rarely seen. His vertical leap and broad jump explosion numbers are off the charts. Elite COD and quickness. When you get a Top Five number in the 3-Cone Drill, as a DB at the Combine, than no one can challenge your movement skills.

Proday: "Safety Marcus Williams (6-0 5/8, 202) stood on all of his numbers from Indianapolis," Brandt wrote. "He had a very good pro day and is an ascending prospect."

The Player: 4/12 Trey Hendrickson: Day Two Rusher: Part IX.

The Reason: If the Draft goes this way and they can pickup an edgerusher like... (Huh Hendrickson late in the 3rd;)? There will be dancing in the streets of New Orleans (of course, there probably will be dancing in the the streets of New Orleans anyway;). 

They took a big chance waiting until their last two picks to pick up a couple OLB/passrushers, which were "musts" for their wretched defense. " Iím quite certain we have, to what degree weíll get a better feel for. We have hit a number of positons. I heard you talking with Mickey yesterday, a lot of times your priority or a must might not come to you in the first round," Payton said. " Cornerback was a must positon so we were able to do that with a player that weíre excited about and managing that board and making sure youíre receiving the value is extremely important. I think Jeff Ireland and his staff, the scouts have done a great job and Jeff is someone whoís very experienced at this process and I think this is his third draft here with us and heís been a tremendous asset. Weíre excited about the way things fell. I know most teams are. They always are at this time of the year, but looking down at the list and just seeing where and how we were able to acquire these guys." There was a ton of edge-rushing talent in this Draft.

Hendrickson was a great pick at 103. He can play. "I think part of that is what the other team is asking for, and what [and] why [they] will take," Loomis said about trading a pick in next years Draft (Kamara) as opposed to a pick late in the 3rd, which turned into Trey Hendrickson. "In this particular case, we looked at it as hereís a chance to get a guy whoís really ranked pretty high on our board. As I said, we are talking about him in the top of the second round, so it is like we get our second round pick a year early and that is real valuable. That is really the thought process behind it and so you have to give up something to do that." They had to get an edgerusher or Two if they wanted their defense to help propel them into the Super Bowl, instead of drag them down.

They burned up all their Day Two picks to get into position to really help their defense on all three levels, and still get two offensive players to help Brees. "Obviously, there is time and weíll talk about it," Loomis said. "Look, for us to acquire draft picks for tomorrow weíre going to have to give up something for next year and weíve already done that. I wouldn't be real inclined to do that." A lot of teams wanted pick 103, but they stuck to their guns and got the best edgerusher from the Shrine game. 

Hendrickson will come and rush the passer as a rookie OLB. "I think there was quite a few, there are always quite a few," Payton said when asked about surprises in the 3rd. "Just the ones that arenít as notable, but itís very normal to be sitting in the third round and there is a guy picked and the scouts and coaches look up and go all the way over to the right where we have the free agent grade and we take that magnet and put it over there and be like wow and you just hope a bunch of teams arenít doing that with your picks." He showed he was a much more freaky athlete than expected.

So they held to their guns, kept pick 103, and got their high-character passrusher. "Well there is a lot of waiting," Loomis said. "Which we are not real good at that. We will probably overanalyze everything because we are going to have a lot of time. We will make good use of the time and we will sit in there with all of our scouts and we will start talking about who is going to be free agents and who can potentially fill a spot on our roster and we will have that fully covered because of the time we have tomorrow." Which meant they had to wait until the 6th to pick up their wretched-character passrusher. Who was much more physically talented than a 6th-Round Selection.

But Al-Quadin Muhammad (DE Miami) has some serious off the field issues. "We spent a lot of time on campus," Payton said. "He was here, he is someone when you talk to those people at the school, they had a strong opinion about him in regards to football makeup. Certainly he made some mistakes, but they were ones we were very comfortable with. The rental car what have you. This is a guy that loves football and we sat for a good round and a half waiting on this selection and heís a pressure player. We think heís physical, he was heavily recruited (out of high school). Heís from North Jersey played at Don Bosco (which has a) strong football program there, (was) highly recruited to Miami and I think that it was a real good addition for us today." So his potential is all mental.

He has to overcome his Character Concerns. "I do not know that those were strong," Payton lied. "It is tough for me to answer that, but we are pretty picky when it comes to (character issues). I kept listening to the makeup grade and felt pretty comfortable with what I was hearing and relative to some players that were off the board. This guyís made some mistakes, but heís been a real good teammate. A guy that coaches, players there really felt strongly about." Funny how he knew he hadn't played since 2014.

His character concerns kept him off the field, at Miami, for years. "It is a little difficult. You know youíre looking at his measurables, his combine (results), pro day (results), you are looking at tape from his freshman year where he played and there are some traits that are exciting," Payton said, strongly clarifying his Character Concern. "We look at all the snaps and putting all the profile tape together on the right side, the left side. Heís a physical player, heís someone that we were real excited about and we just had to wait a good round and a half to see where weíd be if he fell." It is what it is.

Be A Citizen! Not a Subject! 

Fascist is as Fascist does. Beware American. President Jerkballs is pulling the cowardly republican Senate closer and closer to the cliff.

Amendment I. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances:

The day Democracy died. Only Dictators fire everyone who investigates their illegal and treasonous activity. 


Until Republicans prove they can put Country (USA) before (COMMUNIST) Party?

Then the dream that was American is Dead.

Read the books that Support this Website. As thousands of fans have already done and enjoyed.