With The 32nd Pick, in the 2017 NFL Draft, The New England Patriots Select ...

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Okay, I'm finally starting to feel like I have a handle n this Draft. Even if it is just a little. 

PICKS 28-32

1st Round Post Draft

Picks 1-7.

Picks 8-14.

Picks 15-22.

Picks 23-27.

Picks 28-32, 211.


2nd Round

Picks 33-48.

Picks 49-64.

3rd Round

Picks 65-80.

Picks 81-96.


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My Picks: 

Key Needs:

Team Moves:



Defense: 4-3

Taco Charlton

DE Michigan

6-5, 272 #33



2016 Picks:

1 (4) Ezekiel Elliott, RB, Ohio State
2 (34) Jaylon Smith, ILB, Notre Dame
3 (67) Maliek Collins, DT, Nebraska
4 Charles Tapper, DE, Oklahoma
4 (135) Dak Prescott, QB, Miss ST
6 (189) Anthony Brown, CB, Purdue
6-212 Kavon Frazier S, C. Michigan
6 Darius Jackson, RB, E. Michigan
6 (217) Rico Gathers, TE, Baylor

Key F.A  Signed:  

WR Terrance Williams

RB Darren McFadden

OL Jonathon Cooper

CB Nolan Carroll

Key F.A :  

QB Mark Sanchez
QB Kellen Moore
WR Brice Butler
TE Gavin Escobar
DE Jack Crawford
DE Ryan Davis (R)
DT Terrell McClain
ILB Justin Durant
ILB Rolando McClain
OLB Andrew Gachkar
CB Morris Claiborne
CB Leon McFadden (R) 
CB Joshua Thomas

Key F.A. Lost:

QB Tony Romo 

RB Lance Dunbar

OT Doug Free

OG Ron Leary

CB Brandon Carr 

SS Barry Church

FS JJ Wilcox

The Team: I had Taco as their Second choice. That is the 10th pick that I had as the 1st or 2nd choice in this Draft. Nobody does it better. Makes me feel sad for the rest. Nobody does it half as good as... huh... me?  

The best part of this story is that he is from the Dallas area. "If I did root for a pro team. It was the Cowboys," Taco said. "We had every Cowboys game on so he made sure I cheered for the Cowboys when I was a kid." Now he is going to play for them
I like stories like that. "Like I said, it was something that I dreamed of," Taco said. "I can't put it into words, really. Just getting that phone call and actually being here. I got a chance to visit here and it really opened my eyes to how great of a place it is. It's really a privilege to be in Dallas and be a Dallas Cowboy." They really need him to hit the QB.
He has that knack for hitting the QB. "Big players make big plays in big games," Taco said. "I've always been taught that. It always matters what you do in games, but when the game is on the line big players step up." He has freakish arc agility for a guy his size.

That is his most underrated aspect. "Big players make big plays in big games," Charlton said. "I've always been taught that. It always matters what you do in games, but when the game is on the line big players step up." Taco has zero Character Concerns.
Unlike the past couple of Day Two edgerushers they took. "He's a flexible, versatile guy, and we want to give him every chance to be a right end for us," Garrett said. "We feel like he has the traits to do that. But we believe strongly in competition. We have some guys on our roster right now who are going to fight for that spot. That's a good thing for our team." Lawrence has some back issues.
He might not be a starter right away, but it will not take long for him to impact the rush. "Dallas is right there to get to that championship, Super Bowl level," Charlton said. "They had a great regular season, and I think I can help them get to that level in the playoffs and do some great things." They have to hit the QB if they want to win a Playoff game.
A large part of their choke was the inability of the rush to affect the QB. "He kind of ran everything like an NFL-type team the way we did it in college," Charlton said of Harbaugh. "All the practices and the intensity behind everything. He's an intense coach and he definitely brought that atmosphere and definitely prepared us for what we're going to get at the next level." They also couldn't cover for spit. Which is why I had them taking Chidobe Awuzie here. Which is another hit for me!

The Player: 4/26 Taco Charlton: Day One Rusher: Part II.

The Reason: Great blend of size, speed, and agility. "He is very impressive looking guy physically," Garrett said. "He is an impressive athlete. You see his length. He has ideal size for the position. And he has a repertoire of pass-rush moves you like and that you feel you can grow on because of his physical traits. He plays hard. He plays tough. He comes from a hard-nosed program." He is a freakish athlete on the field.

He was a great basketball player in high school. "That certainly was a positive in his favor," Garrett said. "You have seen him do what we do. 4-3 guy, hand on the ground. He played on the right side, plays on the left side. We saw him play inside at different times. He aligns in spots and plays in techniques that are similar. Again, he does have prototypical traits for a defensive lineman. You like the length and athleticism in someone that is going to grow and develop at a critical position on our team." They will have him put a hand on the ground and go and hit the QB.

He has the size to rush inside as well. "They're definitely going to see a guy who can get to the quarterback in multiple ways," Charlton said. "I can speed rush. I can spin. I can pass [rush] with long arms, and I'm only getting better. You watch on film and I'm only getting better with time and under coach Marinelli he'll definitely make me into the player I want to be." He consistently found ways to the QB.
He is a one year wonder, but I love his hands in the rush. "That's how the draft was set up, to help us get a good pressure player at the bottom of the first round,'' Parental Lottery Winner Stephen Jones said. "As good as that was, I think the draft sets up even better for us to get a really nice corner at the bottom of the second. That certainly weighed in. We talked about it extensively. If we didn't get this pressure player here at this pick, we might not see one again for awhile. It had a big-time effect in terms of us really focusing on if the right pressure guy was there, let's go that route." Nice club swim move that seems to stun OLTs.
Nice laterally explosion inside. "There are so many things to like about him,'' Garrett said. "His sack production. He's a big, long impressive looking guy. He's a good athlete. You watch him rush against some of the best competition in college football and he's a productive player. We think he does a lot of good things technically as a rusher but he also has a lot of room to grow." He will be given some time to grow. 
But don't be surprised if he is a starter by the end of the season. "Dallas is right there to get to that championship, Super Bowl level," Charlton said. "They had a great regular season, and I think I can help them get to that level in the playoffs and do some great things." He rushed from both sides. 
Very nice power dip and rip. "He kind of ran everything like an NFL-type team the way we did it in college," Charlton said of Harbaugh. "All the practices and the intensity behind everything. He's an intense coach and he definitely brought that atmosphere and definitely prepared us for what we're going to get at the next level." He can set the edge, and affect the run game as well.

Second Choice: Taco Charlton DE

Be A Citizen! Not a Subject! 

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Then the Dream that was America Democracy has been murdered 

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Until Republicans prove they can put Country (USA) before (COMMUNIST) Party?

Then the dream that was American is Dead.

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Defense: 3-4

*David Njoku

TE Miami

6-4, 246, 6.97 3-Cone!

(O) 4.63, SS 4.34

35 1/4" Arms! 21 Reps,

37.5" Vert! 11'1" Broad,


*Myles Garrett

Edgerusher A&M


**Jabrill Pepper- 

FS Michigan



2016 Picks:

1 (15)  Corey Coleman, WR, Baylor

2 Emmanuel Ogbah, DE Oklahoma St

3 (65) Carl Nassib, DE, Penn State

3 (76) Shon Coleman, OT, Auburn

3 (93) Cody Kessler, QB, USC

4 (99) Joe Schobert, OLB, Wisconsin

4 (114) Ricardo Louis, WR, Auburn

4 (129)  Derrick Kindred, S, TCU

4 Seth Devalve, WR/TE, Princeton

5 (154) Jordan Payton, WR, UCLA

5 (168) Spencer Drango, OT, Baylor

5 Rashard Higgins, WR, Colorado St

5 Trey Caldwell CB Louisiana-Mon

7 (250) Scooby Wright, ILB, Arizona

Key F.A. Signed:

QB Brock Osweiler

WR Kenny Britt

OC Joe Bitonio 

OG Kevin Zeitler

OG TJ Lang

OLB Jamie Collins

Key F.A.:

RB Isaiah Crowell (R)
RB Glenn Winston (R)
WR Josh Gordon (R)
OG Jonathan Cooper
OG Austin Pasztor
OC Gabe Ikard (R)
DE Stephen Paea
OLB Corey lemonier
P Britton Colquitt
LS Charley Hughlett (R)
CB Marcus Burley (R)
FS Jordan Poyer
CB Jamar Taylor

Key F.A. Lost:

QB Brock Osweiler

QB Josh McCown


WR Terrelle Pryor

WR Andrew Hawkins

The Team: This was unforeseen trade up into the 1st.

He is an elite freakish athlete. "I took a 30 [minute] visit here and I fell in love with it," Jackson said. "I had two teammates that I played with in college that came here, Duke Johnson and Tracy Howard. Tracy had left recently. I was excited when I came here. I enjoyed it. I enjoyed the visit. It was a really fun time for me. When they called my name, it was even more excited. It is a blessing just to be here." He is a willing blocker. He "likes contact," Sashi Brown said about his ability to block.
He can chip on the blitzer, and still get out to the flat in pattern. "Iím 20 years old so I think that I have a bunch of things to learn," Njoku said. "Whether it is physical or mental, I just feel like I have a really high ceiling that I can reach. With the help of the coaches and hard work, I feel like I will eventually get there." Terrific deep threat down the seam.
But he does fight the ball a little sometimes. "I am pretty close with Duke and Tracy Howard.," Njoku said. "Tracy visited the Miami campus more often so I would see him more often and he told me that I would love the city if I do end up here. When I told him I was going to visit he told me, I was going to love it here, the people here are great, the fans are very loyal and I will have a great time. Itís funny because I had a gut feeling that I was going to be here and I ended up here. Iím blessed, blessed to be here." He reminds me of Ben Watson.

The Player: 4/06 David Njoku: Leaping Into The 1st.

The Reason: He is a starting TE in the NFL. "He has the ability to make plays down the field,'' Jackson said. "He's a three-down tight end.'' He can block. "Oh, yes he can," Jackson said about his blocking. He showed he is excellent in pass pro on Tape.
Freakish athlete who runs patterns like a WR. "Not yet," Sashi Brown said. "In all seriousness, for us, I think you have paid attention to what we have done and written about it well. For us, high-value draft picks in the first couple rounds are tremendously valuable. We have a long way to go to get our roster where it needs to be. We understood that. This is a great opportunity to really add a player and add another player next year that we hope will be again another impact player for us. Itís really for us a two-for-one, and where we are coming from on our roster, thatís valuable." He can line up outside as the Flanker or Split End.
He is elite running after the catch for a TE. "Extremely young, big, great athlete," Brown said. "Again, also a competitive kid. But Hue can talk a little bit more about David." He can run away from defenders going down field.
He can get open deep downfield in pattern. "He has the ability to make plays down the field, and I think you can see that in a lot of his highlights," Jackson said. "He makes contested catches. He can create separation from defenders. He has the ability to be an in-line blocker. He is a three-down tight end, and he play the Y. He can play the U. He has that kind of versatility. We are going to see if we can use his skill set to that way." He can impact the Brown's offense on every level.

Be A Citizen! Not a Subject! 

Fascist is as Fascist does. Beware American. President Jerkballs is pulling the cowardly republican Senate closer and closer to the cliff.

Amendment I. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances:


The day Democracy died. Only Dictators fire everyone who investigates their illegal and treasonous activity.  

When a guy with an (R) next to his name sees RUSS(ia)ER as the ENEMY,

AND THAT IS THE ANOMALY. Then the Party of REAGAN is dead. 
Until Republicans prove they can put Country (USA) before (COMMUNIST) Party?

Then the dream that was American is Dead.

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Defense: 3-4


*TJ Watt

OLB/DE Wisconsin

6-4 5/8, 250, (O) 4.69,

6.79 3-Cone! 4.13 SS!†
37"Vert! 10'8"Broad!
 33.1"Arm, 21 Reps,†
11.2 60-Yard Shuttle!



2016 Picks:

1 (25) Artie Burns, CB, Miami
2 (58) Sean Davis, S, Maryland
3 (89) Javon Hargrave, DT, South Carolina State
4 (123) Jerald Hawkins, OT, LSU
6 (220) Travis Feeney, OLB, Washington
7  Demarcus Ayers WR Houston
7 (246) Tyler Matakevich, ILB, Temple

Key F.A. Signed:

RB LeíVeon Bell

RB Knile Davis

WR Justin Hunter

OLB Anthony Chickillo 

ILB Steven Johnson 

CB Coty Sensabaugh

Key Free:

RB DeAngelo Williams
QB Landry Jones
TE David Johnson
OG Chris Hubbard (R)
DT Ricardo Mathews
OC Cody Wallace
OLB James Harrison
LS Greg Warren
SS Shamarko Thomas
CB Ross Cockrell (R)

Key F.A. Lost:

WR Markus Wheaton

OLB Jarvis Jones

ILB Lawrence Timmons

The Team: The Steelers want to get a young OLB they can put in opposite Dupree. They can move him in slowly and groom him to take over for Harrison during the season.

He can twist inside and out physical the ORT. "Mike does a great job asking questions," Wisconsin HC Chryst said. "He did a great job of drawing [Watt's] personality out at the dinner. But he also shares nuggets. He likes sharing things that would help him as a player. They got an accurate picture of him, which isn't always easy [in draft settings]." He does a great job with his hands and technique. You can really see he learned a lot from his brother.
James Harrison is Brady's age, and both will 40 next season. "He will work and he's smart enough to know how to get better," Chryst said. "Smart enough to listen to the coaching. He'll watch the great pros and pick out from it. He will put the time in. And he's still getting better." He reminds me of Dupree, who was a pure stand up OLB at Kentucky.
Watt could have as big an impact as Dupree had last season (in two years;). "Thatís the type of people we are," Watt said. "It doesnít matter if weíre on vacation or where we are. Iím going to work my butt off." He showed great eyes last season, but he is a one year wonder who didn't show much his first few years at Wisconsin.
He had to overcome two knee surgeries "He worked his butt off," J.J. Watt said. "Heís always been a natural athlete, heís always been a little more smooth than I was. When he started to play [on the defensive side of the ball, he was a TE originally], he just had a knack for it, things that didnít necessarily come natural to me. Iíve seen how much work heís put into it. Itís so exciting for me to watch him this last season, just watching him rush the passer. He plays the game with so much joy. Itís a lot of fun to watch." Elite instincts attacking the QB.
This is just a perfect fit. "I knew schematically it was a great fit for me, and thatís why I was intrigued by them so much," TJ Watt said. "I had dinner with them right before my Pro Day, and I worked out with them on my Pro Day as well. So they did show quite a bit of interest, but after my Pro Day, it kind of tapered off. So that was probably the point where I didnít know. But I had a feeling come draft night that it was a really good match for me and a really good fit. I thought that it could happen." He will fit in like Dupree did last year.

The Player: 4/09 TJ Watt: Day Two Rusher: Part IV.

The Reason: Watt is another relentless Edgerusher (like his bro;), who many said would break the 1st Round barrier. "On that same issue," Watt said, "Obviously, everybody knows me as J.J.ís younger brother, but people donít know the little things, the work ethic, the countless hours of film study. Doing all the little things, like getting the right amount of sleep, hydration, just treating myself like a professional athlete while I was still in college. I think I have learned so much from J.J., and I have been able to translate that to myself. I donít think people really even know who I am at this point, just because I have been in such a big shadow, and thatís why I cannot wait to get to Pittsburgh and kind of become my own person." He got a lot of experience rushing and dropping in coverage last season.
There was plenty of Tape of him playing OLB in a system similar to the Steeler's, and dropping into coverage, and blitzing up the gut as well. "I think is about T.J. Itís not about J.J., and itís not about Derek, his other brother," Colbert said. "Itís a unique story, three guys in the NFL, but this is about T.J. and what he can do. I think once you meet him, youíll get that feeling from him. I donít think he ever mentioned any of his brothers, unless we asked about them. Heís himself. Heís his own man. And heís going to try to make his own mark. I wouldnít be shocked if he tries to out-do everything that his family has done to this point. He seems to be that kind of guy, and heís going to be very quiet about it, too. This kid isnít going to say a heck of a lot. He just lets his play speak for itself." He comes from great stock.
They have some age and defections in their linebacking corp. "Itís always exciting to get that first pick, and T.J. Watt is somebody weíve had our eye on really since the early fall," Colbert said. "We made a visit up there [UW]. We had two other scouts go in. He was one of those junior possibility guys who might come out early. After their season, Coach (Paul) Chryst actually texted me and said, 'Hey, can you take a look at this young man, and give me an idea of where his draft value might be before he decides to come out?í We did that. I looked at [him on Tape] and said, 'Coach, this kid is a 1st-round pick.'" The Steelers had to get a true 3-4 OLB who fit their system.  
He was made to play in this Defense. "T.J. is a rock solid young man who has a lot of upside," Tomlin said. "He doesnít have a lot of experience at the position, but at the same time we saw some things that were exciting to us. His hand usage in particular for a guy with his short resume at the position was exciting. His production speaks for itself. Heís just a quality guy and a quality pick for us. Weíre excited about bringing him into the fold, getting started, and continuing his development not only as a football player, but as an outside linebacker. Thatís probably the most exciting element of the T.J. discussion. Heís worthy of the pick, but boy are we excited about the potential upside and growth given the short length of time heís played the position." But, I think he is a 3-4 OLB only. So it limits his options at the end of the 1st. But not here.

Be A Citizen! Not a Subject! 

Fascist is as Fascist does. Beware American. President Jerkballs is pulling the cowardly republican Senate closer and closer to the cliff.

Amendment I. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances:


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Allowing that contingent of spies to mock OUR MEDIA and AMERICA, and President Stupid to his face, then give them preferential treatment over all real Americans is another example of Trump-Treason. 

Wake up American! 

Trump-Treason is stealing our delicate Democracy, and has sold it to 

the head of the KGB Vlad "The Impaler" Putin.
Until Republicans prove they can put Country (USA) before (COMMUNIST) Party?

Then the dream that was American is Dead.

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Defense: 3-4

*Rueben Foster-

ILB Alabama

6-2 5/8, 273, 6.95 3-C!

10'6" Broad! 4.28 SS!

33" Arms, 30 Reps!

(O) 4.69, S-1.66, 35" Vert,


2016 Picks:

1 (7) DeForest Buckner, DT, Oregon

1 (28) Joshua Garnett, G, Stanford

3 (68) Will Redmond, CB, Miss St

4 (133) Rashard Robinson, CB, LSU

5 Ronald Blair, DT, Appalachian St

5 (145) John Theus, OT, Georgia

5 (174) Fahn Cooper, OT, Ole Miss

6 (207)  Jeff Driskel, QB, Louisiana T

6 (211) Kelvin Taylor, RB, Florida

6-213 Aaron Burbridge WR, Mich St

7 Prince Charles Iworah, CB, W. Kentucky

Key F.A. Signed:

QB Brian Hoyer 

FB Kyle Juszczyk

WR Pierre Garcon

WR DeAndre Carter

OG Jeremy Zuttah

DT Earl Mitchell

ILB Malcolm Smith

DB Waun Williams

Key F.A.:

QB Blaine Gabbert
QB Christian Ponder
QB Thaddeus Lewis
RB Shaun Draughn
RB DuJuan Harris
WR Jeremy Kerley
WR Quinton Patton
WR Rod Streater
OG Andrew Tiller (R)
DE Glenn Dorsey
DE Tony Jerod-Eddie
DT Chris Jones (R)
DT Mike Purcell (R)
OLB Ray-Ray Armstrong
ILB Gerald Hodges
ILB Nick Bellore
ILB Michael Wilhoite
CB Marcus Cromartie (R)
CB Chris Davis (R)
K Phil Dawson

Key F.A. Lost:

Colin Kaepernick QB

WR Torrey Smith

The Team: I had them taking a QB (Kiser) in the 2nd Round. Which is the problem with Defensive Players who become the GM, they can overemphasize the defense. Of course, the 49er defense was historically bad last season. But they used their first three picks on defense. And then drafted a QB. But CJ Beathard was a QB I would have invested in. He is right up their with Peterson and Watson as far as taking a hit goes. He came back and threw for as many TDs in the 4th, after taking a beating all game, as either of those two guys. He's legit.

Then he did get three interesting offensive prospects after Beathard. Williams is one of the Day Three RBs I would have invested in. Kittle is also a nice tight end who can block and catch the ball. Taylor could be an interesting Slot guy, but he is awful small. Then he went back and hit the defense again three more times. 

They needed to get a Ray Lewis like leader to pull their pathetic defense together. "Rueben Foster, Iíll just be honest, at times, heís just my kind of player," John Lynch said. "He plays sideline-to-sideline and heíll hit anything that moves. I think thatís contagious for teammates, and both these guys, itís something Kyle and I believe. You know where theyíre drafted theyíre likely going to play, but theyíre going to have to earn it. Theyíre going to have to come out here and show they belong out there on that field and earn the respect of their teammates and this staff. But, we could not be more happy with the day, and itís just getting started. We come back tomorrow and weíve got a lot of picks and weíre looking forward to improving our team tomorrow. Iíll turn it over to Kyle." But he is a maniac off the field.
He couldn't pass the sanity test at the Combine, and got thrown out of the Combine because he couldn't behave properly with non-football people test at the Combine. Then he lied about it: "Y'all, stop asking me what happened, for real. Nothing happened. Talk to Tim [Williams]. Talk to Ryan [Anderson]. Talk to Dalvin. Them boys know. They were there."  

Um, we know that Dalvin wasn't there dude? "I was shocked across the board. I don't know the real story," Dalvin Tomlinson said. "A lot of people have different stories. I just want to talk to Reuben and get the real story of what happened. I feel like if you get the whole perspective from both sides and see what really happened I feel like it won't affect him too much." Kind-ah scary dude.
So Tim will back up his crazy. "We were all waiting for our names to be called. He was with the linebackers and I was with all of the D-line," Williams said. "I was in a different room." Oh...

So his fellow LB backed him up. "That was frustrating to me [as well]," Anderson said. "But you have to do what you have to do. That's all part of this process." Rueben handled doing "what you have to do" like a maniac.

There is some evidence of some concussion problems going on. Like calling everyone he meets coach. "No. No, just when Reuben told us," Lynch said. "He calls everyone coach. Calls me coach too." Oh...

He needs to get his head examined. "I just found out today," Foster said about getting thrown out of the Combine, which is a job interview, where he had to be on his best behavior at all costs! "It's very surprising, disappointing. But hey, it happens. Everything ain't perfect. I'm good. I just have to think. I just had to sit back and relax and think about what I really want." And I'm not just talking about mentally, but physically. If he isn't suffering from post concussion syndrome than no one is (he calls everyone "coach" for Christ sake).

The Reason: On the field he is the best leader, and the best head-first  run stuffer. "I donít think, we werenít looking necessarily for a guy to rattle the cage," Lunch said. "We were looking for the best football players and I think when it starts with, if weíre talking about Reuben, what made me fall in love with Reuben the most is Alabamaís got a lot of good players. I had to watch a lot of Alabama. And thereís a lot of really good guys there. But, no matter who I was studying and watching, number 10 was flying around passing everybody up. So, no matter who I studied I had a hard time not watching number 10, which was Reuben. The way he plays, the way he hits, the way he runs, thatís why you want him on your team." He was much better in coverage than I remembered.
He reminds me of Ray Lewis. "Well, Iíve told you what I think about Reuben, but I hope heís the next Patrick Willis," Lynch said. "Weíd be doing really well. Kyle and I were both trying to talk Patrick Willis out of retirement at Winterfest because he still looks so good. And so, we would not be doing bad at all if thatís, but I think just tremendous athleticism at that position are some of the traits and then theyíre not just trying to get people down. Theyíre trying to hit people and hit them hard and I think those are the characteristics, the similarities that I see." He has elite football character on the field, but can be a maniac off the field. 

They quote-unquote "did a lot of work on him," which I don't understand what that means. "Yeah. Iím proud of that," Lynch said. "We were exhaustive in our getting to know the kid. We met with him at the combine. We had him out here for a 30 visit. Kyle and I both spent a lot of time on the phone with him, facetiming. And then, I think when we really started to zero in and get really serious, we sent [vice president of football affairs] Keena Turner and [team chaplain] pastor Earl [Smith] down to Tuscaloosa to meet with Reuben for two days and they had a tremendous visit. We kept in contact with him. Young manís going to be disappointed. He felt like he was one of the better players. But, I can also tell you that this was a place where Reuben wanted to be. He indicated that numerous times. Whether he told everybody else that, I donít know. But, it felt genuine and I think thatís something we love about Reuben is that heís a really genuine young man. Heís got a smile that lights up a room and the way he plays footballís special." Doing a quote-unquote "lot of Work" or "Feeling comfortable with him" doesn't change the Character Concerns in any way, shape, or form (sorry just a pet peeve of mine;). 

He an undersize ILB, who moves to the ball forward and laterally like Ray. "We were just trying everyone," Lynch said. "We were going down the line. I think this is something that we can talk about when Reubenís here, but Reuben thought that because we were at 34, we made a trade at the end with Seattle and when I was talking to him, he said, 'Coach, New Orleans is taking me,' and I said, ĎNo, weíre taking you.í It was hard because it happened late in the process and so, he was really excited when he found out that we had pulled off that trade and we were certainly very excited." To trade up, which allows you to get the top two defensive players on your Board, means you have had an elite draft (if your board is right;). 
However, Inside Linebackers have become devalued in today's NFL. "I donít know what other peopleís issues were with him," Lynch said. "I think some things, you know thereís the issue at the combine. We talked with Reuben about that and he apologized for it, admitted that it was a mistake. I think a lot of young people make mistakes. You know, I would anticipate people maybe questioning some of his character, but I would tell you his characterís what drew us to him. When you start talking football with this young man he lights up a room, and heís a good kid. I believe in the kid and I think itís going to be, heís going to be a great player for this organization for a long time." He failed the "off the field character" test at the Combine in the most insane way I have ever heard about.

The Player: Foster had become the most over rated player in this Draft. As the 31st player in this Draft? That was about right to me. As the 2nd best player in this Draft? That's ridiculous. ILB has become a passť position. The bigger question for ILB's is how can they affect the quarterback. Foster can be great in coverage. He is a good blitzer, who Alabama schemed to find him a path to the QB. He did not always get to the QB on his own (though he did against Tenn), they created a lane where the edgerusher occupied the ORT or OLT, so they could have him twist around him. 

He is a guy that can affect the QB on passing downs. He can affect the run game at an elite level. And Saban said he is an elite field general who will run a defense in the NFL. Which are both very important factors as well. He is an undersized Ray Lewis like ILB. His HOF potential will be measured in longevity, and his ability in coverage, which is much better at than I remembered. 

A&M: He is so good at bursting right up the middle and taking out the RB on outside runs. Terrific A-Gap blitzer. He can get into the backfield, but can get knocked off his feet by the RB, when he looks past him to the QB. He can cover the RB 20-yards down field, which is so important to his NFL potential. Nice speed getting all the way to the sideline through traffic to trip the RB out of bounds on the toss. 

Arkansas: He will follow the RB outside into the flat, and cover him outside. He does a great job meeting the RB short when he bounces it outside. Elite quicks and agility following the RB outside. He is good in coverage. He can cover the TE across the field, and knock the pass down. He can blitz up the gut like Jamie Collins and flush the QB. He scares QBs when he screams up the middle, like Ray Lewis.

Clemson: He has some nasty in his game. Tough to see how he is not an impact player on the next level. Terrific on short yardage. Nice blitzer. He can charge up field when the QB shifts outside, and sack him as quick as a cat. He flies to the ball on off tackle runs. Nice job in the center of the zone spying the QB. Terrific job eyeing the QB, and spying to the side to get in front of him. Great job getting outside with speed, and knocking the RB sideways when he arrives. He hits the RB like Ray Lewis. He came after Gallman on every run. He reads it so quickly, and gets to the hole to meet the RB. Great hitter in the open field. He helicoptered Watson in the open field. 

LSU: When he fills a hole, he can thunder crack the big RB down. He can make the OG miss on the second level, and get past the LOS to make the tackle. Nice blitzer straight up the gut to hit the QB. I love the way he moves on the field. No LB in this Draft moves forward better at a 45-degree angle to the hit the RB on a Toss. 

USC: When he hits the RB he goes backwards. He is a great blitzer up the gut. He can find the RB in the backfield with a great run blitz. As the game goes on, he seemed to make plays on the RB at or behind the line more and more. 

Washington: Leader of the defense who will go in the 1st Round. Great range to get to the sideline on the screen. He keeps jamming into a crowd and ends up hitting the ball carrier. He moves so naturally and smoothly into the path of the RB on the 2nd level, even when he is being grabbed by an OG. Even when the other LBs are out of position, and he has to dive to the side to grab his leg. He covers the run so the other LBs can blitz at will. 


He read pass late, but was still aware enough to drop back and cut off the patterns on the Tight End. But lost him a little when he cut back across the field to help his QB. That was excellent coverage (:10). In Zone coverage, he gave a nice hit to the TE trying to go over the middle (:34). Checks the defense (:45). Then he zoned dropped into the crossing receiver.

Delayed blitz up the gut like Lewis (1:07). Nice coverage on the RB sneaking out to the Flat (1:15). It's funny, he was better against the pass in this game than the run (1:25). Late getting outside to cover the slot guy (1:35). But it didn't matter.

He has turned into a great rusher as well. He had two sacks in the 1st quarter against Tenn (2:19).  He ran around the OLT on the second, and got to Dobbs as he took off in the other direction (2:39). Such a great rusher. He also blitzed up the gut and hit Dobbs as he through a couple of times (2:58). Though I seemed to have missed the 2nd (:58). I think this was the play I thought was his 1st Sack. I consider hitting the QB on an Option run behind the line a Sack (though he was 3rd on the hit list;).

He does a good job finding the RB on inside runs. He does a nice job covering the RB out of the backfield. He can charge him and knock him off his feet right after he catches the ball.

Nice job turning back and running with the tight end to the 3rd level, Terrific job running outside with the RB in coverage. He can leap over a fallen blocker and hit the RB. 
He can cover the tight end going over the middle and punch the ball out as it arrives. Sticks with the TE so well that if he catches the ball that is as far as he gets. 
He has to affect the passing game if he wants to be a top player in the NFL. He affected the passing game in this game against Tennessee, a lot more than I remembered. He looked like a top half of the 1st Round prospect in this game, even though ILB DO NOT go in the 1st Round anymore. I can see why Lynch had him rated as his second best defensive prospect, after my notes and watching this Tape again.

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Defense: 4-3

*Ryan Ramcyzk

OLT Wisconsin

6-5, 314, 34"Arms,


**Marshon Lattimore

CB Ohio State


2016 Picks: 

1-12 Sheldon Rankins DT Louisville
2 (47) Michael Thomas WR Ohio ST
2 (61) Vonn Bell, S, Ohio State|
4 (120) David Onyemata, DT, University of Manitoba
7 (237) Daniel Lasco, RB, California

Key F.A. Signed:  

ORG Larry Warford

DT Nick Fairley

OLB Alex Okafor

ILB Manti Teío

Key F.A.:  
RB Travaris Cadet
RB Tim Hightower
FB John Kuhn
WR Brandon Coleman (R) 
OG Jahri Evans
OG Tim Lelito
LT Tony Hills
DE Darryl Tapp
OLB Paul Kruger
OLB Kasim Edebali (R) 
OLB Michael Mauti
OLB Chris McCain (R) 
SS Roman Harper
SS Jamarca Sanford
CB BW Webb (R) 
CB Brian Dixon (R) 
CB Sterling Moore
CB Kyle Wilson
LS Justin Drescher 

Key F, A, Lost:

Brandon Cooks WR

Malcolm Butler CB

The Team: I did not see this coming. 

I would not have taken him in the 1st because of Hip surgery. "His is different," Sean Payton said. "He is coming off of a core muscle injury and a hip surgery. We feel like heíll be ready by the start of training camp. Weíll be able to obviously get the mental part of what we are doing here in the next month. We felt good about his prognosis as well." They don't know what they will get, after the Surgery.
He is also a risk, because he was a one year wonder. "We think it is important to build your team in the front and weíve invested a lot of picks on the defensive and offensive lines," Payton said. "I think thatíll pay dividends for us. Those are hard positions and it is hard to find tackles. When you can get young ones [it's good]. Weíve been fortunate in having some success with drafting offensive linemen. Not only in the 1st round but in later rounds. I think there is value in that player and again we like that he is prototype size. We love the makeup and there were a lot of things that we felt real good about. When you look at the grade and where he was at, we were excited." Plus, he is better moving forward in the run game, then backwards in pas pro.
They picked up an OLT in last years' Draft. "You answer the vision question, what is our vision?" Payton said when asked about Andrus Peat. "I think throughout the room, right tackle, so the vision was clear. You have the athletic ability, you have the size at a position that we think is important to draft. Itís a lot harder to find after four years or when someone is hitting free agency." They had one of worst defenses ever last season.
So this should have been a pure defensive Draft for them as possible. "No. Nope. I think you really get to see teams and what their goals were," Payton said. "You saw some receivers go earlier than you thought. That is the good thing, or the exciting about this day and this draft is the little bit of the unpredictability and despite as much coverage as it gets. There are always those three, four or five early surprises and I thought today was no different." I thought this pick was one of the big 1st Round surprises.

The Player: 4/14 Ryan Ramcyzk: Blindside One Year Wonder.

The Reason: They thought he was just too damn good to pass up here. You know that Payton wanted to take an offensive player in some way, shape, or form. But this was shocking to me.

Be A Citizen! Not a Subject! 

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Amendment I. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances:


The day Democracy died. Only Dictators fire anyone who investigates their illegal and treasonous activity. 

They need to Hire Preet Bharara at the Special Prosecutor to take Trump-Treason down. He knows more about the crimes Crooked-Donald was doing in New York.†
Until Republicans prove they can put Country (USA) before (COMMUNIST) Party?

Then the dream that was American is Dead.

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Defense: 2-5


Conor McDermott


6-8.1, 312, 7.52 3-C! 4.58 SS!

(U) 5.15, 28.5" Vert, 8'9" Broad,

22 Reps, 34 3/4" Arms!  (S-1.85), 


2016 Picks:

2 (60) Cyrus Jones, CB, Alabama
3 (78)  Joe Thuney OG, NC State
3 (91) Jacoby Brissett,QB, NC State
3 Vincent Valentine, DT, Nebraska
4-112 Malcolm Mitchell WR Georgia
6 Kamu Grugier-Hill LB E. Illinois
6-214 Elandon Roberts LB Houston
6 (221) Ted Karras, G, Illinois
7-225  Devin Lucien WR Arizona St

FA- DJ Foster RB Arizona ST

Key F.A. Signed:

WR Brandon Coleman

RB Rex Burkhead

TE Dwayne Allen

DE Kony Ealy 

DT Alan Branch

DL Lawrence Guy

ILB Dont'a Hightower

CB Stephon Gilmore

Jason McCourty CB???

SS Duron Harmon

Key F.A.: 

RB LeGarrette Blount

RB Brandon Bolden
FB James Devlin
OT/TE Cameron Fleming (R)
DE Gregg Scruggs
OLB Barkevious Mingo

Key F.A. Lost:

CB Malcolm Butler (R)  

ORT Sebastian Vollmer

TE Martellus Bennett

CB Logan Ryan

DE Chris Long

DE Jabaal Sheard

ST Barkevious Mingo

The Team: The Draft is long over, and I'm the only one left still trying to piece it altogether. Everybody seems to shoot their wad before the Draft, and have nothing left except a few clichťs and stolen lines. And I know I'm a little slow, but I shut my life down in April, and the damn fam expects me to start talking to them in May (and I'm not allowed to say the word "Draft" in any way shape or form, even though it is drafty in here;). Plus, I somehow got suckered (you can't say no to your little girl) into coaching a U10 Girl's Softball team (and apparently you can't swear at them, and "move your ass" falls into that category;). Plus, my son has baseball.

Then I got the Flu last week and had a fever, sore throat, and constant coughing (and was puking up green chunkies all week;). But there are often as many questions and inquiries after the Draft as before. So many people wanting to know about their new players, and why they were chosen. I always try to be done before the NBA Draft (and never seem to make it;). This year was the worst so far. There was just too much other crap going on in my time (like a treasonous maniac colluding with Russia to steal the Presidency and destroy America democracy), and tennis and piano as well.

So the focus continues (as I pray the cowardly Congress will courageous step up and save America. Tough I am clearly not hopeful). It is my goal to go down to pick 85, with maybe some Day Three bios thrown in as well. I do try to shorten the Bios each round so that it goes quicker. But I do tend to blather (when talking and/or writing;).

McDermott was a great pick in the 5th. He is a planet guy. There is a very limited supply of guys on the planet that have the prerequisite size, arm length, and freakish athleticism to play OLT, moving backwards to protect the QB's back, in the NFL. The Pats got two in this Draft. Both guys have questions, and nether is a lock to be a big time starting OLT in the NFL. 

Neither is assured to be able to play OLT in the NFL, even though they are planet guys. "Hopefully, they're better at football than they are at those sports," Caserio said about Conor playing basketball. "I mean, [he was] a multi-sport athlete in high school. The guy can do different things. There's certain body control coordination. I wouldn't say it's like because a guy played basketball, oh boy he's going to be a good left tackle. I don't think you're saying that, but eventually they leave high school and they've got to focus on one thing. I wouldn't say it's really a big part of it, but the more things they can do. Because sometimes, some track athletes have track speed and track strengths, but that doesn't always translate to the football field. Ultimately, it's kind of taking their body, their athleticism, whatever tools they have and then being able to apply them in a football setting because ultimately they've got to go out there and play football. They're not going to be at TD Garden playing hoops with the Celtics." Garcia has the mean, the nasty, and the fight to be a great ORT. 

But we have Cannon on the right for the next few years or so. Garcia played OLT last year and didn't let up a Sack. Both were not always pretty, but both were efficient. They call OLs the Big Uglies for a reason. They are not meant to be pretty. They are meant to win at all costs. Both these guys did that last season. 

I had both Tackles rated a Round higher than they went, and they traded up to get Conor (and Garcia for that matter). So both were great moves and picks. "I think in those situations it's really a factor of with your 6th and 7th round picks. If you move up, you moved up 3 spots and gave up a 7th round pick," Caserio said. "So I think it's just a matter of in that situation we have a 6th and a 7th round pick. We're looking up at the board and saying how many of those players would we actually pick? Well, if we're not going to pick them or we think we can get them after the draft, well let's just make sure we get a player that we actually like. I would say it's more a product of just getting the player, trying to secure his services and getting him here than anything else. We're just trying to get the players here and then once they're here, then everything else sort of takes care of itself. There is competition. They're going to have to compete with whoever is here and however the competition plays out, we don't control that. That's not up to me. The player's performance will ultimately dictate how that all shakes itself out. We just try to get the players here. However we do it, I mean giving up a seventh round pick to [move] three or four spots is just to make sure we get the guy. That's all we're trying to do." Not giving up a Sack all senior season is a big deal. McDermott gave up two sacks last season, but played a much tougher schedule. 

So their two shiny new OLT gave up a combined total of two Sacks last season. "Whatever they did at UCLA, honestly, doesn't matter because they're going to be here," Caserio said. "They're going to be in the Patriot program and the most important thing for them is to get in our program right away, kind of understand what we expect. It's not that what they did in college was wrong or we disagree with it, it's just how we're going to coach them, how we're going to prepare them and how they're going to be a part of our program. The biggest thing that these players have to do when they get here is get in our program and the sooner that they do that, on a multitude of levels, the better chance at least they're going to have to be competitive with the players that are in our locker room. It's a competitive situation and that's what we want to try and create." That is a big deal. 

2016: McDermott started 32 career games along the Bruin offensive front. Last season, he was named to the Watch Lists for the Outland Trophy and the Lombardi Award. As both a junior and senior, he was selected to the second-team All-Pac-12 squad by the league's coaches. In his junior season, the Bruin offensive line surrendered 14 quarterback sacks, the second-lowest total in school history. As both a sophomore and junior, the Nashville, Tenn. native blocked for 1,000-yard rusher Paul Perkins, now with the New York Giants, who led the Pac-12 in rushing in 2014 and finished his career as the No. 3 all-time rusher in school history. McDermott's brother, Kevin, is the long snapper for the Minnesota Vikings.

McDermott was the starting OLT on a line that gave up only 14 Sacks last season. "My freshman and sophomore year, I played left and right second string. And then the past three years, I've been left tackle," Conor said. "It was tough at first. I had a high metabolism growing up. By the time I was playing my 2014 season, my junior year, I think was 275, 280. It was a slow process of 10 or 20 pounds each year, and then by 2015, I was about 300, 305" But there is trouble in paradise. He does not always win pretty. 

Take the game against the Number One Overall Pick in the 2017 NFL Draft Myles Garett. It was called a debacle. "I feel like there's room to grow," Conor said. "And I'm excited to get to New England with the great coaching staff there and just get to work. Whatever they want for me, I'll put my 100 percent effort in." But, he only gave up one sack. Yes, he did give up a ton more hits. But he only gave up half the sacks he gave up all season, one, in that game.

Now that tape is not going into the HOF or anything, but you can't judge OLs like other positions. They are not going to be pretty. "Whoever we end up with, we end up with," Caserio said. "I mean the draft, whoever we pick, there are four players there. We acquired players as a part of trades so they're a part of it. The undrafted players are a part of it. I mean let's call it, I don't know, 25 to 30 new players that we've sort of added to the team. However they get here, they get here. We can't necessarily control that. We just try to take our resources, and try to make the best decision for our team and get the players on our team however we can get them here. That's what we try to do." They are not going to dance around other players like a ballerina. They are the Big Uglies flopping their bellies all over the field, like a Sumo chasing a butterfly. How it looks is irrelevant. It is only about how well the protect the QB's back, and open up holes for the RBs. The ascetics are meaningless. 

The Player: 5/14 Conor McDermott: He Could Be Next.

The Reason: This was an odd pick. I mean, they obviously wanted to start grooming a replacement for Nate Solder. He has about an 11-Mil Cap hit this season, and then he is gone. I would have thought they would resign him, but taking two Tackles who have a shot at playing OLT (Garcia didn't let up a sack last season), means that is not on the table. 

Fleming signed a one-year tender. "The staff really did an awesome job this weekend. I mean Monti [Ossenfort], DuJuan [Daniels], Lip [James Liipfert], Brian Smith, Dave Ziegler. The guys really did an awesome job this weekend. They deserve a lot of credit," Caserio said. "You only pick four players, it doesn't seem like there's really much that goes on, but I mean it's a lot of work for four picks. It keeps you guys busy, but you know, look, our thing is we just try to do what's best for the football team. 

"Like we talked about the other day, we try to add players we think are going to have an opportunity to be competitive in our program. We're going to add players post-draft here. We're working through that process here now. I'm sure there are going to be some players that come up here over the next couple of weeks, couple of months, and into the summer and into training camp that aren't here. We're not even talking about whether they're going to end up on the team and whether or not they have an impact on our program. We'll see. That's kind of where we are for today. We're kind of turning the page, really, on this. I mean we'll flip the page here real fast.

"Tomorrow, phase two of the offseason program where we'll get the opportunity to start working with our players a little bit more intimately where there's a little bit more one-on-one instruction with the coaches, so we're kind of in the next phase of that. We're honestly working on starting [next year]. Our college scouts have been working on the 2018 draft for the past month. I mean we're moving forward. That's what we're doing. Draft is over, turn the page, move into the offseason program, phase two, get ready for OTA's. And then we'll go through our spring scouting process. We're already working on the 2018 draft so that's kind of where we are, and we'll just kind of keep moving ahead. We'll take some questions here and just kind of go from there." So they are looking for Garcia and McDermott to battle it out for the OLT spot this whole next year.

One of them will be the starting OLT in 2018. "There are a lot of good coaches in college football. We're not going to be able to pick from every program," Caserio said. " I mean, there are a lot of programs that we have a great amount of respect for. Coach [BB] mentioned coach Pelini [Youngstown State] yesterday, just his background. It's a pretty unique background; college, head coach, pro coach. You try to get the information. You talk to the people that you trust. We have a lot of dialogue. We have a lot of great relationships with a lot of college coaching staffs out there. What they're being coached and what they're being asked to do, honestly, isn't what we're going to ask them to do. Maybe you're kind of looking at the program, maybe there are some certain fundamentals, and techniques, and how they work and how they run practice that you might say there may be some carryover, but I would say in the end once they're out of college, then whatever they did at Arkansas." The other will be in the Swing-Tackle role that Fleming played so well the past few years.

This is how the Pats draft. "I'd say that has zero to do with it," Caserio said. "I would say really the team-building process is very fluid. How it's going to go, I mean there is no template. There is no book. Look, there are a lot of really good players that were in this draft that were drafted that are going to help their respective team. We understand that and we felt the same way. There were enough players up there that we felt good about. So we take the resources that we have and we try to make the best decision for our team. It's about trying to put the best team together. However we get to that end point, look, next year may be different than it was this year. I mean this year was different than last year. However we put the team together, I would say it's constantly evolving. It's very fluid and there is no template you pull out and say ĎThis is what we're going to do this year.' That's kind of how we approach it." They don't pick players to play in their rookie season, and often year two either.

You win with veterans. "Every year is different," Caserio said. "How is one year going to go relative to the next? Nobody really has any idea, so what happened in previous years, I mean really it's just a product - really what you try to do is you try to take the information that you have on the players that you're looking at and just try to make an estimation. We can draft the player, or there's a realistic chance we could maybe sign him after the draft, so you kind of weigh the risk-reward of drafting the player, or if it's the same player that you might be able to get after the draft who's going to have a similar potential role, or you're kind of vision for him on the team, then you go ahead and don't use the pick. I mean every year is different." You win with Draft picks who are developed into players and winners over the long haul, not the instant gratification of sticking a top rookie in the starting lineup Day One.

That is why the Pats don't give a crap what Round rookies were taken in, or if they went undrafted. "We stack the players," Caserio said. "There are certain players that are up on the board that we're looking at. Like I said, we talked about this last week. There are not a lot of players up on the board that we would actually draft. I mean we have a small number of players that we would actually pick. I mean there are 255 that were selected. I mean, 50 to 75. 75 is probably high, like where we ended up in the end of guys that we would actually draft. Every year is different. It's risk-reward and you just try to make the best decision. I mean we drafted four players. We're probably going to end up signing, I don't know, 15-20 guys here over the next few days. Could you have drafted some of those players? Sure. You do whatever you think is best and just try to make a good decision. Look, we're going to lose out on some players and we're going to get some players that we think we like or we want to work with, and then that's what we try to do." They want to see who out works who, and who can translate that hard work to the field.

If BB never had a true rookie play, and certain never start, he would be a happy man. If you want to see who the impact rookies will be this year? Go check out the guys from the 2015 and 2014 Drafts who had stayed on the team behind the scenes (like the Jones boys;). They build these guys up until they can handle the impossible mental and physical tasks that have to do during an NFL Season. Like near Super Bowl MVP James White, or the new big money FS Duron Harmon.

Conor's brother plays in the NFL. "He's been great, just giving me advice here and there. Heís been through it and he has gotten to see how the NFL works a little bit through his process the past four years and heís just been a great mentor. It's been a great experience," Conor said. "Growing up I was more of a basketball player and I definitely thought that would be my future, but I changed to football my senior year of high school and never looked back, so it was a great experience." So he knows the hard work and dedication that NFL player have to go through in order to survive in the NFL.

Old school coaches like the athleticism found high school TE. "I was a tight end my whole life. And then when I got to UCLA they moved me right to tackle, and then I did some tackle-tight end formations and some goal line and short-yardage for my first two years before I became a full-time left-tackle starter," Conor said. "Well like I said, they threw me right into the fire at left tackle. And my basketball skills and tight end ability helped me learn the position fast. And helped me tremendously." BB loves multi-sport players (even when one of the sports isn't lacrosse;).

Draft picks are not a one year plan. "I have watched Nate Solder," Conor said. "I've studied a lot of tackles and Iíve been a fan of his for a while, even when I was a skinny tight end being told Iíd be a tackle one day. When I was first in high school I didnít believe it, but heís a great player and I look forward to meeting him." They are a four or five year plan, with hopefully more.

This is how the Pats Draft. "I feel like there's room to grow, and I'm excited to get to New England with the great coaching staff there and just get to work. Whatever they want for me, I'll put my 100 percent effort in," Conor said. "Coach Mora's coaching style and a bunch of his assistant coaches came from the NFL, so you see that in practices, workouts, everything. Even Coach [Sal] Alosi, our strength coach, is from the Jets and everything was very pro-style. So I feel like it will help me tremendously. I'm just looking forward to getting there." All rookies are a mess that need a long term and short term development plan.

The Draft is a configuration of potential, massive-massive over-hype, dreams and tears, and the potential, and potential only, of living a childhood dream. "This is something Iíve been working towards since I was real little. Just to be here and share this moment with my family is a dream come true," Conor said. "I had a good amount of interaction at the Senior Bowl. You do a lot of interviews throughout that process, and at the combine, and then through a couple of travel workouts and the school's Pro Day, but it was a great experience to be able to meet with a bunch of teams." Very few are ever truly mentally and physically ready for the NFL. Getting drafted is not an instant ticket to success in any way shape or form (other than a massive avalanche of hard work and sacrifice;). 

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