With The 32nd Pick, in the 2017 NFL Draft, The New England Patriots Select ...

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Okay, I'm finally starting to feel like I have a handle n this Draft. Even if it is just a little. 

PICKS 23-32

1st Round

Picks 1-11.

Picks 12-22.

Picks 23-32.

2nd Round

Picks 33-48.

Picks 49-64.

3rd Round

Picks 65-72.

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My Picks: 

Key Needs:

Team Moves:



Defense: 4-3

Jarrad Davis


6-1, 238, (PD) 4.58

38.5" Vert" 10'9" Broad!

7.3 3-Cone,  4.29 SS,  

23 Reps, 33.5" Arms, 



2016 Picks:

1 (10) Eli Apple, CB, Ohio State
2 Sterling Shepard, WR, Oklahoma
3-71 Darian Thompson SS Boise ST
4 (109) B.J. Goodson, ILB, Clemson
5 (149) Paul Perkins, RB, UCLA
6 (184) Jerrell Adams, TE, 

South Carolina

Key F.A. Signed:

QB Geno Smith

WR Brandon Marshall

OT DJ Fluker

OG Jerry Jones

TE Matt LaCosse 

DE Jason Pierre-Paul

OLB Mark Herzlich

ILB Keenan Robinson

LS Zak DeOssie

Key F.A.:

QB Josh Johnson
QB Ryan Nassib
RB Orleans Darkwa (R) 
RB Bobby Rainey
TE Larry Donnell
OLT Will Beatty
DE Kerry Winn (R) 
RT Marshall Newhouse
ILB Kelvin Sheppard
OLB Deontae Skinner (R)
CB Leon Hall
CB Trevin Wade
K Robbie Gould

Key F.A. Lost:

CB Coty Sensabaugh

DT Jonathon Hankins

The Team: Big surprise, the Giants need an LB, but they never draft linebackers in the 1st Round. Watkins is clearly the best NT in the pass rush in this Draft. Plus, he might be the best stack and shed player in this Draft as well. 

The Giants are happy with Flowers. I might not be. You might not be. But this looks like another David Diehl situation. I don't think they take an OLT here. However, if all the RBs are off the board, and they don't trust Foster, Ramcyzk would be the top play left on their Board. 

The Player: 4/27 Jared Davis Bio: Small LB.

The Reason: He just is too good to pass up here. They finally buck the trend and grab an LB, because all the 1st Round TE and RBs are gone. 

They want to get a tight end to work inside. Manning looked like he is slowing down a little. They need to help their old QB. Getting a dynamic TE to play inside of Odell and Marshall could make this offense scary.

Flowers sucks. If they can admit that to themselves they could take Ramcyzk here. But that is a lot more difficult than people think two years after you made that guy a top five pick, and after you pick up an ORT in free agency. Plus, and we all known they never take LBs in the 1st. They certainly would take one of the top three RBs or TEs. 

However, the loss of Jonathan Hankins was a huge hit for them. If they feel Flowers has improved, they are desperate for a DT. They have nothing next to Damon Harrison, who is not a world beater himself. I think it is safe say that they have the worse D-Tackles in the NFL. But there are a ton of Day Two DTs that I think can start next season.

Second Choice: Carlos Watkins DT-



Defense: 4-3

Reuben Foster

LB Alabama

6-1, 240, #10

RB (FA), DE, DT, LB, WR, DE, CB, LB,  

2016 Picks:

1 (14) Karl Joseph, S, West Virginia
2 (44) Jihad Ward, DE, Illinois
3-75 Shilique Calhoun DE Mich ST
4 (100) Connor Cook, QB, Mich ST
5 (143) Deandre Washington, RB Texas Tech
6 Cory James, OLB, Colorado ST
7 (234) Vadal Alexander, G, LSU

Key F.A. Signed:

TE Jared Cook

WR/KR Cordarelle Patterson

Key F.A.: 

QB Matt McGloin
WR Andre Holmes
TE Cooper Helfet (R)
ORT Matt McCants
ORT Menelik Watson
DE Denico Autrey (R)
DT Stacy McGee
ILB Daren Bates
ILB Perry Riley
FS Nate Allen
SS Brynden Trawick
LS John Condo

Key F.A. Lost:

RB Latavius Murray

TE Mychal Rivera

ILB Malcolm Smith

CB DJ Hayden

The Team: They need an ILB and leader of the defense. Foster reminds me of Ray Lewis. He has great football character, but can be maniac off the field. Roster is a guy that will run your defense on the field for you, but you will probably have to hire a babysitter or two to personally guard him off the field. 

I think they need a WR, and their QB has shown the arm to be able to hit WR's deep. So if they have a shot at an elite speed guy to pair with their older slower guys it could be too good to be true. They also desperately need an RB who can step in for Murray. McCaffrey offers so much more than Murray in the passing game. Plus, he can line up at WR and run patterns like a WR.

I don't like their depth at CB. It's a shame for Raider fans. The Raiders were the only team I saw in the AFC that had a chance to beat the Pats, if the Pats execute their game plan. Although I do think KC is for real as well. Carr was having a phenomenal clutch season. But no QB no Playoff win. When he went down there was no team left that can beat the Pats outright. Although KC will play their way into the Champ game, and they could certainly sneak up on the Pats. They are solid in all three phases. However, I just don't think that Smith can beat the Pats in Foxboro in the Playoffs.

The Player: Foster is the leader of the Alabama defense. "One of the things that makes Reuben a very popular guy from a personality standpoint is, in a day and age where everybody is into selfies and Ďwhat about me,í heís a guy thatís pretty interested in the relationships that he has and how he affects other people," Saban said. "He actually cares a lot about not just how he does or plays, but he also assumes a leadership role and how he affects other people. That comes to a large degree in how much you care about others. Thatís one of the reasons that he is a very popular guy. Heís a got a great personality. I think a lot of people are attracted to him because of that. I also think heís very caring in terms of what heís willing to do to help someone else." The Mike has to be the leader of the defense.

Foster has turned into a great rusher as well. He had two sacks in the 1st quarter against Tenn. He ran around the OLT on the second and got to Dobbs as he took off in the other direction. Such a great rusher. He also blitzed up the gut and hit Dobbs as he threw a couple of times as well. He is so good at finding the RB on inside runs. He does a nice job covering the RB out of the backfield. He can charge him, and knock him off his feet right after he catches the ball.

The Reason: Foster tested positive for stupid, and looked even worse getting in a fight with a nurse. He is a genius on the field, and an utter ass monkey off the field. I think his fight with a nurse at the Combine (now you can say because he was scared of his drug test) and then lying about it at the Combine when everyone knew what happened, was worse than failing the drug test. He is the biggest boom or burst prospect who has worked very hard to get himself out of the 1st Round.

Word in the Casino's in Vegas is that the Raiders love-love-love Foster. I think they are the only team that would take him the first (though I'm terrified to have Ozzie passing on him at 16). So were he goes, nobody knows.

Plus, Reuben Foster in Vegas, what could go wrong?

Good run blocker on the edge. "I definitely believe Iíd be an every-down back and a specialist, doing both at the same time." Christian said, then went on to talk about the Bowl game. "I just tell them how it is when [they] ask. Iím extremely honest with them, and then we move on to now and playing football. I made that decision. It was a career decision. It was a man decision to try to protect my dream of playing and succeeding in the NFL. Whether it gave me an advantage or not, I stuck with it, and Iím here now." I have no trouble with injured players sitting out Bowl games.
This is his floor, as he is a family friend of the Del Rio's. "His son Luke was my quarterback in high school," McCaffrey said. "And I remember he was in the stands with the Broncos. We would hang out and have dinner with their family. Looking at the Raiders side, looking at the Broncos side, just knowing that thereís so many people here who Iíve grown up knowing, so itís pretty surreal that Iím here now as a player." Del Rio has seen him play football his whole life. 

He knows how much Christian can help a team. "There's a lot to go through there," Del Rio said. "The thoughts he had about opponents in the division, about us, a lot of soil to be tilled." He will not pass on McCaffrey here. Del Rio has seen his talent more than any other evaluator in the NFL. 

I thought Latavius Murray was one of the main guys who got this offense going. They have to get a new RB who can take come pressure off Carr. If McCaffrey is on the Board there is just no way they can pass on him.

Second Choice: Kevin King CB



Defense: 3-4

*Deshaun Watson

QB Clemson

6-2 1/2, 215, 



2016 Picks:

1 (21) Will Fuller, WR, Notre Dame
2 (50) Nick Martin, C, Notre Dame
3 (85) Braxton Miller, WR, Ohio ST
4 (119) Tyler Ervin, RB San Jose ST
5 (159) KJ Dillon, S, West Virginia
5 (166) D.J. Reader, NT, Clemson


Key F.A. Signed:

TE Ryan Griffin

Key F.A.:

RB Johnathan Grimes
G Oday Aboushi
DT Devon Still
NT Vince Wilfork
DT Brandon Dunn (R)
DE Antonio Smith
LT David Quessenberry
ILB Akeem Dent
P Shane Lechler
K Nick Novak
CB Charles James (R)
CB Robert Nelson (R)
SS Qunitin Demps
FS Don Jones

Key F.A. Lost:

QB Brock Osweiler

QB Brian Hoyer 

NT Vince WIlfork

OLB John Simon

CB AJ Bouye

The Team: Okay, let's face it. They have one need and one need only. Everything else is BS.

They have some trouble. Losing their top CB is going to hurt in this defense. "A.J. [Bouye] is a very important part of our team," Bill O'Brien said. "Iíve said that all along. Heís a guy that has really worked hard to improve his own skillset. He played very well for us this year. He played well for us last year. John Butler, our secondary coach, has done an excellent job with him. So we really want him back. We realize that free agency and things like that Ė we understand the process of how it all works. Hopefully we can get him back before free agency starts but if it doesnít, weíll continue I know to work hard to try to get him back on our team. But weíd like to have him back." He opens up a big hole in their secondary.
They were scouting down at the Combine for some players who fit in with their team. "For me personally, the most important parts of the combine are the interviews at night and the medical reports," O'Brien said. "The on-field stuff I think is good, but theyíre not wearing pads, the quarterbacks arenít facing a rush. Thereís some things you can take from the on-field stuff. Iím not saying itís bad. I donít want to go down that road. Iím just saying itís more about the other two things for me." He learned from Belichick that team building has as much to do with character as talent.
But none of it really matters until they get a QB. "As it relates to quarterbacks, again, when youíre able to talk to these guys in the room, youíre able to really get [time with them in a box], you have 15 minutes," O'Brien said. "Fifteen minutes is actually kind of longer than you think. You can get a lot of information out of them. You can talk to them about their offense. You know, ĎHey, what was going on in this game protection-wise? Are you directing the run game? Are you in charge of this? How did you handle this two-minute situation?í Iím really looking forward to talking to these guys that weíre bringing into our room about all the different games that Iíve watched on them and see what their thoughts are on them. To me, itís the interview process with the quarterbacks, just like every other player." They will likely have to go offense here.

The Player: 4/15 Deshaun Watson Bio.

The Reason: Ironically, B'OB is going to be fired because of his inability to acquire an NFL caliber QB (for those tasteless non-Pats fans, Bill was Brady's QB coach before he went to Penn ST;).

When you have a young QB you have to do certain things to help him out. "Competition is open with every position on our team. Obviously with the exception of a few [positions]," O'Brien said. "I mean, Iím not going to stand up here and tell you that every single position is open. Obviously, thereís positions that we know certain players are going to start. But the majority of positions on our team, thatís what weíve based our program on from the day we walked in here. Weíve based our program on competition and competing in practice. Thatís kind of what we... really believe in. The depth chart changes with us. I think you guys have seen that whether itís quarterback or any other position. So thatís what our team is based on. Thatís what our coaching staff believes in. Competition will always be a part of our program here." McCaffrey helps out their wretched refuse at QB more than any other player left on the Board.

You have to get a defense that can help him win, check. You have to get him an elite OLT to protect his back, check. You have to get him some weapons to throw to. That is almost a check. Hopkins is almost a check by himself. You also have to get him an RB to take some pressure off of him. 

Second Choice: Zach Cunningham ILB



Defense: 4-3

Forrest Lamp

OG Western Kentucky

6-3, 300, S-1.76, (U) 4.99!

7.55 3-Cone! 4.62 SS,

32"Arms, 34 Reps!

27.5" Vert,


2016 Picks:

1 (31) Germain Ifedi, OT, A&M
2 (49) Jarran Reed, DT, Alabama
3 (90) C.J. Prosise, RB, ND
3 (94) Nick Vannett, TE, Ohio ST
3 (97) Rees Odhiambo, OG Boise ST
5 (147) Quinton Jefferson, DT, Maryland
5 (171) Alex Collins, RB, Arkansas
6 (215) Joey Hunt, OC, TCU
7 (243) Kenny Lawler, WR, California
7 (247) Zac Brooks, RB, Clemson

Key F.A.:

RB Eddie Lacy

OG/OT Luke Joeckel

Key F.A.:

Tarvaris Jackson QB 

Bryce Brown RB 

Fred Jackson RB

Ricardo Lockette WR 
Anthony McCoy TE 
Chase Coffman TE 

Lemuel Jeanpierre OC 

Will Tukuafu FB 

Demarcus Dobbs DE 
DeShawn Shead CB  

Jon Ryan P 

Key F.A. Lost:

Russell Okung OT 

J.R. Sweezy OG

Alvin Bailey OL

Brandon Mebane DT

Bruce Irvin LB 

The Team: If they don't get help for their O-line Wilson will be a pancake by the end of the season. Their O-line literally coast them a chance at the Super Bowl last year.

The Player: 4/11 Forest Lamp: Run Forest Run.

The Reason: This is a best player available pick. 

Plus, I don't like their WR-corps. I like Baldwin and Richardson, but the rest are marginal at best, and small. Russell Wilson didn't just struggle because of blockers, he also struggled because of his WRs. I think they would take Robinson or Ramcyzk over Davis here, but I'm sure about Lamp. 

Second Choice: Bolles OL

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Defense: 3-4

*Pat Mahomes II


6-2, 225, 6.88 3-Cone!

4.08 SS! (O) 4.8, 


2016 Picks:

12 (37) Chris Jones, DT, Miss ST
3 (74) Keivarae Russell, CB, ND
4 (105) Parker Ehinger OG Cincinnati
4 (106) Eric Murray, CB, Minnesota
4 Demarcus Robinson, WR FLA
5 (162) Kevin Hogan, QB, Stanford
5 (165) Tyreek Hill RB W. Alabama
6 (178) D.J. White, CB, Georgia T.
6 (203) Dadi Lhomme Nicolas, OLB, Virginia Tech

Key FA Signed:

DT Bennie Logan

Key FA:
RB Bishop Sankey (R)
WR Albert Wilson (R)
C Mike Person 
DE Kendall Reyes
DE David King (R)
FS Eric Berry
FS Daniel Sorenson (R)
CB Terrance Mitchell (R)
K Cairo Santos (R)
LS James Winchester (R)

Key FA Lost:

QB Nick Foles

RB Knile Davis

NT Dontari Poe

The Team: The Chiefs one and only agenda this off season is to turn Alex Smith into a Playoff Winning QB. Maybe getting some competition to push him a little will help. He is also getting older. So getting a guy they can groom behind him for four or five years is not going to hurt. 

The Player: Mahomes reminds me of Manziel (but there is absolute no implications that he has off field mental issues!). He has that stunning and amazing knack for the spectacular and impossible throw. But displays no other viable NFL skills. His best throws are back yards throws that have nothing to do with the offense. Plus, I would never draft a QB who has a Mohawk. Any other position, no problem at all, but the QB position is the most unique in all of sports. Where if they have the slightest flaw mentally, personality wise, or a simple oddity, it just gets magnified so tragically that is cracks them.

"It didn't always look like maybe it was supposed to look, his style of play, but you could always see he had an immense skill set," his HC at TT Kingsbury said. "It was pretty evident he had ability, and I felt if we could corral it in enough that he could be exceptional. He ended up being exceptional."
I admit I don't know why, but you have to be so uncompromisingly dedicated to the position in such a crazy and obsessive way, or you just can't handle the choices that an NFL QB has to make in a split second. You have to be Rain Man on the field and know that 356 toothpicks fell on the floor instead of 360 in a split second, "definitely 356". Or you'll throw INTs when it matters most. 

He has that ability to count the 356 toothpicks and whip the ball in wacky fashion when no one else can see what he saw, but he showed no aptitude to run an offense. You also have to have the ability to known what everyone else on the offense is doing, and why. It is a series of three or four impossible tasks. I could never do any of them. And if you are failing at one of them (never mind all of them;), you cannot win in the NFL. He is failing, like Manziel, in the ability to run an offense, and the basic understanding of what everyone is doing in the offense. 

He is a converted baseball player with the best arm in the Draft. "He really worked on the mental aspect of it and studying film and learning our offense and the intricacies of it," Kingsbury said. "The strides I saw him make were astronomical, and I can only guess that is going to continue." I hope so, because mentally he has a vast chasm to overcome.

He played in the QB killing Air Raid offense that does nothing to help a QB translate to the NFL. "I have reservations about anyone coming out of Texas Tech," a scout said, "Washington State, or pick your school with that system," He did nothing, except physically throw the ball to a WR, that translates to the NFL from that system.

TT is were QBs go to become coaches. "The criticism of quarterbacks in this system carries no merit with me," Kingsbury said about his system, even though he is an example of a QB who failed to translate to the NFL out of that system. "But I understand where they get it from. With Patrick, you can put on the film and see that he is able to do things within a spread offense that very few quarterbacks can. His arm talent is elite. His athleticism is way up there. He is a very cerebral player. So it's hard for me to say he could be lumped in there with other guys just because they played in a spread offense." It is hard for me to believe that you can't.

Raise your hand if you've heard this before. "If you watch me play and you compare me to those guys, you realize I am a different type of quarterback," Mahomes said. "It's me controlling the offense and having full control. That's the stuff that I feel teams are looking at, and that is why you are seeing the momentum grow in my corner." Is that a quote from Kingsbury or Tim Couch when they came out of the Air Raid system?

Plus (and I admit this is unfair) he strikes me as guy who says what he thinks people want to hear. "It has been fun just really getting to meet with a lot of the great offensive minds in football and getting to talk to them," Mahomes said. "They kind of pick my brain, but I am learning from them. Every day I am taking an opportunity to get better, whether it's on visits or workouts. I'm listening to those guys." He is a very smart kid who knows how to say the right thing.

People who really like him have been comparing him to Aaron Rogers. "When you're talking about guys who can make those unbelievable throws, and Aaron Rodgers and Brett Favre are all-time greats," Kingsbury said. "So I hate to make that comparison, but his style of play is that. It might not always be on schedule. It might not always be pretty. But he has an ability to extend plays, to move to his right and move to his left, and make incredible throws down the field that most quarterbacks simply can't attempt. That's a special talent." I think they both absolutely love to make that comparison, and believe it whole-heartedly.

He tested very well athletically at the Combine. "He's got a great arm, big balls and he's mobile," an exec said. " He is going to drive his head coach crazy for the first couple of years, and there is no getting around that. If it clicks for him and he's coachable, I think he could become a special quarterback." He also had some great interviews, and is a mature kid who played in college for five years.

He is a terrific athlete who can throw on the move.  "You [know] how John Elway could scramble around and at the last second just square up and throw the ball the length of the field?" a scout said. "This guy can do the same thing. He didnít play in a bowl game this year but, remember, John Elway never played in a bowl game. [His team] had the worst defense in the nation. He had no backs and receivers this year. Excellent athlete and arm strength. He's got a gunslinger mentality." He can make every throw.

He plays in the Air Raid system that pumps up stats too far past talent. "He plays in that junk offense and has a lot to learn," a different scout said. "A lot. Heís got quick feet and a [NFL arm]. 4.0 student. Good kid." Moving mentally from the Air Raid, is like a moving a kindergartner into the NFL.

I keep hearing he might have the best arm talent in this Draft. "He could [become on NFL QB], but I donít see it," some scout said. "He has no vision, no mechanics. Heís erratic as hell. Makes a lot of mistakes." I'm glad I'm not the only one.

He is a "not me" player. "Definitely there are a lot of guys who are really good in this class, Webb said. " Iím going to compete hard. I definitely think I could be (the best QB). I have the talent to be. So itís going to be all on who works the hardest off the field from the film work, the in your practice, exactly how you want it. That will determine who is the best guy." You can take a chance on him, but not me.

Career Passing Statistics:
Season GP CMP  ATT   INT  YDS    TD   Long   %    AVG/P  AVG/G
2014     7    105    185     4     1547    16    82      .57    8.4        221.0
2015   13    364    573   15     4653    36    90      .64    8.1        357.9
2016   12    388    591   10     5052    41    81      .66    8.5        421.0

The Reason: I just can't believe that anyone would take this guy in the 1st. But everybody and their brother is saying it is so. At least here in KC they can Garoppolo him for four or five years. So he could have a chance. But the more QB-needy the team is that takes him the bigger his bust potential gets. Any team that think he can play within the next three year will destroy this kid.

Second Choice: Alvin Kamara RB



Defense: 4-3

Chidobe Awuzie-

CB Colorado

6', 195, 4.44, 



2016 Picks:

1 (4) Ezekiel Elliott, RB, Ohio State
2 (34) Jaylon Smith, ILB, Notre Dame
3 (67) Maliek Collins, DT, Nebraska
4 Charles Tapper, DE, Oklahoma
4 (135) Dak Prescott, QB, Miss ST
6 (189) Anthony Brown, CB, Purdue
6-212 Kavon Frazier S, C. Michigan
6 Darius Jackson, RB, E. Michigan
6 (217) Rico Gathers, TE, Baylor

Key F.A  Signed:  

WR Terrance Williams

RB Darren McFadden

OL Jonathon Cooper

CB Nolan Carroll

Key F.A :  

QB Mark Sanchez
QB Kellen Moore
WR Brice Butler
TE Gavin Escobar
DE Jack Crawford
DE Ryan Davis (R)
DT Terrell McClain
ILB Justin Durant
ILB Rolando McClain
OLB Andrew Gachkar
CB Morris Claiborne
CB Leon McFadden (R) 
CB Joshua Thomas

Key F.A. Lost:

QB Tony Romo 

RB Lance Dunbar

OT Doug Free

OG Ron Leary

CB Brandon Carr 

SS Barry Church

FS JJ Wilcox

The Team: They lost two Safeties and a CB to free agency so far. They still have three CBs who are free agents. They are going to have to over haul the whole secondary. Luck for them, this a good year to be doing that.

Dallas has to get a TE to help Prescott, as Jason Witten is nearing the end fast.

First off, I had them taking Zak Prescott in the 3rd last year. That was my best pick of last years Draft.

The Player: 4/07 Chidobe Awuzie: Reminds Me of Revis.

The Reason: Their secondary was not great, and they got brutalized by free agency. Awuzie is on my top five underrated list. Not only is he an elite athlete, he is also as smart as they come, and a great leader. Listening him to talk about football technique is amazingly interesting and informative. 

Second Choice: Taco Charlton DE



Defense: 3-4

*Kevin King- 

CB Washington
6-3 1/4", 196,
(U) 4.41,

6.54 3-C! 3.89 SS!†
 (O) 4.43,†39.5" Vert,
11.14 60-Yard Shuttle! 

32" Arms, 11 Reps,† 



2016 Picks:

1 (27) Kenny Clark, DT, UCLA
2 (48) Jason Spriggs, OT, Indiana
3 (88) Kyler Fackrell, OLB Utah ST
4 (131) Blake Martinez ILB Stanford
4 Dean Lowry, DE, Northwestern
5 (163) Trevor Davis WR California
6 (200) Kyle Murphy, OT, Stanford

Key F.A. Signed:

TE Martellus Bennett

TE Lance Hendricks

RB Christine Michael

OLB Nick Perry

CB Devon House 

Key F.A.:
TE Justin Perillo (R) 
ORT Don Barclay
OC JC Tretter
DE Mike Pennel (R)
OLB Jay Elliott (F) 
LS Breet Goode
SS Micah Hyde
P Jake Schum (R)

Key F.A. Lost:

RB Eddie Lacy

TE Jared Cook


OLB Julius Peppers

OLB Datone Jones

The Team: They have some holes to fill at DB. They could draft CBs with their top two picks, and after that NFC Champ game I don't know how anyone could complain

The Packers clearly have to draft an RB. Having a converted WR as your main tailback in the Playoffs was a little embarrassing. Though the injuries to their CBs is what really cost them in the Playoffs against Atlanta. I think getting a top CB is a priority for the Packers. They are clearly going through a transition this season. 

The Player: 3/30 Kevin King: Long, Tall, and Quick as a Waterbug.

The Reason: This pick is killing me. I keep going back and forth between OLB and CB. Every time a put one, I change it two minuets later. However, Kevin King is the top guy on my Board, and CB is clearly their biggest need.

This is a best player available pick. Plus, they lost Peppers and Jones. They just resigned their leading Sacker Nick Perry (11 sacks last season). "Everything is here for me. My residence is here, my family is here. Weíve had a great time here. Weíve communicated great throughout the years with coaches and with front office." Perry said, and then continued "I think weíve meshed as a whole. And I think all of those things played in part to the reason why I wanted to stay here. Weíve got a great team. I think weíre really pushing the envelope to try to win this thing." Signing him was a big deal. 

Mathews is 31, and was banged up last season. He needs more help as well. Lawson would back both guys up as he learned the nuances of the NFL and their system. He would be groomed to take over for Mathews, and even play outside if they put Mathews inside again. But they will still have to get a couple more DBs.

Second Choice: Carl Lawson OLB



Defense: 3-4


Derek Rivers
DE Youngstown
6-3 5/8, 249,†(O) 4.61! S-1.61, 6.94 3-C! 

35" Vert! 10'3" Br,†
30 Reps! 32 3/4" Arm! 

4.4 SS!  


2016 Picks:

1 (25) Artie Burns, CB, Miami
2 (58) Sean Davis, S, Maryland
3 (89) Javon Hargrave, DT, South Carolina State
4 (123) Jerald Hawkins, OT, LSU
6 (220) Travis Feeney, OLB, Washington
7  Demarcus Ayers WR Houston
7 (246) Tyler Matakevich, ILB, Temple

Key F.A. Signed:

RB LeíVeon Bell

RB Knile Davis

WR Justin Hunter

OLB Anthony Chickillo 

ILB Steven Johnson 

CB Coty Sensabaugh

Key Free:

RB DeAngelo Williams
QB Landry Jones
TE David Johnson
OG Chris Hubbard (R)
DT Ricardo Mathews
OC Cody Wallace
OLB James Harrison
LS Greg Warren
SS Shamarko Thomas
CB Ross Cockrell (R)

Key F.A. Lost:

WR Markus Wheaton

OLB Jarvis Jones

ILB Lawrence Timmons

The Team: The Steelers want to get a young OLB they can put opposite Dupree. James Harrison is Brady's age, and both will 40 next season. They have to get a replacement for Timmons, and a Safety and Corner wouldn't hurt.

The Steelers drafted two CBs in last years Draft. Both are playing well. However, they moved Sean Davis to Safety. So they still need a CB to step into a starting role. 

The Player: 4/12 Derek Rivers: Day Two Rusher: Part II.

The Reason: Rivers is a local kid who they really like. If they want him they'll have to take him here. 

Second Choice: Adoree Jackson CB

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Defense: 4-3

Taco Charlton

DE Michigan

6-5, 272 #33


2016 Picks:

1 (17) Keanu Neal, S, Florida
2 (52)  Deion Jones, ILB, LSU
3 (81) Austin Hooper, TE, Stanford
4 (115) DeíVondre Campbell, OLB, Minnesota
6 Wes Schweitzer, G, San Jose ST
7 (238) Devin Fuller, WR, UCLA

Key F.A. Signed:

WR Andre Roberts

NT Dontari Poe

Key F.A.:

QB Matt Schaub
RB Stevan Ridley
FB Dimarco Patrick
WR Aldrick Robinson
WR Eric Weems
WR Taylor Gabriel (R) 
TE Jacob Tamme
TE Levine Toilolo
G Tom Compton
G Chris Chester
G Ben Garland (R) 
RT Ryan Schrader
DT Jonathan Babineaux
DE Cliff Matthews
OLB Dwight Freeney
OLB Courtney Upshaw
OLB Philip Wheeler
ILB Sean Weatherspoon
ILB Paul Worrilow
ILB Laroy Reynolds
CB Robert Alford
SS Kemal Ishmael
SS Akeem King (R)

Key F.A. Lost:


The Team: They want to build a Pete Carroll type defense. "I don't necessarily understand the fit for what I think they are trying to do," a coach who has studied both Poe and the Falcons said. "I think they are trying to build Seattle's defense, both front and coverage. They are adding a guy who is promising to get his weight down to 330 or 340 and could have back problems when they are a penetration front." So they need to draft Passrushers early and often.

Their top two needs in the Draft last year were edgerusher. They got one in Vic Beasley. Now they need a another edgerusher to work the opposite side of the field as Vic.

The Player: 4/26 Taco Charlton: Day One Rusher: Part II.

The Reason: Charlton is a huge edgerusher. They can play him opposite Beasley, who is a smaller speed rusher. They would complement each other too perfectly for this to ever happen.

Second Choice: Forest Lamp OG



Defense: 4-3

Malcolm Butler-

CB Patriots


*Derek Barnett



2016 Picks: 

1-12 Sheldon Rankins DT Louisville
2 (47) Michael Thomas WR Ohio ST
2 (61) Vonn Bell, S, Ohio State|
4 (120) David Onyemata, DT, University of Manitoba
7 (237) Daniel Lasco, RB, California

Key F.A. Signed:  

ORG Larry Warford

DT Nick Fairley

OLB Alex Okafor

ILB Manti Teío

Key F.A.:  
RB Travaris Cadet
RB Tim Hightower
FB John Kuhn
WR Brandon Coleman (R) 
OG Jahri Evans
OG Tim Lelito
LT Tony Hills
DE Darryl Tapp
OLB Paul Kruger
OLB Kasim Edebali (R) 
OLB Michael Mauti
OLB Chris McCain (R) 
SS Roman Harper
SS Jamarca Sanford
CB BW Webb (R) 
CB Brian Dixon (R) 
CB Sterling Moore
CB Kyle Wilson
LS Justin Drescher 

Key F, A, Lost:

Brandon Cooks WR

Malcolm Butler CB

The Team: This is a tough one. The depth at CB in this Draft is so good that I don't think I would take a CB until Round Two or Three. However, the top CBs are so tempting up here. The Saints have to grab some DBs to make their defense whole. So how do they balance that? 

They could take a WR, TE, or DL here, and still get an interesting Corner on Day Two. It is a tough balancing act. But King is just too good. He went to Washington as a Safety, and then transformed himself into a Corner. His final college development came against Alabama when he played like an All-American on the QB's right.  

The Player: Word on Bourbon Street is that the Saints love Butler so much that they want to give him the top contract (or close to it) of any CB in the NFL. That is some serious cash and respect. So the only question left is how much Draft cash and respect do they want to give the Pats for Butler. If they are serious enough to be talking about that kind of dough, then the Pats have to be fighting for pick 11, which the Saints won't give up. So could the Pats get their pick back, and the Saints 2nd? That seems the only compromise left on the table.

The Reason: He is just too damn good to pass up here. You know that Payton wants to take an offensive player in some way, shape, or form. Of all the Corners, at least Adoree can step in at WR and go deep, or run reverse. Plus, he might be the elite punt returner in this Draft, and will help any team with field position on punt returns. Plus, I do actually like him as a Corner, but his height could keep him out of the 1st.

Second Choice: Keep the pick




Defense: 2-5

Tre'Davious White


6', 197, #18


Brandon Cooks-

WR Saints



2016 Picks:

2 (60) Cyrus Jones, CB, Alabama
3 (78)  Joe Thuney OG, NC State
3 (91) Jacoby Brissett,QB, NC State
3 Vincent Valentine, DT, Nebraska
4-112 Malcolm Mitchell WR Georgia
6 Kamu Grugier-Hill LB E. Illinois
6-214 Elandon Roberts LB Houston
6 (221) Ted Karras, G, Illinois
7-225  Devin Lucien WR Arizona St

FA- DJ Foster RB Arizona ST

Key F.A. Signed:

WR Brandon Coleman

RB Rex Burkhead

TE Dwayne Allen

DE Kony Ealy 

DT Alan Branch

DL Lawrence Guy

ILB Dont'a Hightower

CB Stephon Gilmore

Jason McCourty CB???

SS Duron Harmon

Key F.A.: 

RB LeGarrette Blount

RB Brandon Bolden
FB James Devlin
OT/TE Cameron Fleming (R)
DE Gregg Scruggs
OLB Barkevious Mingo

Key F.A. Lost:

CB Malcolm Butler (R)  

ORT Sebastian Vollmer

TE Martellus Bennett

CB Logan Ryan

DE Chris Long

DE Jabaal Sheard

ST Barkevious Mingo

The Team: A little bird is telling me that Pats are trying to work out a deal with New Orleans. The Saints have worked out a contract with Butler, and now are working on a trade with the Pats. Only the Pats don't care. They can wait all day and night, and if the Saints don't budge, happily take Butler and another Super Bowl. 

In fact, my problem is that the Pats are a worse team without Butler, than they are with this pick. So why give in at all. The Saints have to deal before the Draft, and the Pats would in all honesty like to have Butler on their team next season. Now, getting this pick has more long term (5-year) value, but they loaded up this year like no other team in the NFL to win it all. They are more likely to win it all this year with Butler. 

The Malcolm Butler saga is over. Whether he knows it or not he is now a Patriot. It might hurt his balls to have to come back, but don't cry for me Argentina. Butler was given a free lottery ticket by the Pats, only he knows that it is a winner. He just has to go to Massachusetts State Lottery Board and sign the ticket, and Kraft E. Kraft will essentially give him a check for 3.91-Mil. 

So don't come crying to me my friend. Not only are you being handed a life changing fortune, you are also the joining the deepest, best, and most prepared team to win the Super Bowl in 2018. Then next year you'll be free to sign another contract for another life changing fortune that is 10 to 20 times bigger. So stop the pouting and sign on the dotted line with some humility.

Now I would also say that he has been nothing but a great and humble solder for the Pats since he came here. And yes it sucks that the Pats, under the rules of the CBA, had to give Gilmore the 65-Mil contract and not Butler. Butler earned it more. But that is not how the rules go in the NFL, period. And, if he signs that same deal next year, it will be a 70-mil deal deal over six years if you include this one. Plus, with the 4-Mil you get, you can get a one year 50-mil insurance policy. So the risk is easily mitigated.


It looks like the Pats are winning Free Agency so far. That is never a good thing. We are seeing an example of that right now. The Pats over paid for Gilmore, which cost us Logan Ryan. Now it is also looking like it is going to coast us Malcolm Butler. Butler's camp actually came out and said they wanted Gilmore money. Which is simply not possible, and is Trumpian in it's ignorance. So the signing of Gilmore has coast us out starting two CBs.

The problem is that to get the UFA to switch teams you often have to over pay for him a little. Which can cause jealousy. It can cause a player at the same position to say "I'm better than he is and I deserve that money more." It can tear teams apart, like Washington. Butler is saying that he deserved that money, and he is right. He does deserve that money more from the Pats than Gilmore. But accord to "the system" he doesn't. Gilmore is a Probowler this year who is UFA. Butler wasn't a Probowler this year, because he was a Superbowler this year. And worst of all? He is a RFA. Which makes him right in every way, and wrong in every way. That is why the winner of Free Agency always ends up the loser, like the Jags last year. 

Now instead of two bargain basement CBs that we had the past three years (which led to two Super Bowl Victories!), we have one over priced dude. "Iíd love to team up with him," Gilmore said of Butler. "He came into the league undrafted, so he came in and grinded his way up to the top, and heís made a lot of good plays in the league, so youíve got to respect him as a player. Heís made a lot of great plays on big stages. I definitely respect him as a player." The Pats starting three Corners made less last year combined than Gilmore is making this year. 

Now we have Gilmore as the clear number one, and Cyrus Jones and Eric Rowe fighting for the other side. "I think a strong part of my game is just being physical at the line of scrimmage and playing a lot of man-to-man coverage," Gilmore said. "But Iím just ready to do whatever the coaches want me to do to make the team better. Iím down for whatever challenge they want me to be in. I think me just pressing at the line of scrimmage and making plays on the football, thatís the strongest point of my game." The Pats like to mix things up, but Gilmore is clearly much better in Press. 

The Pats will need to Press a lot more this season. "Itís an honor to play under coach Belichick," Gilmore said. "obviously Iíve played against them a lot. They find a way to win so thatís one thing youíve got to respect about them. But it starts over every year. So Iím just looking forward to going in and meeting my teammates, learning from the coaches, and learning from the players and being the best team that we can be." Gilmore physically has a chance to be great. 
But he has to show it mentally as well. "In this league, you have to have a strong mentality playing at the corner position, and I think he has that," Gilmore said. "He has that fight in him, so thatís one thing that sticks out from watching him. He always comes back. If you get him, he always puts it behind him and makes plays the next play." But Butler was great for this team for two full seasons, and two Super Bowls.

I don't think there is any doubt what the best day of Stephon's life was. "It was just a great day. I flew in and signed. She actually came late, so she came on the same day that I signed with the Patriots," Gilmore said said about his wife having his baby on the same day. "As soon as I landed, she was delivered 45 minutes after I got to the hospital. So she really waited on me to get back, so it was a blessing to do that. It was just a good day." He had his baby girl, and made his family millionaires on the same day.
So now he has to get accommodated in New England, with a new baby girl. Everything in his life has just changed. "Chris Hogan just told me to come in and let me know if I need anything as far as massage people or people to help me be a better player," Gilmore said. "So itís always good to, like I said, know guys that you played with that kind of had a great year and did the right things to make them a better player." At least he has an early ally. 


However, there is trouble in paradise. We have long pummeled the teams that win free agency. Their teams always seem to fall apart. They go from hard working youngsters, to over paid stars with less to prove and play for. But now Gilmore is more of a family man, and that bodes very well for this signing, but there is aways the green monster lurking in the shadows.

Losing Logan Ryan was a disaster. The biggest problem with winning Free Agency is that bargain basement players, suddenly become top of the payroll players, or leave. The Patriots not only had the best secondaries in the NFL last season, they had one of the cheapest. Now they have one of the most expensive, and it is not as good as last season.

This is the problem with winning free agency. It creates jealousy and causes problems on the roster, like your young ex-superstar Malcolm Butler saying he wants a Gilmore-Contract. So instead of Ryan and Butler starting at CB, we now have Gilmore and a couple of prayers. This secondary suddenly has two of the most expensive DBs on any team's roster. Now I'm not complaining about McCourty or Gilmore at all. I think both are Pro Bowl players, who hopefully never player in the Pro Bowl again (does that need to be explained;), and Harmon. Which leaves only scraps for the rest of secondary. 

Though there is some good news. There is still time to pick up a CB. Cyrus Jones was not terrible when he was playing CB (just as a PR;). I still think he can develop into a legit Nickel, and can play outside against smaller WRs. Plus, we are most likely to be getting this pick back from the Saints for Butler. Which puts the Pats smack dab in position to get Fabian Moreau (Tape coming;), and if we get the 12th pick for Garoppolo Gareon Conley (Tape coming;). And this Draft is also the most loaded Draft at DB I have ever seen.

Plus, the good news about how the Pats won Free Agency was very unusual. They really only spent the big time jealousy-money on one UFA, not three or four. The other two big time pick ups were trades, and both Coleman and Ealy are still on their rookie contracts. Plus, Harmon and Hightower were both signed back to the team, which always causes less trouble than pilfering UFAs from other teams. So it looks like they avoided the bounce back effect, except of course for Butler, which then led to Coleman as well.

So the secondary is not set, even though three positions in the secondary are now set. I think they can garnered a legit starting CB somewhere, Jones, Jones, and Rowe are not a bad trio in reserve. However, the top three guys are now one of the most expensive trios in any secondary anywhere. This is the problem with winning Free agency. 

Just look at the Jags. They spent a ridiculous fortune on their D-line last year, and then Drafted four DLs. And are now bleeding DLs to free agency: Odrick and Miller are gone this week. The Cap Cash, the roster problems it creates, and the petty jealousies it creates always causes problems on the field during the season. Maybe the saving grace is that only Gilmore is a top end free agent. Hightower was a necessity. 

But the losses of Logan and Butler make this team much worse. In my opinion, Logan and Butler were both better CBs than Stephon was last year. And now we only have one comparable CB to the two starters from last two Super Bowl seasons, and are spending about 60-Mil more in Cap Cash. Sometimes it is about the money.  

The Player: White does a great job protecting the backside on the QB keeper. He can set the edge and sack the QB when he tries to reverses field. I like the way he plays with his eyes. I love the way he moves on the field. I love his experience inside. I also love his twitchiness returning punts. Nice quick burst backwards, when he is faking press, and using his elite feet. He can charge forward and protect the edge in pass pro. He can hold up outside and protect the sideline, and take the big back down. He really protected the edge so well against Alabama. He can charge forward and take out the QB when he takes off to his sideline. One of the top run defending CB in this Draft.

Combine: Great smooth pedal. Nice snap in hips. He can high point the ball. I liked his hips in flip drills. Nice snap back in bail. Nice burst to speed, and then can high pointed the ball nicely. He is a twitchy CB. He takes too many chances on punt returns.

The Reason: Butler signed his deal, and work out a Gilmore like contract (50-mil or so) with the Pats. Oops, there is trouble in paradise. "Malcolm Butler may have to wait a year for a massive payday if Saints don't strike," Howe tweeted. "Butler, Saints had a deal in place worth more than $50M." I just don't see how this deal doesn't work out.

It all feels like posturing to me. They have worked too hard and long on this deal for it not to be done. The Saints have already said they'll give up 32, and the Pats are just asking for some change. The Pats will probably have to come off pick 42, and accept pick 76. That will probably be the solution on Draft Day. 

I loved the Brandin Cooks as a player coming out in the Draft. "The whole process was a blessing as soon as I found out," Cooks said. "I couldn't be more thankful throughout this time, and as far as the praise from coach Belichick, I've never known about it. At the end of the day I feel like I have to earn his trust when I come in and play and continue doing what I've been doing." The fact that he has had two straight 1,100-yard seasons only makes me happy.

But how lucky is Cooks to get drafted to play with Brees and then traded to play with the GOAT. "To come into the league right away and play with a Hall of Fame quarterback, that alone is going to boost your career right away. I have nothing but high praise for Drew. He's a workaholic, a guy that pays attention to the game, so detailed. So as a young guy to be able to have that. [He] takes some things off your plate rather than I feel like other young guys that come into the league that don't necessarily have that, so it was a blessing to be able to play with him," Coleman said. "At the same time, he helped me learn about the game more overall, from an overall standpoint. That was very helpful. So to come in and now have the opportunity to play with another Hall of Fame quarterback, I guess I know how to pick quarterbacks, right? I'm looking forward to it. I've followed Tom Brady since I was a kid, so to be able to have a chance to play with him is awesome." Now he has to come in and prove himself to TB12, which is easier said than done.  
He has been a top three WR the past two seasons in New Orleans. "Well, first of all, once I found out about it I was thankful for the opportunity to play in New Orleans and the opportunity they've given me there; no bad blood," Cooks said. "I love everything about the organization and the people. Things just happen in life. Second thing, when I found out about it I was ecstatic to be able to come play for an organization like New England and play for a guy like coach Belichick and Tom and Mr. Kraft and his family." He has elite speed and quickness in the open field.
It's funny how he has so much experience playing against the Pats. "Every time I went against them you can just see why it's a first class organization," Coleman said. "From the way that they run things, the way that they coach their players, the way that they walked and talked, my impression was very high for that organization and you see why they are who they are. It's just a dream come true and a blessing to be able to have this opportunity now to play for them." Now he is playing for the Pats. 

He is a "little guy" who is used to fighting for everything. "I mean quote-unquote 'always being the small guy' has been fun for me because it's a challenge, and I love challenges," Coleman said. "But having three older brothers, being in the household, you've got to fight them all the time to get what you want. I think that helped a lot as far as the toughness, but as you all know and as has been said plenty of times from guys like me, one thing you can't measure is heart and I feel like I've got one of the biggest hearts out there. Physical wise, I'm not too worried about it. It's just playing ball and doing what I have to do." But I think this brings up a question as well. 

Coleman is a deep threat. I think he fits what Garoppolo does better than what Brady does. If they are being truthful that they are not trading Garoppolo? Than at some point they expect him to be the starter. Brady had a great chemistry throwing deep to Moss and Gronk, who some would say were the best ever at their positions. Then he seemed to have an odd chemistry with Hogan last season throwing deep. So while Brady is the GOAT, he certainly is not the greatest of all time throwing deep.  

Coleman is one of the best deep threats in the game. Garoppolo was great at throwing deep at Eastern Illinois. I think Coleman fits a Garoppolo led offense a little more than a Brady led offense. With all this uproar about the Pats keeping Garoppolo? This signing makes me wonder even more if this is Brady's last year. 

Is getting a top three deep threat a sign that they will Franchise Garoppolo next year? And move on from Brady? Coleman, Beckham, and Antonio Brown are the only three wide receivers to average over a 1,000-yards, with eight TDs off 75 catches, or more, over the last two seasons. When you are in a class with those two guys than you know you are doing something right. The question is, who is the better QB to exploit the talent that garnered those numbers. This trade seems to open up another question in the Brady-Garoppolo sage. 

Second Choice: Carl Lawson OLB

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