With The 12th Pick, in the 2017 NFL Draft, The New England Patriots Select ...

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Okay, I'm finally starting to feel like I have a handle n this Draft. Even if it is just a little. 

PICKS 12-22

1st Round Post Draft

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Picks 8-14.

Picks 15-22.

Picks 23-27.


2nd Round

Picks 33-48.

Picks 49-64.

3rd Round

Picks 65-80.

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Defense: 3-4

**Malik Hooker- 

FS Ohio State

6-2, 205, RS-Soph,


2016 Picks:

1 (18) Ryan Kelly, C, Alabama
2 (57)  T.J. Green, S, Clemson
3 LeíRaven Clark OT, Texas Tech
4 (116) Hassan Ridgeway, DT, Texas
4 (125) (from Green Bay) Antonio Morrison, OLB, Florida
5 (155) Joe Haeg, North Dakota State
7 (239) Trevor Bates, OLB, Maine
7 (248) (from Green Bay) Austin Blythe, C, Iowa

Key F.A. Signed:

WR Kamar Aiken

TE Jack Doyle

DE Jabaal Sheard

DT Jonathon Hankins

OLB John Simon

FS Darius Butler

Key F.A.:

RB Jordan Todman
RB Robert Turbin
WR Devin Street (R)
OC Jonothan Harrison (R)
OG Hugh Thorton
DE Lavar Edward
ILB Josh McNary (R)
OLB Chris Carter
OLB Trent Cole
OLB Robert Mathis
OLB Eric Walden
CB Rashan Melvin (R)

Key F.A. Lost:

TE Dwayne Allen

DT Zach Kerr (R)

SS Mike Adams  

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The Team: I was called an idiot by several Twits, because I had Malik Hooker dropping to Pick 12. 

I thought it took too long to get to Hookers pick. "I didn't imagine it happening as fast as it did," Hooker said. "When the call came it was Indiana, and I knew [Colts where] next. Automatically, I got chills down my back. My mom was looking at my phone before me and she started looking at me. The secretary answered the phone and said, 'Indianapolis Colts.' From there, I was just in the clouds. Everything happened so fast. The next thing I knew I was on a jet meeting the coaches and everything. Iím still in shock of how everything played out. To be considered a professional football player, it seemed like I started playing college football just recently. Itís surreal to me still." He was not the 15th player in this Draft.
I had him Top Five on Draft Day. "With ball-hawking skills, you have to have hand-eye coordination to play basketball, too," Hooker said. "Being a point guard, having vision and having to see the whole court from the backcourt plays a major key and rolls over to football." I love that he played basketball at a high level. 
It is amazing how much he stepped up last season as a one year wonder. "He does stuff you canít teach," Marshon Lattimore said. "He's a ball hawk. His play recognition is off the charts. He knows how to recognize schemes on an offense real fast. Heís a great player." No safety went and got the ball when it air like he did last season. 
Like he was rebounding the ball 50-yards downfield. "No, you can develop and you can work on that," Pagano said. "Heís willing. He had 74 tackles last year according to the stat sheet. Heís a big dude. Heís 206 pounds and a little over six foot. Again, heíll get guys on the ground. As long as they are willing and theyíre not sitting there, making business decisions and things like that. I didnít see that. Get a little scared of guys making business decisions, but thatís not in his DNA. Heíll be fine." He still has to step up in the run game a little.
But he is an excellent tackler. "Yeah. Instincts," Ballard said. "Instincts. All the good corners Iíve been a part of and safeties, from Nathan Vasher, Charles Tillman, Marcus Peters, Chris Harris, who was a 6th-round pick for us in Chicago. They all had instincts and took the ball away. They all had a common trait." He certainly has the instincts to take the ball away.
I thought he had the two best interceptions last season. "Absolutely. We canít create enough," Ballard said. "We canít create enough competition. And the good thing is at safety, so you have Darius who can play safety and play some corner in nickel. You have Geathers who can drop down and play some dime linebacker. We think T.J. Green can do some of that. So theyíll all find a role on Sunday." He was the best DB at tracking the ball and catching it last season.
He can run underneath it 50-yards downfield and pull it in. "Yes, so that goes back to Chicago with Lovie," Ballard said. "We would not take players if they couldnít catch the football at any position on defense other than defensive line. But if a linebacker couldnít finish on the play with a catch, if a corner didnít have ball skills, if a safety didnít have ball skills, we werenít going to take them. Look, those are extra possessions. Those are game-changing plays. You think of times in games when guys donít finish on the football and take the ball away, that gives the offense another opportunity." He certainly made the game changing plays last season that helped Ohio State get into the Playoffs.
I still am a little shocked he dropped out of the Top 12. "No. Absolutely Not," Ballard said. "Iím not going to lie though, about 10 days ago we brought [him in], we were in there working through the draft board, and I kept asking, 'What if one of these guys falls? Would we be willing to pull the trigger and take him?' And we ended up bringing him in. I said, 'Letís bring Hooker in just in case. Just in case he falls, letís make sure weíve spent our time with him other than the combine. Have our medical people look at him again.' And it worked out good for us." Now they are a little lopsided in the Secondary at safety.

He will step and start competition to be a starter Day One. "Absolutely. We canít create enough. We canít create enough competition," Ballard said. "And the good thing is at safety, so you have Darius who can play safety and play some corner in nickel. You have Geathers who can drop down and play some dime linebacker. We think T.J. Green can do some of that. So theyíll all find a role on Sunday." He will be seeing a lot of Cover One.
The Colts have to blitz more to hit the quarterback. "I feel like thereís really no challenge honestly," Hooker said. "I feel like itís just more so getting used to the NFL lifestyle. I figure Iím 21 years old and Iíve got a bunch of money. I feel like just not getting ahead of myself and just keep playing and working as if Iím not the guy that I am. Thatís all that it is. Like I did in college. Nothing new, just enhance what Iím doing." He is going to have to fight to get on the field, and that competition is going to help everyone in the secondary. 

It looks like Pagano won the power struggle with that lying sack of Grigson. "Weíre off to a great start,Ē Pagano said. "Like Chris said, everybody in the organization is working extremely hard. We have one vision. We have one goal. The entire organization is like-minded. I think communication is outstanding. I think thatís obviously huge."

They have the QB, not they just need someone who can coach him. "You want everybody out there, obviously," Pagano said about Luck's shoulder surgery. "Youíd love to have your starting quarterback out there the entire time, and so weíll work through it. Weíll get through it. Iím grateful of the opportunity to be back and keep building this thing." Pagano is a DC HC. 

Luck has gotten worse every season since he took over as HC. "The things we talk about, we have not done yet," Pagano said. ďAnd I emphasize 'yet.' I think thatís very, very important. Yet is a great word. Another opportunity, we have another chance to improve and do better. Where weíre at is certainly not good enough, record-wise, defensively, thatís not where we want to be." He has to learn to coach his QB, or will will be gone as quick as a Grigson stealing the Owners stash.

Pagano want to hit the Draft and get younger. "We are going to research every player," Pagano said. "We are going to vet every player hard. We are going to go A to Z to see what the problems are and see if itís something we want to manage. Thatís going to come as an organizational decision from Mr. (Jim) Irsay and from the rest of our ownership down to our marketing. How is it going to impact our fans? We have to weigh all of that before we make a decision on a high-risk character guy." 

The Player: 3/30 Malik Hooker: Reminds Me Of Ed Reed?

The Reason: The rigged AFC South just got a whole lot tougher in this Draft. "We never thought that heíd be there at 15. We thought he was a top-10 pick ever since we laid eyes on this kid. Heís a rare, rare athlete. Heís an elite guy. Heís a centerfielder," Pagano said. "We know heís a ball hawk. Seven interceptions last year, he returned three of them [for TDs]. Heís a threat to score every time he gets his hands on the football. He returned three for touchdowns. He had 74 tackles. He obviously comes from a great, great program. Urban Meyer does as good of a job as anybody. He fit all the criteria. Heís a really good kid. Heís a special, special athlete. A really, really good player. Heís got rare ball skills. Obviously, you guys know Greg Schiano was his position coach at Ohio State and Greg and I were together at the University of Miami, so weíre close. We had long discussions about all their guys and obviously Malik was one of those guys. He was quoted as saying, 'this is the closest thing to Ed Reed.' We had Eddy down there and Greg was the defensive coordinator down there at the same time I was [coaching there]. That stood out to me. Heís got that rare range, instincts and can make plays on the football. An elite athlete, again I canít emphasize that enough." He had 7 INTs and returned three of them for TDs, to go along with an impressive 74 tackles for a guy who played so much Cover One and Cover Two.
But he only started 13 of the 26 games he played in at Ohio State. "First of all, we never thought that heíd be there at 15," Pagano said. "We thought he was a top-10 pick ever since we laid eyes on this kid. Heís a rare, rare athlete. Heís an elite guy. Heís a centerfielder. We know heís a ball hawk. Seven interceptions last year, he returned three of them. Heís a threat to score every time he gets his hands on the football." He didn't have any other TD or INTs  in his first two years at Ohio State, and only 10 tackles prior to last season.
He also only played his last two year of high school. "Thatís the upside of my game," Hooker said. "Obviously, I didnít have as many years as everyone else playing football in high school and at the college level. I just had to outwork and out prepare everybody. I was in the film room multiple times a day, [and also] multiple hours. I definitely feel like there's still a lot of room for growth just because I only played one year [at Ohio State]. Iím still filling out my talents and everything. I definitely feel like I still have room for improvement." That is scary to think of after his elite play at Free Safety last season.

There's a new sheriff in town, and his name is Chris Ballard. "It has been a whirlwind here the first month," Ballard said. "But the staff has been working really hard, the coaching staff and scouting staff, working on both free agency and the draft. Excited to be here at the Combine and look at these talented athletes we have a chance to look at." He came out at the Combine.

I don't think he quite understands the mess he is in. "It's a process," Ballard said. "We know itís a process. We know how we are judged, and it's by wins and losses. 8-8 the past two years is not good enough. The standard is the standard; the expectations are what they are. We are never going to be satisfied until we get back to where we need to be. We have a lot of work to do. We will continue to evaluate our roster. Obviously, we are here to evaluate these players. Build the roster. If we can get younger, we get younger. If we can get faster, get faster. Try to create competition within the roster. We have a lot of work to do, but the objective always is to win." He better work fast. Because he has the QB, a drug-addled owner, and an HC waiting to stab him in the back.

Grigson never tries to fill his top needs, because that might allow the HC to keep his job. I know the best player available philosophy is the end all be all, but isn't it funny how when teams don't address their needs on their Roster in the Draft they fall apart. In the end, the Draft is still about team building.



Defense: 3-4

**Marlon Humphrey-

CB Alabama

6-1, 198, (O) 4.48, #26



2016 Picks:

1 (6) Ronnie Stanley, OT, ND
2 Kamalei Correa, OLB, Boise ST
3 (70) Bronson Kaufusi, DE, BYU
4 (104) Tavon Young, CB, Temple
4 Chris Moore, WR, Cincinnati
4 (130) Alex Lewis, OT, Nebraska
4 (132) Willie Henry, DT, Michigan
4 (134) Kenneth Dixon, RB, Louisiana Tech
5 (146) Matt Judon, DE, Grand Valley State
6  Keenan Reynolds, WR, Navy
6 Maurice Canady, CB, Virginia

Key FA Signed:

NT Brandon Williams

OLB Carlos Dansby

CB Brandon Carr 

SS Tony Jefferson

Key F.A.:
QB Ryan Mallet

RB Terrance West (R)
WR Chris Matthews (R)
ORG Vladmir Ducasse
OLT James Hurst (R)
ORT Ryan Jensen (R)
CB Chris Lewis-Harris (R)
CB Jerraud Powers
CB Jumal Rolle (R)
SS Matt Elam
FS Marqueston Huff (R)
FS Anthony Lewis

Key F.A.Lost:

WR Steve Smith

WR Kamar Aiken

ORT Ricky Wagner

OG Jeremy Zuttah

FB Kyle Juszczyk

DE Guy Lawrence

OLB Elvis Dumervil 

The Team: We should have seen this one coming. Ozzie gets him an Alabama guy. 

He always gets a  Crimson Tide guy in  the Draft. "It makes a big difference. You guys know I am going to tell you what I think. First thing I think of is the Pittsburgh two-minute drive [in Week 16 last year]," Dean Pees said. "We started out with that drive in four out of the first five plays, we pressured and nothing happened. We could not cover them. That is enough said of how much comfort I have. I want to pressure, and I want to pressure a lot. That is not only based on the guys up front, but it is probably more things that we do. My background is more in the secondary than it is anywhere else." They were desperate for Corners.

Corners help the rushers. "I know you kind of build the team from the front up in a way, but in this league that is a passing league, you better be pretty good in the daggone back end to be able to do the things that you want to do up front. I can only send so many if we can cover so many. I just canít tell you how excited I am to have this daggone guy. The guys that we have acquired in the offseason in the secondary." Rushers helped the Corners.

They had to put flotsam and jetsam on the field at Corner last year. "Somebody mentioned how we have been going through defensive backs and signing them off practice squads," Pees said. "I can remember a game. A guy was actually playing for me, and I could not remember his first name off the top of my head, because we just signed him three days ago. That ainít fun. To have this guy and to have the guys that we got, I am excited. And to answer another question that you have back there about Alabama and about coach Saban and about how they have kind of groomed these guys, there is probably no team in the NCAA in college football that plays as many coverages and as many things that these guys do. These guys play an NFL secondary back there. They do a lot of things. There are a lot of teams that make it as simple as they can possibly make it, and that is not coach Saban, and that is not Alabama. What that does is that carries over into this league, because we are not simple by any means. To me, that is the greatest thing to what the Alabama players bring to this league." One reason they like Alabama players is that they run a similar scheme.
They use a lot of the same techniques. "Itís a happy day today. I am very excited," Pees said. "I want to give you a quick little story about this guy that he has no clue about. A couple of years ago when he was a freshman, I got invited by coach [Nick] Saban to speak at the Alabama clinic. As most of you know, I was coach Sabanís defensive coordinator for four years, so I know a little bit about their defense. During the practice, after we got done with the clinic, we went out to the practice, and we were standing on the sidelines, and coach Saban came over and talked to me for a little bit. I know these guys were very happy, because he was not standing back in the secondary with them, so they were probably happy about it.  He was telling me about this young guy that was there that was going to be a phenomenal player. Who knew a couple years later that I would be sitting here right beside him, and Iím going to be his coach. It is funny how the Lord works and how things happen and work out. But, I remembered that last night when we chose him, and I was hoping that we would. I thought back to that [day] a couple years ago." Humphrey is a plug and play Corner for them.

He did make some bad plays with the ball in the air last season. "But, I just want to tell you that the thing about this guy that I am most excited about," Pees said. "Somebody asked me today what I liked the most about Marlon. Here is the thing about him: When you pick a guy in the 1st-Round, how about a guy that has family that has played in the league that might know a little about what it takes to be here? How many of us have that? No. 2, how many guys have played in what I would call a ĎCollege Super Bowlí two years in a row? Who has played on the No. 1 defense in NCAA football? Who is six-foot tall, 197 pounds and runs a 4.4? What isnít there to like about this guy? He is the most physical corner. Maybe the most physical defensive back in this whole draft. And this was a strong draft for defensive backs." But he made some good plays as well.

Fairly put, he was incontinent with the ball in the air last season. "You guys in the press have been around me long enough to know that we like to pressure. We like to play man coverage. We like to get up in your face," Pees said. "There have been some times last year, like when we were ranked No. 1 in the league after 12 games, and those last four games we were not able to do that. Well, that is why this guy is sitting right here beside me. We have a guy that can do that. On the line of scrimmage, this guy is just absolutely phenomenal. I could not be more excited." He has to get more consistent with his ball skills.

If he does that than he will be an All-Pro CB. "I know I am taking a little of your time Chris (DB Coach). But I am telling you, I am so excited that we are going to be able to do some things that we have been wanting to do and we have done for a while, but we can never do them for a whole season," Pees said. "We have looked out there a lot of times, and we have seen six or seven different corners starting for us over the course of a season, and now we have some stability back there. This guy has given it to us. I canít be more excited to have him here." He has everything else you want in an NFL CB.
Great size, speed, and agility, and he was the toughest CBs in college last season. "I am going to echo every sentiment that Dean (DC) said," Chris Hewitt said. "I think what we picked up in Marlon is a guy that is tough, he is competitive, he is fast and he is explosive. Dean already talked about it, this guy has played in two National Championships, and comes from a great program. A program that does every coverage that we do. I think that he will fit in right into our DB room. He is going to add some depth and possibly become a starter. I know that he is going to come in here with those aspirations to become a starter and become a Pro Bowler on our defense. I am extremely happy to have a guy like this that is going to be able to come in here and handle all our coverages and play in the AFC North and help us win championships. Again, Marlon Humphrey [is a] great player and one of the best players in this draft. I am extremely happy to have him." Plug. And. Play.

The Player3/29 Marlon Humphrey: Most Physical Corner.

The Reason: I though he had a chance to be the best Corner from this Draft. "I am happy to be here," Humphrey said. "Last night was a crazy night. I got that call, and Ozzie Newsome did not really say who it was, so I kind of didnít know who it was at first. Once I figured out who it was and what team it was, I was very excited to be a Raven." He went to the right team to succeed.
He will start outside from him on Day One. "Yes, primarily as an outside corner," Pees said. "This guy has played outside most of the time and has been a good bump-and-run type of guy, getting up in your face and being physical. The other thing that it does is there are a lot of times in this league that you really donít play a lot of corner support. You put it more on the safeties. That could change a little bit, because this guy can hit you and tackle you." He is a great tackler.
He can definitely play some Safety as well, but that would be a waste. "It is a sigh of relief, obviously, when you have the quality depth that we have now in our room. There is not going to be a drop-off if any one of those guys gets hurt. We can line any of those guys up. I feel very confident about the guys we have in our room right now. That they can line up and do the job and do it at a high level. Adding a guy like Marlon, that makes it all the better." He will make their secondary better next season.



Defense: 3-4

*Jonathan Allen-

DL Alabama

6-3, 294, 


2016 Picks:

1 (22)  Josh Doctson, WR, TCU
2 (53) Suía Cravens, S, USC
3 Kendall Fuller, CB, Virginia Tech
5 (152) Matt Ioannidis, NT, Temple
6 (187) Nate Sudfeld, QB, Indiana
7 (232) Steven Daniels, ILB, BC
7-242 Keith Marshall RB, Georgia

Key F.A. Signed:

QB Kirk Cousins

WR Terrelle Pryor

WR Brian Quick

TE Vernon Davis

DE Ziggy Hood

OL Vinston Painter

Key F.A.: 
RB Chris Thompson (R) 
LT Ty Nsekhe (R)
OC John Sullivan
DE Cullen Jenkins
DT Kedric Golston
ILB Will Compton (R)
ILB Terence Garvin
OLB Junior Gallette 
LS Nick Sundberg
SS Duke Ihenacho
SS Donte Whitner
CB Greg Toler
P Ryan Quigley

Key F.A. Lost:

WR Pierre Garcon

WR DeSean Jackson

Ricky Jean Francois DL

DE Chris Baker

The Team: This is a nice and risky pick. "Kind of what he said, just the mentality that we have coming out of Alabama, I feel like weíre very special," Allen said about himself and Anderson. "To know that I have a guy with me from Alabama is cool. We kind of fuel off of each other [and] feed off of each other just by our playing styles and how we go about doing it the right way. Iím excited. Iím excited to get things started, and having an Alabama guy with me makes it even better." When the 1st half of the draft passes on a top five passrusher? 

Then his shoulders are worse than we hoped. "Jonathan is a great teammate" Anderson said. "You know what I mean? Heís a guy, he can come in the locker room and change the mood of a lot of guys. He has got that ability. He can joke around, but when itís time to get serious and get on the field, he's all about his business. He's a smart player and great player. Thatís pretty much it." But man he can rush the QB. 

He gets to the QB in more ways than anyone else in this Draft. "To play for the Redskins means a lot. I still remember the days when I would come up to the Redskinsí facility when we first got Donovan McNabb and I was out there for training camp and watching them. So itís cool to be able to say I can play for the Redskins. But that was then and this is now. This is my job and this is my business. Itís so exciting and itís fun, but Iím just ready to get to work. For my family, they are so excited. Right in the backyard. Itís something you only hear about in stories. Not really something we even thought could happen, so now that it happened is really just a blessing and a dream come true." I knew they desperately wanted to get some DLs and OLBs to replenish their aging 3-4 front seven. 
But I did not see a DL of Allen's talent dropping down to them. I dropped him a little because I kept hearing about his shoulders. There were more concerns than I thought. "We definitely have a great brotherhood at Alabama," Allen said. "You never think about a situation where you go to play for a team with one of your great friends from college. Itís a blessing, Iím excited." But the redskins wouldn't know anything about it, because they didn't have anyone at the Combine.

But when he, and Anderson, were on the field you could see they knew how to play. "We know they are both highly intelligent guys," Gruden said. "They understand football, understand Xís and Oís and they both play very hard with a high motor and they are well-coached. So I donít see any negative whatsoever with them going to Alabama. Only positive." Allen was the best rusher in College the past three years.

2016: He recorded 69 tackles on the season to rank third on the team ... added a team-high 15 quarterback hurries ... has three fumble recoveries for 115 yards, two of which went for touchdowns of 75 and 30 yards ... accumulated a team-high 10.5 sacks (-82 yards) ... totaled 16 tackles for loss (-94 yards) to tie for second on the Tide ... has also batted down two passes and blocked a field goal ... selected as the SEC Defensive Player of the Week for his performances against USC and Texas A&M.
2015: One of the most productive defenders and best pass rushers along the Tideís vaunted defensive front ... named to the All-SEC First Team defense by the conference coaches and the Associated Press ... ranked 17th nationally and second in the SEC in sacks with .80 per game (12.0 sacks) ... recorded 36 tackles on the season with a team-leading 14.5 tackles for loss (-92 yards) ... added four pass breakups and six quarterback hurries ... all 12 of his sacks came against Power 5 competition with 11 coming against ranked teams ... named SEC Defensive Lineman of the Week following the Mississippi State game.
2014: Established himself as a playmaker at defensive end and one of the Crimson Tideís top pass rushers ... first team All-SEC by the Associated Press ... second on the team with 11.5 tackles for loss (-44 yards) and had 5.5 sacks (-30 yards) ... finished with 33 total tackles including 16 solo stops and seven quarterback hurries ... blocked the decisive extra point at Arkansas ... played in all 14 games and made 12 starts ... earned Defensive Player of the Week honors from the Alabama coaching staff against West Virginia, FAU and Tennessee.

They need an Edgerusher. They also have to get help for their O-line. To me, this pick comes down to those two options.

The Player:  2/18 Jonathon Allen: Inside-Out USA.

The Reason: The reason is that they didn't have anyone at the Combine. So probably didn't even have his troubling shoulders checked. "That's what it is. Itís on paper," Gruden said. "You feel like you're better, everybody does at this time. It's how we gel as a unit that is the important thing. How they buy into Coach Manusky's scheme and Coach Tomsula's coaching, how they work well together and how they make each other better. That's a challenge that we have. And we're going to start out here. Phase I, they've already started. We're going to get them going and introduce them to the scheme and see how they work together." They seriously don't have a GM: though the Senior Bowl, through the Combine, and now through the Draft.
Worst run organization in the NFL, by far. "Like I said, itís just how the draft board went," Gruden said. "Once you get a player like that to add to the room? We feel good about the guys weíve mentioned before, obviously: McClain and McGee. Then weíve talked a lot about Anthony Lanier who we feel good about, Ziggy Hood is coming back. We feel like we have a good combination there at defensive line. We could add maybe one or two more as a college free agent that are still out there [but we don't know, because we don't have a GM]. Thereís some good players still left out there. So far, so good. We feel like weíve addressed it [the DL],with three big signings. Ziggy was a free agent, so really four. To go along with Matt [Ioannidis] and Anthony, and then the guys that we had on our practice squad with [Joey] Mbu and A.J. Francis and obviously Phil Taylor. So we feel good about it." Allen will have some time to heal and develop. 

He was a great player at Alabama. "I like to think Iím a technician, that I can do a lot of things," Allen said. 'You want me to rush from a 3-technique; I can do it effectively. You want me to bend the corner on the outside; I can do it. I can play the run, I can play double teams, I can play above the tight end, the 6-technique, scoot and cut off blocks. I feel like I can do anything that Iím asked to do on the defensive line." He can line up all over the front seven and stuff the run and hit the QB.

He might need surgery, but the Skins don't know? Because they don't have a GM. But sometimes players from Alabama are pushed to play so much through injury that they don't plays as well in the NFL. The fact that 16 teams passed passed on a guy of him immense talent as a passrusher says more about his shoulders than I like. 

2016: Passed on early entry into the NFL Draft and returned for his senior season and the move appears to have paid off ... one of the nationís best defensive players and most feared pass rushers ... selected as one of the Crimson Tideís permanent team captains for the 2016 season ... finished his career ranked second in Alabama history for career sacks with 28.5 (-205 yards) behind College and Pro Football Hall of Famer Derrick Thomas ... winner of the Bronko Nagurski Trophy, Chuck Bednarik Award and Ted Hendricks Award ... finalist for the Walter Camp Player of the Year and Lott IMPACT Trophy ... finalist for the Lombardi Award ... semifinalist for the Maxwell Player of the Year ... finished seventh in the Heisman Trophy voting ... unanimous first team All-America selection.



Adoree Jackson-


5-10, 186, (O) 4.42.

36.5" Vert, 10'2" Broad,

3-Cone 6.62, 


Corey Davis

CB Ohio State


2016 Picks:

1 (8)  Jack Conklin, OT, Michigan St

2 (33) Kevin Dodd, DE, Clemson

2 (43)  Austin Johnson, DT, Penn St

2 (45) Derrick Henry, RB, Alabama

3 (64) Kevin Byard, S, Middle Tennessee St

5 (140) Tajae Sharpe, WR, UMass

5 (157) LeShaun Sims, Southern Utah

6 (193) Sebastian Tretola, G, Arkansas

7 (222) Aaron Wallace, OLB, UCLA

7 (253) Kalan Reed, CB, S. Miss

Key F.A. Signed:

WR DeSean Jackson

DE Chris Baker

CB Logan Ryan

FS JJ Wilcox

Key F.A.:

QB Matt Cassel
RB Antonio Andrews (R)
WR Marc Mariani
TE Anthony Fasano
TE Phillip Supernaw (R)
OC Brian Schwenke
ORT Byron Bell
OG Chance Warmack
ILB Nate Palmer
ILB Sean Spence
OLB David Bass
CB Antwon Blake
FS Rashad Johnson
SS Daimion Stafford

Key F.A. Lost:

WR Kendall Wright

The Team: I had Corey Davis as their second choice here. 

They made the wrong pick here. "I knew a little bit about Adoreeí before," Davis said. "Heís a great competitor, a great guy. He has a great family and a great foundation and I am looking forward to playing with him." They needed to get another dynamic playmaker for Mariota not reach for a small slot Corner. 

They clearly should have taken Engram here, like I said. "I plan on putting a little bit more weight on, and using that to advantage any way that I can," Davis said. "I can play inside, outside, and whatever the team needs me to do." Okay, so I'm having some sour grapes. 

The problem with every miss you have, is that it means another pick is automatically wrong. So when I had a guy here that hadn't been picked I thought I had another one. This was a tad too early for Jackson. "Certainly, we'll factor in when we're putting a game plan together, his ability to do special things with the ball," Mularkey said. He is an elite college CB who has everything you want in a CB, except height and strength. 

Height and strength matter more in the NFL. "The Rams coaches wanted to see me catch one. So I'm like, 'I caught two with one in my hand, now I'm about to catch three with two in my hand, go get it. Now I've got to catch four,'" Jackson said at his Proday. "I was just trying to have fun and show them that, no matter with the wind blowing, I'll go hard and compete and show I can do a lot of things, that I can do more than they expect. He told me to stop (at four). I was like 'Alright, cool.' The highest I ever got was five, at SC. I should've gone for six to try to break my record." He was one of my favorite players to watch last season. 

They did get Corey Davis. So that mitigates the need for a TE a little. I was just so sure of them going to Engram or Corey Davis here (I suppose being half right is better than being bitter;). "I didn't expect him to have the year he did in coverage," a scout said. "I saw ball skills and coverage ability that I didn't see last year. Those interceptions and return touchdowns will push him into the early second. That's my guess." I did have Davis as my second choice here, which in my wacky world is my 7th correctly forecasted pick in the 1st (even though I forgot about it until I read it below;). 

Jackson said working against Davis should make him better. "It is going to be great," Jackson said. "Because the conference we are in, and the type of big receivers. So for me to go against him every day in practice is going to help me out. Like the saying, 'iron sharpens iron.' So it is going to be great to battle against each other. He is a great competitor and a great receiver. He has size, speed quickness and great hands." Both those guys should make each other better.

They have a young QB who could use some weapons to take that next step towards becoming a winning QB. This is a group of WRs with a desperate need for speed. "They all know theyíre going to be coached harder than any position there is," Mularkey said about his underachieving WRs. "First of all, because it needs to improve. Thereís no question about that. If thereís a position on this team that could be better, itís that one. Weíre going to be in their ear. Weíre not going to accept anything thatís not the best from them. If they donít show that, weíre going to find someone that understands that." I like Sharpe and Mathews but neither are a Number One, and no one would call them fast on an NFL field. 

The Player: 5/7 Adoree' Jackson: Dynamic Guy.

The Reason: No one can argue that they desperately needed to get some DBs. Then they cut McCourty. "We talked about adding two explosive playmakers to our football team," Robinson said. "And we couldnít be more excited than to have Corey and Adoreeí part of the Titans family." If they changed all four players from their starting secondary, I don't think anyone would mind.  

They had to make their secondary better and tougher. "That kind of speaks to what this football team is about, toughness and competitiveness," Robinson said. "That's a testament to those guys for what they were, maybe overlooked, or whatever you want to call it. They found a way to be productive and maximize their opportunity." Jackson might start opposite Ryan by default.

Minimally he will be their slot corner. Where his size hurts him less, and his dynamic quicks helps him the most. "Obviously it is going to have an impact for us," Mularkey said. "Adding speed, adding guys that can score with it in all three phases is a plus for us. Thereís nothing negative about what we acquired last night." But when you take a Corner at 18 than you expect him to start.
The signing of Logan Ryan could have allow them to put Jackson in the Slot, but the loss of McCourty might force him outside as a rookie. "He's a competitive guy,"
Robinson tweeted. "He's going to fight and scrap and get himself in position to make plays." Plus, he is a Greek God on punt returns. He will instantly help Mariota with field position from Special Teams. 

If they take Engram here, with his 4.42 speed and soft hands, Mariota just became a better QB.

There WRs were vast inconsistent last year, partly because they didn't have anyone who could scare DBs going deep. "Theyíve got to be able to get open and theyíve got to be able to catch the ball, period," Mularkey said. "And Iíll add they have to block, too." They were so thrilled with their WRs that they ditched 1st Round Pick Kendall Wright, and fired two WR assistant coaches. 

He hired a new WR coach. "I was very impressed with Frisman during his visit," Mularkey said. "He is passionate about coaching, smart and detailed. The system they ran at Temple was similar to our system with their offensive coordinator spending time at the Falcons when [the OC] Terry and I were there, which should help his integration into our system and staff. Terry also had experience coaching him as a player in Cleveland. So he knows what is expected from the wide receivers. I am excited to have him join our staff." If Ross can stay on the field he would change the whole dynamics of this WR corps. 

Second Choice: Corey Davis WR



Defense: 4-3

OJ Howard-

TE Alabama

6-6, 245, (U) 4.51!


DE, RB, ILB, DT, WR, S, WR, DE, OG, DT, 

2016 Picks:

1 (11) Vernon Hargreaves, CB, FLA
2 (39) Noah Spence DE E.Kentucky
2 (59) Roberto Aguayo, K, FLA ST
4 (108) Ryan Smith, CB, 

North Carolina Central
5 (148) Caleb Benenoch, OT, UCLA
6-183 Devante Bond OLB Oklahoma
6 (197) Dan Vitale, FB, Northwestern

Key FA Signed:

WR DeSean Jackson

Key FA:

QB Ryan Griffin (R)\
RB Jacquizz Rodgers
RB Mike James
RB Antone Smith
WR Vincent Jackson
WR Russell Shepard
WR Cecil Shorts
TE Cameron Brate (R) 
TE Brandon Meyers
ORT Gosder Cherilus
OLB Adarius Glanton (R)
DE Williams Gholston
DE Jacquies Smith (R) 
DT Akeem Spence
ILB Daryl Smith
LS Andrew DePaola (R)
FS Chris Conte
FS Brad McDougald
CB Josh Robinson
P Bryan Anger
DB Alterraun Verner

Key FA Lost:

QB Mike Glennon

OC Joe Hawley

The Team: This is a great day Winston. 

This is one of the the top five picks from this Draft. "The thing that stands out is you canít get anybody to say a negative thing about him," Jason Licht said. When we talk about character, we want guys to be great off the field, be positive members of the community, but most of the time, we are talking about football character and thatís what he embodies. Itís team first. Heís very passionate about the game, he loves it and thatís very important to us for players and when we talk about the right kind of guy being a Bucc, heís the definition. We have a lot of them on our team now. So, he fits into the culture well and heís going to continue to help us build the culture that weíre building right now and that we continue to build." He makes the offense better in every aspect. 
He makes Winston a better QB in every way. "Itís our pleasure, weíre very proud to present and introduce O.J. to the Buccaneer family," Jason Licht said. "But first I want to introduce, or also welcome his family. Louisa, Kareem and K.J. Great family, weíre happy to have you here and weíre excited about the future for you guys, too. Any time you can add a player of O.J.ís talent on the field, plus what he brings off the field and what heís going to bring to the team, it puts us in a euphoric state like we were last night and we still are. Weíre just very, once again very excited about the future. Iíll leave it short here and let Dirk say a few words but weíre happy to have you." 
 "Well, I think it says a lot about him. It jived with everything that weíve heard about O.J. for the last couple years," Licht said. "Our scouts had their eye on O.J. all of last year as well. It was 2015 when we thought there was a chance [Howard] might come out. So, thereís been a lot of work done by [Director of College Scouting] Mike Biehl, [Director of Player Personnel] John Spytek and our scouts that he was the type of guy that is a team-first guy that wonít back down from a challenge. So, when he played in the Senior Bowl, it was no surprise to us, but it just speaks of his character." He can fly down the seam.
Some smooth hands catching he ball out of the backfield. "I know Coachís past, he had some great tight ends. I know what kind of offensive mind he has so Iím just looking forward to it. I feel I can come in and be a part of the offense. Iím just going to come in and be a great team player," Howard said, and then continued. "I would just say being consistent. Blocking at this level, guys are so good, everybody is really fast and strong. I have to be very consistent with my technique and the run game. Also, running routes." Runs with speed and power with the ball in his hands.
He should have been a top ten pick. "The draft is very unpredictable," Howard said like a GM. "Going into it I talked about it with my agent, anywhere from six to 20. I went 19 so I wasnít very surprised. Like I said, the draft is very unpredictable, people make trades so I fell in the right place and Iím very excited about it." He is terrific in pass pro.

They traded two picks to move up and take a kicker, instead of helping their D-line. "Seattleís a team we try to emulate," Licht said, even though Seattle would have taken a DE. "They pull every lever. And during their rebuild, they were still focused on winning, like we are now. They realize you canít bat a thousand, but theyíre not afraid to take chances." Trading up for a kicker on Day Two was a bit too much of a chance for my taste. 

However, they do seem to have their QB. "A lot of it is the quarterback, his message and what heís put out there itís family," Licht said, which I'm not buying. "He breaks down every huddle in practice, itís 'family on 3'. And those teams in Philly and Arizona. New Englandís just a machine. They had that togetherness, all fighting for the same thing. The quarterback says it a lot, if one of us is failing, you have 10 brothers to pick you up. In the locker room, you feel it." They now need to start winning.
If you have the QB than winning starts by hitting the opponents quarterback. "I know itís clichť, but unity is a powerful thing," Licht said. "They said this in New England all the time, it was engrained by Belichick, 'it's not the best 53, itís the right 53'. We're starting to figure out what the right 53 is. It's evolving that way." Getting an edgerusher can change everything for this team.

The Player: 2/22 OJ Howard: One Tough SOB.  

The Reason: This picks makes the run game and the passing game better. "Yeah, same from where we sit on the coaching side," some guy named Dirk Koetter said (who apparently is the HC). "Said it last night, we couldnít be more excited than having O.J. join us. Great fit for what we want to do. We met O.J. and the family today, first thing I noticed was younger brother K.J.ís ring. Itís the same size as the Super Bowl ring weíre trying to get now that O.J.ís here. So get a chance to check that ring out, that thing is awesome. So, once again, we talked about it last night, but excited as heck. Had a nice talk with Coach Saban this morning about all the things O.J. brings to the table and things we knew about already. Very excited, welcome." They have to get Winston back on track. 

Not only can he get open deep, and get open quick underneath, he also is great in pass pro. "Another thing along those lines, the first day of Senior Bowl practice in pads," Keotter said. "Jason and I were sitting up on about the 35-yard line and O.J. put on a clinic that day. After about two periods, I stood up, said to Jason, ĎIíve seen the guy I want,í and I walked down the stairs." He was a star in Alabama's two BCS Champ games the past two years.

Plus, he is a great run blocker. "I would just say, every day at Alabama, we would start off with blocking drills and our position drills and team runs," Howard sad. "I think those are two of the things that we did a lot that made me become a better blocker. It was either learn how to block or you really didnít get the chance to play a lot. So, I really think that helped me out." He takes pride in working on his blocking.

And it showed up on Tape. "The little bit that I can remember about it, I loved the way they competed," Howard said. "I saw Jameis make some great plays, some of the tight ends make some great catches, all of the guys. The offense was clicking on all cylinders. They had Dallas on their toes the entire game and thatís what stood out to me, the way they competed," Howard said, then talked about Winston. "Leadership. I love the way he brings enthusiasm every time he's on the field. Heís a leader and also on the field he makes great plays. Heís a competitor and I think thatís what it takes." He just made every part of Winston's job easier. 

His job is now is to help the QB no matter what. "What really jumped out to me was when Tampa last season played Dallas, I think on a night [game]," Howard said. "The way I saw them competing, I love that. They had a great season and that jumped out, improvement every year. That was always in my mind, I never thought I could probably be here. But you know, now that Iíve thought about that back then, itís like, 'hey, it all makes sense.' So, I really noticed them early in the season." He was known for sacrificing stats to block for his QB at Alabama.



Defense: 3-4

*Garrett Bolles

OLT Utah

6-5, 314, (O) 4.95!

34"Arms, 28" Vert,

9'7" Broad! 

7.29 3-C! 4.55 SS!


2016 Picks:

1 (26) Paxton Lynch, QB Memphis
2 Adam Gotsis, DT, Georgia Tech
3 (98) Justin Simmons, DB, BC
4 (136) Devontae Booker, RB, Utah
5 Connor McGovern, G, Missouri
6-176 Andy Janovich FB Nebraska
6 (219) Will Parks, S, Arizona
7 (228) Riley Dixon, P, Syracuse

Key F.A. Signed:

Malik Watson OL

Ron Leary OG

DT Domata Peko

NT Zach Kerr (R)

Key F.A.:

QB Austin Davis
RB Juwan Thompson (R)
RB Justin Forsett
WR Jordan Norwood
OC Sam Brenner (R) 
DT Sylvester Williams
DE Vance Walker
DE Billy Winn
OLB Dekoda Watson
ILB Todd Davis
FS Darian Stewart
K Brandon McManus (R)

Key F.A. Signed:

Russell Okung OLT

OLB DeMarcus Ware

CB Kayvon Webster

The Team: I had the right position but the wrong OLT. 

I think Ramcyzk is a better prospect. "When we look at his ability and we look at our need, it was a good fit," Elway said after the first round concluded Thursday. "We still believe that he was the best guy on the board and the best guy for us." He is best athlete at OLT in this Draft, but he is not an NFL OLT. 

He is not that good. "The best guy will play," Head Coach Vance Joseph said. "But he was drafted there for a reason." He needs a lot of wok before you can trust him on the QB's blindside. 

Thrown out of five schools in high school, and his home by his dad. He had some serious issues as a teenager. This caused him to get to Utah very late. He is 25-years old now, and does not have a lot upside left. He was terribly inconsistent last season. He should have stayed in school, but because of his age he couldn't 

He is a big risk. Every time I watch him play he fell down at least once a game, and let a rusher come free to the QB. Doesn't play and stay in balance moving backwards. He should be an OG. He doesn't have the balance to play outside on the edge. He will get his QB killed. He falls down way too much. You cannot fall down on the Blindside edge in the NFL. They will probably have to back to Sambrailo to start the season. They signed an ORT and and OLG in free agency. So I'm not sure where they play him. He may be 25-years old, but he is not a plug and play OLT. 

If they got a positive report on Ramczyk's hip surgery, and they feel confident he can step in at all play OG or ORT next season and transition over to OLT they will take him here.

They will be looking for a young athletic OLT who can play in their zone blocking scheme.

The Player: Bolles is an overrated prospect. He is overaged, under experienced (only a one year starter at Utah), and doesn't always play in balance. He falls down too much, and allows a free path to the QB a couple times a game. He cannot play OLT as a rookie, and he is already 25 year old. But he is very light on his feet, and is tough as nail blocking down in the run game.

He got in a lot of trouble in high school, and had to turn his life around to get beck into football. "Checkered past," a scout said. "Heís the most talented of all of them [OLs]. Really athletic and tough. Plays hard. Heís got to get stronger." Great heavy hands. 

But he ends up on the ground too much for my taste. "He's more of a traditional mauler," another scout said. "He's athletically gifted and plays the game dirty tough. He is an LDS Mormon guy thatís kind of recaptured his life. He ran with gangs earlier in his life. Heís pretty good." He looks like an OLG to me, but he can really move backwards like an OLT when he is focused. 

He is also the top freak athlete on the O-line in this Draft. "Most athletic offensive lineman I've done since I took over this area of the country," an area scout said. "He's also mean on the field, which you love. I'm projecting him to get stronger once he locks into an NFL strength-and-conditioning program. He's underdeveloped right now. What you see isn't what you are going to ultimately get, in my opinion." And as we all know, the 1st round is as much about the potential of combine numbers as anything else. 

Combine: Terrific feet moving backwards. But he leans forward a little too much in pass pro. He can be a bit of a waist bender, and gets himself off balance too much. It might just be a coaching and technique problem. He needs to get stronger, so he doesn't have to lean forward so much in Pass pro. Does a good job squaring his shoulders. Does a nice job sealing the Edgerusher outside for the RB to run under. He is a 25-year old one-year wonder. His overextending will hurt him more in the NFL. Nice job running outside. Light hands. He did not look great on the right. Might be a left handed player only. But showed a burst off snap on the right. I though he had a little tightness in hips. Nice focus in Mirror drill. He will sometimes show elite hands, and rip DE's to the ground on their face. It is very odd.

The Reason: They have to get a OLT who can protect the QB's left for a while, and Lynch likes to hold onto the ball and throw deep and intermediate passes like Bledsoe. "If Garett turns out to be what we think he is, he solves a big problem for us for a long time, and that's that (Offensive) Left Tackle," Elway said. "We really feel like we were fortunate that he was there." He is terrific run blocking on the move.
I like him as a power running OG for a team that likes their OGs to pull. "They're both very solid players, but both different," Joseph said. "Bolles is more of a leaner, more athletic tackle. Ramczyk is more of of a powerful run blocker first, and in my opinion, a pass protector second." Plays with the nasty he found doing drugs on the streets.
I hope he makes it. "The ceiling was much higher on Garett," Elway added. "We really liked that ability and the explosiveness that he has, and also the mentality that he's going to bring. I think he brings a great mentality to that offensive line that needed a jolt, too." He is the most athletic OL in this draft, but he lacks the consistency all OLT must have to protect the QBs blindside.
He can really move laterally. "He's a perfect fit for what we've done in free agency and what we've brought in," Elway said. "We did have some opportunities to go back, but we really felt good about the value we were getting at 20," Elway said. "We didn't want to risk that. He was the guy that we wanted." What is someone with his history going to do once he gets a million bucks in his pocket, and doesn't need anything from anybody ever again?


Nice job sealing speed rushers outside. He has some serious nasty in his game. He seems to like the fight. When he plays in balance moving backwards, he can meet the elite speed rusher at the corner and stuff him. When he doesn't? He ends up on the ground. He ends up on the ground too much for me. He has some great heavy hands, and can pull rushers straight down to the ground with uncanny power. Lunges and bends at the waist, sometimes because he is getting over aggressive. But it has to stop.
Absolutely terrific blocking down on the DT. In fact, I like him more as an OLG than as an OLT. He is just to wild and inconsistent in his technique. He is definitely a "you can have him" player for me at OLT. Nice athlete pulling to his right and leading the RB into the hole. He does a nice job playing with his arms extended, but doesn't bend his knees enough. He too often locks his knees, which then makes it hard for him to move and react. McKinley killed him in this game.

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Defense: 4-3

Jarrad Davis


6-1, 238, (PD) 4.58

38.5" Vert" 10'9" Broad!

7.3 3-Cone,  4.29 SS,  

23 Reps, 33.5" Arms, 


2016 Picks:

1 (16) Taylor Decker, OT, Ohio State
2 AíShawn Robinson, DT, Alabama
3 Graham Glasgow OC Michigan
4 (111) Miles Killebrew SS, S.Utah
5 Joe Dahl, OG, Washington St
5 (169) Antwione Williams, ILB, Georgia Southern
6 (191) Jake Rudock, QB, Michigan
6 (202) Anthony Zettel DE Penn ST
6 (210) Jimmy Landes, LS, Baylor
7 (236) Dwayne Washington, RB, Washington

Key F.A. Signed:

ORT Ricky Wagner


CB DJ Hayden

Key F.A.:

WR Anquan Boldin

WR Corey Fuller (R) 
TE Clay Harbor
TE Matthew Mulligan
TE Tim Wright
DT Stefan Charles
DT Khyri Thornton (R) 
DT Tyrunn Walker
DE Devin Taylor
ORT Cornelius Lucas (R) 
ILB Jon Bostic
OLB Armonty Bryant
OLB Josh Bynes
OLB Brandon Copeland
CB Johnthan Banks
FS Rafael Bush
SS Don Carey
LS Don Muhlbach

Key F.A. Lost:

WR Andre Roberts

OLT Riley Reiff

ORG Larry Warford

The Team: I had the right position, but the wrong ILB. Davis is a risk. 

He is a guy who is fun to watch when he is on the field.  "Heís been a guy thatís been a communicator, a great leader of his team, works extremely hard," the HC Caldwell said. "His work ethic I think is certainly one that youíll certainly see how it operates and see how he operates within that realm. Heís a studious individual, really trying to perfect his craft at all times, and he plays that way and it shows." But he is real small for an NFL ILB.
He has the speed and athleticism to move outside to the Will. "I'm just thrilled to be here, thrilled to be a Lion," Davis said. "You couldnít have told me I was going to be here. You couldnít have convinced me, but either way Iím extremely thrilled. These past 24 hours have been crazy, trying to keep myself busy and then when the draft rolls around, just being with my family. To have my mom and dad here today, just to share this experience with me, itís all about family at this point and without family, without the supporting cast that I had growing up as a kid, I wouldnít be in the position that I am right now." They had to get an off the ball LB.

He showed up at his Proday at 230-pounds. "Everybody who put in any amount of effort to kind of mold me to the young man I am today, I wanted to celebrate that moment for me, but also for them to just show exactly what they did for me and how precious that was to me,Ē Davis said. ďA lot of kids donít have people that take the time out of their day to come in and make sure that theyíre doing the homework or make sure that theyíre doing the right things with their friends or make sure that theyíre doing the right things within the community that they play in. And Iíve had a lot of people in my life just reach out and help me in numerous ways. And itís paid off. Itís paid extreme dividends." He was not great in coverage, especially for a smaller LB.

But he was the clear leader of their defense. "Heís been a guy thatís been a communicator, a great leader of his team, works extremely hard," Caldwell said. "His work ethic I think is certainly one that youíll certainly see how it operates and see how he operates within that realm. Heís a studious individual, really trying to perfect his craft at all times, and he plays that way and it shows." He reads it and fills the hole as quickly and violently as anyone in this Draft.
He is a plug and play Mike linebacker. "Iím really just coming in with an open mentality," Davis said. "Just, Iím going to come in and help the Detroit Lions in any way possible. However they want to use me, Iím here. Iím disposable for them." And Detroit desperately needs him to play.
He can play. He is dynamic on the field, and a true leader. But he tested better at 232-pounds than he did at 237. Can he add weight? He has to get stronger and keeps his dynamic speed. 

The Player: 4/27 Jared Davis Bio: Small LB.

The Reason: He couldn't stay healthy at FLA. "Heís a guy that we feel can play Mike and Will," Quinn said. "So weíre going to put him in the mix with all the guys we have on the roster and just kind of figure out whatís the best way to use him. But he definitely has position flexibility." They need him to stay on the field.
He is very undersized to play in the NFL. "Itís a position that we had trouble with last year, keeping guys healthy first off," Quinn said. "And itís a position where I think you really need a guy in the middle of your defense that can be looked upon to call the defense, hopefully become a leader in time and really be that gel between the secondary and the defensive line. So it was a position of need for sure." He was a special teams maven his first couple years in FLA.
He has top character, work ethic, and great leadership qualities. "Itís a big part of it," Quinn said. "We talked about this in my predraft press conference. When you take someone with a few character flaws, and none of these kids are perfect. Thatís the thing. None of them are perfect, so I felt like you kind of minimize risk when you take guys without some issues. I feel real comfortable with the guy we took." He will not let the team down off the field.
Their LBs sucked last season (7 PBU and 1 INT for all their LBs on the season sucks). "Listen, these guys play college football for a number of years, so none of them are perfect medically," Davis said. "We did extensive work like we do on all players on the physical part of it, the medical side of it. He passed our physical at the combine and donít have any issues going forward." If he can stay healthy he might be the rookie of the year. 

Because they will not be able to take him off the field. "Everybody who put in any amount of effort to kind of mold me to the young man I am today, I wanted to celebrate that moment for me, but also for them to just show exactly what they did for me and how precious that was to me," Davis said. "A lot of kids donít have people that take the time out of their day to come in and make sure that theyíre doing the homework or make sure that theyíre doing the right things with their friends or make sure that theyíre doing the right things within the community that they play in. And Iíve had a lot of people in my life just reach out and help me in numerous ways. And itís paid off. Itís paid extreme dividends." He has worked his way into this position.
He is accountable to himself and his team. "Iím really just coming in with an open mentality," Davis said. "Just, Iím going to come in and help the Detroit Lions in any way possible. However they want to use me, Iím here. Iím disposable for them." He is one of the top leaders from this Draft.

He is a four down linebacker. "Iíd say heís a passionate football player," Quinn said. "Heís got very good playing speed, very good tackler, good blitzer, good coverage player. This guyís a really well-rounded linebacker. As a freshman, he was a special-teams player of the year for Florida when he was a backup linebacker, so heís got four-down value. I think heís a really well-rounded guy that has position versatility." If he can stay on the field.



Defense: 4-3

*Charles Harris

DE Missouri

6-2 3/4", 249, (O) 4.82, 

21 Reps, 32.3" Arms,

7.35 3-Cone, 4.42 SS, 

9'10" Broad, 37.5" Vert, 


2016 Picks:

1 (13) Laremy Tunsil, OT, Ole Miss
2 (38) Xavien Howard, CB, Baylor
3 (73) Kenyan Drake, RB, Alabama
3 (86) Leonte Carroo, WR, Rutgers
6-186 Jakeem Grant WR Texas Tech
6 (204) Jordan Lucas, S, Penn State
7 (223) Brandon Doughty, QB, Western Kentucky
7 (231) Thomas Duarte, WR, UCLA

Key F.A. Signed:

TE Julius Thomas

DE Andre Branch

DE William Hayes

ILB Kiko Alonso

ILB Lawrence Timmons

S Rashad Jones

Key F.A.:

RB Damien Williams (R)
TE MarQeis Gray
TE Dion Sims
TE Dominique Jones
OG/OT Jermon Bushrod
OLT Sam Young
OLT Branden Albert 
DE Mario Williams 
DE Jason Jones
DE Dion Jordan
DE Nick Williams (R)
DT Earl Mitchell
ILB Donald Butler
OLB Jelani Jenkins
OLB Spencer Paysinger
CB Chimdi Checkwa
CB Chris Culliver
CB Ifo Ekpre-Olomu 
FS Michael Thomas
LS John Denney

Key F.A. Lost:

TE Jordan Cameron

The Team: I didn't think he was a Day One player. 

They had to get a kid to groom behind Wake, Hayes, and Branch. "Today we added Charles Harris from Missouri," Grier said. "He is a player that we had targeted. We love the pass rush that he can give us. It is a position that you can never have enough guys in the league, the way this game is played. We like the kidís attitude, his competitiveness. This guy loves football. It is very important to him. When you talk to people around the program and do your work on him, you hear all of the same things. This guy is a gym rat. He loves football; it is very important to him. He is passionate." He does show some great burst and COD sometimes.
But I thought he was just a little inconsistent in effort. "Youíre still always looking for depth throughout the roster," Ballard said. "I think you all understand my philosophy now. Weíre going to continue to look. Weíll have a rookie mini-camp here in two weeks where weíll have, including our rookies, about 60-65 players. Still trying to look and find guys on the street. Weíll go through the summer and if anybody hits the street that we like, theyíll definitely get consideration. When we start getting to the cut-down days, weíll continue to add players that we think can help us." They need him to line up opposite Wake, and hit the quarterback.
He will have some time to develop behind the veterans as the forth D-end on the depth chart (which is not really what you want from your 1st Round pick). "Chris Buford, our area scout there, does a really good job," Ballard said. "Chris is a very personable kid. Heís a younger scout. He played football at Baylor. He was a d-lineman at Baylor. This is a player that he really liked and as he dug into the background. He knew a lot of people in the program there that dealt with the kid from the high school level and college. As Chris got to know him and really started selling the kid. He really didnít have to sell the kid because we watched the film and we liked a lot of stuff we saw on film. But Chris did a great job in presenting him to us." I know all passrushers are inconsistent, but I thought he was more so last season, and his 9 sacks attested to that.

They liked him so much that they got a little paranoid with this pick. "We tried to stay away from him purposely," Grier said. " Again, I know everyone looks for how everyone is doing things and trying to figure out who is coming where and stuff," Grier said. "Everyone is tracking visits and all this stuff. Last year, we selected a bunch of players that we had here in for '30-visits.' Teams track that stuff and I know it is [the mediaís] job to do that and that is fine. Itís just there are some players that we purposely try and stay away from once we are comfortable with the player, his character and what type of kid we are getting. We just do not feel the need to spend any more time with them." They have some severe age issues at OLB/DE.

The Player: Harris is not one of my favorite prospects. He was said to argue with coaches and refused to move inside where they wanted him, like Kony Ealy did on 3rd downs sometimes. "Don't get caught up in his numbers this year," a scout said. "He just didn't mesh with what they asked him to do. He's also got to be coachable and I think he may have fought the changes a little too much. What I saw in 2015 is what I think he's going to be." He didn't look like he gave all out effort every game. When he is on he shows great effort.  Got a lot of Sacks after he stopped, and then turned and got the QB after he panicked.

He should be okay if they just want to lined him out outside as the Wide-9. "Heís athletic, physical, tough," a scout said. "And can rush the passer like those other Missouri guys." That is how he sees himself. 

He resisted any moves that put him inside the OLT. "This is the kind of guy that gets you fired," a scout said. "Physically soft. Does not play strong. Once they get their hands on him itís over. Heís a finesse rusher. I could see where you could be excited about the guy but Iíd be afraid to draft him." I just didn't see him as a 1st Round pick.

Grier explained how the Dolphins got to know Harris if they did not meet with him. "Chris Buford, our area scout there, does a really good job," Miami GM Grier said. "Chris is a very personable kid. Heís a younger scout, but he also. He played football at Baylor. He was a D-lineman at Baylor. This is a player that he really liked and as he dug into the background. He knew a lot of people in the program there that dealt with the kid from the high school level and college. As Chris got to know him and really started selling the kid. He really didnít have to sell the kid because we watched the film. And we liked a lot of stuff we saw on film. But Chris did a great job in presenting him to us." He is a little high-hipped. Some think he might be better rushing inside. 

Tenn: I don't think he is an OLB. I think he is a DE only. Nice job getting up field, and then shoving the OLT past him and breaking inside and finding the QB. He will line up as a 5-Tech when they go 3-4, and played the inside run well. He does not just rush from the edge. He played the run much better this year. He has some nice quick feet sometimes. When he used his hands well he looked like a 1st. Inconsistent burst to the Corner. Couldn't always run the arc or turn the corner.  

FLA: Some think he is an OLB, but he is not. I have him rated lower than most. He just didn't play well enough in the three games I watched him to merit a 1st. They did have him drop a lot in space. He showed some speed moving around in space. Nice bubble butt. Shows some stack and shed in run game. Wants to play out on the edge, and I thought played to high to go inside. He doesn't always play in balance.

Combine: He was maybe the worst tested athlete of all the Edgerushers at the Combine in the Drills. I thought his effort was inconsistent, but it might be that his burst and athleticism are inconsistent. He really struggled to run the arc last season, and I think he showed why at the Combine.  

He showed some quicks on the club-rip drill. Nice quick hands. Not as heavy as Garrett, but not bad. Gets a little off balance sometimes. Didn't keep his eyes up in stack and shed drill. Good reaction in space drill. Nice burst forward out of lateral shuffle. He looked like an OLB in drop drills at the Combine.

Proday: He redeemed himself a little at his Proday. He was not acceptable athletically at the Combine for an Edgerusher. Getting a 9-1 Broad jump is terrible for an Edgerusher. With a 32" Vert, those is not the explosion numbers of successful Edgerushers in the NFL. Getting a 7.47 3-Cone wasn't much better. He redeemed those three number a little at his Proday. "DE Charles Harris (6-2 3/4, 249) stood on his 40 times from the combine," Gil Brandt wrote. "But had a 37.5-inch vertical, a 9-10 broad jump, a 4.40-second short shuttle, and a 7.35-second three-cone. He had an 'exceptional' workout according to one scout who was there." But my question with him was inconsistent effort, which seemed to bear out at the Combine to Proday. Plus, the more he lost weight the better he looked athletically, and he was down to 249 at his Proday.

The Reason: As their offense got better last year, there defense failed them. "Statistically, we canít get much worse, right?" the Dolphins new DC Matt Burke said. "I feel good about all the moves weíve made this year at every level of defense. We added players at all three levels of the defense that will help us in the run game. We have a lot of depth relative to where weíve been." Harris will help this defense as he learns behind the veterans.

He is switching to a Wide-9 defense, which is what he wants to do. "One of the advantages of the Wide-9is our defensive ends donít have to play in seven technique, squared up," Burke said. "Itís one of the hardest things for a guy like Cam [and Harris], quote, unquote an ' undersized defensive end', to have to play in a square stance and take on offensive tackles." The Wide-9 puts the Edgerushers outside the OLT, and has them run the arc and move in towards the OLT.
Speed, burst, and arc-agility become paramount. "We donít ask our defensive ends to do that [square up on the bigger stronger OLT]. We allow our ends to play in space instead of having to play in tighter quarters," Burke said. " I donít think it will be a lot different than what weíve done. I have been in this scheme since 2007 with the Tennessee Titans when I first got in the league. I have never had a problem stopping the run doing it. We had issues at every level of defense that we have to address, tackling being the foremost one. I donít think scheme is specific to us having run problems." So they needed to get some arc runner in this Draft.
So will his changes will be subtle, as he worked with Vance Johnson last season, but the changes will be very noticeable with the D-End line up outside the OLT. "The Changes will be] subtle to everybody," Burke said. "Vance and I worked together for three years and took a lot from each other. I donít think there will be massively noticeable change. Iím trying to streamline some things a little bit, kind of get good at what we do and let guys play fast. Schematically, it will be pretty similar." The want the DT to rush up the gut, and the DE to burst up field and widen the pocket with speed.

He saw Harris as a guy who can do that in his defense. "We thought he was one of the more polished pass rushers in the draft," Burke said. " Heís explosive. We didnít think he would be available where we picked him." So he just has to groom him a little as a Wide-9 D-end.

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